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    1. 131015: Cool guy Keeping Cats Dry.

      by , 10-13-2015 at 08:56 AM (The Dream Journal)
      A very vague night of dreams. Tried WBTB, faded in and out of a light sleep.

      Vague image of a X-Files episode set in Australia, in the dusty outback. Mulder by the back of an open trunk of a jeep?

      Dream 1
      Rainy rivers form on the slanted hill of asphalt outside an industrial hall, the sun is rising behind the trees lower down, the sky is a purple-orange. I try to get a large stagnant puddle moving down the hill with my feet, kicking water to the left and then down the small trickle of a river. It's not very efficient. I think Batman comes up, am I working for him?

      A group of feral cats come up by the puddles, they are thin and weird looking like the Devon Rex breed. I look at one, a bit confused. At least I'm getting rid of the water, it won't bother these cats anymore.

      I'm walking down a narrow and dark shopping mall hallway, there is a restaurant to the right. A mother and daughter exit the place and pass right in front of me with trays of noodle soup. Looks good.

      I enter the well-lit central Metro station. It's like I'm back in high school, there are young kids around forming cliques. There are some mean girls sitting by a group of desks in front of a chalkboard right in the middle of the metro station. They are talking about a picture on the back page of a newspaper,it's a risque picture of one of the unpopular girls in white lingerie posing for an ad? as they laugh I'm acting indifferent and cool. I try to give the impression that I don't care for this kind of high school stuff, I walk away in a plaid shirt like the badass cool kid, feeling really tough.
    2. 240915: A new amusement park ride, stand up to a gang, labyrinth McDonald's.

      by , 09-24-2015 at 07:05 AM (The Dream Journal)

      I see a line for a new amusement park ride, it's a grey day. The ride looks like a shifting, neon pink floor. It shifts to the sides and people have to balance as they walk through. It looks like it would be bad for my knees. I see a creepy, middle-aged guy in the line among all the kids. Is he a predator? People swarm around him and he reluctantly walks away.

      A vague memory of being told, or maybe just realizing; this is your dream character you must remember. (!)

      I'm enter a bookstore in a modern shopping mall. I'm waiting for a friend to finish looking through the books by a shelf on the wall. It's as if the mob is now here and has singled out a guy I know from school claiming he stole a book, it's even a book he already owns apparently. He is angry and yells he did nothing. The gang hones in with a sense of righteous indignation. I try to pull them off, this is not the way to handle this. I'm scared of being swept up in the fury.

      Suddenly outside the bookstore in the hall of the mall, the guy pulls out the book and shows he paid for it, the sales rack outside has the right price on it. People drift away shamefully. I know they blamed him only based on how he looks, very rough and tumble. A guy who was in the mob who I tired to stop awkwardly tries to start small talk by a sales shelf, says everyone's a but hungover today. I just nod and say "yeah".

      Back in the bookstore, I wait for my friend again. I see a man dressed in an elaborate steampunk style. I see some old Penguin classics on sale, 3 for 1.

      With another friend I walk away from the store down the halls of the mall. I mention the books I bought and I offer to give her one. She says she would rather have a 10 gift card to somewhere. We enter an elevator and as we press the button to go to the top floor the elevator goes so fast that everything shifts and smears. The doors open and there is only an overflowing trash can with a McDonald's employee trying to empty it. The doors close and we go down a floor. The elevator opens again and we see the same scene. Immediately there is a weird sense, how can this be? We turn to each other and then turn back and see that we are on a new floor, the trash can and employee (who was looking very stern) are gone. Weirdness. We get off to try to get into the restaurant proper.