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    1. Rejected

      by , 12-23-2017 at 03:18 PM (Exterminate)
      I don't remember much of this dream right now. I had it earlier in the night, and I left a few notes, but I don't really remember anything but the notes I put down. I'll try expanding on them if I can.

      The first thing I recall is feeling my hair and noticing it was longer than I have ever had it before. It went a bit past my shoulders. I actually really liked it and decided to keep it that long. I went to a mirror to check it out, and the style made me look kind of feminine. I sort of morphed between male and female for the rest of the dream. I saw a girl with blonde hair and glasses, kind of nerdy looking, that seemed attractive to me but I had a feeling I should stay away from her. I don't recall how I first saw her. At one point I was driving across town and went to Toys'R'Us to do some last minute Christmas shopping. I wanted to get a gift for this girl, but also something for my niece and nephew. I can't think of exactly what it was I was looking for. It had something to do with either music or books, and it could be done on a tablet, but I didn't want to buy a tablet. There was a loud advertisement around the corner with a light shining on said tablet, but I really wanted the real thing. I ran into my brother here who was also shopping, and he told me not to go for this girl because it'd be a mistake.

      I didn't care. I was infatuated and nothing would change my mind. I stopped to visit the niece and nephew on the way home and noted that they were staying in a small single-wide mobile home all by themselves. They're only children, so someone would have to go there and take care of them. The whole family was present while I was there, including the kids' parents, my brother, and my parents. There were no lights on inside the house.
      I decided to return home. I confronted this girl and got utterly shamed. She had no interest in me, she was of the opposite political spectrum and was engaged to be married within 3 days. I remember being laughed at by Mark Dice at one point for even going near the liberal lunatic. lol.

      Motel fire
      I spent a good deal of another dream recalling a memory that I don't believe exists. I was sure it was a past dream that I was recalling. I can't get all the details right now, but basically I was in an enclosed motel. It was oval shaped with doors and elevators split between 4 floors on either side. On the main floor was a very nice black marble. Very shiny and clean. On one said was the entrance, on the other was a waterfall and a giant eagle.
      The motel appeared to be my place of employment, and my family was staying there for the weekend. A fire had broke out and everyone quickly grabbed their belongings and walked out of the building. The fire went on for several minutes, but it seemed to have been contained fairly quickly. I remember seeing big black clouds of smoke raise from the building, as there didn't appear to be a roof over the main part of the motel. The lobby area was mostly covered from the elements due to the floors above it, and the building connected over to other offices and businesses. I fabricated the story a bit as I was recalling it. I made it seem as though my family had lost everything in the fire and that we had to start anew, but that would not be the case as this was just a weekend stay.

      I snapped by to reality (Or so I thought), and realized I was sitting on a sofa at my first job, talking to old friends. Nobody seemed real interested in my story. I walked outside and sat on the steps of the building talking to a coworker. We were all waiting for the newspaper truck to arrive to give us our papers that we would distribute to our customers. This person I was talking to was quizzing me and my brother to pass the time. She asked us a few questions and we had gotten them right. The last question was a hard one, and one I almost got right, but my brother leaned behind him and looked inside the door at a piece of paper on the inner door. It had said the answer to the question that was asked. The person asking the question got mad and took down the paper and hid it because my brother cheated. I went back inside and talked to an old friend Tim V. Tim never worked at this company before, but my dream self didn't seem to notice. He had aged a bit since I last saw him, but I could tell it was definitely him. I asked him how he's been and he started talking about his life issues and how depressed he's been.
    2. #192 - Bath / Aliens

      by , 01-22-2016 at 06:41 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Dream 1 - Bath
      I remember being at my ex's house and her family is there, we're warming up the bath tub so my daughter can have a bath. The water is too hot and I know that I need to add more cold water, Tim (my ex's brother) is holding onto my daughter and he lifts her over the bath. I'm too slow to react, at first I was intending to tell him not to because she still has her clothes on, but then he drops her. Instant panic and fear, I'm practically screaming NO! in my head but they won't come out. The waters too hot so it hurts her and she nearly drowns because she's still little. I'm so scared and I try rescue her from the bath but there's still a chance she breathed in some water and could drown. I wake up in shock from the whole thing feeling more than a little uncomfortable.

      Dream 2 - Aliens
      I remember I was with a crew on an alien ship or something, we're exploring the place and come across some interesting looking eggs with glowing blue veins (pretty much the same as the ones in 'Aliens vs. Predators' but with glowing-coolness). The eggs are deactivated at the moment, and I instantly think about the game I'd played recently where the turrets were deactivated and I wanted to destroy them since I knew they'd activate later on and attack me... Geeze, no one wants to attack them? Whatever. They even have guns, just one shot would do the trick. Oh well, we continue onwards and enter an open area, everyone is quite relaxed and casual. The others are quite social and I think I'm a newcomer to the group. I decide to walk back and check out the alien eggs, on my way I pass by another group member and I say something, he gets a 'Umm what...?' look on his face. I reply to his expression by saying something about how I'm just making sure we don't get killed by aliens. I walk in to the alien egg room and the door closes behind me (it's an alien door that's automatic, it looks pretty cool too). I think something happens and the eggs activate, FFFFFUUU. If only they had listened, whelp I'm not going to die atleast since I'm GTFO. I sprint out the door and into the hallway. The guy I passed in the hallway is ahead of me and I alert him to the spawning of aliens, he doesn't take me seriously though so I just yank his arm and drag him with me. He'll understand later and if he wants to stay then that's his problem I guess. He kind of just goes with it and lets me drag him along. I think this is as far as the dream went.
    3. Mean Tim

      by , 06-06-2015 at 03:55 AM (Casting Shadows)
      We were all in Dalton and Tim's bedroom, but I remember that it was very altered in the dream. Tim was being very mean to Dalton, for no good reason; he was so mean that Dalton was starting to cry. It was beginning to make me angry, because Dalton hadn't done anything to deserve that kind of mistreatment, and I was mentally preparing to lash back at Tim.

      Reality: Dalton and Tim were fighting last night over money, and in fact it was kinda/sorta the other way around.
      Tags: dalty, tim
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    4. Possible WILD - Teaching Tim About Dream Control

      by , 07-05-2011 at 12:32 PM (Dark_Merlin's Dream Journal)

      Possible WILD - Teaching Tim About Dream Control (MILD)


      I layed in bed after waking up repeating my mantra "I am dreaming" and allowing myself to get caught up in the visualisations. I didn't feel any onset of SP, but I believe I was lucid the whole time this dream happened, though I don't fully remember the transition.

      I was visualising minecraft, and a server with Jeremy, Tim, and Henry. I was trying to help Tim understand how to fly, and make choices about changing the dreamscape around him. I showed him how his thoughts influenced the generation of the landscape around us, by going flying fast across lots of terrain. As my thoughts would scatter, the terrain would jump and become inconsistant, but as my attention returned, it would continue smoothly. We ended up flying through some sort of never ending gravel terrain, which spiralled downwards and was beyond my control. This is when I woke up.
    5. First Dream Recall-- Ninjitsu, Detention, and Drugs

      by , 11-12-2010 at 06:52 PM
      Dream 1-- Home Training with Ninjas and Cats

      This dream starts out in a miscellaneous location that I cannot recall off the top of my head. What's happening is that me and the other "ninjas" in Ninjitsu are doing drills by lining up and then all completing the same technique, then running to the back of the line. I don't remember actually completing any technique, but I remember looking at the line, and watching people do it. I remember looking at Sensei, standing with his arms crossed and not looking particularly impressed by anything that was going on.

      Suddenly, the drills are still going on, but now they are in my house-back-in-Dallas's kitchen. I think there was this white ladder-like thing that people had to climb before they could perform the technique. I sat down in a chair, eating some chips while they all did the technique because I didn't want to stand in the line, but I was still prepared to have my turn I think.

      After a while, the scene changes again, and all the people are gone, it ends up being night time, and there is black cat rubbing up against me. Now, I have a cat in my house, but she is orange and white striped. When this black cat starts touching me, I turn into what I have deemed "passive observer." This state is a crucial dream sign for me and is basically where I no longer identify with a body or actually do much of anything. Instead, I am just thinking about what is going on and watching the dream as if it were a movie that I have no control over or stake in.

      So, this cat rubs up against my leg, and I use my hand to pet its head. I get this thought that's like I wonder if cats like to be handled this way and what would be the best way for someone to pet me if I were a cat. So I stop petting the cat and it rubs up against my leg again, presumably to get pet again. I am thinking now about why I would rub up against someone's leg if I were a cat (my dreams can be super-analytical sometimes because that's who I am in real life). I don't do anything and the cat remains unmoving, while still contacting my leg, for about 4 seconds, realizes it won't get pet, and then walks away.

      Then, it comes back with two other cats in tow. This part of the dream is really confusing, because I was semi-playing with the cats, and they randomly became kind of hostile. I think this dream brought me back to my childhood where I would mess around with and abuse my cat.

      I try to incorporate my dreams into my real life because I think they are intimately connected. I try to find those connections within my dreams and see what my subconscious is trying to get me to remember or do in the future.

      Anyway, I'm still in my kitchen and these three cats are just walking around. I have a blanket and I playfully throw it over one so that it is completely covered. I have done this to my cat many times, and it would freak out, and sprint up the staircase to hide under a bed. I found this really funny at the time but looking back it was pretty abusive and silly.

      So in the dream, the cat doesn't really find that amusing. I take a hold of the blanket again, and the cat starts walking toward me. For some reason I have this thought that the cat is being hostile, so I start backing up until I back up into a wall. The cat continues to approach me so I raise the blanket up to my neck to protect myself. The cat, who looks like a male version of my cat at home, starts to get up on his hind legs and climb the blanket with his front paws. I start to get scared about what would happen and that this cat could potentially claw the shit out of my face.

      I think at this point I wake up.

      Dream 2-- Detention in the College Kitchen

      This dream was rather long, but I can only remember bits and pieces of it.

      The general setting is that I am in a cafeteria, and I am serving detention for I don't know what. There are DCs that all seem to me to be relatively dumb but also surprisingly cool. As in, I become a passive observer by analytically assessing the situation and determining that I am not as cool as everyone around me and I'm trying to notice their movements/gestures/words so that I can copy them in the future. I don't really DO much of anything in this dream except observe while the action happens all around me. In my opinion, it's not awful because I'm really interested in figuring how I see the world, but at the same time it serves as a constant reminder about who I am in real life because I will totally zone out during conversations or parties just because I'm so caught up in my head.

      Anyway, enough about my problems this is a DJ. So, I am in this large cafeteria with brown tables and yellow walls. It doesn't remind me of any place in particular, but definitely looks like a cafeteria. The first DC I run into is this guy with a buzz cut and a moustache. He reminds me of a thin version of Ryan from my Spanish class, who I don't really talk to except this one time where he brought up that he really likes to smoke weed. I guess it stuck with me.

      Thinking about it, this dream is really scattered and fuzzy. The event that stands out to me the most is that there was this poster that someone gave to either me or my friend as a gift in the dream. It was a green poster board with magnets in the shape of dicks placed on it. There were three dick-magnets on the green posterboard, and the guy said that combined they managed to accurately point north or something.

      There were marking on the posterboard and I wanted to measure it and figure out if it was legit. I took out a six inch ruler, which I apparently had in my hands, and starts to measure to angle of the distance between the dick-magnets or something. As I got more and more into it, I forgot what I was doing, and I would be blinking and seeing that more pencil would appear on the board even though I wasn't actually drawing anything. I thought the dick-magnets were really funny when I first saw them.

      Dream 3-- Tim Jang and Frat Guys Make me Sleepy

      This dream was short. It was night time and I was hanging out with Tim Jang, from my high school, and frat guys from college. I always feel out of place in these kind of dreams, where there is partying and alcohol and drugs just because I have abstained from them for the sake of trying to meditate and find my higher self.

      So, they are smoking weed and are probably cross-faded at this point, we all walk into an apartment. I am totally passive observer at this point, and I am tired. I can recognize that I am tired because my thoughts feel really heavy and incoherent, my eyes are only 75% open. So I decide to lay down on the bed even though everyone else is still having a party and doing their own thing. I have regrets about doing this even in the dream but I feel like I have no choice because I am so tired and am not conversing with anyone anyways.

      When I wake up, all the frat guys are gone but Tim Jang is there. I don't really understand where we are and I look down to see my Halloween costume, which was a large white board acting as my Fbook wall, totally covered in the marks from the guys. The board in my dream didn't really resemble the board of real life because it had two actual status updates from me, which I couldn't read. Something I've found interesting, though, is that text in my dreams is usually legible and will actually keep stable when I look away and look back if I am paying enough attention to notice.

      So, I get a little sad/pissed off knowing that my board just got ruining and that I fell asleep when everyone else was having fun. Tim and I decide to walk back to the dorms, but I don't know where we are. We discuss it for a little bit, and then start to walk. Then I wake up.