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    1. Being a Helpful Witch

      by , 11-30-2017 at 09:04 AM
      Morning of November 30, 2017. Thursday.

      My dream occurs in two main parts and has the usual distortions and lack of viable current conscious self identity and memory. The only conscious self threads relate to knowing that I am married to Zsuzsanna. However, the rest of my dream self identity ambiguously perceives itself as a teenager, with my parents still alive and a location feature being loosely modeled after the kitchen of our present home yet perceived as in Cubitis (where I have not lived since 1978).

      In the first part of my dream, I am in the kitchen of our present address (again, erroneously perceived as of Cubitis). The layout of the house is different. Zsuzsanna is present and we are rearranging everything (which we had been doing a lot in real life lately after the storm tore the roof from our house, though that memory is not extant in my dream). There is a special type of picture that presents a three-dimensional impression. One is very large and displays a two-storey house. The other is similar to the pattern of our present bedroom curtain but features only one cheetah.

      I marvel at the large image of the house and its three-dimensionality. (It faces north when aligned to our present home’s layout.) As I change my position in the room and move my head, there is vivid imagery that looks as if the Venetian blinds in the house are closing and opening, depending on where I stand, though this relates to the angle I am viewing the house from, not the blinds actually implied to be moving. At least one bright light is on inside the second floor of the residence where this intriguing Venetian blinds effect is seen, which involves at least three windows. There is a sense of both pleasure and awe. (The windows are about five inches high.)

      I am then looking at the image of a cheetah (about eight inches in length to start with). I am able to manipulate the image by moving parts of it with my fingers, to make it smaller or larger or change the proportions. It does not become distorted no matter how I move different points of the image. Its three-dimensionality is similar to one of those toddler’s board books with the additional features implied to be fur or other textures (such as “Touch and Feel Wild Animals”). The clusters of fur on the cheetah image growing and shrinking depending on how I alter the image with my fingers is fascinating to me.

      Later, I notice my father standing by the doorway of our shed (our present shed, not the one in Cubitis). He is dressed in a colorful unusual outfit and has a large white beard. I go out and see that he is trying to move several large parts of machinery, one that looks like a small motor. Not being lucid, I still use a type of telekinesis. I am aware that the combined weight of the objects is quite heavy, yet I touch one (the smallest object) and all the other objects connect to it as if magnetic. I effortlessly lift everything and my father seems grateful. I realize that this means I am a witch. I place them out in the backyard through a fictional doorway on the east end of our shed.

      From here, there is an incorporeal and unseen male character that is somehow only partially present. There is brief talk with him about a fairy being a great wizard. My father walks to the west end of our shed (where the main door pulls up in reality). It is open to the street. There are at least two black horses facing north that I lightly pet. My father shows no suspicion of me in my being a witch.

      (A shed or warehouse had been validated in childhood to represent liminal space during the waking transition in a specific part of the sleeping period, depending directly on the depth of sleep, which proves it is unrelated to “interpretation” and is more about biological memory-encoding dynamics in real time, symbolizing the neural patterns between the unconscious and emergent consciousness. Horses as this dream’s end marker symbolize my “return” to my physical body in waking. The health or condition of the horse often relates directly to the health of one’s, or someone else’s, physical body or recent mental states. For example, after a younger classmate died, I had a terrifying dream of a horse falling down and suffocating in front of me, after coming through the doorway of the main classroom we shared, which could relate to both his death, and the unsteady state of my emotions at the time.)

      In one of my dreams of yesterday, I was a guardian angel “from the future”, helping a fictional character rendered as the actor Jonathan LaPaglia to fulfill his supposed destiny with his future wife. Then, in this one, I am a powerful witch helping my father. I manipulate imagery (though that was implied to be the nature of whatever technology was present) and effortlessly lift heavy objects by mental will (and not only do I lift them, they stick together magnetically in a very long cluster nearly as wide as the shed). There seems to be no difference between a powerful witch and an angel in some cases, at least from my unconscious viewpoint. (My wife Zsuzsanna has appeared as both an angel and a witch in my dreams, including prescient dreams from before we met.)

      There are features in this dream directly relating to the dream state. For example, the Venetian blinds represent the balance between the fictional dream self identity and the conscious self identity. I have written before about the puzzling nature of subliminal lucidity (which is unrelated to normal lucidity, though people who have emailed me or left comments on this have proven to have no understanding of this at all). Think of it this way. When fully conscious, the wakeful conscious self identity does not typically perceive the personified subconscious (dynamic dream self, which theoretically exists even when awake, or at least the distorted and synthetic random patterns thereof). While being the otherwise non-lucid dream self (personified subconscious), subliminal lucidity implies a connection to the conscious self identity yet not with any clarity or viable memory, in direct proportional contrast to the normal state of consciousness. This does seem to explain the basis of subliminal lucidity. It is all about which patterns of neural activity are extant, analogous to an OR gate as many dreams are. The Venetian blinds event is a good analogy of this, because the fact I am not surprised by my telekinetic abilities at all can only count as subliminal lucidity (that is, with no realization it is a dream, yet having endless powers to create and control my essence and experiences). I certainly would not have this expectation or realization when conscious in my day to day life. Dreams need to be studied from the dream state viewpoint as experienced in real time, not the conscious self viewpoint after the fact.

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    2. 2017-11-30 LUCIDD 237 frank/white, gym lockers/class, sandy road chicken/truck farm, football girls

      by , 11-30-2017 at 07:48 AM
      + LUCIDD LD #237: in a white interior house see a guy get lucid I say "Hey, you're Frank, right?" He nods, we talk he answers everything is solid and bright and vivid, go to next room bunch of people and I'm talking and notice there is an echo in the room and I say this and start singing a little and listen to the quality of my voice.

      + driving on sandy side road, looking for the chicken/truck farm, woman drives car by no room, I ask her where the farm is, there's a sign but I've missed it, the road is very narrow and the cliffs are high, I'm concerned about hitting the cliffs and having them collapse onto my car, burying it.

      + in a locker room, examining lockers (levitate up over and look down on them) they fall almost I pick them up? I get dressed, confused about socks and shoes. I see EB she is heading to cooking class? I call after her and run after her and we arrive at the class it's an open area full of people

      + girl, football guy college team a game is happening soon, I look at him and imagine his weight, he has some forehead acne, follow a group of girls (cheerleaders?) and choose one and "engage" a bit with her she doesn't like it and runs away her friends ask her if she wants them to banish me.

      + guy in room there's a girl singing on stage, he likes her, she sings well, the room fills with fog (cotton?) and I ask him if he wants me (via my powers) to clear the room. He's eating some dark-berried tart and I want some he hands it to me and I take a bite
    3. Just freeze to death stupid bitch!

      by , 11-29-2017 at 09:20 PM (The world of Lyseno)
      Wednesday November 28th 2017

      I’m walking around a street, become lucid when I realize my weight is wrong and then look up. What should I be doing right now? Oh well, who cares about goals when we can just cause destruction.

      Fly up to the sky and then outside the planet just to learn that the whole dream is unstable and the universe around me is more like a big cloud of surreal colors? This must be one of the first dreams of the night, damn.

      Back to sleep.

      Reading something online, my fingers are too heavy when typing… oh yeah I must be dreaming! Quickly go outside and then teleport to DW been a really long time since the last time I went to visit.

      There seems to be something weird going on. For one, even though most of the humans that live there should know me and attack me on sight, nobody does recognize me. And for other, there are far too many of them, nearly enough to fill a small city!

      Alright, I will not panic. Last time this was under the territory of Walms and since he was gone now there are humans… still get annoyed, but wake up before I can do anything.

      Back to sleep.

      Sitting in a bench looking at people pass by, I feel strangely light so become lucid and then stand up, still in DW uh?

      Alright, gotta do something about the people. The most likely reason they do not recognize me is because I died already and no longer have the body and feeling of Walms anymore, so that is not a problem.

      Now, DW is not only this diamond planet so gotta take them somewhere else! Quickly touch the ground and use Scan on the whole planet then take everyone over to another deserted planet where they can be at and just look around my DP.

      Not much has changed and I want to keep it this way, just enjoy some time by flying to the mountains and going down with the lava larvas. Stay there with them for a few minutes before waking up.

      Back to sleep.

      Walking around a park, become lucid while walking and then start to stare around. When did I get teleported to this world too? Must have been stupid and ordered to teleport everyone and got here when I woke up last time…

      When I look around see a lot of conscious zombies around me, they seem to be arguing? They are trying to understand what is going on and how they ended like that, also why people are hunting them down.

      I try to talk to them but they get mad, one of them without an eye and a scar on his throat gets close to me and attacks me. Slap him and slam him against the ground then punch the rest into submission “Since when are you conscious?” I ask them, they do not know but want to stop eating rotten flesh.

      There is another one super big who can only stay there and look around, he is weaker than the one I just slapped, hmmmm.

      They also want people like me to stop killing them. I leak out some energy and ask him if the people are like me, he shakes his head and shows me a passage underground to go hunt down their enemies.

      Back to sleep.

      In a small rural area, looking for people… what? Become lucid as soon as I start to check on gravity then wonder what I have to do now. It seems I went through the passage?

      Oh well. People are living in condos all around and are scared of the Zombies, I try to explain to them that they are no longer like they used to be but nobody wants to hear me out. So bomb them with flashes of light that come from my back and destroy half the combo. They respond to this by pushing and attacking me with missiles of their own.

      I stop them with a barrier and just stomp them with a gravity ball around the city, they all start to scream and then I see some light strike me. It does nothing but push me back through the hole where I see at the other side the one eyed zombie fighting with his friends. He literally punches and disassembles the big one and the babies he was protecting get tortured, so I get mad at him and make him stop, also realize they are kind of bandit zombies but still.

      Back to sleep.

      Sitting in a chair all alone inside of a big building, like a museum I believe. Become lucid while looking around and then get close to a painting of a post apocalyptic world with a lot of red and yellow “The picture from when everything began sure is nostalgic uh?” says someone from behind, oh this is not a painting…?

      When I turn around and he looks at me he seems scared and confused, so he goes outside to ask for help. He recognizes my face as the guy who half destroyed their city but my clothes are different apparently?

      Oh yeah, when I look at myself am wearing a long brown vest with long sleeves and weird shoes, also a hat much like those worn by people in the middle Asia. I quickly change clothes to my normal ones when they come back.

      Just jump outside the museum and then fly away because it is funny look at them try to shot me down and hunt me too, heh.

      Back to sleep.

      Sleeping in a bed of hay, become lucid when I stand up and realize my weight is wrong… oh yay! Still in the same dream as before.

      Quickly teleport to the mansion where I was at before with the picture and the people in a party and ask them what are they celebrating?

      They respond by trying to punch me, I stop the girl and make her sit down then make everything colder. I then tell them to stop or I will have to kill them.

      The girl says she will make the night day and kill me… uh? No that will not happen. She starts to gather light particles and then I laugh, she stops right away and asks me why I am laughing.

      “Simple girl” I tell her “This is how you make it from night to light” say and then raise my hand, everyone looks up to the sky, it is nighttime and you can watch the stars.

      Everyone stares amazed when they see that the stars light starts to move and then comes down “You control light particles!” she is just staring stupefied “I can control the stars light without trouble” and then when the light comes closer it becomes day and everything starts to heat gradually, then I stop it right away “If I so want can vaporize this planet and you all in a second” say to the girl, gripping on her hand and throwing her out of the way.

      She just steps back and then uses her light attack on me, I evade and attack her back with it, we go back and forth until I get bored and hit her with it and make her smaller. She screams and resists but becomes small enough to fit in my hand, then people scream and just ignore her as if she was the issue, they are obviously afraid of me.

      Back to sleep.

      Force myself back to kill the bitch, she transforms into sand so it will be difficult, so I place her in a water container where she will drown to death but also want to freeze her to make it faster, but fail…

      Back to sleep.

      Back again, why am I failing? (When they are small, the energy provided disappears and to extract even more energy would be to freeze the whole city, but I didn’t realize that at the time) end up hiding her from her mom, teleporting to the zombies and give it to them, she will naturally die in a few weeks and can’t get out since water is her natural enemy, the one eyed zombie agrees with me but another one does not want to kill her. So I make a treat with them and make sure she dies by going forward in time an
    4. Christian Lunatics

      by , 11-29-2017 at 06:47 PM (Ereos)
      I entered this rather weird christian home because I was invited by a bald christian priest for "something", I don't know what it is and I kinda have doubts settling in but who knows, maybe he needs help in something.

      I wasn't in military gear or anything, I had no weapons whatsoever, and I felt like the guy knew me in some way but I just couldn't quite tell how, he was hard to read.
      We gather in his little dining room, it's a pretty standard home so far aside from the fact that there are a bunch of christian stuff all around but I didn't mind it.
      Then it turns out that priest has a wife and his wife joins us in the dining room, and this is where doubts start to fill me with fear deep inside, something was wrong, priests aren't allowed to marry.

      Anyways I keep my cool and ask the priest: "What's going on?"
      The priests answers in a rather calm voice: "Erm, well, it seems you have angered plenty of people back there."
      "Angered? In what way?...I...I'm sorry? I guess?" I said.
      "No, you don't understand, come with me." he said.

      I instantly got really creepy vibes as he said that and he leads me to some room in a rather friendly yet creepy way like I had to "learn a lesson" or something.
      I start to be very alert about what could happen, I'm really on edge but then the good side of me tells me that maybe he's okay and he wants just some help in something after all.

      We then arrive in front of this door which is next to the staircase at the end of the hallway.
      The priest then slowly opens the door, revealing...a room just splattered with bits and pieces of people, guts, blood and smashed brains all over the floor and walls. I also see plenty of saws and torture devices in there.

      I immediately shut down the door and slowly back away.

      "What the fuck is that? Are those people?" I asked.
      "You need to understand that there is a price to be paid." he said in a very angered tone.

      Even his wife just slowly approaches me in the most creepy of manners. I just run for the entrance door and try to open it only to find out that it's locked shut.

      "I will break this fucking door! Don't you dare come near me!" I yelled to 'em.

      I try to give the door a few kicks and all but it barely damages it.
      The wife grabs a very large knife from the kitchen and attempts me to stick me with it, I try to fight back but as I attempt to do a kick with my right leg she gives me a pretty bad cut there.
      At this moment it's almost as if time stops for a brief moment, I get that deep anger inside me again.

      I give a kick to the face to the wife, then the priest grabs a crowbar out of nowhere, he attempts to hit me with it but I manage to grab it and disarm him from it and throw it behind me on the floor.
      The wife tries to stick me with her big knife again and I dodge many times, this is it, I've had enough of this bullshit.

      I flip the table in the dining room towards them and I shift into my anthro dragon form. I hear the wife just yell: "Creature of Satan!" or something along those lines, the priest and the wife attempts to attack me again but I just grab 'em both by the neck and throw 'em really hard at a wall, they're knocked out now.

      I go to the entrance door and just break the door handle along with the door lock and get out of the house.
    5. Calm Bravery

      by , 11-29-2017 at 03:01 PM

      I was semi lucid tuning and playing a guitar next to an old teacher. I tried singing as well to see if I could sound just like in WL without distortion.It worked so I sang loud and played the notes. My fingers on the chord was right on with the sound but not knowing the professional chords and playing from heart it was kind of messy

      Calm Bravery

      I was invited to a party by Gordon,saw him tweet something and liked it, than watched as others went to the party and liked his message as well. The message was something about facing hardships and prevailing.

      Later on in the dream I’m in the sky watching a safari. The lady travels in the Jeep to the beach like I thought than gets out and into the water with the camera man/guy who protects her and goes closer to the sharks. She is twirling slowly as the water pushes her while doing nothing as to not be seen by the sharks that go around her. I become her and must keep calm while I ask the guy why she had to do something like that. The water slowly goes down as I wait and listen to the guy and slightly realize it’s a dream. When the ocean finally goes all the way down I end up in a room where I release my birds and watch them while being careful of predator.I also had a new bird I called twitchy.

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    6. Olympic Practice and Angelic Escape

      by , 11-29-2017 at 09:10 AM
      Morning of November 29, 2017. Wednesday.

      In the first segment of a two-part dream, I am indulging in a lot of very realistic physical activities, doing a number of different exercises including jumping jacks. Unknown people are present, but not in the room that I mostly exercise in. I wave my arms about in different positions as well as perform boxing motions. I feel very strong and energized. I do not become tired at all, despite the intensity of my movements. Additionally, this dream has an atypical sense of physical momentum for a non-lucid dream. Supposedly, I will be able to go into the Olympics, which in my dream, is only a few days away. I say that I will participate in the javelin throw, as it seems any participant can choose what they want to do, but then I consider that the javelin throw might not actually be a part of the Olympics. Still, no one else says anything.

      From here, I am apparently a time-traveling angel. I am in the backyard of the Loomis Street house, yet without a clear memory of my relatives having ever lived here. Instead, Jonathan LaPaglia (the actor from “Seven Days”, the television series about time travel) lives here. However, he is an ordinary person here, with no association with either his status as an actor (as his real identity) or any of the roles he had played.

      The situation relates to him having been offered to place some of his extra junk across the alley where the neighbors put out their garbage. Both piles include some damaged plastic children’s toys (of the type we discarded in real life recently). Curiously, our real life neighbor to the south, on the other side of our fence, is present as living just north of the Loomis Street house. It is extremely puzzling how this individual is one of the only factors of my current conscious self identity present in this dream, more so, how he is present in an American setting that I have not been in since February 1994, yet I do not question any of this fictitious rendering and scenario.

      I had also been reading a paperback book in this setting. It relates to Jonathan and a girl of whom he had been in a relationship with for a long time but had never married or lived with. Her name is Callie. The only association I can think of is Callie Torres from “Grey’s Anatomy”, though I have not watched the show on any regular basis. Very curiously, Sara Ramirez, the actress who plays her, was born on August 31 and so was Jonathan LaPaglia. According to what I read in the book, he has missed out on having a life with her in the future. At one point, he eventually seems to understand that I am “from the future” and only seems to find the situation somewhat amusing, but with no doubts about it.

      As an angel, I can “fix” this. He is to go to a public area where she is informally with another male who is a body builder. (I think the event they go to relates to boxing or bodybuilding.) However, he misses this opportunity but he can still go to where she lives to talk to her. We walk westerly (seemingly through a fictional version of Sill Street and near Kane Street) to an unusual house that has two apartments next to each other, though inside the main entrance of the house. Callie is never seen.

      In the last scene, two unfamiliar people at the address, male and female (though not implied to be living there, as another unfamiliar female lives in the left-side apartment while Callie apparently lives on the right), ask me who I am. “I’m a person,” I say, so as not to imply I am “really” an angel.

      Soon, they pull me to the ground, though without violence. Presumably, they seem happy in having restrained an angel as if they perhaps think I will grant them wishes. I am under them both. In a short time though, I teleport and watch them drop to the ground. I am then standing on an elevated area watching their surprised reaction with amusement.

      Many of my dreams have revealed unusual but very impersonal patterns and layers that cannot be explained, yet which serve no real known purpose and which are not otherwise prescient (as many of my other dreams are) to my knowledge. The matching birth dates regarding dream characters (including with me in some cases) or other matching dates has occurred many times before, and yet it seems to serve no real purpose other than as evidence of a “higher power” being at work in some dream states. (As the so-called subconscious has no thinking or reasoning skills or any kind of intelligence or viable memory, the typical nonsensical “my subconscious” rubbish that the majority goes on and on about cannot explain such things at all.)

      Those facets that relate to real life here are minimal. Jonathan LaPaglia reminds me vaguely of our landlord (though of whom we have only seen every now and then the entire time we have lived here), who said we could use the bins at a nearby address for additional stuff that was destroyed in the storm, so that is where that part originated from. The rest has no real connection to my current conscious self identity. My being an angel or a demigod has occurred in a number of dreams since childhood.

    7. 2017-11-29 angry tennis, parking, Christmas tree lot

      by , 11-29-2017 at 07:32 AM
      Trying to get back into DJing, regardless of the quality of the night's recall.
      Just some short fragments today. Late bedtime messes up recall...

      + there is a spot near an intersection where I need to park my car. The question is: do I park the car longways along the street or back in perpendicular to the curb? There is a traffic light nearby and I need to cross the street / U turn from where I am to get to the parking area

      + playing in a tennis tournament, I'm concerned about the quality of opponents I will be facing. I know I'm not very good, it's possible the match will be very short, with me just barely being able to return serves. I'm imagining a point at the net where the ball falls short (drop shot) on my side, and I rush the net and am trying to decide whether I should try to drop it back, lob it high, or try to pull off a full swing. Then I'm playing a point, it's very long and I'm running around a lot and i finally win the point. I had lost the first point. I go to the referee but he's not paying attention, nobody is -- because I'm not a very good player. I scream "THE SCORE IS 25-25!!! 25-25! This game is really important to me!!!"

      +(f) [last-minute recall] at the dentist: there is a new type of drug? The dentist asks me that if I get to participate in the trial, would I write up support of the dentist in favor of it's use

      + (f) on my way somewhere with friends, I find myself walking through densely packed pine trees. I know that this is a commercial Christmas tree lot, but I'm forming a joke to tell my friends where I say we should return here and just take one of these trees. I come out from the pack and see people mullin around the lot. Some of the trees I see in front of me are very small and pathetic-looking.
    8. Castle in the Mist

      by , 11-29-2017 at 01:01 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 11-28

      Castle in the Mist

      I am with my mother. We are standing on a ridge overlooking a valley. My brother lives somewhere out there. I find this distressing, because when I look out over the valley all I can see is smoke. I’m not sure if there was a fire or if it is pollution. I am thinking my brother John is in danger. We need to get to John. I am looking for a way down into the valley. It seems everything is closed due to current conditions. No one wants to listen when I say my brother is down there. Then I find a way to get closer. I’m not sure if the situation changes or if the dream changes, but now I find myself on a crowded trail headed towards a castle on a hill. My brother did not ever live in a castle. It appears to be a tourist attraction. There still seems to be a large amount of pollution around it. The castle is shrouded in smog and it is hard to see from a distance. I still take pictures with my phone, even though it is little more than a silhouette. I am with some people. I’m not sure who, maybe my mother, maybe MoSh, I’m not sure. Maybe other tourists. The procession approaching the castle is quite slow. That is to be expected with a tourist attraction. There are also people talking along the way, giving information about the castle. There is a lot of talk about it being haunted. It is announced that there are four guest rooms or dormitories in the castle, and anyone who has the nerve to stay in them can do so. I don’t think anyone wants to admit there are scared, but no one steps up to find out about renting the rooms.

      As we approach the pollution seems a lot more malevolent. I am wearing my usual Assassin’s robes, and that is something I turn out to be glad of as we get closer to the castle. I see swarms of bugs in the sky. But when we get closer to them, it turns out they’re not just flies. It is a swarm of flying bugs of some kind. They look like small flying slugs or something. Slimy and fat and they look malignant. They look like they shouldn’t be able to fly because they are too big. They are swarming around everyone, and trying to get close to them. I see some people are having problems with the things trying to get into their clothes, mouths, noses, and ears. I’m not squeamish about bugs, but that is grossing me out. So I pull my hood all the way forward and then pull the edges of it together over my face. I can barely see where I’m going, but the bugs don’t seem to be able to find any access. We pass through the bugs in a relatively short amount of time and then I am able to open up my hood again. Now we are closer to the castle and can see it better. I take some more pictures of it. I have heard someone say that we shouldn’t take pictures, but that is one of the main reasons I came… I seem to have forgotten about John. I am wondering if this means it is fake, and they’re afraid people will be able to identify their tricks. But the feeling of malevolence I sense pretty much dismisses the idea. I take more pictures, ignoring the people saying that we are not supposed to. I know that photographs sometimes reveal things that the human I cannot see.

      As we head away from the castle, I find a pile of silver coins. They aren’t worth much, but they seem like a good souvenir. I am thinking I might be able to identify some aura or energy around them once they are separated from the malevolent source. I pick up a couple of silver coins about the size of silver dollars and slip them into my pocket when no one is looking. I’m sure I am not supposed to do that. We return through a visitor center, but now the museum displays are twisted and strange. There are now images of torture and death instead of articles of ghost sightings. The people are weird her. Almost everyone is having sex. They’re doing it everywhere. Everyone is in various stages of undress, and they are in various groupings having vigorous sex. I have no idea why they all decided to fornicate in the halls and on the streets. I think it has something to do with the haunted castle. I am feeling no urge to take off my robes, however. A couple people approach me as if they are interested in doing so, but in spite of what I think might be a demonic cause, they are not interested in doing it by force. When I turn them down, they just move onto the next willing participant and go at it. I hurry through this area along with several other people that seem unaffected. We soon make it past those areas. I look back at the castle in the distance, it appears much further away than it should be now. It is once again shrouded in smog. I wake up here.
    9. A Haunted Night

      by , 11-29-2017 at 01:00 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 11-28

      A Haunted Night

      I had an array of dreams. Some may have been inspired by the creepy video I watched before and went to sleep. I was with someone in several of them, although I’m not sure who. Part of the time I thought I was with my mother, part of the time I thought I was with my brother, and other times I wasn’t quite sure. But here are the dreams.

      There was a house. It seemed a bit bigger than the one in the video but that might’ve been because it wasn’t destroyed. The one in the video had burned, and at least the attic area had completely burned off. This house was intact. When I looked at the house I got a sense there was something there, something malevolent. There were three men there. I’m not sure who they were, I didn’t recognize any of them. They were hiding out from a crime they committed, probably theft. They came to the house, and they had to break in. Although it wasn’t destroyed it did appear that it was boarded up and abandoned. They could also seemed to sense the presence in the house. But they weren’t wary enough to leave. Not long after they went in, one of them came back out and went to their truck. He went into the vehicle and retrieved box. I believe it was a stereo. He took it back into the house. Maybe he thought some music would make the place feel better, but the music device was already infected with malevolent energy and would only make matters worse. I was thinking that I should warn them. I knocked, but no one answered. Soon the owner of the property came, he didn’t seem pleased someone was in it. He knocked at the door to try to get their attention. No one answered the door, and I felt almost certain that it was too late.

      I am in my bedroom at my old house. My electronic devices seemed they were somehow inhabited by malevolent forces. My computer was behaving really strangely, and that pissed me off. Then my tablet was changing my data from what I had put into some really cryptic messages. And after that my phone started behaving strangely, too. I was thinking the malevolent energy seemed to be spreading from one device to another, and it was only a matter of time before whatever was infecting it figured out how to spread to other items and even living things. I went out into the backyard. I looked up into the sky where I saw what looked like spaceships. They were flying around in the sky, and there were quite a few of them. They look similar in design, but not identical to, Star Trek starships. I started taking photos with my phone. I had gone ahead and taken my phone with me even though it seemed like it might be corrupted, I didn’t want to leave everything behind. I was worried about losing important data. And it seemed my phone was the least infected. So I started taking photos of the spacecraft. I was still doing that and trying to figure out why they had visited this planet when I woke up.

      On a Roll
      This was another dream that was not related to the hunting’s. And this one I was in what seems like a fairly large office or school. I was getting around from place to place somehow by writing on I’ll ball. It was a small ball, about the size of a tennis ball or maybe a little bigger. It was a soft rubber ball. Somehow I would stand on it, and roll along on it. I’m not sure how this could’ve worked, because in a normal reality the ball would’ve simply rolled out from underneath my foot. But in the dream it seemed to work quite well and I moved along at a good rate. I was rolling from office to office or classroom to classroom, I’m not sure which, apparently someone was jealous of my transportation. They left something sharp on the ground to cut my ball open. At that point it went flat. Now when I went to step on it instead of rolling it just went flat. So now I started going from room to room in the school/office and trying to find another ball. I seem to think it was quite imperative that I find another ball to use, I guess the idea of just normally walking was absurd. I did eventually find one. And then it was back to my old way of getting around. Strange.
    10. New job

      by , 11-28-2017 at 12:15 PM
      Despite having a perfectly good job already, I decide to get a job in Ripon. What my role is is anyones's guess, since I seem to do no work. I spend three days in this dream, each day going to work. Certain landmarks were familiar to me, but the rest of the city seemed to have been made up. A collection of beautiful women also worked at this place. Each day consisted of us doing an obnoxious team building exercise. At the end of the dream, whilst walking to Harrogate, I notice that my new job is incredibly vague and that it feels more dreamy and unreal than my old job did. This almost got me lucid, but my alarm clock got in the way.
    11. Semi lucids and more dreams about youtubers.

      by , 11-28-2017 at 03:38 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)

      A dream about meeting Kirk Hammet from metallica. I tell him I saw the show in edmonton. He said enthusiastically, "that was a great show."

      FaZe Rug and Jesus

      A dream about meeting a well known yoububer named "FaZe Rug,". I was at his party in hid old house. I was on steps and asked him if he could make a vlog about helping a new youtuber start a channel. He said no.

      The next thing I know I am semi lucid and walking with Jesus through an archway. We climb a big hill and go through the same archway on the other side. WTF? I ask Jesus if that really was the same archway we had passed through moments before? he said yes. I asked if he created all this and this dream. He said yes. We enter an outdoor Colosseum. We found a picnic table and sat on it. I asked him if FaZe Rug is saved? He said FaZe Rug is worried that his disciples will expose him. WTF. I then asked him if some of the scary videos on youtube I watch are real hauntings or demons. He said Demons.

      Suddenly I'm non lucid walking around a city I think is familiar. I see a red brick building with a weird street leading down a hill. I know that's the wrong way. I enter a park and realize that this is the way home. I'm walking with some people now I sam going down a path when I notice my leg is dragging a bear trap. It doesn't hurt and I pry it off. Next I find a rusty machete stuck in a fence. I pull it off and go up to a thick branch and try to cut through it. It doesn't budge. I swing down like a samurai sword an cut clear through it. The blade breaks in half somehow. I keep walking until I find a cave.


      I'm lucid in this dream walking around a large house with some people. It's abandoned and there's a large winding staircase. I am talking with the people about an old boss I use to have that was british and had a rather dry sense of humor.

      Tom's house

      I'm with youtuber Moe Sargi in a house from his video. It's a haunted house he calls "Tom's House," because he supposedly summoned a demon named tom there. We are with some of his friends. Most of the dream is fuzzy but Tom appears as a large demon. He had a giant mowhawk which where made of winding steel blades. They expand out of his head and impale Moe and his friends while they are exploring a small room under the stairs that seed larger than the one from his video. Tom was on the other side of the wall and shot spikes right through the wall and into them.

      Tom's house again,

      Vague dream about being in Tom's house with moe again. The house looks nice and not rundown. A strange man is there and invites us to eat a table.

      Wrong Decade

      I'm in a mall with someone but everyone is wearing 70's clothing. I mention to the person I'm with that everyone looks distinctly male and female and not blurring the lines like today. We walk outside again and walk down a street eventually entering a large house.

      Comment if you think I should summon tom in a lucid and fight him!
    12. Not much done at all.

      by , 11-27-2017 at 07:03 PM (The world of Lyseno)
      Monday November 27th 2017

      Couldn’t sleep for long. By the time I was able to sleep had to wake up again, but managed to get some study done and practiced some bakery of bread before waking up, tried to do time dilation but that made it harder to study so just went like normal.
    13. Why not cheat, study and fight all at the same time?

      by , 11-27-2017 at 07:02 PM (The world of Lyseno)
      Sunday November 26th 2017

      Don’t have enough time to properly journal with wakes up and all. Anyways, I was tasked to go to a dream school not too long ago and study their laws so went to study at a laws university and what not.

      Also discovered that there was some kind of problem going on with nature and people were trying to fight it with magic and science, mostly that they were exterminating special species from the world and they were not going down without a fight.

      In the middle of one of the class we were watching live how the heroes of humanity were killing one big bull-like creature and charging at it with all they had, so quickly left class to go to the bathroom and teleported over to the location of the fight.

      Right after transformed myself and went over to the bull, put it aside and then let him rest behind me. The others were quite alarmed at the sight of an humanoid monster and started firing right away. Rise my hand and with it the ground in front of me. The magicians turn the earth into plants and they start firing again.

      Use the plants and make them absorb the bullets then trap the guns, the magicians set the plants on fire and I make fireballs then throw them at them. They stop them midair so stomp them with the air above them and crush them to death, then start chanting and make the blood vessels of those I killed become blades that run through every city and kill every single warrior or mage that are currently alive on this planet.

      Once I am done, go back to class and find out we are about to go into a test but I don’t know anything! So go to the resting room and am about to use time dilation when I see a lot of people there… they don’t want to leave, so show them that I am stronger than them by jumping from top to bottom like nothing happened and they all ask me how to do it “Will show you if you leave” tell them, they all leave and as soon as they leave use time dilation and teleportation, get myself enough books and read them all then go to do my test and before waking up, passed with one of the highest scores in the whole university, so ha!
    14. Dream - A Room Full Of Torture & Payroll Drama

      by , 11-27-2017 at 01:24 PM
      Date of Dream: SAT 25 NOV - 2017

      Dream No. 229 - Separated Sections

      Dream 229 A - A Room Full Of Torture (Nightmare!)
      From where I can remember, I had a part time job at a clothing store. The colleagues there said they like the colours that I was wearing and that they looked happy and bright. At some point, I had to help some customers find a particular piece of clothing. I couldn't seem to find the item and that's when the dream started to head into a nasty direction.

      I wake up from unconsciousness, lying on a table in some very red lit room. The first thing I do is call for Dreamy WB in an uncertain and shaky tone. I can then hear a loud, rapid heartbeat coming from underneath me. I end up pulling out this device that the evil stranger in the room has attached to me... He is tracking my heartbeat. I call for Dreamy WB more which makes the guy agitated, walking towards me to collect the device and now do something with it.

      Dreamy WB never came, rather, each time I called her, it would fuel the evil in the room and the guy would take the device closer to his desk. I found out what he was going to do. He was going to lodge the device into a radio and play the ugliest sound of me ever, intending to torture or ultimately kill me. I reached for some sort of disk, throwing it at him, hoping that it would hit him. It missed the guy and he got angrier, now rushing toward the radio. A subconscious message came to me that I must wake up... I did wake up.

      Dream 229 B - Payroll Drama
      Payroll class was in the cellar of my current house with KHa... JC ended up being in that class as well. I try to ask a question but KHa keeps talking over the top of me. I eventually got to ask... “Do I have to do anymore of these classes? I've already finished this subject in term 1 last year”. KHa looks at me funny and goes “with who?”. “With RH”, I replied.

      Then RH appeared in the opening of the cellar, looking somewhat displeased. He signalled for me to follow him. He lead me to the garage door. Then he says to me something like “There are lot of people going to uni these days and look at the stuff that they do”. He had pressed the button of one of the roller doors and it went up and down but not in its usual expected way. I forgot what happened after that point.

      Dream Trophies Achieved
      - I'm Going To Get You! (Wake up from a nightmare 3 times)

      >> Woken by the creepy SML puppet (145)
      >> Woken by a counterfeit Ms L in the garden (166 B)
      >> Terrified about torture device about to be played on the radio (229 A)
      non-lucid , nightmare
    15. WHOA

      by , 11-27-2017 at 05:11 AM
      Okay its been awhile but i guess this is why i started here.... Most of my dreams come true and this is one that blows me away... well when i started this was after a dream. My nephew stayed over and he shook me awake because i was having a fitful sleep. I told him that i was dreaming of a meteor that was dark with red and yellow behind it and it was crossing over the southern tip of Africa in the dark...Well i let it go that day 2 days went by then i saw it on 6-10-17 near Johannesberg in the early morning. Then on July 23 a full coronal solar flare (cme) came from the sun... i knew it the day before....it was to hit after the sun passed by my region, the UV-C was going to affect all those west of us.... Lately i have been trying not to sleep... but if i dont then what..... I have had this happen since i can remember, they have come true...some are nonsense but i can tell the difference.....any ideas??
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