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    1. Performance

      by , 05-01-2016 at 08:18 PM (Awake to take in the view...)
      I remember two dreams from last night. No lucidity unfortunately.

      Dream 1: I was performing onstage as a musician. However, I was wearing just a T-shirt on top and underwear on the bottom. Nobody was laughing; I was just performing and everyone was acting as though everything was completely normal. I was with a rapper who introduced himself - I think as either Jay-Z or the guy from the Black Eyed Peas. Regardless, the image is too fuzzy in my head to remember what he looked like exactly. There was also a pretty girl who was singing as well. We were all performing together. If only I could remember the song...because it was AWESOME and sounded amazing. (Of course, it slipped from my mind as soon as the dream faded, and I remember feeling a sense of dismay as that happened.) Then, the underwear somehow managed to get ripped, in the worst possible spot, and then I was embarrassed ahaha. Later, after the performance, this guy I know was there sitting in a chair, in his church clothes. I talked to him for a little while. I think I was going to change into decent clothing when the dream faded. :')

      Dream 2: Can't remember which one occurred first. This one was more frightening. I was in this enormous building of sorts, vaguely reminiscent of Portal 2 which I was playing yesterday before going to sleep. The building was enormous with tons of stairs. I was being threatened by some creepy people and an old man. One of them took my phone and left with it, and I searched around trying to find them to get it back. There was also a golden retriever with them. I think I did end up getting the phone back before waking up.

      So nothing too exciting, but definitely a good night's rest. Recommitting myself to reality checks. Need to do them more regularly.
    2. Tupac And His Gorgeous Smile

      by , 09-14-2015 at 02:45 PM
      Before sleeping I had pratically nothing to do with anything concerning Tupac. Although this dream really did sent chills through.)

      During the beginning of this dream, I had arrived at this small house. For some reason it seemed like I had family that lived there or I was visiting someone. As I walked into the house, I was greeted by few people, their faces I cannot remember, but this was the point where it seemed like I was able to pretty much control what I could do and say. I walked around a bit, passing through the living room. Though no one was in there at the time, I felt a pull towards staying in there. After making my way into the kitchen and a few of back bedrooms, searching for something, I was back in the living room. As I passed in front of the couch, was pulled down onto the floor. It just so happened that it was Tupac. He had been laying there watching the t.v. I looked up at him and grabbed his cheeks, staring at him for a minute as if I couldn't believe he was actually there. Although, that's where I realized it was a dream. I ended up sighing softly and looked away, him tilting my chin up. That's when I spoke, saying, "I know you're not real, but why do you keep popping up in my head?" He simply laughed and replied, "Because, sweetheart, I'm coming back. Infact, I'll be back soon. Just keep your eyes open." I woke up after that. Sadly. I absolutely love his smile so it just kind of felt like I was ripped away when I wasn't ready. I just wish I knew what the heck it all meant.

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    3. A Shoot Out

      by , 07-20-2015 at 05:18 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #451 - DILD - 7:15AM

      Some goons are chasing because I have an item that is valuable to them. Two come at me and to shoot them both with pistol. I feel like this is a video game and I become lucid. I run through many doors and various rooms for quite a long time. I eventually come to a larger room and meet one of the bad guys head on. Knowing this is a dream an nothing can hurt me, I bum rush the man and put my gun to his temple. I am disappointed by the lack of sound and only see sparks spurting out the other side. Perhaps they are robots? I let this thought go as collect my thoughts as I dismiss whatever story line I was involved in. I realize that I had some goals in mind, but I can't seem to recall them. The effort of thinking on this causes the dream to collapse. I rub my hands to stabilize, but it is of no use.


      I lay awake for a while and think of some cool lucid dream goals. Staring at a ceiling fan and trying to walk up a rainbow. Perhaps one night I'll give it a go.

      #452 - DEILD - 7:46AM

      I fall into a non lucid dream of being a rapper on stage. I spout some freestyle nonsense and end up sounding a lot like Emenim. I wake up slightly and start to rub my hands with my dream body. I am surprised how vivid it feels so I get up out of bed. I am blind, but I remember that I put on my sleep mask to block out the day light. I try looking through the mask and find that I can partially see the room. This only works for awhile as I make my way outside. I very much feel the mask on my face, but never think to take it off in the dream. I am blind outside and the dream quickly collapses and I wake up.
      Or so I thought. It turns out to be a false awakening and I spend a lot of time trying to record my dream in my DJ without much success. I eventually wake up.
    4. DV Members Dream Challenge!

      by , 07-21-2014 at 02:30 AM (Threecat's Dreamtime)
      This was completed for Dreamer's DV Challenge!

      Finding Fris
      I am trying to lead meditation for my mom and sister. My mom criticizes me for laying out the cushions incorrectly. I have already had to interrupt my own meditation to help them, so I am not pleased. My sister is taking a very long time to get here! I finally say f*** this and get into my car and drive off.

      I am driving through my hometown, and suddenly appear in the city where I live. I am driving through a college campus. I know I need to get to work soon, but realize I did not tell my wife where I was going. I reach for the phone to call her, but realize I have my old phone from college, and that I will not be able to contact her on this. I also realize I've brought my cat along by mistake, and that when I open the car door she will probably get out, and not be able to defend herself. I am starting to get stressed out by current events!

      I find myself now walking in a mall that also happens to be a college campus, and it occurs to me that I might be dreaming. I do a nose pinch and can breathe. Lucid. I pause for a moment to just breathe and look around. Everything becomes strikingly vivid. I try to remember my tasks. At first, nothing comes, but then . . . Find Fris! I set off. I am very happy to have remembered the goal! I try to call Fris on my old phone, but this does not work. The phone only has one large green button in the center, and when I press this, I hear a voice come out, but for whatever reason (can't remember now) I am not satisfied with what I hear. I think I toss the phone away.

      I begin running around calling out, "Where's Fris? Where's Fris?" A DC stops me and says he's found him. He points to a storefront ad for cigarettes. The add has a silhouette of a cartoon character on the front. I tell the DC that this is not good enough and continue my search. Different DCs stop me, either with rumors or reports, or just false information. As I am making my way down the thoroughfare, I notice an extremely beautiful DC -- maybe the most beautiful woman I've ever seen -- walking past me. I almost lost the objective and run after her, but then wrench my eyes away and continue on. Other male DCs were looking at her as well!

      A friend from WL finally stops me as I am ascending some stairs and points me in another direction. "I just saw Fris over there, but watch out, because there is a crowd." I'm like, "Wtf, a crowd?" I run over to this spot and have to shove some DCs out of the way to get to the inner circle. Fris is sitting on a brick bench. He is a rapper, and all of the people are his fans. I ask him if he is really Fris, and he says, "Yeah, yeah." I wonder if I have to do anything else to meet the task. I ask Fris for his autograph (I mean, he is a famous rapper, right?). Fris agrees and is signing my paper when he sees my ring. He asks me if I am a mason. I say yes, I am. We talk about Freemasonry! Fris has all of these interesting skull rings on. He then asks me if he can hold my ring. I say certainly. He tries to work the ring off of my finger, but he is going so slowly. "Just pull it off," I say, "You're being too gentle." He finally gets it off and is examining it. By this time the crowd has dispersed (they walk away as we are talking). He takes out a lock-smithing tool kit and begins fiddling with my ring. I realize that he is trying to resize the ring to his own finger! I get kind of pissed about this, but then remember I am dreaming and that he can't do anything to my ring. I just shrug and watch. He is very meticulous. I then contemplate whether or not I've removed my ring in WL, and seem to feel my WL hand holding my ring. At this point the dream destabilizes and I wake up.

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    5. A Little Less Conversation, a Little More Action

      by , 10-26-2012 at 08:58 PM
      This LD started off with some incredible promise. But for reasons that still aren't clear, I wasted the majority of it yammering about lucid dreaming. A strange and extremely embarrassing mistake, but live and (hopefully) learn!

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #25: A Little Less Conversation, a Little More Action

      My very close friend F is a famous rap star and I'm his manager. I'm driving him to the marina in a black Escalade, arguing with him not to buy a helicopter for "one million dollars". He's adamant that he needs this helicopter and he brushes off all of my objections about his spending vs. his record sales. As I park the Escalade, I suddenly remember that F is an IT consultant with two kids, not a rapper -- now I'm lucid.

      We get out of the Escalade and I see that we're parked near an absolutely pimptastic white yacht. The day is bright and clear and the sun is high over a calm ocean. And in spite of my earlier helicopter-related harangues, there's also a nearby helipad with a helicopter waiting on it. F and I have been friends since we were kids, so I'm psyched to be hanging with him in an LD. And with all of these cool toys just lying around!

      I follow F as he heads toward the yacht. I stop him on the gangway, saying, "Hey man, I'm having a lucid dream." He nods and says, "Cool." But F and I have never discussed lucid dreaming IWL. For some reason, I'm overcome with the desire to explain it to him right now. I ask him whether he knows what LD is and he tells me not to worry about it.

      But for some reason, I cannot let it go. I go into the whole thing, talking about the sleeping brain, how consciousness is activated, the role of serotonin, all kinds of stuff. At one point I even start rambling about acetylcholinesterase and its role both in dreaming and nerve gas. I'm feeling terribly pleased with myself for recalling all of this information while having an LD and I've lost all regard for my "audience" or my own experience.

      Suddenly, a shudder seems to run through the whole dream world. The gangway starts to shake and the sky flashes black for a moment. F grabs the handrails and shouts some kind of profanity.
      The dream ends immediately afterward. I try to DEILD back in but I come up dry. Curses!
    6. 50 Cent, modeling gone wrong and the dude at the Store. ( *MATURE CONTENT* )

      by , 09-19-2011 at 04:38 AM (Visions of the night)

      Had a dream that I was involved with the rapper 50 cent.. I was in his house.. the floors were an eggwhite marble color and he had a white round table. I was standing there with him as he was talking and handling business and he winked at me.. I felt good about that wink and he grabbed my hand we held hands and started walking out the room.. he had on a black shirt with grey stripes going down and the top button was open I saw his muscular chest.. his hands did feel real in the dream.. they were strong but tender and walking with him I was in love..
      Everything I thought about during my dream happened in my dream.. I thought about kissing him and it happened.. he leaned down to kiss my lips. We ended up in a bedroom that was a navy dark color but walls were of velvet texture.. He is laying on the bed and I am laying across his chest.. I see his bare chest and felt so many feelings it was definitely sexual. He is talking but I don't know what he is saying.. and it starts to get quiet.. in my dream I am thinking I should kiss him before I wake up and I start kissing his lips rubbing his chest and I slip on top of him we are kissing heavily and we started to make love.. felt real he is asking me if I love him and I answer with my moans.
      Scene switches and I am at college holding two black books and few white folders these books must have been important because i kept counting them. There are other women around me and they are laughing and talking I felt that maybe they were friends and we all sit in front of this vintage restaurant ordering lunch. I was asked how my relationship was with 50 Cent I am smiling feeling good.
      Scene changes I am in a room getting dressed and I am about to take a photo shoot I want to look in the mirror and it is foggy from the steam.. I move my hand over it and say it was not me.. the girl in the mirror didn't look like me at all. She was shorter and her eyes were a dark color and they had more of an oriental look to them.. I walk away do the photo shoot
      50 cent walked me asking me did I hear anything and he didn't look happy I asked what was wrong and he told me if I saw the nude pictures of myself. I get upset and ask what nude pictures? He shows me pictures in a portfolio and I shake my head. I told him the pictures were for myself as a gift to him and the only way it had been leaked was through the laptop that was on the table when I had lunch with those women.
      I felt betrayed and told him the girl did it and I said her name, how she was the one who betrayed me because she scanned the photos that were in my portfolio. He look hurt like his heart was broken. I tried kissing him but he just moved away and kept rubbing his face.. he sat down said how he loved me and didn't want anything to happen between us
      Scene switches and we are at a clothing store and were greeted at the door with champagne. He is still arguing with me about the pictures I took and I am trying to tell him what happened. I get on this cell phone that had a red glowing screen and I was able to see the person I called in 3d it was weird and I am screaming at the woman who is suppose to be my friend.. she is on my screen in 3d trying to deny and I told her she was fired and had security grab the laptop from her to check any evidence of my pictures and to destroy them. I look around and I am now walking by myself I see this long skinny guy come towards me flirting.. trying to pick me up and I said no because I was engaged. This guy starts bad mouthing at me calling me a bitch and demanding why I didn't want his number.. I am trying to find 50 cent who was no where to be found and this guy becomes violent towards me. He had on all black and had jewelry he asked who was my man I said 50 cent he walked away and I am starting to really look for 50 cent the guy started to follow me and was whispering something I couldn't hear and I saw 50 cent who was putting stuff he got me away and said he had it with me because he saw me talking to the guy.. I told him what happened but unfortunately woke up.

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