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    1. Listened to the audio from an episode of X Files while Lucid.

      by , 09-24-2016 at 09:39 AM
      So, outside of the dream, I should clarify that I was taking a nap while my dad watched X-Files on Netflix in the other room, and I could hear the audio in my room.

      Anyhow, the dream started with me as Ant- Man and I was breaking into a building by sneaking in through a sink, and then a doctor was trying to grab me in the sink, and I'm moving around in the sink, the inside of which looks like a smaller model of the bathroom. I then exit through a side drain and enter another room, which looks like a small office, and then the dream shifts to me being outside and I am talking about the job I just did.

      I then find myself in my house, and I can hear the audio of the episode of Xfiles my dad is watching, for reference it's the episode "Elegy," the audio from which I could clearly hear and make out in the dream while I was walking around my house in the dream. I had never seen the episode before so that proves that I really was hearing the audio from the episode in the dream since I was able to recall lines from the episode. Anyhow, hearing the audio I realize that I am dreaming and I go to the back room of my house where there is a large window with a view, it's become a habbit for me to look out this window when I go lucid because I usually see these amazing landscapes. As I approached the window, I could see green and I realized that the landscape was really neat this time. I look out and I see the city, but it's surrounded by a massive forest of redwood trees. I look around and the city is filled with these giant trees. I'm really impressed with how detailed it really is, and I leave the room to go to my dad's bedroom where I see him laying down watching a screen floating in midair, but I can still hear the episode of Xfiles playing and in the dream he's watching a completely different show. I concentrate at this point and can clearly hear the audio from the episode, which makes me want to listen to podcasts and whatnot more often when I sleep.

      I then leave my house, and see a vacuum cleaner outside. I grab on to the handle, and find that I can ride it like a scooter as it propels me forward. I decide to explore more of my dream on this extremely fast vacuum cleaner, and I visit my middle school. It's around this point I wake up from my nap.
    2. 11 Apr: Spooky beings

      by , 04-11-2016 at 10:25 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      I'm accompanying Mulder & Scully to a retirement home, to investigate a phenomenon. The old people here don't die and have miraculous cures and they argue it's because of some beings from anoother dimension that cares for them.
      As we are talking to people, one of the gentleman is accidentally electrocuted and we try to help him with CPR without success. But his friends are not worried at all. Soon he regains his colours and he is breathing and opening his eyes.
      I then see what seems to be humanoid figures like shadows on the wall, all around us. The old ladies notice my surprise, they say they are real, they see them too. They are the supposed healers.
      Later we visit a community of people, like a religious cult, not clear what they are but they like to be nude sometimes and at the same time live like very conservative religious people. They also claim to have the same visitors looking over them and keeping them young and healthy, which they see as angels.
      As we're there, a new couple arrives, supposedly to be accepted in the community, but after their arrival, chaos ensues as they turn out to be attackers. They start shooting and making a mess, until they finally isolate and pursue a little boy who runs away. They chase him, I chase them. They shoot at me, they eventually run out of bullets and I catch them and we fight. I win.
    3. After a long break... 101215: The Bank Teller, Cheesecake for All, Meeting Duchovny

      by , 12-10-2015 at 10:02 PM (The Dream Journal)
      I'm in a bank, dark outside the windows, small lamps on the wooden teller desks. There is only myself and one teller. She is a young, attractive blonde woman in very nice business clothes. I don't think she is a teller at all, someone a little higher in management. I ask what my balance is on my account and she says 6000. I'm totally amazed, how did I get so much? After she says that she begins to flirt with me. Is it only because of the money I have that she is showing this interest? Despite thinking this, I feel good that she is showing interest in me. She puts her arms around my neck and begins to stroke the back of my neck.

      I'm in the middle of the city and night. It might just be the evening though, it is dark. Orange street lights illuminate the old roads and tall buildings on either side. I see a friend of mine and she says she has hooked up her electricity to an older system and if I could add something to it. I look at it, it looks like wires everywhere. I try to adjust one and the light begin to flicker. I push the wire a little more until the power comes back. The whole system is really sensitive. She says her boyfriend is getting them a new cable card so they can hook up the electricity better.

      I go to a old-timey bakery. There are lots of cakes on sale in the sale windows under the counter. I see they are selling the last ones of the day. I say I'll take them all. Back at my friends place, I see my sister and some other friends. I tell them that everyone can have cake, I feel good that I'm able to offer everyone cake. Everyone smiles and is ready for a piece.

      I go and pick up the cakes. Back at the bakery I tell them I bought them and I'm going to pick them up. They say they don't have them anymore. I'm surprised, how is this possible? They say I shouldn't have just left the cakes here. I angrily take out a receipt and say that I arranged to pick them up later. They apologize and give me the cakes and the loafs of bread I reserved. The loaves look like large rocks, I see they have baked dried tomatoes and olives into them.

      I'm back in the gas station doing a night shift. It's toward the end, the morning has come but it is still pitch black outside. I've been talking to the other employee all night and I feel guilty that I didn't do everything I was supposed to do. It's been a while. As I start to do my neglected jobs I see David Duchovny. I'm shocked. I can't believe it! Why is he here? I run to the other counter and say I have to take a break, ijust have to. I go downstairs into the locker room and pull a piece of thin cardboard. I need his autograph. I run upstairs and I see he has entered with Gillain Anderson and another man. I'm starstruck, I can barely blurt out "I love the X-files can I have your autograph?". Duchovny says he doesn't always want to be remembered as Mulder. I feel bad about it but I want to tell him what kind of massive effect the show had on me and how important it was and is still. I see a large line forming and I have to go take care of the line and I ask him if he and Gillian Anderson can sign my little ripped up piece of cardboard.

      I go to the cash register. There is a large line and people are being rude, looking at me meanly. Some people are cutting in line and this aggravates me.
      Tags: bank, bread, cake, x-files
    4. 251115: The Junkyard, Hot Air Balloon Giant, The Room

      by , 11-25-2015 at 08:44 PM (The Dream Journal)
      I'm in a junkyard, it's small and has a few shipping containers, some junk around. The ground is moist and muddy. I walk through it and see the edge of the small woods to the end of it, sun trickles through the branches and I see a new round being built. A teacher of mine comes around, says hi and wonders what I'm doing here. (Was I looking for him, hoping to bump into him?) I lie and say I was just passing through, as not to creep him out.

      I see in the junk to my right a bunch of old X-Files DVD boxes and other merchandise, at least seasons 3 and 4, the best ones. I collect them up, what a find! I see clips of the upcoming season in my mind, I see agent Reyes. it's as if watching these is preparation for the new season. I see what look like promo clips. I try to find a website or a place to see the whole plot of the X-files game as well, haven't played the one for PS2.

      Grandparent's old house, I look into the cupboard by the door, see the X-files things there with the Christmas decorations, there is a finality to it, as if seeing it for the last time.

      I'm in the parking lot of my grandparent's old house, there is some kind of event, lots of people there and a stage. On stage there is a family, a husband and wife with two children performing. The husband is hitting his leg with a small drum stick with a fluffy head to make a beat, I follow suit.

      I look at the lawn, it's a summer day, and I see beyond the trees a giant woman, young, in her mid twenties in a red sweater. Her movements are like those of a hot air balloon, kind of has that appearance, otherworldy. Her giant boyfriend comes and hugs her and they lumber off walking over me as I look up.

      I pass some playing kids and begin to run into the dark forest on all fours, at first I think it's weird but it works really well, feels natural. I go amazingly fast.

      In a room, the light overhead is orangey and overbearing. It's like a children's room. I'm trapped in it with a man and a woman who are also prisoner. I wait for our captor to return. I lose all hope and somehow it gives me strength. Resolving that I will risk dying to escape, I prepare to rush my captor, in my mind I whisper "I am now free".
    5. 011115: X-Files on VHS, Jurassic Park Mayhem, Eating Canned People

      by , 11-01-2015 at 10:22 AM (The Dream Journal)
      Dream 1: X-Files Taped on VHS
      The first episode of the new season of X-Files is on. I try to get to the living room of the old apartment from my childhood but I'm somehow stuck in my old bunk bed. It's dark outside. I'm missing it! Somehow I get up and I see that my mom is watching it on VHS, she taped it. I see the episode, it's in amazingly high quality, no distortion to speak of. I look at the VHS player, it's pretty new. That must be the reason. Mulder by the edge of a forest at night. I try to rewind it to the beginning but my mom says she wants to watch it to the end since she started. Using the rewind and fast forward features are hard. It goes back but then forward all of a sudden. It starts to speed forward out of control, what am I going to do? I try to stop it but it stops in a stomach-lurching crash, that sounded like it wasn't good for the tape. Now I can see distortions in the tape as it plays back. Now since I've seen the whole video is rewind it's like I've seen the episode and there are no surprises anymore.

      Dream 2: Dinosaurs on the Loose in Jurassic Park
      I'm in Jurassic park, it's been renewed and looks new like in the Jurassic World movies. I'm in an area that looks like a modern airport terminal, lots of windows. Outside where one would usually see the tarmac of the runway there is thick jungle, the sky is dark like a storm is brewing. There seems to be some problem, an emergency and staff try to cram people out into a safer area. There is however a group of rich tourists who refuse to move, having paid a great deal to get to the park. A fat tourist guide like Dennis Nedry sides with the rich tourists and tries to come up with a tour on the spot. As they start to get together to move I see dinosaurs outside are getting agitated, the sky is getting darker than it was, lighting is striking making the dinosaurs even more upset. Nedry says that usually they let tourists take pictures during thunderstorms, the pictures are way more impressive. He can't give an answer as to why the rest of the staff doesn't want them to now.

      The dinosaurs rush the terminal. Pandemonium breaks out. People are running around, dinosaurs are running down the halls. I first try to run to one end of the terminal but Nedry yells that there's a T-Rex there. I run in the opposite direction. I see large dinosaurs running down the hall that looks like the malls that can be found in many airports. Some of the dinosaurs are still skeletons, running down with massive amounts of energy. Where am I going to go?

      I run into the women's bathroom, I hope no one is in there. It's a cramped toilet, my head almost hits the ceiling and my shoulders scrape on the metal walls of the stalls. I run into one stall to hide, maybe I'll be safe here. I try to duck down so women who enter the bathroom won't see I'm here. I see Jerry Seinfeld in the stall in front of mine, the walls of the stalls are so low I can see over them. Another guy enters, I wasn't the only one to have this idea. The bathroom is so claustrophobic and cramped I begin thinking that being outside is the better option.

      I'm in a dark room, trying to remember a dream. I start writing it into my journal?!

      Dream 3: Performing with Friends
      I'm in a small venue, it's dark and windowless like a basement. I'm going to perform with two of my friends. There are a lot of bands lined up to play before and after us. I talk to a woman about getting her bass amp working. It's a "virtual" amp and can be used as a program or as a holographic projection, I pull the amp out of thin air. (???) After some talk with my friend about what we are going to play and talking to some of the patrons we get up on stage. We start to play and it's going really well, really getting into the vibe of it, we get a a good beat going. I play a solo that goes really well, but gets a little crummy to the end. After the first song I realize my guitar isn't plugged in. I try to put it into the amp behind me. As I try to play there is some kind of distortion like a song is playing in the amp that isn't in synch with the song we are playing. Is is radio distortion. I see on the face of the amp that a video image is playing like a TV, how do I turn this off? I ask my friend who is in front of me and we try to pluig my guitar into the other amp. It also is playing the same TV program on the face of the amp, two people walking in a yellow field on a grey day like a documentary on rural life in the UK.

      After our set I see that one band made of girls has drawn little cute female characters in colored pencil on paper, it's on the table. Someone submerges the paper into water for the effect of the characters swimming in the water, they shine. This angers the band, the drawing is ruined. I think it looks pretty cool.

      Dream 4: Eating Canned People
      I'm a a friend's place. She is there with her husband and oldest son. I'm playing withe kid as the two of them are sitting on the sofa by the window of the balcony. (not its usual place). She talks to me about the stuff I'm learning, maintenance and fixing things. She and her husband start fighting when he mentions that learning to fix things is useless since everything breaks at some point anyway. I try to remove some of the pressure of the argument by saying that it's precisely that things break that I want to learn how to fix them. Despite this, my friend is still angry with him.

      On a sofa across from them, I take out a small can that has a person inside. It looks like a sardine can and I ask their son if he's interested in trying some. The person is small and smooshed into the can, the head and face take a lot of room, and the face is all messed up. I pull out a piece, and despite my trepidation about eating something I've never tried, I try the piece I tore off, just to show a good example to the kid. It's always good to try new things. He looks nervous but takes a piece anyway. I begin to wonder, isn't cannibalism taboo?

      I go outside to check on my motorbike, it's cold, dark and snow is on the ground. It looks like where my grandparents lived up north. The bike was my grandfather's from the war. When I get to it I see it has been stripped for parts, the motor stolen. The saddle, like a bicycle's, is balanced on the top of the frame. I'm really angry and sad, how did this happen? It wasn't out for a very long time. How am I going to break the news to my grandfather, I'm sure I locked it. I'm about to go inside but I'm scared to break the news to him.

      I pace outside, now I can't even leave this place, that bike was my only way out of here. I'm really upset about the whole thing. I wake up feeling some relief.
    6. 131015: Cool guy Keeping Cats Dry.

      by , 10-13-2015 at 08:56 AM (The Dream Journal)
      A very vague night of dreams. Tried WBTB, faded in and out of a light sleep.

      Vague image of a X-Files episode set in Australia, in the dusty outback. Mulder by the back of an open trunk of a jeep?

      Dream 1
      Rainy rivers form on the slanted hill of asphalt outside an industrial hall, the sun is rising behind the trees lower down, the sky is a purple-orange. I try to get a large stagnant puddle moving down the hill with my feet, kicking water to the left and then down the small trickle of a river. It's not very efficient. I think Batman comes up, am I working for him?

      A group of feral cats come up by the puddles, they are thin and weird looking like the Devon Rex breed. I look at one, a bit confused. At least I'm getting rid of the water, it won't bother these cats anymore.

      I'm walking down a narrow and dark shopping mall hallway, there is a restaurant to the right. A mother and daughter exit the place and pass right in front of me with trays of noodle soup. Looks good.

      I enter the well-lit central Metro station. It's like I'm back in high school, there are young kids around forming cliques. There are some mean girls sitting by a group of desks in front of a chalkboard right in the middle of the metro station. They are talking about a picture on the back page of a newspaper,it's a risque picture of one of the unpopular girls in white lingerie posing for an ad? as they laugh I'm acting indifferent and cool. I try to give the impression that I don't care for this kind of high school stuff, I walk away in a plaid shirt like the badass cool kid, feeling really tough.
    7. 041015: New X-files episodes, running in slush, getting caught snooping.

      by , 10-04-2015 at 08:07 AM (The Dream Journal)
      A fragment: In some kind of large living room, grey daylight streaming in from windows to the left Talking about a menstruation article I read yesterday (IRL), I find the science very interesting and go into it in length. People look at me a bit dazed, I feel self-conscious. Is this a weird thing to talk about? I see my sister and her old friend. Is her friend floating about?

      I'm watching an episode of the new X-files. I see mixed shots of Mulder and Scully, they look noticeably older now. It cuts to a scene where an older Scully is sitting at the desk in the X-files office talking to a naval officer that looks like a younger version of herself to her left. It's as if she is giving her advice about how to investigate cases. The older Scully shows a odd, jellyfish-shaped type of foam thing behind her. It pulses softly like the way a jellyfish moves upward in the water. It is made of a white, porous cloth with small streaks of light green and red on it. She say if she gets stressed out she uses this machine to calm down.

      After a few vague blurry scenes, I suddenly get up from the TV, I'm in my family's old apartment. It's dark outside, a lamp glares brightly in a corner. I get up and start running. It's winter, the sun is right about to set, orange in the sky. The streets are covered in slush and snow as I run barefoot. I look down as I run, why isn't it cold? I then start thinking why I'm running in the first place, I'm going to miss the X-files episode! I turn back and run on a forested path. It's dark and gloomy there. It's like the sun has set.

      I pass a middle-aged guy on the narrow path, snow on either side, the path goes up and down along the terrain. I see that to the right the forest begins to thin out and there are buildings there, it reminds me of where my grandparents used to live. I see a large barn like structure with floodlights around it, there is some kind of tape around it to prevent people passing through it, I'm too curious and have to find out what's happening there. I sneak up by a ledge that runs to the left of the barn-like structure. I crawl trying to hide. Looking down I see some foreign construction workers talking. This place has a paranormal vibe, like something I'm not supposed to know is happening. I see two guys turn and walk up a path that goes up to the ledge I'm on, but they turn and walk away from the direction I'm in. I try to stay completely flat and still, maybe they won't turn around, my face is in the cold snow. As they are about to walk away the lights get brighter and one of them turns around and looks right at me. I stay completely still, petrified, perhaps he'll just turn and leave.

      He yells out what I'm doing here. The gig is up. I get up and go down the ramp to the construction area. They scold me, bot severely, just telling me I'm not supposed to be there. A teacher of mine comes up and tells me to follow him, I'm meant to be at the other side of the site. My teacher tells the construction crew that I'm from the other side of the site and tells them I can weld and machine. I nod in agreement, I tell them I can actually help them here, I need to know what's happening here. I begin doing chin-ups on a set of bunk beds. It's surprisingly easy. The rattling it causes gets the top bunk of the three to get slightly out of place. I push it back into place with two other people.

      In an industrial hall, grey daylight from the windows, I see the nice, old machining teacher sitting and talking to a student. The students are messing around after he leaves the table, it's aggravating.
    8. 260915: A weird girl, getting shot by a helicopter, new X-files episodes.

      by , 09-26-2015 at 07:43 AM (The Dream Journal)
      I'm in a fancy department store by the magazine racks. Down the fine wooden spiral staircase I hear some commotion. I see a group of security guards carrying off a bald, young hooligan. He is trashing around a lot and they are having a really hard time getting him out. I see some of his friends around him as well, some girls as well, they all have the same style. I can't help but keep staring at the scene, despite knowing better. They end up having to drag a few other guys from the group away as well. I watch them drag them to the front door that's by the magazine racks and to my left. It's a grey day.

      I see Hannibal Lecter at the magazine racks (the Mads Mikkelson version) and he talks about a dinner party he is going to throw with his psychoanalyst.

      I am on the drive outside a very American looking house in a suburb. It's a blue summer evening. A young woman comes up to me, she seems a bit quircky and spontaneous. She offers me line of cocaine on a wooden coffee table she has on the drive, there is a sofa next to it. Looking a the lines they are made up of mangled letters like they were cut out of a magazine.

      She sits on the sofa, now pretty messed up, laughing. As she goes picks up some beer from a crate to the left I remember (in the dream) that we used to date. How weird.

      On the table there are some cough drops she says will really mess me up. For some reason, I take one. I turn my head to the right and see a bunch of of people dressed like gang members swarm on a house across the road. I panic and I try to usher the woman and her friend into the pickup truck behind us to hide, maybe they won't see us. Inside the truck the women panic, they are on the driver's seat, and try to get out to sneak into the house. I try to follow them but I'm not fast enough to follow, the car door slams and I can hear the gang members surround the truck. I have my hands over my head, telling them not to shoot, I'm in the passenger seat, feeling the tension of the situation bearing down on me. After a while of verbal threatening they let me out, they are all laughing. Outside the car they show me a picture of myself in the passenger seat they had taken, my expression is fearful. I wonder how I can make sure to never end up in a situation like this ever again.

      I'm by a small bridge going over a snowy river in the country. It's a grey day. I'm walking over it with Kelsey Grammer. I sense it's war time. A helicopter is coming right at us and we panic, where to go? My body feels heavy like I can't run or dash anywhere. I follow Kelsey Grammer into the water as he jumps over the bridge, I fear that the water is going to be cold. Underwater I try to swim away, hearing the helicopter shoot at the bridge and hearing rounds entering the water. A few of them hit me, I feel them pass through my arm and body with a sharp pain. A peace comes over me. Did it kill me? I breathe in, I worry about getting water in my lungs but as I slowly breathe in no water comes in. (!) I must be on the surface. I wake up.

      I'm in a diner kind of place in a desert. I meet Mulder and Scully, there are new X-files episodes out. I see some large boxes, like over-sized season boxes, they are black and look fancy. Each has a new episode on it. I pick one up that has a formaldehyde container in it, the episode is called "The Bone King" and the vile has the monster of the episode in it. It's a boney, tough worm. Looking at the boxes I realize that I missed the new episodes when they came out, how is that possible? They apparently came out years ago.

      I hear about an episode that had Eminem as a guest. The episode is the reason he can't make any movie decisions by himself again. Suddenly I'm in the episode and outside the diner. I see agent Reyes. We are to go hunting for a type of monster the locals have been using to make a popular kind of deep-fried nuggets. To a open space to the left of the diner I see lots of the monster walking around, they look like chicken nuggets with legs and a thin tongue coming out. I dash into the herd. I then see one of them that looks different, is he mutated or something? It has many segments to it. It is grabbing people with a tentacle ans swallowing them whole, where they go into a stomach portion to get digested. Agenet Doggett gets swallowed. How will Scully save the day? She shoots the stomach portion, blowing it up.

      Fragments: See the Cigarette Smoking Man outside a dark house at night with rest of the crew, he looks very ghastly and disgusting, must be a spirit form of him. For some reason Doggett has some loyalty to him.

      In a tour bus, I see a picture of Mulder and Scully with Chris Carter. Wait a minute, aren't Mulder and Scully real? Chris Carter is written into my dream (?) as having written the X-files based upon the "real" thing. Mulder talks to Chris Carter, gushing with excitement.