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    1. Climbing again

      by , 02-17-2020 at 09:16 PM
      Went to bed at 4:30AM.
      got out of bed at 1:30.
      Dream 1:
      I was at the climbing gym with my friend tim. I started up a climb thinking I was toproping. I got past the first carabiner and near the second when I looked down and he was on the wall too! He was confident and he told me he was going to belay from the wall. We were clipped into the lead carabiners now instead of toproping. He told me all you need to do is stand on the end of the rope on a couple holds and then you can belay from there. He got the the height of the first carabiner and did so. I climbed up, reached the top and met him back there. I took the role of belay and I decided to go on the other side of him where the wall was more horizontal and easier to stand on. Suddenly there was a huge gap between where we were and the wall we were climbing, and we were now clipped in on toprope. He swung like a clipped in tarzan to the other wall to get to it. A staff member came over to tell him something so I got closer and it turns out she wasnt there to tell him to not swing, she was just warning him of something and he told he had already thought of it, he was experienced. She was even slightly embarrassed or apologetic in her body language after he told her
      non-lucid , side notes
    2. meh

      by , 02-17-2020 at 09:01 PM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      recall was terrible as usual this week.

      Jamie 1

      Just a flash of Jamie crying really hard. Like face in hands. Been there... The night before she left, ouch. Hope my dreams aren't too psychic about this and hope she's okay. I also hope I didn't cause that somehow...

      Jamie 2

      Can't remember what happened just that her presence was there.


      I just remember being lost on a road, I hitched a ride from a lady driving a bus. I said we had to pick up my backpack or something, and suddenly we were in a city looking for it.


      Dreamed that a manager pulled a gun on me at work when i didn't want to do what he said. I ran out screaming and went to another place from the same franchise. I wanted to get him fired. Why didn't I just call the police.

      Netflix commendation: Horse Girl.

      If Jamie reads these, keep sending good vibes. I appreciate them.
    3. February 17th 2020

      by , 02-17-2020 at 03:17 PM
      I went to a cinema. When i got out the police/government was trying to set up an arrest trap as i was going to my car. My family was there, but this warrant would have been for all of us. More people were there and i thought that if we all acted as a social mass perhaps we'd overcome this.
      Anyways nothing happened, and we were able to get away in peace. We had two or more cars because we were many, we were on holidays. As we got into the cars we each got in to different cars, but that was okay. We were going to a river. It was a dirt road and it was very narrow. Ahead of us there was a cart stuck apparently. The driver noticed it and just pushed it slightly. Then the road was downfall until the river. The horses of the cart started galloping and they were two. It seemed like the cart was going to crash but each horse took a side when they reached the river, and the cart just went through the middle and stationed. It was a nice show.
      We found a nice spot to settle in and then i went to see where i could jump into the water and start swimming. My uncle jumped somewhere and he hurt his legs. Then i see where he jumped at and it seemed to be actually a mosaics floor with a little bit of water... I didnt understand... Then i was no longer on the top of some great rocks, but instead i was like up a ladder in what it seemed like a treehouse but inside the garage of a house... I was quite confused.