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    1. 2-8 to 2-9-2018 dreams (2 interesting LDs)

      by , 02-09-2018 at 03:36 PM
      I decided that it was a bit much for me to go back and highlight everything in color that was lucid. So it is all non lucid until otherwise noted. And then if you wanted to read the lucid parts just do a search and skip ahead to those.

      I know I should probably be interested enough in my own dreams to go back through them but some nights like last night, where I had some amazing dreams, I just am so frustrated with having forgotten so much that I don't even want to think about my dreams.

      I was able to fall asleep probably around 9. I felt tired around 6:30 or 7 but couldn’t sleep. I napped two hours during the day but I was still tired. I just couldn’t sleep for some weird reason. Reading some of my older dream journal entries seemed to be helpful.

      Round 1 of Dreams

      Something about driving to my sister, on a road near a local hospital. There was more that happened before this but this was all I got. I had been telling her something that may have been too much for her to know. We were coming from some kind of meeting or class setting. Maybe she had gotten some kind of special coffee. It was like we were driving, and I needed to go fast with certain intense kind of metal music on, I am not exactly sure why. Something about a way I coped. But that wasn’t good for her. There was something to do with time? Maybe some kind of meeting. There was some kind of design she drew in the sand or dirt on the ground, with a stick. I drew a similar design but at different angles.
      At another point, it was like she was pulling some stones out of the ground. They left triangle shaped marks in the ground where they had been pulled from. This seemed not okay to do at first but it was fine.
      Dad was saying how she should eat something like eleven to twelve fresh strawberries every day, referring to a nearby wild garden. I got the sense that he was sacrificing his strawberries for her to be able to have more. It might have also meant for me to eat strawberries or for her to feed the bird strawberries. Dad wouldn’t get any strawberries. I was wondering how he would do that when he should really “put on his own oxygen mask first”.
      Then my sister was holding up a small stick from a tree that had some sap dripping from it. We were both saying and thinking how she should be careful not to get pregnant from all that tree sap.
      We had a bird. I think it was a yellow bird. It seemed to like walking on a tread mill, and if we let it walk on a tread mill, it would just completely lose track of time for days. There was a woman showing one of those new fangled hamster wheels that have the disc they can run on, its like a diagonal disc instead of a wheel thing. The woman was spinning it in her hand and saying how we can’t give treadmills to birds any more. Then she showed us to a part of the wall that disappeared and had a hallway behind it.
      The idea was to make the bird use its mind and meditate, not just become a “mindless cardio bunny”.
      I would have remembered these dreams much better, but I woke up on my left side, with a nerve being pinched. Before I even knew I had woken up, I must have felt the nerve pinch and rotated onto my front. Then, I was on my front, and my neck was twisted badly, so I thought I should really go to my back. So I had to do all this moving before I could think of the dreams. I’m sure if I had been able to stay still, or move less, I would have got what it was I was telling my sister. I was frustrated because there was a lot lost.

      Round 2 of Dreams.

      It took me a while to fall back asleep. My shoulders were having a pinched nerve on both sides so I couldn't sleep on my side. Between that and the frustration of forgetting the previous dream, and other factors, I had trouble sleeping. I eventually found that I could slide a pillow underneath my side to take pressure off my shoulder and fell asleep on my right side.

      First, in this dream, I was in some kind of a class setting. I think there was some negative feeling, maybe conflict or fear. I have a vague sense of it but nothing I can put into words. This frustrates me very much because I don't remember how I got to the lucid part.

      Once I became lucid, I was in this office type of thing. Then I was in this hospital type of room and there was a kid on the bed. He had brown hair in a bowl type of haircut like I had growing up. Not sure exactly the age but young. He had his front two teeth and his lateral incizors, but the teeth outside those were missing. I noticed this discrepancy (I am missing my front lateral incizors) but I figured this was a version of myself as a child. It took me a moment. What it felt like was that I was dreaming from the viewpoint of that child for a while, and the next thing I knew, I was my adult self looking at the child. I said hello or something like that and we talked. Again, I can only remember this vaguely, which really frustrates me. It is so devastating to lose dreams like this.

      There was this tablet with a blue light filter on it that kept falling. It was his tablet. I was able to telekinetically keep picking it up for him before it fell. I think as the dream went on, he became younger, closer to a baby. I think he fell at one point, but I used telekinesis to get him into my arms.

      There was a little torch lighter, with the bendable hose part, that he was playing with. This didn't seem safe.

      At one point, we were towards the end of the room and there was some kind of female nurse there. I thought of trying to talk to her but realized I was with the child now.

      I had the child in my right arm, and noticed the fingers of my left hand were really crazy. I had a thumb, two fingers, then two missing stubs of fingers, then three more fingers. I showed the child, look, my hand has a lot of fingers. I already knew it was a dream.

      The torch lighter kept falling and I wanted to put it away. I had the thought that I might be in my subconscious, so maybe I should put the torch lighter in a safe cabinet, where the child can't get it and burn up the place when I am not there. There were all these silver cabinets and I found one to put it in. This whole part of the room seemed to be stainless steel. I found a cabinet on the right hand side that I wanted to put it in, but couldn't get the latch to open for me to put it in there. I guess I let that go after that.

      Then, I had the baby child in my left arm. I wish I had thought to talk more to the baby child. Instead, I was sort of acting as if I were in my own dream by myself, with no one there, just that I was holding this object for some reason. So I kind of missed out on that chance, but maybe I wasn't ready.

      I was near these sinks. To my right I opened a door to a stainless steel bathroom with a toilet hole in the floor. It was pretty dirty all over the place in here. There were two pretty grimy sponges near the sink, and all this grimy, gooey water. With the child in my arm, I decided that instead of flying away, I should clean the bathroom. Since I was thinking this was my inner mind, I figured cleaning the bathroom would be symbolic in some way. And a smart thing to do. I couldn't think of anything else to do, so I grabbed the less grimy sponge, and started to scrub the stainless steel of the bathroom. I guess I thought I was going to clean the whole thing.

      Next, I noticed there was no ceiling in this place. Just walls that went up. So I flew up above the walls a little. When I looked down, I saw this big office space with people in cubicles. I knew I had seen this earlier in the dream. I was amazed at how my dream location was so solid, that a location from before was in the exact same place, looking just as it did the last time. I was a few floors up from them somehow.

      I got the idea to fly down and fly around the office space. Then I kind of got the idea that I shouldn't do that, for whatever reason. It might get me in trouble or something. Well, I sort of ignored that instinct, and jumped down. Then, I woke up.

      I definitely hope that next time I have the chance, I remember to just stop trying to be so busy doing things, and actually talk to the child. There was so much more I forgot that happened with the child. He was crying for something at some point and I got it for him with telekinesis.

      It is so frustrating that I forgot so much of this dream. I stayed perfectly still upon awakening and thought through it. But, nothing else. No clue how I became lucid. No memory of at least half the stuff that happened when I was with the child. Sometimes dream recall can be torture for me because I find out how much I forgot.

      I had a very short dream flash after I started to think through that lucid dream where it was a dark sky. There were two light-up letters, maybe H, U, or, H, A, or A, H, I am not sure any more. I could see it clearly when I was in the dream flash but I had forgotten moments later. The letters faded into a black cloud on the bottom of the dream "screen". Then there was a white light in the middle. I knew it was a dream flash all along, so it was kind of like the beginning of a wake initiated lucid dream, but I couldn't figure out how to extend it into a new dream.

      After that I was awake, thinking through the dream. I had some sleep paralysis begin to set in and hoped another dream would begin, but it wasn't coming. I got up to write this one and now I will go back to sleep.

      Round 3 of dreams. .

      I remember there was some part with someone talking about something to do with safety? Not quite sure.

      One part where I was in my high school. Maybe flying, but not lucid. Starting to think I might be dreaming.

      There was another part when I was in the water. I forgot a lot of this, too. I remembered it at first but must have been tired.

      This last part was very interesting. There was a woman who had sort of kidnapped me in the back seat of her car. She had a gun pointed towards me. Actually, she even shot me at one point, and I died. It didn't hurt, but I had the feeling that I died. i think I experienced something, but I am not sure. That was actually really cool.

      Then, I was in that dream again, and she was driving me still. I was trying to play dead so that she wouldn't think she had to shoot me again, but I couldn't stay still. She started to aim the gun at me, and I realized I was dreaming. I had one of these moments where I said, you can't shoot me again, this is my dream. Then, I remembered the last time I did that in a dream, and the other dreamer didn't like that. So I said, well, it is both of our dreams. But I just don't want you to shoot me. And I both grabbed the gun with my dream hand and used some mental will to get the gun in my possession.

      Then, instead of wanting revenge on her for putting me through this, I realized she must be in trouble if she had to hold me hostage. So, I decided, knowing it was a dream, to help her. I asked her more about why she had kid napped me, but I don't remember that much. She said she had some other salts in the car. I asked if they were for punishing me, and she said, yes. I didn't really get mad at her, though.

      So I was sort of helping her find her way. We were 3 hours away from home. It was a silver or light gray mini van.

      At one point, I thought she might have had the gun again. I had to double check that it was in my right hand pocket of my north face jacket. She had some stuff laid out on the floor. I think we had got to some sort of hotel.

      Then there was a thing about how even if she didn't kill or torture me, other people would still come after me. So, we had to make it look like she had succeeded somehow. Then, all of these ransom note type things appeared on the screen. Maybe I had lost lucidity at some point, but becoming lucid and getting the gun from her might have been all I needed to consciously do.

      She seemed to have dark hair. I think she was Italian. I think I almost asked her if she was Italian but didn't want to seem to be stereotyping her?

      There was a lot more stuff in these dreams but I guess I slept on it more as I was laying there trying to remember it. I had difficulty sleeping tonight, so I can accept that I was just too groggy. But still, it hurts to forget, because the parts were definitely cool.

      Oh, right, here is one part. Painfully vague, but I've got it. There was something about squatting over a squat toilet. My friend from High School Rich M was saying something. He was saying how it was hard to squat there for a while, so I said to eat some chicken while he does it. Then, he said that it would cause him to poop more from eating the chicken. But I thought, the chicken won't digest immediately and make new poop that has to go out until later.

      I think there was a part with a girl I liked from high school. All of this is now painfully vague and I am somewhat upset about the memory loss.

      I should have got myself up, but I didn't because I was still remembering details from the dream in my mind. I thought I should stay still to try to remember more of it, but then I guess as I was doing that, i fell asleep some number of times. That just means I was tired, and reasonably so. A lot of times, when I am not too tired, I think through the dream until i know I am done, then get right up to write it, without any risk of falling back to sleep.

      There might have been something with my sister and a bird, unless that was an earlier dream. It could have been both this dream and an earlier dream.

      Well, I will go back to bed now. i will try to see if I can recall any other parts.

      When I was at the high school there may have been something about the A V club.

      Round 4 of dreams.

      These were cool but again I am very dissappointed with my dream recall.

      So, there was something with my sister. We were in this room that had all white and dark brown stuff. It was like a bathroom or a mix of different rooms including a bathroom. There was something also mixed in about these people chanting some incantations around a ring to summon a fairy. The ring said Zelda on it. They were going to summon a fairy called Zelda, but I was thinking Zelda is a princess in the video game, but I didn't think she was a fairy. Anyway, it didn't have to be video game zelda. So then I saw two people, I think my sister on the right hand side, and myself on the left hand side, sitting on toilets in this white and brown room. I got the sense that my sister would be sucked through the toilet when the people summoned the fairy, but I was going to go with her. I was also eating something in the room. I had my multivitamins and chicklets. I was going to offer my sister some gum. I was afraid that it was too dirty of a room to eat in, because of there being a bathroom right near it.

      In an earlier dream, there was a guy saying how something most people think is non violent might not actually be non violent. I forgot what it was but it seemed so insightful. It was something I never would have thought of.

      Yeah, quite dissappointed with my dream recall tonight. I am pretty much always dissappointed with my dream recall right after the dream, because I am still aware of how much I forgot. Once I forget how much I forgot, and I am just left with the dream journal entries themselves, I don't have such bad feelings about it. Also, I think nights with better dream recall mean I am getting less deep sleep, so there will be a balancing effect where I get deeper sleep the other nights at the expense of dream recall.

      I woke up from these dreams laying there for a few solid minutes (it felt like) before any dream details came to mind. I remember I was eating something, but it was so much food that I would have to put on an m p 3 to distract me from how much I had to eat. Also, I felt like I was laying there thinking of the dreams at times, but when I woke up physically, I couldn't remember a thing. Maybe I dreamed that I was thinking of it. I don't know.

      Hopefully I can sleep one more time and have a dream I can actually remember well enough to be happy. But I will probably never be happy!

      Round 5 of dreams. .

      I slept again, and I know I had some dreams. My dreams over this last night were a lot harder to remember than usual, for whatever reason. I regret this but I guess it just means my body and mind needed some deeper and more restorative sleep. I kind of overdid it on some things lately and too much exhaustion seems to not be good for dream recall.

      The one part of the dream I remembered was I was hearing this song. Maybe there was something on a table. I remembered the words to the song at first, but then forgot them. There was this rubber ball swinging around on a string. Then I heard a loud "thud!" either from waking life or from the dream, like an auditory hallucination. The "thud!" woke me up in a startle and my memory of dreams was completely wiped out. It might have been a thud from outside. I tried to stay still and think about the dreams, but couldn't get any.

      Other Notes
      Here is some other writing about my dream recall frustrations I did:

      There may have also been some kind of creepy monsters in the earlier parts but that might have been something i was thinking about before I fell asleep. I was thinking about being nice to snakes I see when I am in the woods and how it would be cool to be able to befriend snakes even when most people would say it is dangerous, just by being very loving towards them on a deep level.

      Forgetting so much of a dream like this really kills me. I am totally exasperated over this, because I feel I am doing everything I possibly can to maximize my dream recall. I don't know if anyone else has this level of pain over forgetting parts of their dreams, but I do. I just want to remember what happened in my dream, but all i get is like 25 to 50 percent. And I am stuck with that, no matter how much I try to visualize it or focus on it. The memories just seem to be gone.

      Also I don't think I had any false awakenings.
    2. Dream - Singing Makes Friends Become Fans & The Lazy Day & Dream Guide In Peril & Chaos At The Glen

      by , 06-26-2017 at 01:49 PM
      Date of Dream: MON 26 JUN - 2017

      Dream No. 141 - Separated Sections

      Dream 141 A - Singing Makes Friends Become Fans
      I forgot what happened at the very start of the dream. From the point where I do remember, I was asking for this random choir to be assembled. I eventually found out that they were having a rehearsal in my driveway. My friend JO was taking them and was getting them to listen to the song Panis Angelicus over and over again so they would no how to sing it. Eventually I came and took over the rehearsal. At first, I was going to ask them sing it but then I ended up singing it with them. Barely any of them were putting effort into the singing and instead, slowly left, one by one until there was no one left.

      Then the screen showed up in the sky again, the one where I go on Facebook. I was chatting and I said something which I forgot. WB then ended up replying “that's where Karla gets all her fans from <3 <3 <3”. HL then added “No she doesn't have fans, only family and friends”. Then I answer in chat “Actually, WB's right...” I forgot the end of that sentence. Then WB said something else but I've forgotten that too. Once the sky screen disappeared, I took a walk up the hill and there I saw HL standing on some balcony, looking lifeless. That's all I can remember about this dream.

      Dream 141 B - The Lazy Day
      This dream took place in my old house. My mum and I were in the dining room, talking about our plans for the day. My mum said she didn't want to go to Dandenong Plaza. I asked her why and she generally said that she was just too tired to go but I interpreted that as “she couldn't be bothered”. For some reason, I kept convincing her to go and so she eventually says to me, “are you planning a get together?”. I answered “no, if anything, I was only going to walk past today”. So then she caved in and said okay to going. I don't remember anything else about this dream.

      Dream 141 C - Dream Guide In Peril
      My mum and were at Dandenong Plaza and were just on level 2 after having Subway. We were planning to go up to level 3 to get the henna but then my mum goes missing for some unknown reason. I started freaking out and begging to have my calls for help answered by Dreamy WB. Eventually, this little girl comes toddling along. It was in fact Dreamy WB but she looked like only a little 8 year old with these buck teeth and an adorable look overall.

      Not much happened before I didn't see her around either. At first, I thought she just vanished to help me invisibly but then that thought was soon replaced with the horrifying fact that she had gone missing too. Eventually, this boy appeared to help me that looked like he was around my age. He was tall, had spiky, white-washed blonde hair and was wearing a black coat... His name was Noah and he was claiming to be my boyfriend (in real life, I don't have a boyfriend) and replacement dream guide... He came to help me look for Dreamy WB. Every time I said something in a panic, he would always put his arm around me and say that everything would be okay.

      We eventually went to see if Dreamy WB was anywhere on level 3 but she wasn't. I then lead Noah to this emergency exit area, like these tight corridors leading to a fire door. At one point, there was a lift in the corridor network and so I told Noah to turn back and that we were taking an alternate route. When I finally found the way outside, a bad feeling hit me, almost like I knew that my mum and Dreamy WB were definitely in some despicable danger and I was going to be kidnapped soon. There was this unknown male voice saying to me, “You see? The lesson is never to leave the plaza”. I then woke up.

      Dream 141 D - Chaos At The Glen
      My mum and I were planning to go shopping at The Glen. The main entrance to the carpark we usually go in was shut due to renovations of the shopping centre. My mum said there was another way we could get into the carpark. So she asked me to drive around the back and enter from supposedly Highbury Road. The road I was driving on was skinny and perhaps only a one way road, which we were driving the correct way which was a relief. Eventually, we had come across a thickly wired fence which was stopping us from going any further. I ended up sticking my hand out the window and successfully picking the lock with just my fingers. I then woke up.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:
      - My Best Friend (Interact with any Dream Guide)
      >> Worked with Noah to try and find the missing DCs.
      - Call The Babysitter (Successfully summon Dreamy WB)
      >> Called Dreamy WB in distress, who came toddling up to me in the form of some small child.
      - You Must Be Kidding Me (Experience something in real life after having a dream about it)
      >> The main intention of events in the dream were eating Subway and buying henna... Did exactly that during the day today (writing this journal entry at night time).

      This dream was a real booster for those dream trophies. From now on, as well as writing down what the dream trophy is, I may write a sentence or two on how I think I achieved it.

      Also. Usually, the most dreams I've ever remembered in one night is 3 (So I've only been able to go up to C) but then I've smashed a world record here and have written down 4 (Up to D in my ordering system)! I wrote 2 dreams at 8:30 AM and then I fell back asleep after that and had 2 more, writing them down at my usual get up time, 10:30 AM.
    3. 4/08/16

      by , 10-05-2016 at 05:05 AM
      Another riveting dream from my crazy mind. This one went from intriguing to weird. Like my dream just gave up making sense halfway through and went here, enjoy the crazy...

      My friends, inexplicably, are trapped in the basement. I made the mistake of going downstairs to see what the cries are for, and they trapped me too. We're scared, cowering in the hall, lined by jail cells on either side of us. We're held by gunpoint and forced into the cells. I'm with two other people, a guy and a girl. I don't know them. I have a gun stashed in my waist, and I realize I could be our only hope.

      I shoot the leader in the shoulder and the neck, but of course it's not fatal. Thought I killed him, and I let my guard drop. He shoots me and I get hit in the side. He goes upstairs, and one of his goons comes down to tell us to stay put. I sit down and the guy sits in my lap. He's younger than me, about 12-13, and scared. The other girl and I are trying to comfort him.

      The goon shoots into our cell with a shotgun, and it hits the guy in my lap in the shoulder. He doesn't cry out in pain - he sighs and moves off my lap, more annoyed than anything. As we sit, they bring more kids down and lock them into the cells around us, chaining them in. We decide we have to escape.

      A girl comes downstairs - apparently she's a witch. She heals the guy with me and then unlocks the cells and the chains so we could free the kids. The bad guys come down and we scatter; the witch stays behind to hold them off and let us escape.

      I run upstairs and realize it's was my old apartment. My boyfriend's there, and we run out and get in his truck to drive away. We get lucky and escape, moving out in the process. They didn't see us. I realize how lucky we are because apparently I realize no one else managed it. We go to my current apartment and as we were unpacking, we realized we haven't grabbed everything and we have to go back.

      I'm freaking out, but I tell myself it's okay because if I get scared I can just wake up. This oddly doesn't send me into lucidity completely. I'm vaguely aware that I'm dreaming, but not enough to let me take control, just enough to keep me from being afraid.

      We run across the front of my apartments through the grass to get to his truck. We run down some stairs past a pond, and there were two boulders rolling around in the water (???). Floating on top like beach balls. I joked they were cannon balls and this cracked me up in the dream (I have no idea don't ask). The boulders were splashing and rolling, and water kept splashing us. We were both soaked and since I had flip flops they kept slipping off so I had to keep going back to get them. There was a party going and tons of people were on the lawn. After the third time of running back to get flip-flops the dream sort of shifts.

      I was Stewie from family guy. As I turn on the grass I'm in a suburban neighborhood, no longer at my apartment. I was sitting in a driveway and Brian (also from family guy) was standing behind me.

      He and some other people were standing around drinking, making fun of me. I got up and asked Brian for a favor. I don't remember what I asked or what he said, but he laughed me off. I was upset. I took a drink from one of his friends and downed it. I remember writing in a journal that 'I wanted to drive away and never come back. But I'm drunk so I can't. So I walked away instead'. Which I did.

      And when I wandered away I became myself again. I was back at the apartments, by the pond. I found someone's phone, with the name Tara on the screen. I stumbled around the pond and got to this bridge walkway thing. A bunch of people were rushing by. I casually said 'Tara?' to a girl running by. She didn't respond so I asked if she knew Tara, and she said no. I asked where she was going, she said 'there was a fire on___ street! My. Family's there!' and I realized that's where I'd left Brian and the others (my family still, apparently) and I rushed to go see them.

      I'm apparently on a hill because now I have to run down giant stairs to get to the houses. I mean there's like a huge foot wide gap between each stair, and they're actually mini tvs playing ESPN Sportscenter, instead of real steps.

      I distract myself trying to walk and watch at the same time and remember thinking this is why these aren't mass produced. They're doing an interview. The man interviewing is in a dinosaur costume, talking to a little girl that just got rescued from the house fire I'm rushing to. I wake up when I reach the bottom of the steps more confused than I have been in a while.
    4. 07.18.2016 Kidnapped

      by , 07-19-2016 at 08:58 PM
      Bed at 10pm in attempt to catch up on much needed sleep. I also took echinacea drops in a few ounces of water.
      I did not end up sleeping, because I could not get comfortable.
      I was still sensitive to noise (???) I even put in ear plugs but I kept waking up.
      My body was aching because of working out and practice. I began to develop a slight headache.
      At around 1am, I decided to take something for the headache and went back to sleep.
      Decided to sleep at the foot of my bed after many failed attempts at sleeping or resting.
      I was finally able to fall asleep during the early morning hours before my alarm at 6:45am.
      Recall is not good; I was so tired and I didn't jot anything down.

      DR 1
      I had been kidnapped by a man. I remember sitting on the floor in a cell (?), but it was rather large. The room was white, the floors were white/grey. I couldn't really see the bars around me when I was inside. I could only see them as a third person. I was scantily clad. The man would tell me to do things- like "bring a dish(?) or plate(?) here" and "there". And "go sit on the floor". I was not the only slave. There were others. We were not "frightened", but more "broken". I felt like my spirit had been broken.

      Side Notes:
      This is the 2nd dream this week with a kidnapping.
      I felt very submissive in this dream. I don't generally feel like a slave IRL, but I suppose it mean being a slave to many responsibilities and still trying to do what I want to do.
      The colors white, and grey
    5. Completely thrown off guard and through a loop...

      by , 08-18-2015 at 01:35 AM
      I never really ever have any bad nightmares, at least i haven't since i was a child. I took a short nap this afternoon just to kill time, and plus i was kinda exhausted. Anyway this is what i remember about my dream... and it has me pretty scared. :/

      I was kidnapped, with two other women, taken somewhere i cant tell you where. I was put on a slab of metal, and had iv's in me, pumping red liquid into my body, but it wasn't blood, i don't know how i know that it wasn't blood but i just knew. Hours later they took us to a hotel, and when we tried to scream for help no one paid any attention and all the workers were in on the kidnapping. My teeth fell out, and part of my tongue was missing...

      hours later once again, we were rapped and beaten and thrown into a horse trailer and taken somewhere else, where they attempted to put us in these long grills to transport us to another location, and i remember screaming to one of the guys I didn't want to be put in one that still had a propane tank connected to it (because i thought they were going to cook us alive.)

      Then the main guy walked away, and two of the other guys threw new clothes at us, and told us to take off, so we all ran in different directions, and ended up running down the road to a gas station (which was a Kiwk King.) I screamed for a phone and the lady cashier gave me 25 cents to use the pay phone in the middle of the store, i ran back to the pay phone, and tried to call my boyfriends phone number but i couldn't remember the first 3 digits, i tried everything and just couldn't get it, so then i ended up calling my mothers work phone number, a lady answered and put me through to my mom, and i explained to her everything that happened, and she asked where i was, and i shouted out loud to ask where we were, and we were some city called Hannah (something) beach. So, my mom said she would be here as fast as possible.

      I ran to find the clothes that were given to me, and i ran into a back room and put them on, went back out front, and seen one of the other girls that was kidnapped with me, i saw her mom and she gave me a hug and they left, then my mom was there, we left in her car.. as we were leaving the Main guy that kidnapped me saw me in my mothers car and it was a chase down the highway trying to get away from this guy. (Meanwhile while my mother is driving i'm still trying to call my boyfriend, using her cell phone, which she has his number saved in, it just wasn't saved into her contacts on her cell phone in the dream) He finally cuts us off and we get out and run into some place that turns into another hotel looking place.. and the Main guy ends up turning into someone i'm suppose to use very well.. (but who he was in the dream, i have no idea i don't recall knowing the actual person.) Then my aunt shows up and she hands me the phone and i just start crying saying all i wanna do is hear Kyle's (my boyfriend) voice just so i can tell him bye... and over the phone i hear Kyle telling me how much he loves me and about how hes tracing the call to come and find me and he will be right there to save me, then the Main kidnapper guy takes the phone shuts it off and smacks me hard across the face and i fall to the ground and i pass out (in my dream) ... and then i woke up... freaking out....
    6. Kidnapped

      by , 03-14-2015 at 07:55 PM
      As a new member, I'm going to put up some older lucid-based dreams on here. I have been recording for my own amusement since 2001, and a few random lucid moments occurred during that time. I will put up the lucid dreams I had thus far.

      I just had THE most realistic dream ever. I am wide awake and I have to write this down.

      I was drifting off to sleep. It hasn't happened in a while, but when I was in college I used to have alot of out of body experience-type things. Usually it involved mostly movement and sensations. In these type of dreams, for some reason I can't always see what is going on. I am not entirely positive it was an OOB experience. If its instead a lucid dream, and you are convinced in the dream world that its an OOB, is it an actual OOB or part of the dream? Anyways. I'll write what I remember.

      I felt myself, first off, drifting out of my body. More like wrenching myself out of my body in a good effort. I remember reaching my hands outwards because I really wanted to get out. Once I was free of myself, I floated above me a little bit in the same laying position as I was when sleeping. Then I slowly felt myself turn, in this same position, with my head facing where my feet had been and vice versa. It felt like someone was guiding me into this. The laying position then lifted up like a rocket preparing to launch, and I was flying off. I now remember seeing the walls around me zooming by as I went through them.

      The first sensation I felt after that was sound. What sounded like a steady car-driving sound, or the highway. I heard cars zoom past me and I wondered what I was experiencing. I couldn't move, and like I said I sometimes I can't see anything in these types of dreams. I was still in a laying position. I assumed I was in someone's car. I felt someone brushing my hair or moving their hands through it to clean it. They were trying to keep me looking neat, I guess. The wind in the car kept whipping my hair around a smidge, and they wanted to keep it nice and neat. I also felt at one point them lifting my bangs in an attempt to cut them short. Or maybe they lifted them but didn't cut them. I also remember someone pulling some of my own hair that was stuck in between my teeth out, as if they got stuck up in my gums pretty good. This part was odd. There was alot of hair stuck in-between the right side of my teeth, and they pulled them out with some effort. It reminded me of dental work.

      Next I remember being in a room and hearing people talking. I think I saw the room, I'm not sure. This part is blurry.

      Anyways, this "laying-still-while-someone-brushes-my-hair-while-in-a-moving-car" thing was going on for a while, and dream/spirit-me was getting really bored. I was hoping for something a little more interesting and this wasn't cutting it. I wanted to wake up and get back into another dream. I tried opening my eyes, because in the past opening them has wakened me from these types of dreams. This time I had opened them, and I saw instead slight glimpses of the environment around me. I *thought* that I was waking up, but then suddenly I was afraid of opening them again. Like I was unsure of what to do about the opening-eyes thing. So, I stayed in the dream.

      Suddenly I felt fingertips on the middle of my back, and then a strong person picking me up from my laying position. I thought it was an angel pulling me out of the dream. I was saying in my head "Thank you God!" over and over because I was sure this creepy kidnapping dream was going to end. It was starting to frighten me! Whoever was carrying me was reassuring me, saying it was alright. Also I recall a glimpse of me being carried through the threshold.
      But then, I felt someone cleaning my skin.

      Like every inch of my skin, cleaning something off of it. I still thought this was a process of leaving the dream so I still had hope. I thought then I was safely set in my bed/body again and I would wake up to reality.

      When I opened my eyes, I was in shock. Instead of the familiar darkness of my bedroom, and the sensation of being awake, what met my eyes was a bathroom.

      A yellow and white tiled bathroom. it was tiled in small yellow and white tiles so that it made a checkered pattern. They were really tiny ones, like mosaic sized, and they came up the wall halfway like some bathrooms have them. The walls were yellow. I stood in the middle of the room. To my right and parallel to where I stood was a smudgy, dirty mirror, like the kind in older junky hair salons. To my right, infront of me, was I think a sink. Directly infront of me was a tiny window, closer to the ceiling, with white curtains and yellow pattern on it. To the left and center was a toilet. To the left and parallel to where I stood was a counter or sink. It was an alright sized bathroom. Medium sized I guess. It reminded me of an old ladies bathroom. Someone who had done the decor in the 60s and then totally kept it that way through the rest of their life. It was nice for an outdated shitty bathroom.

      So, I was in total and complete shock, and I began repeating to myself "this isn't my house this isn't my house!" all scared. I started looking around frantically at the setting. I darted to the window but didn't look through or attempt to open it. I looked at the dirty mirror, and kind of saw me. It looked a little like me, but two long, inch wide strands of bangs were covering my eyes. They seemed lighter than the rest of my hair, which was cut kind of similar. I couldn't tell so much because the mirror was too high for me to see past my forehead. Also I was afraid to look. I didn't immediately see eyes so I freaked out. Dream-mirror-looking is never fun. D: I didn't want to stare long enough to see I didn't have eyes or something dumb like that. Also I think I was wearing one of the nightgowns I actually own.

      Anyways, I was immediately determined to get the fuck out of there. I opened the door, it wasn't locked. I knew there had to be someone downstairs waiting for me. As soon as I exited the bathroom, to my immediate left, was a staircase going downstairs. I took it. At the end of the stairs, to my right, across from a large, dark sitting room, was the living room. It had a curved entry-way that sectioned the room off from the other parts of the house. Inside this room it was also brighter. I saw two fat people sitting there. One was a woman and she was watching TV. Another was a man in a brown-tan shirt and he was reaching behind the sofa for something. He was crouched the other way.

      I tried to silently sneak out. The guy saw or heard me and ran after me. I took something metal and smacked him over the head with it. I went to run again for the door, but every time I tried running my head began to swim and I'd get really dizzy. Like the action was taking alot out of me. It was a struggle. Once again I had to turn back as the guy tried to approach me. This time I grabbed a long metal standing lamp that was set by the door and smacked him over the head with it. That really got him, and he fell to the ground. I debated going at him again with the lamp and getting him for good, but I was afraid of the other person in the next room getting up and helping the guy out. Also he wasn't knocked out. He crawled for something that was on the floor a little ways beyond the door to the outside. I didn't wait to find out what it was he was grabbing for.

      This time I walked slowly to the door. I knew running wouldn't work out well for me. I thought to myself: "Sometimes when you rush things you don't get anything done correctly." So I took my time and walked there. I was mere inches from the door. There was something small blocking it. Like a trunk or something. Something I could hop over easily.


      Its not that I am afraid (although I went to check if the door was locked lol), just amazed. Surprised. "What the fuck!?" and so on. I wonder whether it was a dream or something else. And I wonder if the girl was supposed to be me or another girl who was never so lucky to escape. I just don't understand. I am confused!

      I also feel like I'm never going back to sleep, Siigh



      Scary as it was at the time, the complete realism I experienced when I opened my eyes and looked at that bathroom was amazing. I might as well had been in a real bathroom, in a real house. I sort of began to lose the lucid feeling in the living room, as I was smacking the guy in the head and attempting to run. But the majority of the experience was so so real. It didn't even feel like a dream, up until the end part.

      I wonder, was this a WILD? Obviously the first part was a little SP. Being in my body, struggling to get out, etc. Some of my SPs in the past had involved me floating above my body as I slept like how I did here. I feel like I kind of worked my way through this SP, and got myself a nice reward for doing so.

      Anyways, hope you enjoyed c:
      lucid , memorable
    7. #64 - random mission to save me or something...

      by , 02-22-2015 at 11:10 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Black: Non-dream
      Blue: Non-lucid
      Red: Lucid

      Dream 1 - I got kidnapped (happened 2 nights ago)
      I'm in a homely bar or something, and a person who is doubling as a friend of mine walks in and is pretending to be him but I know he isn't... (the face of the person looks like no one I know). I can't make him mad or something though, so I have to pretend he is my friend, I help him connect to the internet on a laptop in the bar as I believe his intentions are to steal some stuff if he doesn't get what he wants. He ends up kidnapping me instead, because he thinks I'll be more valuable and can help him get what he wants. We're now on an island similar to Master Yoshi's home island on Dragonball Z, the water is blue and there are tropical trees and a small white house. I have to pretend to be his friend still, I know that the only way I can get off the island is if my real friends save me, which can only happen at a certain time due to the ocean currents changing their flow temporarily for 1 day... This leaves a very small window of opportunity. I remember finding something that I can use to get in contact with my friends, I rush through typing something out to them and then throw it as far as I can into the ocean before the 'fake' sees what I've done. He shows up and says something like "Oh wow you've done a number on that one", and is holding the broken thing I threw. I'm hiding my anticipation for escaping the island, I know that I've been on the island for something like 180 days and that the ocean currents are about to change. For some reason I think there is a sunset and it meant that my friends missed the window of opportunity, but they only just manage to make it to me and the next thing I know there is a train track around the house that the fake is trying to escape on, we've become the trains from that thomas the tank engine kids show (this part only lasted like 20 seconds), the driver is the fake friend and is trying to escape but I pull him out and throw him on the ground, he smashes like a lego piece and can't move because his arms and legs have fallen off. Me and my friends turn to leave now, as we leave I turn around again to find the fake sailing away on the grass on a miniature sail raft thing (He has arms and legs now and looks like a super tiny pirate).. the scenery is different too, it's more like the outside of my parents house in the yard. My memory connects him to the bar at the start where he apparently had put up these posters to draw attention (it doesn't make sense at all). He sails away on the grass into the bush so I run and catch him, I throw him off and show him the poster, "This is what started it all aye, not so proud now huh" I toss him aside and the day is won. Me and my friends head back to the bar now, there is a big celebration and party, the bar is quite cosy with dark brown wooden walls and lots of people. The focus is on these 2 people playing darts, a guy and a girl. The guy is known to be really good and the girl is an unknown, she gets up and challenges him. She has long dark brown curly hair, brown eyes and tanned skin. She turns out to be really good at darts and wins and everyone is cheering her on... And that's the end of my random dream O_O.

      Dream 2 - Car crash (happened last night)
      All I remember from this dream is that me, my girlfriend and my daughter were in a ute, my girlfriend was driving and we were in a forested suburban area. We seemed to be coming back from my field trip (of which they weren't a part of irl) where I had just taken a lot of strike and dip measurements for the regional geology. She drove up to a stop point and stopped, but as the way was clear and she started to drive on she suddenly stared blankly off to the distance with a glazed over look... She kept on driving and I had begun to shout something like "road road road!" or "turn turn turn".. something panicked and unsettled because we were heading straight for a wall and she was completely spaced out. I could only think of my daughter getting hurt and how scared I was, then we slammed into a cobblestone wall and I woke up.

      Had to post these pretty late so details are missing and there aren't many dreams, I've been working in the field for the past 4 days away from home so I haven't had internet.
    8. 3 fragments

      by , 03-20-2014 at 01:31 AM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      Fragment 1. Trying to make peanut butter. I put in various peanut-butter flavored things but it’s not coming together well. I wonder if it’s not just easier to use something like jarred peanut butter or PB2.

      Fragment 2. Loitering around outside our apartment. I look around to see if anyone is around. I spot an open envelope in one of our parking spaces and go over to pick it up.

      Inspiration: Me looking at our mail yesterday.

      Fragment 3.
      -A princess is kidnapped and kept in a cabin. When she tells her kidnapper that she’s one of twelve sibling princesses, he’s surprised/disappointed.
      -She gets rescued/swept away by her mother and father, who are revealed to her to be some kind of ghostly bird-like creatures.

      Notes: I’ve been dreaming of our house lately and it’s weird for me, since I normally do it so rarely – but I think I can attribute it to practicing awareness (even though I already had to be aware when I made the house into one of my memory palaces in the past).

      I slept deeply last night and woke up one other time without recall. I have two days break from exercise starting tomorrow so hopefully I’ll get some good rest. Also worried I’m sleeping too much (about 9-10 hours apparently), and that I should stop drinking my energy drink.

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    9. Kidnapped by a Cult

      by , 02-25-2013 at 02:39 PM
      When the dream picks up I'm on a giant plane with a white haired man. He points down at a football field surrounded by a corn field. Even from here I can tell the football field is full of people. There's a designated spot for him to land, but he lands where the people are standing. They run out of the way, all the while cheering for his return.
      We're off the plane. He takes my arm and leads me forward, explaining his town to me. I'm not really listening, this place freaks me out. It's completely isolated, I remember my view from the plane and wonder where all these people live. He tells me that I'll be integrated into the community if God wills it. He has submitted my name to the marriage lottery and if I come up then, obviously, I'll marry the person God has chosen for me.
      All their activities are the Will of God, I think how perfect it must be for him. He could orchestrate everything and pretend it's the God's will. While I wasn't paying attention night has fallen. He leads me over to the ballot on the right side of the field where a wide wooden fence separates the playing area from the corn.
      "Let's take a look, see what God intends for you." He has his hand on the back of my neck. It's more of a threatening gesture than something that hurts. To everyone else it looks different, somehow that he's taking a fatherly interest in my future. There are scraps of paper with names on them beside a weathered slotted box. Someone has combined them on a list in black sharpie. I notice other people sitting around, they are a part of the community but also isolated. I recognize them as other captives, but they look dull eyed and complacent.
      I remember what the raid had been like. Our village of small wooden houses, how the mud felt underfoot as I tried to run, the creatures attacking us in the street. The buildings being on fire, all the smoke. Someone looming over me.
      The white haired man is talking to me about other towns he has taken, how many people he has integrated into his community.
      He pushes me forward to fence edge and makes me turn over the pages with names on them.
      I'm relieved to not see my name.
      "It seems God has other plans for you, my dear."
      I can't decide if the man has set it up this way, or if he truly submitted my name to the lottery and I was not chosen. I choose to see it as the latter. That Fate has saved me from the fell machinations of this man's faith.
      A woman comes up to us and tells him that THEY are here. He releases me and I move along the fence away from the creepy converts. Then I notice that 'they' are the press. They've set up cameras, all facing away from the converts/abducted and toward his community.
      I pretend I'm going to rejoin the others and run across the line of the cameras hoping that my family will see my face on the news and know that I didn't die in the raid.
      I return to the fence and nervously lean on it, hoping no one questions me. They don't. As I'm sitting there I lean back a little and it's like the corn was an illusion. I can see the wall of corn, but just beyond that is a city street. Almost like he wanted us to believe it was isolated so we wouldn't try to escape.

      There's a lapse in the dream and I'm driving. I've stolen a car. I know it won't be long before they discover I'm missing. There are very clear turn lanes and signs that are supposed to lead out of the town. I take the right hand turn, noticing the body of a man in the street that no one has bothered to move. He's clearly dead. I keep driving, taking the suggested turns. I find myself back on the street with the dead man.
      This obliterates my hope for escape, I realize I would just have to drive around until I found the way out, and I don't have the time.

      They've found me. They put me with the white haired man's son. He's meant to watch me. I don't know what they intend for me, but the man's son doesn't seem so bad. He doesn't crowd me, and the only rule is that I stay where he can see me and don't leave the apartment alone.
      "I'm sure you want to shower and change."
      I agree. He hands me a pile of clothing and a towel. It has a rainbow colored criss-crossing design.

      There's another lapse and I'm standing in a cool dark hallway in the apartment. From here I can see my the son, my watch dog. I look at a painting. It matches the towel.
      Except that it doesn't seem like a design choice. The repeated patterns makes me think there aren't any pattern -choices-, that is all there is. I think it's because this man decides who makes the art, it isn't about creativity anymore. The thought makes me sad.
      "Hey, you almost done?" The son asks me. I smile at him. I'm only wearing a red tank top and panties. They took my other clothes and didn't supply a pair of jeans.
      I ring my hair out and instead of drying my hand on the towel draped over my arm I go to the pile of towels by the sink and start to do it there. The son's face makes me stop, reminding me I have my own. He makes me feel...wasteful somehow.

      I've forgotten about escaping. I live in a house with the white haired man's son. When he's not looking I use a square post in the center of the living room to do some sort of arm exercise, it runs from ceiling to floor. I wrap my hands around the post and lift myself off the ground, knees to either side of the post. I think about how I'm not really the person I was when I was brought here.

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    10. Kidnapped in a Sinister Plot

      by , 11-17-2012 at 10:59 AM
      over 6 years ago I think

      I was kidnapped by a group of thugs and put in the back seat of some sedan. They had guns and I think hoods. My dad may have bin in the car. We pull up to a country home. It had a porch wrapped around two sides and was slightly run down. To get to the front door you had to walk up some stairs to the left of the driveway. At the top to the left was a yard and to the right was the house. Their was a tree in the yard, hard dirt, probably some chew toys, and bushy ivy covered banks that sloped down to the road and driveway below.

      Inside the house in the living room was a table with a large map. My parents were there with the thugs and kind of making fun of me. They all went over some plan with me and explained what was going on. I still thought it was messed up. We went back outside and the tree had pages from a book in place of its leaves. I think I was supposed to use them to break some code. I had trouble getting all the pages. END
    11. 01/24/12: Lost and Kidnapped

      by , 01-25-2012 at 06:29 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      NOTE: Yesterday was the first day I failed to post something even if it was to say I didn't recall anything. Well, I didn't recall anything. School homework took priority and then I forgot. But today is different, I have 2 dreams to post!

      I am with a couple other people I don't recognize and we have all been kidnapped. There are several big guys there guarding us. I am looking for a way out, waiting for an opportunity to present itself. I don't have to wait very long. I see a chain on the ground near me. It looks heavy, but when I pick it up I find I can handle it quite easily. One of the guards sees me and asks what I intend to do with that. He laughs at me, clearly not seeing me as a threat. I throw the chain at him and somehow manage to loop it around him like a lasso. He barely gets out a, "What the fuck?!" before I loop it around him again. That is everyone's cue to act. I manage to secure the one guard to a tree by the chain, he is letting out a stream of expletives like I've never heard. One of the people with me, a young man, grabs a hang glider that was beside the goons' tent. He jumps off the cliff and flies a bit then circles back and crashes into two kidnappers. I think that looked like fun... so I go to the hang glider. Unfortunately it is too badly damaged for me to take a flight on it. Damn. All I can do is wait for the authorities with the other people and the bound/unconscious goons.

      Midnight Sun
      I am at school, my class just ended so I am ready to go home. I leave the school and have a bit of trouble finding where I parked. I wander around for a bit in the dark feeling a bit dumb, but I finally find the car. I get in and leave. The freeway home is weird. It has changed dramatically since I came this morning! It is so much wider, and there are bright lights all around. The lights make it as bright as daytime! I think I don't need headlights, I need sunglasses! I am curious about what changed. I turn down an exit I don't remember seeing before. I follow the road for a while as it twists and turns. I find a dead end. My car chooses right now to die on me. I get out and see all four tires are flat. Wtf?! I see a building, I'll go there and call for help. I slid down an embankment. I notice the ground is so very dry and cracked and hard. Like a scorched desert much hotter and drier than where I live. I am approaching the door when it opens. A woman steps out. I am overcome by a feeling of dread. I do not want her to see me. I can't think of a logical reason for that, but it feels very real. I dive behind a large rock. I'm sure she saw me... she was looking this way. I peek and see she is looking in my direction with a puzzled look on her face. Why do I feel such dread associated with her? She doesn't look violent or dangerous... But the feeling is strong, I know I have to get out, and I do so by waking up.
    12. A monkey and kidnapped women

      by , 09-16-2011 at 01:07 PM (Pop's Dream Journal)
      I remember two dreams from last night.

      In my first dream, I’m outside of a house. Someone is telling me that there is an animal of some kind (a raccoon, squirrel or opossum) up in the attic of this house that makes an awful racket at night when people are trying to sleep. Me and another guy (unknown…but in the dream I know he is a friend) are going to try and catch whatever it is. Funny thing about the house, though, is that the front outside wall is missing so we are able to climb ladders and access the attic from outside. When I get to the top of my ladder, I look inside and spot something moving – it’s a small monkey, like the kind you see with organ grinders. He seems friendly, so I coax him over and grab him with one hand. This startles him and at first I think he’s going to bite me. I winch in anticipation, but the bite never comes. So I take the monkey and toss him outside onto the ground, then climb down the ladder. But when I turn to look at the monkey, I see that it is no longer alive and has somehow transformed into a toy stuffed monkey.

      In my second dream, I’m driving a van and there are a couple of guys I don’t know in the van with me. We also have two women with us but they seem to each be sealed in some kind of big, square plastic bag filled with water. They are both alive and angry and demanding to be let out. I know somehow that we have kidnapped them and are driving someplace. One of the men in the van is angry with me because we are driving close to a news van/crew and he’s afraid they will be able to see inside our van and see and/or film the two women being held hostage. But I reassure him that I’m swerving in such a way that the news crew won’t be able to see them.

      That’s all I remember from the second dream. I need to work on my RC’s throughout the day because, as crazy as some of my dreams are, there is no reason why I should not be recognizing them as dreams.
    13. 08/30/11 Collected Dreams

      by , 08-31-2011 at 03:35 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      Note: I have been extremely busy lately, not having much of any time to journal dreams, so these are dreams from the past several nights.

      Fooled Again, The Lost Mew
      I am meeting my ex boyfriend James at his apartment, it seems he has wanted to meet in person. I have finally agreed to do so. I am waiting there for him in the living room, he has stepped out for a few minutes, and I am looking around the room at all of the things he has there. Mostly collectable toys. Predominantly Transformers and Star Wars toys set up in some very interesting displays. James returns to the room, and I notice he is dressed very nicely as if for a hot date. He takes out a single red rose and hands it to me, the rose smells almost intoxicating.

      Damn, I think, he has never been this romantic when I was dating him! I start to wonder if he has broken up with his wife and is expecting I will be dumb enough to trust him again… which I know I couldn't do even if I really wanted to. I need to step away to clear my mind, I go to the bathroom. I have to pee. The toilet is broken, so what now? I pee in the sink, thinking James probably doesn't have the money for a plumber. I completely rinse the sink down and wash my hands before returning. Tina is now there with James, and I immediately know they are up to something and I am the butt of their latest joke. I tell James to get fucked and leave the apartment, feeling mad at both him for doing it and me for falling for it… or almost falling for it. I walk down the halls of the apartment for a bit, I find MoSh also lives in this apartment. He is out in the halls looking for his mew. He seems mad at me for not finding his mew yet. I say I'll help him find his mew. We search, I am climbing up on stair railings and into other odd places to reach other odd places such as ventilation shafts where I can look for the mew. A couple times I end up in a tight spot and I have to turn back. In one tight spot, however, I pull out a mew.

      I take the mew back to MoSh. I think he'll be happy, but he still seems mad at me for taking too long. I am depressed. I pull out my cell phone and think I can call a friend. Should I call Alicia or Tigress? I am thinking I'm not sure if I should bother either of them with my problems…

      Murder by Mail
      I am in a hospital of some kind, but this time I am not there to work a job at the hospital. What I am doing is trying to solve a murder, we know the suspect is somewhere in the hospital, but not exactly where. I am with my supervising detective, who just happens to be Horatio Cane off of CSI Miami, sunglasses and all.

      We go over to the reception desk, and I look around for any clue that might have been accidentally left in sight. Horatio approaches the man at the desk and takes off his sunglasses before fixing the man with a firm gaze and stating that the man already knows why we are there. The man plays dumb and says he has no idea, even I can tell he is lying. The mail carrier comes in and puts some stuff on the desk in front of the man, who tries to get Horatio to go away because he is busy. That is completely ineffective, instead Horatio insists on talking to the man in private. The man glances nervously at a small package that was delivered with the mail. He then goes when Horatio gets more insistent, saying the alternative is they go downtown to discuss this. I look over at the small package, I want to know what is in it. I go over to take it but I see there are people watching. I look at it, but I can't see where it is from even. The man and Horatio return, Horatio says we will search… starting with the front desk. He produces a warrant. I take the small box now and open it, the man gets annoyed. There is a strange puzzle game inside it… though the man seems really upset that I saw it. Horatio is looking at a surveillance video with a really grainy and crappy picture. He asks if I can enhance the video quality to make the person in the video identifiable. I use a computer I have in my pocket to link in and do it remotely somehow. The man in the video is the man at the desk. He tries to run, but he is also a rather fat guy and makes a very clumsy effort to run… Horatio arrests him. I look at the novelty game a bit more, and I discover it is broken. I wonder why it was so important to that man…

      Staying On Track
      I am at my current house, and I am there with my ex boyfriend. He says he will spring for pizza if I go pick it up, and I think pizza sounds good, so I agree to do that. He says I'll have to ride my bike down there so he can pick me up on his way back to the house. He says he has to go home to get something quick. I tell him that is bullshit, I can drive myself down there and get the pizza and drive back… and if he wants a ride to his place, I can drop him there on the way and pick him up on the way back. He says no, and I really should ride my bike. I leave in the car and drive to Pizza Hut to pick up pizza. I find that Pizza Hut also sells a bunch of other stuff, a lot of toys and candy, but I just pick up the pizza. On the way back home I have to wait for a train and I start eating pizza while I wait, I rearrange the remaining pieces of pizza to cover the fact there is a piece missing. When I get home there is a train track right in front of our gate to our yard… um… where did that come from? I enter the yard and find I have to cross several more sets of tracks just to get to the carport. There are several train routes going right through our yard! I notice one of the tracks runs right along our porch in such a way it looks like the porch could be used for a boarding platform.

      I see a train coming and I am prepared to see how loud it will be… but it diverts onto a different track before it reaches the house. I notice it is getting dark, and I see James coming back. He is at the gate, so I open it. He starts to drive in but then gets stuck on one of the tracks. When he tries to get off, he gets turned around strangely and drives down one of the tracks and out of the yard. I wonder where he's going to end up…

      I am at a neighbor's house, and it turns out that Alicia's friend Anita lives there with her children. In waking life Anita has two boys, but in the dream Anita has two boys and a little girl about 8 years old. I am over at Anita's house hanging out with Anita and Alicia. There is a storm starting up outside, Alicia says she needs to get home, and she leaves. I am about to leave when it turns up that the little girl is missing. It seems everyone went out for a picnic today and the girl is now gone. Everyone is worried about her, there is talk of a child molester in the area, and fear that he has taken the girl. So we start looking for any trace of the girl, though I figure if the molester has her then there isn't really much chance of finding her around the house. I am searching through some areas of the house that seem more like an old warehouse than anything. I hear someone in there, and I see a creepy guy heading out the back way. I follow him outside into the storm, and then around to the back of the house. He is the primary suspect in the child molestation kidnapping cases. He stops and I confront him directly, telling him to tell me where the girl is, and tell me now. He motions me closer and I do so, waiting for him to speak. Instead he stabs me in the gut with a knife he had hidden in his sleeve. The wound has very little effect on me, which shocks the man. I respond by driving my hidden blade into his side. I ask him again where the girl is. He says this is impossible. I stab him again, where is she? He finally tells me where she is, he says she's in the wood pile, but we'll never reach her before the water in the river rises and she drowns. He laughs maniacally… My next stab to his throat shuts him up. I hurry towards the river where I know there is a pile of wood being stored. The water has almost reached the wood. I start moving the wood pieces with strength I didn't know I had, and I find the girl pinned near the bottom, alive. I pull her out and take her back to the house, out of the storm. Everyone is so happy to see her, but it is time for me to go home. The shoes I have on are falling apart, I can't walk in them anymore, and I have to walk home. I look around for what I thought was a long time, thinking I had a spare pair somewhere around there. I can't find them. I do find a pair of pink boots that are Alicia's. I decide I can wear those and return them to Alicia the next time I see her. They fit perfectly. I put them on and get ready to leave for home.
    14. Enslaved

      by , 08-22-2011 at 06:39 PM (Trial and Error)
      From a week or so ago.

      In the first one I started out as a child and slowly progressed throughout the dream to be the age I am now. I was walking along where I was nabbed by two guys and I told them to get away. They did not listen and the dream flashed to me getting electrocuted and then appeared in a different location.

      The dream skips a bit but there was one more flash of me as an adult getting electrocuted and then I was suddenly in a group of people being herded somewhere.

      It was an open field next to a dirt road with nothing but some flimsy barriers keeping us from the road. And no one is questioning where we are going and why these people have power over us.

      I am suddenly following the story of one of my friends (in the third person) trying to find me. He runs past the barriers and goes through the crowd shouting my name. He finally gets to me and pulls me around to face him, relieved that he finally found me. The me that I am watching looks at him blankly and says "I don't know you". I am shocked and start thinking "Oh no, they must have erased my memory. How else could I forget him?"

      It was very strange to have such an out of body experience.
    15. Kidnapped

      by , 07-21-2011 at 08:12 AM (Trial and Error)
      Me, 2 of my roommates (S and L), and a whole bunch of other people were being held captive by this older woman at her home. Everyone in the dream except for the woman, were pre-teen to teenager age (for whatever reason). There was no kind of security or fence or anything to keep us from leaving...we simply couldn't. It was the feeling of being trapped and having no alternatives than to stay and bide time, with no idea what

      On the ground outside I find a piece of paper I printed out the last time I tried to escape and I have a false memory. It was of me frantically running away from the woman in a ripped up white shirt and was blocked by a group of policemen that physically forced me back into her captivity. I tell someone in a great state of fear that she owns the entire police department for a 20 mile radius and can use them at her whim. (I somehow knew that there were thousands of policemen in the 20 mile radius and that they could easily over power everyone she was keeping captive).

      On the paper is the address of the house we are being kept in. I figure this information could prove useful so I tear of the address and put it in my pocket, almost getting caught by the woman telling us to go back inside. I get sudden anxiety hoping she has not noticed me. It seemed almost like she had but was not going to make a big deal out of it and we went inside.

      I go inside with a bunch of others, all wearing white shirts, and my roommate S (dressed normal) was there and she started to try and convince me that we needed to leave and there was nothing in our way. I knew of the police ready to catch escapees, so I told S we needed to bide our time. Since S and L were not cooperating the woman made me lock the in this strange cell in the wall. L lays on what I amuse is the bottom bunk of a bunk bed with the expression of a gangster not caring what happens as long as you look cool doing it. (Which is hilarious since that is NOT her personality at ALL XD) I was not concerned because I knew that when we had I plan I would be able to open the door. The door was composed of bars as well as thick transparent plastic. I put my hands on the plastic (or glass or whatever) and she does the same on the other side. I tell her we just need to bide or time before we get out, and I walk away.
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