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    1. short LD after long streak of no recorded dreams

      by , 02-25-2020 at 05:42 PM
      Okay no more notes I dont find them that useful

      Dream 1:
      I was driving again. I was trying to control the car but it wasnt working like I was expecting. I was trying to brake but it wasnt working. After a bit of struggling with the car and steering frantically, I realized that I must be dreaming because this car has been out of control for a while and I havent crashed and I remember not being able to break in dreams. I was at first kind of apprehensive about treating my reality as a dream because if it wasnt a dream ad I did something crazy with the car that would be terrible. But I slowly gained confidence that it was a dream and before I knew it I was speeding down this track and then doing long drifting maneuvers around the turns like in Mario Kart.
    2. Doomie Turtle

      by , 02-25-2020 at 02:46 PM
      Had a dream where I got to play Doom Eternal. Fought Khan Maykr and one of those Sentinel mechs. Then the dream got crazy when Khan Maykr wanted to resurrect Icon of Sin. Sora from Kingdom Hearts appears with the X-blade and we killed Khan Maykr. Turns out Khan Maykr wasn't really a "Maykr", it was some deceased woman. Anyway, we still had to deal with the Icon of Sin Armored. Riku appears without his keyblade. He instead absorbs the ISA. Riku immediately gains weight in a comical way. The credits roll and instead of getting a metal outro fitting of Doom Eternal, it's some orchestral Kingdom Hearts stuff. Other stuff include The Doom Slayers real name being, "Sinister" and also him having a scottish accent. There was also a scene in where The Doom Slayer makes friends with an archvile.
    3. A different path

      by , 02-25-2020 at 05:36 AM
      Today's dreams:

      A different path

      My body was way too hot and I kept tossing and turning. I'm not sure how long and I noticed I lost consciousness once during it without any dreams. A while after I noticed that I was vibrating in that almost dream state. There was some being trying to contact me kind of. I think it was just related to a video I watched earlier in the day. It had be terrified and it said something. Then it stopped. I probably could have got deeper into a dream and should have focused on a dream goal. But instead I wanted to experience it again so I asked for it again and the vibration came back with some sort of alien like communication. Then in a clear male voice it spoke and told me " walk where your father have not walked." then I felt cold air swirling around my legs by a monster and it sort of scared me and I totally forgot about visualizing a dream scene.

      Well I went back to sleep and this time I was on the bed and got the buzzing again. I improved this time by doing an RC by trying to float up and I did but it didn't last much longer. Could have tried to touch stuff to make it last longer or thinking that it would ladt longer.

      I was in a game. I not sure why I dreamt it since I haven't played it in a long time. I was in a game and the character I played could place mines, but it was first person. On the later levels I'd be able to place a mine every 4 second according to the dream. So I walked down the path but also brought along my mouse and keyboard. Then the people there looked at me, wondering why I had brought them.

      Hmm I recall having a thought about this game briefly 2 days ago? That may be the source of this dream.
      Y mall/

      I was with my friend y, I remember him being rude and forgot a majority of the dream.
      SpongeBob bbq

      I think this dream is connected to the previous one. I saw SpongeBob and friends walk out of a building likely from the previous scene and going for a BBQ. I went for the BBQ and met some ppl I knew there. What did I eat? I remember an elderly black man there making his special dish but he used dish soap to as his special touch... Yuck. There was another group doing something similar but with something else like detergent.

      I went to the hospital after presumably from food poisoning and I found some ppl I knew there. I saw Hawaii and there was Lucas there. I grabbed the gun and shot Lucas. Then he shot me back. It hit my shoulder but it didn't hurt but my lips were tattered as I held them together with my hands. Looked around for someone to stitch me up.

      I found my consciousness shift to the others that I came with. I saw from the eyes of the elderly man we came with and he began singing in a musical like scene.

      -I remember thinking about BBQ yesterday. I also remember someone talking about musicals!

      Lil kids class

      inside a school area. I was with my friend y and we headed for the highest floor and saw kids in classroom. Learning something there.

      -watched a video about how schools in Finland was superior.

      Classroom giel

      I was hanging out with a classmate. She was nice. I got lucid but woke.

      -I'm pretty sure I met her many times inside the dream

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    4. Log 1761 - Phase Underground Bunker Laboratory and Other Assorted Stories

      by , 02-25-2020 at 12:40 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Well, I should really start posting in here again. Got a lot to note today. There's still a good quantity of missing content, possibly even a forgotten LD...

      Scrap Group 1
      Various repeated scenes of loud activity occurring in and outside the bedroom.

      Dream 1 - Phase Underground Bunker Laboratory

      Scene 1 - Leader Putting Unrest to Rest
      The visuals were slightly blurred. Spectator mode. This occurred in a city center located within an old urban Eastern Europe site, grey skies above. Unrest was ongoing between the majority and a minority population living there . Things were about to go violent, when suddenly, the state's leader, a middle aged man with a thick black moustache, personally intervenes. With an invigorated, strongly worded speech, he manages to not only get matters under control, but wins admiration from both sides.

      Unknown transition.

      Scene 2 - Ride the Lightning!
      The visuals were a bit dim. FA in bed. I was wandering in a shopping district bordering a suburbs (not unlike the local area I live in), vibrant clouds of a dusk sky visible in the horizon. Somehow, I got aware. I immediately launch off at high speeds. As I soared the clouds, I spontaneously projected an electric aura around me (as per Ky Kiske's Ride the Lightning attack from Guilty Gear). I swooped down through a sunlit swamp, then a night-time desert, and various other forgotten sites. Eventually, I land in a far away city, a place similar to Dubai I think. I take only one step, when the scene began fading away. Warp.

      Scene 3 - Big, Glowing Red Button
      The visuals were a bit dim. FA in bed, the room faintly illuminated by an unknown source. I quickly regain awareness.

      Once again, I try to RTL into a different location. But, I was prevented from even going past the far end of the room (which was unusually empty). So, I opted to phase through the floor. It was a bit difficult to do, as if sinking into thick tar. Further attempts at RTL did little to help. But eventually, I plummeted at exhilarating speeds.

      I descended for a minute before coming to a sudden (but safe) landing. Now, I found myself in a narrow structure spottily illuminated by distant ceiling lights. All constructions were made of solid steel. Blinking, futuristic devices occupied much of the space and lined a majority of the walls. Reckoned this place must've been some kind of underground bunker/laboratory.

      A figure soon appeared. It was Porter from work, seemingly busy hauling stuff and doing other menial things. It was around then that I noticed a big, red, rectangular, glowing red button on one of the devices. Upon glancing at it, Porter warned me not to touch it. So I heeded him for the moment and looked around elsewhere. I looked into various slots and ports on the panels around there, but didn't see anything of worth. Temptation got a hold of me, and I announced I would push the button regardless. I was given one final caution, a reminder that neither of us knew what would happen.


      Suddenly, the walls spread apart. Mist dramatically seeped inside, blocking my vision momentarily before dispersing. Exposed ahead was a transparent hallway. I only observed it for so long, when a vault door slammed shut before me. A small bother. I phased through, then continued down the hallway. Another vault door opened. In view was a chrome rocket the size of a van. In fact, the interior revealed enough room fit three passengers, one in a front seat, two on back. I seated myself in the front. Not long after, the vehicle was sealed. I felt something moving it forward slowly, the clangs and humming of unknown mechanisms reverberating around me.

      My viewpoint immediately discorporates to an isometric overhead shot of the launch scene. As it so happened, a giant, mechanical claw was hauling the rocket through an imperceivably long tube, faint blue lights lining the walls in a skewed, grid-like pattern. Then, without warning, the claw flings the vehicle, launching it out of view.

      Almost as quickly, I'm back to my own senses. I look around, to find that I've landed somewhere awfully similar to where I started, including the laboratory. Finding no need to investigate this place further, I mount the rocket again. Cue repeat of above. But this time, the rocket's thrown against a grid-lined wall. The crash forces me awake.

      Dream 2 - Pranks and Time Dilation Work

      The visuals were a bit blurred. I was walking around in a restaurant. This place was oddly both familiar and foreign to me.

      After several minutes of doing who-knows-what, I spontaneously begin floating around the site. Cue awareness. There was a kid nearby that for whatever reason annoyed the heck out of me just for being nearby. I caused him to vanish instantly. I then went around to cause mischief. This included my brother Randal (who happened to be there), to whom I zapped with electricity, then warped back in time before he would retaliate. Ditto with some co-workers (also there, aparrently), save that I threw water at them.

      Things began fading. I hurry off to an empty space in the restaurant. Thinking of personal tasks, I began to shrink to microscopic size, doing so via inhalation. As I breathed in, I felt myself compressing instantly. I did three sets of such before I stopped. At that size, I hoped, extreme time dilation would take affect.

      Suddenly, from out of nowhere, a holographic screen appears in front of me. On it was an image of a locale, which soon cycled between several other places. I, for some forgotten reason, settled on an urban location. The outline of the scene slowly forms around me. But, before it could solidify, the dream collapses.

      Scrap Group 2
      Wandering in a beach during daytime. I enter a wide-spanning industrial zone. Cut. I, for some reason, begin committing a series of heinous crimes and mass fraud, not the least of which includes identity theft and murder. Eventually, I got caught with a swiped credit card, and was swiftly captured. Yet, I felt as if I had my own reasons to get put into the can...

      Vaguely recall being in an urban area.

      In an urban apartment building. My niece Cecilia was tagging along with me. Later, we encounter a creep in the hallway (who looked an awful lot like a younger Marlon Wayne). The guy was disturbingly forward with his interest towards my niece. I hurried off with Cecilia to our destination suite, but not before threatening the guy with overt violence if he ever shows up near us again. The suite itself was lit only by vague sunlight. There were other people around, but I couldn't see anyone. I then tell Cecilia what she should do if some creep tries to touch her (ie scream for help and run away).

      At home. I finish with some chores. Suddenly, a drill sergeant appeared out of nowhere. He barked contempt with my handiwork, and orders me to both re-do it and perform twenty push ups afterwards. He then walked away. Between my completing said chore again, Ryu from Street Fighter inexplicably passed by. I later did the push-ups. I found this to be much easier than normal.

      At a mall. Randal was there. We wait in line for a some vending booth. Up ahead, I noticed Stan and Frank from work. Frank annoys a guy in the front of the line without being spotted, and continues to do so for a minute or so.

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