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    1. A Cryptic Newspaper Headline

      by , 12-17-2018 at 09:24 AM
      Morning of December 17, 2018. Monday.

      Dream #: 18,991-04. Reading time: 1 min 22 sec. Readability score: 72.

      I am at a distorted variation of the Loomis Street house in late morning, in the living room. There is an unknown dark-haired female present of whom is likely meant to represent Zsuzsanna, as my conscious self identity is not extant. Mostly, I look at a newspaper. There are details about the Green Bay Packers, including random letters that supposedly relate to the status of their wins and losses. (I do not follow sports in real life.)

      I get into a conversation about the Green Bay Packers regarding their status. I inform the unknown girl when she asks about the football team that they are presently an “A.” After a short time, I am uncertain of this even though I had read about it. I look again at the newspaper. The headlines display “M, O, N, U.” I then tell the girl that they are a “U.”

      Reading is one of my most common activities in dreams, though sometimes unstable, such as letters or words changing, though this dream was stable. Since childhood, I have used it as a way to hone thinking skills and awareness while dreaming. However, the results have been surprising. Reading and discerning, as in this dream, seems to take priority over conscious self recall. That is, I can see the writing and read it, though I have no waking life memory of my current conscious self. I know of the Green Bay Packers, but do not recall I live in Australia or that I had not been to the Loomis Street house in over 20 years. That is how incredibly skewed and faulty dreams are.

      Still, there is something to learn here. The avatar seems to be the interconsciousness rather than the preconscious (as the simulacrum was not domineering as the preconscious typically is). I say that the team is “U.” So, I may be calling the transpersonal avatar “you.” The form would exist between man and mind. M, O, N, (mon or man), U, and the missing part is “mental,” as dreaming is within the mind. Monumental.

    2. From Parking Lot to Smoking Newspapers

      by , 10-23-2018 at 08:04 PM
      Morning of October 23, 2018. Tuesday.

      Dream #: 18,936-03. Reading time (optimized): 3 min. Readability score: 69.

      As my non-lucid dream self, holding no viable threads of my real-life identity, I become vividly aware that I am sitting in the back seat, on the left-hand side, of an otherwise empty car in the Village Shopping Center parking lot in La Crosse. It is nighttime. I become aware that the car belongs to my brother-in-law Bob. (I have not had any contact with Bob since 1994, over twenty years ago.) There are only two other cars present.

      An idea comes to my dream self’s fictitious mind that I should go to the driver’s seat and take the car back to the Loomis Street house. I am feeling very cheerful and confident. I get out on the left-hand side and go around to get in the front seat. (This is really about the typical initiating of subliminal control of the dream state and has nothing to do with waking life or “interpretation.”)

      I get behind the driver’s seat. It is difficult to close the car doors, and I try several times. They are flimsy and not like real car doors at all, but are about as efficient as a dream can make something that stems from vivid non-lucidity. (It would have been better letting the dream play itself at this specific point.) I have no idea how to start the car. I have no key. I first consider that it starts like a lawn mower, but I do not see a recoil starter assembly. There is a small metal lever on the left side, below the steering wheel. I put my foot on the gas pedal and wiggle the lever. Gasoline starts pouring from underneath the full length of the dashboard. That concerns me. I do not want to incur the risk of something catching on fire. I get out of the car, and two unfamiliar men get out of their cars and come over to help me. At this point, as the men check over the car, I anticipate an explosion (an attempt at subliminal dream control), and I tell them to move away, but nothing happens.

      I decide to walk to the Loomis Street house. On the way, walking east on the north side of Sill Street, I notice many boxes of magazines on the boulevard. It is a recurring situation where I realize I can take what I want (as I am deliberately though subliminally creating this scenario at its foundation, knowing it is a dream on one level), as it is left out for garbage pickup. It is also late morning. My non-lucid dream self does not register the impossible time change (as is always the case). I find a stack of magazines that are black-and-white collections of Nancy comic strips (by Ernie Bushmiller). Looking around more, I also notice stacks of interior decorating magazines, which I have no interest in at the time. This part of my dream comes from the lifelong practice of trying to initiate viable emerging consciousness threads by focusing on sustained reading skills of which do not ordinarily exist in the dream state.

      I arrive at the Loomis Street house. My sister and mother are there and seem healthy. My dream self has no recall that they are deceased. A minimal thread of my conscious self identity emerges, but it is rather odd. I vaguely recall the concept of marijuana from Nimbin, yet I have no memory that I have lived in Australia for over twenty years or of my real-life status. (Additionally, I would never try drugs in real life under any circumstances, another factor that validates my dream self is not my true conscious self identity.)

      I have some “marijuana” that I smoke with my mother and sister. It is rolled-up full-sized newspapers. There is trouble keeping them rolled up, and they burn with big flames, though I still suck in the fire and smoke. As I focus, I am astounded by my vivified perception, and yet I am not lucid. I start to become puzzled as I enter enigmatic space (a specific level of the dream state). I realize, though vaguely, that there is no marijuana and that smoking newspaper is odd.

      I start to wake, realizing what my dream self had been creating. Fire is the emerging consciousness and often part of the waking process. The newspapers, at least as related to reading them, are the attempt to sharpen my perception, as I had tried to do in the previous dream segment, but it did not initiate lucidity, only revivification.

    3. Hanging from the Sky

      by , 09-23-2018 at 06:49 AM
      Morning of September 23, 2018. Sunday.

      Reading time (optimized): 2 min. Readability score: 61.

      In this dream, I am non-lucidly practicing and controlling vestibular system correlation and other factors in the same manner as when I was around age eight. I direct the waves of tangibility upwards, from feet to head to uplifted hands, and create storm conditions for wind, though of which are not problematic.

      I seem to be a young boy in my dream. The setting is the front of a variation of the Cubitis house, close to the outer area of the carport. Jim (older half-brother on my mother’s side, deceased) is present, appearing as he was in the early 1970s. He has a large book of information about a secret society he belongs to, and I read a paragraph about mountain-climber and explorer requirements. (Despite my conscious self identity not being extant, this seems influenced by watching “Exploring With Josh” videos before sleep.)

      It seems to be morning, though there are many gray clouds overhead. I tie two bed sheets together, tearing parts into strips, and throw the “rope” into the air. Jim tries it, but the other end curves and the makeshift rope falls back down. I hold on to one end of the “rope,” and I rise into the sky, about ten feet from the ground, the bed sheet “rope” remaining mostly vertical. (This was influenced by watching “Tau” from 2018 two days ago when Julia made a cloth rope to manipulate devices outside of where she and the other two were, though the dynamic was horizontal rather than vertical as in this dream. It also implies that my non-lucid dream self seeks the thinking skills that only my conscious mind has, which is validated by the dream segment after this one.)

      Eventually, I find a newspaper and roll a two-page spread into a cone. It becomes unrealistically long, and this “rope” pulls me higher into the sky than the bed sheet did. The scene repeats, but I add more two-page newspaper spreads. Jim seems puzzled as to how I am doing this. My parents (both deceased) come out during the last minutes.

      I hang on to the newspaper “rope” and enjoy the intense feeling of movement and flight even though I remain in vertical position. The wind blows me about north and south above the front yard. The other end remains airborne and stable in its height even though it does not connect to anything.

      My dream has a clearly defined history going back to early childhood. Replacing the bed sheet “rope” with newspaper is a technique to focus higher thinking skills which are not typically present in the dream state, the bed sheet rendering from the subliminal awareness of being asleep. Other than printed text, I also subliminally, liminally, and lucidly, focus on technology in some dreams. However, a dream such as “Cell Phone Flight” from 2015 is somewhat uncomfortable (though there was less to hold on to). Vivid vertical flight is unusual, as it contrasts with the physical body being horizontal in bed and sometimes triggers a somersault awareness.

    4. Missed Concert, Bathroom Wake-up Call

      by , 01-05-2018 at 07:05 AM
      Morning of January 5, 2018. Friday.

      The time is perceived, by looking at an analogue clock, as about 10:30 at night. Apparently, there is going to be a concert that Zsuzsanna and I will be going to (as well as at least our youngest son, as I see him in the room). We are in the bedroom of our present home. However, the room is different. Our bed is oriented correctly, but there is a toilet just beyond the foot of the bed, facing it (on the right side, and I sleep on the right side of the bed in reality) and at the southeast corner of the room. I do not consider this as unusual.

      It seems that it may be a Three Dog Night concert, though this is anachronistic (though my dream self does not consider it as wrong). I see their photograph in a newspaper I am reading and they mainly seem in their early thirties. Curiously, I am aware that I can download a song, though the technology is somehow embedded in the newspaper. I see a metallic image of an MP3 player on the page, with equidistant vertical graduation lines regarding the length of the recording. Under the right side of it is a downwards arrow that implies opening up a context menu or clicking it to download it. (I do not really consider how ridiculous a concept this is, as one cannot click on a newspaper page as on a computer monitor.)

      I have to use the toilet, but then I realize that if I did, we would be late. The concert apparently starts at about 10:45, which I see is only about three minutes away. I decide that we will have to miss going to the concert. I wake up anyway, as I need to use the bathroom in reality.

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    5. Rejected

      by , 12-23-2017 at 03:18 PM (Exterminate)
      I don't remember much of this dream right now. I had it earlier in the night, and I left a few notes, but I don't really remember anything but the notes I put down. I'll try expanding on them if I can.

      The first thing I recall is feeling my hair and noticing it was longer than I have ever had it before. It went a bit past my shoulders. I actually really liked it and decided to keep it that long. I went to a mirror to check it out, and the style made me look kind of feminine. I sort of morphed between male and female for the rest of the dream. I saw a girl with blonde hair and glasses, kind of nerdy looking, that seemed attractive to me but I had a feeling I should stay away from her. I don't recall how I first saw her. At one point I was driving across town and went to Toys'R'Us to do some last minute Christmas shopping. I wanted to get a gift for this girl, but also something for my niece and nephew. I can't think of exactly what it was I was looking for. It had something to do with either music or books, and it could be done on a tablet, but I didn't want to buy a tablet. There was a loud advertisement around the corner with a light shining on said tablet, but I really wanted the real thing. I ran into my brother here who was also shopping, and he told me not to go for this girl because it'd be a mistake.

      I didn't care. I was infatuated and nothing would change my mind. I stopped to visit the niece and nephew on the way home and noted that they were staying in a small single-wide mobile home all by themselves. They're only children, so someone would have to go there and take care of them. The whole family was present while I was there, including the kids' parents, my brother, and my parents. There were no lights on inside the house.
      I decided to return home. I confronted this girl and got utterly shamed. She had no interest in me, she was of the opposite political spectrum and was engaged to be married within 3 days. I remember being laughed at by Mark Dice at one point for even going near the liberal lunatic. lol.

      Motel fire
      I spent a good deal of another dream recalling a memory that I don't believe exists. I was sure it was a past dream that I was recalling. I can't get all the details right now, but basically I was in an enclosed motel. It was oval shaped with doors and elevators split between 4 floors on either side. On the main floor was a very nice black marble. Very shiny and clean. On one said was the entrance, on the other was a waterfall and a giant eagle.
      The motel appeared to be my place of employment, and my family was staying there for the weekend. A fire had broke out and everyone quickly grabbed their belongings and walked out of the building. The fire went on for several minutes, but it seemed to have been contained fairly quickly. I remember seeing big black clouds of smoke raise from the building, as there didn't appear to be a roof over the main part of the motel. The lobby area was mostly covered from the elements due to the floors above it, and the building connected over to other offices and businesses. I fabricated the story a bit as I was recalling it. I made it seem as though my family had lost everything in the fire and that we had to start anew, but that would not be the case as this was just a weekend stay.

      I snapped by to reality (Or so I thought), and realized I was sitting on a sofa at my first job, talking to old friends. Nobody seemed real interested in my story. I walked outside and sat on the steps of the building talking to a coworker. We were all waiting for the newspaper truck to arrive to give us our papers that we would distribute to our customers. This person I was talking to was quizzing me and my brother to pass the time. She asked us a few questions and we had gotten them right. The last question was a hard one, and one I almost got right, but my brother leaned behind him and looked inside the door at a piece of paper on the inner door. It had said the answer to the question that was asked. The person asking the question got mad and took down the paper and hid it because my brother cheated. I went back inside and talked to an old friend Tim V. Tim never worked at this company before, but my dream self didn't seem to notice. He had aged a bit since I last saw him, but I could tell it was definitely him. I asked him how he's been and he started talking about his life issues and how depressed he's been.
    6. A chase, teacher and a baby

      by , 08-03-2015 at 09:41 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was sitting with my friend in his house, and we were watching TV. There was some kind of action movie. Suddenly we were both sucked into the movie. His role changed to villain, and my role was a cop. At first we wanted to find out what's going on, so we sat in one car and drove around the city.

      It looked like a mix of a real city my friend is living in, New York and in some places Hongkong. There was no big change in people's appearance. Suddenly, another car appeared and villains started to shoot at us from it. Friend gave me his phone, and I started to check what can I do with it.

      I pressed a button, and everything moved in slow motion. There was a weird menu, with "Skills" section, and "Press (C) button". We both could see it. I tried to open it, and I did it. There were options to: "Upgrade weapon skills", "Upgrade driving skills", "Upgrade melee skills" and "Upgrade health". I have chosen to upgrade driving skills, and our car was moving so quick that we easily outrun enemies.

      However, the speed was so high that I just fallen out of the car through a window. It made me mad, I ran for a while and stolen a motorbike to chase my friend. He also changed his vechicle - he also chosen a motorbike, though much better than mine.

      I was chasing him on the streets. People gave us no attention. Once he quickly made a turn, while I drove on a ramp, and flied high to the sky. I decided to change my situation, brought back the menu and teleported to one of the streets. Luckily, there was a military helicopter just waiting for me. Finding the villain was just a matter of time, and when I found him, I shot him down with a rocket. Then I landed.

      Suddenly with friend we were both back at his house. We turned the TV off, and decided to leave the building. His family appeared. It was dark and cold evening outside. I forgotten that I have my jacket left inside, and went back to take it. Then I realised that for some reason I had two jackets with me. I took them both, sat on a motorbike and drove back to my house.

      When I reached my destination, I parked the motorbike, entered the building and went to a living room. For some reason, my teacher was sitting there and reading a newspaper. My sisters were there too, but they weren't giving the teacher any attention. Suddenly the teacher spoken: "I saw your article. Congratulations!". This felt somehow weird, as I weren't writing anything for a newspaper.

      I just left the room, went to a kitchen, and saw another of my friends. He was holding a baby in his hands, and said "Let's go for a walk!". We went to the streets, and moved through darkness. The friend gave me the baby, and then I decided that it would be best if I went back house. And so I did, the friend continued on his way.

      When I entered my house, my older sister appeared. She was mad at me because I took the baby.
    7. Reflections, Glitches, and Fixes

      by , 04-01-2015 at 02:32 PM
      Morning of April 1, 2015. Wednesday.

      My dream starts with continuing concerns and focused computer-related ideas from my waking life, though I am not lucid at all. It concerns one of the real and weirder flaws in the Internet, primarily Google in this case, which astoundingly, no one at all seems to have noticed over the years. It concerns some sort of inversion glitch, whereby what you search for displays the opposite data depending on how it is done, with incomplete listings. For example, Google will claim that, for a particular newspaper, certain editions are not available and with access to the ones that are. I took screenshots of this since I doubt most people would even be capable of believing this. If you go into the same archive with a different method (or link), the opposite of what was previously claimed (in every case) will result. This remains in my mind just prior to sleep for a few reasons; one reason being that I had forgotten the exact method to reverse the inversion error to the opposite listing and one method was no longer viable; the other reason being that it is hard for me to believe so many thousands of people are so lacking in awareness over such a long time. However, the newspaper archive itself is much a mess, with random pages of newspapers within other editions and wrong dates often being listed. Still, with close attention, it is useful for my research and dream work documentation to a point (relative to my earlier childhood work).

      Later on in my dream, an unknown female from the department of education visits us. The house seems completely unfamiliar though is possibly some sort of composite with rotated room layouts. I go into the room where my computer is and notice that it had seemingly been left on apparently overnight. Its appearance is quite different and it is a desktop rather than a tower. The front of it is some sort of transparent corrugated-like reflective surface which seems to light up (from the inside) with orange bars if it is on. A bright green light also supposedly indicates it is on (as in reality, though it is smaller and square and higher up - on my real tower it is near the bottom). However, after looking more closely, the power light is never actually on. The appearance of the light being on has to do with where I am looking at it from a particular area of the room. Regardless of the brighter light, walking about into different areas seems to make it go on and off, but what I learn is happening is solely related to reflections from another light source, possibly outside sunlight (though I am not sure). This scene is very vivid and rather strange because it really does seem like the power light is on at times. After playing with this apparent illusion for a fair amount of time, I leave the room.

      The female from the department of education has my form templates and some apparent worksheets but when I go to look at them, it turns out to be a clothing catalog (with a few smaller pages within the normal-sized pages, one featuring a girl playing on a swing in blue jeans). Not all of the pages make sense as it is. Because I “must” use this as part of the education progress report, I contemplate how I am going to arrange certain sentences and such between different scenes that feature different clothing, some outside.

      Soon after this, a rear column for the (fictional) canopy that for some reason is over the sofa she is sitting on starts to buckle. I go to check what is wrong, but she gets up out of concern for heavy weight falling on her due to some books and board games on the top of the canopy as well as some on a higher shelf on the wall (though I believe someone else warns her about it, possibly my youngest or second-youngest son). I notice fancy curtains hanging from the canopy (like on a canopy bed) and hanging down (but tied back to each column, looking rather regal) at the sides and front of the couch. Looking closely, I see that the column, which is mainly a hollow plastic beige cylinder, is both warped (as they are in reality in almost every cheaper bookshelf) mostly at the top and becoming smaller, tapering off to about half the diameter and oddly bent near the end for a short distance. The column is so warped, a part near the top is almost L-shaped, yet I still somehow manage to fit it back into the underside circular recess of the canopy (which would be impossible unless I somehow bent it back - yet it somehow seems to work as is regardless). By that point however, my two youngest sons are climbing over the couch and are taking down heavier books and board games to lessen the overall weight even though it is probably safer for now.
    8. The Quintuple Rainbow (*Lucid)

      by , 09-02-2014 at 11:24 AM
      Monday,1st September 2014

      Moon Cycle: 38% illuminated moving from Scorpio to Saggitarius

      Tarot Card of the Day: King of Cups

      Mayan Day: White Resonant Worldbridger


      After WBTB from 07:20--->08:49

      I find myself in a Dutch style house on a cliff face overlooking the dark green choppy sea.
      The weather is gloomy outside and several greyish black clouds lie overhead.
      In the room with me is my cousin,Jared.
      I sit reading an article in the local newspaper which reports on a visionary artist getting credit for her dance floor decorations at BOOM festival in Portugal.
      The picture in the article has many blue-indigo/purple fractal psychedelic backdrops with omnipresent 3rd eyes decorating the the stretchy material that the artist painted on. She stands next to her work smiling proudly.
      I recognize a beautiful tall blonde tribal looking girl in the photo standing next to her.(false memory)

      "Hey Jared, isn't this Mandy in the photo here?"I ask,as he comes over to check.
      "Yep that's her,she's living at my house right now with Kim in the extra bedroom!",he replies excitedly.
      "Wow that's awesome, she's such a gorgeous tantric goddess" I say, surprised by his statement,and hiding my streak of envy.

      We decide that we want to go for a walk, but can't seem to make up our minds where to.
      I suggest we go up to the caves on the cliff face as they are't too far away.
      I open the front door and notice the grey clouds have turned black. There's a slight drizzle and looks as though it may turn into a full blown thunderstorm any minute.

      "Hey man,it's raining outside...we can't go!"I shout through the door as he is still inside.
      "No way!"he bellows back at me.
      I feel kind of relieved as i wasn't to keen on the hike anyway.

      Upon entering the house I cast my gaze through the glass sliding room door at the back of the house and see something absolutely amazing.

      "Look outside! Its some kind of super rainbow!",I exclaim.
      We both both gaze with mouths agape in wonder at the mutant rainbow. It looked as though 5 rainbows where alchemically squashed into one.The color spectrum was abnormally pronounced.

      And that's when it struck me...Am i dreaming?
      For some reason I chose a unorthodox reality check, and one i never use, trying to reaching out and grab the rainbow like Mr Stretch. I was successful and my arm stretched out of the suede green button up jacket that I wore, toward the quintuple rainbow.

      The rush of lucid hit me and everything seemed to be fading quickly.
      I began to rub my hands frantically and shout "Clarity now",although no enhancement was evident.
      I also noticed that I could barely feel my hands, and it was if they where dead.
      As all began to fade to black i decided to go for my last resort.I remember reading somewhere that falling backward can transport you to a new dreamscape. I did so, and I immediately plunged into darkness.
      It felt as if my astral body was slammed back into my real body and felt as though i was lying in bed.
      I kept my eyes closed and soon came to the realization it could be a false awakening.And it was indeed.

      I felt as though I was being dragged by my legs while lying on my back and sensed a presence in the room with me.
      I kept my eyes shut, fearing I would wake up if I opened them,and maintained a calm awareness on the bodily sensations which now turned from dragging/pulling to a vibration with accompanied loud sound.
      The sensations started to fade so i decided to slowly opened my eyes.
      Then something weird happened.
      It was as if i opened my eyes to a brand new dreamscape,but only caught a small glimpse of it.
      I can barely recall what it looked like, just a quick flash.

      Then another "set" of eyes opened and i found myself in my bed lying on my left hand side back in my bedroom in waking reality. (I think...forgot to perform another reality check haha )
    9. Google cut-out newspaper?

      by , 07-31-2014 at 06:59 PM
      Morning of July 31, 2014. Thursday.

      In my dream, I am searching the Google newspaper archive as I had in reality recently and am looking for my birth notice, although at one level, I seem somewhat disembodied (as is fairly common in similar dreams of more of a focus on two-dimensional elements). I look in the Sarasota Herald-Tribune issue from December 20, 1960 (even knowing that it is likely in a newspaper of a day or more later). When I find where it supposedly should be, I see only a black space instead around the upper middle of the page. Oddly, this is supposedly because my mother had cut it out from the newspaper at that time and kept it at the older address in Florida, though I apparently no longer still have it. Logically, this would also indicate that Google staff had scanned the same newspaper that my mother had in 1960, but I do not question any of this extreme unlikelihood in my dream. At one point, there is an athlete portrayed in various stages on a few different pages as trying to jump over all the amorphous features and “random blobs” of each page.

      For the most part, though, I am contemplating the irony of the in-dream concept of actually having the newspaper in the past, the clipping being lost, and the scanned newspaper then being online with the missing notice. Worthy of a few giggles in conscious afterthought, I think.

      In reality, this scenario is far more problematic. The particular newspaper from the December 20th archive link actually has randomly mixed pages from at least the 19th to the 21st and most of the pages had been scanned in sideways (as well as most of the newspapers in general having scrambled or missing writing and such or big white spidery “splatters” in the middle of a paragraph rendering much content unreadable). Thus, in some ways, my dream made far more sense than how people actually are in their general absentmindedness and overall lack of attention or care.
    10. Some little fragments

      by , 05-21-2014 at 05:35 PM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      .../My wife and kids are queuing up at the stadium/...

      .../It's sort of a Punk concert in front of children under 5 y.o. dressed in colorful clothing. The older one looks like 3 y.o. One of them stage dives and falls really bad. His leg gets stuck close to his head. I'm the only adult there and dressed in black. I want to wear some colored clothing. I notice I'm wearing blue jeans. That's good/...

      .../Underlining words in a newspaper/...
    11. Hospital campus bizarre

      by , 06-09-2013 at 08:48 PM
      Total sleep time: 9 + hrs

      Pre bed: 500 mg l-arginine (inspired by Highlander)

      WBTB: woke up naturally after 5 hrs, but was super sleepy, so decided to skip the efforts/latte today.

      Dream recall: I was planning on taking a break and just sleeping tonight, had it not been the ld at the end, there wouldn't have been a journal entry

      Dream contents: the night was characterized by bizarre vivid dreams that I mostly forgot. I tried committing one dream to memory (again no keywords noted) as I thought it is easy to remember. Nothing from that dream. What I recalled is from the last hour of sleep, still pretty bizzarre and gave me a strange feeling too.

      Dream1: In our old place, the way it looked many years ago. I am in the room, which at that point in time is dad's workplace. There are a lot of birds there, but soon I notice that some of them are on the floor and do not move. I conclude they are dead. I have a fake dream memory that there was some kind of disease raging, affecting mostly birds and other small animals. I notice lots of robin-like birds (alive) on the wardrobe. Then more dead birds on the floor. I don't think it's a good idea to stay in the room, the air is contaminated. I see some textbooks of mine and begin to gather them before I leave the place.

      Dream2: I am in a bus and there is a discussion about a race ( cars/bikes?). My parents are also there. We are looking forward to finding out who the winner is, but it won't be known until 4 hrs later. We can buy tickets to the final, where the winner will be cycling/parading on the streets. I don't want to go there, but mom is talking to the bus driver. I think she will buy two tickets, but instead buys two coffee machines. They go to the back of the bus to get them.

      Dream3 DILD: In a special room, a woman I know is like the head of this organization. It looks like a room for a lot of audience, but a bit altar-like. On the stage are a lot of this woman's favorite actors/musicians, most of them are from the past and long gone. Freddie Mercury is also among them. So she is related maybe a deputy for an organization's leader, who I identify as a special friend from my past.

      I see a newspaper and begin reading the whole story of the organization. I can't wait to finish it and find out where my friend is now. At that time a DC, who plays the role of a classmate of mine is next to me, places her elbow on the newspaper, so I cannot read. I move the newspaper, but the article is not there, I start browsing the pages, looking for it in vain. I give up.

      Me and classmate DC are going somewhere. I see a shop where they sell bracelets and try out one, but it doesn't fit. There are also lots of golden objects, the size and more or less shape of a pen. I notice one very cool looking - a brush entirely made of gold. The bristles are very soft and flexible and I swipe the top of my hand with the brush, but don't feel anything at all. I leave the brush where the other golden objects are. My classmate had selected some golden item and goes inside the store to pay. I accompany her inside and notice that I now hold a golden knife-like item, but do not have the money to buy it. It somehow ends up in my mouth where it stretches, changes shape, and by the time I get it out it is a golden spiral covered with pinkish chewing gum. I move on.

      I face a door leading to a hospital-like corridor and go into that direction and end up in a vast room. I have the desire to find my special friend. While observing the room I become lucid. At this moment, my classmate walks through the door and joins me in the room. It is just a DC representation of my classmate, doesn't look like her much, but I am really amazed how this DC managed to follow me from the store. I pay no more attention to her and concentrate on the huge room in front of me.

      There are many DCs there, and I decide to ask them where my special friend is. I go and talk to an old lady and ask her about him. She says she will go and get him soon, so I find that pretty cool. I contemplate on the amount of DCs in the room and how they all seem very independent (from my subcon). I have some feeling of the dream becoming unstable so move forward and wonder how real it all seems. I run my hand on the top part of a sofa, so real, stare in front of me, and I even hear a beeping sound which repeats over and over again, like an ECG (possibly an alarm from WL).

      The room is on the first floor and leads to a large campus like inside yard. There are lots of people there, but the thing that immediately catches my attention is a black coffin, held in the air by two DCs. The sight gives me the creeps, and I begin crossing myself, a number of times, closing my eyes. Once I calm down a bit, I begin to feel that the dream is about to go, because there are no stimuli, I almost don't see anything and cannot open my eyes! I then remember that someone in DV ( gab or OB, or both, thanks a lot!) said it is possible to see through your eyelids. So I actually see a bit of the scene through the eyelids, and concentrate on it. My vision gets back to normal and I forget about the issue. The same DCs are still gathered there, holding torches as this funeral? is taking place. Most likely the coffin will be brought inside.

      That doesn't matter much now because I feel the dream slipping away once again. I look around as much as possible and notice the building surrounding the yard, reminding me of a 18-19th century large hospital or campus or both. I begin to panic as I know I am waking up and I really wanted to learn more about the place. I stop a female DC dressed with strange clothes I don't have much time to investigate and say to her "Quickly, tell me where is this place" twice. She replies something like "America, reserve Neuhausen/Munchausen". I believe at that point that there really may be a place like this and repeat it a few times so that I can check it out later. I consider going in the building but the dream is violently coming to an end and the first floor is on fire.

      I decide to check with the place location once again. I see three unpleasant problems individual DCs and engage one of them, asking him where we are. He is so out of place in this dream, doesn't pay any attention to me but instead picks up his phone and starts talking to someone else. Whatever. I look down and see lots of broken mobile phones in the mud...(end of memory and wake up)

      I wake up overexcited and tell bf about the dream and he tells tha strangely he also dreamt about Munchausen/neuhausen. I wanted to know more about his dream. We concluded that it is very likely that I have repeated the name during my dream with my real voice and that has carried over to his dream.

      Comments: I don't know whether it was my once again very deep sleep or the l-arginine that has caused so much bizarreness today. The dreams had a distinguishable different feeling to them, although it is hard to describe.
      The last dream felt very ...different too. I will refrain from any rationalizations at this point.

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    12. Killing ReDeads and Reading the Newspaper

      by , 12-05-2012 at 11:08 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Killing Re-Deads (Non-lucid)


      All I remember for this dream was that I'm trying to set up a trap for a group of Re-Deads from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

      The plan involves provoking them to chase me in some way, and then I would accelerate faster than them so that I can go through the Prison cell on the top floor. There's a switch I would activate, or a button that I would stand on, and they would be trapped and exploded by some unknown force.

      There probably 20 ReDeads going at least 100 mph at me.....

      You wouldn't want this:

      To come at you in high speed.....

      I started stomping the button with my feet like my life depended on it; and some ReDeads were able to get out for some reason.

      Other than that, I can't remember what I did next, except for maybe 1-2 dream sets where I was perfecting my plan to kill the ReDeads.


      Reading Newspaper in the Library (Non-lucid)


      It's a fairly calm atmosphere in the library, and the lighting implies that it's a bright afternoon outside, since most of the lights are kept at a low setting.

      The carpet for the library floors overall was probably green or turquoise, and I'm casually sititing down on a wooden chair with green padding for rear sitting and back resting. I open this fairly long Newspaper, and I can't understand one shit of what I'm reading.

      But since I'm completely oblivious in this dream, the action of reading, even though I don't know what the content is exactly, was the more enticing endeavor. The newspaper had a nice weight to it, I could feel that I required practical amounts of energy to unfold it.

      I could hear the creases as I'm unfolding it, seeing them expand and spread out, and I proceed to reading more pages of the newspaper.....

      Until a random Indian girl from another dimension is talking to me through a portal that's on the left of me. I tell her that she looks attractive, but she tells me that she isn't.

      This makes me speculate on my convictions with seeing a women's beauty beyond her looks; and I felt that in this case, my kindness wasn't going to make this female shift to any kind of positive mood in feeling better about herself.

      She informs me of something, but I can't recall it too well. After that, I can't remember the rest.
    13. Dungeon at the Rook; Swimming Party

      by , 06-10-2012 at 09:35 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Dungeon at the Rook

      I was in a dungeon. It was stone, dark, and miserable. I wasn't locked in, but I was behind a cell door. There were square holes in the wall in the room behind my door that were designed to offer some sort of product. There were coin returns like the ones on old coke machines or video games. I was collecting money from all the coin returns, and I wasn't supposed to.

      I turned and looked out the cell door. In the walkway outside my cell, there were other holes in the wall about the size of a microwave oven. They had bars over them and they were black inside. They were cells.

      I figured who ever they once held could not enter from that side. There must have been a way to get into those cells from another entrance. I thought how miserable it would have been to be locked up in one of those cells.

      I started getting nervous that I was locked in, so I looked at the door. It was open. I pushed it and walked out. I looked up and out a large opening in the rock wall that led outside. A truck circled into the parking area above us.

      I was with someone now. We ducked, but he thought it was his brother coming to pick us up. We were excited to get out of there. Then it seemed it may not be his brother. That's OK. We were out of the cell.

      Dream skip

      I have a bird's-eye view of the building with the dungeon. It is stately and looks like a government building. The main entrance is round, and then there are rectangular portions extending outwards. There is a newspaper in the plastic bag on the roof of the building at the edge of the main part of the building. It was odd even in my dream.

      Dream skip

      I am in a room inside the building. There is a party going on. An Asian women says, "Everyone from C-53 get together for a picture" or something like that. Some older gentlemen get together on a sofa for a picture. My stupid brother runs to a chair. It is off to the side, but it is obvious he wanted to get in the picture. The Asian woman says, "I you are C-42--what are you doing?" or something like that.

      A woman shows me a strange camera called a C-9 I think. I'm not sure all these alpha-numeric identifiers are correct. They may not have been so similar in my dream.

      The girls camera had a weird handle. It was a bar that you grip, and teh camera was built onto it. Anyway, I overheard someone say that the name of the building was The Rook. I assumed it had to do with the shape of the main part of the building being round like a rook in Chess.

      Swimming Party

      I'm in a pool teaching a young woman how to swim. She was a little heavy set and hispanic. She was cute. She had very dark eyes. She was on her back. I took her hair in my right hand and felt it so that she wouldn't realize as it was under water. I felt a wet handful of hair very vividly. I rubbed it on my leg.
    14. robbery, newspaper, remains, van, church, Queen Victoria

      by , 01-14-2012 at 05:35 PM
      At first I was reading the paper and there was an article about a girl/woman who went missing and her remains were found in the back of a van outside a hotel. Than I was somewhere else.. I think a castle/musuem..well it seems like I had walked into an office when a robbery was going on. They saw me and told me to sit down in the corner. I did so. I was really frightented. They took me with them when they left. Than I was at church for the "anniversary" of the church. I was late..so I had to sit with a dark-skin family..(I guess something like that mom, dad and eldest son who is on trial for killing 3 daughters and another wife referred to publicly as "auntie"). The Rev lighted the candles on the "stage"? Than I was a dective..looking at a box of jewerly. That box still had jewlerly but all but one piece was a fake. All the jewellery was donated by Queen Victoria. Someone in the dream (not me) said that it seemed like Queen Victoria was a crook too.
    15. robbery, newspaper, remains, van, church, Queen Victoria

      by , 01-14-2012 at 05:35 PM
      At first I was reading the paper and there was an article about a girl/woman who went missing and her remains were found in the back of a van outside a hotel. Than I was somewhere else.. I think a castle/musuem..well it seems like I had walked into an office when a robbery was going on. They saw me and told me to sit down in the corner. I did so. I was really frightented. They took me with them when they left. Than I was at church for the "anniversary" of the church. I was late..so I had to sit with a dark-skin family..(I guess something like that mom, dad and eldest son who is on trial for killing 3 daughters and another wife referred to publicly as "auntie"). The Rev lighted the candles on the "stage"? Than I was a dective..looking at a box of jewerly. That box still had jewlerly but all but one piece was a fake. All the jewellery was donated by Queen Victoria. Someone in the dream (not me) said that it seemed like Queen Victoria was a crook too.
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