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    1. Wednesday, March 6

      by , 03-13-2019 at 07:04 PM
      I am with Dad and Makayla in an unfamiliar house, on the brown couch. I have a pair of athletic looking Hanes underwear that are on clearance that I am folding and clipping onto a hanger. It is pretty dim in here, and there is something on the TV. I’m not sure if it’s a movie or what. The scenario is Ted? and some middle aged men (on a sports team I think) getting drug tested. They have to lay down and their outline is sort of outlined or saved on the ground. From toe to head it then fills with color seemingly out of nowhere, the colors indicating drug use. The problem I notice (and they don’t?) is that this is being tested on everyone at once, so you’re not able to see who it was that tested positive. I’m thinking that Ted will test positive because I smoked with him just the other week. The people notice the color indicating drug use, and it then comes out that it is the coach what has been using marijuana weekly (for pain?). He seems slightly defensive and like he thinks testing for it is stupid. Now, I notice that I’m in only a tan bath towel as I get up. I think there are others here, as I am apparently addressing them as I say/shout something like ‘there is a war and you might as well accept it.’ No one responds, so I feel slightly self conscious but still supportive of what I’ve said.
    2. Flying rocks, Pokemon, and magical trains? :D

      by , 05-20-2017 at 08:32 PM (Awake to take in the view...)
      Sleep: About 7.5 hours. This seems to be optimal for me. It's generally harder for me to fall asleep when I'm getting enough rest every night. BUT, this is a good thing. Because of this, my brain is significantly more awake once I do fall asleep, and therefore my dreams are more vivid and memorable.

      Also, I think my brain is hard-wired to keep me up late. Like, ideally my body seems to want to go to sleep at around 12:30-1 AM and wake up at around 8:15 or so. I feel the most refreshed in the morning this way. However, this doesn't generally tend to work with modern-day American society, so I will have to see. Maybe I can adjust accordingly, to the friendlier schedule of sleeping from like 11:00 PM to 6:30 AM, and it will have the same effect. I will make some plans this weekend hopefully and try and figure that out.

      Dream 1: I was talking with my brother and some other people, in the family room of my parents' house. There was a Slowpoke (the Pokemon) just chilling on our bench, so I guess Pokemon were real, too. Somebody sitting with us compared the Slowpoke to a really smart person who is just really lazy. I don't know if the Pokemon felt insulted by that or not. :O

      Then, outside in our backyard, an insane amount of rocks started flying around in the air, and I think the room started shifting too. We all freaked out, but I woke up before anything disastrous happened!

      Dream 2: I think I had a false awakening. Didn't trigger lucidity though. I thought that I had woken up extremely late, and now I was super far behind with my schoolwork.

      Dream 3: Warning: this one gets a little bit PG-13. I was on some sort of train. I believe that the train was magical in some way, but I'm not entirely sure. Anyway, I talked to two separate women while I was on the train. I remember one of them was this nice blond-haired lady, maybe in her 30s-40s. She wanted to talk to me and do some sort of study or experiment, which required me to, um, take off my shorts. I can't remember what the, er, study was, but I remember removing my shorts that I was wearing and sitting around chatting with her in my underwear and T-shirt. I think I liked that a little bit too much. ._____________.

      It was weird also since we were in a crowded train. I bet if I hadn't woken up, I would've become lucid in this one.

      The exact same thing happened with the other lady. I don't remember what she looked like though.

      Dreams are so weird. Especially when they're non-lucid. Like...dang. :O
    3. [28-06-2016]

      by , 06-28-2016 at 03:55 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)

      I was in my school. It looked like it was just built and finished, I felt much younger. I went downstairs from one of the classrooms and into the hallway, passing a group of students. It was late and lessons were about to end. Suddenly I asked myself "Is that a dream?" after a while I repeared this question, feeling somehow aware yet a little doubting. I met a girl I met years ago during student exchange, we talked for a while going upstairs. Her voice was different and she was speaking in my native language. I asked "Shouldn't you speak english?" She said "I'm not sure." We moved on and ended up near a classroom. She stripped herself from clothes and we made it in the hallway. Everything went black.

      False awakening

      I woke up in my bed with an orgasm and I had to change my underwear. I left the bed, took spare pants and went towards bathroom. Parents were out for the night and grandma usually has a deep sleep, so I shouldn't wake anyone. On the hallway when I got just past doors to grandma's room, she opened the door and hit me in my back. I rushed towards the toilet and cleaned myself, then changed underwear. Then I went back through hallway and in the window I saw parents in the car. Father parked right in front of the entrance, he was holding a baby.
    4. Performance

      by , 05-01-2016 at 08:18 PM (Awake to take in the view...)
      I remember two dreams from last night. No lucidity unfortunately.

      Dream 1: I was performing onstage as a musician. However, I was wearing just a T-shirt on top and underwear on the bottom. Nobody was laughing; I was just performing and everyone was acting as though everything was completely normal. I was with a rapper who introduced himself - I think as either Jay-Z or the guy from the Black Eyed Peas. Regardless, the image is too fuzzy in my head to remember what he looked like exactly. There was also a pretty girl who was singing as well. We were all performing together. If only I could remember the song...because it was AWESOME and sounded amazing. (Of course, it slipped from my mind as soon as the dream faded, and I remember feeling a sense of dismay as that happened.) Then, the underwear somehow managed to get ripped, in the worst possible spot, and then I was embarrassed ahaha. Later, after the performance, this guy I know was there sitting in a chair, in his church clothes. I talked to him for a little while. I think I was going to change into decent clothing when the dream faded. :')

      Dream 2: Can't remember which one occurred first. This one was more frightening. I was in this enormous building of sorts, vaguely reminiscent of Portal 2 which I was playing yesterday before going to sleep. The building was enormous with tons of stairs. I was being threatened by some creepy people and an old man. One of them took my phone and left with it, and I searched around trying to find them to get it back. There was also a golden retriever with them. I think I did end up getting the phone back before waking up.

      So nothing too exciting, but definitely a good night's rest. Recommitting myself to reality checks. Need to do them more regularly.
    5. Jelly Dragons

      by , 04-25-2016 at 08:47 PM
      (Side notes:
      1. This is my first time posting on this website, so excuse any newbieness that I may have. I found it just this morning and saw that there was a place to put dream journal entries. I have more than 100 notes on my phone of dreams that I have had in the past. If anyone would like to hear about some of those past dreams just let me know, ill gladly post them.
      2. The way I tell my dreams may be a little sloppy and/or confusing because I write them down right when I wake up and try to get it all down as fast as possible before I forget important details. If you have any questions or if something doesn't make total sense feel free to ask about it.)


      This dream that I had happened to, what I consider, to have a dream within a dream. Although I never truly woke up in it, instead I started noticing things that I hadn't noticed before and realized that what was going on wasn't what the "real world" (actually that dream world) should have been like. Anyway, we'll call them the story dream (since it was like i was just following a storyline) and the real dream for organizational purposes. The story dream was nothing interesting, just me going throughout my normal school day, talking to people and what not, so I won't give any details about that. Although throughout that dream I kept noticing something stalking me in the shadows. I remember seeing it multiple times and thinking "that isn't suppose to be there, why is it there?" In the story dream I had a best friend who wasn't actually anyone that i knew irl. Him and I would go throughout our day doing regular stuff, but kept joking around and saying "we need to put your underwear on our heads one day and run around like that". I would just laugh and be like "nah lets not do that." Anyway, it was raining and we were walking to a pizza place for lunch. It was weird because the only way i was able to tell the story dream from the real dream was that the story dream was VERY brightly colored and had a jelly like effect to it (ex. every time I opened a door or touched something it would wiggle like jello for a few seconds), while the real dream was all in black and white. In the story dream i paid no attention to the jelly factor because i thought it was normal. So then skip forward because I dont remember anything after walking in the door of the pizza place. All i remember next is being kidnapped by the man that owned the pizza parlour. He took me into his attic and i saw a black cat up there as well. That's when the jelly effect went away and EVERYTHING became black and white. He kept telling me that i was in danger. I asked him how and he said that there was this giant creature coming to destroy my world. I asked him where i was now and he said i was in "second dimension earth" and that i lived in "seventh dimension earth". I believed everything he said and asked how i was supposed to kill this creature. I dont remember him responding at all, but instead skipping to the black cat sitting in a corner. The cat comes out of the shadows and said that he was the thing stalking me in the story dream. I didn't believe him one bit for some reason. Something told me not to. I told him that he looked much different from the thing that was stalking me, until he walked back into the shadows and proved to me that he was indeed the creature that was following me. I was in shock. They both started to explain to me that everything that is able to travel between different dimensions has a different form in each one. You cannot control which one you are in unless your body feels the need to give you control. The cat started switching between the two forms that he had, showing me examples. At first he was a sleek black cat, then turned into an owl. It looked silver, almost like it was just pure silver light. They explained how when youre in the wrong dimension for a specific form you look like a silver shadow, but once in the correct dimension you will look normal. So i figured the owl must have been the cats form but for a different dimension. The fat pizza man was explaining all of this stuff to me and the cat was continuously changing forms so that i could see how it worked. The pizza man also explained how if you are the chosen one that once you travel to a certain dimension that turns you into the creature that you were born as you can never change again and travel through every dimension as that creature. Skip forward again and i was battling some massive, all black... thing. I wish i could explain to you what it looked like, but i never got a good look at it. It was HUGE and all black. I could see no form of human or animal traits. It was almost like it was a 2D black creature, but was in fact 3D. There was just no detail to it. I was struggling to hurt this... thing because of how big it was. It had crashed through the building, but only its foot was on the floor i was on. The rest of it was scaling the building. That should explain how massive it was in size. I was stabbing its foot with a dumb kitchen knife when somehow my friend from before came in and was like whoa whats going on. I was asking him how he got in here when the creature kicked him back into the story dream. There was a whole in the wall from where he got kicked and i could see him floating in space with a bunch of other brightly colored and wiggly objects. I don't entirely know what happened but it seemed like there was no gravity there, but only there. I suddenly got the feeling that he was dead and i became enraged. I didnt know where the cat or the pizza man went so all i was thinking of was ways to kill this thing. Suddenly the roof got torn off and thats when i noticed that the creature was all black. Next to it there were three dragons flying around. A brown one, a red one, and a green one. Everything was still in black in white but somehow I knew what colors they were. Then my entire perspective changed to being, what seemed like, was inside of my body. I was trying to tear out of it almost. I ripped through whatever I was in and emerged as a MASSIVE dragon. Id say 3 times as big as the three other dragons, but not nearly as big as the black creature. I was never able to see myself, but i knew I had a silver lion's mane and was covered in color changing scales. I flew up to the other dragons and they bowed to me. I remember feeling completely shocked when my dream skips again. I'm not entirely sure what was happening next, but all i can say is that it seemed like i was bouncing through dimensions. I crashed through the floor of the pizza place and ended up in, what i will now call Jellymoto. (You'll see why I call it that in a bit) Once i was there i went back crashing through and ended up back in the black and white dimension. I did that several times until i saw my friend from before floating around with a bunch of my underwear. He wasn't dead, but i could tell he was dying. I was back in human form somehow and started collecting all of my panties. I handed him a pair while placing one on my head. He put them on his head as well and i shifted back to dragon form and put him on my back. I never said anything to him, but remember thinking "If youre going to die, then youre gonna fight by my side until you do". I crashed back through to the other dimension with him sitting on my back screaming "FOR JELLYMOTO!" Somehow doing that killed the creature because my dream skips yet again and we're all back in the attic. Im still in dragon form while they explain to me that I'm like a god. I wasn't JUST the chosen one, but a daughter of some type of goddess or something. They said i was the most powerful being while i changed from hundreds of real creatures to make believe ones. Then suddenly i woke up.
    6. [20-02-2016]

      by , 02-20-2016 at 09:34 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      It was on fields behind my house. We were playing football with random people. It was a PE lesson. I was unusually good and used some dirty tricks. People got suspicious, and started to use tricks themselves. With good enough teamwork, we managed to win the match 2:0 When it was over, we went to showers in a building close to the fields, and went to change our clothes to my barn.

      Second dream

      There was a strange conspiracy. I watched view from hidden camera in my toilet. There were politicians, discussing matters most important for the world. I switched the cameras a few times, to see what other people are doing. I can't recall what I seen, but in the end I went back to politicians. They agreed to form a union, but only if ask of them would wear sexy women underwear They did it and went away.

      Third dream

      I was in a shop. There was a pretty checkout assistant - a brunette woman. I bought some bread and mineral water, and she charged me for 220.25 I took money from my wallet and paid. Money had weird value, like 180, and there were strange crowns on them. The woman was a bit angry that I played with money, not using a credit card.
    7. Donuts and Children

      by , 10-21-2014 at 02:03 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      Something to do with packaging out donuts. When they were all packaged (there were quite a few boxes), I was looking at them, and there were some glazed and chocolate iced french cruellers, which those aren't supposed to be chocolate iced, only glazed. They also looked really wilted and small. I remember seeing one that was small and had just a little chocolate icing on it.

      Then, I was designing this roller coaster with my dad in the garage. We were picking out different kinds of track. I remember the train on it also looked very sleek, silver and thin with only one person being able to fit in each car. I was thinking about the fact that we had a roller coaster in our garage. We must be rich. The roller coaster was starting and I got in the front car.


      I was with Dallas at the house I grew up in. We lived there. It was nighttime. His mom called. She was actually this guy I dated in the 8th's grade mom IWL, but she was Dallas's mom in the dream. I didn't really want to talk to her. She was asking Dallas if we had any mayo or mustard that we could let her borrow for something she was making. I thought that maybe we did. He put the phone down for a bit. I then went to check the fridge. We had a little bit of mayo, maybe half of a jar. I didn't see any mustard. I guess I was going to have to talk to her after all. I went to go pick up the phone to tell her. It was sitting on the counter, but was a spoon instead of a phone? I started to speak.
      "Hello?" I said.
      She said hello or hey or something.
      "We have less than half a jar of mayo and no mustard. I'm sorry, I thought we had some! I guess we used it all!"
      She said something else, like that's ok or something. We hung up.

      We then, for some reason, were standing at the open front door. Before we could shut it, a blonde little boy, a toddler, ran out. He was running fucking fast, too! Dallas and I went after him. I was running as hard as I possibly could and he was just booking it. I was nowhere near him. He started to go around the house next door. I saw a little alcove with bushes next to the house with a path/shortcut leading to the other side of the house. I could cut him off! I started to run down the path. I was very close to the end, and I saw the little boy stop. I was about to get to the end and get him when this big, tall guy I work with, TJ, stepped in front of me and picked me up. He was talking to me I think, but I don't remember what he was saying. The way his hand was positioned was jabbing into one of my left ribs. It hurt! I tried to get him to move his hand, and I did for a second, but he moved it back, as if he was purposefully pressing on my rib. It really hurt!


      I dreamed something about Kohl's, though I can't quite recall the details.


      I was at my grandma's house, though it didn't look like it at all. I was in the guest room getting ready for the day. I was putting on my bra and underwear. My hair was also pulled back. I had a q-tip that I was sticking in my nose? I guess my nose was a little runny or something (still doesn't make sense but whatever). I had to go out into the living room for something. I walked out and saw the back of my grandma's head. She was sitting on the couch watching TV with some coffee in hand. She had on a hat as well. She turned around and said good morning to me. I then looked to my right and saw two little blonde toddlers, a boy and a girl, standing there looking at me. I wasn't sure if I should be out in my underwear, but at least I wasn't naked. I also felt silly with the q-tip, which I had left sticking out of my nose. I pulled it out.

      I was then going to put these pastries, an elephant ear and a pecan crispy, on this table that had lots of pecan pastries on it. It had some white and yellow iced donuts as well. As I was looking at them, I was "remembering" what my grandma had said about how she gave birth to donuts before she gave birth to babies (like months before, very early on in the pregnancy). Apparently, this was normal. I was also "remembering" that Sarah, a girl I worked with at Kohl's, had also done that; I was "remembering" her working with me at the bakery too. I was staring at the donuts wondering how the hell your body could make donuts. What kind would they be?

      I then figured I needed to put the elephant ear and the crispy into a plastic bag so they didn't go stale. I went and got one and put them in. My grandma was then telling me about how she was sorry she didn't have any plastic tupperware containers because they were all at the old house (which they moved out of 8 years ago IWL). Something about how some doctor lived there temporarily.

      My mom was then there, and she asked me if grandma had told me about the donuts. I told her yes.

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    8. Dual Experiences - Two Perspectives Simultaneously (briefly)

      by , 10-16-2014 at 03:23 PM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      At work, I'm in just my underwear. I'm trying to avoid people, especially one creepy guy. I think they wouldn't like seeing me in just my underwear at work. So I look for the bathroom that is more in the back part of the store to stay clear of customers and employees.

      I go into the back room where it is, but hear someone at the back door working with their keys to open it. I take off at a sprint - much faster than normal being in just underwear and bare feet. I don't know if they saw me, but I think two of the girls did.

      I reach some stairs at the end of the hallway, but as I go to sprint down them, my legs stop moving quickly, and I feel like I'm up to my waist in molasses. It is really hard to move my legs, but they do move slowly with a lot of effort. I think, "This is just like when it happens in my dreams" and consider that I may in fact be dreaming. (It only happens in my dreams)

      I decide to think about that once I get a bit further down the stairs just in case I'm not dreaming. Since I might be dreaming, I also try to levitate through the air while also walking. I somehow manage to split my reality into two separate experiences, doing both simultaneously - floating above the stairs slowly, and also walking down them with great effort. Both simultaneous experiences feel like they're totally in my mind. Like when I think of two or more people at once in my mind's eye, imagining what their perspective is, their experience - only more real.
    9. Snidney // Underwear...

      by , 09-15-2014 at 11:02 PM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      September 13, 2014


      I am a new Dream-Hacker in a group that was just started in my town. We are on a mission to capture back one of our children, who had been kidnapped. His name was Sidney and they kept calling him "Snidney" and I was getting super upset about that. We had an informant in the enemy group so we were able to gret enough info to get him back.


      I was with a friend an one other person who I don't know. We were both given a task to do, like a date (??). I had to go through a small town in my underwear, waving a flag. And then I would have to go to a beach on the other side of the shore we were on, and wave a red light so the guy who gave us the tasks could see that I had it.

      I must have woken up as soon as he finished explaining, because I don't remember actually doing it.
    10. Adding More Color, Smoking Pig Stuff, and Frozen Hamburger

      by , 09-04-2014 at 02:30 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      Something about watching some people reenact something from history. It had to do with a huge group of people hiding in this small rectangular area just beneath the ground. It had to do with books or knowledge or something. They were being persecuted. I knew that they were going to die. The persecutors found them and started killing them.

      Then, I was in a bedroom, I don't know if it was mine or not, and I was looking through some clothes on the floor. I found some underwear that I hadn't seen in a very long time. I guess I had left it there and forgotten about it. I also saw a pair of sheer black boyshort-style underwear.

      I had been wearing, for I don't know how long, all black. I had on black leggings with small bows on the bottom and a black tunic. I was sad or mourning something, hence the all black. I figured that now, though, I should start adding some color back in.


      I was sitting outside somewhere, though I don't know where. I was in a semi-secluded area. I was sitting down by myself, waiting for Austin. I was vaping this weird drug that had something to do with pigs. It was supposed to get you really high. I inhaled some, and it did exactly what it was supposed to do. I was really high. I think there was weed there too that I was smoking.

      Austin then came. He had a friend with him I think. We were smoking together. My brother then walked up. I didn't want him to know I was high, but it was so obvious. He seemed disappointed in me.

      I then was looking in a bathroom mirror. I was so high that part of my face, the side that was affected by Bell's Palsy five years ago, was sagging a little, and I couldn't move it like I could move the other side of my face.

      Then, I was at work at the bakery, still high. I was in the back. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the store manager putting on a hair net and coming back. Crap. He would know I was high. I ran to the very back where the dish sinks are. I looked at one of the sinks to see if I could see my reflection. I did, and saw that my eyes were very red. I hoped he didn't come back and see.

      Then it was like Austin and a bunch of his friends lived in this apartment building. They all lived one to an apartment, and they all lived on different floors, but they lived in the apartments directly above and/or below one another so that when they smoked, the smell wouldn't alert a neighbor and they wouldn't get evicted. Something didn't go as planned, however, and they were all getting kicked out. There was a girl named Jessi that I worked with awhile back IWL who lived there too. She was one of Austin's friends in the dream. I wondered if I could live in the apartment with her. I saw her in the apartment. She was wearing all black. Then I couldn't remember if she had killed herself of not.

      At some point, I could see on my face that my nose looked pinker and more pig-like. I assumed it was a side-effect of smoking that pig stuff.


      I was looking at all of these boxes of frozen dinners. I had picked one out that was some sort of hamburger dinner. I really wanted to eat it. The others all sounded ok, but this one sounded the best. My brother then came up and he needed it for some reason. I let him have it. He asked if I was sure, and I said yes, I can eat a different one. I was looking at all the others, trying to decide which I wanted. One was a chicken dinner, and there were some different, more plain hamburger dinners as well. I don't remember which one I chose, but I want to say it was the chicken dinner.

      I was then walking with my brother out in the driveway of the house we grew up in. He was walking in front of me. I then started thinking about how he was gay, and I wondered if he had come out to one of his other friends who is also gay (my brother is not gay IWL, but his friend really is).
    11. Platform work

      by , 03-15-2014 at 02:15 AM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      Me and another girl were up on a raised platform, doing our job of receiving and distributing goods.

      She’s embarrassed because we’re wearing colored underwear, no pants. I show her that you can change the color by changing mine to a light blue.

      The plot changes. In my place is a guy with longer hair. A group of others were looking up at him from somewhere below. They come up onto the platform.

      A video of the guy’s life is playing (there was no TV though, I think?). He’s a bit embarrassed as it plays through his earlier years. There’s a narrator or commentary, one of which was ‘when he got his first dom…’.

      I feel like the group were idols or something and the guy was going to become one.

      Inspiration: Changing color comes from me working on editing in Photoshop. Idols is ironic because I saw this news later.

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    12. Probably the wierdest dream I've ever had...or that I can recall.

      by , 12-03-2013 at 06:10 AM
      I worked in a small store in a huge mall.. I kept knocking things off the shelves that my coworkers were organizing and stocking. They continued to get mad and instead of taking it out on me, they took it out on eachother. There were huge windows and it was around 7pm, but already dark outside. One of my coworkers looked outside the windows and started freaking out and called all of us over to look. There was a HUGE UFO outside just flying across the sky. I started freaking out and then more appeared. They hovered over every building outside including the mall we were in. A few seconds later, blue lights started coming out of each UFO and blaring through each building they were next to. I ran and hid because one of the UFO's were coming towards me and I didn’t want it to see me. Then, it moved away and blared its light into another building. All of a sudden I heard a big bang, which was the UFO's killing every human that their lights were shining at. Then dead people started floating up the lights and into the ships, then the UFO's left. I survived.

      A talking alien cat was standing on its hind legs with glasses on talking to me and my coworkers.

      When I got off work I stayed in the mall and walked around. Then out of nowhere, when I came out of a store, all of the doors to every store in the mall closed and locked so the people that were in the stores, couldn’t get out. I managed to pull a door open to let some chick out, but before she could squeeze through it closed again. Everyone started freaking out, screaming, and crying..then robot things appeared everywhere. There were different ones that killed you in their own special way. As people were dying, I ran everywhere and ducked and swerved past them. Then the robots disappeared and I was one of the few survivors. The people the robots killed..or didn't kill..I guess instead of killing them the robots injected them or did whatever they had to do and made everyone stupid or have something weird happen to them. Some people's voices changed and became high pitch while other people's voices got lower and more robotic sounding.

      I went into some kind of restaurant and sat down. There was a mixed guy who saw me sitting. He pulled a ton of srynges out of his pocket and handed them out to random people. He kept one for himself and said “Everyone with a syringe, take them, find someone and give them the medicine that’s inside of it. I’ll get Mikayla (Me).” So everyone with a syringe grabbed someone and gave them the pinkish red stuff that was in the syringe. The people who were forcefully given the meds fell down and died. The mixed guy chased after me and once he got ahold of me, he put the tip of the syringe in my mouth and squeezed one drop of the medicine in my mouth..It tasted sour and bitter. I flailed around and tried to get away but he ended up putting a second drop in my mouth. At that point I started becoming weak and I fell into his arms and looked at him while he held my head. He then looked at me and said “I’m so sorry.” And put the last drop in my mouth. My body started becoming weaker and my eyes started to shut. I felt my lungs struggling for air and I couldn’t breathe. Within a few seconds, my eyes closed completely and I went limp and died.

      I ended up waking up on the floor, so I guess I came back to life somehow, but I’m not sure how. Damian (my best friend) made plans with me to hang out that night at 11pm. I was on my way to his house (walking), and a sewage pipe exploded or something so there was about 5 feet of sewage water. I remember I was wearing flip flops. Eventually the water got deeper and deeper, and I was swimming in it at this point trying not to get any in my mouth. I swam in circles and decided to swim back without getting attacked by sharks in the water. When I swam back and managed to get out of the water, I saw two people in the middle of the water. They were in kayaks. They each had their own and they were coming up to me. I was mad because NOW they decided to help me get across…

      The scene changed and I was at Damian's house, but it didn’t look like his. Then somehow I appeared back at my house and my phone went off. I picked it up and looked at it, and saw a text from damian saying “I’m sorry we couldn’t hang out tonight. I love you so much and we’ll definitely hang out soon. (: ” It said some other things too that I cant remember..

      Then some chick came out of nowhere asked me if I needed any more underwear. I said “yes” so she gave me a few to keep. I put on a pair and was happy because I had gotten some more underwear for free. I had to go to the restroom, and while I was pulling my underwear down I saw a huge stain in it..then thought.. “THIS is why she gave me them.” All I remember was being pissed and then I woke up..
    13. A Hippy Friend

      by , 11-27-2012 at 05:07 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      A Hippy Friend

      I was with a hippy friend of mine. She used to talk to me sometimes. She was with her boyfriend and I was jealous.

      They got in a small pick-up truck. I started to get in also, but for some reason, I could only get on the rear bumper and hang on. I was afraid of falling off as we went down the road.

      A tire was in the bed of the truck. The girl (I) gave it a small push and it rolled out of the truck, which was bad for me for some reason, somehow though, it rolled back in the truck.

      I ended up in a room with her, and her boyfriend wasn't there. She left the room.

      I wanted to take her, so I thought I might be dreaming. I had a hard time finding my hands, but I kept looking. Finally I found my hand and counted. As usual, I started out with what seemed to be five fingers, but then there were several.

      Realizing I was dreaming, I took off my underwear. It got caught up around my feet. I spent my time trying to get it off from around my feet. She never came back in before I woke up.

      My alarm woke me up.

      I went back to bed and thought about the girl. I was lucid right away, and did a hand RC (my favorite). Then my alarm went off again.

      My alarm goes off every five minutes. I keep saying I'll change that. I'm going to mark this as two lucids...even though they sucked.

      I've had a total of about 4 that ended right when they started. I'm going to break those out of my total so I can know how many times I've successfully become lucid, and how many times I had any kind of a dream to speak of at all. I consider it a success to re-enter a lucid. It just sucks the way it happens sometimes.
    14. Underwear Lucidity, Daughter Fragment, and Walking Around Topless

      by , 11-15-2012 at 04:28 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was standing in my closet, looking through some clothes, when I came across a pair of black panties hung up. Hmm...odd. I don't have any hanging panties. I decided to test to see if I was dreaming, and thought to myself "I'll find another pair of black panties in here." Lo and behold, the next thing I came to was another hung up pair of black panties that looked slightly different from the ones I first found. I'm dreaming!

      I decided to keep on making panties appear, just to test my abilities. It kept on working, over and over, and each pair was black, but a different style. Some had bras hung with them.

      I then turned and looked in my full-length mirror. I was wearing a white bra. I decided to see if I could make the black underwear appear on my body. I concentrated, but all that happened was my bra turned pink. Close enough for now.

      I walked around doing other things in the house for a bit, but nothing exciting. I was mostly trying to hold my focus on the dream so I wouldn't lose it. At one point, I did somehow go back to the closet, and had to retest the lucidity the same way I did before by making the underwear appear.


      I had a small daughter, probably only about 1 or 2 years old. I protected her from something, though I don't remember what.

      Also, I think in the same dream, I dreamed I was watching this couple, a black man and an Asian woman, who were about to get married, and their friends booked the church for a wedding on the same day at the same time. It was some big to-do, and people got mad, kind of like you would see in a romantic comedy. At the end of the dream, I saw the black man and Asian woman again, but they were sort of disguised. They were at the church trying to do something about the double-booking.


      I was in London, working at a department store with some people that came with me, I remember one for sure being a guy. We had literally just gotten hired on that day. I was wearing a purple polo that reminded me of a purple version of my old Subway shirt with my clothing underneath, which happened to be a plain red shirt I had some years ago IWL. We also had these mini microphones clipped onto our shirts.

      I walked out, and there were these long counters where people would check out, kind of like the one I saw in my dream two nights ago. In fact, I made that connection during the dream last night, thinking I had just dreamed about the counters. There were many women, mostly small Asian women, manning the registers and checking customers out. The environment seemed very bland, everything being shades of white.

      I then was in the back with I think the guy who came with me. We were chatting and laughing, just having a good time. Our microphones kept on cutting in though, and the whole store would hear some of what we said and some of our laughter. I kept trying to stop it, but I was having a lot of fun, so I didn't worry a whole lot, though I knew we'd probably get in trouble.

      Which we did. Some guy, I guess our manager, came by and said
      "No talking!!! You're going to get fired."
      Shit. Well I guess we better shut up then.
      We were then behind the counter again, and everyone was working in silence. The "no talking" rule was very strict. It was just so...boring! And way too strict. I asked someone if we really weren't allowed to talk to each other, and they said yes, so I said
      "Well, I'm out of here then!"
      I walked out from behind the counter, quitting my job and feeling absolutely no remorse over it. I went to take off the purple polo, and ended up taking off both that and my red shirt as well. I also didn't seem to be wearing a bra, so I was completely topless.

      And for some reason, I didn't really care. Whatever!

      I walked back through the door to behind the counter, I guess to get my things or something, and barely covered up my breasts with my arms; you could definitely still see nipples. I was not taking that much care to hide them. I yelled
      "I'm topless!" to warn people that there was a topless woman coming through.
      The guy I was with said something to me about it all, sounding concerned that I had quit and was now walking around topless, and I just shrugged it off I think. I actually felt really good about myself during the quitting and walking around topless.

      I did have a thought that I'd get in trouble for some kind of public indecency thing, but I never did.
    15. Because I'm Batman. 8-5-2012

      by , 09-22-2012 at 07:20 AM (High Quality Head Movies)
      *I haven't been typing my dreams online lately but I have written them down. So I am about to go on a typing spree to catch up on posting them.*

      It started with me in a theater and a new batman movie was coming out. We got the tickets and went into the theater and after the movie started I don't remember what happened but it transitioned to me in the bat-cave as batman.

      I rush to a scene and scale a huge skyscraper, and there were cops at the top. Cat women I noticed, was also climbing the building and when I got to the top I fought some bad guys and then the cops started coming for me. They pointed their guns at me and I jumped behind an air-conditioning unit and searched around the roof for an exit. I jumped off the ac unit, ran toward cover, and jumped off the roof.

      I don't quite remember the transition to the bat cave, but when I got there, I undressed from the Bat-suit and I was in my underwear! I thought I would have some pants on under this suit. As I walked toward my room to get some clothes, I heard cat woman walk into the cave. I hurried back to get dressed and then walked back out in a suit, looking like Bruce Wayne. The next thing we did, was go invade the villains base. We had to invade a base in an extremely tall tree with a dome-like building near the top of it. We fought some bad guys, saved the world, and then said some corny one-liners before the scene changed to me in the theater watching the ending credits!

      Another scene of my head movie that night involved me fighting some 7' tall mafia dude for sport. I won and he complimented me over my skill and strength.

      Pretty fun dream.
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