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    1. 3/19/18 | Lizalfos, Base, Stealth

      by , 03-20-2018 at 02:20 AM (Fantastical Adventures)
      -1-I was on a tall, snowy mountain in a game. I chose to play as Ganondorf, despite his slow running speed. I slid back down the hill a lot, but I eventually made it to a plateau with trees, where I could rest and halfway refill my stamina bar with 2 potions. Here, I encountered 2 Lizalfos. They were firing guns at me, so I had to run up the mountain some more. Later, I made it, or rather, Slippy made it to the base that took up the remaining peak. I grabbed an empty dumpster and put it back. It didn't serve any purpose. Then, I sat down behind a sign and got a call from Colonel Roy Campbell. I don't remember anything he said. Next, I encountered 2 more guards on this open balcony, so I shot them with my stun gun and aimed at a control console with energetic blasts, which diminished their personal shields and eventually their health. When they died (separately), they went poof and disappeared.

      I entered the base. I stealthily walked down the hall towards the end. After I entered the final room, I recognized it. I had been here once before and had gotten caught. This time, I left through the window on the far side, but ended up in a cage. This cage belonged to a black widow character that ate people alive. I quickly climbed out the next window. Finally back outside, the surroundings were lush, sunny, and warm. The deadly, part-human character was not there that time. Also, I forgot that my original mission was to climb to the top of the mountain.
      [New Scene]
      I was inside a house with 4 TVs in the same room. The power button on one of them turned all of them on somehow.

      -2-A public setting with multiple HDTVs. Once I set up a multiplayer game (as opposed to the several single-player games already being played), ~30 people out of the 60 in the room stood up to play.
    2. 8/6/2014

      by , 09-01-2014 at 04:03 AM

      I was in another country that was very communistic. Laurie was with me at first while a flood was happening. I had my AR15 and my AK strapped around me and was wearing a battle dress uniform. I saw a lot of people trying out to be cops but they were wearing a student flight tshirt. I went into a castle and did parkour. I was then with some girl telling her about lucid dreaming and she told me to whisper because that stuff was banned. We started going to a party but I still wanted to tell her about lucid dreaming. As I went to the top of the tower by doing parkour, I reached my room and saw a girl going through something in my room. I figured I'd sneak up on her and ask what she was doing, so I crouched down and sneaked towards her. I told myself "Too bad I can't use Blink and suddenly realized that I was in a dream!
      I used blink and teleported closer to a counter for concealment. I increased stabilized and increased lucidity before blinking towards the girl again. I got close enough and asked her what she was doing and she turned around, obviously startled. I tried to pull her closer to me with magic but couldn't and slowly started to wake up.
    3. No title will fit this

      by , 02-05-2014 at 03:54 PM (My smashed up joy ride of dreaming)
      Something interesting. Okay, so two people are talking for a little bit. The “owner” (became a god of the nearby town or something I don’t really know) of this giant white palace I can only describe as a square coliseum with no bottom says she needs to go shopping. After she leaves, the other guy, who is joined by two other people now, breaks some breakable terrain that kind of looks like the stone blocks from ssb Brawl. I am going to start to call this guy Patrick of P for the sake of having a name. I don’t remember much of one partner he had, but the other one wore all black. And had a concealing hood that made him/her (I am going to go with her) look like a black blob. She complains that we are going up against bottomless drops and she doesn’t want to go back. Not like I have any idea of how she left hell the first time, but whatever. P wears a really badly made shirt.

      At about 9:30 last night I read a mad lib from the internet I filled out, and whenever they asked for a body part, I submitted either cracked anus or red bull wings (like at the end of those commercials. I could always remember this YouTube video; search sse abridged and the first video it is really funny you should watch it. Anyways “[while flying with wings] Oh, no I am going to, oh wait, I had a Red Bull this morning
      "). The point is Patrick had both qualities, [dont ask me how I knew about the cracked anus part] and despite having just sprouted wings literally, the shirt wasn’t even remotely there; no tear was created. Oh, and that shirt was so unevenly made it went half the way up his ribcage on one side, and went down halfway on his thigh or just his waist I don't remember. Oh, and he wore really generic black sweatpants shorts. As Patrick used this ridiculous machine to slowly float down, (red bull is inconsistent; don’t chance it if you find yourself sprouting wings from Red Bull in your dreams, or do, It’s not my call but it fits this story I guess), he proclaimed that “All want to get back at [the owner] now. This means everything will go my way.” Indeed it did, until that same owner came back. I am thinking "he's messed this up"

      “That’s it, you come by, give me your usual talk, and then this happens.”

      “Yeah, I’ve guessed I’ve really fucked myself now”

      “Listen, I know we are of the same, we both are adventuring, wanting to venture wherever possible to feel all cozy inside, so I’ll pretend this never happened on three conditions; you walk slowly and take loud steps [so he stops trying to break in places, I don’t’ know but I don’t think she says the other two things or I forgot them.]” After climbing out Patrick did actually walk slowly in his nearly-knee-high boots and even comments on how everybody is so worked up about organizing workflow these days even when walking home, they still try to get there as fast as possible, and not even make an attempt to buy groceries or whatever or just enjoy nature on the way. I now take control, and the red bull wears off, I think. Now I help the townsfolk have some fun with my magic tiny dome shooting clawshot. Wth happened here. Cut to a failing family business claiming this week they will run out of spare cash.

      I was thinking about this story all day (or so I think) and on the bus home, to which everybody is surprised at me even though I am not doing anything. I think “I can’t wait to write this story” *wakes up*. “wow” Also one other dream I was in school but everybody always takes caution around me. It was because the school was getting paranoid and they noticed I am really good at playing Payday. Third game I dont own that shows up dammit

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      false awakening , non-lucid
    4. 1/30/14 - dirt bike

      by , 01-31-2014 at 05:27 AM (Leaving the matrix)
      I'm in the front yard, it's sunny as fuck. There's these cracked brick walls everywhere that usually aren't. My dad is in the yard with me, and I'm trying to hide from him. I ducking with my back against a brick wall. I have aerial view and I see him sneaking over. I run from my hiding spot and he runs after me, I hop the front gate, and steal his gmc jimmy (an suv). I get into it an hope that he left his keys in the car. I find them still in the ignition. I start the car at the car doesn't go fast at first, I try to hurry away before he catches up and gets in the car, I drive and see him running behind me after the car, and I see him stop because the car finally accelerated at a decent speed. Then the jimmy turns into a shitty dirt bike,and it's going so fucking slow. I'm driving through cobble stone streets between houses, and through alleys, I go through a short cut trying to make difficult directions so he can't find while the whole time worried at how slow the bike is going. Then I go through this alley that leads to a driveway with this girl washing her car, I frighten her, but i tell her I'm just trying to get away from someone. Then she points me through some trees to a dirt path, I tell her my bike is slow, she put gas in my bike, and then my bike goes faster, and then I realized it also goes faster when I turn the throttle, I think how dumb that I was just rolling and using the throttle or putting gas. Nor the dirt bike is fast as fuck, and I go down that path the girl pointed me to and it lead straight to my house and my dad is still in the street, so I make a u-turn and he begins chasing me, he's faster now, but I'm faster to, he chases me longer this time, but I still get away.
    5. 18th Sep 2013 Video game fragments

      by , 09-19-2013 at 12:45 AM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream 1(fragments):

      There was something about 3D platforming game with lizard-like main character.

      Dream 2(fragments):

      I was playing some shmup and had to fight some damaged boss which had a name "Upgraded Black Heart mk2" but didn't looked like anything similar to 'non-upgraded' version at all, it was red colored spaceship. It had an attack that was 'shotgun' spread of beam projectiles. Also music from RefleX was playing.

      Dream 3(fragments):

      I was in some video game in some group and we had to stealth through some weird outpost place. We were 'stealthing' using some huge vehicles and then one of us accidentally exploded something on the outpost, and guards completely ignored that. In the end we managed to use vehicles as platforms to get to the place above outpost and there we started discussing further plan.
    6. 4th Aug 2013 Various fragments, Vehicle based game, And that's why ragdoll physics glitch out

      by , 08-04-2013 at 11:17 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream 1(fragments):

      I was playing some game, which was third person game where i controlled some character which had some special powers. There was one stealth level where i had to get through some kind of train station, mostly grey-ish colors. There was weird security system which i couldn't figure out, i failed and had to escape some guards in blue uniform. Then i used some ability to jump of the top of big building and then had to find way to some kind of lab through site.

      Dream 2(fragments):

      I was making and testing some mission in a game where i had to control some vehicles and destroy enemy bases. The central part of map was surrounded by roads and rivers and was mostly empty with exception of one enemy base, because i haven't finished it yet. During the test i had to use few land and water based vehicles to fight through enemy's, then upon reaching that base i switched to some heavy tank with artillery cannon and two more side cannons, but enemy had some very overpowered machinegun reinforced points. I went back to editor mode and switched their placement, then tested again, and then editor mode again, thinking where to put them.

      Dream 3(fragments):

      I was watching some video that explained why ragdoll physics in games tend to glitch out, apparently it was because of ragdolls colliding with light(Dream Logic!).

      Dream 4(fragments):

      There was discussion on some forums about some weird metal melee weapons and then i could test some of them.
    7. Dream Journal Entry 7: Many dreams -04-14-2013-

      by , 04-14-2013 at 04:27 PM (The Land of Dreams - SilentEternity's Dream Journal)
      Three dreams tonight, and two fragments.

      Dream 1: I was outside a school, apparently mine, except it was in a completely different location and appeared completely different.

      It was about...five to ten times longer than it was wide, and had a complicated network of small flights of stairs and small rooms instead of reasonably large hallways and classrooms. The color scheme was a beige color for the walls, floor and ceiling, with a brown for the doors. Everything was also a mess. Chairs were randomly placed around rooms and such, and there were no tables. I wandered around for a bit, finding the aforementioned information, talked with a few DCs (though I do not recall the conversations), and the dream ended.

      Dream 2: I was playing some kind of third-person stealth shooter with a friend, and I cannot recall any details about him. There are a variety of scenes I remember, such as a wooden bridge spanning a cliff in a desert, with a guard at one end. There was also something about a dragon, which I cannot fully remember, but it was green and resembled a plushie, to an extent.

      At one point, we were infiltrating the enemy base or some such, and it had overly-large hallways, as if they would move tanks around or something. The color scheme was blue. For anyone who has played Lost Planet 2, there was one level that resembled this. There were windows and guards everywhere, but we were somehow not detected. There was one part in particular where there were two paths - one forward, turning right, and an offshoot to the right, which led to some kind of security room to the left, and a lounge/bathrooms to the right. Proceeding down the hall and turning right, there was some kind of dual-gate security checkpoint.

      At this point, it was less "playing a game" and more "controlling the character directly from a third-person perspective." I knew there was a guard on the other side of the door, but I thought I could take care of him. I closed the first door I passed through, and went to open the second one.

      In retrospect, as I am recalling this, I distinctly remember never actually having any weapons of any description. I also apparently referenced the Metal Gear (Solid) series when referring to the guards - though I have only played MGS4.

      So, the second door closes. I am facing the second door, and turn to the right - there is a window looking out into the corridor. Of all things, I see...a Heavy from TF2 run past, and it starts opening the door. The door opens and the Heavy kills me.

      I woke up briefly at this point, did a RC, and it was not a false awakening. It was about...5:30AM.

      Dream 3: I was driving to school. The route is completely different. There was someone who looked like he was wearing three traffic cones (one over each leg and one over his torso), and he was jumping back and forth on the road...at 60kph. Another driver and I passed him by driving into the oncoming traffic lane over a divider, then ran a red light.

      Note - this is definitely not an accurate representation of my driving skill.

      We eventually come to some kind of mall or some such - which is full of those large cargo containers you find on trains and the large cargo ships. We park, and I suddenly find myself outside the car. This "mall" was open on two sides - "open" as in "did not have an exterior wall" - something that would definitely never happen in Winnipeg. Maybe in Hawaii. The roof resembled the interior roof at one section of a place I worked - a greenhouse, though not the "greenhouse" part. My mother apparently buys me these two magnets, with an odd shape - an oval, with a name of some university, then a connecting bar, then a rectangle. On one of them it said something about preferring yellow silk over black gold.

      While silk is nice, oil is somewhat important, dream characters....

      Anyways, at one point I look up, and seem to briefly drift into something of a daydream/fantasy/what have you - one that occurs in real life from time to time, and I speak to this other character (specifically, Lucina from Fire Emblem: Awakening), and mutter something about "being home." (Note - I use these "daydreams" for lack of a better term to interact with whatever characters are present in whatever game I'm playing to pass the time, or to relieve boredom). We get up to the "school" which is an incomprehensible mess of what looks like oddly-shaped vehicles and buses parked together. I'm looking around for an entrance, and see some of my (IRL) friends.

      We chat briefly, and I ask where an entrance is - one of them says that they are waiting for people to get out of the way, as all of the entrances were blocked. So we wait about five seconds, and walk up some stairs. We enter this "bus" for lack of a better term, and I sit down next to them (not noticing that they are already sitting - and they were definitely behind me). Another friend of mine sits down next to me. I notice a third friend on the other side of the "bus." The second friend goes over to her. I look across, and I see something about free lunches, with a cost of "5" "10" "100" (no currency given), etc. and they were denoted by traffic cones of three sizes and shades - not much difference between them, they were all orange.

      At this point I noticed I had no shirt on, but before I could do a reality check, the dream ended.

      I think, at this point, I'll consider stairs and traffic cones dream signs until proven otherwise, and perform reality checks as normal.

      Dream 4 (fragment): I was playing some kind of turn-based grid-based strategy game resembling Fire Emblem: Awakening. There was a level involving clouds, and I was apparently levelling up the character Morgan (...also from Fire Emblem: Awakening). I also was apparently going to recruit another character on this level, but there were special spaces (which resembled wooden posts) where if I attacked them large sections of the level (which looked like a circle about 6 tiles thick, with a ~5 tile thick bar on the top) would cease to exist, obliterating any non-flying unit beneath them. I accidentally obliterated the character I was going to recruit with Morgan, despite Morgan being on the other side of the map, outside of movement range and such.

      I'm not sure whether or not I should play more Fire Emblem or less. Having the characters as DCs should be entertaining, if nothing else.

      Dream 5 (fragment): This one was a false awakening, though I forgot to do a reality check - I apparently woke up, and walked over to my closet, which had a white, sliding door on it. I open it up, and walk in. While my closet is a walk-in closet, this one was smaller and wider, and had a peaked ceiling. There was a second sliding door, also peaked, and somehow worked. Opening it, there were several shelves with towels. Dream ends.

      All of these dreams were...rather vivid, actually. A shame they were not lucid. I do know which friends of mine were present in Dream 3, I am simply not mentioning their names.
    8. Fri Oct 12 (10:41-7:51)

      by , 10-12-2012 at 03:45 PM (Glieuaeiel's DJ)
      Stormtrooper (7:51)

      Somehow I've found a Stormtrooper uniform. I put it on to disguise myself as I walk through the enemy complex with the rest of my partners in stealth. It's uncomfortable to have the mask all the way on, so most of the time I have it lifted (it has a visor that slides up a bit like a space helmet, and a separate part that slides up to reveal just the mouth). Then I have to put it on again quickly when another Stormtrooper comes around a corner, so they don't see that I don't actually have the same face as Jango Fett.

      Somehow we get caught. An alarm might have been involved. Now we're in a small room with about twice our number of enemies. Not many of them are armed--they're just officials of some kind--but there are two people with lightsabers. Almost by accident, I take out my own two-sided green lightsaber and start attacking them. I barely have a second to hope that the rest of my group takes that as the signal to start fighting our way out of here. The people with lightsabers go down easily, and I realize they were never Jedi-trained. Somehow they just found those sabers and tried to pretend they could use them to discourage us from fighting.

      Once we kill everyone, we go back outside. There's a hole in the bottom of one of the overhanging upper stories, and I realize that must be the room where we fought. I remember randomly slicing a couple of stone columns in order to add to the confusion of our escape.

      Homemade Board Game (7:51)

      I'm not sure exactly what the avatar for the player character in this game is supposed to be. All of the art is a bit exaggerated and cartoonish, and some of the recognizable structures seem much larger than they are in real life. So my character is probably some kind of small animal, but I can't see well enough to tell what. I'm almost out of the building when I realize it's a worm. Curled up in a spiral and bouncing along on its tail. Ah.

      Outside, a spider and a woman with a lightsaber are waiting to kill me. I hide in a tunnel while I try to figure out what to do. My primary weapon is some kind of projectile weapon that I charge by holding down a button, then fire by releasing it. I'm not completely sure how to aim it. I try charging it while behind a corner, then briefly darting out to fire before hiding again, but my accuracy is not very good and despite my cover, I come very close to dying. Then I wonder if maybe the spider and the lightsaber-woman aren't actually allies--maybe they'll start fighting each other if I can get them close enough to one another! I run out to find that they're already fighting. With one last swipe, the woman kills the spider. Without waiting for her to notice me, I hit her with my own lightsaber. Her health bar was low enough that the one hit kills her.

      There's a cutscene: the camera pans across the street to a view of one of my allies on top of a flat-roofed building, then zooms in on an enemy climbing up an outside ladder. I have to kill that enemy before he gets to my ally, but I'm really far away. I took too long with the previous battles. My main enemy is not present, but his booming laughter accompanies the end of the cutscene, mocking me for my inability to help.

      I run as fast as I can, charging the gun and trying to gauge how much I'll have to lead the guy on the ladder in order to hit him from this distance. My aim is not very good, though. . . .

      Later, the enemy is dead, and a third ally has joined me and the other person (a woman). He reports that all of the enemies are gone, but now he will have to "let her blood." A double agent! Before he can speak another word, I punch him in the face, and he goes out cold. I get prepared for the woman to insist indignantly that she could have defended herself, but she doesn't.

      Later, the woman is my sister. She's explaining that before the enemies attacked, she was working on a new board game that she designed with a friend of hers. She shows me a table of instructions. It's in German, but I manage to work out that there are four players, identified by the German words for "Northeast," "Northwest," etc. But then there's a fifth player that must be "Central." That worries me. There's no way the gameplay can be equivalent for all five players when one of them starts in the center. With four it would be fine. I debate trying to explain this to my sister. Later, I see the actual gameboard, which is apparently not symmetrical at all. It's divided into irregular territories on a continent. Lots of the territories have a picture of a building or other structure on them, which I assume are the structures that can be built on that territory. Some of the structures are portal rings, others are orc strongholds which I think are the places where each of the five players starts out. There are only two or three territories separating some of the strongholds, which seems too close to me, but I decide not to criticize that, either. Let her have her fun.
    9. Wed. Sep. 5

      by , 09-05-2012 at 03:25 PM (Glieuaeiel's DJ)
      Infiltration with Hank

      Hank Green and I run down the hallway towards the room that is our destination. My hands are clasped together with the index finger and thumb pointing out, pretending I'm holding a gun. We reach a T junction.

      "I'll take right, you go left," says Hank. We split up.

      I see a woman walking down the hallway towards me. I take cover and fire with my "hand-gun." I look away for a moment, and when I look back, she's not there. Just disappeared. I suppose that's what you'd expect an imaginary gun to do. I continue down the hallway until I reach a sort of open area. I can see over the top of some low walls into some rooms where lots of people are working on computers. They seem really focused. I would feel bad about running in there and disrupting them for the sake of this game I'm playing. I hesitate.

      Then I see the people in the room on the left looking over towards the room on the right (my target room) and smiling delightedly. Hank must have reached this side of the room. And they aren't annoyed at all! They must have known about the game, and agreed to it because they thought it would be fun. I look over to see what's happening in the right room. There is colorful, fish-shaped confetti flying in the air. The employees are standing around a spot on the floor, jumping up and down, and clapping. Uh oh. I guess they brought Hank down. I should have been in there to help him.

      Anxiously, I walk into the room. I ask a tall, dark-haired man what happened.

      Later, I'm walking back out of the building, escorted by the building employees. A guy my own age, someone I know, is ranting about a woman who works in this building. She was somehow responsible for ruining our game, and she's also the head of the elementary math education program, even though she hates kids. One of the employees starts looking calculatingly at the ranting guy, and I realize that she must be the woman he's talking about. Uh oh.

      Stealing from Nynaeve

      I "accidentally" run into Nynaeve and engage her in conversation. Meanwhile, I cleverly steal from her an important artifact. She'll be mad at me when she finds out, but hopefully I'll be ready for her.

      I hide the artifact in my locker. I also have a blanket and a cloak of hers, made with cloth of the same pattern. She's managed to take back the cloak, but in order to hide the blanket, I have to rearrange a lot of things in my locker. For instance, I add an extra blanket to my bed and put something else on my desk. A friend comes up to ask me why I changed the color of my blanket.

      Missing a Soul

      I'm late to orchestra, but before I can go, I need to save my game. But when I try, it tells me that I have no soul. I need to use a soul gem on myself. I try to do so, but when I resume the game, it loads a new chapter, sort of thing. There's a menu that explains the new scenario and a video in the corner where the bad guy is threatening to do something. I don't have time to listen to all of it, so I just click through the screen. I'll look back over it later. I also skip the first objective of the scenario, so I start in the middle of training something called an ADHD. I don't know what it is or why it's important, but apparently it's a creature used by the enemy that we can train to work for us. I'm able to rearrange the letters in "ADHD" in various ways before training it, and presumably that's important. But since I skipped everything, I have no idea how.

      • I pick my nose, and out comes almost a complete ring of dried boogers. This happens several times in fairly quick succession.
    10. Sat. Sep. 1

      by , 09-02-2012 at 07:07 AM (Glieuaeiel's DJ)

      I'm walking around an indoor courtyard. Children live in rooms nearby. Some of these children are part of a prophecy which is soon to come true, though they don't know it yet. There are some dead children in the courtyard, including one that has apparently been hanged. Clearly evil forces are at work here, so I'm going to have to do my part stealthily. I sneak out of a side door, trying to avoid being seen by the children.

      In another room, there are some open-topped vertical pipes sticking out of the floor, about four inches in diameter. They are all full of water, though not all to the same height. I'm trying to scoop water out of the pipes with a higher water level and put it into the pipes with less water. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. But it's important that I keep trying, because it will have some kind of important effect on the building around me.

      • reading a poem in a novel
      Tags: prophecy, stealth
    11. Future Haunted Prison

      by , 06-27-2012 at 08:38 PM
      This is a dream I would pay money to remember in exact detail. It was very vivid, gritty, emotional, and at times completely irrational. Again, I want to blame something for my poor recall. So I mention this is additional support for my theory that: irrational dreams are especially forgettable. At the end of the dream things got super weird and my recall of those events is very spotty.

      A detailed beginning is completely forgotten:

      I was in a very old, run down, poorly light blue, futuristic indoor complex. It was large and imposing but looked darkened and vacant. I was determined to release a group of people from some kind of stasis prison. I seemed to know exactly where to go. I used some kind of stealth device to sneak into a giant room filled with rows of beds with wavy metal gates. I would say at least 60-people in rows stacked to the ceiling were in this large medical-like room.

      In the middle of the room, off to one side against the wall was a brightly (white) illuminated bed. The guard I was sneaking up on was laying on it with a blanket trembling with fear. I was going to knock him out when I noticed he was fixated on a point deeper into the room. When I looked I saw what he saw.. It was a ghost. A cloudy looking young man with an outstretched arm walking towards him in a distressed looking manner. I remember thinking, what are the odds I would come to release these people and a ghost would show up?

      There was a panel on the guards bed with an orange LED on it. I twisted the knob and all the bed grates began to slowly lower at the same time. The guard saw me when my stealth wrinkled. He was so terrified by the apparition he made no attempt to stop me.

      Things go completely hazy at this point...

      Next thing I know I am about to enter a "very" haunted area of the complex. I had a powerful high-tech camera with a large screen that allowed me to see in the dark. It was not the ugly green infrared look, it was a pale blue display and it was strikingly clear. When I looked without the camera, everything was almost pitch black. The hall was at least 20ft wide, went forward about 15ft leading to a small set of two or three stairs to a split-level hall leading to the left. The hall had many doors. I remember heavy dust in the air. Long rips in the carpets and clawed looking walls. It was much, much older and worn down than the rest of the complex.

      No sooner had I taken a few steps down the hall when I saw a flare of light on the camera. Then, a terrible sounding groaning noise started down the hall and two shabby looking ghosts turned the corner heading towards me. I put down the camera and looked. I saw nothing but I could hear the weird, disturbing moaning getting closer.

      This was too much. I hurried out of the hall the way I came. I shut the wooden doors behind me. I could still hear the moaning getting closer. I was standing in a bustling police station. Apparently, the "haunted wing" of the police station had been condemned... I announced, "Two ghosts are following me." Everyone reacted with irritation. I stepped away from the door and turned around. I could see the broken yellow police tape on the door.

      To my shock, the two homeless looking ghosts appeared in front of the door looking at me. I heard men yell with fear in the station. Somebody shot some kind of energy weapon that exploded sparks of light everywhere and one ghost vanished.

      At this point the dream gets very irrational and unstable. There was some weird thing about shooting a boot. A large plastic shotgun. And some huge super cop that could out perform everyone in the station, including me. I'm almost certain he "took out" the first ghost , and, took out the second ghost in a spectacular way which replayed/repeated like a sports highlight. --Then I woke up.

      Note: This dream has many common elements/dream signs: police, prison, desolate future, undead, LCD, and long halls. Even the poorly recalled super cop seemed like a trickster.

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    12. Stealth Failure (Oct 26, 2011)

      by , 10-29-2011 at 10:07 PM (Realm of Insanity)
      The dream begins with the camera showing a scene of a guy yelling at me from the other side of his house. "No!" he screams. "Go away, your just going to blowup that thing in my yard again!"
      He continues to call out to me as i'm walking away in the wet grass on the side of his house. As his vision it centered somewhere else, I sneak onto his porch. I grab the handle to his house, an slowly turn it...
      unlocked. As I look into the doorway, I can not make out any objects for all I see is a white glow coming out of the house. As I enter the house the glow dims, and I can see the light was coming from a chandelier in a
      room of his. I began walking towards the back door, which was straight in front of me, but a loch thump upstairs scared me and made me detour to the room with the chandelier. Underneath the chandelier
      was two large metallic circular tables, which housed hand boxes and strewn about papers. As I try my best to hug the wall and squeeze past the tables, a trail of debris is left in my wake.
      I then as I'm getting towards the end of the room, I knock over a table. It falls to the ground with a shattering crash. Just as soon as the table fell, a barrage of stomping was herds upstairs getting closer.
      As my attacker got downstairs, I kept my head down for the rest of the dream for I did not wish to see my attacker.
      The dream ends.
    13. Predator!

      by , 07-22-2011 at 04:35 PM
      Ok, so i'm a predator in this dream.

      I wake up on some sort of table, restrained. I get angry and break through the restraints. There is a scientist there, as snap the restraints i grab him by the neck and snap it.
      Another scientist runs away and an alarm sound starts. I dont care about the alarm, i have to find my equipment and my weapons, i re-equip my wrist-blades and my armour, which means i now can stealth. Its weird, every time i stealth i seem to imagine a keyboard, im pressing ">" - this is what i had it binded to when i used to play AvP or AvP2.
      There is someone i must protect so i am sneaking around the facility, i turn into a corridor, behind some military guy with a gun, i tap him on the shoulder, he turns.... As he does so i un-sheathe the wrist-blade and stab him in the neck as hard as i can, i rip his head off, then continue my search.

      I am searching for my shoulder-cannon (as we all know its f*cking imba!) I know it is located in a big room, with lots of huge storage boxes, and it is on the top. They know i am coming, its probably a trap but i need it.
      I walk round a corner and get spotted by a guard, i dart backwards, lay on the floor and activate stealth. He comes round the corner and doesnt see me. I get up and decapitate him. suddenly marines are firing at me and i dont know what to do.... I run straight for the marine, i take a few hits but open him up from navel to chest... Theres not much blood and i cannot see his insides, i find this strange, but am glad.
      I reach the room with the boxes, im high up and just about to get my shoulder cannon but i wake up =[.
    14. Pretty Sure Assassin's Creed Doesn't Go Like This

      by , 02-09-2011 at 02:15 AM
      I'm playing a very odd game. It starts out as some sort of text-parser where you type in a command and a nondescript character does it. The catch is you have to find commands that won't kill him, since some very innocuous phrases turn out to be dangerous. Then I get an expansion pack for the game, and suddenly it's not a text-parser anymore and the perspective has switched to first-person. The theme and character design is very heavily Assassin's Creed-based, and the action is a mix of that and Sly Cooper, as there's less hiding-in-plain-sight and more acrobatics and just-plain-hiding. Also, more stealing.

      The first setting is a town, and I sneak into someone's kitchen. I tiptoe on top of cabinets and refrigerators. The objective is to get a box of butter, because then splotches of butter and sauce will show up everywhere in that town, showing me where I can do extra stealth-acrobatics moves without getting caught (sort of taking the place of sparkles in the Sly games, or the pigeons in AC). Other settings include France and a desert, and the Assassins' Bureau locations are, for some reason, spaceships that provide transportation between the levels. Each time, I have to find the butter-boxes in order to make the new map areas stealth-friendly.

      Of course, I keep getting caught, and at some point I end up quitting the game.
    15. 01/20/2011 - Fragments

      by , 02-01-2011 at 12:49 PM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      Fragment One

      I was Batman, and was using stealth to get around the inside of some building. I believe it was something like a community center, because I remember it having a game room. I don't really recall what I was doing there, but I think I might have gotten spotted once or twice. Don't remember much from this dream at all.

      Fragment Two
      I had a job interview, and was told that I had to wait for other candidates to have their interviews, before I would be told whether or not I got the job. I ended up coming back, much later in the day, after most everyone was gone. I can't remember the reason, but I think I had to change clothes or something. There was no one around, and I took off my shirt and was either turning it inside out or putting another one on or something. I remember that someone had been playing Modern Warfare on a computer that was in the room, and it was still left running. Finally, I left the building, and was still trying to get my arms in the sleeves of my shirt. I saw LQ walking through the parking lot, who was a friend that I had a huge crush on, once upon a time. I was pretty sure she saw me, but that she might not have noticed, because she didn't say anything. Slightly embarrassed by still only being partially dressed, I tried to stay out of her sight, just in case she really hadn't noticed.

      That's all I remember.
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