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    1. Performance

      by , 05-01-2016 at 08:18 PM (Awake to take in the view...)
      I remember two dreams from last night. No lucidity unfortunately.

      Dream 1: I was performing onstage as a musician. However, I was wearing just a T-shirt on top and underwear on the bottom. Nobody was laughing; I was just performing and everyone was acting as though everything was completely normal. I was with a rapper who introduced himself - I think as either Jay-Z or the guy from the Black Eyed Peas. Regardless, the image is too fuzzy in my head to remember what he looked like exactly. There was also a pretty girl who was singing as well. We were all performing together. If only I could remember the song...because it was AWESOME and sounded amazing. (Of course, it slipped from my mind as soon as the dream faded, and I remember feeling a sense of dismay as that happened.) Then, the underwear somehow managed to get ripped, in the worst possible spot, and then I was embarrassed ahaha. Later, after the performance, this guy I know was there sitting in a chair, in his church clothes. I talked to him for a little while. I think I was going to change into decent clothing when the dream faded. :')

      Dream 2: Can't remember which one occurred first. This one was more frightening. I was in this enormous building of sorts, vaguely reminiscent of Portal 2 which I was playing yesterday before going to sleep. The building was enormous with tons of stairs. I was being threatened by some creepy people and an old man. One of them took my phone and left with it, and I searched around trying to find them to get it back. There was also a golden retriever with them. I think I did end up getting the phone back before waking up.

      So nothing too exciting, but definitely a good night's rest. Recommitting myself to reality checks. Need to do them more regularly.
    2. Old LD - Nightmareville

      by , 09-07-2015 at 06:01 PM (Dimension X)
      This is an old LD that I had around 8-10 months ago. It's still a lucid dream, so I figured I'd add it in now.

      I don't quite remember how it began, but the general setting was a dark town set in a old spooky Prague style. It was night time, and the sky held a large moon. It felt so real. I could feel the cold air on my face as soon as I arrived. I could even smell rain. The small town itself was in a circle shape around a circle cobble road, with some sort of mausoleum in the centre. On the outside of the road between the road and the houses, there was a spire fence surrounding it all. I've drawn it below, in case my description is lacking detail:

      That's what it all looked like. Nothing much happened, except I saw weird creatures, big and small, walking around and morphing into different shapes and other kinds of creatures. I remember trying to make someone appear to see if maybe they could help, but it wouldn't work.

      I'm not sure what to make of that creepy town. It seems important somehow.

      Any thoughts on this?

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    3. Been a few days

      by , 11-15-2012 at 07:08 AM
      Crazy week. I should update more so I don't have to squeeze some ouch into one post. Anyhow lets get started, I had 3 dream in the past 5 days. One more thing, I would like to thank ivke992 for the advice they gave me in my thread it did help.


      I was in a forest, walking down the trail. When a owl flew past me. A lone feather fell to the ground, at that moment it instantly changed from day to night. This kinda scared me in the dream. I continued to walk down the trail for some time. I stumbled upon a cabin after walking for awhile.When I entered it there was a lone book sitting on a table with a lone kerosene lamp sitting by it. I walked up to the book, I set my hand on it. Then I heard a owl hoot. I turned around and the owl was perched on the top of the door that I had entered from. Then I awoke.


      I was walking down a country road. It was autumn, The trees where changing color. The breeze was blowing gently. I continued walking down the road till I came to a very old large house. It was surrounded by a massive iron gate, trees on all sides of the house except for the front. There was one lone tree In the front. Looked very beautiful, rose bushes surrounding the tree. When I walked up to the gate, I attempted to open the gate but it was locked. When I pushed on the gate I heard the strangest thing. A little girls laughter. When i turned around I awoke

      Now I think dreams 2 & 3 where the same place, but there were some subtle differences.


      I was walking down the same country road as last dream, but it was winter. There was snow on the ground and, there was a river running next to the road. I followed the road till I arrived at the very large house with the gate. By this time it was getting dark, . I noticed small foot prints leading to the rivers edge. I followed them to the rivers edge. I heard that same laughter as the previous dream. I walked back up to the tree in the front. That is when I noticed the gate was ajar. I walked up to the front door. I opened it and It was dimly light inside, All the windows I could see were open. I walked room to room. Every room had the decor of a Nice late 19th century house. I wondered around, till I found a door. This door lead outside to a court yard. There was a lone tree in the center, the ground was covered in a light snow. There was more little foot prints leading to the right side of the court yard wall. I followed them to the wall where something was written, before i could read what it said i heard the same laughter as before. ( I must thank ivke992 again because if it was not for them the next part would have been different) I turned around to see that little girl standing on a tree branch staring at me. I almost ran but stopped myself and just looked at her. As I gazed upon her, a breeze picked up. She cocked her head to her left. This startled me, as I have never seen her move. She smiled and I heard that laughter again but her lips never moved. By this time the The breeze had turned into a fairly strong wind. In the last fleeting seconds of the dream, The moon came out or something because I caught a glimpse at one of her eyes. One lone light purple eye glancing back at me, The wind picked up so much after that the snow obscured my vision and I awoke.
    4. Unconventional Conventions and Other Fragments

      by , 09-07-2010 at 08:01 PM
      1. My family has a coupon for half-off four cones of premium ice cream. I get some sort of chocolate cookie dough flavor, but toward the end it turns to vanilla with the consistency of cream cheese, and I'm eating it out of a foil wrapper instead of a cone. Dad goes on a rant about someone leaving the bottom tip of a cone on the floor and irrationally blames me, even though I always eat the entire cone.

      2. Trying to photograph ocean waves, but getting more interested in a plant on the boat.

      3. I'm upset about the concept of some new game. (Something to the order of having Sonic the Hedgehog wash dishes and do housecleaning.)

      4. I'm walking home at night in the rain through a maze of sidewalks, courtyards, and imposing Victorian architecture. I get to a house that is apparently mine, and head up to the bathroom, while telling my butler (apparently I have a butler in this dream) to have a fresh change of clothes ready. I get undressed, but before I can take my bath, I have to break a bunch of gems that represent some enemy. I'm about to break the last one, but it's chained to one that represents me, and if I break it, it would kill me. So instead, I pull a sword out of my chest (Revolutionary Girl Utena-style) and use it to slice the chain. Then there's a copy of myself on the floor in agony as part of her face breaks into purple light. I kneel down to hold her still and comfort her until it's over.

      5. I'm at an anime convention, but I can't find the dealer's hall. The artist's alley is a set of bleachers with the different artists progressively higher on the benches in proportion to their prices. There's a room with food, but I wasn't allowed in, because they said it was "exchange only" - you have to bring food to trade for theirs. But it was all potatoes and zucchini anyway, so I wasn't missing much. I also wander into an art installation where there's a big screen behind you that shows your silhouette in trails of color as you move around (something I remember from the Lincoln Children's Museum when I was a kid, and miss dearly - curse the "adults must be accompanied by at least one child" rule!). I spend a lot of time playing, because I'd probably never get the chance to relive those memories again. When I'm done, the person in charge of the installation invites me to a ballet, but it's scheduled for several months after the convention, at which point I'd be in a different state.