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    1. Being a Helpful Witch

      by , 11-30-2017 at 09:04 AM
      Morning of November 30, 2017. Thursday.

      My dream occurs in two main parts and has the usual distortions and lack of viable current conscious self identity and memory. The only conscious self threads relate to knowing that I am married to Zsuzsanna. However, the rest of my dream self identity ambiguously perceives itself as a teenager, with my parents still alive and a location feature being loosely modeled after the kitchen of our present home yet perceived as in Cubitis (where I have not lived since 1978).

      In the first part of my dream, I am in the kitchen of our present address (again, erroneously perceived as of Cubitis). The layout of the house is different. Zsuzsanna is present and we are rearranging everything (which we had been doing a lot in real life lately after the storm tore the roof from our house, though that memory is not extant in my dream). There is a special type of picture that presents a three-dimensional impression. One is very large and displays a two-storey house. The other is similar to the pattern of our present bedroom curtain but features only one cheetah.

      I marvel at the large image of the house and its three-dimensionality. (It faces north when aligned to our present home’s layout.) As I change my position in the room and move my head, there is vivid imagery that looks as if the Venetian blinds in the house are closing and opening, depending on where I stand, though this relates to the angle I am viewing the house from, not the blinds actually implied to be moving. At least one bright light is on inside the second floor of the residence where this intriguing Venetian blinds effect is seen, which involves at least three windows. There is a sense of both pleasure and awe. (The windows are about five inches high.)

      I am then looking at the image of a cheetah (about eight inches in length to start with). I am able to manipulate the image by moving parts of it with my fingers, to make it smaller or larger or change the proportions. It does not become distorted no matter how I move different points of the image. Its three-dimensionality is similar to one of those toddler’s board books with the additional features implied to be fur or other textures (such as “Touch and Feel Wild Animals”). The clusters of fur on the cheetah image growing and shrinking depending on how I alter the image with my fingers is fascinating to me.

      Later, I notice my father standing by the doorway of our shed (our present shed, not the one in Cubitis). He is dressed in a colorful unusual outfit and has a large white beard. I go out and see that he is trying to move several large parts of machinery, one that looks like a small motor. Not being lucid, I still use a type of telekinesis. I am aware that the combined weight of the objects is quite heavy, yet I touch one (the smallest object) and all the other objects connect to it as if magnetic. I effortlessly lift everything and my father seems grateful. I realize that this means I am a witch. I place them out in the backyard through a fictional doorway on the east end of our shed.

      From here, there is an incorporeal and unseen male character that is somehow only partially present. There is brief talk with him about a fairy being a great wizard. My father walks to the west end of our shed (where the main door pulls up in reality). It is open to the street. There are at least two black horses facing north that I lightly pet. My father shows no suspicion of me in my being a witch.

      (A shed or warehouse had been validated in childhood to represent liminal space during the waking transition in a specific part of the sleeping period, depending directly on the depth of sleep, which proves it is unrelated to “interpretation” and is more about biological memory-encoding dynamics in real time, symbolizing the neural patterns between the unconscious and emergent consciousness. Horses as this dream’s end marker symbolize my “return” to my physical body in waking. The health or condition of the horse often relates directly to the health of one’s, or someone else’s, physical body or recent mental states. For example, after a younger classmate died, I had a terrifying dream of a horse falling down and suffocating in front of me, after coming through the doorway of the main classroom we shared, which could relate to both his death, and the unsteady state of my emotions at the time.)

      In one of my dreams of yesterday, I was a guardian angel “from the future”, helping a fictional character rendered as the actor Jonathan LaPaglia to fulfill his supposed destiny with his future wife. Then, in this one, I am a powerful witch helping my father. I manipulate imagery (though that was implied to be the nature of whatever technology was present) and effortlessly lift heavy objects by mental will (and not only do I lift them, they stick together magnetically in a very long cluster nearly as wide as the shed). There seems to be no difference between a powerful witch and an angel in some cases, at least from my unconscious viewpoint. (My wife Zsuzsanna has appeared as both an angel and a witch in my dreams, including prescient dreams from before we met.)

      There are features in this dream directly relating to the dream state. For example, the Venetian blinds represent the balance between the fictional dream self identity and the conscious self identity. I have written before about the puzzling nature of subliminal lucidity (which is unrelated to normal lucidity, though people who have emailed me or left comments on this have proven to have no understanding of this at all). Think of it this way. When fully conscious, the wakeful conscious self identity does not typically perceive the personified subconscious (dynamic dream self, which theoretically exists even when awake, or at least the distorted and synthetic random patterns thereof). While being the otherwise non-lucid dream self (personified subconscious), subliminal lucidity implies a connection to the conscious self identity yet not with any clarity or viable memory, in direct proportional contrast to the normal state of consciousness. This does seem to explain the basis of subliminal lucidity. It is all about which patterns of neural activity are extant, analogous to an OR gate as many dreams are. The Venetian blinds event is a good analogy of this, because the fact I am not surprised by my telekinetic abilities at all can only count as subliminal lucidity (that is, with no realization it is a dream, yet having endless powers to create and control my essence and experiences). I certainly would not have this expectation or realization when conscious in my day to day life. Dreams need to be studied from the dream state viewpoint as experienced in real time, not the conscious self viewpoint after the fact.

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    2. 2017-11-30 LUCIDD 237 frank/white, gym lockers/class, sandy road chicken/truck farm, football girls

      by , 11-30-2017 at 07:48 AM
      + LUCIDD LD #237: in a white interior house see a guy get lucid I say "Hey, you're Frank, right?" He nods, we talk he answers everything is solid and bright and vivid, go to next room bunch of people and I'm talking and notice there is an echo in the room and I say this and start singing a little and listen to the quality of my voice.

      + driving on sandy side road, looking for the chicken/truck farm, woman drives car by no room, I ask her where the farm is, there's a sign but I've missed it, the road is very narrow and the cliffs are high, I'm concerned about hitting the cliffs and having them collapse onto my car, burying it.

      + in a locker room, examining lockers (levitate up over and look down on them) they fall almost I pick them up? I get dressed, confused about socks and shoes. I see EB she is heading to cooking class? I call after her and run after her and we arrive at the class it's an open area full of people

      + girl, football guy college team a game is happening soon, I look at him and imagine his weight, he has some forehead acne, follow a group of girls (cheerleaders?) and choose one and "engage" a bit with her she doesn't like it and runs away her friends ask her if she wants them to banish me.

      + guy in room there's a girl singing on stage, he likes her, she sings well, the room fills with fog (cotton?) and I ask him if he wants me (via my powers) to clear the room. He's eating some dark-berried tart and I want some he hands it to me and I take a bite