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    1. 10 Dec: Rescued from fire and coolest highschool ever

      by , 12-10-2018 at 01:02 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      At my parent's home, when my dad still lived there, staying in my old bedroom with Riverstone. Some awkward moments in which my dad enters the room by storm, just because. He then leaves the house and finally we get some peace. I wake up in the morning and there are some ten Arab dudes who all look alike, in the hallway and coming out of the living room.
      My mom says there was a wildfire in the hills behind the building and since we didn't hear her calling for help during the night, she has picked up some dudes from the street who offered to help evacuate the family and our animals. Yeah, but why are they all clones?
      Then I go to the window and find strange how there was a fire, since we are in the winter, and it's cold and foggy outside. But not even 5 mins later, it dries up and warms up and I see a gigantic cloud of smoke arising from behind the hill and understand the fire restarted. Then I see uprooted trees levitating towards the sky and I am also being pulled and see it from above. Something or someone is collecting individuals of each species to repopulate a new Earth. I feel sad and hopeful. We are doomed but at least someone is trying to give this beautiful diversity of life a chance somewhere else.

      I was in the coolest high school ever. The school had a basement that was exclusively for the students to hang out and all of them, with a few exceptions, looked like a rock star, a movie star or a model. I think there were only a couple of geeky nerds who looked pretty average.
      One day a new student comes in, he is a bit older and a bit cranky and anti-social. He looks like a young David Bowie, but unfriendly. One night he decides to stay in school through the night and hides in said basement. What he doesn't know is that the place is monitored by cameras that stream everything online in a group we are all part of.
      He puts on some punk music, he smokes a joint and then he undresses and gets in his underwear. He dances like crazy, not knowing we are all watching. We find it funny, but we don not intend to shame him. So we send the group of coolest kids in school, who are non-other than the Beatles. They go downstairs to surprise him and we all watch it as it happens. It's hilarious when he gets caught. Then we all join and we explain he had been on camera all the time. We actually came to prevent him doing something that could actually embarrass him beyond repair. But he doesn't understand and says he will sue us for filming him.

      Later on I see a group of kids building an indoor pool just across a classroom where I have a lots of classes. Zilla is with me and we comment about it. There is another pool outside, but that one is controlled by a group of older kids and although one of them is my childhood friend Carla, she behaves like she doesn't know me and doesn't help us getting access to the pool.
      But now we will be able to get out of the classroom and jump right in the pool. We talk to the guys building it. They are just so nice and this school is so unreal.
    2. 22.06.2012 - 7 x non lucid dreams

      by , 06-23-2012 at 09:29 PM
      Date: 22/06/2012
      Place: My holiday caravan
      Time of getting into bed: 11.49pm
      Glass of Apple juice in the day

      Dream 1 - Non Lucid dream 1.22am

      I am a singer / rockstar wearing large Red New Rock boots. I am talking to my audience about the significance of these boots and dreaming. There is some sort of chatroom/website element to the dream (it is very hazy, and mixed up, my notes are all over the page) and I vaguely remember that someone was trying to 'buy' my boots, or outbid each other for them. I really was against this and didn't want to let them go. My notes claim I was 'joking' about my boots belonging to someone else.

      Dream 2 - Non lucid dream 3.43am

      I am waiting in a car, outside a school. There are some young children waiting in the car with me, we feel like we have been waiting for a long time. Eventually we go into the school, I feel like I am here for a reason, for something but I am not sure what. I go to the toilet in the school and everyone is really nice to me.
      Scene suddenly changes to a different place. We are outside a building (looks like council estate house / UK holiday chalet like Butlins?) there are a group of us sat on the floor, pulling faces at someone taking our photo. My partner is on the computer, and I keep checking because I am worried about it (the computer) breaking.

      Dream 3 - Non lucid dream 5.22am

      Someone I don't know from real life (but I am 'hanging' with in the dream) is smoking illegal drugs. They offer me some but I refuse because I think the drugs are bad. Everyone else around joins in but I still don't. An older-aged woman nearby gets hooked on the drug and becomes dependant.

      Dream 4 - Non lucid dream

      We are waiting for a band to come on stage. They come on stage and the band are all chinese. After the gig, the singer is talking to us over a few drinks, we talk about how the drummer threw his drumsticks into the crowd, and make jokes about how even though he looks and sounds chinese, he is actually from Liverpool.

      Dream 5 - Non lucid dream

      I am at a close friend's house. Let's call them D and I. We want to go to the cinema so we are working out times and showings etc. Friend R is also with us. As we walk to our hotel room (no idea why we are staying in a hotel when we are at their house) we keep seeing signs in people's windows. They are A4 pieces of paper with writing on them, maybe marker pen, so they are not professional. Although I cannot remember the exact wording of the signs it is clear they are warning us that a certain person is a liar, a theif, untrustworthy, steer clear of this person, they are bad news, etc. When we get to our room, a woman helps us. She is youngish, blonde and polish. She is quite pretty. We know she is the woman the posters warned us about. However as she is nice to us, we don't take any notice of what we read from the posters. We barter with her over a fee for storing our suitcases, and eventually barter her down to £60. I pay in 3 x £20 notes. She takes our suitcases downstairs to someone else's house, and into one of their cupboards where we lock them inside. When we lock them in, we hide a stash of drugs inside the suitcase. I don't know weather she sees us do this but she doesn't appear to care.
      Next we are back in I and D's house again. We are in the kitchen, and I need the toilet. I am told to go in the bin, but i feel too embarrassed. However my partner goes in the bin without a second thought. D then forces me to show my 'bits' to I who just laughs jokingly. We all laugh afterwards. I then fall asleep on the floor, and I am in SP. My partner covers me with a blanket.

      Dream 6 - Non lucid dream

      We are at my mum's house. My little sister and her friend (a pretty, young, asian girl, who seems sensible and polite) are getting ready to go to a party. My mum is concerned, that they will be up to no good at this party as the party has a bad reputation. Even though she is only 16, they let her go. (In waking life she is 21) I am pretty sure they will be doing drugs. My mums gets me to check weather my sister is wearing appropriate clothing. She isn't, she is wearing a tiny mini skirt but is keeping it covered with a jacket tied round her waist. I tell my mum that she is wearing a short skirt, but that it is not too short. This is a bit of a lie as the skirt is too short, but i want my sister to have a good time and feel my mum is being a bit over protective.
      The girls leave and we use phones to keep track of where they are. (im not sure how, but that is all my notes say) My mum and the rest of us left sit and watch tv. I have a vague memory of sitting with my sister and her friend at the party, which turns out to be some older guys house which is a bit messy. We sit and watch tv with him.

      Dream 7 - Non lucid dream

      Me and I are in my caravan getting pissed. The caravan is parked up on a caravan site, although im not drinking, I is pretty fucked and we have a laugh. I, in his drunken state, decides to buy himself a caravan from the site owner. The next morning, he really regrets buying the caravan but laughs about it. My dad appears to have also done the same thing overnight and tries to sell the caravan back to the owner, but loses money. My dad clearly said to me; 'It will be a lifetime of DIY'
      I prepared many drinks with the intent to drink them while he was drunk, but passed out too early so there are drinks around the place waiting to be drunk. They are pink.

      Before bed I watched a long documentary about one of my favourite musicians David Bowie in which his red boots were talked about.
      I had a pair of red new rock boots as a teenager (see pic)
      I don't have any children nor attend a school
      I read about smoking DHT before going to bed, but I do not smoke drugs
      My sister is 21 in reality and left my mum's home years ago
    3. The Much Needed Update...

      by , 05-25-2012 at 04:17 AM (My brain and I)
      dream : comments : lucid
      25th of May, 2012

      So I haven't posted in my DJ in aaaaaaaages for two reasons:

      1. During my most successful ever fortnight of lucid dreaming, the whole DreamViews hack incident happened and, after spending nigh on 3 hours posting all my cool dreams, I realised that the site was fake and I'd spent all that time for nothing.
      2. School got really intense the last couple of months and I've only just finished and have some time to get back in touch.

      Mainly reason 1, though. I plan to get back around to posting those dreams that were lost, because some of them were truly spectacular.

      But for now, to wet my feet again...

      I had a series of vouchers for a shopping spree. They were ridiculously good savings like "50% off" and "everything for $125"
      Somehow they became related to a competition where you had to find a Golden Ticket, a la Willy Wonka.
      I was in a petrol station and saw a chocolate and thought "I'll kick myself if it's in there and I don't buy it, besides, it's only a couple of bucks" so I picked it up and lo and behold, there was a Golden Ticket! Hoorah!

      So the competition became that we had to use these vouchers in a set time limit in this famous guy's store. I don't remember the name, but it seemed to be quite an important aspect; like I should set it up in real life or something like that.

      Anyway, the gist of the competition was that we had to convince the people selling stuff to let us use our vouchers. I wanted a telescope, but the girl wouldn't accept my 50% off voucher coz it was $1000, so I offered to pay her the difference. I ended up losing the competition anyway and not getting anything.

      It gets a bit blurry there but I soon found myself in a telescope store checking out all the different models. They had really ornate cool ones that looked like old wooden record players and hyper-modern ones as well.
      Eventually this lead to me trying to convince David Bowie that he should help me buy a telescope but he was too caught up in his acoustic performance and the fact that he had to keep changing his wigs.

      The dream faded there, or shortly after, and the next thing I remember is riding a motorbike on a forest trail away from a helicopter that was shooting at us.

      Man! Feels good to get this back on pixels!

    4. listening to CDs with friend

      by , 05-22-2011 at 12:53 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was with my old friend R in "his bedroom," which looked more like a college dorm. I sat on the floor. The carpet was red. The room was small. The walls seemed to be covered in shelves full of books and CDs. There may have been pieces of fabric hanging from the walls and ceiling, with some kind of hippie designs. To my right I could possibly see a small doorway leading to a bathroom and a kitchen.

      R was standing by the door, like he had come to the apartment just now. We were listening to some new music which he wanted me to hear. It might not have sounded very interesting to me. But at one point there was an electric sound that R pointed out as sounding like the high, spooky notes in a David Bowie song.

      I agreed with R, but I couldn't remember the name of the David Bowie song. But I couldn't let it go. It was one of my favorite songs, so I needed to remember it. Suddenly I had one of the images in my head, the pinkish, electric image of the clown walking in the barren landscape. That helped me. I said, "Ashes to Ashes!"

      R thought that was correct. But just to check he said he would turn on his David Bowie CD to see. We were now over at a niche in the wall which held another shelf, on which was a kind of big, old, clunky looking CD player, surrounded by tons of CDs. I still sat on the floor, now in front of something like a red table.

      R took a CD case for a double-CD album. The case was paper and all white, with fancy, silver cursive on the front. The CD was apparently something like a best of David Bowie collection.

      R played the CD. But where he had started the CD, possibly right in the middle of the album, a Japanese song started playing. R asked who this was. I told him it was Mr. Children, and that they were really good. But I may have stood up and changed to the next song. I wanted to get away from the Mr. Children song, possibly because I didn't feel like we had time to listen to it. I really wanted to hear the David Bowie song.
    5. Dream of March 6th, 2011

      by , 03-06-2011 at 03:25 PM
      Dream of March 6th, 2011

      Yay! I made progress! Last night I actually had a lucid dream. (btw the dream is very weird and hard to understand at parts, and it is also sloppily written at parts)

      The part of the dream I can remember the furthest back was where I was at this place with a village. At one point I was talking to either my mom or some other lady who was asking me what kind of dinosaurs the people usually were there. I said that they were either baby t-rexs or baby velociraptors, and if not they were pterodactyls. After saying that, we all changed into dinosaurs and went to the beginning of the dream. In that dream it was about these other dinosaur children bullying me. It wasn’t very interesting.

      Once that part was over I somehow went to a store where they were holding some kind of game show. The people were chosen to go into two teams where the leaders were already set. I’m not sure who the left team leader was but the right one was David Bowie. They didn’t really explain the game very well and it seemed as if

      people were going to the other guy’s team for some reason even though they started with David Bowie.
      At one point in that chapter I somehow realized it was a dream. Once I realized this it felt as if I had opened my eyes and everything felt extremely realistic. I was so happy but then I remembered that I had to remember my dream goals. I then remembered that I wanted to have a shared dream with saltyseedog, though I didn’t quite say their name right. Instead I called out “salt-sea-dog!?” multiple times, but nobody came. So, I left the store and went into the parking lot.

      Outside the sky was stormy and gray; well, not very stormy but very gray. I ran and then jumped and flew towards a road and dodged some vehicles. Once across the road I tried to fly, but every time I hit this one tree while flying I would start to sink. This started to annoy me so while I was flying I yelled “fly, fly, FLY!!!” but it didn’t really help much. Instead of flying I decided to climb the tree. Near the top of the tree was a big rock thing. I thought of flying but was too scared that I’d fall all that way.

      After that I somehow got back in town and I walked by some stores. I was really angry and wanted to teleport to Hyrule or maybe the moon so I tried to imagine behind the doors would be one of those places. As I ran past the shops I pushed or broke the doors open, and when it didn’t work I just moved on. Eventually I came to a strange district where a pub was. Out of the pug came a man who told me to watch out for a conning pixie. Right after he said that a male pixie (really just a drunk with wings) came out and started talking to me, but the other guy interfered and started arguing with them. As they were talking I woke up.