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    1. ccxciv. Weird bicycle and family conversations

      by , 06-30-2021 at 06:42 PM
      30th June 2021

      Woken up by postman. Some in-line notes.


      (going from end to start, kind of) I am with mom, she's taking me on a ride, on some kind of bicycle but it's really long, like ten yards long or something. She's asking me what I think of an alien race on a film that (in the dream) I had apparently watched. I am not too interested in the topic and feel that she is being oddly too insistent about it. (wake up at about this point)

      The whole time, I don't have a good hold of the bike thing and am concerned I might fall off but I persist in trying to stay on. (realistically I could have walked just as fast or faster) The rear end I'm at comes off from the seat area in the front, it looks a bit like one of those streamline cars' side skirts, sort of half-sectioned or something, difficult to explain. I'm holding on to it in a hunched and semi-crouched position. I have my regular clothes on as far as I can tell, wearing my normal boots. My boots make it feel very difficult to keep my feet inside the gap in the panelling.

      I have passing thoughts about how mom is being able to pedal this thing with me on it too and where I'm at a leverage point that should make climbing this bit quite difficult. We're climbing up on the small hill that leads to the newer roundabout, which used to be the P exit. We're on the cobbled pavement.

      A bit earlier, me, T and mom are walking in A, at the roundabout before the other we eventually ride up to. It's morning, sort of sunny but not. The surroundings seem different to how they should be in waking life but I'm not certain in what way. We get to a car and T unlocks it. He gets in and starts the car, it's some old car, maybe like a Mini or an older VW or something. We say something and then me and mom walk across to a pavement on the right, where those small houses should be.

      Soon I become aware of the car's engine being turned back off again, though I don't look. I think something to myself about it, but can't recall what. At this point I'm talking to mom about teachers and smoking. (probably intrusions from recent thoughts on both as concepts) She says you can't really get away from it (smoking) completely in that environment. We talk about teachers' pay and how it varies a lot and isn't quite adequate. Then when we are across and have walked along for a bit, that's where the weird bike thing is and when we get on it.


      Some earlier dream sequence but recall slipped too much. Something like a game with T. We have guns and are expecting a massive encounter against NPCs or something inside a large building, but then nothing happens. There are flood lights and there's a cold ambience, despite the lights seeming warm in terms of glare. Some teens appeared and I think we hid or something, waiting to hear what they might say.


      - In bed, and before bed, I thought about lucid dreaming for a while and thought about wanting to do something with art or drawing while lucid.
      -- Also had thoughts based on the Dreamgates book reading, about how I have never felt completely comfortable with any name (even ones I've made for myself) and so I wondered what kind of names dream characters might give me.

      - Last night I started feeling really dizzy and just "slow" after midnight, not sure why. Wasn't able to do anything other than lie down and read a small bit.

      - Mom's appearance in this dream is no doubt related to her recent episode. On some level, any family appearance really ought to be enough for me to question reality, but it never is. She was half normal, half not, as hinted by the feeling I got off odd insistence, a behaviour I've only seen a bit of but am familiar with.
    2. ccxxi. Questions about an old friend, Mayan spaceship, Wrong time of year

      by , 02-04-2021 at 01:57 PM
      4th February 2021


      I'm with JC, we're walking together through an alternate version of my town. I remember asking him about his family's cafe or something, I ask if it was located near his house (I visualise it a bit) and I'm generally asking him questions about things I'm sure we've talked about in waking life, when we knew each other.

      Initially we had been at some kind of school or public building, leaving. We walk through the areas of town, which are much more open than usual, but the buildings seem proportionately expanded as well. We're headed somewhere specific, towards where my home is, but I forget the exact destination. I feel we're walking from the physically lowest part of town. It's day time but I think I remember a sunset at some point.


      (Complicated dream, vague recall.)

      Something about being in some starships and some kind of ancient device on a planet. A wild grain field of sorts, that's where the device is located. I and four others come to it, and it requires five people in total to activate. It forms a sort of pentagon if it were viewed from above. It's comprised of five adjoining capsules of sorts. We get in them and they are like lifts, taking us down. We are then inside some starship of an ancient design, resembling ancient Mayan stylistically. It's a rectangular stepped pyramid with powerful thrusters, effectively. I remember it breaks through the crust and the thrusters smoke a lot, seemingly struggling a bit too.

      Fragment (FA):

      I'm in bed with H or something. It looks like my parents' old room but with a layout more like our bedroom. There's a unit with a seven-segment display across the room, it says 20:16? Eight PM, either way. I tell H that we'd stayed in bed far too long. H seems surprised but doesn't do much to get up? We're both naked, I think.

      I then remember being in our office room and thinking it's amazing that it was still day time at 20:16, more specifically at this time of year, but I do not question reality.

      (Recall mixed here.)

      On the computer, playing BL. Trying to find my way through some portals, with H, so we can get to KH. I end up on a dead-end player-owned location. It looks like a nice location, but I feel annoyed for wasting my time.

      - The false awakening was unusual. For one thing, I rarely have false awakenings at all. The dream presented some very obvious dream signs that I did not pick up on at all and I still managed to find myself in amazement.
      - Recall was overall poor because of having to get up to answer the door somewhat abruptly and then I returned to bed wanting to get up soon, but didn't, falling asleep again.
    3. Dream - Assignment Fame

      by , 08-23-2017 at 09:02 AM
      Date of Dream: THU 17 AUG - 2017

      Dream No. 180 - Assignment Fame

      It was yet another company accounting assignment that was given in this dream. My case study was strange because the scenario was actually given with WB's complete name in there! The question stated that she invested $1,000 worth of shares. The other students just had someone called Laura on their assignment paper. Before anyone could notice, I crossed out every instance of her name and replaced it with her initials. I can't remember what else happened in the dream.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:

      - None
    4. LD: Convincing stubborn DC's that this was MY lucid dream/An exercise in dream control

      by , 08-07-2012 at 06:22 PM
      I was floating in the air with Tanya, Philip, Sarah, and Kierra when I suddenly became lucid.

      I decided that I wanted to begin my dream by asking them some insightful questions. So I blurted out the first thing that came to me. I turned to Sarah and asked, "What is the best thing about me?"

      She countered back, "Well, what's the best thing about me?"

      I said, "Hey--this is my lucid dream. I get to ask the questions."

      But she decided to be difficult and not answer. So I looked to Tanya. I asked again something like, "What's something good about myself?" I looked at her with pleading eyes, because I wanted her to answer the question. She looked back at my eyes and finally answered, "You're sincere." Ok...I would be satisfied with that.

      I then asked both Kierra and Philip the same thing only to have them ask the same question Sarah did.

      I started getting frustrated. I said, "Darn it. This MY lucid dream. And I'll prove it."

      I stuck out my arm, and said, "If this weren't my lucid dream, could I make my arm glow?" And for a second I was worried because I had never tried to make my body glow before. But my dream powers cooperated and soon my arm was bright.

      I then said, with my arm still out, "If this weren't my lucid dream could I turn my hand blue. And I focused on my hand until it turned blue.

      "Or could I make my hand big?" And soon my hand was growing and strangely large.

      "Or could I make it small?" And I then strank it until is was about half normal size.

      "Or could I make it white?" I turned it a ghostly white.

      Then I decided that I had done enough. I was feeling quite satisfied with this little exercise in dream control. I needed to move on. I wanted to try to go through a mirror again since this has been giving me trouble that last few attempts.

      I found a mirror. It was cracked in a few places. I think I was in what was supposed to be my aunt's house because she was suddenly standing with my in the hallway. I decided to run at the mirror and try for the spot that had the largest unbroken area.

      I took off running only to hit the mirror. Instead on bouncing right back I kind of hung there for a moment before I rolled myself down off the mirror. I tried two more times with the same result and concluded that I would probably never get through a mirror again since I had somehow developed a mental block.

      I decided to try to fly to the moon by going outside and just flying up. I was a little surprised that my dream was lasting this long, but I didn't want to waste it. I knew from past experiences that the quicker I run from one goal to the next the more focused on the dream I was and less likely to lose lucidity.

      It was night outside. I could see so many bright stars. The night sky seemed magical. I was in a city. I had come out of a large building. I saw a bilboard in front of me. It had Mickey Mouse and was an ad for Disneyland. It made me smile. I looked around and saw several more signs all for Disneyland. It made me feel really happy about this place that I had found. I started flying upward. I suddenly heard a conversation on the ground below of a man talking to a boy about finding this certain destination. I tried to follow the conversation, but never was quite sure what they were talking about. It reminded me of the odd audio hallucinations that I sometimes hear right as I am waking up in the morning.

      And it was right after that that I suddenly was awake. And my alarm went off about 20 seconds later.
    5. LD: Asking DC questions

      by , 08-01-2012 at 05:28 AM
      Old LD from 12-17-07


      I was in a place. In my dream I was thinking of it as a bar. I was hanging out there like I was waiting for someone. I remember at some point it struck me as weird that I was in a bar because I have never actually been to a bar since I don't drink. The place was mostly empty. I remember at one point I was feeling very tired and almost dizzy so i went to a back booth and put my head down and dozed for a while.

      I then woke up and walked around the bar some more. I saw my friend KB. It looked like she owned the place-- which is strange because she doens't drink either. She told me about the new booth that they put up in the back corner by the fireplace. I walked over to it and sat down. It was more like a bench. But the corner was nicely secluded and made me feel comfortable.

      I remember looking up and seeing either a picture or a window. It was a snowy scene. As I watched it I suddenly was outside in that scene. I looked around and saw that I was on a snowy roof top maybe two stories high. I was looking down at a street. The street curved around and went uphill.

      I walked a little on the roof (which was flat) and found that it was icy and slippery. I had only socks on my feet and I began to slide around. I pretended (just like a kid on a slick floor) that I was skating. I went around and around. Then I saw Jeff. I "skated" up to wehre he was.

      Then I remember seeing a van or camper. I could see people inside. One of them looked like my grandpa. I really wanted to see him. (My gandpa has been dead for many years....and none of the unususal things that happened so far had mad me lucid).

      I went into the camper and saw a group of people. The older man I could see was not my grandpa. The place was all decorated for Christmas, with a tree and someone dressed as Santa. When I went in I had walked up to a blond girl.

      At this point I became lucid. I thought, "Okay here I am with a DC. Are there any tasks that I can do that involve asking a DC a question? Yes!"

      Me: "What is the next Lucid Task of the Month?"

      Girl: "Well, your task is to play Hayes IV. You need to find the paper and then you'll get your reward."

      Me: "Hayes IV...? I've never heard of it. I don't think there is such a game."

      Girl, ignoring my response: "You need to play Hayes IV and find the paper."

      Me, laughing a little: "I don't think it's a real game."

      Girl : "The only reason I'm telling you this is because I knew you'd ask."

      I was kind of surprised by that response. "Really...what's your name?"

      Girl: "Kristen."

      At that point I decided to wake up so I could wirte down this conversation.

      I was surprised to see that the night was still very early-- 12:52. I had gone to bed after 11:00, so it was an unusually early time of night for me to LD
    6. Task of the Month--Valentine's Day, Questions, Eating Cookies

      by , 12-06-2011 at 07:44 PM
      Old LD from 2-14-07

      Wow...I just did another Task of the Month. And how appropriate, considering it is Valentine's Day.

      I had gotten to sleep in, and I had been awake for a bit, but decided that today would be a good chance to do a WBTB. I wanted to get the Task done, and I thought that since it was Valentine's Day I might have extra inspiration to get the Task completed.

      The dream started with me looking over a balcony of an apartment in which I supposedly lived. There were lots of people below in the yard or road or whatever was below the balcony. I remember thinking that something was not quite right with this. And I suddenly realized that I was dreaming.

      I looked back down. I had to find someone to ask to be my Valentine. I saw some teenage boys from the neighborhood. At first I was reluctant, but then said to myself, "It doesn't matter--this is my dream--no one will know that I asked them to be my Valentine in a dream."

      So I glided down the the ground level. And went up to M and asked him to be my Valentine. He looked at me like he thought I might be playing some sort of trick on him. He squinted his eyes a little and said, "Are you serious?"

      Then my dream faded.

      But I ended up back in the apartment and was still lucid. This time I recognized it as my friend E's apartment (of course it was not his either in real life). His family was there along with some family friends. They had been making cookies with sprinkles, but were now cleaning up.

      I wanted to try the Task again, to see if I could get a better answer.

      I asked E's sister. She said, "Sure, why not."

      Then I asked a blond girl, "Will you be my Valentine?"

      She said, "Yeah, because I owe you." I looked at her somewhat confused.

      She said, "The meeting tonight......I'll be getting you your pin and uniform."

      At first I felt slightly alarmed, then thought "There is no meeting. This is just my dream. How funny that my brain would come up with that."

      Then I asked another girl that was about 15. (There were only girls in the room--no guys.)

      She said that she couldn't be my Valentine because she was already a sister.

      I asked her why she couldn't be both. And then she went on about not being able to drive herself anywhere and how she was a burden on others because of that. It didn't actually make a lot of sense. But I let her go on.

      Then a guy in his late 20's walked in with a little girl about two years old on his shoulders. I walked up to him to ask, but at the last minute I asked the little girl instead. She couldn't talk so I didn't expect an answer. But I just talked to her like you do to a toddler. "Hi...you are just so cute...hey, do you want to be my Valentine? That would be fun, huh? And, see, you are wearing hearts on your dress. You are already all dressed up for Valentine's Day."

      At that point I figued I'd asked enough people...an interesting variety...and had gotten an interesting variety of answers.

      I thought, "What else can I ask them?" I thought back to the Task in November where we were supposed to ask people of we were dreaming. I decided to do that again.

      So I started with the blond girl whose meeting I was supposed to attend that night. I asked her if I was dreaming and she nodded and said yes.

      I went down the line and everyone was saying yes. Finally the last girl I got to I asked, "But how do you know I am dreaming?" I really wanted to know what she would say.

      She said, " Because this all sounds like it is being recorded in a studio." (I was not expecting that answer). And the funny thing is as she said that sentence, her voice started sounding all echo-y and unnatural.

      Then the dream faded again.

      BUt I ended up back in the apartmant again. This time it was empty. I looked at the table that still had lots of sprinkles left on it fron the cookies they were making.

      I suddenly had an idea inspired by my mom.

      In real life my mom and I started eating a raw vegan diet about 6 weeks ago. A few weeks ago she told me about a dream she had where she was eating pork, and then became lucid (her first lucid dream--and it was just from listening to me talk about it). She then thought, "Well, since this is just a dream, I might as well finish eating this pork" Since it was tasting so good.... .

      So looked around the apartment. I saw some cookie dough and put it in my mouth. It didn't taste as good as I had wished. I remembered that in real life I had been craving peanutbutter cookies with chocolate chips.

      I opened the fridge. And sure enough, on a plate all made up nice and with plastic wrap over it was a large batch of that kind of cookie. I took one and ate it and was incredibly thankful that my dream taste buds were fully working in this dream.

      I started to take another, then paused, momentarily feeling guilty for taking the cookies that E's mom had put away. It was obvious that they were supposed to be a gift for someone.

      I then had to remind myself that this was still my dream--that's why I was getting to eat these in the first place. That no one with ever miss these cookies.

      So I spent the next five minutes (or so it seemed) just eating one cookie after another
    7. ..Is that a fairy at my window.. waving?

      by , 03-08-2011 at 06:30 AM
      i'm in some... magical amaizing shed,... i'm looking out the window, when three gnomes run by, i question reality, i'm now semi lucid, i back off from the window, my dream character brother comes in and says "stio, i think your dreaming" . a fairy pops up, it's at the window, i look at it, and it waves, it had a bit of a .... hedgehog, or.. dog.. like character.
    8. needing some insight on this one....

      by , 02-12-2011 at 10:20 PM
      this dream occurred 2 nights in a row a few weeks ago...the first night it was clear enough for me to make out...the second it was more lucid...i would appreciate if anyone has insight on what it could mean...it includes my ex boyfriend who i love very much...we were suppose to get back together in dec 2010..the last things he said to me were i love you and yes i want you here with me...we havent talked since..he wont talk to me and tell me what is goin on....i moved away from him in oct 2010...i woke up shaking and in tears from this dream...

      i was here at the house with my kids..just an average day...got a knock at the door..it was my ex boyfriend..i was surprised since we hadnt talked in a while..we talked and it turned into an argument...(unclear of conversation)...i asked him to leave and he did...i went about my business and a couple hours passed..got another knock...i was worried it was him again...to my surprise it was 2 state troopers...i invited them in...they said they got my address from some papers in his car..my ex boyfriend had been in a car accident and was the hospital in icu...i called his mom and let her know and she said the reason he had come up here to me was to come get me and take me back with him...i rushed to the hospital...my husband had to investigate the crash site...he told me there were several things in the car that were mine...letters and a snoopy plush toy (i had given it to my ex the day i left)...his mom finally arrived and wanted to get him back to phoenix...the drs' said not until he is stable...she couldnt stay long cos of work..no one else from his family could come up...i stayed by his side night and day...
    9. A couple of thoughts, not an entry.

      by , 10-29-2010 at 08:34 PM (Dreams I can Only Dream.)
      Time: 2:30 pm.

      This isn't a dream post in the regular sense, this is more of food for thought. Different (not new) ideas about dreaming. I mention God, and soul, but there isn't a specific religion, and this isn't me preaching. I don't mean to offend anyone, or take anyone's enjoyment out of Lucid dreaming, if you don't agree, that is perfectly fine, but this post is more for the thinkers on the sight. Also I don't take on sides of Astral Projecting/OBEing/Lucid dreaming. Instead I think of them more of experiences than any kind of category. I will post a link to a new thread, so please do not comment here. Comment on the actual post. Thanks, and enjoy!
      What if lucid dreaming was more than dreaming while being conscious What if it was a gateway to another world? Think about it, all of the dream characters some of them you have never seen before, what if they were actual beings? Sure some of them are just DCs representing you, but what if there were others that weren't? Today I took an hour long nap, a successful wild! After several failed attempts at realizing FAs, I finally started to think, I ended getting out of my bed at my place of work. From there the rest were LDs. This isn't going to be a post about my specific LDs (coming shortly), they are about my ideas that I ended up with during the dream.

      I want to make a few notes about what I have discovered in the dream world today. First DCs are representations of yourself. What ever your thinking, that DC will be saying. I noticed several times when I was thinking or talking to myself, a nearby DC was repeating it, at first I didn't think anything of it, since it always happened, but now I paid attention to what I was thinking, and who was talking. The exact same thing. Now this idea goes further with, whatever your doing (just not controlling the dream world, instead just letting it happen) will be done to you. I noticed a DC eating something, but for some odd reason my mouth felt like it was full of food and I couldn't do anything. I didn't put two and two together until today as I have had that happen several times. Other properties about yourself can be manipulated by a DC along with the DC can manipulate yourself. You almost trick yourself out when in a dreamworld. Once I understood this, then I could control anything I wanted. I could fly at will (no arm flailing), summon tornadoes, breathe underwater, run super fast, read minds (my own haha), shoot energy blasts, and tons of others when the other night all I could do was explore. Flying was the best one I got the hang of it, no more butterflies, just the excitement to be able to fly! I used to walk my dog at night, and looked up into the sky and said I wish cool nights like this were in my dreams, and that I could fly! Today it happened! More to what I accomplished in the actual dream journal entry!

      Have you ever heard a radio in your dreams? For me I never noticed until now, but there were always some kind of background noise somewhere. Once I started listening to it I found the source. It sounded like rapid clips of commercials, shows, and songs put together, and having it play super fast. Kind of sounds like channel surfing. You have the white noise, and occasionally you'll come across a channel that works and hear it for a second until you switch it. Now imagine there are hidden messages within it. It seems like your being is being contacted (no pun intended) by another being through this. I listened closely at it. First I thought it was just everything I heard today being played at a super fast rate, that my subconscious was playing it out. Then I thought it was all of my thoughts playing at a super alarming rate, since my dream is within my head, people can speak as fast as they think! there are no physical limits.

      Then I heard the word God a couple of times and sat down next to it and listened. It brought up all of my concerns about dieing. It even said I had till Halloween night, or right around it until I was going to die. Then an announcer came on the speaker phone of were I was at and asked if there was some body named something was there, I couldn't remember the name. And the radio laughed and said never mind. They said that i was afraid of being just short of making it into purgatory and that I was afraid I would end up in hell. That was correct, that is what I am afraid of, not death itself. They said something about cleaning up my act, and that I would make it to heaven eventually, I just have to make peace with God. Then I tried asking a question but the radio shut off. It turned back on after a couple of minutes and said that what I was experiencing was part of the afterlife, since we have a soul we are able to just barely connect with other souls. But there are still DCs that were just DCs made up by my mind.

      Then I met two people who escorted me around my dream, I asked questions about this afterlife thought, and said it was true. I just thought back to when somebody on here said DCs tend to try and trick you into believing your not dreaming. So I denied it for a couple of seconds until I thought of something. I asked well aren't you two apart of my dream, so I can control you, and I attempted to control them and their actions, but I couldn't. I could do it on everything else, but couldn't on them. So I began to wonder about it. They said we were able to control what we called a "dream" by physical manipulation of the environment. Since there were no laws of physics, I could fly, but it was me flying, it was the environment bending to what I wanted. Objects can appear, because the environment put them there, not us. That is why we have to turn around think of something, then turn back around and it is there. Then shortly after all of these thoughts I woke up, but with brand new ideas of what the meaning of our dreams, and why we have them.

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    10. Questions and Answers: I Provide the Questions, Can You Provide the Answers?

      by , 07-12-2010 at 05:21 PM
      Is it possible that dreams can show the future? From all the vivid dreams I've been having, im starting to think that maybe they are trying to tell me something... The future? Something about my life? Maybe it's because I don't understand enough about dreams, but the things I see scare me alot.... not as much as they did when i posted "Deadly Kiss" but still.... I just want answers. I don't know who to talk to in my home town. I guess im just hoping for someone to read this and help me out.