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    1. 16-10-20 RV on Island, Lost on a Train

      by , 10-20-2016 at 02:03 PM
      I think we were on an island, a barren, dry, and deserted island. There's three people in an RV, roaming around the island. I'm not a character in the dream, rather the "camera" - like I'm watching a movie. There are two males, one older man and a younger one, and a young woman. I expected the older man of being a traitor and wanting to kill the others. He had the younger man digging a hole (looked like a grave) and I thought he was digging his own grave. But then came the plot twist, the young woman showed up, pointing her pistol at him. Turns out both the woman and the older man were traitors!

      I'm on a train in a foreign country. I realize I've taken so many trains, I'll never find my way home again. At some point, the train braked really hard, and I fell. There were others on the train I knew.

      A some point we were still on the train I think, watching TV. In the movie we were watching, someone said they would have to kill the babysit, and some other guy. *REDACTED*
    2. Grandma's Ghost (LD #8)

      by , 05-07-2012 at 10:19 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I haven't had any recall since my last DJ entry, six days ago. Then I had this lucid dream out of the blue.

      So I was riding a bike in a large group of people, many of them being family members,friends and other people I know in general. We were riding though a forest/park setting. I can remember the sun was either rising or setting.
      I can't remember many details of what happened during the bike ride or if it was a race. I can remember talking with some of my friends from school for awhile but I can't remember what we were actually talking about.
      I can remember more clearly when we got off our bikes and got into some kind of vehicle. I could probably describe it as a mobile home or a semi-truck. I can remember it being all white with an orange stripe down the side, and a black windscreen. Some of the people that I knew got into it too.
      I was the one driving, and I drove for probably ten minutes. I can then remember pressing a button on the dashboard of the vehicle.
      It caused the front part to sort of collapse and crush me. The crushing was very uncomfortable and lasted about ten seconds. Out of pure stupidity, I pressed the button two or three additional times.
      We stopped in a parking lot when I realized that at the very back of the vehicle (The interior was a long, plain white room without any seats.) was my (now dead) grandmother. She was kind of a monochromatic blue color, and sort of hazy. I'm assuming she was a ghost. She was holding a knife. The knife on the other hand, was silver, with a brown handle. (As it should have been)
      She started killing everyone inside with the knife. Eventually, A friend from my school named A was the only one alive other than me, and he was wrestling with the ghost of my grandmother. It was obvious he would lose. My mind was racing. The first thing that struck me as odd was that I was seeing my grandparent again, when they have now been dead for almost a year. I questioned reality.

      From there I got lucid, just as A was overwhelmed and killed. I put my arms across my chest, then forced them out, pushing out to the sides. The vehicle around me exploded into several large pieces. The ghost of my grandmother was nowhere to be found.
      From here, I proceeded to stabilize the dream. I looked at a large oak tree at the side of the road, and tried to make out the details of the leaves, to some success.
      Behind me was a small building, with entirely glass walls. It was kind of horseshoe shaped and very small, only one floor. In the middle was a counter with a cashier and people waiting in line, I'm assuming to make purchases.
      I decided to try some dream control and went up to the man that was first in line. I can remember him having a sort of tall face, and being bald. I punched him in the cheek, while screaming "sonic punch". I had to reach up above my head because he was quite a tall man.
      When I hit him he just sort of looked at me for about half a second. My hand was still on his cheek and he just randomly flew back and hit the inside wall of the horseshoe shaped building.
      We got into a huge fight at this point. Knowing I was dreaming, I was doing these remarkable martial arts moves and the man that I was fighting was really no match for me.

      Eventually, I wound up standing on a table, holding a coffeepot. The man made some joke, I think it was related to World War II, but I can't remember it. I poured the coffee on him. At this point the dream destabilized. I knelt down on the table and screamed "stabilize dream!"

      I had a False awakening. I can't remember the details of it but I woke up, and went around my house telling family members and friends about the awesome lucid dream I just had.

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    3. Jason chasing me through my mobile home

      by , 01-21-2012 at 03:32 AM
      I am 24 years old now. I used to live in a mobile home when I was about 3. I ended up accidentally burning that trailer to the ground. Around the time I was 5 years old, I had a dream where I was in the mobile home that I burnt down. The interior walls of the mobile home looked like they had been burnt out. Part of the time I was looking at the mobile home from the air and there was NOTHING but the trailer. Jason, from the horror movies Friday the 13th, was chasing me around the house with a chainsaw in his hands while I ran away. That is all that I remember.
    4. Super Happy Fun Spinning Hanger Time! Yay!

      by , 09-22-2010 at 08:34 PM (Amen, the thunderbolt in the dark void....)
      So, I don't even know where to begin. Dreams are gibberish sometimes.

      Anyway, it was very very sexual so I'm going to skip over a lot of the fun bits on general principle.

      I kept walking to different houses with a bunch of girls that were really cute. I think we were all trying to find a place to live. The whole ordeal took a long time, and I kept feeling really tripped out at each house we would step in. I kept looking around at all the objects inside wondering how the people who lived there lived their everyday lives, what they were like.

      Suddenly I was alone with D. We had been shown a house earlier in San Francisco... It was more like a mobile home attached to a huge house, but once you got inside it was really big. There were lots of details in the architecture. There were flower pots built into the walls with lots of beautiful wood carved designs all around them.

      Later in the dream, I kept going to places... for example, a movie theater... and whoever would be working there would say it was free of charge. "Bob is here," they would say, "We know that you don't have to pay here." (Note: I don't think I've ever met anyone named bob in my life although this vaguely reminds me of Fight Club... I haven't read the book/seen the movie in a while. It just reminds me of that almost exactly come to think of it. This is a big note between these parenthesis so I should probably stop rambling on right... about.. now.)

      Oh yeah, the whole time I kept talking about the rap/hip hop album that I am going to record. I was very excited about it. And hell yes, I am recording a rap album.

      .. Also, I didn't write down my dreams yesterday but I remember them very clearly.

      I was standing in a room with a few friends of mine. I think we were going to see a show soon. There was a plastic hanger in the middle of the room and I picked it up. Two others grabbed onto it and we all began spinning wildly. I can't explain why we did this. We were laughing hysterically the whole time and the dream changed to us standing inside of a store. It was like a Longs, Walgreens, Rite Aid, CVS, etc. One of my friends wanted beer but he didn't have his Id so he wanted me to buy one for him. They were a dollar. I didn't really want any so I was looking around for something else that I might want. I walked over to a guy who worked there and he began putting like 50 beers into a giant sack and gave it to me. "Don't tell my boss," he said.
      "Uh..." I replied, "k..." So I took them and kept wandering around the store. I didn't really feel like carrying them so I dropped them somewhere and forgot about them.

      I found a huge aisle full of paintings. I really wanted some of the big ones. There were lots of paintings of jazz singers, one strange rainbow bob marley picture, and a few others . I never finished picking one out.