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    1. Demonic Ghost Children And Talking Kitty

      by , 01-17-2015 at 07:30 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      I WBTB at 2:30AM and took 8MG Galantamine and 400MG DMAE. I kept the WBTB brief.

      #399 - DILD - 5:18AM

      I am what I think of as my my moms sister's house, Aunt Paula. I wake up and have to pee. I know I was trying to get lucid but I think I should take care of this. The bathroom has a strange looking toilet made of maroon colored plastic. When I open the lid something breaks and water spills all over the floor. My uncle comes in upset about the mess. He looks over the toilet and says something dismissive and leaves. I am in shock and recall this as a dream sign. I look left past the sink and see a white porcelain toilet has appeared. I become lucid at this, though I still feel the need to pee. I consider it but I now know that it's pointless and don't want to think what might happen if I try.

      I walk back into the main room while I try to recall my goal. I say out loud, "I have a goal." I just can't remember. For some reason I think I wanted to summon some sort of evil magic. No that can't be right. I start to feel mild fear but I keep my emotions in check. However, it doesn't stop the evil from manifesting itself. I see movement around me. There behind red curtains. A child? The curtains part and I see a grotesquely rotted face of a demonic child. I hissed at me then into a wispy ghost and vanishes into vapor. Multiple copies of these demonic ghost children appear all around me but the moment I try to focus on them they turn to vapor and streak around. I keep my emotion level and don't allow this to turn into a nightmare. I'm actually happy this is happening. I haven't had much of a creep factor in a long time. The dream collapses here and I wake into SP.

      I am on my right side and I feel really uncomfortable. My knees are touching in a way that hurts and I am really hot. I try to move but can't. I notice vibrations. I want to wake up so I open my eyes but I see the room too bright and ghostly figures. I wonder if I have even woke up. I consider holding my breath to wake up but I don't want to break the dream just yet. With great effort, I manage to roll over and remove some of the blanket. I feel better but I also notice the vibrations haven't stopped. I doubt that I have actually moved, but the effect was the same. I try opening my eyes again to see if I actually see the room. I can see the moonlight from the window and decide to try moving my hands. There is a ghostly image of me shaking my hands in front of my face. Again I doubt that I am even really seeing my room and as I watch my body releases and I am dumped out of bed. I go blind again and feel my way into the living room noticing what my hands and feet touch with great detail. I pause for a moment and try summoning a woman like in a recent LD, but it doesn't happen and I really don't want to go there anyway.

      I am at the front door now still trying to see but all I get is random images like heavy hypnagogic imagery. I decide that I am trying too hard to see. I relax a bit and forget about the problem. I focus on feeling the detail of the front door as I try to see what I am touching. The images vanish to black, then suddenly, I see. I am looking out the glass storm-door into a version of my front yard. Excited, I quickly rush out. My vision becomes blurry as if I am underwater. I notice it is raining. My yard doesn't end at a street but seems to continue into a wooden area. The closer I get to the edge of the yard the more the dream area seems to stop there until there is a definite cut off into black void. I stop and turn back. There are some unfamiliar cars in the drive way under a carport. My house look unfamiliar. I fall to my hands and knees and feel the grass to stabilize. I try to feel the rain but there is very little sensation. I know I had a goal but I still can't remember. I shout very loud, "I HAVE A GOAL!" I can't think. All I recall is that same summoning-evil-thought. No. Not again. I let that go. After a moment I realize that I am trying too hard again. I relax my mind and body and decide to forget about my goal. I don't worry about losing lucidity here as I feel mentally solid and locked in. I get up and find a car in the spot I was crawling around. Some blue sedan. My vision is still odd as I feel for a door handle. I'm really not keen on going for a drive but if this is all I get I'll go for it. Just as I am about to open the door I see a tiny gray kitten come up to me. It has a tiny meow and sounds like it's in distress or really hungry. I pickup the kitten and say, "Oh poor little kitty. You're hungry aren't you?" I put it up to my chest and chin and give it a little hug. I decide it would be cool to get the cat to talk so I begin talking to it, asking it if it is hungry. It meows but I am persistent and tell it that I want to hear words. Finally, I hear a little girl voice say that it is very hungry. I need to get her inside and feed her.

      Just inside the front door there is an open room with someone in a bed. The light is on and everything is very vivid. Curious I go in with the kitty in my arms. I say in a weak voice, "Who are you?' The figure stirs and seems to wake up. I see her face. She looks like an odd and young version of my dead grandmother (Nanny). I don't want to admit this because I am getting a very strange vibe from her. I recall that normally I am excited when she visits my dreams but something is different here. I say in a much stronger voice, "Who are you?"
      She sits up now, "I am not whole."
      I feel really uncomfortable now, "O... Ok."
      She looks at me intently and asks expectantly, "Who do I look like?"
      I tell her the answer she wants by saying my grandmothers full name.
      The woman stands up and laughs, "Ha ha... yes!"
      I say, "But, you are different." I don't like this woman and try to dismiss her, "Ok. Well, I am going now." I take kitty with me to the kitchen table and sit her down. I decide to treat her more like a human and let her eat here. The strange woman has followed me and sits down in a dining chair. I decide to pay her little attention and let her do whatever. I leave the kitten with her and walk into the kitchen where the cat food bin is. There is some instability here and decide I don't need to actually get the food. I blind summon a the food scoop and make a motion with my hand like I getting cat food. As I walk back to the table I have a small amount of cat food in the scoop. I pour it out on the table and kitty starts to eat ravenously. I notice she is having a hard time biting the hard food and I say something to the woman about this. When I look at her, her face has changed again. She still looks like a version of my grandmother but has become younger and very pretty. I being to have some arousal but think this is way too weird to have any sort of fun with her. I look back kitty and she quickly runs under the table as if she is now afraid. I comment about her strange behavior as I wake up.
    2. Aimless Wanderings

      by , 05-26-2013 at 02:15 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      I totally blew past my WBTB and woke up at around 5:30AM. I decided it was too late for a real WBTB so I focused on WILD. I guess I was too sleepy to be successful but something stuck because around an hour and fifteen minutes later I have two strange in dream DEILDs.

      #187 - 6:45AM - DEILD?

      I have false awakening but think I am really awake. I feel sort of like I am in sleep paralysis but I have no vibrations. I begin visualizing getting out of bed and I feel like I am really making a transition. I am aware of both my physical body and my dream body. I am on my right side and I continuously try throwing my legs over side and scooting out of bed but it's like my upper body weighs a thousand pounds and won't move. Finally I begin visualizing walking and soon it feels real.

      Suddenly I get vision and I can see that I am standing on my front porch facing the morning sun. There is a beautiful jungle scene in front of me that is hard to describe. I see dense green foliage and trees but they look trimmed. There is like a type of tree limb ceiling above me and the sun on the horizon is peeking through. I pause and look at the vivid surreal colors before continuing. I realize that I have no lucid task in mind so I decide to just go exploring.

      As I walk forward I notice that my vision is cut to 14:9 like on a wide-screen tv. For some reason I know that my vision will come in full once I leave the jungle and enter the full sunlight. There is some brief blindness as it does so and I stare at the sun. There is something odd about the sun. Shape... color... I don't remember. I look away and see several daytime moons in different phases clustered together in the pale blue sky. Most of them look waning crescent but one or two look last quarter and waning gibbous. I count them. 1,2,3,4,5. Wow 5 moons. I must be on another planet! I think about flying to one but they are so faint and pail that I worry I'll just get lost up there. I see another lone waning crescent making 6 moons, but seems to be in flux. It's not quite sure if its full moon or not. Suddenly, I realize I am conscientiously doing this so I leave it.

      I turn around and see 20th street. I walk out into the empty street and as soon as I do I see something like a blue Prowler coming toward me. I stand my ground to let it hit me. There is a slight bump but it passes right through. I play with several other cars like this. I wonder if I can plant my feet on the grill of one and carjack like I did in a previous lucid but they all continue to be phantoms. Or perhaps I am the phantom. For some reason each car makes me levitate a little. I float around a bit and have a possible false memory of having a lucid earlier in the night. I remember having trouble flying and was swim flying with little success.

      I get tired of playing in the traffic and notice that there is an empty lot with several storage trailers on the other side of the road. I decide to see what is inside them. But on my way over there I see that strange woman that I saw when we went grocery shopping in waking life. She is crossing the street the other way on a bike, eying me suspiciously. I rush over to her and for whatever reason I call her a few derogatory words. I pull her off the bike and pop open her blouse. "Yeah let me see some black titty!" Before anything else happens the scene fades.

      I am fooled by another false awakening. I get up and do something. I'm not sure. My wife says something to me and I tell her I had that I just had a lucid dream. "So." was her only response.
      "Whatever I'll just do it again." I lay back down and feel like that I can OBE on the spot at anytime. I relax and get back into the same SP transitional stage that I was in previously.

      After a few moments I am fully lucid and heading back out the front door. This time I decide to go around to the back. I realize that I haven't messed around the alley too much in my OBE's. I do just that.

      When I get there the sky is dark and the alley is much different than waking life. The neighbor's house looks like some saloon from Red Dead Redemption and the area reminds me of familiar dream location. I make my way up some exterior stairs onto a balcony, then around to the front side and in the house through an exterior door. There is a long dark hallway in front of me. I just continue on in the total darkness trying to see. I think they must still be a sleep so the lights are just off. In a second I see an open door to a bedroom. The sun is coming in the windows and the room is brightly lit. The flooring is pristine natural colored hardwood. The only piece of furniture in the room is a large bed with a cream colored comforter. There are two lumps under the blankets. I don't want to do anything too weird here (like the last segment) so I run and jump in between them on the bed. I wanted to shock and scare them as a prank but as soon as I hit the bed
      I have yet another false awakening. Before I can make anything of it, I wake for real.
    3. A Woman Named Clawed and a Masquerade

      by , 05-26-2011 at 03:06 AM (Torra)

      Updated 11-06-2011 at 02:41 AM by 39215

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