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    1. The First Lucid in a Long Time

      by , 06-28-2020 at 01:35 PM (Life's Recollections)
      Normal dream
      Semi-lucid dream
      Lucid dream

      This is a collection of 3 dreams. This is the first attempt I've made to become lucid in several years, and it was successful! But not through the method I was trying.

      Sometime before 2:30 AM
      I dreamed that I was an official content censor for some kind of fascist regime, but even as an editor of content was victim to extreme regulations. I worked in an open office surrounded by other workers and was encouraged not to move from my post or stop working. I remember trying to move unsuccessfully a few times but only small bits of this dream stayed with me.

      2:30-4:45 AM
      I dreamed that my school had a 'software hit-list' of things they wanted coded for them (I'm a CS major) and one of these was a more secure meeting method. Someone had coded this and randomly instated me as a moderator because I was a CS major, and I realized that all CS majors were given such honors for reasons unclear (we are not generally known for our people skills, lol). Anyway, I hopped on a bus, the physical representation of this new forum for students of my university. I also decided that if I was a moderator, I'd try to be a good moderator, and make sure nobody was doing anything wrong. So I scoped out the area around me.

      Next to me a guy was sitting in a trench coat and sunglasses, and I tried to look past him to see what was on his other side without bothering him. There was just a window, and in the end he did see me trying to look around him and gave me a funny look, so I apologized and looked forwards again. I sorta realized in that moment that I was being stupid trying to moderate just because it was written on my name, and started behaving normally riding the bus again.

      It gets a bit fuzzy here, but I recall a friend from high-school being on the bus, and lying in the floor. I woke up again later.

      4:45 AM-7:30 AM
      And here's the meat, the lucid dream. I woke up, used the restroom (I had drunk a glass of water so that I would wake up in the middle of the night), laid down again, meditated for a few minutes while counting my breaths. When I lost count I rolled on my side and began counting my breaths again, trying to fall asleep. And then I did fall asleep! But not lucid.

      I can't remember this dream back all the way, but the first thing I remember was playing baseball with a bunch of kids. I guess I was a kid too, I'm not really sure. At one point, we were playing on an abandoned lot, and the pitcher's mound was in the middle of a partially constructed scaffolding (inconvenient), and I was pitching. Batting was a girl who I went to high-school with who was well known for throwing hissy fits when things didn't go her way (no offense to her, I'm sure she's more adult now, but we were all probably 12 or 13 in this dream...). She was indeed throwing such a hissy fit because I was pitching too fast at her. So I lobbed one slowly to let her have her way.

      She immediately smacked it and sent it flying into the scaffolding I was standing in, and I picked it up and tried to turn to look to throw it to first base, but I couldn't see first base. I then turned and saw second base was also obstructed, so I turned some more and threw it to someone who was running up from near third base. Of course, when I threw it to him, he missed it, I felt silly for throwing it too hard, and he turned and ran after it. Within those precious moments, two opposing runners had run up to my scaffolding and were standing at the edge yelling at me. I turned to look at them and hear what they were saying, which was that they were complaining that 1st base was a pit, so they had run to the pitcher's mound instead, and that should count as a home-run.

      I'm not sure why I was allowed to decide but I shook my head yes and agreed, and the game was over (I guess they were already ahead). Soon, everyone congregated around the pitcher's mound/scaffolding and we started discussing that playing baseball here sucked (gee whiz). I suggested, from nowhere, that nearby was a series of under-construction houses where nobody lived, that was sure to have some open air nobody was using that we could play. It occurred to me we might accidentally break some windows or something, but I secretly figured we could probably get the heck out of there without getting caught if so (sorry construction workers, I was a kid in this dream, I swear!).

      So off we set into this nearby construction area, and me and one other fairly small kid who couldn't have been more than 8 ended up going into a nearby house, and walking around inside, because nobody was there to stop us. As we were walking around looking I suddenly made a joking comment that the house was so empty, it almost seemed like a dream...

      And the saying of such a thing is one of my well-known triggers (anytime something seems like a dream in real life, I tend to reality check reflexively just as a habit because I have said it in dreams many times and woke up frustrated I didn't become lucid). I reached up and plugged my nose and blew air through, and found I could breathe. Ta-da! My first night back at lucid dreaming a success, I felt pretty proud of myself and thought back to posting on Dreamviews the night before. I remembered reading an article about lucid dreaming to hype myself up and them talking about how realistic your hands are, so I looked down at them.

      Then I set out after my small friend who was with me, and told him I was having a lucid dream! He looked at me like there was a giant spider on my head and began fast-walking away, so I walked after him saying, "No, really, look!" and tried to summon a baseball from thin air to show him. I tried several times, but my dream control has always been a bit wonky, and I couldn't get it to happen. I tried looking away from my hands and looking back. I tried closing my eyes and thinking "BASEBALL" (lol) and opening them and looking back, and nothing. Soon me and the kid were outside of the house standing in the grass, and I still didn't have a baseball. He looked pretty skeptical, and I suddenly feared me losing my lucidity to this goal of getting a baseball, so I said, "aw nevermind," and walked away from him.

      Still marveling at all the weird wrinkly detail of my palms, I walked off towards the nearby woods. As I was walking along, the whole group of children I had been playing baseball with came to where we were and began asking if I had found a place to play baseball. I told them I wasn't looking anymore, really, but they could probably play somewhere near here if they still wanted to. They set off into the woods also (for some reason) so I followed them nearby, but quickly got distracted by a humongous ravine going down hundreds of feet, and instantly was taken with doing what I always do in lucid dreams: jumping off stuff and trying to fly.

      I jumped off the edge into this enormous canyon and hovered my way down with my arms out, but as I stuck my arms out I was suddenly bothered by the feeling of my sheet on my bed (lol) and the feeling that it was like a wall blocking me from sticking my arm out all the way. This bothered me and also again, worried me I was waking up, so I pulled my arms in-front of me in more of a Superman position instead. I alighted down on a giant metal tower, crawling with futuristic soldiers.

      My lucidity started to degrade a little here. I was no longer doing anything I wanted but getting sucked into the current of the dream, while aware I was dreaming somewhat.

      These soldiers all began shooting at me, and, aware that I was dreaming, I stood my ground to see what they were shooting. As if in slow-motion, the shots came as a multitude of lasers, followed by a few canisters that looked like grenades. I started smacking these canisters back, and hitting various things on top of the tower and destroying them, eventually succeeding in knocking the soldiers off the tower I was on. Then a large docking bay door opened on the side of the canyon and I was being shot at once again. I once again tried hitting or grabbing and throwing the canisters, but they were far too far away (easily 100 meters). I settled on another plan, which was to forcefully punch parts of the tower towards that loading bay (ambitious).

      And of course, as with my dream control, I punched them so lightly they simply limply fell off the tower. I tried harder, and harder, and soon was greeted with a (phony) percentage number indicating my percentage of full power that I was using (which I took for a real measurement, hence why I marked this lowered lucidity). I could only get this number to around 20%, which launched the things I was hitting a decent ways but not quite there. I heard someone call me a fool, and looked to my left to find, who else: Darth Vader, sitting in a chair.

      I don't even really like Star Wars which makes this stranger, but anyway, he told me that I would never summon my full control in such a way. Suddenly finding myself curious at what he had to say, I think my lucidity started to come back up here.

      I figured, who worse to steer me wrong than Darth Vader in a dream. But at the same time, maybe he would say something useful, so I urged him to continue and sat down next to him. He spoke cliches, telling me that I should 'let my emotions rule me,' and 'use my anger to summon my full power'. I nodded amicably and then noticed that I was now sitting beside him in a flying vehicle. In an act of defiance towards Mr. Vader but also in the interest of trying what he said, I screamed at the top of my lungs (haha) while grabbing the side of the car and pushing, and surely enough, I ripped off the entire right side of the car and part of the roof, and dropped it as we flew along. He didn't really say anything-- he didn't seem threatened but rather like I was acting like a child, and I felt mildly embarrassed (again, haha).

      We soon rolled up at a small garage that I felt I recognized from another dream, and I simultaneously felt the dream was coming to an end. It was as if this was a final destination for me, and I could tell this by looking at it. I don't recall what the sign said fully, but I do recall it used a nickname of mine people have given me ("Loaf" a missaying of Life), and I looked around and at Darth Vader again. He didn't have much else to say, so I thanked him for his advice and said maybe I'd use it again later. Then I hopped out of the car and walked up to the shack, and as I was in the process of doing so...

      My eyes opened and I hopped out of bed to get my coffee and write up this journal!
    2. lxix.

      by , 01-18-2020 at 01:11 PM
      Dream Fragment:

      I was at my old home or some version of it. I was at the entrance hall and it was a bit dark but still daytime, suggesting it was the time just before sunset. H was there, but H looked like this actress from a TV show instead. She was crouched up in the middle of the room, in front of the dark stained wardrobe and I crouched next to H and started to cuddle, giving her a kiss and feeling how different her body was compared to what I should remember.

      There is a transition and I'm outside, it's daytime but probably more around noon now. I remember walking by a few places that were altered from how they should be, namely D's building and its entrance. There were quite a few people there and I remember making small talk for some reason, but no idea what about.

      I kept wandering the streets of my home town and eventually after going through a few streets that don't exist and a wall turning into an open street, I started to become sort of pre-lucid and gained some dream-control, not consciously thinking about it. There was a square or plaza of some kind, surrounded by short two or three story buildings, as expected, and people were just going about their business. But I wanted to feel alone and solemn in this place for some reason, so I snapped my fingers and most of them disappeared. A woman and her young boy didn't.

      I snapped again, wanting rid of her from the scene. She wouldn't go. She walked up to me and started becoming antagonistic and asking why I wanted her to go. I didn't explain myself (perhaps I didn't know why either) and I eventually conceded and said "fine, if you won't leave, then I will", so I walked away across the plaza and into a small tunnel lit with fluorescent lights and as I did, she paced up quickly behind me, pushing me against a corner, hurting me, and twisting my right arm and gripping my bottom.

      She said something that I can't remember word for word, which basically summed up to be about how I often am careless with caressing and cuddling H (making me cause pain by complete accident), and despite the pain she was inflicting on purpose, I laughed at its irony. In that moment, I felt a dire need to go to the bathroom, and I falsely woke up, then getting up from bed and going to the bathroom, and just as I sat on the toilet, I was in bed again, as if that was only imagined, but the urge to use the bathroom was suddenly gone.

      Then I woke up truly and double checked how I felt, realising it was all just very realistic dream sensation.

      Some notes:

      • This dream wasn't particularly vivid in terms of visual clarity but the physical sensations were quite strong overall.
      • The woman who wouldn't go was some sort of anima manifestation. Often it isn't so antagonistic but her look was distinct from previous appearances, mostly marked by her shoulder-long hair being black this time. Her face was more chiselled, too. It was simply a more raw and aggressive look in general; ironically enough, what I would expect from my home region.
      • Though I had some dream control, it was completely non-lucid. I could feel myself having some sort of pre-lucid thoughts but they didn't rise up enough for me to start gaining lucidity.
      • The woman's young boy reminded me of myself when I was younger, but his role in the dream seemed to be minimal. He seemed to be there pretty much just to characterise the woman as a mother, as he pretty much just went off playing in the street without a care for what was happening.
    3. Lightning Bomb [LDs]

      by , 09-30-2018 at 06:11 PM (Nonsense and Conundrums)
      //Been meaning to write this down for about a week now. Oops. I'll put the lucid parts in a different color.

      Dream 1

      I'm walking around in a dark room, so I can't see much of my surroundings. I'm not sure what happens, but I suddenly become suspicious; I cannot remember how I got here. Since I'm alone, I jump, to see if anything strange happens. Nope, just a normal jump. I'm not convinced, so I jump again, expecting myself to float. I hover in the air a bit before floating back to the floor. I realize I'm dreaming!

      It takes me a second to push down the excitement. I shout for clarity a couple of times, and the dream stabilizes. I'm unsure what to do for a moment, then decide to examine my surroundings after jumping around a bit. Yes, it's still dark, but I can still see a little bit. There's a staircase to my left, so I go up. The stairs lead right into a bedroom with glass panes on the wall to my left and just ahead of me. There's a queen bed in the center of the room; someone rises out of it and stares at me, but I pay them no mind. I instead look out the window. It's stormy out, rain pelting the glass and the doors leading to the balcony. I'm about to explore more until I remember a goal I'd had for a while: to make a ball of energy in my hands. Better try it now before the dream dissolves!

      I move my hands to make the energy ball; I can feel energy rush into my hands, but cannot see it visually. I speak aloud and describe what I want, speaking of a blue mist. Blue wisps emanate from my hands, but no "ball" so to speak. I then describe it as a lightning ball, but then my brain associates the word "ball" with "bomb". Yeah. A loud explosion comes from outside. The glass shatters inward, the results of the bomb nearing me at a rapid rate. I'm not afraid; I simply open my physical eyes to get out of the situation.

      Dream 2

      I wake up at this point and go back to sleep. I end up in the same dark room. I recognize this once more and go lucid. This time, I open the front door and will it to be nice and sunny. It works, sort of. I practice flying and other forms of dream control. I try to change location by closing my eyes and asking to go somewhere else, but the other location falters a bit before shooting me back in the one I first was in. Oh well. I believe I slowly lose lucidity after this.
    4. Lots of Lucids! And Some Really Cool NLs Too - September 16

      , 09-16-2018 at 07:03 PM (ZAD's DJ)
      Sep 16 2018

      [D1] I'm in a blue version of my childhood living room with F. She brings me a plastic rectangular package of writing utensils, and I tear it open and start looking at the different items (big fat sharpie, pencils, pens, an eyebrow brush). She looks mad at me for some reason. While I try to figure it out I fold a piece of paper in half along the middle. It's regular printer paper with one side watercolored blue, but not warped or anything. I keep prodding her as to why she's mad at me and she gives me the silent treatment, so I try to put back together the plastic box, but I can't fit all of the writing utensils back in. She's drawing a diagram of an isometric house, and I find out that she has a laminated piece of paper with different house diagrams on it that she wanted me to draw with her. It's blue and I think it might be the same one I folded, just machine-printed and laminated now. She angrily marks into the laminated paper with a pencil, but it barely shows up. I look at some of the different patterns, and while they look like they should be evenly isometric or orthographic, they're significantly skewed in multiple places. This makes me more aware of the dream state.
      [L1] The scene shifts and I'm on the other side of the room, which is now incandescent. F and I are now in chairs by the fireplace, and the room is decorated for Christmas. I ask her "Are you still mad at me from the last dream?" Asking this question either triggers or strengthens my lucidity. She replies no but is still a little standoffish. I start literally pulling her leg, lengthening and transforming it willfully to about six or seven feet long, and bendy. Suddenly she switches places with me, and I'm now on the floor near the piano. I nonverbally command "Show me a clear view of F's face" and the control of my vision is taken over. It zooms and pans mechanically over to her. My vision is clearer now, but I can sort of see black bars at the top and bottom of my vision. She looks stoic or angry, but is facing directly towards me (her face is a little different than IWL). I'm pretty impressed by the effectiveness of the "show me" command, so I try again: "Show me the most beautiful thing I can imagine". The camera pans over to the picture frames against the piano wall and I think "Oh no, not this Freudian shit". Then the cameras react to me and point towards the ceiling, at a mobile that's very Christmasy, with a twisted wreath and a stuffed simplistic angel in the middle.
      [D2] I'm in bed with F in an unfamiliar, dark blue place. She's trying to paste some text (a pop-up overlaid my vision). So I edit out the "http:/" and some other stuff and put into google (again via overlay) and I realize that it's the name of a reddit user? I say "oh I recognize this" but then I think maybe she'll be mad if she knows I know(?). After this she looks at me with a serious face and tells me that she's going to donate blood to A.L. (can't remember full name). When she says this, in the dream I remember an earlier NL (pre-pre-WBTB) but I don't write it down upon awakening. (4:50am)
      [L2.1] I'm NL in an open field, the sky is a faded blue and the earth all around me is dead and cracking. I think there's a treeline a couple of miles off in front of me and farther off to my far right. I see a huge explosion in the sky in front of me, it's bright blue in tint but not too intense to look at. I look off to the far right and see more of these, which are already shaping into crosses. The crosses are of varying sizes. I look back in front of me and the explosion has formed into a single, giant cross, with a couple of circles behind it. I realize I'm dreaming and immediately I think "I need to teleport to the bathhouse!". Because of this, my mind is preoccupied while I'm looking at my hands trying to stabilize the dream. The ground looks very clear, the detail is amazing on the cracks. But the dream feels paper-thin, and I start spinning prematurely thinking "bathhouse", and I wake up.
      [L2.2] I'm in bed with F and almost immediately become lucid. Details ommitted but I tried to exert nonverbal dream control over her, and it almost worked, but the idea/expectation of her in my mind is too strong-willed and resisted me.
      [L2.3] I'm a woman in a combination campsite/hotel, and again I'm almost immediately lucid. I'm situated all the way at the end of the row of rooms, and I see an older foreign-looking man with a crumpled brown leaf on his nose. He sort of reminds me of Eggman in retrospect, but friendlier in a way. I approach him because I either need something or was just looking for a DC. He's sort of ignoring me and my passage to him is blocked by a wall, so I look away and imagine a small gate. It appears and I go through. Scene shift and we're in his kitchen, he's reaching for the honey or sugar for some tea and I reach for it too. For some reason this is a grave offense, and I feel I should leave, but he forgives me. Scene shift and I'm in a gift shop, and there is a tribal african woman with body paint. Scene shift and I'm outside with the old man, and I pass by a tree with small blue scorpion creatures on its leaves. I then see down the road, a huge version of the scorpion creatures coming towards us and the cabins! I start running, but can't find my room (the layout is different now, with individual cabins). There's a man behind me so I let him pass and follow him to a small bunker. We drop in, and I feel unwelcome. One of the men has a strange-looking gun, and I make some military comment which he doesn't take kindly to. I'm still lucid so I actually offer to become another DC lol. The whole scene reminded me of FMJ for some reason. There's a fridge in the back of the bunker behind a sort of divide/cage. I'm handed some things to put in the fridge; one of them looks like ice cubes, and one of them looks like cheese or butter. I keep putting them in the wrong one, and the guys will just tell me "Fridge. Fridge. Freezer. Freezer". I keep insisting that the ice cubes need to go in the freezer but finally I look back down and they're diced carrots.
      [L2.n] Within this dream chain I had another one in my apartment, and then an uncaught FA where I was DJing in bed.
      [WBTB2]I woke again and had another lucid chain of (I believe) 3 different ones, but I couldn't find a pen so I didn't write them down, and got comfortable and forgot all about them!
      [F1] Extremely long NL. It was cinematic, and was a sort of mix between Wreck it Ralph and a royal wedding, plus maybe Treasure Planet? It was a dark city adventure where we had to save the city from an evil corporation, some sort of power plant that you can see from anywhere which has a huge orange skullface on its building. I vividly remember the end, but the beginning and middle are fuzzy with a few distinct impressions. I think it's possible that the WiR dream and the RW dream were separate at first, but merged towards the end. Towards the end, we (the posse) are turning the corner on a cyberpunky road where all of the lights have gone out (we've shut down a few power plants already). But now as we round the corner we can see the big orange skull and we're ready for business. We drive up on the dark interstate hi-rise-ish road and approach a crowd of shadow people with yellow eyes. I throw a "shovel knight" at them, which is a rolling ball that slashes the people and turns the shadow people into normal people. The street/city setup reminds me a bit of early Duke Nukem. We round the corner and see a ship, which we untie and board. We end up walking into a sidedoor to the wedding.
      Spoiler for unexpected romance:
      Totally unexpected but interesting and enjoyable dream; can't figure out what kind of day-residue or thoughts led to this.

      *Note: Counting L2.* as one dream together as they were a mostly uninterrupted chain.
      **Note: I think I WILDed (or at least DEILDed) for some of the entries in L2; I distinctly remember that feeling of "crossing over" and how it sort of rushes through you and throws you off-balance. Very cool.
    5. Three Lucids, Including Longest One Yet

      , 08-26-2018 at 09:43 PM (ZAD's DJ)
      Aug 26 2018

      I went to bed at 1:15am and woke at 5:45am. The first dream I remember was an NL. I was in a store at their early morning closing time, and there were only 3 workers present. I was on the frozen aisle. One of them said they would help me once they're done buffing the floors. I waited outside with an umbrella near the open back door of a van (I think they were going to help me load something). After this, I wrote something else in my DJ about a WW bus where I was dying and had to plan my escape. Not sure whether WW stood for WWII or Weight Watchers, both seem equally appropriate.

      Before sleeping again I got up and went to bathroom (I find it's easier to return to sleep when I walk around first). Tried to focus on HI and WILD, but no success yet. Ended up MILDing with mantra "I will be lucid in my next dream".

      Next time I woke was 7:35am. I had just had a long NL with a huge cast of DCs (was a family reuinion/party). I was hanging out with one of the non-family guests who I didn't know. For some reason it seemed like my family would or should have been angry at me for doing this, but they weren't. The dream transformed slightly and instead of being in my childhood home, I was in someone else's large house (I think I remember this house from a work party my Mom brought me to as a kid). I was now in a hallway that seemed like a bathroom but was filled with people. The doorway connected to the living room. I was speaking to Uncle B, who greeted me but was unusually curt (he's my godfather and is always very warm and talkative IWL). Somehow this triggered me to become lucid.

      I looked at my hands and said aloud "I'm dreaming!". I looked at my uncle who had become sort of an expressionless robot (not literally but he looked confused, blank stare, furrowed brows). For some reason I poked him in the chest jokingly. His body turned towards me and he started approaching me menacingly. I felt fear at first, but then a surge of confidence. I put my hand out in front of me and said "You can't hurt me, this is my dream!". His face instantly turned friendly and he leaned back and laughed. He smiled and said "That's right ZAD! Excellent!" and he reached out and hi-fived/shook my hand. I walked around the party for a bit looking at the other DCs. They were all ignoring us and carrying on their own conversations. I don't remember if I lost lucidity or the dream faded, but I awoke after. I had a huge grin on my face when I woke up, it was awesome to have such control of the situation! I've had hostile DCs before and usually they kick me out of my dream, so this was a win for me.

      I went to sleep with the same method again, trying WILD then resorting to MILD. The next time I awoke was 8:59am. I remember being in my childhood home on the couch, trying to fall asleep next to my fiance. Earlier my dad had come in and thrown at me making a joke about a roach crawling on it. Within the dream, I was actually trying to WILD! I felt my dream body fall asleep just as my waking body does, and was moving my dream-dream arm (i.e. visualizing the sensation of moving my dream arm without actually moving my dream arm). I kept waking back up and couldn't fall asleep in the dream. I remember being afraid of roaches crawling across my face.

      At some point I was able to WILD in my dream -- I latched on to some HI that placed me in the same exact room but without the couch or my fiance. I looked at my hands and became lucid! The room was dark and I felt like I was losing visibility in the dream, so I walked to the light switch unconsciously expecting it not to work. Sure enough, it didn't. I was losing lucidity so I dropped to floor and felt the coolness of the wood with my hands. I also tried to use mirrors to stabilize, but I don't remember even seeing my reflection. I should have transitioned to another dream, but I didn't. I "woke up" in the previous dream and lost lucidity. From this dream I tried to DEILD in the dream, and the HI was really close to completing each time, but never materialized. It would be black and white outlines, with the camera moving in a similar fashion to the opening scene of Ocarnia of Time where the camera follows Navi through the village.

      I believe the other dream (me on the couch with fiance trying to fall asleep) continued for a while. At some point the lights turned on and we were watching TV. A tall man in a white shirt and red shorts walked in front of the TV and my fiance asked me for some type of food from the kitchen. I yelled out at him, calling him Rob and asking for the food, but he didn't respond. So again I got up from the couch and walked towards the kitchen. At this point I became aware, looked at my hands to confirm, and became lucid. I don't think I said "I'm dreaming" like I usually do, but it was incredibly vivid. I walked towards Rob who was in the kitchen. He had that same furrowed brow and broken robot look about his face (his eyes and mouth looked like they were scribbled in). I approached him since he was standing in the way of the fridge, and he started walking menacingly towards me. I felt confident from my previous encounter, so I simply said "Rob, you were going to get me some "X food", right?" He instantly turned friendly and apologetically let me know that there wasn't any of that here. That was fine since my fiance and the couch had disappeared. I felt his shirt to stabilize -- it was now one of mine, a casual tan button-down. Feeling the texture stabilized the dream. I walked away towards the living room and the layout had changed. The hallway was gone and the curtains took up the entire back wall now. There were also more windows now. I looked out them and when I looked once, they would show night, when I looked again, they would show morning or daylight.

      I started losing lucidity, so I turned around and faced the kitchen and curtains (there was no furniture in the living room now). I focused on my breathing. The visuals improved a hundredfold. All of the colors enhanced and felt like I was looking out of a kaleidoscope or a stained glass window -- especially with the curtains, which IWL are very bland. Although the visuals improved, there was a white bar blocking the bottom quarter of my field of vision. I tried to imagine that it was like eye black so I could peel it off, but I couldn't. So instead, I tried to take it out like contact lenses, and my eyes naturally rolled up. This almost caused me to lose lucidity, so I just accepted the white bars for now.

      I approached the back-left window and opened it. I imagined that it was light and would slide right up. It did! But it was so light that it easily slid back down. I crawled up (and felt my legs here, something that rarely happens in LDs for me) and put my body through the window, continuously sliding the window up as I went through. I could see that there was an awning coming down from this window, and instead of being ground level, I was four or five stories up. It was a hotel, it reminded me of the Arlington in Hot Springs for some reason. The awning was more like a giant blue tarp, and one corner was tied to my window, the other corner being tied to the ground. I decided I would fly down. Unfortunately I unconsciously doubted myself and as I fell I started losing vision. I tried flapping and that helped a bit, but I ended up landing on my back. The dream almost completely faded, but I sort of DEILD'd (still within the outermost dream) myself back into it.

      Now I was on a suburban street where I had landed. There were biggish houses lining the street, and a few houses in front on the right, I saw a man and a wife in a truck, possibly about to back out of the driveway or just arriving back. I manifested Animal Mother's gun from Full Metal Jacket (I think an M60) and started shooting at them. I could see the bullet holes in the cars and buildings, but I didn't hit them. Then I walked over to a group of teenagers on their phones outside a nice house. I pointed the gun at them and told them to get inside. I wanted to kidnap them and see if the police or someone would come to fight me. They sarcastically said "Oh no" and started walking into the house. From here the dream faded pretty quickly. I wrote all this down immediately with a huge grin on my face. I think this last lucid must have lasted at least 1 to 1.5 minutes, which is the longest I've had yet. Overall, awesome night!

      *Note: The visuals overall in these lucids were the best I've had yet, but I forgot to enhance my sense of touch! I need to work this into my mantra or my memorized list of steps of things to do once I become lucid. So when I was holding the M60, I was really just positioning my hands as if I was. I actually couldn't feel or see it either, I just believed it was there. I don't think I actually pulled a trigger, I just made sounds with my mouth

      **Other note: I think the dreams where I was on my couch was a type of false awakening, just not where I actually was IWL.

      ***Edit: Forgot to mention that in my last lucid, when I was walking through the living room the second time, I asked aloud "Subconscious, how do I make my dreams longer?", but got no response.
    6. Story of Cocoa (time-dilated dream)

      by , 04-01-2018 at 10:14 PM
      Hi guys,

      This dream spans through the course of seven years within the dream. Quite a bit of the daily activities had become fragmented as a result. I'll also be condensing the events so that it's more concise. The dream fluctuates between lucidity and non-lucidity. However, during lucid moments I choose to let the dream unfold on it's own.

      The dream starts off non-lucid. I'm with my significant other who has passed away, I'll address as Kana. We are surrounded by whiteness. There is a false memory that we been meaning to conceive a "soul child" astrally. Kana and I are both female. Kana says it's time. The white emptiness beneath us ripples and our energies meld as we astraily conceive our soul child. I feel drained and I awake.

      I look around in my bedroom without moving not realizing I'm clutching something close to me under my blanket. "A dream?" I sit up and notice an otherworldly infant in my arms. "Yes, this is my child." She opens her eyes and we gaze at each other. "Oh yes, you are Cocoa." Cocoa smiles. This is the only time she smiles in a long while.

      vitamin B-6-cocoa.jpg

      Following months...
      Over the weeks I have moments when shroud of that reality fades and I'm lucid. Adapting to a life caring for a child was hard, but I manage to get by with the help of my mom. I hold on to my secret of my lucidity to myself. I begin to see something strange with Cocoa. She seems to be completely unable to feel guilt, pity, remorse, or sympathy. She seem to have no regard for safety of those around her and she seems to crave human blood, often biting into her own thumbs to suck blood if no one else is nearby.

      Soul Child
      As months turn into years and my getting accustomed to this reality my moments of lucidity doesn't have much effect. I was detached with the waking and I had grown to accept that my soul child is different from others. I even feed it my own blood to satisfy it's craving. It was not before long she starts exhibiting otherworldly powers. I communicate with kana in my head as I do in waking and ask her if we made a mistake bringing this child into this world. As Cocoa grew older, the more destructive she became. Watching over her, making sure no one is harmed, was taking a toll on me. In moments of lucidity I was tron between continuing my waking life and leaving this world behind. The waking world seemed so distant. Kana assures me that this was a time-dilated experience and for the moment guiding Cocoa was all we could do as there is good in her.

      One of the chilling moments of her childhood was when she asked me to rip off my eyes and give it to her because she thought they were pretty. I had told her it's not right to ask someone of that nor to expect it and there were better ways to appreciate things.

      As a 7 year old Cocoa had become more calmer and mature. For a while it seemed like she was breaking free from her shroud of madness. I been weaning off feeding her my blood and on her birthday she says she no longer thirsts for blood and apologizes with tearful eyes for all the harm she has caused and all the pets she has killed over the course of her childhood. I was relieved. She was getting stronger and stronger, it was becoming difficult to care for her when she is so powerful.

      I send her to school with caution and ask for Kana to watch over her. I see something that sends a chill down my back. As I was about to leave, Cocoa was smiling. The last I seen her smile was when she was a baby. I wonder what's wrong with me. Why was I not feeling relieved by my child's smile? Something didn't feel right. I go to the mall and look around just hoping to pass the time. Something didn't feel right, but I could quite place it. I order a sandwich at a cafe and look around. I look at a ceiling lamp above me and think "I can turn it on and off by snapping my fingers". I snap my fingers lightly. The light flickers on. I snap again, it flickers off. I look around nothing has changed. Everyone is minding their own business as if completely unaware of what I had done. My phone rings startling me. It's Cocoa's homeroom teacher's number. I answer it only to receive a weak voice saying "Cocoa" followed by a shrill blood curdling scream. I rush to Coco's school already knowing what I might see. I arrive at a scene with blood everywhere. Dead bodies everywhere. I had enough of this dream. It seems Kana and I failed guiding Cocoa. Amidst the bodies stands a blood soaked Cocoa. Upon seeing me she rushes at me and clings on to me with a tight hug. Saying she was sorry over and over, saying she only reacted to darkness in their hearts. I hug her back tightly. "I'm sorry, Cocoa, we couldn't save you..." and place my hand on back of her head. Her entirety pulses and I start absorbing her into my being.

      I wake up crying. I do a reality check and check my phone. It has not passed seven years. I lay back on my bed looking at the ceiling and wondering what the dream meant.

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    7. darkness aura control

      by , 12-09-2017 at 01:55 AM
      close your eyes then start focusing on the darkness as if the universe collapsing over you then you start to see star dust as the star dust starts forming you have to act as if you suspended in space then become blind in darkness as the dream you engluf in the universe
    8. Noah's Blimp

      by , 04-09-2017 at 07:54 PM

      I discuss lucid dreaming with my friend, Brooklyn, mentioning dream control. "For instance," I explain, "If I were having a lucid dream right now, I could say, 'Let me see a green blimp in the sky with a giraffe in the gondola,' and it might appear--maybe."

      Brooklyn seems mildly impressed. "Do you have to pray to make such things happen?" she asks.

      "Well, I just sort of talk to myself--to my subconsciousness," I tell her.

      [Next time, demonstrate the reality check, please!]

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    9. 1/17/2017 - "Untitled"; "Pencildragon" (Lucid)

      by , 01-18-2017 at 06:02 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      Dream Fragment One

      All I remember is that I woke up to some guys coming into my house, like they owned the place. I think they were supposed to be of some relation to my landlord and his son. They pretty much just made themselves comfortable, as if they were going to be staying for quite some time - one of them posting up in my windowsill and just gazing reverently at the outside world. I also remember that I was on the second floor of a two-story house.

      Dream Two:

      I was at some outdoor carnival or festival, held out in some rural field at dusk. Munching on cotton candy while I walked, I spontaneously realized that I was dreaming. Immediately, I was surprised at how much I could smell and taste the cotton candy (I have very few experiences with tastes and smells in lucid dreams), and even though the dream already felt very clear and grounded, I decided to take a few moments to touch my surroundings, running my hand along the wooden frame of a wooden kiosk nearby. Raising my free hand up in front of my face, I saw that my fingers were very wavy, which was a bit at odds with the solidity of everything else around me.

      Quickly, I tried to think of what I had planned to do with my lucidity once attained it, before I'd gone to bed. I remembered the 'Tasks of the Month' and that I wanted to try the pencil task (which was to "ask a pencil to draw something for you"). I turned back to the kiosk, expecting to find a pad and pencil there, in which I could do the experiment. Sitting atop the counter, I found a pad and a few, loose, colored pencils. I picked up one pencil - blue, I believe - and set it in the center of the pad. Without speaking, I attempted to "will" the pencil to draw something for me. The only thing I remember, about the actual process, was the pencil moving back and forth and making a few scribbles, but it ended up drawing a (quite simplistic) dragon. (One of the art pieces I have been brainstorming on, in waking life, has been a dragon. I haven't yet drawn the final draft, but I did draw a dragon thumbnail, about a week ago).

      Satisfied that I had completed the task, I took to the air and flew away from the carnival to do some exploring. While flying over the wide, green fields of the early evening countryside, I looked below me to see an actual dragon, roaming around the landscape and idly blowing plumes of fire at random. It had sort of a cartoonish, video game feel to it (I had been playing PlayStation VR, before bed - no dragon games, though), and felt as if it was just a manifestation of the dragon that was drawn on the paper. I decided not to bother with the creature and continued flying over the field. I don't really remember anything afterward.
    10. 1/07/2016 - "Ring Totem" (Lucid)

      by , 01-10-2017 at 08:57 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      "Ring Totem"

      My earliest memory of this dream was having sex with my girlfriend on the living room couch. Afterward, we were being flirty in the kitchen, and I went to pick her up by her waist and set her on the counter. When I did so, I realized that she was light as a feather - almost totally weightless. Because of this, I realized that I was dreaming. (I'm glad that she was understanding, when I told her about that part. Lol.)

      Once lucid, I set her down and began to roam about the kitchen, trying to think of what I wanted to do with my lucidity. My usual, first order of business is to stabilize the dream, so I reached out to the wall and ran my fingers along it, taking in the texture and paying a good bit of attention to it. Then, I remembered my totem. I held up my right hand and began to rub my ring with my thumb, looking down at the inscription and anticipating at least some sort of change. (The ring in the pic above is my actual ring.) The text began to glow a bright white, and it helped me to remember that I wanted to try out the ring as something of a conduit for dream "powers".

      The room had changed, and I was now walking through an area with other people. Stepping up to one, random DC, I held up my hand, palm out, and attempted to conjure fire from the ring. I got nothing, though. Curious as to whether or not I would find a different hand position more comfortable, I made my hand into a fist and held that out to the nearest person to me, instead. My attempts to shoot flames from the ring had - again - failed, and I got a little frustrated. The last thing I remember was trying a few more methods to conjure fire before the dream, itself, faded, and I woke up.
    11. Best Lucid Dream in a while! :)

      , 07-10-2016 at 08:26 PM
      I have not Lucid Dreamt or been able to dream control in a while not because I couldn't but because I have not put in the effort or time. So last night I finally did, its funny because for me the more tired I am or the later I got to bed the better chance I have of experiencing this or the better quality it is and the lengthier as well. So I remember first watching a tour of an old victorian mansion a gentlemen was giving the tour to Ciel and Sebastian from Black Butler and the home was amazing. A lot of wood no windows just open walls and the outdoors were green pastures and a cool breeze was around. The fabric and linens of the furniture were white and everything felt warm and cheerier the glow of the sun was subtle but inviting and made everything feel a bit like we were in heaven. The home was vastly large and felt like it had been transformed into a hotel, because I remember seeing people in the background going up the stairs and going outside. Now outside it was even more beautiful but on this large expanse of land there was only the mansion and across, walking distance was another hotel the Hyatt Regency actually. People were walking back and forth and I could hear the gentlemen talking details, now I was not present at first and I remember the moment I 'materialized' I could hear my heels clicking and all the attention turned to me. Its as though they are felt my presence and arrival. The gentlemen turned to me and Ciel disappeared I was now the master. I kept glancing at Sebastian but I did not really look at him until now, I turned to him and really gave him all my attention...

      ***Now keep in mind I have not watched BB in a really long time and its not something I think about often, nor is it even my favorite anime I don't even secretly fantasize about him but for some reason he is always in my Lucid Dreams, for years now I can never understand why...

      I looked at him and pushed him into a chair, because I am short I could not reach his face. I grabbed his face and took in every detail, fascinated that I my mind was able to create such perfection. He sat in silence while I towered over him and analyzed every detail and I said "I've missed you...where have you been all this time?" Not sure why but it seems that my dream self felt this terrible feeling of sadness and longing. I felt like I missed him for years and that now that he returned I was finally happy. This is the moment when I realized I was dreaming it all clicked and everything became crystal clear and more real than life. I looked down at myself and saw white heels and a white cocktail dress. Feeling 'his' presence at my side we then continued the tour walking all through the mansion.

      More happened after this but I can not remember however I know I felt like the time I spent dreaming and with him was months. Until I remember walking in a store I had forgot that it was only a dream and that it would soon end. I decided I wanted to know so I grabbed his face again and kissed him gently on each cheek I asked ''Why are you only here? Why do you not exist in my world the human world? Why are you only in my dream?" I thought he would never answer most DC don't...but he turned slow and looked at me for what felt like a long time then he responded "I can..." He pointed out the window of the store to a small run down house. I knew who was there a witch someone with dark powers able to easily release him from my dream. However tempted I turned to him and he disappeared from my arms and turned into an angel of death. Hovering over me with black eyes and black wings. It did not scare me I told him sadly, "You know I can not do that the consequences of this would be far worse than the rewards". Sebastian said "Whether you do this or not there will always be consequences".

      **Feeling sadness in a dream is so very real, it hits you hard and in this particular one I felt it even more

      I decided I was not going to waste this precious time with sadness but I was going to relish every moment and do anything. We ended in in the middle of a courtyard of some super crappy rundown apartments made of concrete. There were about 25 floors and people were standing around in each floor looking down in anticipation. As my eyes travelled downward I saw what they were all looking at.... even more people at the bottom. It was getting dark and faster and I realized that Sebastian and I were sitting in front of it all in our own concrete ''thrones''. I did not realize what was going on until I saw 3 young boys kneeling down with their hands tied behind their backs, at first I panicked thinking they were in trouble but they were laughing and egging everyone else on. I then saw from about the 5th floor people drop an iron and it hit him in the head. For sure I thought he was dead, no he got up and laughed and so did everyone else looking at Sebastian he was still, I felt uneasy but I could not move. The second heavy object was dropped and it hit the second boy this time he did not get up, I knew he was dead, people panicked and ran screaming. I started to feel sick, weak and unable to move or talk. I wanted to leave and have Sebastian take me away but he could not hear me I knew I was then losing control of the dream slowly I was awakening and I tried soon hard to gain it back but I could not. Some other gentlemen came and got me carrying me out of my chair. At this point I had no strength, but the last this I felt was the eyes of Sebastian on my back...

      ****Something I would like to know is does anyone else feel sick when coming out of a LD? The longer and stronger a dream is the more drained I feel coming out of it?

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    12. school dreams and lucidity

      by , 08-10-2015 at 04:09 PM
      it's been a while, goodness. i haven't even been all that busy. but onto some dream stuff!

      i'm going off to college for the first time this saturday so recently i've been having a lot of college dreams, as well as dreams about senior year events. as many as i've had it's been hard convincing my subconscious to take these situations as dream signs, so! lucidity hasn't happened in a school dream yet

      but i did become lucid last night in a dild fashion! it was a ridiculously simple dream. i was just sitting on my bed when i suddenly felt the need to look at my hands. without my glasses they looked normal, but with my glasses on they seemed to have only three fingers each (maybe because i wear my glasses nearly every moment of the day?). i wasn't able to change the dream scene, but i did change the time of day to night, which made it easier for me to think clearly! not very eventful, but definitely a valuable experience in trying to command my dreams.
    13. Please read?! Your thoughts?!?

      , 08-09-2015 at 02:54 AM
      Last night was the first time I have Lucid dreamed in a VERY long time. With work, school and life I haven't had the luxury to sleep in and that is the only way I can LD...

      It started out with random dreams and slowly evolved into a solid dream. I am standing in a clearing, beautiful green grass with hills in the distance and surrounded by what looked like a moat. The moat had fog above it and it was cold. In the middle of the clearing was a large house that looked more like a cottage. There was a dad, mom,older brother and younger sister I somehow knew they were not my family but they thought I was a part of theirs so I went along with it. During my time with them it felt like I had spent an eternity with them we played outside enjoyed some evenings in the warmth of the inside of the cottage and by the end I really believed that is where I belonged until....

      All of a sudden I knew I just knew that this was a dream and just like every other LD I get that excited feeling in the pit of my stomach. I realized if this is a dream I can do ANYTHING and I looked out the window. I figured I want to fly above the moat and beyond, so as I am standing before my family I say "I am going to go fly above the water". They all looked at me really weird, I figured what would they care this isn't real, if anything these people have no real personality its just me speaking for them.

      The dad just laughed and turns to me saying "That is silly, you can not fly are you sure you are okay". I explained that yes it was because this was just a dream none if it was real. STILL these people did not believe me they looked at me like if I were crazy. Frustrated I grabbed the brother by the shoulders and looked into his eyes I said "Right now I am sleeping in my bed at home this is NOT real you people are not real none if it is! In this place I can do anything how come you don't believe me!". The mom responds with "What if you are not the real one? How do you really know that we are not real?". Than it hit me "Like an alternate dimension?" They all nodded...I asked them how that were possible I mean I knew it was real but never did I think it were possible in my own home by being asleep. The father says "It is very much possible when you are asleep your consciousnesses is free therefore if you are capable you can travel to alternate dimensions and parallel universes it is what space and time is made of. The dream world is not random or non-existent it is very much real and yes anything is possible all of this is real. So in this world you are not real we are"

      Afterward I remember feeling overwhelmed and running outside where he moat was I was able to fly over it but this entire conversation kept haunting me. Like I said I have not LD in a while but this was very different this time the people had personalities they spoke about things that I was not even thinking of it felt different more concrete...who really knows all I know is I can not stop thinking about it.
    14. Backlog, 11/24: DILD + DEILD: "Lucid at the Mall!"

      by , 12-13-2014 at 11:40 PM (Threecat's Dreamtime)
      FA. I "wake up" on my sleeping mat, nose pinch and can breathe.I head into the dining room, where I attempt to fly through the ceiling. Not working too well, as I bang my head against the ceiling. I decide to just relax. I start to phase through head-first, but then get too excited that I am "really doing it" and get pushed back. Decide to phase through the front door and head out. Not sure what happens, but I wake up and


      I roll off of my mat and fly through the transition, before slamming into a classroom. The lights are off, and the class is watching some movie. I see the teacher sitting at her desk, and thinking it would be funny to scare her, charge forward on all fours towards her. Not sure what happened, but I think I pull back at the last minute. I look around, and realize all of the students are kid-versions of people I knew in high school. I see some girl and give her a high-five!

      I head out through the door, and find myself in some back hallway. I am able to fly up into the air off and on, rising and sinking, but all the while reminding myself that there is nothing here, and nothing really to do. I see some light fixtures and feel like pulling them down, so I "grab" them from a distance (using perspective) and rip them down. I then see a large ventilation thingy, and decide to crush that between my hands. I steadily press my palms together; at first, it seems as though it is not working, but then the entire structure collapses in on itself, and glass shatters. Pleased, I set off into the mall.

      Lots of DCs, lots of people I know (I pass another old friend, whom I pat on the shoulder and say hello to). I end up in a food court area, with lots of food sitting out. I reach for a molten lava cake (a small cupcake), and cram it into my mouth):


      Amazing. Very chocolatey. I eat it very slowly, not wanting my mouth in WL to start moving and accidentally wake me up (a problem in the past). In response to my care, the cake begins to glue my mouth shut. I also get some cake on my face. I ignore both of these effects, and continue my explorations in the clothing department. I begin looking for a DC to have sex with. I pass a few unsuitable candidates. I leave this area, and head out behind the mall (outside) behind some dumpsters. As I get farther from the mall, I find a girl lying on her back, smoking a joint. She is a cute girl I knew in high school (and whom I have not thought of in years). I lie down next to her and take her in my arms. She seems happy to see me. The dream ends.

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    15. 11/17/2014 - "Picking a Fight with Spider-Man"

      by , 11-18-2014 at 03:46 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      I've had a couple of dreams, over the last few days, that I still have to expand from notes. However, this morning's dream involved Hukif's Lucid Dare, so I wanted to type it up as soon as I had the time. I don't know if it counts as a success or not, but it was a pretty good one - albeit frustrating...

      "Picking a Fight with Spider-Man"

      Spoiler for Short-Version:

      I 'awoke' in my bed. Looking around the room, I could tell that things just seemed 'different'. Eventually, I came to realize that my TV and entertainment center had changed shape and size. There was also a strange feeling about me. I felt like I was in a bit of a daze. Like I wasn't quite 'with it'. I pulled up a glowing clock in front of me (I don't remember if it was on a watch or a cellphone), and I checked the time. Instead of numbers, the clock face began to morph into random letters. A calendar appeared, instead of a clock. I immediately knew that I was dreaming.

      Looking at my hands, I attempted to bring the dream into more clarity. It seemed to work, but the room was still dark, so I couldn't quite see exactly what level of detail there was. I took a moment to think about what it was that I wanted to do, stepping over to the bedroom window. I knew I wanted to be outside, so I put my hands up to the window and pressed forward, phasing through the glass and leaning halfway out, taking a good look at my surroundings. It was a still night, and I believe I remember it feeling a little brisk. From the look of the neighborhood, I was back at my old home in Canterbury (again), and there was a single house across the ditch, which had green Christmas lights on it. It was one of the only things I could see, in the dark.

      I remembered Hukif's Dare, about trying to fight Spider-Man, so I floated the rest of the way through the window, and up onto the roof. Instead of my normal roof, it seemed like I was now on the conjoined roofs of some big, sprawling city, with old-fashioned architecture (such as London). I flew up a few levels, from one rooftop platform to the next. Up ahead, I could see Spider-Man. He was a few levels higher than me, so I elevated to his position and saw that he seemed to be working on something; building some sort of structure. I couldn't tell what it was, but there were barrels of material and scraps laying around. He was clearly focused on what he was doing, and didn't seem to pay me any mind.

      He simply ignored me, when I called down to him for a fight, continuing to work on whatever it was he was working on. I thought I might try antagonizing him a bit, so (having forgotten that one of the caveats of the dare was that I had to fight him without using any dream powers) I slung my hand out and made Spider-Man's trademark gesture, effortlessly causing a string of webbing to fly out of my wrist and cover him from chest to boots. He made some comment about how he didn't want to fight me, sounding as if the idea completely bored him to tears, and then he ripped his way out of the webbing, which flickered away and disappeared like some low-tech video game effect.

      All of a sudden, there was a series of explosions, closing in on us from a higher point upon the cluttered stacks of rooftops. Spider-Man said that there was a very powerful villain coming, and he began scampering in the other direction when the explosions began blasting in toward us. I quickly followed him, flying Superman style as we rushed to evade the incoming ordinance. I couldn't see who was actually chasing us, but I was amazed (no pun intended) at the way Spider-Man moved - flipping and twisting and landing on the smallest of surfaces before rebounding off and tucking into all sorts of various, aerial maneuvers. It was a trip to watch, even while making our escape.

      Finally, we got back down to the edge of the rooftop on which I had begun. I flew over the side and landed to the ground in front of my bedroom window. I believe I was going to phase back through the window, to head inside, but it was right around here when the dream reset itself.

      I was back in my room, on my bed, and looking around in the dark. This time, my TV was on, so there was a dim glow that I don't believe was there, the first time around. Spider-Man and the heavily-armed mystery villain were nowhere to be seen. Still lucid, I sat in bed for a few moments and attempted to ground myself into the dream again. I started rubbing my hands and feeling around on my arms, to focus on the texture. This time, I could see a strange black set of tattoos, which ran halfway up my arm. The were symbols, or abstract objects, which kind of looked like the bones of a spinal column, from my wrist to the top of my forearm.

      Getting out of bed and walking to the TV, I wanted to try and use it for a scene change. I can't remember what program was showing, but I pushed my face up to the screen and attempted to 'go into' the TV, itself. After a few moments, everything had just gone dark. I pulled my head away and saw that what was once a TV, had transformed into some sort of cabinet or dresser. Frustrated, and attempting to test my level of control in this dream, I levitated myself a couple of inches from the floor, checking to see if I could stay afloat. Then, after a few seconds, I lowered myself to the ground and slung my first down at it. My fist smashed into the ground with incredible force, and I could feel a sonic boom shake the walls of the home. From what I could tell, I still had at least a little control over things, here.

      I knew I wanted to try my hand at Spider-Man, again, but I didn't want to have to waste the time in going to find him. I 'willed' for him to be in the room with me, and he soon walked in through the bedroom door. The lights were on, by now, and he just stood between me and the dresser, as if silently waiting for an explanation as to why he was summoned. I asked him if he wanted to spar, and he simply made some dismissive gesture. He just wasn't having it, apparently, and I was getting nowhere. I decided to try attacking him, again. At first, I was going to try webbing him again, but I remembered about the rules. So, I tried throwing a few punches. It just felt really awkward, and I was hitting nothing but air. I even tried DBZ-style 'rapid-fire punching', but it was just like he wasn't even there. I couldn't tell if he was moving too fast for me to see him, or I was just punching 'through' him. Going for broke, I jumped up and threw a double drop-kick right at his chest. It was powerful enough to knock him back against the cabinet and send me hovering across the room and smashing into the wall behind me. Ultimately, though, he brushed it off and stood up straight once again.

      I was growing more and more frustrated, and I really didn't want to end this dream in a complete failure, since this jackass was too stubborn to want to fight me. I wanted to fight someone, at least. Phasing back through the window, I took off into the (still night) sky, leaving Spider-Man to his anti-social self. Screw him, anyway. I wanted to fight Goku!

      The dream went into this really weird, very trippy flight sequence, where the sky would turn this kaleidoscope of colors while I went on my search for Goku. There were weird creatures flying around, and some of them were talking all kinds of nonsense. Everything turned 2-D and cartoonish. Total DBZ environment. It actually looked a lot like I was flying through Snake Way.

      The clouds cleared, and I was then flying over a mountainous terrain while one of the creatures were telling me about how some villains were hiding in the caves and building a huge 'space craft' (and that this was inherently bad, for some reason or another), so I decided to go and find them. I landed at the mouth of a cave and wandered into the darkness, growing slightly anxious at what I might find, but trying to keep my anxiety down, so as not to produce a nightmare. While walking through the winding tunnel, dragging one hand along the rocky wall in order to keep myself grounded by feeling around the environment, I was suddenly confronted by two alien henchmen. Immediately, I curled my hand into a fist and charged a sphere of energy around it. It even made the familiar sound effect of a ki blast charging, from the DBZ cartoon (though it was unintentional, and it was funny when I heard it, because it was completely unexpected). I quickly spun in place and fired two blasts from my hand at the henchmen, the explosions filling the hallway with smoke and debris. When the smoke began to fade, I saw that at least one of them were still standing. I dashed toward him and tried swinging a barrage of punches. However, all I got was the 'underwater' feeling that I sometimes get when trying to punch things. Through the smoke, I could hear the alien laugh and say something like "you're funny," in a completely childish manner. Just as this was beginning to frustrate me, the dream scene changed again.

      I was then at my Aunt's house (but it was different than it is in waking life), and sitting on her couch. I was still lucid, and beginning to think that this dream wasn't going to be lasting much longer, so I began trying to backtrack and go over the past events of the dream in my head, in order to keep the memories fresh in my mind. My cousin came out from a bedroom, and she had another (gorgeous girl) with her, whom was also being identified as another cousin, even though she was a complete stranger to me. They said that they had just voted, for their first time, and were tired after doing a lot of studying on the candidates and the voting process. It was around here, when I noticed that neither of them were wearing any clothes. Unable to resist, I started sizing up the unfamiliar girl, and getting a little 'hands-on'.

      Not wanting the dream to fade, I looked at my hands again, not wanting another premature scene change. I noticed that the weird tattoo I'd had before had returned, and it was now going all the way up my arm, to the shoulder. When I looked back at the girls, I saw that they had similar markings up their arms, as well as parts of their faces and heads. It was very tribal-looking, and kind of cool, but I already had my intentions set. The unfamiliar girl and I began to fool around on the couch, but just as things were starting to really get going (keeping it vague and appropriate, since I'm writing this at work ), I felt the clarity of the dream slipping away from me. I tried to run my fingers along her skin some more, to keep things going, but I was already stuck with the idea of waking up, and the thought of the dream ending pulled me too far away from it all to get it back.

      Having just barely gotten inside this tattooed beauty, I woke up.

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