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    1. strange turn of events

      by , 03-18-2018 at 04:13 PM
      Had a weird abstract dream where I had possession over people by using their name. I the world that I inhabited it seem to be common practise.

      Next dream my brother was throwing giant rectangular ninja things at me. I spent a long time traipsing around to evade his attacks. Seemed like woodlands near my parents home.
      In the end it got tragic and I as I told him I didn't want his soul tainted for having murdered me, and that I would take my own life instead. Fair enough, first dream for ages where I haven't resorted to straight forward violence.
    2. Hard to erase

      by , 02-04-2018 at 10:58 AM
      Got lucid and spent some time doing mind control. This evidently shows I feel really powerless in RL as I do this so much.

      Next there was some guy in a rice bowl hat, who I felt really fear and then hatred towards. Some other of my comrades were distracting him. So I shot up into the air super high then plummeted down at supersonic speed, crashing down onto his head.
      He was smacked down into the earth, so only his head and neck stuck out of the ground. I then proceeded to try and kill him by using a giant scissor style sword to cut his head off. Then fire etc but none of these worked and I had a growing fear of his escape and retribution.

    3. Space Home

      by , 09-10-2017 at 07:37 PM
      7 Sept

      Quite vivid last period REM, with me following the storyline actively in both non-lucid and lucid portions, which probably were 50/50. That resulted in more info that I could consciously absorb and later recall. To make things worse, I only wrote down key words. Nevertheless, it still makes good lucid practice and experience.

      The non-lucid portion includes me watching a version of our first home, but from a new floating space home. We now live in this space home, which isn't really a space station, but more of a floating home, yet highly technological and much closer to the ground. There's a few issues with gravity and balancing the whole thing. I move down different floors, encounter witches that sell herbal remedies along the way.

      The dream is constantly transitioning as we end up on ground, exploring ever changing cities and stores. I run into a special girl from Brazil, with whom I seem to have important things to discuss.

      The whole REM seems to be with an elevated awareness but after this portion, I cross over the edge to full lucidity. I spend quite a bit of the time observing all possible items, walking around, trying to stabilize as things eventually begin slipping away, becoming overloaded with details to remember.

      At some point in time, I recall to try to score a few points for the competition, so I make all DCs around euphorically sing a Metallica song. The performance lasts a while. Another DC appears to the side making comments about this. After that, I continue walking around staring at different objects, thinking that I've already forgotten a lot of details.
    4. 17-02-27 Man Mind-Controlling Children

      by , 03-07-2017 at 08:34 PM
      There was a man who was using some kind of ability to mind-control children into doing his bidding. I had a feeling he was going to get them hurt, by using them as weapons.
      At this point I was close to fully waking-up, so this was more fantasy than dream: I walked away from there, and mind-controlled a lion. I wanted to make the lion attack the man.
    5. LD 87 - Mind controlling monsters

      by , 01-04-2017 at 11:23 AM (Letaali's Dream Journal)

      LD 87 - Mind controlling monsters

      I'm in middle school. There's a stand-off between me and two other students. I have a knife, the guy closes to me has a knife too, but the third guy pulls out an M4 rifle.
      There is absolutely no way for me to win now. I drop my knife in the hopes that he calms down. He isn't calming down. The other knife holding guy moves between me and the rifle man.
      BANG! Knife guy takes a bullet for me. Looks like it went straight through his lower torso and thus hit the spine. He's dead af. As he falls down, the rifle man fires again. I'm hit. A large piece of flesh is hanging out under my right arm. Is that a muscle? People are screaming. I also feel a stinging pain in my arm and back of my head. I try to find a nurse, but even school staff seems uninterested in helping me.

      I wake up and journal this, but the dream continues when I fall back to sleep.

      I'm home. The house is unfamiliar and has two floors. I remember being shot and check under my shirt. There's no wound or scar. My family is acting weird. Another school day goes by and I get back home.
      I check for the wound again and now there's a scar. "Someone made me forget?" My sister's oldest kids are visiting. The second oldest realized something is wrong too. He had a new game he had been playing
      and had forgotten his progress, which was still visible as a game save. Dad got home, but he wasn't my dad, instead he looked like the actor Ray Liotta. He was behind this and instantly knew that I saw through it.
      He runs into my room looking very angry. I'm so scared that I become lucid to save myself from further stress. I stop time. Ray just stands right in front of me. I'm not lucid enough to free myself from this particular scene. I try to tell myself that I can make the world fade away and do what I want, but I appear to be stuck. Suddenly everyone is sitting in the living room. I try to make Ray's head blow up. I visualize his head exploding and blood covering the walls, but nothing happens. I grab his legs and easily swing him against the wall and through the table. Nothing seems to be harming him.

      Scene changes and the dream continues non-lucid. To summarize: I figure out that someone is mind controlling my family and a lot of other people. I find an organization in the city that have alien tentacle monsters in a large tank that have this mind controlling power. Dream ends before I get to do anything about it.

      I guess this was low level lucidity. I didn't recall my tasks or anything. I tried to free myself from the narrative, but failed.
    6. The Sea of Mist

      by , 10-07-2016 at 09:18 PM (Cinder's Dreams Gallery)
      I recall something about being controlled by a disembodied voice that tells me what to do. I discover the source of the voice to be a radio on a table in the middle of a desert.

      Then my dream transitioned to me being in a... bathroom? with people from my elementary school, except we're all our current age now. We talk about sex and fellatio and he talked about attractive people and I was mad that I wasn't mentioned. There were stickers on the floor, with a name and serial number. One of them had "Femboy" written on it as the name. They thought I was underage but I told them I'm over 18.

      My dream transitioned to me controlling a space ship with my keyboard, with the SHIFT key moving the ship up and the CLTR key lowering the ship. The sky was dusty, the pale yellow-brown color of a misty sunrise. There was a sea of fog, and we landed on a crumbly, black patch of land that was the mouth of an active volcano. A family lived on it and they approached us.
    7. The Doctor and the Flowers of Doom

      by , 12-31-2013 at 08:26 PM
      12-31-2013 -- [Not enough detail remembered, but a quite cool dream, anyway.] I am at the Hickory house, trying to get some laundry done, and just kind of wandering around. I think mom and Melody are here, though I am not completely sure. Whoever they are, they are acting just a little strange, which has me worried. Whether it is some sort of mind control or some strange issue having to do with effects of the full moon, I am not sure, but in some way, I eventually manage to mitigate and reverse some of the strange behavior, even if it means wandering around in the neighborhood a little, late in the evening, with Barbara and Marvin glaring at me when I wander near their house.

      Unfortunately that is not the only issue we have to deal with. Mom and Melody seem to be slowly warping into Amy and Rory Pond, and I think the 11th Doctor is around here someplace, though at the moment I am not him. We find ourselves kind of being attacked by giant mutant plants that look like they belong in an amazon rain forest or something. They have a bright red flower that is divided into three 'branches' with a central stock that somehow kind of sprays a mind control mist on people, taking them over, controlling their actions, and using them to take the flowers to more people. Turns out the way to battle the flowers is to grab them and thwack them hard on the central stock, which kind of knocks them out, at which point they kind of shimmer like one was looking at them through a heat haze, and then they turn into a more normal sort of flower and lose their grip on whoever they were controlling. So I free the Ponds, then the three of us run around and start bashing flowers all over the place, either hitting them directly on the stock with our fists, or bashing them against tables or walls, instead.

      By the time we've got that incursion under control, I have turned into the 11th Doctor, just in time to find that the area we are in is slowly turning into a crowded and busy stadium, and there are people walking up behind us, trying to gently spray us with a different mind control mist, again trying to take everybody over. Amy and Rory (or perhaps Amy and River) have already started to collapse, but I try to throw myself into respiratory bypass, to avoid breathing the stuff in, as I start fighting back against those around us, and trying to free my fallen comrades. It's a minor bit of the usual kind of hunt and chase dream bits, as we fight our way free again, just to find we're now facing a fourth challenge.

      It seems to be something in the air (all of these seem to be something in the air), but now they are somehow causing massive distrust between generations. Nobody over about 30 trusts anyone under that age, and vice versa. I am the odd one out, as I seem to kind of switch back and forth between the two groups in which I accept and am accepted, and Amy and Rory have enough trust for me that they can fight it off slightly. But we are running around in what I think is a small village in England, fighting off the rest of the town folk who are still under outside control, as we fight against bobbies, vicars, and regular people. Near the end, I may even find myself morphing into Harry Potter, hoping the Doctor may come to save us, as I wonder if my aunt's dislike of me could possibly be because of the mind control, though I know Uncle Vernon is just a jerk, plain and simple.
    8. Harry Potter: Rithmatist

      by , 12-31-2013 at 08:15 PM
      12-28-2013 -- I am Harry Potter, and while doing a Runescape herb run, I have discovered that I have the ability to bring chalk drawings to life, like in Brandon Sanderson's teen book The Rithmatists. I have been working on it for a while, and am finally starting to get it all working, and decide I am ready to start teaching it to my friends.

      Hermione is getting nowhere, because she is just simply incapable of believing that chalk drawings can come to life ... it doesn't fit her view of the world, even if she can see the proof of it in my own attempts. Ron is getting slightly further, managing to make his small drawing of a butterfly float a little unsteadily by somehow crossing his drawing with wingardium leviosa, but it is a very limited success. Neville is turning out to be the expert of the group, quickly surpassing even me, as he manages to bring his chalk plant drawings to life. He is really something.

      Flash forward in time a little bit, and we are running around, fighting off Death Eaters in a setting that seems very reminiscent of the Chinese Bakery dream I had which either never got entered, or perhaps was only a fragment. The location and feel seems to combine the Death Eater fight with more hints of Runescape, and just a bit of the whole spy thing from Covert Affairs (a show I just started watching today). I am doing an herb run while under heavy fire from the Death Eaters, next to a large building.

      I suddenly see a large chalk-drawing pumpkin-like vine sneaking up on one of the Death Eaters from behind the building. Rather than come directly at him, it has grown to circle the entire building in just a few seconds, and pounces on him from behind, wrapping him in vines and somehow not just capturing him, but starting to take him over.

      The scene is shifting to become more sort of the Calico Square in Knott's Berry Farm, as Neville's chalkling has kind of taken on a complete life of its own, and is grabbing real life plants, animals, and even people, and mutating them into a half-whatever, half-chalkling creature, creating a new species. Thankfully it seems to have a sort of a sense of morals. While it takes over any plants it wants to, the animals it takes over seem to be damaged or abused, so that it's new species may give them a better life, and it is leaving us alone, but only taking over, mutating, and controlling evil humans like the Death Eaters. We're still a little nervous about what Neville has done here.
    9. Rebellion and vampires playing pool

      by , 12-18-2013 at 11:05 PM
      A minor tyrant with some nefarious plan has just provided his elite guard with some new, lethal weapon related to mind control and is staging a private demonstration for two prisoners, people who'd been opposing him. But the guard who's supposed to provide the demonstration, after hearing the tyrant's plans, uses the weapon to kill himself rather than go through with it. The tyrant's reaction to this is mostly just contempt, and he orders one of the other guards to take the dead man's place - but instead, they all kill themselves rather than be involved in this plan. Meanwhile, the two prisoners are set free by the tyrant's heir, a younger brother or nephew, someone who never seemed to take anything very seriously; it turns out that attitude was just an act, allowing him to arrange a rebellion without being suspected. Some seemingly-nonsensical comments he'd made earlier make more sense in light of this.

      There's a woman bending over a pool table, two guys - her servants - behind her. A man lounging on a couch opposite her is holding a camera and taking a photo of her, and he's asking her if she's sure she wants to play this way, 2 against 1. The man currently taking his shot tells him to knock it off, the lady knows her own mind. I'm a 3rd person observer, and from where I'm 'standing', I can't see this woman's face clearly, but her hair and her bearing remind me of Janette. I have the feeling I've been looking for Janette for a long time, and I go in for a closer look. There's a resemblance, but it's not her. While I was distracted, the conversation's turned more serious and they've stopped paying attention to the pool game; I get the impression that this is some kind of informal interrogation of this woman, or she's being put on the spot in some way. She's saying, "perhaps we have to suffer, to (justify or maintain or deserve, some word like that) our position." The others don't much care for this theory.
    10. Marshall, the Abused Kid, and the Body Snatcher

      by , 09-14-2013 at 12:12 PM
      09-13-2013 -- [Not sure if this was one dream, or two dreams that kind of flowed together, but since I can't tell, I am posting it as one.]

      I'm at Peter Marshall, trying to visit my old teachers, when I find myself in an argument with a principal or administrator who looks just like John Laurenitis (wrestling personality). He wants me off school grounds and is making a big fuss about it, and being a real jerk, so I somehow kind of move through space until I am standing across the street from the back gate of the school.

      He slowly makes his way out there, and starts to laugh at me because I was in such a hurry to get away from him, I left my black backpack at the school, and he is enjoying rubbing my face in the fact that he doesn't ever plan to let me have it back. Of course, that's about the time that a sort of a cross between a bus and a mobile home pulls up, and the driver (who is kind of a cross between a bus driver and a janitor, and looks like Chi McBride) opens the door and tosses me my backpack, explaining he thought I might want this.

      I thank him, and the principal rants and raves a bit, then decides to get his revenge about talking me up as some sort of child molester or something, as if it is for the little kids that I stop by to visit, rather than to see the teachers I knew when I went to school there. Unfortunately, a lot of the parents who live in the area believe him, and start to make my life hell. Including one of the people living on the street ... Anne.

      So the parents are berating me and warning their kids to stay away from me, and I hurry down the street, trying to find some place to hide and relax. I jump a fence or a hedge or something, and find a cross between a side yard and a car port to try and hide in, and I seem to be mostly out of sight, but unfortunately I am right next door to Anne's, and the house that I am at is owned by a lady who is actually crazy, so I am really not at the best place, facing off with some nut case.

      Meanwhile, I have had lots of dreams in this area over the years, and in one of them, I was helping to protect this little kid who was being abused by one of the adults in his life, and listening to the people around him starting to talk bad about me, he refuses to join in, refuses to avoid me, and since the adult has started to abuse him again, he is actually trying to run away to go with me. I am wearing a long beige trench coat (fully clothed underneath ... I am not a child molester even in my dreams) and as he runs up to me and hides within my coat, many of the parents begin to realize that what they've been told is nonsense, and they start to know I'm an OK guy.

      The crazy woman turns out to be his mother, and she is not the one that is abusing him, but she is messed up enough that she doesn't know how to protect him, and may not even realize he needs protection. But whoever is abusing him is now coming for him, so I gather him up in my arms, still kind of wrapped in the trench coat, and start to hurry down the street. I walk fast down Nancita to Greenleaf, then up a block to Aurora and start heading back the other way, but things are kind of shifting as they do in a dream.

      This is where one dream may have ended, and another may have begun, but if so, it all still seems kind of tied together. The street has turned into a sort of hotel corridor, and I find we're running around in this hotel dodging people, trying to keep the kid safe ... yet at the same time I am by myself somewhere where Chyanne and Joel live. Somehow I have been kind of hiding in a bedroom, and I seem to have been masturbating or something, but somehow this has left an odd sort of 'aura' to the room, where now anybody who walks into it will also have to masturbate. Strange.

      Anyway, soon that is gone, and I am back in this hotel, and the crazy lady who was a brunette is kind of turning blonde, and we're now looking for her kid while trying to avoid the ever-more-frightening guy who is chasing them, and he is turning into some sort of an evil villain who should be dead, but his spirit has been possessing people or something. For some reason he really, really wants to possess the kid, so we're trying to keep him away from him.

      It's a little bit of a chase dream, running up and down stairways and in and out of doorways, and more and more people are getting involved. The blonde is becoming Ali Larter, which may not be completely surprising, as the evil guy who wants to possess the kid looks like David Anders (Adam Monroe in Heroes.) More and more people are getting involved, and somehow I get separated from the group for a bit, as they are forced to ride a deadly roller coaster that I can hear roaring about overhead, as I find myself at the entrance to a shopping mall, where I am just kind of waiting and trying to keep an eye out for them.

      Soon we are back together, and a police woman or something of the sort (a woman in charge of things wherever we are) is leading us to a room where we are supposed to meet with and kill the bad guy, which will only require a touch to a wound on his arm. Nobody wants to do it, and I finally say I will do it, to protect the kid and everybody else, but with the whole possession thing, I am worried that somehow it will open me up to being the one who is possessed.

      But as we approach the door that we are to open and enter, I notice that the blonde is acting more and more strange, and not herself, and I begin to wonder if it might have already happened, and he might have possessed her, and leave us to dispose of the evidence of his previous body. So I have to grab and trap her, as well as trying to stop everybody else.

      Things get a little hectic, and everyone is running every which way. The blonde was possessed, but he fled from her. Meanwhile, the body which used to be his is now free, and is a low level crook who ought to be stopped, but he isn't dangerous enough to be really important. The real evil has been destroyed, so the main villain has been defeated.

      I chase the body he used to inhabit into a small snow-covered courtyard, where he bolts for a very small door (about normal height, but only about eight inches wide, like a tiny door to a cupboard or something), which he locks behind him, and he has managed to make his escape.

      Meanwhile, the no-longer-possessed blonde was left laying unconscious in the building, and everybody else has kind of walked off. I am upset about the guy getting away, worried about the kid, and kind of horny, and I decide now that she is no longer possessed, a little sex might help make up for a kind of a bad day.

      I walk back into the room where she was, and she is no longer laying there, so I have to search for her. I find her hiding, and pull her out. I push her down onto a table and start to undress her, planning to have my way with her, but she is turning into a cat, and I find myself putting her in a decent sized box with another cat, and also adding a long strip of cat litter, about four-by-eight inches, that is somehow holding together, as I prepare to take them somewhere.
    11. 8/16/13 dream- princess in trouble part 3- Final part

      by , 08-18-2013 at 06:25 PM (Dark Kikyo's Dream Journal)
      I warn you now, this part is going to be kinda crazy. Here's the map of the layout of the house again for faster reference. Click the picture to make it bigger.

      Spoiler for dream house layout:

      I was freaking out and started pacing around the room, staring at the ring. I didn't know what to do, I didn't want to be married to the new guy, I wanted to be with the body guard. My mind was lost in thought when my best friend rushed into the room and ran straight to me. She put her hand in front of me, boasting about how the new guy just gave it to her and asked her to marry him. This news hadn't made me upset or mad, I knew he was going to ask them too, instead I started growing suspicious. I had a feeling that there was more to this guy then someone who liked to mess with the feelings of three innocent best friends. He was trying to do something else, something deeper, that I couldn't figure out. I sat my friend down and told her about my suspicions. She found it hard to believe and wanted proof. I showed her my ring and told her about he had just asked me to marry him also not too long ago. Her face became blank. She sat there staring at my ring with no emotion at all. It was just then that my normal princess outfit began changing into a married princess dress, my hair went from being worn up to hanging loose, and finally a crown appeared on my head. The deal had been complete, I was now officially the new guys wife. Almost on cue, he entered the room, his cloths had changed too. He was now wearing a red cape and a crown of his own with white spotted fur around the base. He said now that we were man and wife he had to leave and attend to some duties. On his way out, he said something to my other friend, who was standing outside the door to the room. I looked back at my best friend and she hadn't moved, she just sat there with a blank expression. I took my ring off and left the room.

      I had to find out what was going on. The new guy was up to something, I could feel it. I went to his corner and looked around in his trunk. I couldn't find anything incriminating and went to my room, The body guard was waiting for me. My heart tore, and I was expecting him to say he was done with me when he said he didn't care. He loved me and still wanted to see me and that he knew I didn't want to be married. I hugged him and a spark of hope grew in my chest. I spent some time looking around the house for anything suspicious, my best friend had gotten up and helped me look. Her emotions were harder to read then a book with invisible ink, but I could tell that she wanted to find out what was going on as well. My other best friend had become distant and had an aura of big headedness around her. The new guy hadn't asked her to marry him but she seemed so happy, even knowing that my best friend and I were both his wives. My best friends cloths had changed to a married womans dress, but unlike me she wore her ring. Whenever I took a break from searching I would spend time with the body guard, all my troubles went away when I was with him.

      The new guy had been away for a few days before he returned. I was in the sitting room when he greeted me. He went into my other best friends room and closed the door. I sighed and walked around the house, thinking. I couldn't be sure what he was up to. I started to have suspicions that maybe he was after the kings title, but what would he do with it? Our kindgom was gone. I started making my way to the body guard to lose my thoughts in him when the new guy showed up and asked what I was doing. I answered nothing and he went away. I found the body guard near the front door in the sitting room. I grabbed his hand and pulled him outside on the front porch. I told him that the new guy was suspicious of us, and that we would have to be more discreet. I pulled him down the first set of stairs leading to the lake and pushed him in the corner then started making out with him. We made out for a bit before heading back to the front door while He went back inside through the side door. When I made it inside the door I found the new guy waiting for me. He looked at me with a serious look and asked if I had been with the body guard. I kept quiet and he smiled and said he wasn't mad because he was involved with my other best friend too. I rolled my eyes and walked past him. I already knew that and didn't care, I didn't even want to be married to him, he could have her.

      It was the next day when the new guy called everyone in the house for a meeting in the meeting room. Everyone except my other friend sat on the right side of the table. The new guy was standing behind her with his hands behind his back. An evil aura was radiating around him. I knew that his plan was about to start and that we had been too late to figure it out and stop it. He announced that he was tired of pretending to be a good guy (ha good job of that) and he had plans of becoming the king. The only reason he wanted to marry me was to obtain that title, and he only wanted to marry my best friend so I wouldn't be alone when he took my other best friend as his main queen. I told him he'd never get away with it and he seemed smug then claimed I didn't have a choice. He was going to reclaim our homeland and had a plan for making people do what he wanted. I got up and started going around the table toward him so I could get in his face but he held his hand out and I stopped. He had a box with a red button in his hand and I watched as he pressed it. I felt something inside me turn on and I became mindless. I stood with a blank expression, my hands handing limp by my sides. It felt like my mind was trapped inside me. I could see what was happening but could do nothing to control my body. I herd the body guard demand what he had done to me and he answered that I was his puppet. He had put a mind control device inside my brain while I slept one night. He said he had gotten tired of the body guard being around and commanded me to kill him. My body moved behind the body guard and I placed my hands on his neck and started choking him. I tried with all my might to stop myself but I couldn't. I was screaming, trying anything to make it stop. Right before the body guard was about to pass out the new guy ordered me to cease. He laughed and said he didn't have any intention of killing him but he wouldn't let him be with me anymore. He had him locked away in a room then let me be myself again. The entire time, my best friend had sat in silent shock, unable to do anything. I stood still, feeling defeated. There was nothing I could do, if I tried to defy him he would just control me until I was broken. I probably already was. The new guy smiled then said he was going to take my best friend and I down to the lake to cheer us up.

      As we walked down the porch stairs to the lake our cloths changed into bathing suits. He was telling us about how he came down here often to get his mind off things and do some test runs. I was wondering what he meant by that last part when we reached the lake. I stood looking with shock. He had tested his mind control on dozens upon dozens of dolphins (I DONT KNOW how or why dolphins live in our lake, its a dream) He had ordered them to all swim to the edges of the lake at the same time and pile up on the edges. I noticed that there was a lot of trash among them so my best friend and I went along picking it up to try and make things easier for them. I wasn't sure what he wanted with them and he wouldn't tell us. We worked our way around the edge, picking up trash. Every now and again a dolphin would hand us some with its mouth. Once I tripped and a dolphin helped me keep steady. I saw some trash on the water behind the dolphins so we climbed over them and got in the water to gather it. When we were done we swam to the cement shelter and climbed up the ladder to get out. We were standing still, looking out over the lake with the new guy watching us when I woke up.

      I know this was long but I wanted to get the rest of it done. I hope you enjoyed reading my long crazy dream. It was crazier for me when I dreamed it. Thanks for reading
    12. Mystery Shopping, Security, and a Medieval Fantasy

      by , 07-20-2013 at 02:16 AM
      07-17-2013 [Long, detailed, and fun. Sometimes I love my dreams.] I seem to be doing some sort of mystery shop at Circle K, and it seems to involve buying a slurpee which is poured into a cone-shaped cup. The problem is, the slurpee almost immediately freezes solid, making it impossible to drink, while at the same time it somehow slips out of the bottom of the cup, leaving the customer to only get a sip or two before it is gone. I go to get a refill, but they jump all over me, telling me that isn't allowed, which annoys me, as I want more of the green apple slurpee. Instead they throw me out, and I am thinking they're going to get a very bad report this time.

      I stalk back to my car, past some guys on a football field, and as I reach it, I find that I have been working security with Pedus again, and for some reason was using one of the furry bomber jackets as a sort of a car bra, but large parts of it have been ripped off. I find one of the nearest football players with a couple of pieces of it, and he grins kind of sheepishly and gives those pieces back to me, but one of the other players has more pieces, and he refuses to give them back. I notice he is wearing a Boone High School jersey, and figure I'll try to report him to the school to see if they can do anything about it, but then I glance at some of the other jerseys, and at least four teams are represented here.

      I ask who's playing, and one of the ruder players explains that the season is over, nobody is playing, they are just celebrating the end of the season ... and I'd better get out of there if I know what's good for me. I back off and start moving toward my car, but then all the cheerleaders start pulling off their uniforms, and underneath they all have body paint in team colors that do nothing to really hide their jutting nipples and neatly trimmed pussies. I enjoy a nice look as I slowly climb into my car and start to drive away.

      I seem to be driving somewhere further south on a mystery shopping trip, down around West Palm Beach or maybe Lauderdale. I'm trying to figure the best route to get home, or maybe to my next shop, just driving along making turns, but things start to slowly change. The busy highway is turning more and more to a wooded path. The car is turning more to a horse, and then to me walking along the path, as things start to greatly resemble a generic fantasy novel.

      Soon I find myself facing a Confucius-like Oriental wise man who is telling me to guide my thoughts, and to go backward to go forward, so I turn around and head back down the path I'd been on, looking for others involved in my quest that I might be able to help. I come across a guy who is working to fill a very tiny chest with 'valuable silver' (actually just quarters and fifty-cent pieces) and I am really not impressed with the treasure. The tiny chest is maybe 4" x 8" X 1" and I was expecting it to be more like 6" deep, and filled with gold, rather than fake silver. With such a small chest and such limited content I am thinking the 'treasure' is rather worthless, but they assure me it is still enough for the bad guys to kill us over, and send me on my way.

      Soon, while walking through the woods, I come across a sexy young Oriental fighter who is on my team, and turns out to be the daughter of the wise man, though she isn't sure she believes he is all that wise. As I am talking to both of them, my very nice, very sturdy hiking boots kind of dissolve off of my feet, and I find myself standing next to a very beat up pair of leather sandals that most closely resemble a pair of flip flops. They seem to expect me to be upset about this, but I try to tell myself there might be a reason for this, and just slide on my new (to me) sandals. My acceptance seems to impress them.

      There is some sort of very handsome but powerful beast that suddenly turns violent, but thankfully it mostly seems to ignore me, and attack the bad guys. Soon I am 'told' to concentrate strongly on a number, something like 4,600 or 46,000, in my mind, and it turns out we are passing someone or something that can read minds, but if I only seem to be thinking about the 'inventory' we are carrying in our merchant disguise, they won't have reason to press any deeper in my mind.

      I am carrying only a very small box, and am acting sort of weak and unimpressive, but they tell me to act strong, but like dumb muscle. So I approach somebody struggling with a larger box and swap with him, then a yet larger crate, and a few moments later, I take over the lifting and pulling of a fairly large cart loaded down with huge logs, really showing my strength as I pull it up the hill to the city we're infiltrating. It has a sort of Pirates of the Caribbean vibe to it, with lots of wild folks running around the place, carousing.

      Though it is not Pirates, there is a slight hint of 'jumping' the cart/boat into a slightly different 'flume' that takes me closer to where I want to go, but that sense soon vanishes. I drop off my huge load, and am paid a $5 bill, and trying to play my part, I try to act proud and excited to have 'so much' money, ready to defend myself against others who might want to steal my pittance, while laughing inside about the whole farce and just carrying on.

      Now we are carrying much smaller, more valuable cargo to show to the big wigs. I think I am carrying a small but valuable snack cake, something like caviar or truffles, but a decadent dessert. The person next to me has something like compressed apples or something, really good stuff, but the big wigs are ignoring us and acting like we and our products are nothing, and nobody is buying anything. This is really annoying the guy next to me, and he suddenly throws one of his compressed apples into the water, where it causes a huge blast and shows just how good an explosive it is. He's thinking that'll teach them not to ignore us, but I just think it'll make them mad. I'm right, and soon we're all being chased again!
    13. Homestuck dreams but no recall, bluh

      by , 01-25-2013 at 06:17 AM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      When I woke up this morning I was convinced that I had had two dreams about Gamzee, but since I don't remember them, I'm skeptical about it.

      But it actually did remind me that I had a dream about Dave and Dirk yesterday, but they were just mundane DCs in it I guess.

      Also had a dream about being mind-controlled or something by an older witch woman?
    14. 12/26/12 Assassin's Creed

      by , 12-26-2012 at 10:11 PM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      Moon Templars
      I am in my Fire Valkyrie in space, approaching the moon. I land on the moon and get out of my ship, not concerned with a space suit since it is a dream. I walk on the moon for a while, just looking around, not considering any of my dream goals right now. I spot something strange on top of a small hill not too far away. It looks like a laser of some kind, and it is pointed into the sky where I see the Earth shining like a small jewel in the vastness of space.

      I wonder what it is there for, is someone going to shoot the Earth? I decide this is worth checking out and I approach the site slowly, keeping out of sight. I realize I am dressed in white Assassin's robes which look more gray in the dim light of the setting sun, which gives me good camouflage against the gray surface of the moon. When I get closer I see that there are people around the laser, they seem to be working on it. I wonder what their goal is. As I approach them I see they also have uniforms on, and I see the symbol of the Templars on the shoulders of the uniforms where an astronaut would have a flag. Templars… I figure they can be up to nothing good. Well, apparently I'm an Assassin… so it seems pretty obvious I am there to put a stop to whatever they are doing. I hear them talking amongst themselves about the ray, and I gather that it is some kind of a mind control ray that will make people more compliant and less likely to resist changes they would normally protest. I manage to sneak right over to the beam, I look at an access panel. I open it up and look at the wires and stuff inside, which makes no sense to me… but breaking it doesn't require understanding it. I pull out a bunch of the wires and sparks fly from the access panel. That gets an immediate response from the Templars. They start shooting beam weapons at me. They just hit their own laser weapon, adding to the damage I have already done. So I respond by summoning my Witchblade sword and fighting back. There are only three Templars working on the weapon, and I take them out quickly. I then use my sword to cut right through the beam weapon, leaving it as a pile of rubble on the moon. I look up at the Earth in the sky, thinking it sure is beautiful from here… then I wake.

      Assassin's Creed
      I am in a strange city; I do not recognize it at first. I walk for a short distance until I see something I recognize, but I don't recognize it from my waking life, I recognize it from the video game Assassin's Creed II. I am quite certain that I am standing right next to Leonardo Da Vinci's workshop in Florence.

      I am just walking along when I realize someone is chasing after me. I hear them calling that they see me, kill her before she catches up with someone I didn't realize I was chasing. I turn to face my pursuers, Witchblade sword ready. There are five of them. I am outnumbered. But I find out that if I wait for one of them to make their move and then dodge the attack I am able to find an opening to get in a counter attack of my own. Using this technique I am able to take down four of them and the fifth decides he'd rather not fight, sheaths his sword, and runs for it. I see no reason to go after him, and I have the idea it is important for me to catch up with the person I have been chasing. I hurry along the street in the opposite direction that the guards came from, figuring if they were chasing me I must have been going this way. I spot the guy I am after, it seems he was actually stupid enough to stop and watch the fight when he could've been using the opportunity to escape. He has seen that the guards have lost the fight and now he is running away again. He must be the Templar I am after. I chase after him up the side of a building and into a small garden where I have him cornered. He is cowering in a corner and begging for his life. I wonder how someone that pathetic could be a threat to anyone. I tell him he isn't worth the trouble to kill and turn away, thinking if he is a main target I probably have to kill him no matter how pathetic he is. I see movement behind me and I turn just in time to catch the loser trying to stab me in the back. I stab him with my hidden blade before he can stab me and he dies. I leave the garden quickly before any more guards show up and realize I have completed my mission. I am back around Leonardo's workshop when I wake up.
    15. The Aliens and the Sunglasses

      by , 10-17-2012 at 10:50 PM
      [OK, so I've made a decision here. At least occasionally, on days when I haven't had any really great dreams, I'll post an older dream on here from my personal dream journal. Most of these will be my more major Harry Potter dreams, but this one had no Harry Potter that I remember, just mostly sci-fi stuff. Just so there is something more interesting in my dream journal for the day.]

      4-23-2012 -- I am out doing courier work (not sure where) when I find Jeff Goodwin has just joined the company, and I am asked to give him a hand with one delivery. We're traveling a little bit on this one, something like 150 or 200 miles, and it seems to be a fairly smooth journey.

      We get where we are going, and deliver one package to a construction site that is along the lines of an OPC plant, then Jeff explains they gave him another package to deliver right down the block at a school. He goes to deliver that, while I wait for him before we can go back.

      As I am waiting, an attractive young lady comes along on a golf cart and is accusing me of being where I don't belong. I explain the delivery and waiting for Jeff, and she tells me to get on the golf cart, indicating that I can either take a seat, or drive it. I lift her up, take the driver's seat, and sit her in my lap. This doesn't seem to bother her. Then I wrap my arms around her, holding her close, but nothing really improper, and she warns me "Now you're starting to push it." and we drive off a short distance, back to the construction site, which has now changed.

      She looks vaguely like Olga from the show 7 Days, and she is here investigating something, trying to figure out what kind of deliveries they are getting here. It seems nothing matches the labels. There are boxes marked food that seem to contain several live cats (which are being referred to as dogs) and stuff like that. The cats are cute, and there are lots of little girls that want to play with them.

      She grabs the box I just delivered, which is marked bandages, and is filled with, yes, bandages. First box she has found that is properly marked. As we are checking on things, stuff shifts to where we are actually in some sort of alien camp, trying to learn what we can, but having to avoid drawing notice to ourselves. Seems like kind of a cross between 'They Live,' 'V,' and the Tripod books.

      We're wearing sunglasses that are supposed to control what we see, and how we react to things, but one of our people has tampered with them so they only half-work. They affect what we are seeing enough that we can keep from reacting unexpectedly, but they keep us from being controlled. Most of the aliens are mostly human-size, but do not act like humans ... except for a few.

      There is a very huge alien that acts a little different, and a short human who acts much the same way, and we discover they are the result of a cross-breeding experiment where the more human offspring are short and the alien ones are roughly Hagrid-sized. But both offspring are too easy going and laid back to be of any use to the aliens. They are free, and tolerated, but will never be a part of the alien civilization.

      We're in a small box-like area doing our research, and I still have been keeping an eye out for Jeff's return, but I realize I haven't been paying enough attention, and don't know if he is still at the school or not. A couple of the aliens come by, and the Olga character doesn't see them and talks about something she shouldn't, which has them examining us more closely. One person reacts badly, and they pick him up and find his glasses have been tampered with, and fix them. He is now under their control.

      They start picking up a couple of others, and eventually reach for me. I try to dodge, and they tell me to stand still. I don't, but that tells them I am not under their control, and they manage to grab me and pick me up by the hair. To me, the aliens look identical, and they are commenting on how we can't tell them apart while looking at them directly. They take my glasses, and somehow as I glance at them, one is obviously male while the other is female, and I never noticed it before. I comment on it.

      With the glasses removed, I have lost all volition. I just don't care what is going on, and am just hanging by my hair. One of them tells me that for fooling them with the fake glasses, he is going to kill me, and he carries me over to a display that is roped off that has a kind of strange, small, square furnace in it, and starts swinging me by my hair, preparing to toss me in it. I finally start to care, and grab him by the hand and fight my way free.

      As I struggle with him, my hand lands on the mask he is holding, and I tear it off his face. It turns out on his face under the mask he has a ton of spots, and all the aliens are horribly racist, and hate those with more or less spots then themselves. This is why they wear the masks, to allow them to function. I start to call out about how spotty he is, and the other aliens grab him and start to tear him apart. They forget all about me.

      So I run back to the small box-like encampment, and start gathering my people together. It is hard to interest a couple who have already had their glasses fixed, and there is no sign of Jeff. The Olga character has disappeared, and I am trying to find her. There is another young woman, nude, and fairly attractive, who is moaning about how horrible she looks, and I am trying to convince her she looks lovely, her mind is just being messed with by the glasses.

      I am looking for a way out, and in an intuitive leap, I think that the strange sort of eye-looking organic things I have seen in a couple of hatches in the floor might be a sort of exit. I can't seem to find any of them now, but I spot a closed hatch on the ground and get the others to help me open it. The space underneath looks organic, with a kind of an alien-green skin surrounding what almost looks like a bright yellow eye area. I gather my nerves and drop myself into the hatch, and the 'eye' opens like a sort of iris, and I fall through into some sort of slime.

      I hold my breath and move through a sort of slime-filled underworld, where I can see a few others moving around, before I fall through entirely, and find myself back in the exterior area where I made my original delivery, then I wake up.
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