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    1. 26 Feb: Sports and art competition

      by , 02-26-2019 at 09:01 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Participating at some kind of triathlon competition and doing very well. I am quite ahead of some men who are favorite. But the tests range from swimming, escaping simulated war games to going to a studio and produce some works of art. I see others painting authentic masterpieces, but all very similar, as if they all came from the same art school. I don't have their talent so I draw a mandala and also make some kenpo fighter doll with materials available. My sensei is in the jury and he is both impressed and amused.
    2. Getting to the Competition

      by , 09-13-2018 at 10:02 PM
      I'm walking along the street in my college town with my roommate moving towards the university. We are planning to go to a Smash Bros competition and it's late at night. We head into the Agriculture building in the basement and start looking for the room. We come across others who are also in the competition. They have TV's and controllers in their hands and I hold a door open for them as they walk through. I start to see more and more people enter the building, and not all of them are in the tournament. It's especially strange as it's also late at night, however, I don't end up thinking more about it. A girl I know shows up and starts talking to me. I'm moving up a ramp to start walking and she follows, but gets stuck on the rail for the ramp that heads down. The only thing that stops her from sliding all the way down is her shoe that gets caught on the side.
    3. Interesting NLs and One Lucid - September 12-13

      , 09-13-2018 at 05:54 PM (ZAD's DJ)
      Sep 12 2018

      I woke up and color-coded my dreams in a weird order (Red, then Blue, then Green instead of RGB or ROY G BIV). In my first NL, I'm in a strange competition where the teams of two have to come up with a piece of art and a story (but it can be derivative?). My parents and some older relatives (aunts, uncles) are also playing. I'm ambitious and want to try something we've never read before and reinterpret it and create something original from it within the timeframe (we have 1 day, or maybe 1 night, to complete it). Everyone else is cheating and making really simple art, which I'm frustrated at because I'm trying to create something good. This is all taking place in a long room with tables and chairs/stools set up, with large windows that have whitish light coming in. The entire room has a blue, overcast tint to it (it's been rainy lately, I think lighting in dreams could be an important dreamsign).

      The scene transitions and I'm in a brighter (incandescant) hallway looking at posters and diagrams. There are displays with black and white etchings or line drawings or diagrams of a man who reminds me of Nietzche in pugilist attire. The display (or a DC) says "engineers have been fascinated with the human body for hundresds (or thousands) of years". I get through the hallway and reach a balcony opening up on a room below (sort of like an operating theater but no separation). There are people in the room below, maybe related to the competition.

      I'm now in a blueish comic book store. It's dark outside and in front of me in line, there's a guy trying to buy a macbook. He doesn't pay (or should have in advance) and the cashier scolds him and shoos him out, giving him a warning. Me and the cashier go way back, and he mentions my competition. He suggests a pairing of characters from a fictional anime, and we debate eastern vs western art for a while. He shows me some pictures of the characters for reference. This all felt like one long connected dream.

      I'm in my childhood home backyard with my fiancee, we're playing ping-pong with some drunk guy. It's me and her against him, he has a big beard. The ball is bright orange and there's a black trash bag on the table. I miss a couple of balls (I might be drunk too) and feel bad. Suddenly the table is thinner length-wise (maybe it collapsed?). We keep losing balls and there's something on the ground (an unfamiliar dog or other creature?).

      Sep 13 2018

      I went to bed at 12:30am. The first NL I remember a variation of my reocurring intruder dream, but instead of the intruder, I walk into the hallway from my bedroom and see that the bathroom light is on. Our apartment's maintenance man is finally fixing our sink, but it's the middle of the night. At some point I have a fragment about the server that I've been working on for work.

      I wake around 3:50 and move my dog so he stops scratching his collar. Fall asleep and have some NLs. In the next one I remember, I'm in a play place. Think McDonald's with tubes and such, but along the floor only, much too small, and made out of those pop-up tents that resemble windshield sun shades with holes in them. I'm with my fiancee, we're crawling through on hands and knees through the holes. She's ahead of me and I have to expend a lot of effort to get through. There are cobwebs all around, and some small items are stuck in them. I remember vividly that there were a lot of bees/wasps on the ground. As we crawl towards the back, my fiancee finds a large blue crystal ring. We get in a fight about it. A female therapist appears, and she sides with my fiancee. I become irate.

      I'm now walking into a room with some old ladies. It's a slightly dim, carpeted, beige room with the curtains drawn but light still filtering in around the edges. I'm naked, and the old ladies, who are sitting in chairs along one of the walls, are looking at me out of the corners of their eyes. I'm standing behind my fiancee (or another DC) after entering the room to try and hide. Eventually something clicks and I realize how ridiculous the situation is, and I look at my hands and become lucid! The old ladies' chair positions have moved, their backs are to the windows now and they're looking directly at me. Some old men (more men than there are ladies) are standing behind them looking upset, and looking away. I shake their hands and tell them I'm dreaming, but they're looking away from me, and each time I shake one of their hands it's like I intercepted them trying to shake someone else's hand. I walk around the room a bit (I didn't write this down immediately so I'm not sure what else I did here), and I remember thinking how lucky I was to be lucid so frequently these past weeks (waking life awareness!!). I then decided to try spinning again. This was my first time spinning from a standing position, and it was at least mostly successful (I had thought about doing this in the night while walking my dog). I wanted to visit my incubated dream world, so I said nonverbally "waterhouse" (I meant bathhouse). My intention was vague and unclear, so it took a while longer to form the dream scene and the dream must have latched on to some floating thoughts to form something coherent out of the word.

      The scene materializes (like a squareish shape of white light approaching from the distance) and my full field of vision is focused on a video playing. The video is gaudy, bright, and annoying (my fiancee showed me the new iPhone commercial last night). There were words on the screen in a tacky font, sort of like lyrics although they weren't. There was no sound. Bright neon colors (I remember green and yellow) and images of a woman in a yellow or red dress standing on a stage as if she was singing were flashing on the screen. My field of vision slowly allowed me to disconnect from the screen and realize that it was a phone or tablet that I was holding. I was in a living room similar to my own, with a glass coffee table and a long couch behind me. Although the layout is similar to mine, the dimensions, lighting, and general decor remind me of the house of one of my dad's old clients, a rich Jew.

      I look back at the phone again and the screen is dimmer now, and no matter what I do I can't get it to go bright again. I put the phone on the table and decide to do a reality check, so I put my first two fingers into the palm of my left hand. With the two hands stuck together, I decide to try and stick my fingers through the roof of my mouth as well, but I can't. I turn around and look at the couch. There's now a female body on the couch, although it seems like a mannequin. I try to put my fingers through her abdomen/solar plexus, but instead of entering in, the skin flakes off like peeling paint. I peel it like an onion and take off one layer up to the face. The face underneath is different. I take more and more layers off, and each time the face is slightly different. Some parts of the skin reminded me of plastic wrap that sort of warps and has indentations, or like the shrink wrap they use on college textbooks. I start thinking too much and
      wake up.

      It's 5:30am, I color-code my dreams (again with the weird Red, Blue, Green order) and try to stay still because I feel that I'm still in REM and can easily DEILD. I see the white light and almost get into a couple of dreams, but my dog keeps scratching and moving around, other noises keep popping up and bringing me out of it, and I end up just lying there for a while. I try to get back to sleep and maybe I drifted off for a little bit but ultimately I woke up before my 6:40 alarm and DJ'd on my phone.

      I'm starting to really believe and understand Sensei's article about catching "the feeling" and holding onto it, trusting yourself that you will LD tonight rather than techniquing yourself to death. Really proud of my frequency lately! But I'm ready for a full night of deep sleep. Work is killing me.
    4. Running with Do Kyungsoo

      by , 09-03-2018 at 11:12 AM
      Running with Do Kyungsoo

      I was running together with Do Kyungsoo. It was a competition and we kind of helped each other. There were many stops on the way were every stop had a question. You needed to solve it to be able to get to the next one. As we came to a place full of gemstones Kyungsoo freaked out at the question. ďWhat is the name we are looking for?Ē The thing was that non of the stone were named. Just numbers. Kyungsoo thought we needed to know the names of the stones but I told him that, thatís not the case. I wrote down: Xiumin. Then I found a picture of him and showed it for Kyungsoo and said that we could move on.

      Note: Do Kyungsoo is a Kpop star
    5. Dream Journal Entry #5: Break-dancing Audition and the Antidote to Devil's Breath!

      by , 06-05-2018 at 03:06 PM
      Dream: I was in a gym, rolling (a term equivalent to sparring in BJJ) with some unknown person. I had earphones in and was listening to a song by Flatbush Zombies*. The instructor came over to me, as I was in side mount, placed his hand on my back and signaled for the rolling session to be over. He lined the rest of those in the gym in a line with me and called out the names of those who would move onto compete in a break-dancing competition. Me and some other unknown people were chosen. I seemed very excited to be chosen. I told the instructor it was because I was listening to FZ* that I was able to perform. [My memory of the events that follow are vague...]

      My parents are driving me out of the city of Toronto, surrounded by a few high rises, leading onto an overpass. I mention that this was not the way to the hotel where the audition would take place. My parents turn around and we head to the hotel [Vague...]

      I'm walking through a thin hallway with the instructor who I assume is leading me to the competition. We end up in a room outside where my friend 'BB' blows dust in my face several times, each time I grow irritated. I continue to follow the instructor who leads me to his black van. He slides the side door open which reveals two large tubs full of compacted keef and one seat which the instructor is sitting on, gesturing for me to come in.

      Side notes:
      I attempted a MILD, but I don't think I performed it correctly.

      Total Dream Sign Count
      Inner Awareness = 2
      Action = 1
      Form = 4
      Context = 2

      Total LD's/Dream = 0/5 = 0%

      Please comment and let me know if you think I missed some dream sign classifications in the journal entry!

      Updated 06-05-2018 at 03:25 PM by 95100

      non-lucid , side notes
    6. Dream - DreamViews Wreaks Havoc

      by , 05-09-2017 at 09:03 AM
      Date of Dream: TUE 9 MAY - 2017

      Dream No. 110 - DreamViews Wreaks Havoc

      There is not much I remember about this dream. The first thing I remember is that I was on the DreamViews website, looking at the forums. And then I came across the Dream Combat Championship post which in the dream, was posted by franj251 (her username exactly resembles her username in real life but she isn't a DV member in real life). At first, the post looked like it did in real life but as the dream progressed, the layout started to change.

      In another dream scene, I was in an empty looking house, like I had just moved into to it. DB (my 5yo cousin) was there and she was playing with some toys. There was this pink toy wand on the top of a shelf which was taken and that made DB cry. I look back to see who it was and it was this man with blonde hair who claimed he needed it in order to keep his wings. In the end, I let him take it and I saw him cross the street back to his own house.

      I know WB was in the dream at some point but her role was very insignificant and I've forgotten what she did. I do remember she had her hair tied back and was wearing glasses, with her head poking out of an open car window. And that's all I can remember in regards to this dream.

      There is a "Behind The Scenes" Entry on its way for this dream.
    7. 4/19/17 - Spring Comp Night 5

      by , 04-19-2017 at 04:38 PM
      Iím on a Youtube gaming show where we play terrible video games. Weíre trying to decide what game to play next, when we stumble across a Barbie-branded ripoff of Rocket League, thatís apparently so badly made that it will break your Wii if you try to save your game.

      Iím apparently trying to make a chess board out of M&Mís to send to a friend in prison. My brother (a policeman IRL) comes in excited about getting a jury summons, because he knows the case that itís for. He drives me and him down to the DMV so he can turn in some jury-related paperwork. It doesnít take long, because apparently this DMV has a drive-thru.

      Iím back at college. The main building for all the classes (which is notoriously known for having an incredibly confusing room numbering system) has been reorganized, so all the rooms are sorted into letter and color codes to find them easier. Iím walking with my mom, trying to help her find some classroom sheís looking for.

      Iím riding in a car with a woman from my church, and just about everyone on the road seems to be swerving or generally driving recklessly. I look out the window and see the same woman in another car, with all of her family riding with her. ďStrange, that seems like something that would happen in a dream.Ē We then start talking about lucid dreaming, and I say something along the lines of, ďYeah, if this was a dream, Iíd know because this car would be driving in the grass or up a wall or something.Ē
      Thatís when I finally realize that we are driving in the grass, and become fully lucid.

      The car somehow just kind of dissolves, and I find myself walking in these ancient ruins that I seem to think are Roman architecture. Iím kind of being drawn into this dark temple-like building, but I stop myself, and realize that Iíve complained for a while about how not enough of my lucids are outdoors. So instead, I turn around and decide to explore my surroundings. I rub my hands to stabilize a bit, but already the dream is incredibly clear - possibly one of my clearest lucids in a long time. As I pass between some overturned pillars that had begun to sprout grass out of their cracks, I come across a bright golden statue of a knight on a pedestal in the middle of a clearing. As I approach it, it comes to life and extends its sword to hand it to me. I take it and try swinging it around - it feels very solid, but itís about 6 feet long and awkward to control. ďGot anything smaller?Ē I ask. Without saying a word, he takes his sword back and hands me smaller sword thatís much more manageable. He also hands me a shield, but it feels more like a pie tin in the shape of a shield - it doesnít even have a handle to grab it, so I just kind of awkwardly hold it by the side.

      This whole interaction with him seems incredibly symbolic, so I ask, ďWhat exactly do you represent?Ē Just then, he gets into a fighting stance and starts attacking me. He slashes me once across the legs, which knocks me down at first. But after the initial sting goes away, I feel no pain and get back up again. We fight for a bit, until I finally get a swing it at his legs. He falls hard to the ground, writhing in pain. His helmet falls off from the impact, and I see him crying like a little kid as he starts throwing a tantrum (which I find somewhat humorous).
      I kind of lose lucidity at this point, and the dream turns into more of a movie. The character I was playing is apparently a teenager who was diagnosed with cancer, and because of his treatment was incredibly bedridden and unable to walk. Because of this, he uses lucid dreams to be able to walk again and experience that freedom. The knight is touched by his story, and mentions that he will grant him a fresh start. The main character then wakes up in his bed and suddenly realizes that he is 5 years younger - apparently back to the time the cancer began to develop, giving him a chance to get it treated in the early stages.

      4 NLDs - 4
      WBTB - 2
      DILD - 10
      Stabilize - 1
      Interact w/ DC - 2

      Night Total - 19 pts
      Tags: competition
      lucid , memorable
    8. Competition Dream Theme and Labor

      by , 04-17-2017 at 05:46 PM
      I watched a girl ride a very fast and large rollercoaster. Sometimes I was her. A lot of people were watching. The ride went forwards and backwards but she wasn't scared. Alicia texted me pictures of belly dance costumes that she was thinking about getting. I was annoyed.

      I am pregnant and going into labor. I am at a hospital and they start preparing me. They do a small procedure and give me a little wand thing. If I need to call for the nurse Iím supposed to put that on my privates and press a button. I try and it shocks me so I scream. Iím still slightly sedated. A dream friend takes me to the hospital on a small watercraft. Itís night time but I see a whale jump in the distance. I tell her and she says ďIsnít this such a cool place?Ē We get to the shore where T.A. and some of his friends lead the way to the hospital. One friend is racist and keeps trying to instigate fights. He asks me if I ever dislike or make fun of his people just because. I tell him no. T.A. tells him to stop. We arrive at the west side hospital where a lot of people are there to meet me. I see Beyonce and she does not look perfect like the media presents her, she looks very disappointing with a belly, uneven complexion, and hooked nose. Thereís a little girl eating ice cream. Her pupils are dilated and she looks dazed. I tell her that if she eats too much ice cream she has to go home because labor hurts really bad and I canít have her around me if she has a sugar high. Lani NS and Kristy S. are there. The hospital looks different than I remember. I check in at the nurses station. It's one of the L&D nurses from D's work who remembers me. From the lobby I hear that racist guy getting into a fight with Lani who wrote a book that he found offensive. Iím not sure where my room is because my name is on the board for all floors. I check each floor just in case. I end up wandering into the waiting room and asking if the hospital has been renovated because it looks different than I remember. They say it has. Iím relieved, I like it better this way. I squeeze past some nurses giving report and end up getting lost near a file room and engine room. People with badges help me out. There are so many men in the hallway. Iím not in any pain right now. The clock says 6. I know that my labor is going to be one of the very long ones; perhaps 12, 24, or even 48 hours. It makes me nervous. I get back to my room and start panicking. How did this happen? How is this real life? This wasnít planned. Why did I ever think this was a good idea to go through with? I have a vague memory of telling my husband that I felt like I needed to keep the baby and he told me that I was responsible for it completely. Itís too late to do anything about it now. Iím so scared of motherhood and of the pain of labor. Iím not allowed to have an epidural. I donít know if Iíll be able to do it. I have a dream within a dream of myself walking into my hospital room and seeing me there laying with my new baby and another woman on a large bed straight ahead. It felt ominous and dark. The dream ended and I called my husband. I could hear him approaching the room so I hung up. He was irritated that I tried to call him, heís clearly nervous as well. His eyebrows looks different, smaller, shaped, and lighter. He brings me a coin bra that I admire. I ask if itís for me, he says yes, and I light up. Kristy comes in and they start talking in another language that they learned in the military. Kirsty has improved her skills at it. It goes on for a long time and they are acting quite flirty with each other.

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    9. Spring Competition Night 1

      by , 04-15-2017 at 09:12 PM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      This morning is the start of Spellbee2's lucid dreaming competition and I wanted to start off with a bang so I did a WBTB late in the morning before taking 8mg of Galantamine and trying SSILD since that almost guarantees I will get some sort of lucid. Now that I got some points built up I feel comfortable focusing on personal goals or TOTMs rather than sheer number of points. Tomorrow I will probably have to forgo WBTB all together to ensure my sleep cycle remains on track after taking so much galantamine.

      08:00 AM
      Magic Ninja Assasin Jutsu (Non-Lucid)

      I am in my home town as a ninja assasin targeting some other ninja. He is only a teenager and does not stop running to confront me. While running I contemplate the strange riddles from my previous dream and wonder if they have something to do with how dream magic works despite not being lucid. I remember the riddles more clearly now. The first line, the fibonacci sequence, has to do with the golden ratio and the sacred geometry of the symbols used to activate magic spells. The rest of the riddles have to do with the different types of spells which could be described by their primary elements Water, fire, earth, and air. There is more arcane knowledge hidden in these riddles that I don't fully understand and I don't remember the riddles themselves. I remember that, in the dream, I felt like I did more water ninja magic and that fire magic is used mostly by warlocks. I don't remember if I the other ninja and I actually used any magic jutsus or anything but we did run really fast. haha

      I get to a highschool where the teenage ninja disapears into the crowd. They are having some sort of end of the school year carnival which is conventient for him isn't it. I walk around now more cautious not to draw attention. Eventually I see him hoping a fence thinking I am distracted and the chase continues until I wake up.

      09:00 AM
      Let's Get Some Points! (SSILD)

      I feel REM kicking in quick from the galantamine and SSILD so I roll over. After a minute or so I try to get up but my muscles are locked tight. I wait a little longer and try rolling out of my body but even that doesn't work. Next, I try imagining walking to the bathroom with my eyes closed with out actually doing anything. I feel the sink faucet in my hand Which now I realize I was imagining all wrong . I open my eyes and I am fully in the dream. I nose plug and start brushing my teeth. I feel how the brush feels against my gums and lip and contemplate my goals. Once satisfied that I am fully stable i unplug my phone from my charger and run right through my front door, phasing strait through it. Thats one of three tasks down. I am in the hallway of my appartment complex. I hold up my hand and create a spark between my fingers that grows into a small fire ball. Its honestly a pathertic fire ball but it counts for my second three step task. I waste no time and fly straight up out of my appartment, phaseing through a full story of rooms. I land close to my old college campus down the street.

      Students are walking around everywhere. I hear someone yell "MadMonkey" from a car behind me. I am struck by the fact they said my ussername rather than my real name and turn but I don't know which car they are in. I run to each parked car and don't see anyone I recognize. It was probably a team member or Juliana so I might as well just summon them. I reach back and grab a female hand. "Hi Juliana." I say. "Hello Matthew." They reply. I can tell I am taking this all a bit to fast and I start to feel the sheets of my bed and loose visuals. I remain calm and try and renter the dream.

      I am back on the same street where I left off but not lucid. I wonder why I am in public with only my boxer briefs on and my phone in my left hand. That's right, I'm dreaming. haha I open my phone to see dreamviews open with this very dream journal entry half typed except this paragraph instead contains a conversation I would have had with Juliana. I don't remember much of it now but I was asking her how dream magic works. I get a phone call and a man with a thick russian accent asks for me by name. He says he found me online and now is hacking me and I must work with him or bad things will happen. I hang up and see now on my phone a group text chat with the same number and other people who have been hacked. Not long after this I wake up.

      11:00 AM
      Galantamine Fragments (SSILD)

      I am in the hallway of my child hood home contemplating why I am so confused and why this magic stuff keeps occupying my dreams. I go back to the void and wait for another dream to form.

      I am in an Itallian resturant with my girlfriend. A kid comes up and steals some food from out plate and walks back to his parents. I remember I am dreaming and throw food at the kid and then run from table to table eating what ever food I want!

      I am in some random appartment with a random youtuber I watch. Apparently he is going through really hard financial times and we are roommates now. I use telekinesis to help him bring his luggage in. We sit down on the luggage and talk before watching a move together.

      I am in a warehouse. I can see through the high windows that it is night time and raining. The light of a single hanging lamp falls on my girlfriend and I. A bald super villain leans on a catwalk above and monologues. A mook enters and the super villain commands him to kill us. I become lucid and punch the mook in the face. The super villain points at us and yells. A lightning bolt crashes through the ceiling and nearly misses us. I fly into the super villain and crash both us through the corrugated metal of the wall into the rain. He floats now and I realize my mistake as he laughs and points at the sky. I look up and brace for the impact of another lightning bolt and wake up.
    10. 4/15/17 - Spring Comp Night 1

      by , 04-15-2017 at 06:22 PM
      Apologies in advance for my writing - according to my offline DJ, my last lucid was on February 22nd, so itís been way too long since Iíve written anything up fully like this. But WOW, leave it to competitions to finally break me out of my lucidless rut.

      Iím apparently good friends with Austin Hargrave (ďPeanutButterGamerĒ on Youtube), and Iím meeting him and another friend at a local pizza place. I contemplate asking him for tips on starting my own gaming channel on Youtube, but suddenly remember I need to call ahead and reserve a table.

      A house in my neighborhood that Iíve apparently been looking into buying just got sold to an elderly couple, and I drive by in my car to see them ceremoniously signing the final papers out on the front porch.

      I do a WBTB, and then fall back asleep with no dreams. I wake up about an hour later and manage to DEILD into a dream. Iím standing outside of a McDonaldís in the drive-thru lane. I RC by looking at my right hand - Iím first intrigued by how realistic it looks, but as I move it my fingers start turning invisible. My left arm is raised above my head for some reason, but Iím unable to move it. I assume itís up there because thatís where my real arm is, so I attempt to ďseparateĒ my dream arm from it. This sort of works - I now have a second left arm that I can control, but my original left arm is still raised. Somehow the dream starts to destabilize, but I manage to recover it enough and find myself in my bedroom at my old house. I stop to think of my 3-step tasks, and since the first one is to fly, I jump out my bedroom window and start flying. Underneath me, the entire landscape is a frozen tundra (an odd sight for a Florida home). I start to hear background music and quickly recognize it as the City Escape theme from Sonic Adventure 2. I continue to look around, but because all the snow around me is white, the entire dream turns white and I wake up.

      Two of my friends arrive at my house to hang out. One of them, who just got back from his architecture internship in California, has a projector screen under his arm and asks if I have a projector he can use to show us his portfolio.

      Iím at a cabin in the mountains, working undercover as a hiker trying to infiltrate some drug trafficking operation going on nearby. I manage to sneak into this warehouse nearby owned by one of the local gangs, but while Iím gathering evidence, a rival gang starts attacking the compound. I try to hide to make sure Iím not spotted by either gang, and somehow manage to sneak back out. I run to a laptop that Iíve stashed nearby to report back to headquarters, but before I can do that, one of the gang leaders comes from around the corner and points a gun at my head. I immediately become lucid and manage to strip the gun from his hands. The rest of the gang appears behind him and starts shooting at me, but because Iím lucid the bullets donít even penetrate the skin. I start firing back to take them down, but it turns out theyíre invincible as well for some reason. One of my team members throws some kind of grenade that magically turns them all into balloons, and then fires at them with a special dart gun to pop and kill them all. Soon after, a helicopter arrives to pick us up, and as we head back to headquarters, we fly over my college campus, which has a ton of new state-of-the-art buildings.

      For some reason, we have Easter church service in my bedroom, and I sing a duet with some other girl in the youth group, which manages to sound halfway decent despite having microphone difficulties.

      Iím at my old high school, where thereís an intramural softball game between my high school graduating class and a ton of DV members. Iím watching from the sidelines since I technically fall into both groups, but Iím secretly rooting for DV, and start cheering wildly when we score 2 runs on a sacrifice fly.

      Night 1
      5 NLDs - 5
      WBTB - 2
      First WILD (DEILD) - 10
      RC/Stabilization - 1
      Fly + 1st Step - 10
      First DILD - 10
      Gain Invulnerability - 5

      Night 1 Total - 43 pts
      Tags: competition
    11. Incense Snack and Goodie Hunt

      by , 02-04-2017 at 11:56 AM
      2 fragments.

      Dreamt that I purchased a snack that came like sticks, perhaps Slim Jims. But when I bit into one I realized that I had purchased incense by mistake.

      Dreamt that someone had hidden treats, bags of coffee, small appliances, and other small prizes throughout a house. I along with a few other people participated in a competition, similar to an Easter Egg Hunt, where we raced throughout the house trying to find as many good prizes as we could. Many were chocolate sweets and seemed to be craving dark chocolate.
    12. 1/24/17 - Splendid Comp Night 11

      by , 01-24-2017 at 05:01 PM
      A rough night sleep-wise. I donít remember anything from before my WBTB, and then it took me forever to fall back asleep. I finally do though, and find myself at a concert. Thereís this moving piece that someone is playing, and I suddenly become lucid. I listen to the chorus a few more times, hoping to commit it to memory for when I wake up.

      I FA in the guest bedroom, where the song I heard is playing on a radio and is slowly fading out. Iím initially disappointed in myself for letting the lucid slip away, and that this song I thought was new apparently already existed. However, I decide plug my nose to check if Iím still dreaming, and much to my surprise I can breathe fine. A large mirror on the wall immediately catches my eye, so I walk over to it. For some reason, the word ďBelchĒ is scratched into the glass. I ignore it, and instead try to focus on phasing through the mirror. I first stick my hand inside, and the glass ripples like water around it. I stick my head through it now, and I can see the hallway on the other side of the wall, but it seems darker and more run-down. I jokingly mention that itís ďThe Upside-DownĒ. I move back and forth on each side of the mirror several times, observing the differences. At one point, I see an ominous, ghostly purple blob, about 3 feet tall, start moving down the hall of the Upside-Down towards me. Iím hit with a sudden jolt of fear, but I remember that this is a dream and prepare for a fight. As it enters the room, I jump back out of the mirror into the light zone and prepare to face it, but instead itís now a golden glowing blob that seems much more friendly. It approaches me, and ends up moving into my body, which fills me with a wave of happiness and warmth throughout my body, but I quickly FA again.

      Iím still in the guest bedroom, but now there are other people there as well. Thereís some game going on in the corner, involving a ton of spheres on different stair-like platforms. On each level, you have to sort them using a different sorting method (alphabetical, size, etc.) that you have to figure out. Along the way, little dwarves pop out from under some of the stairs to either provide hints or sabotage you with false information, so you have to determine the lies from the truth. I observe someone playing this for a while until my alarm goes off.

      Also, I completely forgot the song.

      WBTB - 2
      2 DILDs - 15
      RC - 1
      Partial Phase - 5
      1 NLD - 1

      Night 11 Total - 24 pts
      Tags: competition
    13. 1/23/17 - Splendid Comp Night 10

      by , 01-23-2017 at 11:02 PM
      Weíre hosting a huge Christmas party at my house, open to pretty much anyone we know (neighbors, old friends, high school teachers, etc.). Iím on cleanup duty, which is basically a never-ending job, since people keep dropping the glasses on the tile floor in the kitchen, shattering them and sending glass shards everywhere. I finally get fed up with cleaning up broken glass, so I passed the broom to my brother and walked towards the back door. My music pastor and an old friend of mine both walk in. The pastorís incredibly impressed with the amount of Christmas decorations, while my other friend (whoís really into cars and mechanical engineering) comments on a spare engine we have laying in our backyard. I carry on a conversation with them, but really Iím not paying attention and instead am looking forward to playing Rock Band with them.

      Iím playing a 3DS game where your character is flying around through some obstacles, and you have to move the 3DS around to control which direction you fly in. I play for a while before I realize I donít have the 3D setting on, so I turn it on, and suddenly Iím a lot more immersed in the game, until after a while Iím no longer playing the game and Iím actually in the game, flying around various levels with incredible ease. I find myself at one point in a high school building, going through a couple different classrooms, rubbing my hand across the ceiling as I glide effortlessly around with no particular goal in mind. A couple students tell me I should ďPeter PanĒ - fly around with my hands on my hips like Robin Williams does in Hook. I do this for a while, despite the fact that it looks and feels somewhat silly.

      I wake up to my WBTB alarm, but immediately after turning it off I fall back into another short dream. Iím at what seems to be a circus of some type, standing in front of a big, yellow, old-fashioned marquee. Thereís some kind of stand-up comedian nearby telling jokes, and as he speaks, his words show up on this marquee. At one point he says, "Ladies, always avoid dating a guy who's into circuses. He'll promise you a night of magic and excitement, but ultimately you'll end up with two half-deflated balloons and extra justification for your fear of clowns." He then ends up saying something equally hilarious about women in relationships, but I forgot because I was cracking up from the first comment, so much so that I actually woke up again laughing like crazy.

      While I was up, I decided to do an actual WBTB for a few minutes before going back to sleep. Iím now at my college, moving stuff in for the start of my next school year. My new dorm room is huge, about the size of a basketball court. Itís big enough for 6 bunk beds and a loft, plus a large common area in the middle. Plus, itís on the corner of the building, so thereís large windows on two walls, allowing me to see the entire night-time city skyline from several floors up. I quickly realize that itís someone 1am, way past curfew, but I still have half my items that I need to bring in. Plus, I realize that I left my TV that I was gonna take at home, 800 miles away, so thereís no way for me to go back to get it. Another guy is moving into this huge room, but accidentally drops his large TV at the foot of one of the bunk beds, causing some of the support beams to almost melt away. I realize this is weird, so I stop and think about where Iím at. ďIím such an idiot - I graduated college months ago. Iím dreaming!Ē

      From the get go this dream is incredibly stable, so I donít even bother doing any more RCs or stabilization. I see my brother who for some reason is here - he has a slightly alarmed look on his face. I explain to him that this is a dream, and to prove it to him, I grab his arm and tell him to look at me. He focuses on my face, and so I casually will us both upwards until weíre both flying. My brother is incredibly excited by this - so much so that when we touch back down, he tries to test his new skills by jumping out the window. I chase after him, only to find out that the dorm room is now about 50 stories up, so itís a long way down. I straighten my body out to become more aerodynamic until I catch up to my brother, who is freaking out because he canít control his descent. Itís hard to hear him at first because of the sound of the wind whipping past us, but I eventually remind him that this is a dream, so even hitting the ground at top speed wouldnít hurt a bit. We keep plummeting until we reach terminal velocity, and then splash down into a lake. The initial shock of the water is jolting, but ultimately both of us are unscathed.

      The dream transitions to somewhere else. Iím now lying on my back in a large green field. My center of vision is strangely slightly underneath me, in the ground about a foot or two, so I can see my body and the grass around me, but not the sky. Still, everything feels incredible, and I spend about 5 minutes just enjoying how everything feels. I can sense every single blade of grass against my body, and I can feel a cool breeze blowing above me. I can even feel the earth rotating beneath me, until it starts rotating a little funny. I start to feel less like Iím lying on the ground, but more like Iím tethered to a grassy ceiling, suspended over the endless expanse of the sky. My euphoria is cut short by the feeling of a cat jumping on my chest, and Iím pulled out of my trance to see that Iím lying on the floor of my house. I sit up and notice a weird old lady who is reciting some kind of script, and I realize that Iím in some kind of weird commercial for cat food. I tell the lady her commercial is dumb, and then leave through the back door.

      Thereís a lot going on in my backyard. Thereís a goat on our roof, a fox on top of my car, a ton of crows flying everywhere, and a single random tree thatís caught fire. I try to think of some other tasks to score some points, but for some reason I think Iíve already done them (I thought that interact with an animal was a personal task, that teaching a DC to fly was a TOTM, and that I had already done all my 3-step tasks). I decide to try for some time control, so I reach out my hand and will everything to slow down. After a few seconds, everything starts moving in slow motion - I can see every wing flap of the crows, and the fire is now moving much slower than before. I try to jog my memory for some more score categories, but then
      Iím woken up by my morning alarm.

      3 NLDs - 3
      WBTB - 2
      DILD - 10
      Interact with a DC - 2
      Fly - 5
      Invulnerability - 5
      Dream Theme (lake) - 5
      Time Control - 10

      Night 10 Total - 42 pts
      Tags: competition
    14. Splendid Comp. Day 3 - finally a lucid, and a decent one

      by , 01-16-2017 at 10:46 AM
      i think this one was a WILD but i am not 100 % sure because i didnt initiated a WILD so maybe it was a DEILD from a nonlucid.

      i lay in my bed and imagine how i run down a street. at the beginning my movement is way off and i cant see anything but after some time it feels more and more like real running and i start to have visuals. i find myself in a street that where on my way back from school in those days i went to school. while running i rub my hands too. i smash against something that gives a boost in stability. after turning right i have the feeling that the dream is stable enough. i have good visuals and bodycontrol.
      i approach a flower and look in detail. it moves a bit and it looks pretty nice. i turn around and i see a cherry tree that seem to be in the phase it normally is in springtime. i see small pink flowers. i fly up and look at it. then i land again and think about what to do.
      "okay Three step task no 1: phasing."
      i move to a garage and think to just phase thru but i decide different and draw a portal on it. the drawing is white like made of dust. hm so how to open it. i push but i already know it wont work.
      "it would be to small anyways."
      i draw a bigger one and this time i pull at a little edge. it moves and i see pure blackness behind. i say out loud: "to pandora". i even turn around and repeat it another time but again my expectation is not too high plus i didnt imagine anything while saying pandora so fair enough i jump into the void of pure blackness.
      i find it funny and start making somersaults by flapping my arms in circles. i can feel the movement distinct. visuals come back and i find myself in a apartment.
      "okay three step task now."
      i phase thru the kitchen wall forth and back. then i move into a room that looks like a workroom with a lot of books stapled everywhere. "Mass TK."
      in my foggy lucid head i think for Mass TK i need more then 10 things simultaneously in the air. i wave my hands around and some books start to levitate. i manage to make 2 times 4-5 books in small groups fly around but its difficult to count if its actually 10 items so i decide to do it differently.
      i jump phase out of the window and accelerate down to the ground. i dont mind slowing down and smash feet first on the ground.
      "so Mass TK is also things bigger than human. a car should do."
      i choose which one i want to lift. not too big but not a small one neither. i start to concentrate on it and at the beginning nothing happens. "ah right i need to imagine how it starts float and not just stare strained on it." and the car starts floating. first the front then the whole car. i cant control it too good where it floats. it turns and crashes into the ground. i lift it again and again it smashes.
      "good enough now step three. element manipulation."
      without thinking to much i start throwing my arms around like throwing fireballs on the car. the car btw changed and is now a way smaller car of the size of a child. it is on the ground and instead of throwing fireballs it seems like i throw very small pieces of i dont know Bolognese? i concentrate a little more pull my hand back wait and focus some energy in it until i see it starts burning and i throw a big fireball into a passing car. nothing happens even tho i thought maybe it explodes?
      suddenly a coworker and friend approaches me with some stuff in his hands. we start talking but there is the voice of our boss thru some speakers out of a building. he says something like "K are you coming? how long do i have to wait, this is working time" we stop our convo and he pushes me the things he carry into my hands and hurrys away.
      i walk back into the apartment with the stuff in my hands. i reconsider to not drift away:
      "i dont need that stuff its random and i have better things to do."
      i get the idea that i want to throw this stuff into the wall. i throw the first pieces but they just smash against the wall and fall down. okay i want it to stack in the wall like darts in cork. i throw again and they go half thru and into the wall and stuck there. i am satisfied and push myself thru the wall and out of the house again. i float a small round thinking what to do.
      "ah next to the three step tasks there are personal tasks. i could summon my cat."
      i kneel down next to a pickup truck and move my fingers like i would have something in it and call my cat like i would in WL. not a second and i see a cat approaching me from under the truck. "thats not my cat!"
      i keep looking around and 2 more cats from the left side are coming. not my cat neither. i call him again and look up front where he just appears and approaches me. he looks slightly different but it is him. i pet him shortly. i really wanted to do this longer and soak in some details but suddenly my mother appears telling me something like
      "you guys are old enough so that i can leave for half a year and work in swizerland for a catering company. i need to talk to the guy whos doing this blabla."
      for some reason it makes me feel not good and i loose lucidty and visuals like when i cant be sure if i still dream or am awake and hear my mum talking. i decide to just stand up and walk around. i also rub my hands and it works. the dream gets more clearly again and i can assure myself that i am still in control.
      "okay what else can i do? it dont make sense to do another personal goal... what would give some more points? ah i could try to get invisible."
      i cant to this so far so i tell my girlfriend that seem to morphed out of my mum that i want to get invisible but i want to put on a ring that helps. i start looking in my pockets and ask her to look into hers. i find something that feels like a ring in my right backpocket. i get it out and it looks different then it felt in my pocket. it is black and looks similar to a knucks. i try to put it on but i need to find out the right orientation. after putting it on i ask her if i am invisible but i can see myself still clearly and she shakes her head.
      shortly after i feel like waking up and decide it is time to write all that down.

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    15. 1/14/17 - Splendid Comp Night 1

      by , 01-14-2017 at 08:58 PM
      Not a bad start to the competition. My lucids were fairly fragmented though, and I spent like 30 minutes just lying in bed trying to put the pieces together in my mind.

      I'm in a car with a couple friends, studying for an upcoming spelling bee. The word I'm given is ďsicaidĒ, which means to get sick. After I guess, my friend just keeps telling me what the word means, without ever telling me whether I'm right or wrong. I end up telling him ďThis is a spelling bee, not a knowledge of words bee.Ē

      After my WBTB, I find myself in some scientific lab of sorts. They're running tests on me and a few other people. We all have to wear latex suits, which they pump full of some kind of super-buoyant helium-like gas to test the effects of pressurized flight on our bodies. As they inflate my suit, their machine breaks, leaving me just suspended in mid-air while they try to figure out what went wrong.

      Iím now in some show like the Walking Dead. Somehow, I have a tablet that still works, and shows a map of the infection progress. I notice that all the countries have weird shapes and names,
      which makes me become lucid. I zoom in on my current location on the map - apparently somewhere in India. Thereís actually three different strains of the virus around us, marked with red, yellow, and blue coloring. I look up from my tablet and notice I and my party are on top of a roof in a fairly big city, trying to decide what our next move should be. Suddenly, two of the members pull out pistols and start threatening the rest of us with them. I donít remember exactly what their reasoning was, but they decided they no longer needed us. They announce that theyíre going to execute us off one by one, starting with me.

      One of the two, a woman, gets in front of me, while the other, a man, gets behind me, and both point their guns at my head. I start trying to reason with them - how we need the entire group in order to stay alive. I then remember that Iím dreaming, so I look back at the woman. ďDid you remember to take the safety off?Ē I hear the guy behind me pull his gun back to check, so I take advantage of the distraction to grab the womanís arm and knock the gun out of her hand. The guy rushes to get his gun back up, but I manage to kick it out of his hands while Iím wrestling with the woman. I finally pin her to the ground and continue to punch her in the face until sheís unconscious. Meanwhile, the guy runs to get his gun, but one of the other guys in our party rushes over and kicks it away before tackling the guy to the ground. I get up and grab the guy on the ground, swing him around over my head by his ankle, and then launch him over the edge of the building to his death.

      I have a FA of sorts, and Iím now riding in a car on the interstate with a friend of mine and her parents. Apparently the whole thing that just happened was a virtual reality attraction at Busch Gardens, and now me and this family are driving back home. I have a sudden realization that I didnít ride with them on the way there, and that my car is still parked at the park. The dad (who looks suspiciously like Hank Green) seems fine with turning around, even though weíve been riding for about 30 minutes at this point. Suddenly though, he realizes thereís a ton of cars driving on the wrong side of the road, heading directly towards us. He quickly throws the car into reverse and backs up at a high speed, before slamming on the E-brake and whipping the car around to face forward. Then, as soon as he can, he gets back over onto the correct side of the road, right as 4 or 5 police cars come out from behind us to chase the reckless drivers on the wrong side of the road. I remark something about how I wish my dad was as good a driver as that.

      Weíre now walking through some kind of jungle place, still on the way to go pick up my car from Busch Gardens. We eventually come to a creek about 40 feet across. The water is crystal clear and isnít moving very fast, so the people with me start wading through to get to the other side. However, I somehow find myself floating above the water to get across. I originally dismiss it as just a side effect from the helium-suit testing from earlier,
      but then I remember that Iím still dreaming. I continue to fly over at a faster pace until I reach the other side. Then, I find a large boulder, about the size of a minivan, and use telekinesis to put it in the water, which (somehow) helps everyone to get across faster.

      3 NLDs - 3
      WBTB - 2
      2 DILDs - 15
      Use Electronic Device - 5
      Interact with DCs - 2
      Super strength (picking up the bad guy) - 5
      Fly (+1st step) - 5+5 = 10
      Mass Telekinesis - 10

      Night 1 Total - 52 pts
      Tags: competition
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