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    1. 10 Dec: Rescued from fire and coolest highschool ever

      by , 12-10-2018 at 01:02 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      At my parent's home, when my dad still lived there, staying in my old bedroom with Riverstone. Some awkward moments in which my dad enters the room by storm, just because. He then leaves the house and finally we get some peace. I wake up in the morning and there are some ten Arab dudes who all look alike, in the hallway and coming out of the living room.
      My mom says there was a wildfire in the hills behind the building and since we didn't hear her calling for help during the night, she has picked up some dudes from the street who offered to help evacuate the family and our animals. Yeah, but why are they all clones?
      Then I go to the window and find strange how there was a fire, since we are in the winter, and it's cold and foggy outside. But not even 5 mins later, it dries up and warms up and I see a gigantic cloud of smoke arising from behind the hill and understand the fire restarted. Then I see uprooted trees levitating towards the sky and I am also being pulled and see it from above. Something or someone is collecting individuals of each species to repopulate a new Earth. I feel sad and hopeful. We are doomed but at least someone is trying to give this beautiful diversity of life a chance somewhere else.

      I was in the coolest high school ever. The school had a basement that was exclusively for the students to hang out and all of them, with a few exceptions, looked like a rock star, a movie star or a model. I think there were only a couple of geeky nerds who looked pretty average.
      One day a new student comes in, he is a bit older and a bit cranky and anti-social. He looks like a young David Bowie, but unfriendly. One night he decides to stay in school through the night and hides in said basement. What he doesn't know is that the place is monitored by cameras that stream everything online in a group we are all part of.
      He puts on some punk music, he smokes a joint and then he undresses and gets in his underwear. He dances like crazy, not knowing we are all watching. We find it funny, but we don not intend to shame him. So we send the group of coolest kids in school, who are non-other than the Beatles. They go downstairs to surprise him and we all watch it as it happens. It's hilarious when he gets caught. Then we all join and we explain he had been on camera all the time. We actually came to prevent him doing something that could actually embarrass him beyond repair. But he doesn't understand and says he will sue us for filming him.

      Later on I see a group of kids building an indoor pool just across a classroom where I have a lots of classes. Zilla is with me and we comment about it. There is another pool outside, but that one is controlled by a group of older kids and although one of them is my childhood friend Carla, she behaves like she doesn't know me and doesn't help us getting access to the pool.
      But now we will be able to get out of the classroom and jump right in the pool. We talk to the guys building it. They are just so nice and this school is so unreal.
    2. Beautiful Mountain

      by , 10-11-2013 at 05:14 PM
      Night before last: I dreamed I was in Louisiana for some reason in a place that didn't have a lot of dry land. In the dry spots, there were houses and a few old, rusted campers and vehicles. I had to swim and wade through neck-deep water to reach wherever it was I was going. I got to my destination and turned around to realize that the water I had just come through is full of alligators, and I'm lucky I didn't get eaten. Now I don't know how I'm going to get back.

      New dream: Extremely vivid, though I can't recall much of it. I was visiting a distant cousin in Utah (never been there). Her home is next to a beautiful mountain. I stick my head out her back door and am wowed by what I see. There is no yard - just a gentle, treeless slope leading to the base of the mountain, which, although enormous, isn't too high to climb without equipment. It's not high enough to have a snow cap. It's partially covered in grass, and partially raw dirt with a few small rivulets where water has run down. It reminds me of the Scottish Highlands. Higher up, there are some large boulders and rocky ledges, but I see places where someone could hike around them. I tell my cousin that the next time I come visit, I'm going to walk right out her back door and see how high I can hike up there. Right now it's just beginning to snow a little. If I only I could snap a picture of this image in my mind and post it on the dream journal! There was so much vivid detail, and I remember it clearly.

      Last night: Slept very fitfully, which helped me to recall lots of dreams and fragments. (Very tired this morning.) In one, I'm with my fiance in an unfamiliar street scene. It's night time in a very suburban environment containing eateries and grocery stores and such. The Rapture is coming at 11:55 p.m., and somehow we know it. We decide that we want to be having dinner when it occurs, but the only place open is something like a Chic-Fil-A. It's full of people expecting to be raptured, and you can't get inside. The drive-through is also full of cars. I tell my finace that I'm going to kill some time (I have no idea where or doing what) while we wait to see if the crowd dies down. I leave him there. We are both expecting to be raptured. Suddenly I'm back from wherever I went, and the crowd is almost completely gone. There are a few empty cars parked at odd angles, and my fiance is still there waiting for me. Did we miss it? I don't know what time it is now.

      In a fragment, I'm in a rush to move to St. Louis. (Years ago in real life, I was in a rush to move from St. Louis to Houston after my job at the time unexpectedly transferred me and gave me less than a week to get set up.) My ex is with me for some reason and seems to be helping me move. I have to run, hurry, hurry! Oh my God where's my rent check? I'll need it as soon as I get there! I find it in a drawer, suddenly remembering that I prepared it in advance. I'm relieved that I had the forethought to do that.

      In yet another dream, I'm in a home with lots of hardwood that I've never seen before, but it feels familiar in the dream as if I live there. Night time. It's a nice place, and the bright wood is well-varnished. A dream character that I've never met in real life but feels like a close friend in the dream comes in from outside through French doors that match the wood in the rest of the room. We've been somewhere together earlier in the evevning. He's complaining that almost no one showed up. There were 52 people invited, and if only they'd all turned out, it would have been something else. I don't know exactly what the event was, but I think it involved seeing a movie or attending a play. I'm getting ready for bed now, and I walk to the back of what must be the living room. The back half is actually a hospital room, and there's an old man in a hospital bed. Somehow he's my roommate in this fusion of hospital and residential home. He can't walk, and his feet are lost in a dark alcove built over part of the reclining bed that he's lying in. He asks me to help him check his foot. He tells me there's a small rechargeable light mounted on the wall just inside the alcove, and I pick it up to shine it on his foot for him, which he lifts up to see better. Parts of it are black. Other parts are oozing blood. It's about what he expected to see. Suddenly I feel a drop of blood land on my arm, and I'm quietly horrified. I move quickly to wipe it off with a nearby towel and hope that the man doesn't notice, as I'm afraid he'll be offended by this for some reason. I'm uncharacteristically rude with him, as I really don't want to be burdened by needs that would be better attended by the hospital staff.
    3. Troubles with the Rapture

      by , 06-19-2013 at 12:19 PM
      Morning of June 19, 2013. Wednesday.

      This is a long convoluted dream with the main theme being the Rapture (as in being lifted or teleported into Heaven, which some Christians apparently believe). It combines humor, movie-like scenarios, and erratic confusion of words and ideas that only a dream can hopelessly distort so thoroughly, yet which still leaves an overall good feeling, as it colored my mood in a very cheerful way.

      Firstly, I find out about and focus on a few ideas I had not known or at least not thought about much before. In my dream, the “Rapture” is called, or related to, the “Prodigy”. In my dream, I look up the word “prodigy” (liminally recalling it has nothing to do with anything ominous), but find a wrong meaning in two different dictionaries. One entry reads as “Of or relating to the time period from ages 8 to 8 years”. Another entry in a different dictionary reads as “8-8”. So, “prodigy” supposedly only means an eight-year-old child in my dream (and for some reason, I know it means a boy only). It is amusing that the one age was unnecessarily shown as a span.

      On an important side note, even though I was certain that the word “prodigy” was only associated with a child with a special talent, I looked it up and found another (apparently no longer used) meaning being “something regarded as of prophetic significance”, something I did not consciously know or remember, so this is possibly postcognitive, though I might have seen this meaning before and not remembered.

      There is also some nonsense with a different word; “accolade” (associated with “livestock accolade”, which I have not heard before in real life). According to my dream, this is when God will lift up sheep, horses, cows, and other domestic farm animals into the sky during the animal part of the Rapture, before he gathers the humans.

      In my dream, my wife Zsuzsanna is still a child, though has a flock of sheep in Nimbin on a large area of farmland. She has something written in red on her left heel, which may be “prodigy” or “rapture” or possibly another word (though reading in dreams typically results in the letters or words changing when looking at them again). When her sheep are lifted into the sky and they vanish into the clouds, she seems concerned, as her family seems angry at her for having “lost” them. However, a short time later, people witness cows being “Raptured” - or make that, only one cow, with great difficulty. Although some of the other cows are lifted by the invisible force and hover a bit, they are soon all dropped but one. The baffled people look on as the one cow swirls around seemingly experiencing a fair amount of stress and never does make it up into the clouds. So much for the Cow Rapture. People, even the religious ones in the fields, start looking a bit concerned as if they do not quite know what they are in for and some even sneak out of the area.

      There is another scene where I am in a large van in Nimbin with young Zsuzsanna and her family (and her family’s friends). (I am not sure if it is the one her mother painted dolphins on, but it may be.) I am the only one being “Raptured” at the time for some reason (perhaps because I am from the future as I now begin to contemplate as such), and people are asking me, if I come back from the Rapture, to tell them what happened.

      However, as I am inside the van, its ceiling seems to be made of “frozen rain clouds”. I keep rising up, crashing through the ice of the frozen clouds, and going back down a short distance as I hover a bit, and each time, large amounts of cold water fall down upon me and the others inside the van, releasing the “rain” in larger, more compact streams. This continues for what seems a long time. I am facing downward with my arms out a bit, and after time passes, it feels more and more exhilarating, with an extremely vivid and wonderful sense of weight and momentum and cooler temperature of the kind I very much enjoy on a hot day. I start to wonder if I will eventually go out through the roof of the van or if all the “rainwater” will eventually be released from out of the doors of the van (though there is no indication of water rising inside the van). As I float up and down, I hit the ice at various levels of strength each time. At this point, it feels somewhat like a standard flying dream, not nearly as unfettered yet more thrilling in some ways. It continues until I slowly wake, feeling rejuvenated.

      (Of course, this is a vestibular system correlation waking process as is typical of many of my dreams; an average of more than one per sleep cycle, in fact. The van is an autosymbolic extension of my physical body as singular vehicles usually are. Concerning the flying cows, there was possibly influence from the flying cow scenes in “Twister” and “The Wizard of Oz”, and possibly even influence from the nursery rhyme line, “the cow jumped over the moon”, as there seemed to be influence from “Little Bo Peep” as well.)

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    4. Dream about the Rapture

      by , 01-29-2011 at 07:17 PM
      non dream dream lucid

      I was sitting in my room. Everything seemed normal. I left my room and went to the living room, thinking my parents would be there. They were'nt. I went to my little sister and little brother, who were playing in their room. I asked them where mom and dad were. They said that they were probably in their room, watching a movie. So I went in to their room. They were not there. It looked like they had been, but they were not there now. I panicked and called them on their cell phones. Neither one answered. I called my older brother, Zach, and he didn't answer either. I ran back to my brother and sister and screamed, "The rapture happened, we were left behind!" then I noticed they were no longer there. They had gone too. I didn't understand why I'd been left behind. I've been a Christian all my life. I loved God. I was ao confused. I cried and screamed and kicked everything I could. Then I saw my bible, sitting on my bed, and I cried harder. I went over to my window, outside it was a sickly yellow color, and I prayed to God to give me a second chance. I knew he wouldn't. I had missed it. Now I was doomed to the same fate as everyone else who had been left behind. I walked to my school, and went into the band room. My best friends, Emily, Daniel, Keygan, and Jared were there (Jared is also my boyfriend). Both Emily and Daniel are Christians like me and they knew what was going on, but like me they didn't know why they'd been left behind. I looked at Jared and Keygan who were confused and said, "Guys, Jesus came back and took all the Christians. It might seem bad now, but it's gonna get worse." Jared embraced me crying and said, "You were right! All those times you told me about God, you were right! Why didn't I listen to you!?" I hugged him back and said into his ear, "Give your heart to God, he's the only one who can let us survive this. Please. Do this for me." Jared nodded, still crying uncontrollably, and he gave his heart to God. Keygan did too, and he was crying. I reached into a bag I was carrying, it had bibles in it, and I gave one each to Keygan and Jared. Emily and Daniel had one with them. We left the school building and went to my house. We all cried and prayed. I held on to Jared, sobbing into his shoulder. Emily, Daniel, and I didn't know at all why we had been left behind. Jared softly kissed my cheek in an attempt to comfort me. Then they all went to their homes. I felt so alone. My family was gone. I had been the only one left behind. I loved God just as much as they did, but I was so confused. The next "day" we all met back in the band room and discussed who the Anti-Christ might be. We had no idea. Suddenly, someone was in the room with us. He looked evil and we ran from him, going through a corn field and ending up at my house. There we stayed for "days", not daring to leave the house. Outside there were people cutting down the little woods that was near us. We held bible study every day, it seemed to be the only thing keeping us alive. One "morning" I "woke up" and looked outside, the trees there were gone now. Jared walked up to me, and I told him, "What if this is all a dream? If it is, I want to wake up NOW." the dream went fuzzy, causing me to go lucid, and I told myself to not wake up. I looked at Jared with teary eyes and said, "This is a dream. When we wake up, everyone will still be there." Then I embraced him, kissing him slightly. He asked me if he and the others were dreaming too. I said, "I don't know. But if you are, then I hope you have learned from this dream, and that in the waking world, you'll give your heart to God just like you did here. I love you. I'm going to wake up now." Then I grabbed his hand. And I saw myself fade away as I woke up. This was one of the most vivid dreams I've ever had in my life.
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