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    1. 18-01-26 Guy Bites Me, GTA Escape, Train Hallucination

      by , 01-26-2018 at 04:31 PM
      I'm in some outdoors location near a barn. Some guy is there, and he bites my fist for some reason. I assume he's kidding but he's biting quite hard. Doesn't hurt too much, though. We crack some jokes, but suddenly the mood turns darker and the things he says turn quite nasty, and almost threatening. At some point he crosses a small wooden bridge, and I think we end up pointing shotguns at each other. I decide to back off, unwilling to die over such a petty matter. Suddenly, a zombie rushes in from the left and knocks him to the ground. As it starts tearing him apart, I calmly walk away. Prick deserved it.

      A bunch of stuff happening in a GTA V setting. I drive a bunch of criminals around, swap cars to a parked police car, then hide under a bridge until the heat dies down.

      I was awake but still in bed. My alarm was about to go off, but not quite yet. I closed my eyes and promptly started hallucinating. I manifested on a train. The railway car I was in was completely white (and very well-lit), with some bits in bright red. It was completely empty. No seats, no nothing. I had no body and could only look around. There was one person standing to my left. To my right, another. Every time I looked from left to right and back, the part of the train I'd looked away from had changed. Like, it changed shape. The people around me freaked me out. They didn't move at all, and showed zero emotion of any kind. Worse yet, they changed too, just like the train. You look at someone in the distance, look away, and when you look back it's another person standing much closer to you. Freaky stuff. At some point one of them got so close, I tried to give him a telekinetic push to make him back off from me. Instead of sending him flying, he just 'teleported' back a few meters, completely unfazed. Suddenly, that weird person looked like my grandmother (oma). That's when my alarm went off and I had to get out of bed.

      Interesting side note. That alarm was for a job interview. When I got to the office where I was to have my interview, the interior immediately caught my attention. Minimalistic, with the two dominant colors being white and bright red. Not saying this 'means anything', just saying it's... curious.

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    2. LD 104 - City in the Sky and a Fight

      by , 01-26-2018 at 01:51 AM (Letaali's Dream Journal)
      I'm on a train with my family. We approach a city with massive buildings that pierce through the clouds. We are above the clouds and see the tops of some buildings. The train is on rails that go through these buildings like some sick rollercoaster. I feel the G-forces as the train makes hard turns inside the dark tunnels going through the buildings. I tell my dad "Can't help but think how many little parts of the system could fail and kill us all. This is why I hate cities." He doesn't answer. The hard turns and tunnels continue. I fear death, but another voice in the back of my mind whispers "Thousands of engineers spent countless hours to make everything safe. Trust them." This logical side can't silence my fears.

      We arrive at the station, which is on top of a building. We are amazingly high up. The place looks like an airport. My dad has too much to carry, while I have nothing. I take some of his burden to help; I carry his laptop briefcase. We don't follow the path we are supposed to take and the asian staff panics a bit about it.

      Out of nowhere, my dad pulls out a silenced pistol, grins and shoots a man. My dad would not do that, is my first thought. My second thought is "Take cover!" since he aims at me next, still grinning. I run behind some metal pillars, like something you would use on a bridge. My dad stands still and shoots at the pillars. I'm confused and afraid.

      "No." I tell myself. "This is enough." Lucidity brings some confidence, and I decide to face my father. I come out from my cover and meet my father, who has transformed into a monster like the ones in Gears of War games. He's about twice as big as before. One of his arms is a rocket launcher. He takes aim. I keep walking towards him and hold my hand out block the rocket. "I'm indestructible." I tell the dream, and it is so. The rocket hits me and explodes, but I am truly immortal in my current form. I touch the monster that was my dad and force him to transform back. The being fights my will for a while, but eventually turns back into my dad. He doesn't say anything and looks confused. I hold him and help him off the airport.
    3. 18-01-XX Flying Shenanigans (Waterfall), Computer Simulation

      by , 01-21-2018 at 06:06 PM
      I was flying over a city surrounded by water. I think my brother was there too, flying an airship. We were kind of playing around. I tried to bring down enemies by manipulating the ocean water below me and pulling them out of the air, or by pushing them away with TK. Sadly, none of these powers worked. My notes say Yoda was somehow involved, too. At some point I flew low over the city, and ran sideways across a fence (an impossible wall run). Someone on the street saw me. All of this was accompanied by a loud Eurobeat soundtrack. At some point, people and buildings become huge (or I became tiny) and I had to start flying really, really high for some reason. Samuel L. Jackson?

      In a second dream, I flew along a coastline. But I felt strangely out of control. Spinning around my axis while I kept going in the same direction. An older person on shore noticed me.

      I flew towards another city. This one had a very specific 'feel' to it. It was near a big waterfall like the Niagara falls. I (of course) felt the need to fly through the waterfall at full speed. The soundtrack of this dream was 'Long Tall Sally' by Little Richard. I landed somewhere on the riverbank (sloped, open piece of land) and helped rescue a black kitty together with some other guys. Carrying bottles of compressed air? The entire time, I felt like I was controlling the plot.

      I was on a train. I looked out of window, and everything looks really weird. Everything was 'blocky' and in black and white. I thought this was evidence I was inside a computer simulation (rather than a dream). I was studying the environment because I was convinced there were patterns that were trying to tell me something. A sign, or something. The other characters on the train were very annoying, though. I hit one of them, and he vanished. I felt guilty because I hurt one of the simulations, and I felt like I wasn't supposed to do that. Like, my anger would make me fail the challenge. Later on, I had to solve puzzles. I moved through a shopping area inside a train station. I fantasized about blowing everything up if the DCs kept annoying me. At the end of the dream, I sat on a ledge of sorts, and threw something down to the DCs. We were solving a puzzle together?
    4. Not closing your velcro shoes

      by , 12-22-2017 at 04:12 PM (BahamutZERO's dreams)
      This dream was so bizarre that I wasn't sure if I was even gonna journal it. But I remembered it, so...

      It was a dream that was all about the concept of "not closing your velcro shoes". I was in a train station with 2 friends of mine, and the 3 of us were wearing velcro shoes, and they were open. The train arrived, and the front looked like a big unclosed velcro shoe on a railway. We went on the train and the train conductor warned us not to close our velcro shoe, or else something bad might happen. We went on the train, left our shoes open, and nothing bad happened, we were just talking about not closing your velcro shoes.
    5. In-House Train

      by , 12-07-2017 at 11:59 AM
      Morning December 7, 2017. Thursday.

      I am seemingly at our present address, though it is distorted. There are two main parts to my dream.

      One part involves Jim (August 1, 1947-June 10, 2008, half-brother on my mother’s side). He is sitting next to me on a bench, to my left. A doctor is also present. My dream self is unaware that he had died. However, the doctor is talking about Jim’s overweight physicality. (This was more relevant to the 1980s, before he lost a lot of weight.) There seem to be other people present at times. There is some sort of surreal concept relating to individual internal body parts relating to being fat and which one is affected first, with some sort of odd association with stencils. Jim does not speak but the doctor does, touching Jim’s shoulders and arms at times.

      This eventually shifts into a different dream scenario. It relates to also being at our present address. However, there is apparently a train, designed like a subway train, which seemingly goes north to south near where our bed is in reality. I stand in the semidarkness looking at this setup, though I do not consider it strange or intrusive.

      Two men who work for this subway system, formally dressed, though reminding me also of movie ushers based on their uniforms, are performing an unusual task while moving out from and back into the different train cars. They are working from north to south, putting some sort of small metal hanging objects over the door handles. Some of the hanging objects are different but some resemble a smaller detached handle of some kind, though each reminds me vaguely of a broken handcuff (though not seen as such by my dream self). However, I realize that they relate to some sort of signifying of a particular subway car’s status, possibly relating to how many passengers are allowed in the next journey or which cars can be used in what way.

      Next, there is a pointless and contradictory conversation where I tell them that one of the handles does not need the marker as such (as there is already one on the adjacent handle of the same set of doors), even though I am not certain of the purpose of their job. They say that it does not matter how many of the objects are used but then soon contradict themselves by implying that there is only a limited number of these objects and that all must go where they should. I do not say anything or even fully notice this contradiction for a few seconds, then I wake in realization that their comments made no sense.

      Decoding template follows:

      • Dream type and explanation: Doorway waking symbolism; with emergent consciousness triggered by illogical contradiction (liminal space cessation trigger), as intelligence is not typically extant in the dream state.
      • RAS symbol to dream exit point: Our sleeping area was replaced by a train, symbolizing the return to waking life and oriented north to south as how we rise from bed in reality (that is, our feet are oriented south).
      • Preconscious factor: The subway workers as ambiguously associated with movie ushers (as a movie theater symbolizes detachment from the real world; that is, symbolizes the dream state itself).
      • Additionally, the otherwise unknown act seems associated with setting up rope barriers (as in a movie theater) yet without the rope, and yet also implying “release” from the dream state (broken handcuffs on door handles, a door representing a dream’s exit point).
      • The first part of my dream relates to a desire to remain healthy, though I am not obese (as Jim was throughout the 1980s).

      Tags: doors, fat, train
    6. 16-08-17 “Playful Sexuality as a path to transformation”

      by , 08-18-2017 at 12:40 PM
      During the day yesterday I spoke with a girlfriend of mine about the consideration that have played on my mind in certain periods of my life of making sexual healing of women – a sort of glorified prostitution – a path in life. While the idea has remained relatively absurd to my conscious mind, the grain of seriousness has never really left my thinking.

      Furthermore, I found during my self-love ritual tantric practice during the evening that my fantasies were no longer tied to Cecilie, but fluttered wide and far, though only with women. I recall that I was surprised at this, both in respect of finding a horniness for other women, but also in the release of attachment towards Cecilie as “the” sexual object of my consideration – as if I was freed from the shackles of having to commit monogamously to her to engage romantically and intimately, while also obtaining sexual favour.

      My intentions were simply to remember my dreams, but I found it hard to fall asleep – which also led to a lengthy sexual practice prior to sleep.


      I am sitting on a train station. It is a small one, as you find in the country side. The weather is bright, though not scolding and there are other people on the station.

      I am sat on a bench wearing a long trench coat. Underneath I am wearing clothes covering my upper body and nothing over my legs and genitals.

      I am in a playful mood and as I watch out over the station across a hedge, I catch the eyes of a woman who is looking at me, smiling playfully. She knows “what is up” - which is really referring to my playful exploration of revealing my genitals, but which carries a stronger more direct meaning of explicit sexuality.

      I look towards her repeatedly and she keeps returning the kinky mischievous smile.

      Eventually the train rolls into the station, and after a brief evaluation if it is driving slow enough to actually stop, it does. The door opens and the woman and I get onboard. There is a slight distance so I rush slightly to make it.

      Once onboard the woman asks me if I am a “blotter”, and I think I acknowledge, though it doesn’t take up much attention or time.

      The woman now has turned into a composite persona consisting of Hanne – a Buddhist Lesbian – and Birgit – The owner of a toy shop I know very well from childhood.

      We talk about her reasons for being on the train. She is headed out to receive attunement as part of her Buddhist ventures. On her lap she is carrying a printed text. On the cover is printed something along the wordings of “The fourth initiation, by Master so-and-so”.

      I recall being surprised at this, as I thought there was only 3 levels.

      I get up and button up the trench coat to make sure my dick doesn’t fall out and show by accident.

      The main thing that grabbed my attention this morning was the number 4, which has been showing up in a couple of dreams recently. My initial interpretations and associations towards this was the 4 elements, the heart chackra and the wholeness of the quaternity in mandala symbolism.

      I reflected on the homosexual nature – representing potentially suppressed desires or avenues of exploration, which I have carried out over the past couple of years with men, though not really fully – of one aspect of the composite persona – who in total is a woman, representing the anima or the collective unconscious – as well as the Toy Shop Owner – symbolising potentially a suppressed playful and animalistic aspect of my sexuality (I have recently spent many an hour talking about it in terms fetched from Tantra, such as divine union or simply as spiritual practice, which could represent a form of spiritual bypassing but also my desire to ejaculate in women – Cecilie in particular) though it could also point towards continuing the practice of using toys in developing my sexual skills.

      My initial interpretation pointed towards a unification of my sexual nature with my Buddhist aspirations, where considerable conflict has recently taken place between sexual desires, as well as desires for family, intimate and romantic relations with the concept of renunciation of samsara to attain liberation.

      What stroke me here was the sexual theme combined with the sacred scriptures combined with the symbolism of wholeness, pointing towards an active (playful and explorational) kind of integration between my sexual nature and desires with the quest for happiness and liberation. There is a particular focus on “going public” with this, represented in the “blotter” symbolism, which is greeted cheerfully by the anima, as a fruitful endeavour leading to a more enlightened place – represented by the scriptures and teachings.

      Furthermore I reflected on the need to cultivate a more loving relationship – the 4th chakra, representing unconditional love - , not only to my own sexuality, but also the way in which I practice it with other people, women in particular – which now that I write it, is also represented in the recent dream of the “Bridge Elf” wearing orange and green, taking up 4 hours of journeying.

      Looking through some of Jung’s work with sacred numbers in dreams and the Angel Number 4, some following additional interpretations occurred.

      Jung also posits the number four as pointing towards “fourth function” - which is typically the repressed or taboo function – of thinking, sensing, feeling and intuiting. I am primarily oriented towards a thinking and intuitive disposition – making a mixture of feeling/sensing the taboo function. Feeling and sensing in this respect I see pointing both towards an acceptance of the more primal (non-spiritual and reproductive) aspects of my sexuality (represented by sensing, the physical aspects) and my desire, my right to feel, my wanting to take in a sexual context.

      The Angel number 4 mentioned something around creating a solid infrastructure, focus in on an area of life where I want to hone my skills or reap rewards, or building a foundation of sorts. This has very much been a process as of late, aside from moving out and finding a new place to live (creating a solid foundation) I have also been focusing on trying to verbalise my competencies (dream analysis, shamanic practices and energy/massage work with my hands).

      The immediate association here for me has to do with diving deeper into these three areas of my life. The vibe of the new place is phenomenal and now it is time – as in accordance with my priorities for the year – to focus on the stuff that can ensure a stable financial living. I have booted up the energy practices just yesterday – that also have a resemblance to the energy work of the tantric sexual practices. I spent many hours considering who I could approach to practice this work and also spoke with a friend about it.

      In general I find myself elated with this dream, it is to me an encouragement in working in the direction I have been doing for some time. It is also a reminder for me to stop taking the shamanic work too serious and focus on what I really yearn to explore – sexuality – which makes me happy. It is not to neglect the hard work in store for both arranging practice with energy work, nor formulating the principles of therapy I am employing in my work with the sacred plants. I am curious to see how this theme progress – sexual exploration, continued work with stabilising the roots as a path towards wholeness and spiritual development.
    7. Escaping with Batman and Robin

      by , 08-17-2017 at 09:48 AM
      Morning of August 17, 2017. Thursday.

      I am in an unknown room with mostly only a large square wooden table. I seem to be in a movie that is being filmed in real time. Two other characters are Batman and Robin as from the 1960s television series. It seems we may have been kidnapped and are being held hostage. A couple unknown males are also present but I am not sure of any backstory. There are a few items in the room which may have been sabotaged. Batman and I mostly sit on the table at first while Robin is standing.

      There is a point at which Robin follows my index finger in some sort of swaying dance to follow my lead even though I do not seem to be a main character in this movie, perhaps not even being filmed while Batman and Robin are. Still, I hold my right arm up, my index finger pointing upwards, and I move my arm side to side as if I were defining a downwards-oriented semicircle in a sort of pendulum-like definition or as if I am conducting an orchestra. It feels extraordinarily vivid though I am not lucid and it goes on for several minutes. Robin changes his facial expressions to apparently follow my cues as such. He is standing on the table and sort of half-dancing, half-swaying, seemingly professional but almost as if hypnotized.

      At one point, Batman has an oversized pair of black squarish plastic binoculars. Like other items, I suspect that they have been booby-trapped by the Riddler or the Joker. He decides not to use them and puts them down on the table. I then notice an unusual bat come out of them (they seem to be hollow now), which may be venomous and may have bitten Batman on his nose if he had looked through the binoculars. The bat’s upper body and wings are like a bat, but the rest of it has the look of a silverfish, except it is all black. It crawls around as I notice this silverfish-like bottom part of this “bat”. I consider that it seems of very odd appearance to be a bat, but soon realize that it is likely of a particular species and so thus is not unusual at all.

      Somehow, we all escape. I end up going out the back door of our present house into our backyard. I no longer see Batman and Robin. I notice three bats of mostly normal appearance to the left of the door and standing with wings out on the external bathroom window sill. They all appear to have Mohawk hairstyles. They are arranged in a triangular orientation, as if in the orientation of a water-skiing stunt, two on the bottom, and one on the top with a foot on each of the other’s shoulder.

      I step out through our gate, though instead of the street view, it is an alley with a high wooden fence on the opposite side (which my dream self does not consider wrong). An astounding energy and vividness develops as the Batmobile goes by to my right, to the north. It looks like a far more modern Batmobile; like the V10 Lamborghini Batmobile. I feel fantastic enjoyment as I watch it pass, looking at all the details. There appears to be another car in front of it, about a car distance ahead, which I feel is an unmarked police car from the 1970s.

      From here, a train passes from the north to the south. Near the other side of the alley are a set of railroad tracks. I am aware that this must be a scene from the movie to appear differently in the movie than the overall event is being seen. The train, which seems already half-destroyed, rolls on the tracks, rotating sideways as with the essence of a corkscrew or manual drill, as the tracks seem to be pulled to the south by some sort of machine, as parts of the train and what is left of it get smaller and smaller as it goes by, and the tracks being pulled along by the unseen machine until they are not present. I can vividly feel the vibrations in the ground in my feet and lower legs. I am briefly somewhat wary of this event being so close to our house (though I mistakenly perceive that it is close to fictional parts of our house to the south and it now seems I am looking out from a long apartment block). Still, I trust the movie studio knows what it is doing and I am confident that there is no threat at all.

      From experience, this dream may be telling me that, in exactly one year (on August 17, 2018), I will be meeting someone who played Robin in a movie, possibly in a public place such as a shopping mall (or a wayward visitor to my front door). I say this mostly based on two features, one, the appearance of three bats, which relate to long-term precognition (and in fact appeared in a dream with several layers of precognition about Zsuzsanna long before I knew she was a real person), secondly, another dream character seeming “hypnotized” by me in an eerie dance and following my cues or influence appeared in the sole dream I had of Charlie Pride - and I met him in real life exactly one year to the date after my dream. I may be wrong regarding the dynamics of this dream, but it will take a year to see if it manifests as such. (Then again, concerning the presence of the three bats, it could be many years from now to the date as with my prescient dreams about Zsuzsanna.) So, if I meet Burt Ward on August 17, 2018, you read it here first (though it may prove to be a different Robin, as Burt is now 72 years old, then again, it might even be a different person named Burt Ward, hard to say with prescience sometimes being skewed).

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    8. Lucid Tower Meditation

      by , 06-28-2017 at 06:12 AM
      I'm outdoors on a lush, green landscape. It's like a park that is being gradually infiltrated by warehouses, factories, barns, and public buildings.

      Everything is very vivid. The light has a strange, beautiful quality, as if the light itself is full of possibility.

      I know that I'm dreaming.

      In the middle of the landscape is what might be a children's playground or what's left of an industrial plant. It's hard to tell, but I swing on a horizontal bar like an athlete, having fun.

      I drop down to the ground, thinking that I was supposed to do something the next time I was lucid, but I can't remember what it was. I don't want to waste the entire dream trying to remember, so I decide to fly. Predictible, yes, but a great feeling and not only is it less effort than ever with more control, but I also feel no anxiety as I rush up into the air.

      Ahead, there is a green hill with a tunnel going into it. Now there is some anxiety, as I wonder it was going to come out of the entrance.

      A large bus/short train comes speeding out and I jump high into the air to avoid it. It is yellow and reminiscent of a child's drawing of a bus/train. It has passengers.

      Then I recall that I was thinking about meditating in a lucid dream, which I've done once before and had a great experience.

      I close my eyes and I feel that I'm inside a tower. Opening my eyes intermittently, I see the translucent skeleton of the building's internal framework.

      Eyes closed, I rise up through the tower, hovering up what feels like about 40 floors. Hovering in the middle of this semi-visible building, I enter a deep meditation.

      I feel myself in bed, lying beneath the covers.

      I feel myself standing in the dream.

      I feel myself hovering in the middle of the building.

      I am the building too. I'm the structure, the beams and frames, stretching up and surrounding myself.

      When I hear footsteps, I open my eyes and my friend is quietly entering a kitchen in a fluffy white dressing gown.

      "I'm just making myself a drink," she says. "I can't sleep. You want one?"

      "No," I say and close my eyes.

      I stay in the dream, lucid, deeply meditating and just experiencing the various states at once for what feels like a few minutes, until my 'in bed' state feels very uncomfortable - I feel like all my weight is on one arm - and I wake myself up enough to turn over.
    9. Train Road Tracks

      by , 06-21-2017 at 02:27 PM (Break the code, break the node)
      I got semi lucid upon realizing that the place where I live is not the same at all ,in fact , it may have been a whole different place.

      It was night. I was walking through train road tracks ot the other side where my home was, but things were different. On the other side was some sort of castle , villa , i dont remember, and a fence, after the fence was lots of trees so i could barely see the building from the trees.

      The train tracks were going into the light which was a city I guess. Behind me was the suburbs.
      As I walked through I saw suddenly that someone was following me , it was some guy, but I couldnt see any details because we were in the shadow of a train, and the lamps didnt work around the train tracks...

      I tried to fight it with a big object i was carrying which was kinda light weight. I pushed the guy but I woke up in that moment out of fright...

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    10. Flying rocks, Pokemon, and magical trains? :D

      by , 05-20-2017 at 08:32 PM (Awake to take in the view...)
      Sleep: About 7.5 hours. This seems to be optimal for me. It's generally harder for me to fall asleep when I'm getting enough rest every night. BUT, this is a good thing. Because of this, my brain is significantly more awake once I do fall asleep, and therefore my dreams are more vivid and memorable.

      Also, I think my brain is hard-wired to keep me up late. Like, ideally my body seems to want to go to sleep at around 12:30-1 AM and wake up at around 8:15 or so. I feel the most refreshed in the morning this way. However, this doesn't generally tend to work with modern-day American society, so I will have to see. Maybe I can adjust accordingly, to the friendlier schedule of sleeping from like 11:00 PM to 6:30 AM, and it will have the same effect. I will make some plans this weekend hopefully and try and figure that out.

      Dream 1: I was talking with my brother and some other people, in the family room of my parents' house. There was a Slowpoke (the Pokemon) just chilling on our bench, so I guess Pokemon were real, too. Somebody sitting with us compared the Slowpoke to a really smart person who is just really lazy. I don't know if the Pokemon felt insulted by that or not. :O

      Then, outside in our backyard, an insane amount of rocks started flying around in the air, and I think the room started shifting too. We all freaked out, but I woke up before anything disastrous happened!

      Dream 2: I think I had a false awakening. Didn't trigger lucidity though. I thought that I had woken up extremely late, and now I was super far behind with my schoolwork.

      Dream 3: Warning: this one gets a little bit PG-13. I was on some sort of train. I believe that the train was magical in some way, but I'm not entirely sure. Anyway, I talked to two separate women while I was on the train. I remember one of them was this nice blond-haired lady, maybe in her 30s-40s. She wanted to talk to me and do some sort of study or experiment, which required me to, um, take off my shorts. I can't remember what the, er, study was, but I remember removing my shorts that I was wearing and sitting around chatting with her in my underwear and T-shirt. I think I liked that a little bit too much. ._____________.

      It was weird also since we were in a crowded train. I bet if I hadn't woken up, I would've become lucid in this one.

      The exact same thing happened with the other lady. I don't remember what she looked like though.

      Dreams are so weird. Especially when they're non-lucid. Like...dang. :O
    11. Futuristic Japan and transportation

      , 05-08-2017 at 08:46 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      I'm off today, but chose not to WILD. I just wanted to sleep in, which I never get to do, working 6 days a week and WILDing on the days off.

      I had a bunch of dreams. Recalling this last one.

      I'm in a futuristic train station, in US. The train looks like old steam engine trains. Black, but much shorter, with shorter engine and wagons.

      I get on, and I'm talking to 3-4 ladies. They say they live out in the country, where it quiet, everything is green and peaceful. I ask them if it's worth it because of the long commute. They say, it only takes them 2 min to get home, since trains now are very fast.

      I realize I'm on a wrong train. Decide to get off on the next station and catch a train going back. But the stop comes on too fast and I don't get off. That was the last stop in US, and next one we make, just a minute later, is in Japan.

      I get off, but everything is moving so much faster, I miss getting on my train. I hop on as it starts to move, and I hang on the handle from the outside. I finally manage to open the door and get inside. The conductor is not very happy with me.
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    12. Dream - All Fear With No Saviour

      by , 04-27-2017 at 12:57 PM
      Date of Dream: THU 22 DEC - 2016

      Thought I'd show you what a nightmare is like... No one to save you from the person that is actually trying to kill you! Now this is not just someone bashing you up... This is large-scale violence and gore! That's nightmares for you.

      Dream No. 77 - All Fear With No Saviour

      It started off normally, I was apparently working at Review for the second time in dream history and what was interesting was that during this scene, there was a flashback to that first time. So in this place, the conditions were similar to that of normal employment in waking life. What was different though was the badges we were wearing. Appearently there were three badges of different sizes, some of them weirdly shaped, that we had to wear. I can't remember anymore of what happened in that scene.

      So then the dream skipped to some strange looking train station and the atmosphere just wasn't right. This is where the dream progresses into a nightmare. There is some stranger woman of whom I know nothing about but she approaches me, yelling her head at me for some supposed crime I had done... But I didn't know anything of what I may have done. I don't think I did anything. Still, she insisted that she was going to call the police. After a long time defending myself, she made a deal... We had to exchange names. That's when I started running but still she calls out her name, Johanna. I didn't call out my name at all because I couldn't trust her, I just kept running.

      Not long after, she was out of sight and I wasn't going to have anything to do with her ever again. Apparently the gates to the train tracks had open but only stupidly when the train took off... Not when it was standing there. This group of people were bound to run after it and I found out that the speed needed to catch the train was somethng like 2 seconds. So I was at the back of the group and at times, I felt like I was falling behind. Then the group actually detoured off the tracks and went down some strange looking alley ways.

      It wasn't long in this detour that I lost sight of the group and so I had to go my own way. It seemed as though the further I got down these alley ways, they would become darker and messier. Then it was at the darkest and messiest point that I had a personal encounter with a toll. This encounter I had was with my deceased grandfather and his face was slightly scarred, with a menacing look pasted onto it. I was on the top of this small concrete balcony while he was at the bottom of it, amidist all the rubble, revealing a dark room in the background... Almost like the appearance of underneath a house. So he was climing the concrete stairs leading up to the balcony and as he would come up, I'd push him down as he looked like he wanted to get me. He did this two more times and I pushed him down two more times, with each push being harder. Then at the fourth attempt, he didn't come back up but he wasn't finished with me either. He brought out this extremely long hack saw and was directing it towards me. As it got close enough, I woke up from fright.

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    13. Looking after my Dream Guide

      by , 04-03-2017 at 11:21 AM (Break the code, break the node)
      I was in my city, around two third of my dream I was not lucid. It began at home ,then at a point I found myself on a train ,traveling in my city towards the centre of city,
      Then suddenly I realized that I am on a train and stop quickly, people are sitting around me but they didnt see me, no one was looking at me.
      Then I start to have doubts, why am I on a train? Wheres mom( )? Where are we going ? Soon I found mom. Then the train stopped in my city, near the place i was living , between two lines of apartments, the ground was covered in grass, even the train tracks. It was beautiful , there was trees too.
      Then I got off the train, mom didnt seem to mind, and started to analyze the place because at this point I started to think that this may be in fact a dream.
      I looked around, and everything seemed to be in place, or so I thought, because nothing was, the street was similar to the city irl but there was some heavy differences, but my dream memory meshed in with the real life memory, and perceived the places real, I even remembered the little chairs i found between two apartment , and that i used those to measure distance between the two buildings, but that was actually from a dream, where I was measuring the distance between those apartments , so when i will be in dream, i will realize that i dream because of the differences between the real life and dream place(little did I know taht i was in a dream here) .
      So I thinked, that yes , I may be in reality, but I dont remember how or why i got here, and so I stayed suspicious. I also felt that dream feeling, I feel no pain or any remotely bad feeling, the temperature is ideal(it never is ) everything is too comfy. Decided to do a reality check ,but with telekinesis, found a little trashcan and
      raised it up. And so I knew that I am in a dream. It was really vivid.
      I started to walk on the city, thinking of what should I do, then the idea came : meet with the dream guide. But I also reminded myself of not to get carried away with superpowers and such because that may result in the end of the dream.(I'm a rookie , even if i do this for years at this point , but I've never had a lucid dream more than a few short minutes or one where i had good control )
      I walked around on the street and then, I suddenly found myself on the main square of the district.
      Now the weather was still fine , but there was clouds, and the sky was a weird kind of greyish blue ,the sun has already set . I continued walking, and say " where are you , dream guide? I've been searching for you for ages ,yet nothing happened" .
      Then a suspicious looking old man came, 40's style, he was a bit fat, had a khaki trenchcoat , hat ,and a brown\beige suit, and some other beige clothes. He didnt talk to me but went the same direction as I.

      At this point I wake up because of pain in my back from lying too much on the same side.

      I've realized that in dreams you have a 'dream memory' too ,and you can remember non lucid dreams you had in dreams. Or at least, I can.

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    14. Meteor, Canada, Militia, Budapest

      , 02-14-2017 at 01:12 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Bed 8:45 pm

      DREAM 1 10 pm

      I'm looking at the skies with some others, trying to see the meteorites someone mentioned. First there are only stars, but then we see a meteorite and it's flying at us. It zooms over our heads, we quickly turn around and see it fall near by, making a big fireball on impact. I ran there to collect some meteorites. We were in US, but meteor fell in Canada.

      But I start to see more fires in the neighborhood. I stop in front of a house that has corner of the yard and the front lawn on fire because of broken gas pipes. I start yelling fireeee in my native language. Then I realize we are in Canada, so I start yelling in english.

      Little later after the event, people start lining up and joining militia. There are several groups and none have good weapons. And when I got back home, I had a new cat that was abandoned in Canada and it looks exactly the same as one I have now. They were twins.

      DREAM 2 at 3 am

      I'm buying a ticket for a train going to Budapest. I notice one of the T's advisors has a ticket to same booth as I do. When I board, I get to my compartment and there is a suitcase and clothes all over the place. I put my stuff neatly on one seat/sofa. I notice the cables to the internet and other media are brand new and tools and pieces of cables are all over.

      In another part of a train, I have a seat number 4, but there is no TV in front of it, so I sit/lay in another seat. Some of my former classmates are there too. We are talking about how long this train ride is, why do we get to Budapest at 11 pm.

      In another compartment, we put down pillows and blankets in front of our numbers to prepare for bed.

      I was just watching TV and a car with bicycle attached to the back of it came on. That reminded me of this dream from last night:

      I'm riding my bike up the long hill, from the old theater to the city square where buses used to be. I look back and a guy is running up the hill. I think maybe he is running after me and I better keep an eye on him. As I think that, it really looks like he is running after me and when we reach the top, he is almost at my bike. I turn around with the bike and I wonder how come, since the momentum is taking me forward but now the bike is sideways and even backwards, how is it gonna hurt when I fall down. I yell at him to scare him away and at the same time I am whooshed in the air, spinning and turning still on the bike. Weird sensation of motion and not understanding how is it possible. Feels like transition motion, but I don't know it during the dream.

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    15. Train station, taking pictures and people leaving

      by , 01-23-2017 at 10:51 AM
      I am at a train-station.
      There is snow so appears to be like wintertime, but in a weird way I know I am in a warm country where winter with snow never happen. It is a dry and warm country in reality, the winter is meaningful in some way. There is someone with me, constantly behind my back and following. Its a friend.
      The country is a foreign place for me, a country far away, and we are both taking pictures with our cameras.
      I have noticed that mine has a very long lens on it, and I can zoom in very far. Its an interesting function, it takes some time for me to adjust and focus the camera. But at some point I succeed.
      I walk around in the train station and take photo after photo. Some are meaningless and not beautiful or interesting in any way. But every now and then I am surprised by how well a photo has turned out.
      I walk to another platform, where a train has arrived. People walk out of the train and there is a lot of hustling and bustling, people everywhere. Again I take a lot of photo's.
      The now empty train is soon going to a new place, so new people are going towards it to step inside and make their journey.
      People come form all corners and they even walk on the train track. It appears to be a country where a lot of people with dark hair live. I am not sure which country.
      I take a picture of how they walk towards and enter the train.
      When I look at the screen of the camera, I am utterly amazed by the beauty of the picture. Some people, people that are on the move, appear like a blur. Others are clear and colorful. I cannot explain what it looked like, it seemed a very balanced out picture.
      A flow of beautiful people leaving, on a journey. For some reason it has a significance that I do not fully grasp.

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