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    1. 10 Dec: Rescued from fire and coolest highschool ever

      by , 12-10-2018 at 01:02 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      At my parent's home, when my dad still lived there, staying in my old bedroom with Riverstone. Some awkward moments in which my dad enters the room by storm, just because. He then leaves the house and finally we get some peace. I wake up in the morning and there are some ten Arab dudes who all look alike, in the hallway and coming out of the living room.
      My mom says there was a wildfire in the hills behind the building and since we didn't hear her calling for help during the night, she has picked up some dudes from the street who offered to help evacuate the family and our animals. Yeah, but why are they all clones?
      Then I go to the window and find strange how there was a fire, since we are in the winter, and it's cold and foggy outside. But not even 5 mins later, it dries up and warms up and I see a gigantic cloud of smoke arising from behind the hill and understand the fire restarted. Then I see uprooted trees levitating towards the sky and I am also being pulled and see it from above. Something or someone is collecting individuals of each species to repopulate a new Earth. I feel sad and hopeful. We are doomed but at least someone is trying to give this beautiful diversity of life a chance somewhere else.

      I was in the coolest high school ever. The school had a basement that was exclusively for the students to hang out and all of them, with a few exceptions, looked like a rock star, a movie star or a model. I think there were only a couple of geeky nerds who looked pretty average.
      One day a new student comes in, he is a bit older and a bit cranky and anti-social. He looks like a young David Bowie, but unfriendly. One night he decides to stay in school through the night and hides in said basement. What he doesn't know is that the place is monitored by cameras that stream everything online in a group we are all part of.
      He puts on some punk music, he smokes a joint and then he undresses and gets in his underwear. He dances like crazy, not knowing we are all watching. We find it funny, but we don not intend to shame him. So we send the group of coolest kids in school, who are non-other than the Beatles. They go downstairs to surprise him and we all watch it as it happens. It's hilarious when he gets caught. Then we all join and we explain he had been on camera all the time. We actually came to prevent him doing something that could actually embarrass him beyond repair. But he doesn't understand and says he will sue us for filming him.

      Later on I see a group of kids building an indoor pool just across a classroom where I have a lots of classes. Zilla is with me and we comment about it. There is another pool outside, but that one is controlled by a group of older kids and although one of them is my childhood friend Carla, she behaves like she doesn't know me and doesn't help us getting access to the pool.
      But now we will be able to get out of the classroom and jump right in the pool. We talk to the guys building it. They are just so nice and this school is so unreal.
    2. A bear hug, worms, and a detailed dream I can't really describe

      by , 10-11-2013 at 12:26 PM (Mouka's Mind Palace)
      I had sleep paralysis that led to a lucid dream. As I entered paralysis, an image in my mind began to take shape of an angry giant man with black cornrow hair sitting on a throne. When I landed in the dream, I was in his throne room, and he stood up and started walking towards me menacingly, and I knew he was going to try to kill me. The dream was very unstable, but I was more concerned about the scary dude than about increasing my lucidity, so I said out loud "This man is my uncle, and he's coming over to give me a hug!" and I held out my arms. His demeanor instantly changed, and he was smiling. He ran over and grabbed me in a big bear hug, and then the dream faded and I woke up.

      I went to the local indoor pool club to go swimming. When I entered the building, the pool was surrounded on all sides by red plush seats on balconies, like some kind of fancy concert hall. One of the other swimmers pointed up towards Grace balcony (each balcony was named after a girl's name) and told me that Misha Collins and Adam West were sitting up there chatting. I got all excited and went up to see them, and sat down all nonchalantly next to Misha (he sat on my left, and Adam sat on his left), but I noticed Adam West was actually the cartoon character from Family Guy and was babbling about his crazy stuff. My dog came over and laid down on the chair to my right, looking all depressed, so I gave her a hug. As I hugged her, I looked over at the actors all embarrassed-like and said hello. Misha smiled and said hello back, and then said he was going to shoot himself out of a canon above us into the pool, and he wanted me to take a photo with my phone. He put on a weird white helmet that covered his eyes and got in the canon, and then flew out into the pool from super high up, but I was unable to get a photo because he moved too fast. Then I remember feeling annoyed because I was paying 30 bucks a month to use this pool and all its facilities, and they never told me that they had a pool canon to use. Before Misha could return, a voice on the intercom said "General Mills! General Mills!" and I knew they were calling for me and a few other people in the pool area, because we were carrying boxes of General Mills brand cereal. So I headed up a hallway out of the Grace balcony and as I was walking, a random girl started to walk next to me, and we were both carrying backpacks and the hall was now in a school and surrounded by lockers. I looked down at the ground and saw a virtual pet key-chain laying there. I picked it up, and the girl suggested I keep it for myself, but I knew it wasn't mine and that would be wrong, so I told her I was going to take it to the lost and found office and we went our separate ways. On the way there, I saw another virtual pet key-chain laying on a bench, the exact same model, but before I could pick it up, a girl in gym clothes with a towel over her shoulders walked by and picked it up. So I went to the lost and found office, and there was a glass window with a little drop box, and a bored woman with curly brown hair in a police uniform reading the paper. I couldn't put the key-chain in the drop box because someone had stuffed it with shoes, so I opened the door to where the woman was and handed her the key-chain, which was now no longer a virtual pet but a plastic figurine of a grey cat. The woman looked surprised and said "You found my key-chain! My daughter lost it, I thought I'd never see it again!", and with that I left the office and walked towards the front of the school. At the front of the school were 32 registers and sliding glass doors, like the front of a big department store. I noticed I was now a four-legged animal, and everyone in line at the registers were also animals, but I could only move two legs at a time so I walked very awkwardly. In front of the sliding doors was a display with General Mills cereals hanging from it. As I made my way from register one to register 32, I kept tripping over books that were laying all over the floors in front of the registers, which caused the books to go flying. The cashiers would cheer when a book landed near their register because the cashier with the most books near their line at the end of the day got some pills that made you a genius. I remember one of the books I tripped over was red and pink, and called "The Book of Lists of Books that Say They Are True, But Are Actually False". As I passed one of the registers, I heard a guy calling at me, a friend of mine but who was now a llama, and he said "Hey! Check it out, I've got a turtle now!". Sure enough, he had a wicker basket on his back with a turtle peeking out of it. I marveled at it because I remember he used to have something else in the basket.

      I was in a house, I think it was my old home in Arab, and there were leaks in the ceiling that were dripping down onto the carpet making it all squishy. I also saw bits of soil and lots of thin long white worms. I was kind of afraid of the worms because they looked strange to me. There was also a structure made out of pine wood set up in the room, it looked like a pool table that was unfinished or something. There isn't much I remember about this dream except snippets, but I remember going into my room where I had a big wooden clubhouse set up, and then going into the clubhouse and locking it, and laying on the little bed in there and crying. The worms were also on the floor there, too. Someone was banging on the door to my clubhouse while I was crying, trying to get in. I also remember a weird alien bobble-head toy that felt very soft and warm when I touched it, like it was alive.
      lucid , non-lucid
    3. Lucid dreaming with Rina, delicious candy, and a job at Walmart

      by , 09-21-2013 at 03:03 PM (Mouka's Mind Palace)
      (This is from September 9.)

      I woke up into a dream, but I was in my old bedroom at the house we had in Arab when I was a kid. Nothing was really happening except I was sitting on the bed, so I had time to ponder over my situation. I realized I didn't live here anymore and that I must be dreaming, so I attempted the palm reality check, and sure enough my finger went right through my hand. I flew up into the air and hovered around the room a few times to gauge how much control I had. Then I remembered I wanted to practice calling Afiel into my lucid dreams, and I got excited because normally when I LD I get caught up in the moment and totally forget and Afiel and my's little experiment. So I call his name and attempt to visualize him, but nothing happens. I close my eyes and try to will him there, but still nothing. So I left the room and went to the door leading outside next to the pool table, constantly looking behind me hoping he would randomly show up there. Thinking I'd have a better shot at it if I were outdoors in a large open area, I opened the door and was just about to head outside when I saw a big bear wandering around right outside the door! I totally freaked out and suddenly I heard a vicious barking behind me, and next to the pool table was a rabid Rottweiler dog, so I slid in between the outer door and the screen door to keep them both away from me and tried my hardest to will them away. Unfortunately the bear had freaked me out enough that I lost control of my surroundings so I was stuck. Suddenly I couldn't hear the bear anymore, so I looked outside and saw the bear had turned to stone, and Rina was standing there looking all smug and laughing at me for being afraid. He pushed past me and walked into the house, the rabid dog now gone, and heads to the kitchen. At this point I am completely lost, because I have no idea how I'd summoned up Rina of all people when I was attempting Afiel. So I followed him into the kitchen and he tells me since he's my guest that I should pour him a glass of water. I tell him "Are you kidding me? I'm not wasting a lucid dream pouring you a glass of water, you prima donna." and he got all huffy and poured himself some water. Then I heard my phone ringing from outside the dream, and the whole scene broke apart because apparently my brain thinks telemarketers are more important than bugging the crap out of Rina.

      I was visiting some spoiled rich kid's home and I noticed my old DDR pad in the closet. It's for the PS2 and they said I couldn't have it back because I only have an XBox 360 and the pad wouldn't be compatible. The kid is talking about all the games he owns and heads downstairs into a basement area. When I looked down there, I saw the kid and two girls laying down on a futon playing console games.

      Cory and I had a routine where we would visit this small locally-owned candy store each time we went on a trip to that area of the country, which was often. The owner of the store was the lady who owns the food truck near our apartment. She'd always recognize us when we came into the store, and I remember once telling her my zip code and she got all excited and said her zip code started with the same two numbers as mine, which I thought was a strange thing to get excited about. We bought a bunch of interesting looking chocolates and I also got a red and white striped peppermint that was shaped like a shoe. The owner said the shoe had to be eaten a certain way so the middle doesn't melt and become raw. We noticed that they also sold cherries, and rights to pick as many cherries as you wanted from the trees outside. As we left, I saw rows of newly planted cherry trees growing next to the road. After we got home from the trip, I followed Cory from the parking lot and through a crowd of people all sitting on picnic tables under a sheltered patio. One of the people mentioned the ASVAB so I went over curiously to help him study, but my social anxiety kicked in and I just stood there awkwardly not saying anything.

      I went into Walmart and decided to work there. Apparently I thought since I used to work there when I was younger, I was allowed to just jump behind a register and start working whenever. But when I got behind the register, I noticed they looked different and had touch screens and stuff, so I got nervous. I couldn't figure out how to start, so the bagger told me I had to scan my badge to start every transaction. I annoyed lots of customers because I took so long to figure it out. One of the other cashiers took pity on me and took over my register and I opened a new line. An old guy with lots of TVs and inflatable pool toys came through and I had to lift each heavy TV to scan it and deflate the pool toys, but then I accidentally dropped a box and freaked out thinking it was a TV I'd broken, but it turned out to be a box of Capri-Sun drinks. After a while, I was called to the back and confronted by the manager asking why I was there since I left years ago. I lied and told her that I was still employed there, I was just working at another store in a place called Alphrettia, Georgia. She didn't believe me and looked up the store there on her computer, but I was desperate not to get yelled at so I sprinted off through the garden center and into the parking lot. As I ran, I passed Will Smith who was sitting in a car, and I waved at him and he waved back. I remember thinking he must drive around a lot because I see him in that car almost everywhere. Then I jumped into my car where Cory was waiting. After I pulled out, I realized my brakes weren't working, so I drift along in the parking lot trying to avoid small children and stuff. The car finally came to a halt when it lightly hit the bumper of a big white truck, and a lady got out and immediately recognized us because she's was regular at Cory's store. She said we were lucky she's such a nice person and said she'll forget that it ever happened.
    4. Dream paralysis turns into unintentional lucid.

      by , 08-03-2013 at 08:24 PM (My amazing dream journal)
      During the night I had been having dreams where I couldn't move at all or open my eyes very much. I had woken up and decided to lay there for a bit. Soon I had fallen it of bed and tried to stand up but whenever I did I fell down like lag in a video game. I held out my hand and tried to close the door without touching it, and it closed. I was dreaming!

      I kept trying to stand up but it was still glitch isn't up. I wondered if this was happening cause I was in between the two worlds, awake and asleep. So I yelled "Fall asleep!" And I could finally move a little more. I yelled it again, and soon I could jump out the window. I jumped out and glided to the ground, the blinds were wrapped around me for a second, but were soon gone. I was finally outside.

      I still didn't know how to fly but I looked up and like, brought my weight up and soon I was flying. I turned around to see the ground and saw that I was flying backwards so I got a little scared that I might crash and turned back forward. I controlled my flying by tipping my shoulders to the way I want to go, and how much I tipped the, was how much I would turn.

      I was flying around for like five seconds when I heard a lawnmower and I saw someone mowing their lawn. I flew over to him and pick him up by his armpits, and started to sing "A Whole New World" suddenly an Arabian man appeared and started to sing in the background with me. I realized my voice sounded awful so I shouted "Play A Whole New World" and amazingly it started playing after about a minute, the guy faded out and so did the music and the scene slowly shifted into a pure white building with rafters.

      I left the building which turned into my local mall. I saw a girl from my school hanging out with a girl I didn't know, and I went over to her and started to feel her breasts. I lifted her shirt up, and started to kiss her but I started waking up. Before I realized it I had woken up and almost yelled "Fall asleep" but it was too late.

      Lesson here is that I cannot have dream sex ever, cause this always happens. This is also my first one in a couple weeks, so I broke my dry spell.
      I also have if this was a WILD or a DILD or what...
    5. Ancient ages in Arabistan.

      by , 07-27-2013 at 12:46 AM
      Type: Lucid dreaming.
      Time: about 2PM

      I had an interesting dream. I was in ancient ages in arabistan desert. I was with my friend and another man in front of us and a girl in arabic dress was near moutain in right hand side. looked like the front man was enemy and decided to kill us and the girl was with him too.
      The dream became like western film. (lookes like we were dueling). He attacked my friend and killed him. When he wanted to kill me I defended my self and I won the battle. I feeled that the girl became friend to me.
    6. 36th Shared Dreaming Attempt - Mayatara's Dream

      by , 09-25-2011 at 08:14 PM (International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal)
      Mayatara's Dream


      With Zilla and Riverstone at my hometown. We just left my mom's and we're going down the street when some thugs get out of a car at the end of the street and start pointing guns to people and robbing them. One of the guys, a chunky Mexican looking guy, points a small black revolver to my face. I evaluate the situation, notice that the other guys are busy with their own victims, so I react very quickly by stealing the gun and pointing it back at him. I tell my friends to run and I'm thinking what to do next. I planned to shoot the guy on the leg, so he won't chase us, but there are some kids around and I fear they might get hit by lost bullets, so I just pretend that I will shoot and then shoot into the air and run after my friends. The other guys realize what's going on and all start to chase us. I run to my mom's door with the key, to let my friends in. I'm worried about their safety.

      Student exchange I
      I'm at some foreign city, I get a bit lost in the streets, but finally I arrive at a university where apparently I'm spending some time - maybe a summer course or a student exchange. There are a lot of students from Africa, Middle East, Asia... but I'm particularly close to some arab girls, who look like super-models. They are all very intelligent, cult and independent. I see them as the future of their countries, until one day when they appear all dressed up, impressive hair and make up and invite me to join them in going out with some rich arab guys, who are looking for brides. I see these intelligent, independent woman, all of a sudden obsessed about just looking pretty to hunt a rich husband and I tell them how that is disappointing. But the worst thing is that deep down, I am also imagining myself being courted by some sexy arab prince myself and the idea pleases me. I go for a walk in the park to clear up my head.

      Greasy kitchen
      I'm working at a communal kitchen, serving the poor and starving people. I am incredibly sweaty, greasy and grimy, when I'm surprised by the visit of my guru to the premises. At first I don't recognize him in the strange clothes he is wearing and all the people around him, but when I do, I break through the crowd to greet him. He doesn't seem to recognize me under all the dirt on my face, but he finds me somewhat familiar. Not enough to stop to talk to me, so he just leaves and I feel sad.
      Anyway, I don't have much free time to sob, because someone calls me to the kitchen, saying it's an emergency. There's a little monkey hiding under the kitchen counter and he seems in distress for no apparent reason. I take him out with care and realize he is not hurt. He is nevertheless very stressed out about something under the counter. I check it out and I find there a sick hamster, who is his little friend. I take care of both and the little monkey calms down and looks thankful.

      Lucid experiments
      I get lucid when inside some house, near a window and I fly to the outside. I should have recalled the meeting point at Chichen Itza, but instead in my mind came the idea to try some things I had discussed with a guy past friday about lucids, namely, doing meditation in action, trying to smell things and plunging on the ground.
      So I floated slowly down a stone paved path, with only my toes touching the ground and used that sensation as the focus of the meditation. This path was leading downwards to the ocean and was flanked by a stone wall. After a while going through it, I saw some flowers to my left, over the stone wall and I stopped to smell them. Their smell was subtle but very clear. It was a sweet perfume, but they all seemed to smell the same way, from geraniums to lilies. Anyway, it was an accomplished task, which I don't recall ever have tried before.
      Then I floated to a patch of grass and plunged on the ground, wanting to experience "swimming" on the soil. This guy I met told me he still hadn't succeed in doing so and I had never tried. Apparently it is very hard, because our mind sees it as a solid barrier. Crossing a wall is easier, because you come out on the other side, but "swimming" on the soil is quite more challenging.
      For a very brief moment I did it. I could see and feel the grains of soil surrounding my body and offering resistance to my "swimming", but soon I was "ejected" to the surface and could not continue doing it anymore. So I had the idea to look for a mole tunnel. Sure it would be tiny, but I could easily trick my mind to go through it and have the experience of "swimming" underground.
      I found a hole and put my head inside it, but had to retrieve as two cute little puppies were coming out in my direction. Then a black chicken came out and a third puppy. Apparently it was the den of some wild dogs and they kept living chickens inside as livestock.
      This totally distracted me and I lost lucidity. I was totally enchanted with the little puppies when a fourth came out of the den. He was completely white and had a few blood spots on his fur. I took him to my mom's and cleaned his wounds in the bathroom. I noticed he smelled really badly, like dry blood and poop. He then started talking to me. He said he had one bad injury on his belly under the fur and asked me to treat it to. I asked him to breathe deep as I poured hydrogen peroxide and he was very stoic. I put bandages over his wounds and he thanked me for my kindness.

      Student exchange II
      Back to the student exchange dream, I'm now supposed to be with some team mates going to a game, which resembled handball but was plaid with juggling clubs. There were four teams, paired up into two simultaneous games. Our performance would count for the final evaluation of our exchange experience or whatever it was. But some girls from an adversary team plus their trainer, really hated our guts for some reason, so they gave us wrong information and we didn't actually know that our game was somewhere else, but we thought it was right there after theirs. So we waited, just to find in the end that the rest of our team had been waiting for us elsewhere and had lost the game for insufficient players. We tried to defend ourselves, hoping to save our final scores, but the trainer bitch
      was denying that they had tricked us. I couldn't accept the injustice, so I kept on pestering her until she was so sick of me she admitted in front of everybody what had happened. We would still fail on sports, but I didn't care, I had high scores on everything else.
      It was my last day there and I went for a stroll in the city. It looked like somewhere in the UK. Could be London. There was a nice flea market and I wanted to buy lots of stuff but I restrained myself, thinking about the luggage limits on the airplane. Then I heard music and found a live concert in a square. For some reason, I was convinced in the dream that the band was the Arctic Monkeys, but I don't even know them. They looked more like a gay band on a gay parade. Don't ask me why.

      Keanu Reeves
      Also have a fragment of a dream with Keanu Reeves on it, but I just recall he was sitting on a chair to my right.
    7. 34 shared dreaming attempt- whiterains dream

      by , 09-19-2011 at 12:42 PM (International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal)
      whiterains dream

      yet another restarting uni dream. there are lots of old mates from uni, but also school and loads of randoms too. i go on a hall crawl with an old school mate. i find russ in hall 4 and this arab looking guy who lives next to him with his wife. his wife is pretty hot and she takes a bit of a shine to me.

      we are all pretty hammered and siting around in this common room type thing. im sat on this sunken sofa, dead comfy in between these 2 girls. chris is there, but even after wondering why we are starting again, i dont get lucid. there is a weird zip line type thing outside. there is no way to attach to it though, so in the end i kind of attach it with barbs to my skin on my chest and swing along. no pain but weird...

      i see a massive crowd milling around some station on the way to london. i see an old mate TJ who i havent seen in years. this finally gets me lucid but i dont think of chichen itza. i just say to him that i will comealong with them for a bit. i follow them around while stabilising, but eventually it jumps back to another dream.

      the common room has turned into a bus. im chatting to alana as we watch the world go by. i remember everyone going wild when another coach comes past and i remark at how odd it seems when we are already on a bus full of hot girls.

      there is another bit with the arab couple. somehow we get involved in some kind of 3 way. the dude seems cool with it at first, but then later on he pops back up in the dream with a gun. at first i think to flee but there seems no point so i just stand my ground and face whatever is coming. he fires off one shot but as he gets closer he seems to want to talk rather than just shoot. im relieved and seem to be talking my way out of it when it fades.

      also remember smoking with vas in manc, and just being at a party in the same little bar as ever..
      Tags: alan, arab, bus, gun, russ, t-j, uni, vas, wife, zipline
    8. Dec 30

      by , 12-30-2010 at 03:17 PM (Doctor's Dreams)
      These dreams were a little fuzzy

      Race for James Bond

      I was involved in some sort of race to France I think it was. There was more dream before this I just don't remember it. Somehow, because there was traffic, I was convinced that I could beat all of the other cars on foot. After running on the highway for a long time, which changed and curved frequently, I arrived...first. The highway was almost like a video game highway in the way that scenery was always changing to keep things interesting. It wasn't like a real highway in the way that its long straight and boring. So I won the race and then I headed inside. It was a large ball (The dancing kind) and my dream turned into a watching experience. I was watching James Bond as he hid on the balcony level with a jade figurine on his head. His lady friend walked up to him and asked him what he was doing. He explained that at this ball, they were celebrating the purchase of the last ancient arabian sky scraper. He was here to stop the moving of the sky scraper because that would leave the arabians with nothing, which would effectively piss them off, sending the world into WWIII with nukes and the likes. This would cause catastrophic earth quakes in America, the likes of which have only been nearly seen in California. A quick reel played in my head of old fashioned cars almost running into new pot holes except the reel was of noticeable bad quality with horrible actors and visual effects.

      Suddenly I was in my house with my friend Tre, and another guy and we did a rap battle. I remember that I asked if we would switch off every 4 or 6 and he said 8 then switched off at 4. This irked me...