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    1. Fighting Satan

      by , 08-28-2014 at 03:15 PM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      Having snuck into a hostile military base, I hide in the men's restroom as some soldiers pass by. Grabbing a mob and bucket, I act like the janitor, and exit the room, walking casually toward the middle of the huge building I'm in. I am grabbed from behind by a soldier, but wrestle free from his grip and run. Tackled by two other soldiers, they bind my hands in thick metal bars, just about as thick as my wrist is.

      Roaring defiantly, I summon super-human strength and rip free from the shackles. Some soldiers see this and shoot at me. Pulsing with strength, the bullets bounce off my chest as I walk toward them and throw them across the room. More to get them to stop shooting than to kill them, but it was a hard toss. With some brief freedom, I try to think of why I came in here in the first place. Nothing coming to mind, I walk out, and see all my friends just lounging around on top of and leaning against the high walls of this building. Just enjoying the sunny day, they wave at me as I look for a spot to sit as well.

      One of them calls out to me from atop the wall, "Aren't you forgetting something inside there?" as he points back into the large structure.

      I suppose he could be right, so I go back in. Now abandoned, I walk right up to the middle, and see a glowing red and orange hole in the floor. It looks like it goes all the way down to the magma. It sure is hot. More pieces of the floor fall into it as the hole expands with a terrible rumbling and shaking like a demonic earth quake. The building seems like it is beginning to collapse now. I run through falling debris to get outside just in time for most of the building inside the walls to cave into the fiery pit.

      Erupting from this massive hole, already about 1 mile across, is Satan. None other than the devil himself. The ground buckles up forming a giant crater around him as he rises to spectacular heights in the sky. Like a giant mountain, his torso sits upon a swirling vortex of fiery magma, as wide as the hole. His body appears to be composed of the same, all encased in some thick black spiky armor. Thicker than I am tall, it covers his whole torso, most of his arms, and also forms a horned helmet with slits for eye holes. Inside of the helmet just glows the color of a hot fire.

      I suppose I am the one tasked with defeating him. I still have the capability of increasing my strength, but looking up at him now, it looks like quite the challenge.

      My thoughts are interrupted by Satan's attack. He swings a large spiked mass. A mixture of whatever his armor is and liquid magma, all connected to a large chain. The school bus sized spiked mass lands with a loud thump as I jump out of the way. Swinging it so fast, it takes all I've got just to get out of the way in time. He laughs and swings again. I have hardly enough time to regain my footing before I sprint and dive out of the way again. Small craters where he has struck make it harder to move around.

      I don't have any weapons at all other than my fists. I look around for anything I can use, and there is nothing. The sky swirls with dark gray clouds above Satan's head. He opens his mouth to reveal yet more flames and molten metal as he stares at me. Letting out a ground trembling roar, he swings again.

      Since it seems rather hopeless, I decide to at least have fun with the situation at hand. I jump onto his weapon just as he pulls it back. Hanging on tightly, I soar back up to his level, about 2 miles above the ground. Jumping off at just the right time, I plant my feet on his left shoulder and kick off with all my strength toward his face. Crossing just in front of his helmet, I poke him in the eye with my finger as I laugh a bit.

      This seems to only further aggravate him as he clenches his jaw and growls at me.

      Saved by the alarm clock!
    2. 2nd May 2013 Alternate view of dreamviews, Weird genre switching game, Let's play project

      by , 05-02-2013 at 09:44 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream 1:

      The first part of dream was about some game, but can't recall much about it, after that, i was visiting dreamviews and it was looking alot different, there were visually many colors used in the interface and all text was multicolored. There was some kind of huge project about let's plays and everyone was posting alot on it.
      Later i was watching some anime, which was kinda pokemon-like, but i can't recall if there were any actual pokemon...
      After that i was playing some game, which started out like multiplayer 2D sideview platformer. I, with some other player, was going through some location like a mine, there were railways with minecarts and there were alot of pits. The second player was panicking alot for some reason and was falling down the pits. After done with that the game switched to be singleplayer 3D FPS and continued in the sewers, and the enemies were clowns and like. I was getting through the level very quickly and the water in some pits was acidic. Something in this level made me make really weird facial expression like if i was trying to make it hilarious but was failing on it really badly. Next level, the game turned into 2D topdown shooter and i was controlling some kind of vehicle while going through some kind of magma processing facility, which was basically platforms over a huge lake of magma with some mechanisms and pipes. There were alot of turrets and decorations to destroy and it was pretty hard to maneuver and dodge enemy attacks since there was not alot of place. Midway through the level the game switched to 3D platformer and the vehicle disappeared. There was a small puzzle where i needed to carry some kind of mechanisms onto the top of three pipes, which was a bit repetitive since path between mechanisms and pipes was the same and i could carry only one at the time. But it opened the path ahead and i had one spare mechanism left, i talked to someone whether it's required and we looked ahead, it didn't seemed like it could be so we left it and continued the way through pretty hard platforming section.
      I paused the game and decided to check back on the dreamviews, now there was a discussion about the % of something, and there were already alot of entries on the let's play project from earlier. I was showing them to someone else, who was standing next to me and those were let's plays of some multiplayer class-based FPS, which also did included team fortress 2 classes and a bunch of reference based classes, i recall some pirate class and some class that was wearing badly made paper mask. One of the let's players was really drunk. Shortly the dream ended.

      Dream 2(fragment):

      I was visiting dreamviews and there was something going on about Linkzelda posting walls of text.
    3. Saving My Cat from Magma, and Seth Rogen to the Rescue!

      by , 09-16-2012 at 04:29 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was at some kind of meeting or function. There were lots of people there. I want to say we were outside. I was sitting against a half a wall. Not quite stairs, though the wall could function that way; it's hard to explain. I'll just call them wall/stairs. There were some rooms or other areas up there.

      It was then dark outside. I was still at this function, when I noticed that the wall/stairs was leaking magma in certain areas. There were people, scientists or something, inspecting it and taking measurements. No one else seemed really concerned about the magma except for me and the scientists. I remember seeing some magma flow out onto a black scientist's thumb while he wasn't paying attention, and I thought for sure it would burn him, but it didn't; he didn't even seem to notice.

      I then got up and saw that I had been sitting with my back to a lot of magma flowing from this wall/stairs. I hadn't felt any heat or burning or anything at all. Odd. I watched the scientists some more as they collected samples. Some of the magma being examined had an unnatural glow to it. I watched one of the scientists walk by me with rubber gloves on covered in a reddish residue. I figured it was from the magma. I then watched some of the wall crumble as more magma slowly flowed out.

      Then, on two TV screens up above me (now we seemed to be inside instead of outside), there was a warning being flashed because of the magma, which also had some weird chemicals in it that made it even more dangerous than regular magma. We all needed to evacuate. That's when I realized my home was in danger. I ran up the short wall/stairs and into one of the rooms. There was a guy with me helping me out. He looked like the blonde scientist from Dark City (watched the movie last night IWL).

      The main thing I wanted to rescue was my cat. Apparently, I kept her in a big hamster/bird cage? Anyway, the blonde scientist scooped her out of her litter box. I was glad she was in there at that time, because otherwise, I was afraid I'd lose her. I took her from the scientist, and we both grabbed as much of her stuff as we could. I then walked over to my bed to grab some more things, like clothes and stuff. I sifted through a pile of pajama pants, trying to decide which ones to take. I was saying out loud that I couldn't decide which ones I wanted to take. I wanted to take the ones with Thumper the bunny on them since I saw them first (a pair I actually own IWL, but rarely wear), but there were others that I actually really liked and wore more often that I would rather have. I was in a hurry though, and didn't feel I had enough time to go through them all and decide that way. I just grabbed a bunch, the Thumper ones pink being some of the ones I grabbed. While we were running to a safer place, I noticed I was holding onto the cat too tightly, and loosened my grip a bit. She didn't struggle or anything.

      At some point, we noticed that my key chain had some keys broken off from it. I examined them, and noticed it was only the keys to Jake's apartment, the ones that no longer worked since the locks got changed. All the keys I needed were there.

      We were then in this quiet apartment, though in the same building as we were in, it was safe for some reason. I set up the cage, put her food dish in it, and told the blonde scientist that was with me to open the top of her cage to get the litter box in it. The litter box didn't seem like it should fit at all; it was way too big. But it fit. We put the cat in there too. I then told the scientist I needed to go get her water dish. The scientist picked up a small green bowl that we could use instead, since it was so dangerous where I had previously been. I said we could do that if I couldn't get her original water dish, and to myself, I thought I could grab some more things, like more clothes, out of there as well while I was over there. I ran off.

      When I got to the magma scene, I ran up and down the aisle, looking for my previous location. I could have sworn it was here. I looked to the wall/stairs to my left, and noticed a line of guys standing on top of one of the wall/stairs that was accumulating more and more magma. I had no time to think about why they were doing this; it was total chaos here anyway, the reasons were endless. I ran up and down the aisle a few more times, then, to my right, saw a hallway. I ran down the hallway, and it was light there, more peaceful, no smoke or chaos. At a desk sat my friend, Rachel. We talked about the magma for a second, asking one another if we'd heard about it. Then, I was where I needed to be.

      As I entered, it was smoky, and lots of people were running around in the craziness. I saw a huge section of fold-out chairs in front of me. At the front of them, whom I almost ran by, was Seth Rogen. He was just standing there. As I went by, I said
      "Seth, I need your help."
      He then agreed to help me, while saying to his friends
      "I'm going to go help this girl," with emphasis on the girl part. It was like he was trying to impress his friends, saying he was going to help a female, or something like that.

      I then ran with Seth behind me, looking down the aisles of chairs that were on my right. I knew the water dish was down one of them. There were a few people down all of them, panicking, trying to figure out what exactly they should do. We came to some of the middle sections, and I was sure the dish had to be down one of them. Though I was worried the panicking people would get in the way, I told Seth to go down to the end of one, and the dish should be there. He went down the aisle to look for the dish.