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    1. My husband, an ex & young adult man abusing his mother

      by , 01-23-2017 at 07:40 PM
      D1: I keep having lucid dreams about my husband but we are both young & don't look like us. It's really odd. I've had 4 this week like this. They are just of us spending time together. I think it may be because we are really enjoying changing things in our house. We are almost done hanging these Led Starry String lights w/ remote. It makes our living room & dining room have this nice warm calming feeling. And we now have a cheaper way to fix couple of other things. It's so liberating after raising our 4 kids!

      D2: Chained right on into this dream by walking through a door. I was w/ my ex-girlfriend in a setting that looked something like the Domestic Violence Shelter where had met. It used to be an old school & very nice. Kind of like a dorm w/ a gourmet looking kitchen w/ sitting rooms and such. I've mentioned her a few times on here & the fact that we were best friends before our relationship. We had a falling out so we don't talk anymore but I think of her now & then because she has cancer. This dream was particularly odd. She looked younger & really thin. She acted like I knew she would. I seem to always become lucid where she is concerned & this was no exception. I just spent time talking to her even though she wasn't being sincere & being manipulative as usual. I just wanted to stay there a while regardless to see what I could learn. I think I've learned that I have made peace w/ this situation but it's sad nonetheless.

      D3: I was still lucid & chained right into a different setting by using the technique of looking at a single inanimate object. I was looking at a bed first & then a door. I walked right into a woman's house. Her grown man child was talking to her like a dog. I was very calm as I was in the last 2 dreams. I was very focused on the very white walls of an apartment. It was very very nice. I could have done some cool stuff but I'm working on the details & control so I just comforted her & helped her stand up her son & his friends. My control over my emotions was very new in dreams. It's the one place you can do things you probably won't do in real life or on rare occasions. But calm or more accurate peaceful, in dreams is strangely hard for me. I took the time to do this as I walked in & out the door. I woke up feeling like I did a meditation. It was very serene.
    2. Stars in the sky blow up like fireworks (chain of false awakening and lucids)

      by , 12-12-2014 at 12:00 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Stars in the sky blow up like fireworks (chain of false awakening and lucids) (DILD)


      I had a False Awakening and I was about to write down my dream, when I felt very fuzzy and like everything was wavy. I was moving but I was falling alseep and having a chain of spit-second FAs. Until I had a more abrupt false awakening and I was altered and nervious so I did a reality check because I literally had no idea in what realm I was!

      I could not see, so I got off bed and jumped a couple times, gravity was not acting normal so I turned lucid. I also checked my hands (now vision was clear) and I had six fingers. I was going to exit the house until I faded out and I was back in bed.

      I knew I was still dreaming, checked my hands again and remained lucid. I existed the house and took of to fly. The sky was full of stars, but it had stars of many colors, like neon colors. I took a fly to make the dream stable and it went crystal clear. I then saw that the stars started to explote like if they were fireworks, but the colors were much more vivid than real fireworks and there was a like a chain reaction.

      I decided to do an easy dare, as I did not find my dream stability to be at its finest, so I decided to:

      Quote Originally Posted by anyone dare
      Put some flowers on the graves of a cemetery at night. (Box77)
      I started to fly looking for a graveyard, but once again, I faded out.

      I was back in bed, still knowing I was dreaming, I was starting to get annoyed with the false awakenings. I had a successive chain of 2-3 more false awakenings. Always knowing I was dreaming, they happened fast.

      During one of them, I managed to exit the house again, but I was in a void of nothingness for a few seconds until I faded out.

      One more False Awakening with reality check. I exited the house and started to fly. I saw a huge neon sign in the sky, made out of stars but also with many colors like neon. As I approached at them, they exploted again and made tons of colors. There were some x-mas trees and decorations. I got stuck with a x-mas ribbon
      (talk about dream coontrol on this one... meh... the whole dream was a mess anyone, probably REM was ending.) After a while, I managed to fly away from it. I felt I was waking up, tried to rub my hands and had another false awakening, where I was still rubbing my hands and I figured I woke up like that, but I did a reality check and I was still asleep. I did not bother anymore in getting out of bed, as the dream quality was awful and extremely unstable. A few seconds later, I woke up for real.

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      lucid , false awakening
    3. Fighting Satan

      by , 08-28-2014 at 03:15 PM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      Having snuck into a hostile military base, I hide in the men's restroom as some soldiers pass by. Grabbing a mob and bucket, I act like the janitor, and exit the room, walking casually toward the middle of the huge building I'm in. I am grabbed from behind by a soldier, but wrestle free from his grip and run. Tackled by two other soldiers, they bind my hands in thick metal bars, just about as thick as my wrist is.

      Roaring defiantly, I summon super-human strength and rip free from the shackles. Some soldiers see this and shoot at me. Pulsing with strength, the bullets bounce off my chest as I walk toward them and throw them across the room. More to get them to stop shooting than to kill them, but it was a hard toss. With some brief freedom, I try to think of why I came in here in the first place. Nothing coming to mind, I walk out, and see all my friends just lounging around on top of and leaning against the high walls of this building. Just enjoying the sunny day, they wave at me as I look for a spot to sit as well.

      One of them calls out to me from atop the wall, "Aren't you forgetting something inside there?" as he points back into the large structure.

      I suppose he could be right, so I go back in. Now abandoned, I walk right up to the middle, and see a glowing red and orange hole in the floor. It looks like it goes all the way down to the magma. It sure is hot. More pieces of the floor fall into it as the hole expands with a terrible rumbling and shaking like a demonic earth quake. The building seems like it is beginning to collapse now. I run through falling debris to get outside just in time for most of the building inside the walls to cave into the fiery pit.

      Erupting from this massive hole, already about 1 mile across, is Satan. None other than the devil himself. The ground buckles up forming a giant crater around him as he rises to spectacular heights in the sky. Like a giant mountain, his torso sits upon a swirling vortex of fiery magma, as wide as the hole. His body appears to be composed of the same, all encased in some thick black spiky armor. Thicker than I am tall, it covers his whole torso, most of his arms, and also forms a horned helmet with slits for eye holes. Inside of the helmet just glows the color of a hot fire.

      I suppose I am the one tasked with defeating him. I still have the capability of increasing my strength, but looking up at him now, it looks like quite the challenge.

      My thoughts are interrupted by Satan's attack. He swings a large spiked mass. A mixture of whatever his armor is and liquid magma, all connected to a large chain. The school bus sized spiked mass lands with a loud thump as I jump out of the way. Swinging it so fast, it takes all I've got just to get out of the way in time. He laughs and swings again. I have hardly enough time to regain my footing before I sprint and dive out of the way again. Small craters where he has struck make it harder to move around.

      I don't have any weapons at all other than my fists. I look around for anything I can use, and there is nothing. The sky swirls with dark gray clouds above Satan's head. He opens his mouth to reveal yet more flames and molten metal as he stares at me. Letting out a ground trembling roar, he swings again.

      Since it seems rather hopeless, I decide to at least have fun with the situation at hand. I jump onto his weapon just as he pulls it back. Hanging on tightly, I soar back up to his level, about 2 miles above the ground. Jumping off at just the right time, I plant my feet on his left shoulder and kick off with all my strength toward his face. Crossing just in front of his helmet, I poke him in the eye with my finger as I laugh a bit.

      This seems to only further aggravate him as he clenches his jaw and growls at me.

      Saved by the alarm clock!
    4. Nap WILD, DEILD

      by , 05-12-2014 at 10:26 PM (sparkley guy dream journal)
      It was 9am, I was tired so I took a nap. Than all of a sudden I'm in a dream, I was aware the whole time. I just felt like I was dreaming, so I pinched my nose, sure enough I was. Then the dream was ending right away, I remembered the DEILD, so I did that. And than I saw like a facebook login screen, I did a hand reality check but they were black so I couldn't confirm it, it was dark in the room and then a freaking mosquito comes (irl) and tries to bite my neck. So I woke up..
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    5. New garage dream (with remote lock), strange apartment

      by , 11-30-2013 at 08:01 PM
      Morning of November 30, 2013. Saturday.

      This is a shorter but more vivid dream with a very clear awareness. It mostly involved an older (possibly out-of-use or even abandoned) commercial/public garage. There is an awareness of new work being done, though. An unknown man in overalls (possibly a mechanic) walks up to me and gives me a key (on a smaller chain or necklace of some kind) in a friendly manner. The key is shaped like a gold-colored triangular prism with the triangular structure having a notch in the middle of each side. I discover that I had been (apparently absentmindedly) holding a remote lock, or rather a lock that activates something from a fair distance with some sort of radio signal when activated with the key. It apparently allows access to a room of the garage when unlocked, the garage being about a block or two away and more of a rural surrounding. The lock looks a lot like a Toblerone container in size and dimensions (triangular prism chocolate bar). It is of a higher technology yet seems somewhat mystical in association. As the man walks away, he whistles in a vivid loud manner, so loud that it seems like a louder hypnopompic sound pulse. I wake fairly quickly wondering if the sound was actually real and in my immediate environment, but it was not. It was very similar to a faster version of the second (four-note) phrase from “The Other” (1972) whistled theme but with the first two notes seeming of the same pitch. I am wondering who the person was and what was going on. He seemed cheerful and helpful (seeming to demand my attention) but nothing happens after that. It almost seemed like he whistled that way to wake me up from my dream, which in fact is what actually happened, so I did not have the opportunity to explore the garage although I did insert the triangular-prism-key into the lock and was aware that it was then sending a remote signal to open a door somewhere.

      In an earlier dream, I was living with my family in a large, unusual apartment (on at least the fourth floor), apparently in a larger city. In the most vivid part of my dream, a large flock of birds seems to be “invading” the area. They seem like some sort of stork, but of a smaller size. They get in through a couple vents, but not through any windows. I am aware that they are leaving a mess, droppings all over the floor, somewhat (four-leaf) clover-shaped, which become almost like a design in the tiles of the floor, almost integrating with the other patterns. They fly around filling nearly the entire apartment (near ceiling level). I ponder on how long it will take to clean the floor. There are other issues as well, but not as unusual or dramatic. The birds do not pose a direct threat but are noisy and messy and it seems strange that they do not prefer being outside in the open sky. At an earlier point, there was a minor association with the “Victoria Rose” character from years ago. This was an attractive witch who rode a closed umbrella like the standard witch’s broom. In this case, it seems to be my wife. There is also a generic Igor-like character (by pop culture myth), somewhat like Peter Lorre.
    6. A Plane Going Down

      by , 01-14-2013 at 08:28 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      A Plane Going Down

      I was on a yellow air plane. It had gaping holes as though large doors and windows were missing. It was as though we were in a huge, plastic, childs toy plane that was really flying.

      There were a couple other people in the plane. The pilot was flying low, and going lower. The terrain was mountainous and jagged. The pilot was now flying along the inside face of one of the mountains. Then the pilot said, "I'm going to get out" or something like that.

      A passenger objected, then the pilot explained how everyone would be fine. "All you have to do is go like this" and he flew close to a ledge and skid on his but along a smooth, flat ridge.

      I ended up getting out in a similar fashion, but I was just all of a sudden outside. Then I was busy trying to keep wild dogs away. (I saw several dogs IWL yesterday) I somehow obtained a chain with something on the end which I used to protect myself from the dogs.

      Then I saw a woman that had another chain weapon thing, and I wanted it. The woman was an extremely attractive cinnamon girl with dark hair up in a bun. She was wearing a white bath robe. I walked up to her and held her in my arms and said what she was thinking, "When will this stop happening?"

      Then there was a dog in front of me. I took the chain with the weight on the end and swung it. It wrapped around the dogs mouth.

      Then there was a scene with my son , my keys, and I was trying to get the keys or show him where they were for him to pick them up. There was a dog there and we needed the keys. I tried to get the keys with my chain thing. Then I woke up.
      non-lucid , memorable
    7. highlighted text and human sacrifice

      by , 08-12-2011 at 11:50 AM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      There was some kind of temple, which almost looked like an indoor sports arena. There seemed to be a huge crowd of people all around, with pale, cold, white spotlights on the center of the arena.

      There was an altar, which was like a stone cube jutting up from the floor. The altar was burning hot and blackened with heat and smoke. A person was chained on the altar. The person's legs were chained from above, so that the legs were lifted a couple of inches above the rest of the body. The arms were possibly chained to the side of the person's body. The person may also have had some kind of blackened blanket over the torso and upper legs.

      The person being burnt on the altar wasn't just being burnt as part of some religious ritual. The person knew or did something against some powerful people. So the person was being ritually murdered. I may also have thought that something I had done had angered the powerful people. So when they sacrificed the person, it was to punish me. And the person who got sacrificed would know this as well as I did.

      I saw a few white pieces or paper or white screens with black writing on them. The black writing was broken up by occasional words printed in orange lettering. The highlighted words were probably one recurrent word. The recurrent word seemed really important to me. (So of course I've forgotten it now.)

      I saw the altar again. This time I got a good glimpse of the person chained on the altar. He looked like a black-Hispanic man with lightish brown skin. He was kind of muscular. He had "tribal"-style tattoos on his shoulders and arms and, maybe, his chest. He seemed to be writhing in pain. Parts of his body were already blackened by being on the altar -- from either the heat or the smoke.

      I followed the priest from the altar to some other spot on the stage. The priest may have been a man very much like the man being sacrificed. He may also have been a wizard-like figure, with a long beard and dressed in a long, black or brown robe with a huge hood.

      I looked to the altar again. There was now an Asian woman on the altar. She was naked, except for the blanket over her. Her uncharred skin was pale. But she was mostly charred or smoke-blackened. She seemed to be in a great deal of pain. She was sweating a lot and writhing around a lot, trying to get out of the heavy chains.
    8. Lego Controlled Optimus Prime

      by , 07-26-2011 at 08:45 AM
      I knew I was dreaming the whole time.

      I was driving down the highway when I saw Optimus Prime standing on a corner. I also saw a Exec of Lego trying to control Prime. He was controlling Prime and I didn't want to see a evil Optimus Prime.

      So I drove to the corner and started to fight Optimus the Executive was as big as Optimus and so was I fighting him with a staff and Optimus had a chain. My staff was had a pointy tip at the top and it came of into a chain and I wrapped it around Optimus' neck.

      The Exec gave him some kind of juice like a spray and it turned Prime red. He got really powerful but I maneged to stop him.

      I went through this atleast 4 times because I like the fight.

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    9. Lucid Dream Chain

      by , 01-31-2011 at 06:27 PM
      Hi Guys.
      I just started to write my DreamJournal right now because i experienced something completely new this night.
      I think actually it has been my next step in lucid dreaming...
      Last week i got a quite similiar experience!
      So lets start:
      Iam reading much about Wild and all the other methods of achieving Lucidity .
      Since then ive been starting to concentrate on my state of mind and to repeat the sentence " Am i dreaming right now?" as soon as iam trying to sleep
      I mean as soon as iam trying to lucid dream!
      The dream started at a huge Soccer Hall. The game which has been played is a combination of soccer and volleyball.
      I was going to participate at this game. After a while running around and living this at some parts more or less obvious dream...
      I came into a second dream. You have to know that this first dream had been very long and that I somehow ( even that I didnt write my DreamJournal the last few weeks) remembered incredible much. In general i remembered four dreams. Two of them lucid.
      Because i havent been lucid in this first dream iam gonna skip further information.
      The second dream began when i was driving in a car with 2 friends through a dark forest.
      After some time driving a guy occured on the left side of the street.
      A small axe was sticking in his body and he was looking quite badly hurt.
      I told my friend that he should hit the gas pedal and "fuckin" drive away!
      "This is insane!" i said and watched the event happen.
      He said that he would like to see what happened and help this guy.
      he slowed down and this guy came closer.
      After some seconds he almost reached our car.
      By coming closer we recognized that something has to be wrong with this fella...
      and it looked like he must be a zombie or something similiar.
      The driver now startet to get intimidated but it was to late...
      The guy reached the car and stopped it somehow!
      His skin turned green and he grew immense some moments later.
      I started to feel strong fear!
      He opened the door with the intension to get to us.
      He was not speaking nothing just breathing and coming closer!
      In this moment i realized that this cant be real and that i must be dreaming.
      I thought " Dont fear anything - its your world your rules your dream".
      Accept the fact and just let this moment happen!
      By realizing this great truth he touched me and probably killed me and i would have been waking up.
      Fact is that my mind state of awareness changed this completely.
      I moved into one of those beeings and now knew that i was dreaming.
      I changed myself into a human beeing again and started to walk down the road.
      I watched my Hands and tried to feel the whole Dimension around me telling myself that iam dreaming and that
      i should keep cool all the time - just realx! dont get stressed! dont lose your control!
      So i kept moving and now i started to look around me to identify the obstacles and buildings around me.
      I noticed that they were build from my memories.
      In germany we got this one shop called Edeka but in my dream it has been called edeko...
      Just an example for the little tiny differences to the "Reallity".
      I tried to fly - like i always do and it worked quite well at the beginning.
      Like usually after soem moments my old problem occured that i had to start to swim to fly... I dont like that Boundary but ive got to break through the next days!
      So now i thought about creating the reallity around me and came down to the ground.
      I thought about a huge mountain with rocks and a great landscape.
      I saw how this reality started to rise up around me.
      It was awesome!
      Somehow without any of my creative intension water began to fill the area around me.
      So much water that i was not able to keep standing where ive been.
      I got to jump up on a rock not to get into the water.
      I thought "hey dude - this is your dream keep the water away!"
      but it was impossible. Hitting this rock with my hands created a really bad pain and i was wondering about it cause it has been in my dream and i was conscious about it.
      Finally before the water reached me i jumped up to fly away.
      Like i told you before it didnt work... so i "swam" some metres up in the air and fell down into the water.
      Shortly before hitting the water i realized that i should wake up by falling there. Like i always did in my dream experience before.
      So this time i kept lucid and conscoius and hit the water.
      Instead of waking up i entered a new dream starting in a Bathroom in a bathtube arising out of the water.
      It started quite similiar to this last dream cause i was pretty scared and i got the same fear based feeling in the beginning.
      After some thoughts i got me fearless again and stepped out.It was completely dark and i left the room.
      There i met a good female friend of mine and we started to have sex ^^ - i was lucid and horny so ... iam not sorry for that.
      It was great . Some minutes passed and i met another friend. Talking relaxing and beeing.
      Another non lucid dream followed.
      I dont care about this one right here right now.
      I am not able to show in english how presize this dream has been.
      It was incredible.
      So much detail and such a long state of beeing lucid over more than one dream.
      An awesome experience for me.
      It was some kind oft mixture of WILD and DILD.
      Cause i got this "hallucinations" fore 1 hour in the sleep paralysis state and woke up after them feeling like i slept but thinking that i was awake.
      Then the lucid dream chain started and ihave been lucid for quite a long time experiencing many new things of lucidity.
      Thats all i got to say about it.
      If somebody got quite similiar chain dreamings please let me know and tell me what you have experienced.
      Blessings Chris
    10. Fang-masked girl

      by , 01-17-2011 at 02:44 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      A few people, possibly all young women, were in a room like a college dormitory. They may have been fighting against something or preparing for some fight. One girl in particular was bringing her power up to a very high level. But at some point she may have made herself stop. She had to bring her power level down because it was causing troubles in some other place.

      Now, in a room like a common area in a college dormitory, a girl sat with her back to another girl, who stood. The two girls were next to a big window which revealed the night sky. The seated girl asked the standing girl to go away. The seated girl said she couldn't be trusted around the standing girl for a while.

      The seated girl had a mask on her face. The mask had two wide, dark slots for the eyes and a wide, creepy grin for the mouth. Silvery fangs grew out of the grin as the seated girl spoke. The dream had all looked like real life up until this point. But after this point, it may have begun to look like an anime.

      I came to understand that the fighting power the girl in the room had had to subdue in herself also drew out powers in other people. The seated girl was having a kind of evil, vampiric power drawn out in her. She wouldn't be able to control it if it got too strong. The "mask" on the girl's face was actually a manifestation of her own spirit, this power within her.

      By means of a shiny, metallic cuff, the seated girl chained herself to a nearby coffee table (?) to prevent her from getting loose and running wild. At some point I came to understand that a lot of the girls in this college had magic powers and that part of the reason they were here was to train.

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    11. 01/4/11: Mirror and chaos

      by , 01-04-2011 at 10:53 PM
      I can't sleep, it's 4 in the morning. I try to lay still, barely moving anything until I can't feel my hands, just to get at peace. I fall asleep after a long struggle. At some point I find out I'm dreaming with no specific RC. I drop to the floor to stabilize. I control minor things, like the size and shape of objects. My limbs start growing weird deformations on the skin, but they don't bother me that much. Much later, the deformations have turned into dead skin flaking off. I walk around talking not really doing much. I pass a mirror for the first time and look at my horrible, deformed face for a second. It wasn't that scary in the dream, but when I woke up, I realized it was the scariest thing I had ever experienced. I have some semi-lucidity. I wake up many times during the night. I can't remember not dreaming at any moment during these 4 hours. The alarm wakes me up, I ignore it, not feeling well enough to go to school. My entire family oversleeps and my dad wakes me up to tell me. I tell him I won't be going to school today. I go back to sleep and have weird, lucid dreams. I wake up feeling scared and depressed, shaking, afraid to move. I watch some Family Guy to get back to reality

      I go back to sleep later, and I wake up. Over and over. I can't believe I have slept this long, it won't pay off when I go to bed later. Anyway, I am still sleepy, and my cat jumps up in my bed. I feel safer with company I decide to have a quick, lucid dream. I do, and I have a notion that I need to find a woman. I follow where I "know" she is going through my house. Then I am distracted as I gain lucidity again. I start walking towards my room. The closer I get to the open door with the lights on (I left them on as I went to sleep), the more my vision starts to flicker and flash in white. Everything starts shaking. I stand in the door, watching the empty bed (because no, it is impossible to enter the physical world from a dream, you can't find your true self in a dream). By my bed is a skull made of clay. This scares the crap out of me for some reason. I wake up, but I can't open my eyes. I try to calm down, it doesn't work. I try to force them open with my fingers; impossible. I sit up. I can somehow "see", even though my eyes are closed, and all I visually see is darkness. I try to figure out what to do as I suddenly wake up for real with a fast inhale. My cat is still sleeping on me. I am a little shaky. Unpleasant once again, and I am officially afraid of mirrors.
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      lucid , nightmare