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    1. Overwhelming Mind 2 DILDS

      by , 02-12-2020 at 11:42 PM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I was in a classroom and one of the students said something rude and stupid to him. The teacher then became angry and started flipping students desk all over the place. For some reason this guy was coming at me as I counter most of his attacks. I look at him and ask him why are you doing this? He looked at me and said something repulsive that I can no longer remember. I thought it was odd so I had knock him down and tried to avoid anymore confrontation.

      I remember leaving thinking this doesn't make sense and I began to realize I was dreaming. As I am outside trying to get away from this guy I knew I could jump and fly out of the apartment complex. So I tried it only to land flat on the ground. I guess I need more self confidence as I didn't trust myself on a few other occasions either. I began to forget about the guy and was sole focus on learning to flying. I kept climbing up the wall and telling myself I can fly.

      But again and again I would come back down in disappointment. That's when I heard the man screaming as he begins to get closer to my location. I then began to go somewhere else in till the dream faded out.

      I held on to my consciousness during the new transition to a new dream. I then saw the anime character Goku as a SSJ3. I was still lucid and had some dream control over him. I decided to make him blow up near by city as he hover over the sky. It was very god-like and made me realize my desire to fly was stronger than before. Goku was a master at flying, as he continue to soar through the sky I eventually made him land on the ground.

      He fought a few people and even almost got stab by the famous Jay-Z himself. That's when I awoken from my sleep.
      Tags: fight, flying, goku, jay-z
    2. lxxxiii.

      by , 02-12-2020 at 11:40 PM
      Dreams that I made note of early today but that I'm only writing on the DJ here at night.

      Dream Fragment:

      Much longer than just this bit and a lot of detail is missing. Was with my family at some building, more specifically, with my parents and maybe siblings. We were there because of me, I was waiting to be given permission to use this facility's reactor-powered super-computer.

      One of mom's sisters (M) was there . H was there but was a blend between himself and my oldest sibling. I remember we were waiting in some sort of lobby. It was sunny, there was a lot of glass. It was a fairly modern-style building from what I can remember. Eventually, a woman came through into the room and requested my presence. I followed her and walked through some halls and then through a large indoors space, like an aircraft hangar or an industrial warehouse. When we were in one of these larger spaces, the woman, who I remember was formally dressed (i.e. had some sort of secretarial position), said that they were going to give me the OK to use their computer.

      Apparently I wanted to use this computer to "hack" some other reactor-powered super-computer of the same sort. In the dream I already knew I had permission from the owners of that second computer to do this. My reaction to when she gave me the OK was something of surprise and I felt happy. I told her I'd be right back and jogged back to the lobby quickly to grab a few things. Mostly some papers, A4 prints of the schematics for the other reactor? Looked like amplifier schematics like the ones I often see H use.

      In the dream I knew that some favour I pulled was responsible for the people who owned this place to allow me to do this, though there seemed to be no animosity with anyone and there was a calm and polite atmosphere.

      I remember there was a lot of dialogue in this dream but I remember very little of it in detail, usually one of the first things to get forgotten. I went back to the woman after grabbing the papers. I remember being shown into a room where I then used some sort of computer terminal and then gained physical access to the other computer's library. But it was literally and physically manifested in front of me, above the terminal.

      I looked through the books. I remember chatting to this lady since she was there to supervise me, mostly small talk. I couldn't remember which of these files (the books) that H was interested in, so for whatever reason I asked for someone to go and fetch my oldest sibling (L). L arrived and immediately recognised the book. L took it and I wondered how we'd return it, since I realised in that moment this was a one-time thing but we were still obliged to return the file.

      Then I said to L: "make sure you get everything you want, because we will never have access to this again." I remember thinking or feeling that the other books on that shelf were filled with irreplaceable knowledge.

      The dream went on for a bit but I don't remember much. Some visions of the reactors? I told the lady about how I got permission to do all of this.

      Dream Fragment:

      A different dream. In space, much shorter dream. Strategy game like Homeworld but could manage planets and space stations too. Mix of Freelancer too? Don't remember the visuals anymore. Woke up after this dream.

      Dream Fragment:

      Fell back asleep and recalled this single fragment. Was helping T build some sort of organ console. The console didn't look right. It was askew? But it was on purpose apparently. The manuals were angled at 90 degrees and sloped on a 30 degree arc. I remember this took place in T's room. There was a light on and the room was dark otherwise, somewhat as expected really.

      Mom was there, talking to T I think.

      Some notes:
      - I did remember more conversational detail when I woke up and wrote down the first dream on my phone but the memory has since long left as I finish writing this DJ entry.
      - The thing with the shelf and the books being the other computer's file system was very unusual. It was like an allegory, but somewhat unnecessary.
      - For whatever reason, these few dreams I had all had H, T and L mixed in some sense as if they were all the same character. Although I can draw some similarities between them, like the bookshelf thing, I'm not sure why it was almost made obvious in the dream. Normally my less conscious thoughts don't manifest themselves in dreams in such an obvious way, probably since I already recognise all these elements consciously anyway.
      - The secretary figure is starting to become a recurring dream character in a sense. Feels like a sort of formal projection, as a character, of what I would consider my anima to be. Last year there were some similar appearances. Usually black hair, tidy, possibly glasses and a smooth but not perfect face. A slight bit of attitude or something in body posture, but in a relaxed way. Takes herself seriously.
      - A note on the above; I have taken the Jungian archetypes into a sort of personally meaningful way as I do with symbols in general, so that they have specific meanings to myself, which are often a bit more distant from their original meanings. This accounts for why the appearance of these archetypes varies, sometimes dramatically. But the key identifier for them is usually that they are key characters in the dream and that they are not related to people I know, and seem to be more disjointed from the other characters in a dream, usually.
      - T's room was more or less as I remember last seeing it. The sense of any unpleasant smell didn't seem to be there, but I remember feeling uncomfortable being in the room.
    3. Lots of FPS dreaming

      by , 02-12-2020 at 06:12 PM
      Went to bed at 1:30AMish.
      got out of bed at 11:30.
      Dream1:(COD+Posing Evan Scott)
      This dream started as me and Evan playing as characters in a Call of Duty like game against his brother and his bros friend. They were protecting a point, like capture the flag or maybe some generator that we had to get to to turn it off. We began approaching but they killed us a couple times first. They were landing their shots more than us. After respawning a couple times, I got up on to the upper ground and from a bit of a distance started taking them out. I killed one that was pretty far away and then one that was closer was running up the stairs towards me. We got pretty close but I was able to shoot him first. After they both died I ran towards the objective. They respawned and were coming up on my left, so I slowed down and took aim. I still had the high ground. I was able to kill them before they killed me and we finally won the game after that. Then I remember us being in real life again without his bros friend. I remember Evan doing some posing to show his brother. He did a front lat spread and his brother was kind of impressed and kind of made fun of him.

      Dream 2:
      This was another First Person Shooter dream. It was like I was in Boneworks(VR game) because I saw my ammo count hovering next to my body. It was myself and a couple teamates and we basically had to breach and clear this building. It was easy, we shot all the bad guys and collected all the ammo packs just like in boneworks.

      Dream 3:
      I was at my friends Lornes house. His brother alex got mad at him and started yelling at him for using his computer. Lorne had been writing on his computer and he revealed he was actually selling his writings successfully! Alex yelled because he didnt want him on his computer for that and said something demeaning like "Are you on fucking drugs?".

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    4. escapade adventures to a new land

      , 02-12-2020 at 01:41 AM
      I dreamed that I was imprisoned in the tops of a tall tree overhanging a series of cliffs and steep banks. The jail cell was simply a platform, apart from jumping there was no way down.

      Soon, another person is sent up to the platform tree top jail. This person is a curvaceous pretty young female. Initially, she is snobby and curt. I tell her there's no way to escape when she starts looking around. However, she smirks at me, winks and dramatically steps of the edge of the platform.

      Shocked, I look down! She falls towards the steep banks and aligns her feet to land on the slope so her impact lessened by sliding instead of a straight flat fall to the ground. She bounces and slides down to the ground where there is a large wide river.

      Emboldened by this act of female bravery, I jump over and...survive! I run over to the woman by the river and its love at first sight. I walk up to her, grab her and make love under the moonlight, celebrating out escape together....

      The dream skips on, She's been captured again and re-rehabilitated into this tribal group living up in some snowy mountains. I plan to rescue her.

      So, I sneak up the their dormitory like sleeping quarters in the snowy mountains one night and wake her up. she's been expecting me, we'd communicated somehow. Typical female, she has a big pile of things to take with her so I make several trips flying ( I somehow had wings now ) from her open window to a small distance away where I was making a pile of things.

      Suddenly, the other people in the dormitory wake up and come to stop us! Disappointed with the way the dream was heading, I hit the rewind button. A bit unusual, I don't do this often in dreams but I legit re-winded the dream back to when I first wake the girl up. This time however, I whisper to her and we leave the things there.

      Next, I'm the girl. The male me is gone and I'm flying down the snowy mountains away from the village. The mountains are very steep and rocky with piles of snow everywhere. My wings are slowing me down but not completely. I fall from cliff to cliff, ledge to ledge and finally make it down safely.

      I walk to a nearby train station in town from there but hop onto the wrong train station! Not sure where i was going or the destination....it takes me to this weird town where the culture is like something out of a eighteen hundreds western wuxia novel.

      Just before we get to the town, the train goes through these weird fantasy landscapes. Dystopian type deserts and post-apocalyptic landscapes. Another passenger on the train starts telling me all these amazing stories regarding the landscapes, whats beyond them etc. Apparently, beyond the apocolyptic desert there was a land of paradise where immortals lived with magic powers. Everyone in the town we were going had that distant land as their dream.

      I grew excited in the dream about the idea and started imagining all the 'powers' I'd get going there and even before! haha.

      At the new town, the train terminated at a teleportation bubble...which brought us into the train station.

      in town, ( I'm still a lady here ), I book in at a inn, everyone's dressed up old fashioned style. I must look out of place, everyone's staring. Walking up to this guy in a suit and top hat, I try and hug him in public. He backs away wildly as if I was attacking him!

      I then go up to another guy, with a group of people and cheekly try and knee him in the nuts, He and everyone else backs away looking at me like I'm mad. I start to feel that way and wonder whats wrong with myself and the dream...hahah.
    5. orchestra practice / Adventures with my brother

      , 02-12-2020 at 01:19 AM
      I dreamed that I'm at orchestra practice my old music teacher, Jenn.

      She was rehearsing with us strings in a hall. However, we were playing all very horribly and she was getting quite frustrated!

      I tried and tried to play my best but it was very difficult. My hand to mind coordination was lacking. Jenn frustratingly points out several people including myself that what we're doing needs practice! I agree! haha.

      __________________________________________________ _________________________________

      Another short dream.

      My older brother, dad and I are talking about some super fun adventure planned. I think we were going to do some down hill bike riding or something....
    6. Virus Dance / My sister performs

      , 02-12-2020 at 01:15 AM
      strange dream where I'm in this huge performance tent. I think that this tent was a part of some large event, perhaps some type of 'show', circus, musical performance or festival.

      Inside the tent, things seem like a computer game. A middle aged lady and I are competing against each other seeing how many 'glowing lights' we could touch with our hands. Once we touch the lights, our bodies absorbed the lights giving us more energy/power and who knows what else.

      I had the impression that the lights represented either a virus or perhaps the souls of people dying in the latest pandemic?

      The other lady and I leaped a twirled around collecting all the lights, we were shining light a christmas tree! With this level of power, things seem to push us both to each other. Next, we threw out clothes aside, both of us having the same idea in mind. The power upgrade must have stimulated the sex drive or something else drove us.

      The lady wasn't very attractive. She was slightly overweight and otherwise average. However, like a magnet, we connected and engaged in a explosive sexual release!

      Next in the dream, I learn my Sister is coming to perform a pop-star song on the stage in a nearby tent. In real life, my sister is a conservative christian, she doesn't do pop music. In the dream, I approached her back on the old farm. "Its something I want to do", she tells me. "How come you look asian now?" I question her?

      She now looks Asian, having dyed her hair plus adding a lot of makeup to her face. Just a temporary change she says. Then she also argues that we have a bit of Asian in the bloodline and points to my own facial characteristics as an argument in her favor.

      My dream brain finds it all really weird and tries unsuccessfully to figure it all out.

      Just before stage, I talk to my sister about what she's singing. She's singing something nationalistic which is nice and is nervous to perform.