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    1. 5 Feb: Tv studio, kids drown, leaving London

      by , 02-05-2019 at 09:31 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Visiting a tv studio, a lady friend shows me old cameras and other old equipment, shows me a wardrobe she made, very basic stuff, she explains why they don't use normal clothes.

      I am coughing blood.

      At the beach, some kids from somewhere go trough an area of the ocean shore that is full of rocks and get trapped and are drowning. A media circus installs. I wanna go away,

      I am with my friend Zilla in the 40s, we are taking the last cruise ship leaving London just before the war hits. People are very emotional saying bye to us and vice versa.
    2. The “Patches” Odyssey, Part Two

      by , 11-02-2018 at 05:02 PM
      Morning of May 24, 1970. Sunday.

      Dream #: 1,252-01. Reading time (optimized): 2 min. Readability score: 73.

      In Part One of “The ‘Patches’ Odyssey,” I described the beginning of my dream, of which was like watching the opening credits of the animated musical “Gay Purr-ee” (1962). “Opening credits” had been a part of many other dream state beginnings in my childhood, but this was clearer and brighter than usual. There were several different versions of the “Patches” dreams (later ones by intent), though with the same main segments.

      After the alligators had flipped our canoe, they drag Brenda to the opposite side of the river from where Toby and I had been in the cypress trees. In addition to the “alligator king” character being influenced by “Turok Son of Stone,” the scenario itself was from an influence of the cover of the January 1968 issue.

      Toby and I are later on the opposite bank of the river. We discover that Brenda is on her back, presumably having drowned, draped over a tree stump, with water dripping from her shoes (which are dark blue with silver buckles). I am kneeling before the dramatic scene on one knee. There is no blood or gore. Eventually, three bats fly around and seem to mourn the scene. I am also aware that they are fairies which may be able to heal her at a later date. (This stems from earlier dream segments about three fairies changing into different forms, including bats, birds, butterflies, and moths.) They sing the Dickey Lee song “Patches” with different lyrics, which oddly distort to “down by the sea” (instead of “down by the river,” even though the setting is near the river and not the ocean). Her resurrection is a result of otherworldly magic.

      In another dream segment, Brenda is missing. She had been kidnapped by a man who sells Holy Bibles from a small market stall. I follow the three entities (that are now butterflies that become moths as evening approaches). I discover that Brenda has been tied up and gagged and kept behind the market stall on the lowest shelf facing the inside. The unfamiliar man (who presents a mean visage) is selling small King James Bibles with both black and white simulated leather covers. I untie and rescue her when he is elsewhere. Red silk bookmarks of the type sewn into the Holy Bibles were sewn together and had been used to tie her up. (There may be an association with snakes, as such bookmarks are narrow and red as well as forked on the outside end.)

      In an offset segment, a literal bed space strand occurs. I see myself as sleeping in the southwest bedroom (my parents’ bedroom that my father later used for music). The head of the bed was against the west wall, where there was a row of three big jalousie windows in reality. In my dream, however, there was only one sash window in the middle of the west wall. It has twelve small panes. The top three are missing.

      End of Part Two. There will be one more main part.

    3. Longest LD Ever! / Some Amazing Crazy Ass Dreams!

      by , 03-07-2018 at 08:07 PM (Hopeless Wanderings)
      My first dream involved my long lost brother, who was in a school shooting(he was the shooter) and we were dealing with the consquences.
      NOTE: this is at least my 3rd dream involving my "brother". In ever dream he has something tragic happen to him. Also note: I don't have a brother, and never have, but my dad was a sperm donor, so these dreams really make me wonder...

      ok, so this LD lasted SO long, it felt like HOURS. But there was so much jumping around that sadly, I've already lost most of it.

      I was in some place, realizing I was lucid, staring at the wall to stabilize. Then I spun to stabilize more, and that's where the adventures begin. I went outside and looked at the stars, they were so bright that I wanted to be in them, so I jumped up once, but failed to get anywhere, the second time I jumped up and I went so high, into the universe. The earth became small and I zoomed past constellations that were lit up and connected by lines so I could see. I was going far from earth, and I realized I didn't want to be stuck somewhere in space, so I flew back down so I could see earth, and decided to fly down to Bondi Beach, Australia.
      what did I do then you ask? Well, I went in the water and started drowning so that one of the hot lifeguards from the tv show Bondi Rescue would save me! And sure enough, one of them came and rescued me, and it was epic. The things I did after that I either want to keep private or don't remember enough to tell, but the lucidity lasted A LONG time. I tried to remember my goals but failed on that part.

      A student discovered a new planet, we were teleported there. It was bright and colorful and beautiful, but was also inhabited by some creatures that looked like people. "wow, so there IS life on other planets," I thought. At first we were being careful exploring this planet, and some of the creatures would try to attack us. A bunch of stuff happened that I don't remember and led to ME singing on stage with Christina Grimmie and, eventually, the queen of England joined in! Whaaaaaat. It was a great moment. We were all belting out "Let It Go" from Frozen.
    4. Drowning and Suicidal Killer

      by , 01-06-2018 at 02:43 AM (Hopeless Wanderings)
      I'm with Allie P. and I'm trying to buy sushi but my wallet is missing, so I ask Allie if I can borrow some money, she gives me her credit card. I sit at a table and there's a bunch of scary looking dolls. I'm trying to count some foriegn money and put the dolls together to pay her back(idk).

      I'm at a camp, might be a prison camp but not really, and I'm standing by a large pool and some guys. One guy kicks my pen into the pool and I get angry so I push him into the water, but he sinks to the bottom, pushes off to the top to get air, sinks again, repeat. I realize he can't swim and it's 20 feet deep. After awhile of this I know I have to save him even though I'm scared of the water. I jump and and save him and everyone cheers. Then, it becomes a game. People start fake drowning and whoever can rescue their person the fastest wins. I played one round and won.

      Someone at camp had plans to kill another camper and then herself. Somehow I knew this but no one else did. T was there, watching or something, I don't remember. I go into ES mode and I follow the girl. I sort of know that this isn't really happening and I want to make it more interesting so I turn on my iPod to the song Car Radio. The guy that the girl was after was now hanging from a fence, blood dripping down his mouth. I go up to him and say, "Listen, everything is going to be alright, ok?" and he nods. I want to talk to the girl but I don't know what to say.

      thinking: maybe T was watching for a reason, like I was trying to figure out what to do and what to say but didn't know and she knew. hmm..

      T is dead IRL and I have been trying to summon her so it was surprising that she showed up in this non-lucid.
    5. [22-01-2017: 9th competition night

      by , 01-22-2017 at 11:16 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I saw some underground cavern with small, blue glowing crystals. There was a whole society of intelligent chinchilas. They have gathered in the middle of the cavern. Chinchilla elder had some sack with glowing crystals, all of them were arguing until he made them quiet and said about prophecised end of the world. Suddenly water started gathering in the cavern. I turned into that elder chincilla with crystals. Everyone was escaping, but I decided that it would be for the better if I dive deeper and drown.

      Suddenly I found myself in my home, barricaded. Looking through windows I saw legions of zombies smashing everything on their way and going towards my house. I tried to move from bathroom to kitchen, but there were two zombies in the hallway. I ran past them, but doors to kitchen were barricaded too. Suddenly my sister with grandma opened them and helped me close them so zombies won't get us.
    6. Horror Game

      by , 11-28-2016 at 04:56 PM (Cinder's Dreams Gallery)
      My recall wasn't so great today, mostly because I was too tired in the morning to care about dream recall.

      I was drowning in a river at night, I had to drop my backpack and my valuables as I swam out. Fortunately, I still had my debit card with me as I bought new clothes so that I don't die from hypothermia in the winter. I was in a city that I never lived in. I returned to my home, which was in a condominium, on the seventh floor.

      My dream transitioned. I was hanging out with my dad and we had a gaming console, and he was playing a horror game on it (my dad doesn't game) and he got up to go to the toilet during a cutscene, and then the monster started going after the character so I had to take control of run around in circle in a dark house, because I didn't know the context of what I was supposed to do. The monster looked like a muscular necromorph.
    7. 21/9/2016

      by , 09-21-2016 at 07:20 AM
      A lot of drowning in all my dreams last night, and more cats!!. I will have to look up the meaning of that.

      1) Stood on a sea shore with my family. We watched a superyacht near a pier start moving, suddenly it was moving at incredible speed, it turned around, crashed throught the pier and continued in the other direction. We commented that it was just showing off. I noticed the wave from it come ashore and I told my family to watch out. Then my daughter was under the water and drowning - I dived it to rescue her, kept grasping at bits of rubbish but couldn't get her. the dream ended there.

      2) Standing by a shallow river. I saw a cat that had caught something. It was holding it under the water to drown it so I went in to rescue it. The cat let go of it, it was a tiny mouse, which crawled up my arm. Then it became a larger mouse more human in shape, I looked closely at it and it was dressed in intricate clothing with a small cloth cap on its head. Then I was digging the riverbank clearing away rubbish as it was going to become some sort of display, then I woke up.

      DROWNING: apparently it's about being overwhelmed by difficult emotions (I'm feeling very sad at the moment about animal cruelty and cruelty and selfishness in the world in general and my inability to do anything about it. My daughter drowned in the wave created by a a superyacht presumably owned by a someone very powerful and uncaring).

      Updated 09-21-2016 at 07:49 AM by 88643

      Tags: cat, drowning
    8. 8/14/16 - Fragments

      by , 08-14-2016 at 11:47 PM
      Fragment 1: I'm outside by a small river with a strong current. There's a grizzly bear drowning and calling to me for help. I run to the edge and pull him out of the water to safety.

      Fragment 2: I'm on a stage in front of a small crowd. Minwoo pulls me close to him and we slow dance, not caring about anyone who watches.

      Fragment 3: I'm sitting at a dinner table with a ton of people. Heechul is showing off all of his talents. I smile as I watch him.

      Fragment 4: I'm in a hotel room with someone. We are eating. I look up and the curtain to a sliding glass door is open and people walking by can see us eat. I get up and close it.
    9. Hair Show/Pride Fest

      by , 06-27-2016 at 02:39 PM (Book of Dreams)
      12:00 am

      Dream 1:
      I am at a hair show, and I'm with a girl I knew in high school (dreamsign), and I need to do a touchup on her friend. We decide on what formula to use (40g 5N + 4g DBG + 20 vol) and I have the 5N, but I need to get the DBG from another stage. I make my way over there to get the color while trying not to draw any attention to myself for some reason. Then I return and mix the color, but I look into the bowl and realize the color tube was in the bowl and I poured all the color onto it, so then I grab another bowl and try again, and the same thing happens. I start freaking out because I'm wasting so much color, but I finally get it right and apply the touchup on this guy, even though the show is ending. Once I get the right mix, the color looks like a rainbow tint, like how you see those weird rainbow colors in oil. I look into the color and it feels like I'm sucked into it, it takes me to another dream scene. I didn't notice this really as I was dreaming... I could see another scene in the reflection of the rainbow color and I looked so closely that I was transported there.
      In the second scene, I'm with a coworker at a gas station and she's saying that the gas company is pumping Tryptamine into the gas, and that she's been recording it. She presses a button and the giant sign that usually posts the gas prices is now displaying how much Tryptamine is in the gas. I have no idea what this means but I think it was bad.

      Dream 2:
      I'm at a pride festival, but I'm in a hosptial gown laying on a gurney. I'm in a procession that's leading to a stage, and I'm wheeling myself with my arms. Eventually someone helps me and once I get on the stage I'm wearing a nice suit. I'm standing now with a bunch of other people in suits, and they're clapping, so I turn around and start clapping for everyone I'm with, but someone tells me to turn around because I'm getting an award. I have no idea what the award is for, but I turn around and wait. Then I get put back on the gurney, and my grandpa is there and he carries me off the stage. My uncle is there too. They take me back and I notice a big sign that has my name on it and all these people have signed it. I'm back in the hospital gown and I'm wheeled over to a train. The front of the train is open, it almost looks like the front of a boat. There is a drag queen in the front and she's crying. I want to ask her what is wrong but then the train shoots through a tunnel.
      The festival ends and I have to get off the gurney and walk, but I'm limping really badly. I'm walking in the grass back to the parking lot, but I have to scale this wall that borders a body of water. I reach a point where an old lady pushing a baby in a stroller is trying to get around me, but she somehow slips and they both fall into the water. I'm stunned at first, I see the old lady and the baby start sinking. I'm about to jump in to help them but I wake up, in one of those waking up from a nightmare type ways where you shoot up in bed. I want to DEILD back into the dream so I can help them but it doesn't work. It doesn't sound so horrible now that I'm writing it out but in the dream I was so horrified and scared for them.
    10. #243 - Tsunami and avalanche

      by , 05-15-2016 at 07:16 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      I was watching a commercial ad being made. We were afloat a wooden raft in the middle of the ocean, on it were 3 famous actors with abs, pearly white teeth and charismatic smiles. They magnetically attracted all these beautiful women around them (the girls were on a boat that was next to us, it was like an old frigate ship). They each chose the girl they liked the most, and in turn they would descend onto the raft to be with the man, then disappear off some where (to root). There was another man on the raft, except he wasn't famous yet. He manages to attract a girl and she descends onto the boat, they're totally going to go off and root but he falls into the water. Oh shit :/ we manage to get him back on deck but he's not breathing. I have to do CPR, ugh geeze how does this work again? There's another lady next to me who tells me to do CPR, she's all mystical and wise or something. I think she was wearing a loosely fitting dress that swayed in the wind, while having nice sandy blonde hair. I put my hands on the actors chests and push down, am I doing this right? I can feel a weird lump on his chest that really shouldn't be there. Ok... Mouth to mouth resuscitation? I try blowing air into him without blocking his nose, whoops. I try again while blocking his nose and his chest inflates, then switch back to pushing against his chest. This feels like something a professional should be doing...
      The guy coughs back to life, ejecting a rather large sponge shell out. He picks it up and says something like "uh god damn metalliferous shells". I correct him by saying "Well, actually it's carboniferous" (this is also wrong... It was calcium carbonate >_<). The girl he was going to root isn't interested anymore, they both aren't in the mood after what happened I guess. The wise woman says we should head back now, after peering behind us and seeing a tsunami O_O. She guides the raft onto a wave which we ride all the way back to shore, we can see the tsunami in the background swallowing up other people, but they look like they're fine since it only gets big near shore.

      We're back on shore now, except there's snow everywhere after a massive avalanche covered the area. I remembered something about this before we left (the dream was pretty long so I think this is true). I assumed they were looking for the actor we saved from choking so I pointed at the guy as we passed people trying to indicate that he was safe. I received a confused look, then questioned who they were looking for.. My heart dropped when I heard a voice crying 'daddy'. Next thing I heard was "I broke through!" and I sprinted over, something in the script of the dream meant that my daughter was trapped in the snow, why would I ever leave her, how could I forget? I pushed through the excavation and into the shoveled tunnel. I can see a plastic barricade they uncovered, behind it a figure walks past. What the...? There's a large cavernous and well-lit room beyond, the figure was actually a small boy. But the more I look at him, the more fucked up he appears to be. He has a cyclops face, but his eye is missing. He waddles in an odd fashion and wears a loin cloth around his waist. He's saying random and weird things too.. I push through the barricade into the room. The others would be waiting on the surface so I'll do my best on my own. I'm in the cavern now, all I want to do is save my daughter. I spot her down on the ground floor of the cavern, smashing a pot and spoon while calling out daddy to try and get people to save her. I realize that there are other children huddled together, they're cowering in fear. A sense of pride goes through me about how brave my kid is .
      I run on down, but I have to face the weird cyclops monster kid, I rationalize in my head that he's better off dead. If we let him go free he may grow into an adult and come back one day to torment us. I can't remember what happened next but I feel like two scenarios played out in my head as I woke up.
    11. 10-04-16 “Porn Dungeons and Death by Drowning”

      by , 04-10-2016 at 11:41 PM
      Non-lucid – NoteslucidInterpretation

      I am in a basement. There are a series of 3 rooms next to one another, used for sexual activity. We are 3 couples coming out of each of these, though I am unsure if I am with someone at this point. From the 3 rooms we enter into a larger room and head towards a door on the right hand side.

      We are talking about a larger sex assemble which is to take place in a bit. I know I won't be participating and I think there is another woman who won't either and so while I am exiting the room I look over my left hand shoulder to spot and make sure that the woman is leaving the room with me.

      4-5 people go back into the room, while the woman and I remain in the adjacent room. This room is darkly illuminated. There is a sofa and an oblong coffee table next to a dividing wall that separate the larger floor plan into two major rooms – where we have just been in the other one. From the point of view of the sofa, which is located at the centre of the dividing wall there is a small kitchenette up to the right, right next to a door that leads into a room I never see, but notice that a fairly bright white light is flowing from it.

      As we all walk out for a break the woman who is also not participating in the group session – she is very skinny, with shoulder length hair and is wearing loose beige (?) trousers and a dark green t-shirt, she is a head or two shorter than I – tell me in an asking tone “Is it ok if we don't have sex but just cuddle up a bit.” “Sure” I reply, a tad disappointed, but not a lot.

      We sit down in the sofa in our separate corners. She lies down with her head in my lap and flick on the television, which is over right next to the kitchenette on the left hand side – opposite the door with the white light. The first channel is a two way channel – which is intended to show the other room what is happening in ours and we will be allowed what is happening in the other room. The woman tries to flick through the channels – at first we seem to be stuck on the channel we start out with – but when we finally get going there seems to be porn on all the channels. After having flicked through a couple we settle on the two way channel.

      At this the woman turns frisky and direct her attention towards me, she turns her head upwards and kiss me, gently at first but with increasing vigour. We both start opening our mouths more and more and eventually I feel the cold sore at my left corner of my mouth rip open, a typical searing pain and a slight sensation of moisture, but I don't care I continue to dive into the kiss – feeling excited and horny as hell. Eventually I start adjusting my body posture, trying to roll with the woman into the motion of getting down into a laying down position – thinking yes, nice a sexual encounter is in the making. She reacts fiercely standing up in the sofa and starts rearranging the pillows in the sofa. At first I think she is making more room for our endeavours, but I soon understand.

      “Traitor!” she proclaims “We had an agreement!” she continues.
      “Yes, and I was going to keep it, but..” I reply.
      “You can't be trusted!” She interrupts. She doesn't seem to understand that I really didn't mind not engaging in a sexual encounter but that I was fully open to do so if that is what she wanted. The situation had evolved from her desire and her initiative.

      Feeling it is a lost battle I simply place myself in a tailors position in my end of the sofa and look her in the eyes – she has deep brown eyes. She starts talking about something that happened to her with her dad.

      Sensing that it is a recurring pattern I ask her;

      “So did this or something similar happen with your dad before?” I ask, sensing there is something like a fear of flying.
      “There was an accident” she goes on – at this point the conversation is blurry to my memory – and she explains that either something similar happened at the age of 6, or later at the age of 21 – but essentially she is either saying that something happened before or after, with the other age representing the first event we were talking about. She starts looking rather pale, and slightly taken aback, I can see the surprise in her eyes that I am willing to sit back and talk therapeutically with her despite her recent judgement of me as being a traitor – which might actually refer to a generalisation of men she has developed.

      We are interrupted at the conclusion of the sexual adventure happening behind us. There is a large window, with large black curtains obstructing the view. I start becoming aware of sounds from inside there, just a few moments before they enter the room we are sat in. I get a feeling of some sadomasochistic adventures happening and feel a slightly forced disinterest in knowing about the details.

      When the people come out and start making their way towards the kitchenette, Jackie comes over to sit down, as well as a black man with long dreadlocks, though his hair isn't as greasy as you would expect from this hair style. I feel slightly embarrassed as I am no longer wearing my trousers and pants, though I still have my long woollen socks on. The black dude knocks me on my shoulder, and Jackie comes over with a glass of Orange juice and playfully say “Ahh it is good to see you asking for so much to drink” referring to it being a typical expression of recently having had sex and also to the glass of water I had drunk just a little beforehand.

      I have a blanket covering my genital area, which helps with the embarrassment, but I also feel deceitful for the others misjudging the activity me and the woman were engaging in. From the kitchenette they start talking about their fascination with a flail-like whip, which is what they plan on using next.

      I feel a strong urge to get out of there and I start making my way towards the doorway out, which is on the left hand side – leading into a small stairway, which is gloomily lit and dark green.

      There is a slight skip.

      I am now outside. I am walking down a road, there are trees and hedges along the side walk, and it is sloping downwards as I am walking down on the left hand side. It is dark outside, it seems wet and somewhat windy as well, it is raining. The light from the street lights seems gloomy and contains no warmth.

      I continue walking downwards, having a conversation with Ronan, though he isn't actually present. We are talking about the option of setting up a company each, for 5 kroner, and then swapping companies – somehow this is relating to the treatment centre I am about to start up – and I am surprised he agrees. I recall something about a Facebook conversation where we were chatting and we came to the conclusion that the only thing we might have in common is Aesthetic taste, but that this might be cause enough to meet up anyway.

      - this is relating to an earlier dream I had, the conversation took place at a street close to where I lived previously, lots of yellow building about, during the daylight. I recall the trouble of typing during this dream.

      As I am walking along during this mental/technological conversation I come across a tent. It reminds me of the attached tent of a caravan. It is dark blue and from behind the plastic windows a greyish and eerie light shines through. I am aware of the strings that hold the tent in place, as they are extending out to the road blocking the path of the side walk forcing me to walk around them.

      I am still heading down the road when I become aware of my shoes – they are getting wet and I wonder why I am wearing my slippers outside in this god forsaken weather. I look up and to my left and see the state library – rising above the darkness of the tree lines, with only a hint of the light of the street lights reaching the top like an ominous tower. I feel an increasing sense of unease, but carry on downwards.

      Not long after this the water levels are rising and I feel like I know the bottom of the road will be completely flooded, blocking path to get home. I look up and back over my right hand shoulder and spot the road I can take which will also take me home. I turn around and start walking backwards. I feel like my vision is starting to slip – like fade completely – and I become increasingly afraid that I will loose my sight completely. At the same time I start feeling intoxicated, like proper drunk and my movements become erratic and unbalanced and I desperately reach out grasping for the strings of the tent for support. And while I find them and grab them they can do little for me as my balance continues to deteriorate. I think it is a bit weird as I didn't drink a lot back at the porn complex, but I can feel that I have definitely breached all levels of safe intoxication. My conscious perception seems to turn into a series of broken mosaics, as if invisible lines of fractures appear before my visual and spatial perceptive capacities.

      I become so scared at the rising water levels and my continued diminishing balance and think to myself “Shit I could actually drown in this state. I am a poster boy of how not to get drunk.” While entertaining this thought fear levels keep rising, and then boom – I step into a pothole that is maybe a metre and a half deep and find myself too drunk to get loose – fear becomes panic as I struggle to get free.

      The rain keeps falling the water is murky, brown like the colour of mud and there are multiple pieces of foliage, sticks and branches adrift on the watery road.

      Finding myself terrified and sure of my death, I wake up.

      Immediate interpretation: The cold sore bit was hugely disturbing to me as I woke up and is referring to a situation with Karen recently, where I knowingly kissed her before telling her that I had it. I became immediately aware that I am not completely free of selfish tendencies, which is also related to the knowledge that when I am practising so much self control during sex, I am liable to release more pre-cum, which of course increase the risk of pregnancy during unprotected sex. Knowledge I have kept to myself. It symbolise how I have been willing to put my own selfish needs in front of both her and our needs, a tendency I was deeply ashamed of upon awakening.

      The black curtain shielding the view of the other room in the dungeon represents a boundary – black, the colour of nothing – meaning that while I am intrigued with exploring new aspects of my sexuality there are still areas I don't find meaningful to explore. Only if I fear exploring it does it make sense to do so, though this is not a fear based response – it is simply not interesting to me.

      My interaction with the woman represents some of my concerns with Karen – that she asks for space, and then also take initiative for sex. It represents my confusion with it all, but also my willingness to take up the role required for her personal growth. The tad dissapointment could represent my feeling of repressing my sexual advances towards her to accommodate her need for space.

      The interaction with my embarrassment regarding the others who assume we have had sex, while we haven't I believe represent the uneasiness I have felt in describing my relation to Karen to the outside world. I am trying my best to avoid putting labels on it, and while I don't find this a problem in our personal relation or when talking to people who frequent Tantric environments it is difficult to describe this mode of being in a relation to “old” friends and family who are not participating in this new-found spiritual journey I find myself on. I am somewhat afraid of what Karen thinks – if she would prefer I don't mention her at all, though that would violate my need to be open about what is important and meaningful in my life.

      The drowning in the puddle represents – I looked this up as well, I was aware of the meaning of water representing unconscious emotions surfacing – that I might be forcing the issue. Before looking up the theme I thought to myself “Hmm now you have invited her into your inner most private world, of course we dive straight into the dark side – as represented by the cold sore bit”. I then looked it up and it could mean that I am forcing unconscious feelings to the surface prematurely, which makes sense against my immediate thoughts on the matter. It might make sense to keep certain dreams or aspects of my dreams private – it is ironic that we have talked so much about giving and asking for space and we then end up attempting to dream share, effectively eliminating space between us entirely – however as I was awake and praying for the spiritual purification of selfish tendencies I also felt that it made sense to dive into this, as she could help me face the issues and as such transcend them.

      Having looked up a variety of dream themes I am increasingly aware of the truly wide variation of what people interpret stuff to mean, which has led me to the conclusion that it is primarily the immediate interpretation that matters. When I am baffled by a theme, object, colour or person I will look it up as and when needed and find the one that resonates most clearly with me. I also think this is a great way to start working on making symbolisms of dreams more translatable and better capable of communicating clearly between the two states of consciousness. Also regarding the privacy I spoke with Karen, and it dawned on me that some dreams can only be understood when analysed against other dreams or contextual events, which might necessitate “sitting” on them for a while as already mentioned.
    12. [18-03-2016]

      by , 03-18-2016 at 12:55 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      It was an early summer afternoon. I was going back home from school. I looked at the dark, cloudy sky - thunderstorm was coming. I was with group of classmates, but on the way they all dispersed except for a blonde dude. As I was getting closer to my home, I felt arising danger. Suddenly a local drunk of my hometown appeared. He was driving a car - it was a silver Volkswagen car. He was driving in my direction and smiling ominously.

      He hit me with the car and I landed on my back in a wayside trench, hitting ground with my head. It happened so quick that I only felt car hitting my body and ending down the trench, I haven't felt pain. The thunderstorm started, it was raining and thunders shot across the sky. I couldn't move, everything went black. Water quickly filled the trench, I tried to hold my breath, thinking if that blonde dude would get me out of the water. He didn't, I tried to hold my breath but I managed to do it only for a short while. The water was cold, it filled my lungs and body quickly, I have drowned. The feeling of cold water on my skin and lying down there, filled with the liquid - my last sensations were somehow calming, even pleasurable.

      Suddenly I found myself on the roadside. The clouds have dispersed, but it was still grim. I entered my house and felt like going to toilet. I entered it and in place of toilet seat I saw a huge pink stroller. I thought about a monster that could possibly hide inside the stroller, but then with another thought I declined such possibility. Suddenly random people appeared from nowhere, and the place quickly changed from a toilet in my house to a hotel room. It was a bit modestly, but modernly furnished. People prepared to drive for a trip while I was just waking up. I thought that it's good that I have a contract with travel agency, as they give me 10% of their profit for taking guests.
    13. #192 - Bath / Aliens

      by , 01-22-2016 at 06:41 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Dream 1 - Bath
      I remember being at my ex's house and her family is there, we're warming up the bath tub so my daughter can have a bath. The water is too hot and I know that I need to add more cold water, Tim (my ex's brother) is holding onto my daughter and he lifts her over the bath. I'm too slow to react, at first I was intending to tell him not to because she still has her clothes on, but then he drops her. Instant panic and fear, I'm practically screaming NO! in my head but they won't come out. The waters too hot so it hurts her and she nearly drowns because she's still little. I'm so scared and I try rescue her from the bath but there's still a chance she breathed in some water and could drown. I wake up in shock from the whole thing feeling more than a little uncomfortable.

      Dream 2 - Aliens
      I remember I was with a crew on an alien ship or something, we're exploring the place and come across some interesting looking eggs with glowing blue veins (pretty much the same as the ones in 'Aliens vs. Predators' but with glowing-coolness). The eggs are deactivated at the moment, and I instantly think about the game I'd played recently where the turrets were deactivated and I wanted to destroy them since I knew they'd activate later on and attack me... Geeze, no one wants to attack them? Whatever. They even have guns, just one shot would do the trick. Oh well, we continue onwards and enter an open area, everyone is quite relaxed and casual. The others are quite social and I think I'm a newcomer to the group. I decide to walk back and check out the alien eggs, on my way I pass by another group member and I say something, he gets a 'Umm what...?' look on his face. I reply to his expression by saying something about how I'm just making sure we don't get killed by aliens. I walk in to the alien egg room and the door closes behind me (it's an alien door that's automatic, it looks pretty cool too). I think something happens and the eggs activate, FFFFFUUU. If only they had listened, whelp I'm not going to die atleast since I'm GTFO. I sprint out the door and into the hallway. The guy I passed in the hallway is ahead of me and I alert him to the spawning of aliens, he doesn't take me seriously though so I just yank his arm and drag him with me. He'll understand later and if he wants to stay then that's his problem I guess. He kind of just goes with it and lets me drag him along. I think this is as far as the dream went.
    14. Train Suicide/Peaceful Jump LD

      by , 11-15-2015 at 05:12 PM (Hopeless Wanderings)
      I skipped a few days writing down my dreams because I haven’t been sleeping very well but I’m up north now and sleeping like a rock.

      -Harry Potter dream where I’m trying to defeat the Dark Lord

      D1: I was at some train tracks with 3 other people who I didn’t know but had met in the dream. I was watching them cross the train tracks and trains were coming from both sides(there were two sets of tracks). I yelled for them to hurry up but they were taking their sweet time. They made it across, but I noticed this man, maybe in his late 60’s, sitting on the tracks. I didn’t know if he was there on purpose or if he was going to move at the last second, so I just watched. The train hit him.

      Now I was at my house, it was a flashback to before the man had died. I had a “feeling” that he was in danger, kinda like Allison Dubois from tv show Medium. I called his number, which was only two numbers, 75. My dad tried to stop me because he didn’t want me to bother him, but I had to call. He answered. “Hello” he mumbled, sounding very depressed. “I uh.. just wanted to know if you’re okay. It’s perfectly fine if you’re not okay, and I have a strong feeling you’re not.” He says nothing and hangs up.

      D2: I was in a waterpark and this girl was telling about her experience drowning. I was transported to a very, very large pool with a huge drop off from the edge of the pool to the water, and very deep water(maybe 100-200 feet). I was terrified. Some time during this dream I was drowning and it felt like I couldn't breathe. I was thinking about how I have a phobia of deep pools and was wondering if there was a word for the phobia, but I realized I was dreaming. The dream wasn’t very stable so I rubbed my hands together and then I yelled “CLARITY” and it kinda felt like I yelled that in RL too. I knew I would lose the dream soon so I decided to jump off the edge because I wasn’t scared anymore. It was a very peaceful, relaxing feeling and then I woke up in a FA and tried to write down my dream.

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    15. Race Ending With a Peaceful Drowning

      by , 11-08-2015 at 08:32 PM (Hopeless Wanderings)
      I know I had a super short lucid sometime last night but don't remember one bit of it.

      Most of this dream was about events leading up to the race and I woke up/got up and when I fell back asleep I was having another race dream so this is just the whole thing kinda blended together.

      I was at this race, which was supposed to be a cross country running race, which a friend. Before the race, I stopped in this classroom in my old HS to get some things we needed and saw a popular girl there from when I was in HS. I was wondering why she was still there.. she would have had to be held back FOUR years to still be in HS. Anyway, she was making fun of me and so was some guy. I was more surprised than annoyed, and I didn't want to be bothered by it, so before I left the room, I turned to the girl and curtsied at her. She looked surprised. Then I left.

      There was lots of diddly daddling and thinking I was gonna be late for the race because my race was supposed to start at 4:30 am, and I looked at the clock once and it said 4:30am.

      To get to the start of the race, I look this hay-ride type vehicle with some of the contestants(and my dad was there for some reason). When we got there, I was with Sydney. I realized it was a triathlon,starting with surfing. I was annoyed that I didn't know this and had not prepared for this. I have never surfed in my life(including RL).

      Me and the other contestants get in the ocean with our surf boards and paddle out and right away, there come big waves, bigger than I would have thought(in RL I live no where near the ocean so I'm not used to big waves). Everyone missed the first wave, then the second wave came and everyone missed that too. Then the third wave came, which was huge. It knocked me off my board and my board floated way. I tried to grab it but it kept getting further and further away and I was exhausted and realized I wasn't going to make it. So I just gave in and let myself drown. Even though I didn't know I was dreaming, I knew I would be okay(drowning is a re-occurring dream of mine). So I went underneath the surface and it felt quite peaceful, and I
      woke up(FA?).

      The race turned into a singing contestant and the contestants were awful. I looked to see what the prizes were for the winners, which were kept in a yellow paper bag, and I found this gold(fake) box. I opened it and there was a pocket watch inside, cheaply made, with a cartoon character on it. The other prizes were other cheap plastic kid's toys. One kid saw me looking at the prizes and was got mad at me.
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