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    1. Ah, Signs of Life

      by , 06-07-2017 at 12:49 AM (The Secret Life of Demons)
      Extremely long story short: I'm a dreamer and I dream with lots of different dreamers, spirits, and entities. I have a very open mind, have lots of relatively cool dreams, but I'm extremely mistrustful and sarcastic. Simply, I don't like most people due to a somewhat higher-than-average intelligence. All this said, here we go:

      3 months ago:
      Nightmares building up to larger nightmares. Not-so-fun lucid dreams.

      2 months ago:
      Captured and residing as a captive in a not-so-fun location. All month long.

      1 month ago:
      Dreams involving a long and painful killing (of me) by my old roommate. At the height of it I was waking up kicking and screaming (so unusual for me).

      Finally feeling like myself. I ate something terrible in dreams three months ago hence I felt pretty lame until now. I had wondered what revived me and brought me back and it seems it was an assortment of things and people. This morning I woke from dreaming (grateful to have uneventful dreams) and thought of DreamViews. I was thinking, perhaps, maybe some of the answers for what I've been up to might be found here. Having found some interesting details, I'm pleasantly surprised. It seems when I'm on the edge of death I reach out to people. Go figure.

      While reaching out it seems there was some kinship involved and I brought somewhat of a mess with me. Just, let me say this: you should've seen the other guy. I was hoping healers would do what they do best and it seems they had. I mean, they exorcised thousands of demons from me years ago, what's one more dark entity?

      Dreams can be insane. They lead to adventures of consciousness which can't always be rationally explained. How does one rationally explain telepathy? How does one explain that I needed to come to DV today? When there's a strong enough need, desire, or intent this is what often allows telepathic communication to occur. I may not like re-connecting (or even connecting) with people, but sometimes when it's life or death it warrants unusual circumstances. Now that things are decent I'm uncertain what's left in terms of adventure. I mean, I've already done quite a bit for a few lifetimes--I'm sorta hoping happiness and enjoyment are in my future. I'm pretty fucking tired of the whole slaying demons thing.

      Speaking of happiness and enjoyment, I'm somewhat interested in dream sharing if anyone is interested in having their sanity challenged.
    2. Dream's Representative

      by , 03-07-2014 at 05:55 PM
      Shit, it's almost 8 AM and I'm still in bed. A friend of mine is yelling at me for no reason, ''what the hell is she doing here at 8 AM?''. I get out of bed and start to organize the books I need for today. ''It's 8:06, I'm so late''.
      ''What are you still doing here? Get out, I've to go to school! - I say going downstairs.'' I go to the kitchen to drink something and look the watch again. ''Still 8:06? Weird, but perfect''. ''Hey wait, this may be a dream''.
      I do a RC by counting my fingers and I have 6 in each hand, okay, I'm dreaming.

      I stabilize the dream by touching everything to make sure that it doesn't fade away. I start saying out loud: ''Dream's representative! I need to talk with you!''. After walking a little in my house I go into the living room and see him there, in the sofa, reading some papers. I examine him; he's an old man, with a majestic moustache and a strong voice. ''Are you the representative?'' - I ask him. Yes, he answers to me while he gives me his hand.
      I take a sit and start touching the sofa to make sure I don't lose lucidity.
      ''Why don't you have facial hair?''. I start laughing out loud. ''Why the hell is he asking me that?''. ''Uhm, I don't know, I simply don't have it naturally''. He starts thinking and I get impressed by how real everything is. After meditating my question, I ask it.

      ''What can you tell me about me and this dream world?''. He starts to stroke his moustache and when he's about to say something, I wake up.

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    3. Questions and Answers: I Provide the Questions, Can You Provide the Answers?

      by , 07-12-2010 at 05:21 PM
      Is it possible that dreams can show the future? From all the vivid dreams I've been having, im starting to think that maybe they are trying to tell me something... The future? Something about my life? Maybe it's because I don't understand enough about dreams, but the things I see scare me alot.... not as much as they did when i posted "Deadly Kiss" but still.... I just want answers. I don't know who to talk to in my home town. I guess im just hoping for someone to read this and help me out.