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    1. Thursday, July 25

      by , 08-03-2019 at 06:04 PM
      I am camping at Frenchmans with Melissa and I think one other. We are sitting around the fire pit, and there’s quite a bit of stuff set up around it, like we’re here for a while or just well prepared. I’m not sure if there’s a fire going or not. It seems to be dusk or nearing dark. I think I’m going to start the fire now. I put down some paper materials for starters, but then I can’t find any wood. I bring it up to Melissa, and she has a brief look of realization. She says she forgot to bring it. I’m not sure what to do, then Melissa says she saw some in the trailer. That does sound right, so I go to check. The trailer feels more like a big car, but still partially like a trailer. I climb in and onto what seems to be the back seats. It seems more like a bed, a bed that could fit about two. It seems kinda comfy, and I think about sleeping with Melissa in here instead. I find the firewood and it is all on top of two folded down seats, shaped almost like it is serving as the seats instead. I wonder if I should really be taking any if it is serving a purpose here. I think that most likely Opa placed it like this. I end up pulling a few pieces out, most smaller but one longer. The wood is darker in color, thin, and not very heavy.

      I am at work, going back on video to look for something, when I inadvertently see two guys arbitrarily grabbing Levis like they’re going to do a grab and run. I notice that one is wearing a backpack. Now I am out on the floor and right by them. I think just my walking by is enough to get them to drop the merchandise. They go over by men’s shoes and I think out an emergency exit door that’s open. Another man is standing by the door, sort of like a look out. He is wearing a white rabbit mask. It looks like a plain and rudimentary mask with just a strap on the backside, yet the effect is somewhat unnerving and intimidating. I don’t exactly want to go over there. I call Scott over the radio to see if he’s seeing this. From the way he says no, I assume he was not watching all along. I assume he’s pulling it up on camera now.
    2. The Same Marks

      by , 04-14-2017 at 10:14 AM
      Night of April 14, 2017. Friday.

      There is a quickly perceived backstory of two unknown men. There is an awareness of each man being dressed somewhat as Zorro (though this is not fully perceived as such in my dream). It does seem that a couple masks are quickly removed prior to the last part. One man is at a table in a restaurant, though in semidarkness. I do not seem directly involved.

      The two men look nothing alike. One is much slimmer and taller. The slimmer man enters the restaurant and stands near the table. As the slimmer man looks down with his face very close to the one sitting at the table, he exclaims, “What the h— is this?” with both puzzlement and mild anger. Both men have identical sets of symmetrical and parallel scratches on their face (as if the marks were made on purpose), some coming out diagonally (and upward) from near each eye, some mostly horizontal on the cheeks, some down around near their mouth. They look at each other curiously, each perhaps thinking one is impersonating the other. The marks mostly look like cat scratches, and about half are still red.

      This is some sort of odd coalescence factor, probably the preconscious and the emergent consciousness personified in an oddly projected or secondary way. (I did get the brief impression that I was looking at myself even though neither man looked anything like me.) (There is possibly influence from Balthazar in “The Scorpion King”, a 2002 movie, though the appearance is very different.)

      Tags: mask, scratches, zorro
    3. Tag all in Yin(2B) + DILD

      by , 09-16-2015 at 12:42 AM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I found myself in my father room seeing the video game called tomb raider playing. I decided to stop watching and get off the bed to see my brother not too far. Before I could ask him anything the room got a bit darker and I could tell someone else wasn't too far from me. I turn around and could see a boy in a dark blue hoodie walking about with no a type of mask. I look to my brother direction and ask him could he see this child as his attention appear to remain focus on me. He replies with a no, this made me question myself. I started saying I must be hallucinating as my body began getting a weird sensation. Suddenly I got push out of my dream body but someone who also appear to be me. My mother looking to be asleep then appear out of thin air and was sitting in a chair at the back of the room. This other me knocks her to the floor before I could regain control of the dream body. My mother irriated had awoken and tells my brother to leave me on the floor as they both walk away. I wake up soon after.
    4. A Shoot Out

      by , 07-20-2015 at 05:18 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #451 - DILD - 7:15AM

      Some goons are chasing because I have an item that is valuable to them. Two come at me and to shoot them both with pistol. I feel like this is a video game and I become lucid. I run through many doors and various rooms for quite a long time. I eventually come to a larger room and meet one of the bad guys head on. Knowing this is a dream an nothing can hurt me, I bum rush the man and put my gun to his temple. I am disappointed by the lack of sound and only see sparks spurting out the other side. Perhaps they are robots? I let this thought go as collect my thoughts as I dismiss whatever story line I was involved in. I realize that I had some goals in mind, but I can't seem to recall them. The effort of thinking on this causes the dream to collapse. I rub my hands to stabilize, but it is of no use.


      I lay awake for a while and think of some cool lucid dream goals. Staring at a ceiling fan and trying to walk up a rainbow. Perhaps one night I'll give it a go.

      #452 - DEILD - 7:46AM

      I fall into a non lucid dream of being a rapper on stage. I spout some freestyle nonsense and end up sounding a lot like Emenim. I wake up slightly and start to rub my hands with my dream body. I am surprised how vivid it feels so I get up out of bed. I am blind, but I remember that I put on my sleep mask to block out the day light. I try looking through the mask and find that I can partially see the room. This only works for awhile as I make my way outside. I very much feel the mask on my face, but never think to take it off in the dream. I am blind outside and the dream quickly collapses and I wake up.
      Or so I thought. It turns out to be a false awakening and I spend a lot of time trying to record my dream in my DJ without much success. I eventually wake up.
    5. Looking for Xanous

      by , 04-05-2015 at 01:19 AM
      Looking for my dream buddy:

      Just coming out of my meditative state...it was beautiful. Don't know if I got anything right, but this is what I saw.
      1. flowers blooming outside in the dirt (red) coming up from the ground
      2. Then the red flowers either died or went away and dirt (the earth) was uncovered to reveal a face of a buddha or Egyptian mask or just a plain mask or face???
      3. I kept hearing music playing, like there was a band. Do you play in a band?
      4. Light beam was around me
      5. a light colored house. This all happened in the front yard of a light colored house.

      I can't remember anything, but I called out for Xanous and I heard a voice, but the music was so loud. All of this happened during my meditative WILD. I did not see our target, but this is what happened when I asked to see the target...in that order.

    6. Death and Rats

      by , 02-21-2015 at 07:11 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      It was night. I was looking up from the ground to the second floor of a house. It has the 3-D strategy video game feel, like Chrono Cross.

      Somehow, we (me and my party) reached the second floor, inside a room. We were fighting a "monster." Somehow, I thought it was Death. It was simply glowing white but I saw the shape of a scythe. I jumped just as it slashed horizontally. Then I was watching the fight. I saw "Death" throw some kind of power. I caught it by pressing "k" and timing it properly. I used it to heal my allies and also to steal two items. I had to rearrange the items because my party's pouches are full. Somehow, that ended the game.

      I was in the room. I was talking to people. One of our allies has a mask. She seems female. She has small white shirt that hugs her torso and tight white shirt/jeans. Her mask is all white, without any slits for the eyes or nose. She has long blond hair tied into two "ears." It would have looked freaky. In fact, I was surprised when I first saw her since I didn't know we had her in the party. I asked who she was. One of our party members (also female with brown curly hair, a Spanish look, and slightly shorter than masked woman) said she joined our team before the fight on the second floor. I somehow saw her climb up from the balcony and jumping in the fight at night, which was creepier. I forgot her soon after.

      It's eating time (breakfast? dinner? lunch?). Everyone's around the table. I saw one middle-aged guy with a hefty belly and slightly long brown hair with a white tank top. (very cartoonish) There were so many of us that we could hardly fit around the table. While we were arranging ourselves, a balloon burst. Somehow, that made me a bit angry, but then it disappeared. For some reason, I thought that we were on a higher floor, and that the air pressure affected it. I thought of the formula 1/x.

      There was also a vision of our fight before. Not sure if it happened before the fight with Death or after. We were outside. People were turning into rats: one person becomes many rats. It felt like a plague or a curse. I think a person gets bitten by something and it slowly turns him into rats. One guy, Emman, was there helping out/fighting whoever was the bad guy. There were two of them inside the van when I found them. One guy was already turning helplessly into rats. Parts of Emman was slowly turning into rat-like color and texture. I saw movement/bulging within his T-shirt. I helped him out. I think he was with us while eating (which triggered the vision?), so I think he made it. Still not sure how.

      I was outside. It was sunny. I was running, not out of fear but out of fun. There's a wall ahead of me, and I jumped up and through the rails. There were trees and leaves all around on the ground, with sunlight filtering through the trees. I saw "myself" run up and through the rails/wall. I felt free. I thought of how other dreams felt like this.



      - Fell asleep while I was in front of the computer, supposedly to finish watching Week 3 of Game Theory.
      - I was supposed to eat lunch outside and buy groceries.
      - No alarm, no meditation audio
      - I just fell asleep. It was noontime.
      - I think I slept for 1.5 hours.

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    7. Blind as a Batman

      by , 02-12-2015 at 08:12 AM
      Morning of February 12, 2015. Thursday.

      It seems I “am” Batman, but not the “real” Batman - perhaps I am his stand-in while he is on vacation. There is not much to this dream - it has no plot; only a couple rather ridiculous scenes - one incoherent scene involving people I knew on King Street. I never catch on that I am dreaming. I am living with my family where we are now in real life (on W Street) in most parts of my dream, though again, there are also points at which I seem to be in La Crosse flying around.

      For a time, I am wearing really unsuitable and ill-fitting uncomfortable clothes as I am flying around mostly at night (for example, a light-colored flannel shirt that is too baggy and long).

      There is a Batman costume in my backyard near the shed near the final part of my dream. Oddly, there are only two sections to it; the bottom (boots and “pants”) and the top (which somehow comes down over my arms and includes the Batman head. First, I put the boots on with no difficulty, the sense of touch being slightly enhanced. It feels fairly nice. However, when the top of the outfit is complete on me, I realize that the mask has only very small horizontal slits which I can barely see through. In fact, I notice three slits on each side at different levels. None are exactly where the eye-holes should be so I have to adjust the full-head mask several times to see anything at all. It is still mostly like only seeing a thin horizontal bar of color representing the backyard (though I can see just a little out of the other two slits on each side - only at times). Still, I fly off into the air, not remembering in-dream that Batman does not fly in the manner of Superman. From here, my dream eventually fades.

      Perhaps this dream is a reminder that, even though you can be anything and do anything in dreams (including being bodiless), perhaps weighing yourself down with too much costuming and deliberately blocking your vision is not the best route. Why would one need to wear a mask anyway? One can be his true self in a dream.

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    8. School and Projectile Vomiting

      by , 11-04-2014 at 09:09 AM
      I was at this weird school which slightly resembled my own in the way that all the buildings were re-arranged and there was a lot more forest like growth around and a few animals too, it looked pretty rad. At one stage I was filming something with a few friends behind a building. Everyone started going home after that and getting a ride from other friends so I asked my sister and she said yes. We hopped in her car, she was sipping on a drink, she started to vomit a little bit and then went into full projectile vomiting all over the car, when she hopped out she had this weird green face although she pulled it off and her normal face.

      We ended up driving to a house and I just sat there for the rest of the dream.
    9. I become a ghostly witch and hold The Mask to put it on.

      by , 10-10-2014 at 08:58 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      I become a ghostly witch and hold The Mask to put it on. (Non-lucid)


      This dream started when I was at a huge hall. The room was pretty much empty but there was some carpeting and a few wooden tables on the corner. Apparently, a party was going to take place and I wanted to have the ultimate party experience. On a white table in a corner there were a few magic items that belonged to me and to other people. I went to grab a few things for this party. There was a guy who was monitoring these items so I only grabbed what belonged to me. I grabbed a small round green sphere, that looked like a palantir, another one that was like the screen of lamp (but all blue) as well as the mask from the movie, The Mask.

      I decided to combine a few of these. I was aware of the huge magic potential of these items so I informed the guy that these all were mine and i proved him showing this items that they started to react within my hands. The mask suddenly had that green shinny effect from the movie and the palantir started to become bright. The blue lamp screen was vibrating so he said that i was alright and I was noticed to have fun.

      I took a walk outside holding this items and I donated a few quarters to some homeless guy who was sitting outside this building. I also noticed it was night. Upon him thanking me I went back into this place and I blended my energy with the Palantir. This turned me into a witch, a really hideous witch. I also used the blue lamp screen and this gave me ghostly powers, I stopped being corporeal to become ethereal, but I was still seen and everything.

      I planned to put on my mask later and just go nuts, but I wanted to help some people first since I had magic. There was some guy that needed help because he was broke, so I hanged my mask on my belt and followed him. I asked him if he could grab my cell phone and taking a few pictures of me in my ghostly witch form, but for some reason, he was unable to make my phone work.

      We went upstairs and some kid was following me. He tried to reach out the mask, but I told him to stop it and avoid touching it. We went to some sort of deck that also was connected with a street. I saw another homeless and I tried to spawn some cash for him without much success.

      The guy told me that he needed money to buy more tanks of gas. Apparently, he was storing gas to sell it afterwards. I visualized bundles of cash to spanw and a few stacks appeared:

      But it was not enough and I was unable to make more spawn, but I succeeded at spawning some major tanks with gas on them and he was thrilled I could help.

      Feeling great about my good actions, I decided to put the mask on, so I went downstairs to join the party and go nuts, but my alarm clock woke me up from this dream.

    10. Indecisive Witch, Invisible Song (EILD-FFA-WILD)

      by , 10-07-2014 at 08:33 PM
      Ritual: Second try with the vibrating timer, successful but strange experience. This time it seemed to work not so much from going off (in fact I doubt it ever did), but because my anticipation of the trigger kept my mind alert during the process of falling asleep—to the point where I thought I was still awake long after I had evidently slipped into dream.

      It's becoming apparent that anticipation can serve the same function as motivation. Actually my motivation was relatively low, for the same reason as last time: it is the busiest part of my work week and I realized that I wasn't sure I wanted to have to spend a long time writing up my dream report if successful. I went to bed a little after 12:30am, and woke up naturally around 5:40. (I checked the clock but can't recall the precise time, I think it was somewhere between 5:37 and 5:43.) I decided it was too late to do full WBTB and recognized my lack of motivation, so I just shoved the MotivAider in my pillow and went back to bed with no further technique, letting things take their own course.

      Although normally I would fall back asleep in seconds or minutes at most after such a brief WBTB, I noticed that now I was oddly wakeful... it seemed like just waiting for the device to go off, even though it was set so that it wouldn't trigger initially until 45 minutes had passed, was keeping me awake. After a few minutes trying to get comfortable I grabbed the sleep mask from my bedside table because I knew the sun would come up soon. I then spent a very long time trying to get back to sleep... or so I thought. In retrospect it is apparent that for much of this period I was experiencing that obscure counterpart of a false awakening, a "false falling asleep" (FFA).

      FFA: I think I must have actually fallen asleep very quickly, since a lot of the things I experienced while I thought I was trying to fall asleep turn out to be have been things I dreamed. For instance, at one point I was convinced that I was lying in bed with my body rotated in the opposite direction, my head facing the foot of the bed, but then I fixed this without really moving my limbs... a maneuver that would have been impossible to do physically.

      Eventually I decided that I ought to have a back-up EILD method so I tried to program my sleeping mask. I reached up and pried apart the velcro near the top to flick the "on" switch, remembering to hold it down four seconds to enter "nap mode." I couldn't tell if I saw the indicator lights or not... I thought I did, but the impression was vague. Did I have the brightness set too low? Oh well, I don't remember how to change it. I'll just turn it off and turn it back on again to be sure. Hmm, same thing, the lights are vague... I'm not sure if I'm really seeing them or just imagining it. And then I realize... hang on... I'm not even wearing the Remee, this is just an ordinary cloth sleep mask! So I tried to correct the situation by putting my Remee on under the regular mask... and I really thought I had done this until, while writing this report, I began to have doubts and went to check. Sure enough, the Remee hasn't been touched all night! At least I can verify that I was wearing the ordinary mask, since that one has been moved and is now lying on my bedstand where I must have left it after waking up.

      At another point in the FFA I even felt the MotivAider finally go off. The vibrations felt lengthened and distorted again. I ignored them since I thought I was still awake, and hoped I would be asleep by the time it went off next. In retrospect I realize I must have dreamed even this, because the MotivAider could not have gone off until 45 minutes had passed (even on random mode it initially counts down the full maximum set interval), and I got up to start writing this report at 6:14am, less than 45 minutes after going back to bed around 5:40... so it is very unlikely that it actually went off in that whole period!

      I was getting annoyed with how long it was taking (or so I thought) to fall asleep, and eventually in my impatience I decided to just start "practicing" WILD separations in my imagination. I tried to envision an almost physical pull on my dream body that would tug it up from the lying position into a standing one, and after each repetition of this I imagined myself landing with both feet on the bed with the flourish of a gymnast who has just finished an acrobatic move. It felt at first like I was only visualizing this rather than experiencing it: as though I were just going through the motions, practicing for when I got closer to falling asleep... but before long the sense of immersion set in, and I realized that I was already in a light WILD state. I was surprised that I had been able to move so easily from full wakefulness to full REM, still unaware that I had evidently already been dreaming for quite some time already!

      WILD: Since I was under the impression that I had only just transitioned into a dream state, my initial goal was just to improve immersion and stabilization, so without trying to do any tasks at first I simply wandered through the house. I soon half-woke and had to separate again. I used the same visualization as before "pulling myself up" from lying down to standing up, but it went more smoothly and easily this time. Once again I landed like a gymnast, but this time rather than landing on the bed I vaulted right out of it and onto the bedroom floor.

      By this time I felt immersed enough to start working on tasks. One of the TOTMs is to dress in a costume, and I had decided in advance that I wanted to dress like a witch, so I went to the "costume closet" where I keep my clothes that are too dressy or impractical for everyday use. At first I was surprised to see (so I thought) nothing but the clothes that are there in waking life. I must have been a bit confused, because although in WL the closet contains plenty of gothy-looking wraps and dresses entirely suitable for a witch costume, the only thing I thought to grab at the time was a small halter top of some colorful iridescent material. I didn't put it on yet, since my priority was to find a mask.

      The closet actually contains a box of masks on the upper shelf, but in the dream I "remembered" that I had a brown paper bag of them on the floor, so I went through it until I found a witch mask... or was it? Looking at it again, I thought it actually looked more like a Darth Vader mask that someone had clumsily tried to convert into a witch face with dabs of green paint. But then I "remembered" using it as a witch mask before, so I figured it would be adequate.

      Next I needed the pointy hat. I must have one around here somewhere... I dug through the closet, but couldn't find one of the right shape. Nevermind, I can make one! I pulled out a fedora made of black leather, and started trying to pull the top to make it longer and more pointy. At first the material was resistant but I put some focus into the act and soon was able to mold the hat into a proper Halloween-style witch hat, and put it on my head. The fact that it was made of black leather made me feel extra stylish. I paused at the door of the room and wondered if I needed to change my clothes as well, but when I looked down I saw that I was wearing a long black dress that already looked witchy enough, so I never had to put on that stupid halter top!

      After walking back out to the kitchen, I remembered to check my reflection in the mirror (in a spot where there is no mirror in WL). It wasn't bad! I looked like that classic witch from the Wizard of Oz: green face, hooked nose, tall hat. The mask was looking much less Vader-like now, and at this point I noticed that there was even an inscription on it (entirely legible in the mirror rather than inverted by the reflection) that gave the title "Witch," and was signed either "Robert" or "Richard." I assumed the name must be that of the local artist who made the mask, and was reassured by the title that it had been intended as a witch mask after all.

      When people were contributing suggestions for the October TOTMs, I had really liked the one about flying on a broomstick to a witches' gathering, so this was something I had planned to do once I got in costume. But now I wasn't sure. Maybe it would be fun to work on my lucid dare instead, and go startle some elves with my witch costume! I felt indecisive. And in either case I'll have to leave the house, so which door should I use? I've let myself get into the bad habit of being paranoid that leaving the house might destabilize the dream, so I wondered if leaving by a door I don't often use would help bypass this impression. I know that this worry is a wholly self-imposed obstacle—and moreover that it is not supported by the evidence—yet I also know that even letting myself worry about destabilization can have a destabilizing effect!

      While I'm standing there trying to make up my mind, I notice that the scenery outside the kitchen door has already begun to change. Replacing the back patio is now a beautiful summer forest, with green leaves, mossy trunks and a clear limpid pool of water on the ground, like a natural spring. The water is only a few inches deep and appears completely transparent and pure. The scene is so lovely that I immediately let go of my pointless worries and go outside to enjoy it, kneeling in the water and running my hands through it, lifting it in my palms and letting it splash back into the pool. I find myself wondering if these surroundings will transform my costume from that of an ugly old green witch into a young beautiful forest witch. And what do we mean by "witch," anyway? I start pondering the question: aren't those two archetypes (ugly old witch and young beautiful witch) from the same tradition? Don't they both imply a woman with an unusually strong connection to the natural world?

      I still haven't decided if I want to look for a witch gathering or an elven gathering in this forest, as I think both could conceivably be taking place here. Would the elves resent my presence if I'm still a Halloween-style witch? But if this pool has transformed me into a beautiful forest witch, maybe I would blend right in. (I regret now that it never occurred to me to check my reflection again in the pool! Though I still had the impression that I was wearing the same black dress.)

      Once again the dream distracted me from my thoughts, this time by the sound of a voice singing. It was an attractive male voice, a low tenor, drifting from somewhere up above. The pool where I knelt was at the foot of a rocky ledge, at least ten feet high, and it seemed like the main part of the forest was up there. I flew up (I can't recall if I used a broomstick or just levitated as usual) to see if I could locate the singer. I followed the voice and soon found myself in a green mossy glade. I could not see anyone but I could hear the voice distinctly, so I took note of the words:

      On the new sensation lying within,
      One can ride a stream of water, straight and thin.

      There was another half line of verse after this but on waking it faded before I could record it. I think it had something to do with the feeling or awareness produced by the "new sensation" mentioned in the first line. I woke up before I could listen to any more of the song or continue to look for the singer.

      Note: It was still very early after I finished writing all my notes, so I went back to bed. I had some NLDs and at one point as I was starting to wake up from one I found myself thinking about the song again. At this time I got the impression that the missing line might have been: And so a new feeling is won. Of course there's no way to confirm if that's what it was originally, but it's the best I've got to go on!
    11. Sing the Light

      by , 07-24-2014 at 06:44 PM
      Technique: WBTB, mantra

      I am outside in a park. I am not present in the dream, however, just observing. I see a few kids running around and I have the awareness that they were just shoplifting. I see an old woman lurking in the trees. She seems curious about what the boys are doing, and I want to help her. I then become aware that I am dreaming, and watch my own body materialize into the dream. Once I am totally present in the dream, the dreamscape changes slightly (I can't really describe how…something to do with the texture or the light?????), and it feels like the old woman and I are in a separate layer of reality than the rest of the DC, yet we are still in the park.

      I introduce myself to the woman and we walk together for awhile. I see a huge tree that I am compelled to show to the woman. We approach the tree and we are both impressed by how gigantic the trunk is. As I look more closely, I see strange faces carved into the bark. They remind me of shamanic masks. I decide it would be very interesting if the faces were lit up so we can see them better. I put my hands on the tree and focus on summoning light. The faces begin to light up but not as much as I would like, so I push my will even harder. I suddenly get the idea to use my voice to raise the vibration. I begin to "sing" the light. As I do this, the entire dream lights up, and then there is a violent explosion of light and the dream scene changes!

      I am now in a house. It is very dark. I am aware that I am responsible for a baby, a little boy. I want to go explore. I decide I have to take the baby with me. I grab him in my arms then head for the door. I feel slightly afraid to go through the door for some reason, then remind myself that I don't want my fear to inadvertently summon something nasty behind the door. I go through the door safely. It is still night outside. I find a bicycle and get on, holding the baby very carefully in my arms. As I ride, I become aware of just how tiny the baby is. I can feel his warmth and heartbeat against my body, which is a very strange sensation. As I continue riding down the road, I turn a corner and see a breathtaking city view that I've seen in a previous dream. I stop to admire the view.
    12. Killing a Man and Getting Gifts in New York City

      by , 01-07-2014 at 05:07 AM
      Dec 10-11 (Lucid)
      I was with Matt and there was this guy trying to kill us. We were in a forest type setting, just off the highway or road. Matt was far away on the road with a BB gun shooting, but some were hitting me because I was close to him. I tried getting out of the way. I had a knife, the bad guy had a cross bow. He started to load it so I ran towards a tree without looking back and dove behind it as an arrow whizzed by. I then ran back and as he loaded the next arrow I slit his throat with my knife.

      Lucid: I was flying over the city of New York and I caught on that I was dreaming. I wanted to land to try some fun stuff with lucid dreaming. I was with dream characters Tommy, Kenny from work, and I think Daniel. I knew I was dreaming so I was trying to remember what I wanted to do. First thing I thought of was bending. I tried earth first. I stomped the ground to see if I could get a boulder to pop out, but only a very small blob of earth did. I tried again but nothing happened that time. I gave up and decided on fire bending. I thrust my hand out like I've seen on the show and some fire shot out! I tried again and it worked again! I was so excited, I tried with my foot, but I didn't work. I think I wasn't flexible enough. The other dream characters around me were actually kind of fire bending too and amazed it was working. I started throwing invisible cards of like air so see if I could hit something. I then remembered a task of the month to ask a character for a present. I ran up to one of the people around me, but was interrupted by two girls. One young one, one who I think was Katara, from Avatar. The young one asked me something but Katara said I had to do something to get the gift I wanted and held out a little wrapped gift. So we like got on a motorcycle or something cuz we started going somewhere really fast and I asked what the present was. I opened it and inside was a mask. It was purplish pink, had a beak on it, and apparently allowed me to fly she said. It kind of looked like it had three eyes too. I stared at it hoping that I would remember so I could draw it later, but the details of it shifted and were slightly unclear. We got to my house to my moms room, and she said there were others coming to help train me and left to get them (At this point I forgot I was dreaming, but knew I had powers). I put on some awesome looking black gear to go practice what I could do. I kept trying flying. I could jump really high and hover for the slightest amount of time, but always fell eventually. I kept practicing and practicing. I vaulted over the wall to the pastures and then launched at the barn. I thought about using the horse walker to launch me, but decided it might break. I went back and Kenna and a friend were outside watching me. It was getting dark out. I launched as high as I could (to try to get on the roof) onto the pillar outside the outside bathroom. I got about 5/6 up it, and had to shimmy and climb my way up the rest. My mom commented that she thinks I really had changed cuz I couldn't do that before. I then got ready to jump from the roof to the pool, and my mom didn't wanna watch cuz she was scared for me so she went inside. I prepped and launched and dove into the pool. I almost didn't, my toes like just barely touched the edge of the pool when I went in. McKenna and her friend came in as well all impressed. We went into the hot tub and suddenly we had two hot tubs. The weren't hot, but same temp as pool, just mild. Part of me was confused why they weren't cold since it should be winter, but I forgot instantly about that and moved on.

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    13. The Girl in the Mask

      by , 08-26-2012 at 05:08 PM
      We are walking on this dark street, I think we are finding a food to eat. We are three people I forgot who they are but surely know them well. We came across this many gambling store, this lady on dress who looks like she is an ice cream vendor on her cute outfit rather a gambling master ask us to try our luck. my two friends tried but they failed, the lady ask if i want to try and I said yes. She said that if the numbers stops at 49 i will won 35,000 pesos which is a huge amount of money. and she also told us that a while ago there is a lucky winner of the amount which she named as my auntie. I press the machine and it slowly change from 48 to 49 which intitled me to won 35,000 pesos . While signing the papers to claim my winning money, I quickly think of on how to divide my money 30k goes to my mom and that and the others I will keep. When we are about to leave I saw my uncle, if he knows that I won he will surely ask for money and think of my other uncle's and family member too whom I will share my winning money too.
      Next Setting :
      I went to school keeping my money to my bag, and saw my teacher sir leo. he scolded me why I came late to school and my other classmates is already eating their lunch at the canteen. I told him that I went to eat and because I'm already hungry that I cannot concentrate on his lesson, I said sorry and went to the canteen.
      Next Setting :
      My brother and I went to this huge house, it was almost a park with a house and the family that is leaving their is sure is very rich and wealthy. All I remember is that the children of that family (a boy and a girl) ask us if we could accompany them to this house. We agreed, they ask us to change formal clothes. We ride with this vehicle, it was a beautiful vintage like car with soft and thick interior inside and a wide chair, the chair looks like a bench and the window is looks like a vintage windows of cars. I told them that they have a very beautiful car. They also have driver, and we are their sitting comfortably at the back while the girl is sitting in front. The boy and my brother is talking, laughing and sharing jokes. I can't remember what they are talking. I ask the driver if we could drop by the optical shop so i could fetch joey's mom eye glasses, we stop at the narrow street and ask the sales lady if the glasses is already done. the sales lady said no. It was a almost dark hour, and i waited for the glass to finish. That was then I heard a loud scream came to this creepy house at the back of the optical shop, the street change in to old looking street with trees and old houses. I went to the house, the car is still their parking in front of the house. I can't remember clearly but their is this old woman on the CR and a girl on her twenties on the only room of the house with a man on her side. She has long black hair, a tall girl who wears a white fitted blouse and an ankle length skirt. she salivate and smells bad. she has this burn on her face that looks creepy and scary. the girl on the bathroom ask us to leave immediately. she keeps on babbling something i can't figure out, she has now a small boy on her side. I ask the boy to leave with me but he doesn't move. my brother is now calling me and the lady is near us. so i run to the door stairs but the lady with a burn on her face stops me and laugh a creepy laugh. She said that its now time to pass this mask to me, she remove the mask to her face. I can't run even if I tried to and she keeps on laughing and laughing and when she already removed the mask she put it on my face and it smells bad. the boy beside her call her mocha, i don't know why. haha!
    14. The Demon God's Sword

      by , 08-25-2012 at 04:50 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      1:03 a.m. Candle, reverse day, subliminal audio 1.0 by ninja.

      Incubation: How to lucid dream?

      Around 7:30 a.m. Dream:

      Bathroom. Me. A towel. A woman. A guy with a mask. He asks her where his parents/fiance are/is. She said something. She only has one parent?

      An enemy falls. A futuristic place. I'm standing on a platform of sorts. Did I push him? Gods wagering. A demon god with a sword. My subordinate (female) attacked the demon god and stole the sword. She then passed it to me. The demon god attacked me. I blocked with the sword, holding it with two hands. The demon god used a spear, and with only one hand. He's strong/I'm weak.
    15. More Fragments

      by , 07-14-2012 at 02:44 PM (Fennecgirl's Collection of Dreams)
      When I woke up, I couldn't remember any dreams from last night. After a few minutes or so, I started to vaguely remember a couple fragments. It took me awhile, but I think I've managed to recall all that I can. I still can't remember any of them too clearly, but I'll write down what I can, and I'll try my best to keep them in order.

      1. This one I can remember fairly well. I was playing some sort of computer game. However, my field of vision was limited to what was on the screen (as if it were actually there in front of me rather than on a screen) - the only way video games ever seem to work properly in my dreams. It was one of those point-and-click adventure games. On the screen for the main area at the beginning, there were at least three different paths I could take. One led to an underground tunnel, one led to the basement (which was actually below the tunnel for some reason), and one, in the bottom-right corner of the screen, went to some kind of storage room or something.

      I selected the tunnel, but I couldn't continue because it was too dark, so I went to the storage room to get a lantern, which I brought back to the tunnel and just... left it there. Then, I went to the basement instead. I encountered the same problem here - it was too dark. I went back to the storage room for another lantern, but there wasn't one. I checked my inventory screen in case I had one (or anything else I could use for some light), but all I had was some milk and some other stuff I can't remember. I went back to the basement anyway and found that there was an electric light already there, so I switched it on.

      2. My mom and I were in this little convenience store. I was hungry. We were waiting for my dad and my brother to arrive so we could have supper, since the store had like a mini-restaurant area where you could order pizza and ice cream. That closed at 8 PM, and the store didn't sell any other food (what kind of convenience store doesn't sell food?!), so, when my dad and brother finally arrived, we had to go find somewhere else to eat.

      3. My friend had a giant hotdog. It looked to be about two or three feet long. She offered to share it with me, since she didn't want to eat the whole thing, but I said I didn't want any of it.

      4. This one was actually fairly clear. For some reason, I had to go find a bunch of items, like a scavenger hunt. My brother did, too, but we weren't working together; we were doing it separately. My dad somehow knew what I was supposed to be finding, so he would help me by giving me hints. I remember having to get the Stone Mask (from the Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask). For some reason, it was on the living room wall, as were a bunch of other masks. I couldn't reach it because it was too high up, so I stood on the arm of the chair and reached it from there. I wish I'd realized that this wouldn't have worked IRL - in the dream, the window was a few feet to the right of where it should be, and I think the chair was a bit to the left, but, in real life, I only would've been able to reach the window, not the wall. Anyway, I got it. Wearing the mask, I went onto the deck to show my dad. He waved at me, and I told him he wasn't supposed to be able to see me while I'm wearing the Stone Mask (in Majora's Mask, it actually does make the wearer invisible).
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