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    1. 1/30/14 - dirt bike

      by , 01-31-2014 at 05:27 AM (Leaving the matrix)
      I'm in the front yard, it's sunny as fuck. There's these cracked brick walls everywhere that usually aren't. My dad is in the yard with me, and I'm trying to hide from him. I ducking with my back against a brick wall. I have aerial view and I see him sneaking over. I run from my hiding spot and he runs after me, I hop the front gate, and steal his gmc jimmy (an suv). I get into it an hope that he left his keys in the car. I find them still in the ignition. I start the car at the car doesn't go fast at first, I try to hurry away before he catches up and gets in the car, I drive and see him running behind me after the car, and I see him stop because the car finally accelerated at a decent speed. Then the jimmy turns into a shitty dirt bike,and it's going so fucking slow. I'm driving through cobble stone streets between houses, and through alleys, I go through a short cut trying to make difficult directions so he can't find while the whole time worried at how slow the bike is going. Then I go through this alley that leads to a driveway with this girl washing her car, I frighten her, but i tell her I'm just trying to get away from someone. Then she points me through some trees to a dirt path, I tell her my bike is slow, she put gas in my bike, and then my bike goes faster, and then I realized it also goes faster when I turn the throttle, I think how dumb that I was just rolling and using the throttle or putting gas. Nor the dirt bike is fast as fuck, and I go down that path the girl pointed me to and it lead straight to my house and my dad is still in the street, so I make a u-turn and he begins chasing me, he's faster now, but I'm faster to, he chases me longer this time, but I still get away.
    2. 1/28/14 - people after me

      by , 01-28-2014 at 08:56 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      I'm in this government type experiment lab, it's as if I've woken up here in this insanely lit up room. I see a person in a white lab coat messing with stuff on a table by the wall. I get up off this table I was laying on and I go for the door and open it and sneak out without that person knowing. I wander through some dark halls that look that of a hotel. The floor is carpeted with dark maroon and navy blue. I turn a corner and see two female workers in white lab coats, they panic with fright at first, but then they turn aggressive towards me and chase me and yell for other people that I escaped and to come get me. I run back around the corner I cam and into this door, and there's another female in a white lab coat and she panics at first then chases me so I run around into another door and shut it and lock it before she gets to me. Then open a different door and see stairs, I run down the stairs as fast as possible and now the stairs are going down in a spiral. I get the the lowest level, and I sneak into the lobby, I see only one worker at the front desk, he's preoccupied by the computer so I make a mad dash for the glass door, and sprint into the streets of my childhood neighborhood. I hear cops sirens coming from a short distance away. I know they're for me. I run straight in the middle of the street and it's a very dark night. For some reason now I have this long stick, and I'm still running towards my old house so I can get cover, but I see this man in the distance but its dark I just see his silhouette. I hide my stick behind me but at first it's side ways so I think her can see it, So I put it long ways behind me. Then I come up to him and I expect him to attack me, but he asks me what the fuck am I doing and I tell him that people were after me and now the police are coming for me, then he says I can hide at this place he was heading. So I follow him just to the left into this building lit up from this inside with gold light. When we are in I here people singing in unison. I think it's a church. He takes me passed the other people and into this back room, he tells me I can go to sleep in here. I see this woman who looks to be in her late 50's sleeping on this bed, and there's ratty blankets all over the floor and a teen girl laying in one area, and a young boy about 7 laying on the floor behind the door beside a open sliding closet. I take care not to wake up the older woman, I fear she'll freak out that I'm in here, but the girl and boy are awake and smiling at me, they seem happy to have a visitor, the girl motions me over to sleep by her, so I walk quietly over, but the older woman slightly wakes up and looks at me. I expect her to kick me out, but she just seemed annoyed that I was up and she told me to lay down and get to sleep so I do, even though the blankets are so cold, so I lay near where that girl warmed the floor blankets.
    3. 1/25/14 - running around the house

      by , 01-25-2014 at 07:44 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      My mom and sister are whispering about me, so I run into my moms room and go to climb out her window because she is enslaving us. I accidentally knock three glass cups that were stacked on this black thing by her window to the floor. They shatter and glass goes everywhere, I think none of it injured me so I continue to climb out the window because she probably heard that. Now I'm outside and it's just after sun down, there is only slightly light and purple left in the sky. I run to the cement on the side of my house and am ducking the whole time trying to keep out of site. I feel this thing in my foot, I look down and see glass sticking out, it only hurts a little but it is an annoyance more than anything. I lip a little forward on my hands and feet, then I hear the neighbors laughing, They must see me through the fence, then I realize I look a mess I don't even have shoes on and I'm limping and my hair is messy. I hurry around the corner of the house because their laughing was probably grabbing my mom attention, then I hear the side door slam open, so I run around the house once and hear her behind me so I run around the house again, and then another time, then I quickly hop the fence and hide behind someones car and hear nothing.
    4. 1/18/14 - stay at school

      by , 01-18-2014 at 07:08 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      I realize I'm at my middle school, I'm with DC's I assume are my friends. The bell rings for us to go home, I know my mom is probably waiting to pick me up in the dirt lot across the street, but I want to hang out with my friends, we're exploring the campus. Then we walk near the exit and see this little blond boy, he looks like a 5th or 6th grader, he begins to chase us. I run over to this fence pocket with plants and wait, but then I see him come around the corner and I panic and hop the fence, I know he can't hop the fence so it bought me time. I'm at the bus pick up zone, there's 3 busses, and kids walking every where getting in the busses and I'm aware of the kids already in the busses staring at me from the windows. I realize I've noticed the area too long because here comes the boy. I run in between two of the busses and shove passed students. I get to the end of the busses and see my moms car in the dirt lot, I stand there wasting precious time thinking whether or not I should run to my moms car and go home, or still stay with my friends, but then the boy gets too close so I run across the street towards my moms car and the boy follows after me but gets stuck in the street with cars trying to drive and I hop into my moms car expecting her to be angry with me for being late, but she says nothing and just drives me away.
    5. 8/7/13 - missiles

      by , 08-07-2013 at 10:16 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      Me and my family are at my childhood home, and the new owners must be on vacation or something, I beg our my mom to let us move back here, we're walking throughout the house, and we have the garage door open, just walking around and reminiscing. Then suddenly I get a weird feeling, so I walk out of the garage a little ways and around to were we used to roll the trash cans and I see many thin white slivers in the sky, soooo many, I begin to panic, my family asks me what are those, I tell them they're heat seeking missiles and that it looks as though they are being sent somewhere far, but then I swallow my words when I see all the missiles that are moving slow and shark like begin to stop and turn slowly back and forth as though they are searching out heated targets on the homeland, I see one way from above has spotted me and my family and it goes into great speed at us but we run out of the way just in time and we went into our house and they all huddled together, I told them urgently to separate to different parts of the house because that would make one big ball of heat, then I ran to the refrigerator and opened the freezer hoping to find ice and ice packs so we can cool our body temperature but everything in the freezer was melted, then next thing I know there's a missile slowly scanning through the house, so I lead it the the left side of the house where non of my family is, and i see the missile scanning and finding me then I'd quickly run to another place,, and the missile would scan and find me again, then finally it flew at me and I jumped out of the window, and it exploded and caught fire. I jumped up and ran to go back into the house to check on my family, but somehow I accidentally went into my neighbors house, their house is huge three or four stories, I see the family hugging and I run up to them and apologize for coming in the house but a missile exploded in mine, they say it's fine and hope my family well, but then a boy walks up to me and asks me what is going on outside, I tell him they're sent the missiles on their own people and as I'm telling the boy this his father enters with many body guards, he knows who i am somehow, he calls the boy over to ask him what I've told him, then I run up the stairs and suddenly a friend is with me, we keep running up but now it turns the opposite way but still up but it's an escalator and we;re going up the down one and not the up one but we make it a floor up anyways. We feel we are being pursued by that man but we know we are safe from the missiles as he would not blow up his own house surely. Finally we go up to the last floor, there's book in the middle on shelf's, we feel he's on our tail, so we see what looks like more stair cases to the side of the wall ans jump through the hand-bars only to land on tracks and we realize it's some sort of train and we want to catch it so we climb back up and a train passes by without stopping at top speed, then we see that you have to pay quarters through this machine, then we see the next one stop and that man is on it, so we run around the room and see doorways that you cant see into because of the white paper streamer like things hanging down, they are fluttering as if it cold in there so we enter, their blue plastic paper stapled to the walls and it's a restroom, there's this woman washing her hands, then there's this big cold water fountain thing and my friend grabs a cup and collects water and drinks it, i put my hands in and cup water and splash my face wet, then when we look up all the people are pissed at us so we go through the bathroom more to another door way back into the floor, through this doorway there are three booths for radio station people and at one of them are little girls chanting something and I think wow that must get annoying and i look at the radio guy and he looks frustrated. We continue through and get to this souvenir shop with crappy toys, a girl is there and tells the worker girl that she doesn't have enough money, then the worker says its fine and to take it, then my friend picks up stuff, a mask and glasses, and says she doesn't have money and the worker says that its fine and just to take it, I then ask the worker why she is giving away everything wont she get in trouble, the the worker says she lost the money from before anyways, so I tell her I will buy stuff and I will pay for it, I spend a long time picking out the best tech-deck and wheels and carry case for it all and my friend shows up to rush me so I hurry up and pay the girl for my, my friends, that first girl and the money she lost and then we run down all the stairs and escalators, but the nice people down stairs are gone and it is much more empty than I recall and i am worried about that.
    6. 8/4/13 - trying to lucid

      by , 08-04-2013 at 09:17 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      I'm running after people while people are running after me, I have trouble running, like I can't run fast enough, so I put my arms in instead of out confused as to why my arms were out in the first place, then I become aware and realize I am only running poorly because I am in a dream, and that I should be able to control my running now that I am conscious, so I try and suddenly I begin to speed up with swifter strides that are more deliberate and I begin to pass people, but then suddenly I am in my body (false awakening bit) and try to get back to sleep to continue lucid dreaming, but then my body get extremely itchy allover, so I give in and scratch, and then I do weird thing in my bed such as curling up so bad that my head is now on the other side of my bed but it seems so comfortable, and I get so frustrated that I can't reenter a dream and everything is distracting me, like suddenly my mom is standing at my window trying to look at me and I scream at her "what!" then she walks away, so I try again but realize I far to awake now, but then I fall into more dreams.
    7. 7/31/13 - classrom fight

      by , 07-31-2013 at 05:38 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      I'm some bathroom, I hear the door open and some boy comes in, he begins to chase me and since the layout of the bathroom is strange I can give chase, then when I get around towards the door I run out and slam the door shut behind me. Now I'm outside on what looks like a school campus, I don't see anyone on the campus, but I see a few people lined up and entering this classroom, so I run over to them and go into the room with them. Then we just wait in the classroom, and the boy from earlier comes in a little after me and so does the teacher. The boy can't go after me because the teacher is present. The teacher tells us he has to make a run and get some supplies, so he leaves the room, then the boy starts going after this other boy, and he turns into an old pixalized looking video game character, as does the other boy. The fighting moves look so stiff and patterned. The boy who was after me earlier defeats the other boy, then I decide to sneak attack him, suddenly I'm a game character now, the boy has this move that makes people go translucent grey and the vanish, so I knew not to get too close or stay still. I jumped around the classroom on and around desks, then I would hit and kick him from behind and the sides and I began to defeat him, but the teacher came back in so we stopped. The boy obviously vexed that I was defeating him and the classmates giggled.