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    1. Friday, December 14

      by , 12-31-2018 at 08:07 PM
      I am with Melissa inside somewhere that feels like either a hotel or a house. I tell Melissa that I’ve taken one (psilocybin) mushroom and one tab of acid. There is a ceiling light in this hallway; I am staring at it when the psychedelics seem to take effect. The light is either square or circular to begin with, but it swells in size and becomes ovular in shape. It takes on more dimensionality. The light is a soft white. There are shapes on the surface, amorphous and possibly moving and changing slowly. The more I stare, the more prominent it all becomes. When I look away, the psychedelic visual is gone and the light is back to normal. I tell Melissa what I just saw. She seems like she’s paying attention, but not completely interested. Now we are outside. The building is plain and white, two stories, possibly with a stairwell on the outside. It’s surrounded by a large grassy area. The sky is baby blue, and it seems like a very pleasant day. There’s a smaller dog out here; we throw a bone for it. There are two bones, and we start throwing them at/towards each other, pretty hard. I end up leaving (because of how hard we’re throwing them).
    2. Nonlucids - September 18

      , 09-18-2018 at 03:48 PM (ZAD's DJ)
      Sep 18 2018
      (from phone, apologize for quality)
      Color coded red, but lost. Annoying bc I really knew it. Need a better way, because I reinforced throughout the night and had it memorized, then lost 100% on waking
      Dim room daylight square, person on bed - needs needle in foot, diff sizes available, I argue for smaller F says just use the big one! But point is flat, not sharp! Ask pt and they say bigger one! Have to swap/refill the compartments which have screw caps like soap sponge, the smaller needs a push piece, like in a click pen, I go off to find cups to do the swap cleanly
      Clone troopers n beheading (starts as pixelated wii homebrew, then realistic) real uggos (SoMordor orcs) but good swordfights, blocks sort of cancelled out each other, I wasn't lucid, but was using will/intent/control to survive, some real big ones activated before end
      School, road, early mornish, parking lot (important, not sure why, maybe had to do w foot)
      Long dark hallway, I took drugs (ingested something, no smoking), halloween party, I'm gonna kill, dad, using umbrella to hide, in dark bedroom I'm forced by invisible forces, not in control of movements, (incubated? was thinking about doing drugs inside a dream last night)
      College, blind guy, dad, looking for printer or scanner, lights are off but BG memorized rooms and lights come on, he directs us
      BG inside lab w others, needs poster - long group discussion abt. honors program, girls knew L from HS who said it was serious but I told them it was nonsense
      King of the hill carnival, guys in corner trying me (bobby) and sister, saying we met before long ago, etc. weird simultaneous nighttime and daytime lighting, there were no clear external lights, sun or artificial
    3. Wednesday, July 18

      by , 08-31-2018 at 08:11 PM
      I am outside, on some fairly large dock (by the ocean, I think). It wraps around a building and has a few extensions for boats to moor. I attach a long mop head to a pole, dip it off the side and into the water, and start mopping. I go in long, vertical rows. A slightly older and shirtless man is walking this way, so I leave room for him to get by. I believe that the water has been dosed with LSD, and so too will be everyone what now comes into contact with the mopped deck. It occurs to me that I’ll become dosed, as I’m barefoot and walking where I’ve mopped, but I don’t really mind.
    4. Friday, July 13

      by , 08-31-2018 at 08:05 PM
      I have DMT. This DMT is in the form of little white rings that look just like the lifesaver mints. I have quite a few of them (for a moment I think they’re laid out in a grid). I think I am going to take a ¼ of one - enough for a mild trip.

      I have gotten high (from smoking pot, I’m pretty sure). It hits me and is rather intense. I haven’t been high in a long time and its wave is familiar but almost catches me off guard. I am in a room with Melissa (I want to say Melissa, but it also might be Felicia?) and both her and the room’s proportions seem off and fuzzy. She asks if I’m high, though it is obvious. I stumble back into a counter at one point.
      Tags: dmt, drugs, high, weed
    5. Monday, June 11

      by , 07-21-2018 at 08:56 PM
      I am outside somewhere that looks very familiar - very similar to Frenchmans. There are three lines of people, with about 20 or less in the largest line. I get into the ‘Lovebug’ line and none of the people my age in it look familiar. Someone clarifies that we have ‘moved up’ to Fireflies, so I move over. The lines now proceed up a moderate hill on an old, overgrown dirt road. I am wearing pants and long socks. The socks are kind of annoying on my ankles and the pants are hot and not giving me as much flexibility as I’d like. Someone walking with me makes a comment about them taking us on a strenuous walk. I don’t think it’s bad, but as I look at the incline and overgrowth, I could see how it would be for someone not used to it. We’re now reaching a crest in the hill and a building up here. I end up in this building - a bar and grill or something - with Dad. We’re seated at a table close to the corner and the bar, and we’re going to try a beer here. A lady comes over, I think we need a little longer, then it takes a while for her to come back. Looking out the window, I think about how there’s still a little ways to go. I am now back outside and walking. I’m with Jon, and we’re on more flat but forested terrain. It is greener and almost more inviting. The air is cooler and it is more dim and not as exposed. There is also a small river up here. I think there may also be a house, as Jon is saying and keeps saying something about ‘Jim’. He also keeps saying something about a spider (the image in my head is a large, black one, maybe a black widow). There are multiple wooden bridges across this river as we move onward. They are dark wood pieces placed parallel with the river, creating a flat bridge with supports every few pieces. When I watch Jon walk over some of them, the pieces move, swiveling, like a bead on a necklace. He’s been fine so far, but when he jumps onto one of the bridges, quite a ways from the bank, the pieces give way, causing his legs to slip through and him to be caught on one of the supports. He does have a grasp, but appears mostly stuck. I end up by him (in the water?) and am going to help him up. He places a small, circular, water-logged piece of meat onto the wood and then proceeds to clamber out of the water that seems turgid and turbulent yet somehow still.

      I am outside somewhere that seems like a college campus or some other communal area. It seems slightly dim out. I have a pack of cigarettes and am smoking one. Others here are doing the same. I hold it between my middle and index fingers, noticing that everyone else does too. I think Niki is here. This carton is overly large and light blue. The inside slides open, revealing the cigarettes that also seem too large and like they’re made of plastic. I smoke one down, self conscious of my aggressive in and exhales, and want another, ashamedly. I think I smoked it too far? and it felt like the soft plastic piece sort of broke off when I got to the end. I think I now go somewhere with Niki - though it feels not as if we’re going together - but simply to the same place at the same time. Chelsea is here. It is brought up how she’s all but kicked a heroin habit, but is about to take it up again. We try to dissuade her, but she is blank, resolute, inconsolable. It is brought up where she would find the substance, and they say you need only follow this street. My gaze follows it down. It’s well known that it’s not the best place, and must be known for a prevalence of the drug. I think it’s residential, though it seems dirty and desolate out here.

      I am outside and moving through some dirt trail between houses in a fairly rural neighborhood (almost like Dad’s). It seems I cover a lot of ground too quickly, almost like I’m watching it happen, instead of actually walking or running. I come to a straight-away that ends in a left turn that dead ends at the side of a house. On top of the path is a dilapidated train track. It follows the straight-away but is a few feet/a body’s height off the ground when it rounds the corner. I wonder how I am going to move along this, as it twists right before the house and may be incomplete in a section. The wall that the track runs into is a neutral color (light blue/grey?) and is slightly aged and worn and bare except for one large window. Through the window I see a partially drawn curtain and two chairs. I can hear people moving about talking inside, and these people are moving out of this house. It’ already pretty bare, but I start moving cups and other everyday items off a shelf. I think the people here don’t know that I am here? I now start moving stacks of DVDs (the ones we have at Mom’s, I’m pretty sure).


      Later today, I go on a walk with Mom, on which we seem to come to some realizations about the first and third dreams from last night. What prompts these realizations is the sighting of a small bridge being constructed in a front yard. I find this significant, as the bridge as of yet only consists of the support pieces. I liken this to the recounting of my dream bridge and its support pieces and other swiveling pieces. I tell Mom that this dream involved multiple bridges over water and Jon jumping onto one, only to become stuck and in need of my assistance. I find it necessary to detail the background to this dream having any significance, that being me viewing the movie Hereditary on Saturday night and consequently contemplating a séance of my own with a plausible intention being contact with Opa. mom and I agree on the bridges, water, Jon, and my helping Jon all being symbolic in strict relation to Opa and his passing. Mom is the one what mentions that Jon was the one not present and therefore behind in coping with the situation. I seem to be helping Jon in this process and to me it seems to be because of my recent inclinations towards the idea of performing a séance to contact Opa. i believe the bridges are direct symbols of the ‘bridge’ to the ‘other side’. As I write this I begin to experience chills when contemplating the ‘turgid and turbulent yet somehow still” water, probably because it represents what the symbolic bridge physically bridges. Is probably significant that Jon surmounts the bridge. I am unsure of the piece of meat, as well as any meanings ‘Jim’s house’. During a pause in writing this, currently being unsure of the presence of ‘Jim’ and the spider, I go to the garage. Kneeling down by the fridge (which is right where the Black Widow used to be) I get a pre-recorded phone call in which the voice tells me his name is Jim. i immediately think it’s odd that it’s a Jim, but it isn’t until I’m recounting to Mom that I got a phone call from a Jim that it hits me that it was right by where we had the black widow, the one from the dream. Later on, still unfinished with this analysis, I text Kat telling her briefly what happened and asking if she’s had anything happen that has to do with Opa. She tells me a little while ago she had a dream of him in a silver Subaru, then she mentions how he is probably wishing he could’ve been at the graduation. It then hits me that the very beginning of the dream is probably a representation of the graduation. In it, I say ‘moved up’, which directly relates to Opa, while the whole scene can stand for Makayla’s graduation. As of now, it seems that the annoyance of my long socks and pants is the only part without apparent symbolism. As Mom and I started discussing the bridges, I realized that the train track in the third dream bears much resemblance to this image of a track or some sort of conveyance with missing or otherwise inoperable pieces. I believe this represents the contact or attempt at contact with Opa. The train tracks are an overt reference to Opa’s involvement with the V&T as well as a visual metaphor. The neighborhood is significant as well. I also feel that the tracks dead-ending in the house seems to be significant, as the house is another symbol for Opa or for the ‘other side’. The window conveys pretty much the same meaning, and the two empty chairs do not feel arbitrary. Mom mentions the two chairs that were always in Opa and Oma’s living room, and though that is true, the chairs in this dream were wooden and straight-backed, facing each other slightly, seemingly symbolizing conversation. I think it is symbolic that I never really see the people but only hear them (an image of the ‘spirit world’ or the impression of people contacting it) and also that they are moving out of this house. After all of this, I am left with the feeling that these dreams did not by chance occur so noteworthy and significant-seeming directly after my inclination towards conducting a seance. I with impressed with their impression, considering my lack of detailed dreams for quite a while, and believe that alone makes them significant. And then the sighting of the partially constructed bridge was the conduit for the deeper, real meaning. Every association produced varying levels of chills, which is enough for me to know that I have found the dream’s real ‘meaning’. I believe the dreams were some spiritual connection to Opa or an affirmation towards the idea of contact, with the same feeling of knowing I had about the dream in which he came into Starbucks when I was working, though not quite as understated.
    6. Drug trip

      by , 11-24-2017 at 08:20 PM (Break the code, break the node)
      In dream I was on the streets
      And by the wall of an apartment I saw a little table with two trugs, they were some sort of things u had to eat, the table description said that it was drugs made by "russian hackers"and that the first is for beginners.
      So I took the first one.
      then seconds after i started to "hallucinate" : the things in my hand started to shapeshift, and so did the whole dream around me.

      Then I saw agent 47 from hitman codename 47 (thats a pc game) multiply into thousnads , covering my vision, then it all got blurry and now I started to see and hear demon faces all sorts of scary shit
      and I panicked
      and seen some surreal sh1t
      Then I snapped out of it and felt sick for real but I still didnt wake up ,only seconds later

      note: I copied it from a chat cuz I'm so lazy
      Tags: drugs, nightmare
      non-lucid , nightmare , memorable
    7. Drugs and fighting

      by , 11-19-2017 at 05:22 PM
      Hi everyone!

      I had a dream last night..!

      I had moved into a new area, it was on the wrong side of the city. I was a new member of a group, learning the ropes, and I had always be on guard. It was because people kept slapping drug patches on people's necks. You had less than a minute to remove them, or the drugs would kill you..!

      People were constantly trying to beat the other, so it was a case of trying to stay one step ahead of the others.
    8. …and they were searching for drugs

      by , 08-23-2017 at 02:23 PM
      Morning of August 23, 2017. Wednesday.

      Considering that I neither smoke nor use drugs (even legal medication), this was a rather impersonal dream on some levels, but with the typical preconscious initiation symbolism as since early childhood.

      I discover two large marijuana cigarettes in a drawer, which I am aware belong to my older half-brother Dennis. Completely unlike my waking self mentality, I am actually thinking of smoking both of them (though this is about subliminal dream state revivification rather than having any waking life relevance). Still, when Dennis shows up, I pretend that they should be shared with him. Curiously, he says he does not indulge in such acts anymore.

      For what seems to be a long time, I stand near the end of the Cubitis driveway near Highway Seventeen. It seems to be late at night. I feel very good. I smoke one of the cigarettes, being clearly aware of the odd way the smoke and fire spreads out from it.

      Eventually, a team of at least four men show up during what seems to be the next day. Apparently, they are here to search the house for drugs. The main one, the personified preconscious, whose job is to make me realize I am dreaming and thus should wake (to attend to important biological needs), is a chubby unfamiliar man with a gray beard. My mother is present in some scenes, mostly appearing as she was in the 1970s. I have no recall that she had died in 2002.

      In another scene, the men are in a meeting in the house. I find a large box which contains sweet grass in a few different forms as well as several other herbs, some braided. I consider that they might see the plants as illegal drugs but this is not the case. They know it is sweet grass and even discuss how useful it is.

      In another scene, the preconscious brings out a tackle box from somewhere. He seems to believe that he may find drugs in it (though the real purpose is obviously to get me to think about fishing, which symbolizes activating neural energies to arise from sleep). This angers me somewhat. Still, when he opens it, there are two large globs of stale cat food, though he does not seem to know what it is at first and expresses disgust. I inform him that it is cat food and that the tackle box had not been opened for many years. (As a cat has been validated to be some sort of “guardian” of liminal space as first determined in dreams when I was about five years old, this suggests I am still subliminally attempting to sustain my dream in unusual ways by having supposedly “hidden the cat food for many years” so as to halt a particular shift in consciousness. There is sometimes a subliminal hypnopompic association as well, based on “cats always land on their feet” to downplay the waking start that often includes a falling sensation of which is biological and has no waking life relevance.)

      In one of the last scenes, I decide to go into the bathroom, as I still have a joint in my right pants pocket (though no one has checked me thus far) and I plan to stay in here until they leave (and this is likely an awareness of needing to wake and use the bathroom, but the urge is not yet that dominant). While I am in here, the shadow of the preconscious is cast through a window (which suggests he is closer to coalescing as my emergent consciousness). I stand near a different wall, but I still suspect he is watching me and I start yelling at him about spying on people, telling him I will call the FBI, which he seems to find amusing.

      The emergent consciousness factor shifts back into subliminal reinduction as the preconscious is now clearly in view through another window. He comes into the house again and I consider that they may go through every container in the house no matter how long it takes. Before I see the preconscious inside the house again, I go into a room that is similar to our oldest son’s room in the Barolin Street house. I drop the joint down a vertical opening between the wall boards (at about elbow level) oriented to the right of the room on the north wall. The tip is barely visible. Perhaps they will not find it, but it still seems a possibility. (Note that a wall symbolizes real-time divisions of neural energy patterns and the more defined division between levels of consciousness. This validates the basic real-time subliminal theme of this dream.)

      Getting tired of the presence of the preconscious (and only knowing what his presence indicates at a subliminal level), I stab him numerous times with a dagger (which validates non-lucid dream control as this is something I would not think about consciously in a real-life situation as such unless my life or a family member’s was directly threatened). There is a lot of blood; so much blood that there seems to be more blood than physical volume of his body. Soon, the other officials enter the room and look down casually at the remains. “Well, that didn’t work,” says one male, “He’s still not awake.”

      They perform some sort of ritual to resurrect him. His remains transform into some sort of computer console as from the 1950s though I am aware it is female. The men watch the screen and I see a young version of Zsuzsanna walking around, but what this implies does not fully register. (A computer typically represents increasing neural activity in the waking stage as the unconscious does not possess viable thinking skills). I am not sure if they had intended to change him into a female computer console or not. Maybe it happened randomly, but they do not seem puzzled. They turn dials and study the actions of Zsuzsanna on the monitor. “Neural activity increasing,” says the male watching the console while the other two stand around. There is a list of Hz values on the right, the top one being 22 Hz (supposed intelligence enhancement). (Zsuzsanna was awake at the time in reality and had been walking around in the house.)

      Then…I am in an unknown room at a table in a less vivid offset dream, sitting with most of my dream’s characters. I am drinking grape juice and notice that I have “hidden” the joint in the glass. It illogically remains in a vertical position near one side of the glass. (There may be an association with attempting to drink through a paper straw, which always irritated me in real life.) I tell them that I do not really care much about the taste of what I am drinking and my dream fades. (Almost all of us wake up with a strange flavor in our mouths. Your tongue accumulates a series of bacteria stored overnight.)

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    9. Celebrities

      by , 06-07-2017 at 04:05 PM
      Holy shit, I dream a lot about celebrities, fuck hahahah
      Anyways, I forgot to update yesteday, also don't remember any dreams from last night.

      I was on the phone with a friend of mine explaining him I think how Yezi's song "Anck Su Namun" is everything CL wanted to deliver for her american debut but couldn't. I also explained why I was virgin, but now I don't remember what I said. There's this famous korean celebrity called T.O.P who recently has been caught into a marijuana scandal (in real life), so in my dream, I saw his pocket full of marijuana, but in the dream, marijuana looked like little pink hairs; then I look at my hoodie and there's marijuana all over it, I got scared of people thinking I was doing drugs too.


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    10. #262 - 3 nights of dreams

      by , 08-14-2016 at 09:47 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Dream night 1
      -I thoroughly enjoyed the environment of this dream, it was like a whole different universe. I was in space pretty much, but it was a dimension where a species of ice monsters lived. I was a young adolescent ice monster brawling with a friend who was older and stronger. The older our species gets the we bigger we get, and we never stop growing. We also don't die of age, but are usually killed due to power struggles to become the guardian leader. As we brawl we I hurl chunks of ice at my friend which are floating around in this dark space. We barrage each with these huge ice chunks, and the scene kind of zooms out. It reveals that we're not really throwing ice chunks, but the remains of the head of one of our species... The size is absolutely insane. The size I am now is bigger than a human, but the size of the head is like a small mountain, lifeless and floating through the ice-space dimension. I know the context of this thing in the dream, apparently we have a single leader or 'guardian' at a time, and the only way to become the guardian is to kill the current one. As this thought goes through my mind I see in the distance the current leader... It's grabbed a huge pillar of ice floating through the space and smashes it against another giant chunk of ice. It then shoots a roaring blast of frost and snow out of its mouth, like a dragon would breathe fire. The dream refocuses back on me and my friend. He sees the leader and wants to 'challenge' him... It's such a stupid idea but he grabs me by the ankle and drags me through space with him to attack the leader. We immediately upon encountering the huge ice monster realize that we have to escape. We've pissed it off and it charges after us. There's a bit more to the environment at this point... There are these ribbons of ice lined up like soldiers, they stretch upwards into infinity where they seem to be hanging from. They're wide and extremely thin, there's lines and lines of them stretching into the distance (trying really hard to describe this properly). Me and my friend charge into this forest of ice-sheet ribbons and commit to the 5 D's.. dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge. We split apart and double back, the giant monster is faster and bigger but we're small and can hide easy. It also seems like the monster is really animalistic and dumb.
      I end up getting caught, it grabs me with it's giant hands that completely encircle the length of me. I struggle to get free, knowing I may be killed here. I think he smashes me at one point too... I bite his hand but my neck gets crushed. Fuck. He drops me for a bit and I'm now next to him gasping, he is pretty much toying with me. But then something odd happens.. I cough and a flurry of snow and icy coldness sputters out as I try gasp for breath.. I then do it again and it's even stronger, and each time I cough the ability seems to grow in power. The guardian ice monster is interested and confused, watching and hesitant to approach me. The wounds in my throat have sealed because of the ice I breathe out, acting as a sort of ice-plaster that prevents me from drowning from the bloody cuts. There are others too that have popped up due to the commotion of the ice monster chasing and smashing things. They watch me intrigued, as does my friend (who has poked his head out of his hiding place). Everyone is surprised because I'm supposed to be MUCH older before being able to breathe ice blasts at this level.

      -Another ice monster story occurred sometime during the night where I entered a human world (since we can jump dimensions). It felt like a cross between LoL and 'Fantastic Beasts and where to find them'..

      Dream night 2
      -Me and some friends have gone rock hunting, they apparently explored an area and couldn't find anything but I decided that I would use my geological expertise to double check.. I head to what looks to be an opening of grassland amongst trees near the road. It's kind of like a park really. I seem some rocks jutting out very slightly in a single spot and decide to head there to check it out.. I immediately find some incredible beautiful geodes of amethyst and some really nice agates. I think that it would be really hard to get all this home.. Did I bring my car? Hmm... My train of thought gets interrupted as I see an old lady arrive, she drove up in her car and gets out to walk towards a house that's just behind some trees. I smile as she passes so as to seem friendly and also in case I have to talk to her. I hadn't been able to see the house earlier but now realize that I'm on someones property... It's pretty much stealing if I take these and I don't feel good about it especially since she saw me O_O maybe I could leave and then come back later? But what if they take the rocks... Fuck. I'll have to charismatically talk my way through this one.
      I spot a woman emerging from the house, maybe the child of the old lady. The woman sees me and approaches to ask why I'm on her property. I explain that I truly only just realize, you see.. "I had been out looking for interesting rocks and thought this was a small glade or park. I didn't spot the house until I noticed the old lady as my eyes were glued to the ground." I apologized for not realizing sooner and purposefully omitted the discovery of some extremely incredible rocks on her property. Not sure how but I talked my way through it and she invited me into her house, she mentioned she had a son and I ended up meeting him, he is a bit younger than me. He was a typical westy bogan type that's far too common where I live. I hit it off with him and his friends, he was really nice and I complimented them on their hair, almost saying they had dreads but as I was speaking I looked closer and noticed it was just unruly, wavy and long. It set them in a good mood and they liked me even more and eventually the guy gave me a tinny of weed and what looked like a lolly-bag of these black and white pebbles (it was a new kind of drug that was low-key like weed or something.. Not 'bad'). I'm amazed by how nice the guy is and thank him (fully intending to just give the drugs to my mate when I get home). We all get up and leave, head out of the house and to the road. We get into a car and drive off to enjoy the encroaching night by hanging around a beach or something.

      Next thing I remember is that I'm arriving home.. I come into Josh's room and hang out with him and Daniel. I'm surprised I'm not tired after being out all night and only just arriving home, maybe I slept at their place? I am considering a good time to announce free weed for them but Josh apparently scored a bit of weed too. He gets it out and slams it down as he announces, I then pull the stuff I got and put it down too but the timing was off and it didn't have as much effect as it could have. Josh starts grinding some weed up in this grinder that's bigger than the size of his hand. Dan gets up and leaves the room and at some point people start coming into the doorway and peering in. You can't really see what Josh is doing because he's angled away from the door though. I'm just sitting in a chair at this point and I get more nervous as people keep peering in, like my ex and my mom came at one point and I felt like I disappointed them which was unfair since I hadn't done anything.

      This dream kind of reflects a bit that's been happening.. I've been better good at talking to people and articulating my sentences in such a way as to get people to help me or do their work --> this is a thing because the company I work for requires people to do jobs (no shit right?) and a lot of the time they ignore it and I end up needing to rope people together. I've also been able to get small things here and there, like free lessons or free coffees from the cafe. It's a weird thing to happen for me since I'm severely deaf and have always struggled with communication. Also with the drug part I got questioned if I was high by my friend when I wasn't and he said it in a really accusing way -.- it ticked me off at the time as I was really fatigued from work.

      Dream night 3
      I remember a little bit about telling off the dog, I was annoyed at her and wanted her to learn not to do it again so I did the whole 'pinching' thing so as to teach her properly. But I overdid it a bit and felt a little bad about it.

      I had a dream that was like a video game RTS, where you have a civilization (1 of 5) which you use to fight the other civilization. It had a really interesting graphic design too but the game mechanics were dumb as fucking shit. There were only 2 civilizations you could win with because they had units that could fly and also were 'good-aligned' and therefore had a much lower risk of accumulating bad karma. Apparently if you get too much bad karma you can summon an evil demon god that fucks everyone up.
      I played the game mostly from the skill tree panel for some reason (instead of actually playing the game I guess..??) and had been playing the bad evil civilization which I ended up losing with which really sucked.
    11. 6/18/16

      by , 06-18-2016 at 08:20 PM (Book of Dreams)
      3am-4am (unsuccessful)
      Woke up:

      Dream 1
      This is just a dream fragment, but I remember either I was plugged into something, or something I had was plugged into something... Idk, but there were for chords and something was charging (it might have been me, I can't remember) and during the charging time, I was playing 3 songs on the piano (I can't remember what they were but I know 2 were in B major and 1 was in E major), and I know my sister and cousin were there. I think they fell asleep while I played.

      Dream 2
      I was on the front lawn of an old building, the lawn was surrounded by a metal framed fence, the kind you would find at a cemetery. I was digging something, and I saw a cardboard box nearby filled with little baggies of weed. I thought about taking some, but it wasn't mine and I wasn't sure where I was, so I didn't take any.

      *time lapse*

      I was inside the building, and my grandma was there watching 2 babies, they were both kids of my coworkers. 2 of my uncles were there as well. I now knew I was in a convent, and it's hard to remember the conversations that were going on, but I remember the nuns in the convent were dressed in regular civilian clothes. I also remember somebody telling me that they were all prostitutes and also heroin addicts. "They do heroin?" I said. "Yeah, they're doing it right now in front of us," somebody replied. and I remember looking over at one slumped over as she was shooting up. Not very nun-like, in my opinion.
    12. [09-05-2016]

      by , 05-09-2016 at 07:05 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      It was a late morning. I was in a cottage deep within a forest. I was wearing my forestry uniform and felt a few years older. There was a man in late thirties, wearing a gray suit. He had dark hair. We were talking, I had different voice.

      Man: You were working in these forests?
      I: Yes, I was a forester over there.

      *I wandered the room for a while, the man continued.*

      Man: A forester?
      I: Yeah, though of a lower rank.

      False awakening

      I woke up in my bed. I heard strange ringing and was really annoyed at the TV. I thought that I really should turn it down, but it wasn't even turned on! As I closed my eyes, I saw some horrifying ghostly faces and a voice telling that ghosts are real and want to get us all.

      Second dream

      Late, cold evening. With group of random people we entered a mansion of some general who left it free for his son this night. One of the rooms was under renovation, with furniture put in group in the midlle of it. Rest of the house was arranged as a wealthy, modern mansion with really expensive furniture. Other people - they were all teenagers, were taking drugs and demolishing everything around them. What's more, they closed the doors to second floor and lost the key, so I had to find some other way out. They were really ruining the building, setting fire in one of the rooms, breaking furniture and taking more and more drugs. Luckily they weren't aggressive. I tried to use furniture to break a window and make myself a rope to get out.

      Suddenly I found myself outside, it was a warm early evening. It was at a shore of some lake, close to some warehouse with docks. I entered it and saw two girls - one taller with dark, long hair and one smaller with red, shorter hair. Both had pale complexion and were wearing some kind of robes. I heard a crying baby, then parents of those girls appeared. The tall girl told them that she and another boy was kidnapped by the smaller girl. But then a sudden thunder striked, and nobody believed her. Suddenly an assassin jumped down on a bungee and caught her, jumping with her back to a rooftop.
    13. #142: Dealing / Fragments / Physical / Magic

      by , 05-08-2016 at 08:05 AM
      Bed: 23.30
      Wake up: 08.20
      Now: 08.20

      I'm at some guy's apartment. He's a drugsdealer and apparently a tad dangerous. My girlfriend is there as well. At some point he calls her a bitch. Not for having done anything wrong; that's just how he refers to all women it seems. I don't like the way he disrespects her. I take one of my soup bowls; white with grey and black flowery decal. I hit him over the head with it and he goes down. I keep smashing him, not sure what with at this point, but I make sure he's dead or else he'll kill me for this.

      A bit later someone is at the door. A customer. I open up the door and I try to fake my way through it and start talking more roughly than I normally do. I throw in a 'motherfucker' every other sentence. I also start talking a lot of Surinam [a lot of Dutch slang comes from Surinam]. At some point the guy at the door starts talking about Sergio, an elementary school friend. I've seen him as an adult and he is quite a big guy. He's a few metres away and he's tiny and mentally disabled. I start asking the guy what happened to the motherfucker. He's got an "i know right" kinda attitude. It is something drugs related. I'm not sure what happened next, but shortly after there's another customer. I think at some point we're all in the house. Not sure what happened to the body though. I think I may have made up a horrible excuse. I remember that at the end of the dream the situation has evolved into a gun deal. Ok this is getting way out of hand.

      I watched Drugs Inc. on NatGeo about an hour before I went to bed.

      » I don't remember my surroundings. All I remember is one of my teeth being wobbly. Eventually I break off a piece of it, cause it's annoying the hell out of me. I can already see (don't know how actually) that there's another tooth inside this tooth, like a Russian nesting doll. I consider just removing the whole tooth and be done with it. I'm slightly worried that it might not be a good idea.

      » I've taken a train. I'm supposed to get to my mom's city, but I can't get there directly. Instead, I take a detour. I have 2 options and both of them will bring me 2 stops away from my mom's city. Somehow I feel like things are not going my way.

      » I'm playing football at first. This changes into korfbal and later into basketball.

      » I'm sitting at a round table with my friend's mom and 2 of my friends. We're eating (dinner?).

      » I'm just about exiting a subway station. I'm going down an escalator and I see Milad going up the escalator to my left. I think we say hi. After that I'm distracted, I think by my phone. I've been walking for a bit, but not getting anywhere. This escalator is suddenly going up. Wasn't this one going down. Whatever. I hop down a few times and I'm down.

      I'm at what's supposed to be my physical therapist, but the building is vastly different. There's multiple storeys. I go into the basement to go to the toilet, which is way bigger than in reality. There's a row of at least 6 urinals and then there are stalls as well. There's an older man in one of the stalls. I take a urinal somewhere on the left. There's a glass wall so you can see into the garden it seems. There's an oddly shaped pool there. Makes sense I guess. Some people have injuries that require swimming. For some reason I decide to finish up at another urinal all the way to the right. I then have the issue of not knowing which urinals to flush. I decide to just flush em all and then make a run for it, before the older man comes out and identifies me.

      Still in the same building. There are signs to public transportation on every floor. So convenient that you can just take the public transport from inside this building. At some point my friend Wina goes down some stairs. A white dude about my age is following her, or perhaps she's already blacked out and he's helping her down the stairs. Either way I know exactly what's going on. I go down the stairs, damn near action hero style and beat the guy up for trying to rape my friend.

      Somewhere in this dream my physical therapist tells me I still have an appointment for next week. This confuses me, as I thought this was supposed to be our last session. I already moved out. Now I have to come back specially for this?

      This is a Harry Potter dream it seems. I am Harry, or I am myself and have taken over the importance of Harry. I'm in what seems like the University Library, somewhere near the top floor. I think Dumbledore is also there. He has given me command of a sort of army of students. They are all walking down the stairs. I'm having a bit of fun translocating even for the smallest distances. I'm not aware that I'm dreaming, but I'm aware that I can make anything happen that I want to happen cause I'm a wizard. I make a joke that I should go check out my army, as there are a lot of girls in it. At some point I allow myself to fall flat onto the floor, wanting to translocate at the last second. I fail to do so, but I do manage to float just above the floor so I don't hurt myself.

      Something else pops into my mind. I'm not sure if it's a thought. It seems more like a commercial. It's about Harry Potter or some other wizard and going on vacation. It's about him not having to go to the airport early, nor having to stand in line, as he just translocates there. Man that's stupid. Just translocate to your final destination.

      I'm outside. It's night out, nearly pitch dark with just about no lights. It looks as if I'm standing on a miniature island shaped exactly like Africa. There's a very dark skinned woman swimming west to east the whole time, despite there being land. She's doing so around the longitude of where Cameroon should be. I go to talk to her. She's swimming around a little buoy or something alike on both sides and then goes back. She's supposed to make this trip perhaps once every X minutes or hours, but she is doing it on an endless loop. Eventually she comes out of the water and walks somewhere. Woow. Quite a big woman. She has a bit of a weepy story. At some point I don't really feel like listening anymore and I somehow sort of delegate this task to the dude that's with me. While walking, I spot two girls in the distance. One is a black girl with glasses that I've met at a language cafe in reality. I can't see any defining traits of the other girl, but I assume that to be the friend who was with her. I look the other way. I'm not feeling conversations right now.

      I get a message on my phone. It seems like whatsapp. I'm tasked with babysitting the army right now and someone has gotten themselves into a situation. This person has sent a picture of what seems like 2 barrels near a beer place where they're trapped and there's fire or something like that. I ask the guy that's distracting the 'swimming woman' if he recognises this place. It's just down one of the side streets. That particular street is glowing with green light because there are several beer companies next to each other; at least Grolsch and Heineken. I go over and make a quick entry to the 2 barrels, which I immediately try to extinguish by conjuring up a big amount of water. There's no fire to be extinguished though and no water appears. Still I persist. I try to start with a droplet of water, which appears, and add more and more to it. I've got a little string of water going now.
      Suddenly it dawns onto me that I should try harder, cause things in dreams only happen if you believe in them. I'm now thinking about whether I should just continue the water or solidify the dream. I choose the latter and try to push my fingers through my hand because that will give me a sensation that the water won't. The RC fails. I know that I'm dreaming though. I just shouldn't let go of it. The dream slowly starts fading. I believe that my hearing starts being influenced by the real world, even though this is not true.

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    14. Angry Fairy and Turnip Fairy (DILD)

      by , 04-26-2016 at 07:52 PM
      Ritual: WTB 1am, woke 8:30am after spontaneous DILD.

      In the course of an NLD, I was changing clothes in my bedroom when I spontaneously realized I was dreaming. I decided I shouldn't waste any more time fussing with clothes and instead get to work on the next task I had prioritized: the Fairy Circle TOTY. Glancing at myself in the mirror, still partially undressed, I headed outside.

      I wondered if the dream would let me pass through the sliding door to the patio without obstruction, but instead I found myself exerting what almost felt like a realistic level of force to open it. Once outside, I didn't want to get bogged down looking for a fairy circle, so I primed my expectations. The fairy circle, it was right over here... I've seen it before. I headed right and found a nice patch of soil like a garden plot. Just as I had "expected," I saw tiny plants like seedlings growing in a distinct circular ring about five feet in diameter. At first I didn't see any mushrooms, so I reminded myself: And there were mushrooms. Looking closer, I now observed a few small mushrooms interspersed among the plants. I also saw a few smooth, bulbous growths that reminded me of the "stone plants" that had fascinated me when I was a kid. I had forgotten those even existed!

      Now that the circle was adequately established, I needed to summon fairies. I knelt down and focused on the center of the ring, where the soil was bare. I noticed faint movement in a spot slightly off-center, and then the loose earth began to fall inward, as though a hole were forming beneath it. I continued to concentrate on the summoning, and then an odd formation slowly rose out of the earth until it stood about two feet high. It resembled a candelabra with at least two tiers of arms in all four directions, except instead of candles, it held small figures that I presumed were the fairies. I reached out and grabbed the one from the very top of the arrangement. It was about eight inches tall and stiff like a statuette.

      I looked closely at the small figure in my hand. She was dark-skinned with shoulder-length black hair, wearing a crimson dress with a dark green cape on her back. Her hat was the same crimson as her dress, but in form it resembled a Santa hat, with a white fuzzy brim and a white pompom at the end of the conical tip that draped behind her. Attached to the toes of her green shoes were round bells, both silver and green. I thought the overall impression was really cheesy, not at all how I would have preferred to imagine a fairy! There was one more incongruous detail: her face was contorted with an expression of unmistakable anger.

      I was tempted to ask her name, but remembered how pointless and distracting this line of questioning can become, so I should get straight to my real question: "What is your secret?"

      Her response was both unexpected and chilling: "It is evil." She sounded as furious as she looked.

      "What is?" I asked, utterly perplexed.

      I can't recall her initial response, but it did not resolve my confusion. I decided to be more specific: "When you said, 'It is evil,' what did you mean by 'it'?"

      She said a few more things that I don't recall, and then a line that struck me clearly: "The evil of a controlled substance is the substance."

      This was even more confusing. I hardly ever use controlled substances, at least not illegal ones, so I didn't understand how this could be relevant. Moreover, I disagreed with her stated position: in my view, the main evil of a controlled substance is the social strictures that punish people for possessing or using it.

      "Why did you bury amphetamines?" the fairy pressed.

      What happened next was the clearest case of false memory that I've experienced to date. With what felt like a flash of insight, I suddenly realized the probable reason she was so angry. I "remembered" something about my fairy circle—something that I'm pretty sure had not come up in the dream until the point at which I now "remembered" it, but now seemed to explain everything. I recalled that at one point I had buried a bunch of drugs inside the fairy circle, mostly amphetamines, as part of my preparations for the ritual to lure or summon the fairies. It now occurred to me that this might have caused problems within fairy society, and I felt a twinge of guilt.

      I didn't think I would get any more useful information from this fairy, so I put her aside and grabbed another, this time from the side of the candelabra-like arrangement.

      This fairy didn't look human at all. It looked like... a turnip? Was that the right vegetable? The white round bulb with a blush of purplish-red at the top? Yes, a turnip. I was reminded of a photograph of a white radish by Edward Weston (1886–1958) that I had seen the day before in WL. This was clearly a turnip, not a radish, but it gave me a similarly vulgar impression. If this was a fairy, it was clearly not from the upper echelon of fairy society. Or could its abject appearance be the result of too many amphetamines?

      Well, here goes.

      "I have a question." I said, wondering if the turnip-fairy could understand me. "The question I've come to ask is: What is your secret?"

      I was still rotating the turnip in my hands as I spoke to it, uncertain which side was the appropriate one to address. How do you talk to something with no face?

      I heard a male voice, faint, with the accents of a yokel, like Cletus on The Simpsons. It responded to the question in my mind, not the one I had voiced: "There is a side that says: 'Look at me'."

      I realized the turnip must be trying to help me orient it properly, so I turned it until I found a round black label with white block lettering that, sure enough, said "LOOK AT ME." It was hard to make out—I missed it at first—because the label was embedded in a scene featuring the stylized profile of a man in a black cloak.

      "It would be a lot easier to see if there was some white space around it," I commented about the label.

      The turnip-fairy took my suggestion and the surrounding scene promptly faded, leaving the round black label with its white letters clearly discernible. I reminded the turnip that I had come to ask its secret.

      I don't recall its initial answer, but I do remember my skepticism. Whatever he had said had sounded as unconvincing as the response I had gotten from the first fairy, and I assumed that he, too, might be pursuring an agenda that involved concealing the truth.

      "I don't think that's your secret." I said doubtfully. "Tell me your real secret."

      The tone of his response implied that I was wilfully ignoring the obvious: "Oh come on, we can't tell you that."

      Even before his sentence had concluded, I was ejected from the scene and found myself standing in my bathroom. I felt like I had woken up, but wasn't sure. I briefly considered going back outside and attempting to continue the scenario, but realized I should promptly write down what had already happened. I grabbed my notepad from the bedside table, and after a bit of trouble with the pen—which I recognized as another dream sign—I started writing down what had happened. Although I realized I was probably not yet awake, I figured that even while still dreaming it could be useful to write down some initial recollections while they were fresh, and it might help me remember them better when I did wake up.

      However, I hadn't gotten more than a few sentences into it when dream-writing began to feel tedious, and I was afraid I would get distracted, fall into an NLD, and lose the memories entirely, so I forced myself awake. But as soon as I grabbed my actual notepad to begin writing in WL, I realized my mistake: merely transitioning to wakefulness had dulled the memories of the dream that had been so crystal clear just before I had woken up. I wrote down everything I could still recall, but unfortunately some details of the conversations were lost.

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    15. #69: Presentations

      by , 01-12-2016 at 07:25 AM
      Went to bed a bit before midnight. Really had issues falling asleep, took me at least until 01:00. I set the alarm for 06:45.

      I'm in a classroom. The presentations of our project groups are about to start. The lecturer asks me to present for our group. I tell him that someone else in our group has already prepared to present. The lecturer asks me to present anyway. My voice changes just a little bit, I guess it breaks a little. I ask him why. He backs off, seeming a bit intimidated. I go up to my group to tell them and we laugh about it a little. In my head I've got the joke ready that that's the advantage to being black: it's easy to scare white people. I don't make the joke.

      We're on the 2nd floor of a building. The walls on two sides have arched holes in them so you can look outside. There's some parkour going on. It looks like a live video. One guy falls from the 2nd floor. I take a look over the edge. The guy was lucky. He's still hanging on to an edge just a bit below, so he didn't tumble all the way down. A teacher for a different course then decides to stand on an object which was used in this particular parkour run, to prevent more people from doing it. It's presentation time again. The first teacher ends up buying us all food, but only some of us get to choose. He makes a girl take orders from all of us. Everyone is shouting and I suggest that she writes it down, cause she's not gonna remember that many orders. My friend is sitting next to me. He complains that it's unfair that some people get to choose their orders and others don't.

      I had another dream but I don't really have the time or energy right now to go into it. It involved my Indonesian classmates, a train station, drugs and being late for an appointment with my thesis supervisor. The dream sucked
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