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    1. lxxxvii.

      by , 02-19-2020 at 02:06 PM
      Just one continuous long dream, that I can remember.


      In the earliest part I remember, I was wandering around some city streets. It was dark, but there were street lights, orange/yellow hues. For whatever reason I was about two to three times the normal size and as I turned around a corner I ran into an equally sized character at some sort of dead end. There was a "temporary" concrete wall blocking a street.

      Not sure what the character looked like exactly, but was female and some kind of taur. Part woman, part something else, maybe scorpion or sphynx. I used some kind of metal club, like a baseball bat maybe, and attacked her. As we were fighting, I knocked her away with the bat and she got hurled down an adjacent street. Then something with the dream changes and she's gone. I'm normal sized and in the street where she was hurled into was a car, damaged I think.

      I got some sort of passing thought about how I was dreaming before, when I was bigger and fighting, but this obvious irony was somehow lost on me during this moment. I approached the car and inside I see a man. The car's inner lights make him quite clear but I don't remember what he looked like exactly. Chiseled, but skinny? He is doing some kind of drug or smoking something. Police and paramedics arrive all of a sudden, but nobody tells me to clear out or move away.

      The guy is then dead. I could see him lying back in a weird position, sort of slumped down but contorted between the two front seats of his car. One of the paramedics uses a syringe of some sort, squirting some liquid into the dead guy's nose. It fizzes and bubbles. They conclude from this reaction that he'd used some sort of toxin to kill himself.

      Nearby, from about six or so yards away, a man is taking some photos with a camera. I remember the camera had a band that went around his neck. In that moment I think that he's taking some photos for the local news and he catches me on some of the shots, hoping he'll blur my face. I think of speaking to him but end up walking away, not actually too bothered about it.

      Then at some point, I realised I didn't have my phone anymore. I couldn't feel it on me and I believe I must have left it in the car from before. I realised the police will have the car by now and so I go to a street where the police station is located. It's a plain concrete building with several small alcove-like bits. Each of them is effectively an entrance, with a ladder and some sort of shutter? Or garage door.

      I ring a doorbell thing or buzzer, but an image immediately lights up on a large screen next to the ladder and the buzzer. It looks like a poster but it says on it something like: "We're sorry, we're closed. The police needs rest too." This doesn't bother me, I accept that it makes sense, with only a slight feeling of being annoyed by not having made any progress in finding the phone. I somehow realise that it's 2AM or past that and that they won't be opening for another few hours, at least. I go back to the crime scene with the car hoping to find it there, maybe I'd just left it on the ground.

      Indeed, when I get there, I do find the phone on the floor. I remember walking around the streets for quite a while, I'm not sure how it all fits in terms of timeline but details are too vague now. Then there's some kind of transition? The dream shifts somehow anyway. I'm then in a town or city. Rome, I hear someone or myself saying. It's day time now and I'm walking around sort of in circles on these streets, around a central square area.

      There are people singing and greeting tourists and foreigners. I join up with some group of tourists? We walk up to this little altar thing in the middle of the square. The buildings I can remember around us are short, some might even be ruins. We are at a high point, there are no hills or taller buildings in sight. This altar thing is considered to be a mosque? But it looks more like a right-angled dried up fountain of some sort. I sit there with the group of tourists. I relax for a moment and look around.

      Then randomly, these two black teens walk up to me and throw or spray some green paint at me. I get up and show some sort of indignation at what they did but then end up just ignoring them since I knew they just wanted to provoke. They leave with cheeky smiles on their faces, I feel some sense of amusement myself? Then a man in the group, an older black guy, engages in conversation with me about what just happened. We agree on how people do these provocative things and we talk about something else; meanwhile the dream starts to change around us and sort of becomes like a fancy bar or lodge hall. It's not day time anymore, I remember lights being on in this building.

      At this point my memory of the rest of the dream is very vague since I couldn't manage to make notes of it. I remember being in my parents old room and then something about mom being in bed and giving me and this older guy advice? Some sort of construction modules. I remember words labeled on them. "Industrial (?)", "Research (?)" and other similar things.

      No notes for now.
      non-lucid , dream fragment