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    1. Alice and Wendy team up in Wonderland, and a 2nd brownhair girl has a Tea party at the Mad Hatter's

      by , 12-25-2021 at 03:20 AM
      I been having a series of dreams lately. I couldn't remember because I always had to get up to go to the washroom when the dream was getting good.

      Last night/early this morning - In the dream-it was more like watching a TV show or a movie a third person then my normal dreams which were in 1st person (it does switch to first person eventually)-an American brown hair girl somehow gets to Wonderland. I'm assuming she founds a town in Wonderland because this is where I start watching is when she's in a museum in what I presume is a town or city in Wonderland. The museum has pieces which have to do with Alice in Wonderland. The girl looks at the pieces (which are in glass cases) and she sometimes hear the pieces, sets, statues talk to her. I think one piece (well more of a mini set) was Mad Hater's house which talk to her. But every time she heard pieces talk she just thought it was herself going um crazy.

      Some time passes and the next thing I know is that I believe the girl gets waken up in the museum by noise. She hides behind a case or was it a statue and she sees the shadow of another girl (a grown-up) talking to the pieces. I can't remember what the girl overhears the grown-up girl say, but its was enough to identify her as the grown-up Alice. So the brown-hair girl said when stepping out from behind the case , "So you're the real Alice?" The girl then asked hat are you doing here then?" Alice said "Someone told us.." the brown-hair girl said "Whose us?" and another brown hair girl (whom the first girl recognized as Wendy from Peter Pan) showed up "As Alice was saying a red-hair woman warned us that both Wonderland and Neverland are in danger. so we teamed up for it. Do you want to join us?" The brown hair girl said "sure".

      I'm not sure what happened next but the very last part of the dream before I woke up is that I had became the brown-hair girl and I was at Tea Party at the real Mad Hatter's house but I was the only one NOT drinking tea. I was either drinking coffee (which is why I think she's American) or I was drinking hot chocolate maybe chocolate milk. Since it was as I was drinking my drink I woke up
    2. The Talking, Wilted Rose

      by , 06-27-2017 at 04:17 AM (Nonsense and Conundrums)
      I am in a combat situation. I am fighting this man; I know I have no chance against him, yet I still fight.

      I am eventually defeated, but he does not kill me. Instead, he takes me for his own, imprisoning me for an indefinite period of time. I have no clue how long I am in this prison. All I know is I am not given enough nourishment in this place, and am slowly growing frail.

      The man comes around and takes me out of my prison, bringing me to this place of glass. The entire building looks modernistic, yet all of the walls are made of glass. I am alone in this particular room, except for the armor in the corner I am to wear later, but I can see a group of men talking in another room. If I listen closely enough, I can hear what they're saying. They're talking about an upcoming fight, about how tough this contender is, and how this girl doesn't stand a chance.

      Through listening to them, I realize I'm being set up for a fight with someone. Really, in my condition? What fun is fighting a weak girl?

      While being frustrated about this and awaiting my "opponent", I hear a tapping on one of the glass walls. There is a rose, petals waving wildly, trying to get my attention!

      I let the rose in, and is slithers into my room. It is a little worse for wear, most of the petals having wilted away. That doesn't seem to detract from it's spirit, however, because it starts talking really fast as if it has so much to say in a short amount of time.

      This is the part I barely remember, sadly, but the rose tells that I need to leave immediately, that this was a setup, that this would lead to permanent damage. Then, the conversation turns strange. It actually answers a question I've been asking every night before I go to bed. It tells me the location of someone I've been looking for.

      It did not tell me the exact location, but enough for me to go on. It tells me I need to go to her, and help her, for she will need the training. The rose says more, but I no longer remember, as this was the tail end of the dream.

      That's all I remember.

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    3. Dolphin killers, Short MILD, Bully

      by , 07-14-2015 at 08:59 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      Dolphin killers

      The whole world was flooded with sea water, and people had to built platforms in order to survive. I was swimming on my little raft, when I reached ruins of harbor city. There were only some small parts of platforms still standing, with some useful stuff on them, like food, fresh water and other resources.

      Suddenly my raft started to squeak and crack. Just before it fallen apart, I jumped on the farthest platform to the east. Thinking that I'm safe, I sat down and watched surroundings. There was nothing on the horizon, only endless ocean. I felt that something hit the platform from inside the water.

      I looked around, and managed to turn back just as a dolphin jumped out of the water, with intent to eat me. I slapped it in a head a few times, and then another dolphin jumped out of water to help his buddy. I slapped it too, and both of them squeaked in irritation. They stopped moving, and looked at the water expectantly.

      I leaned over the edge of platform, and then a huge orca jumped out of it, with open jaws. I quickly jumped back and slapped the orca while shouting with fear. After a few slaps or so, I just decided to run away. Both orca and dolphins jumped back to the ocean.

      I inspected other platforms, but found nothing of use besides food. Without my raft, I was stuck there.

      MILD - In a castle walls; wonderland

      I was inside of guest room in a castle. I inspected the room - the floor and furniture were made with exotic wood. There were expensive tapestries, a comfortable bed and some wardrobes.

      Suddenly I become lucid. For a while I thought what can I do this time, and looked around again. I saw a maid - a beautiful blonde lady in a green dress. With nothing better to do, I came closer and talked with her for a while. Then I persuaded her that we should have some fun, being alone in the room, and probably in the whole guest wing of the castle. I managed to keep the lucidity for quite some time, focusing on my intent and on the lady. Suddenly I just lost lucidity, without waking up. I was still in the guest room, maid nowhere to be found. When I wanted to leave the room, everything faded.

      I found myself on a cliff. There were some roadsigns and a grave without any plaque. I was standing in front doors to a tavern. There was a tunnel leading to deserts, and down the cliff there was a weird, eerie jungle. The tavern was surrounded with dense forests.

      I entered the building, and found myself in some kind of a museum. I wandered for a while, watching exhibitions, and suddenly founding myself back at the cliff, staring at the grave. For some reason, I took my phone out of my pocket, and took a photo of it.


      I was in my old school, wandering the corridors. I decided to go back to classroom, and sat down. Teacher told us that it was free day, so we could do anything we want inside the classroom. I looked around and saw my friends playing some games.

      Suddenly a bully walked closer to me, and showed me a pack of chips. I said that I don't want to eat, but he insisted on, and spilled some on my desk. With nothing to do, I decided to just eat them. Later that day, bully told me to appear at fuel station with 1000000 dollars, or he'll beat me black and blue. Back in home, I thought about that, and about the fine hunting knife I received as a birthday gift.

      Next day with my family we were driving to a city, stopping by at fuel station. I told them that we had a free day at school, but I haven't mentioned the bully part. I saw that guy waiting for me there, but I wasn't going to meet him, and waited in car until we drove away.
    4. 15 Sep: Theory of Everything

      by , 09-15-2013 at 01:27 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      I am invited to go down a wormhole and on the other side I find a "Wonderland" type of place. As I walk down a hallway, I encounter tiny doors, which open to tiny worlds or encounter strange living paintings that suck people into really dark places. At a gate I find some guards and some stalls with weapons and all kinds of acessories. We are to enter an RPG game and must "wear" the character of our choice. But the best weapons are gone, I look for a sabre and can't find any, nor long swords. All there's left are big knifes and whips. I grab the nicest looking big knife, a handbag and then I look at the shoes and instead of all the heavy boots, I go for the only pair of white vynil bowling shoes that match my black with white stripe outfit I am wearing. Inside the gates, is not like I expected. It's a complex world, with flying palaces and I end up in one. Everybody is dressed up like for a ball and I feel dislocated. On this palace it seems to be happening some kind of event with workshops and I find it all so odd. I decide to attend one workshop to see what's the topic and they are discussing the "Theory of Everything" and I hear them advancing the explanation for the link between quantum physics and general relativity. It has something to do with dark matter and I am wowed because it makes sense and appears to be so simple.
    5. catching up

      by , 04-18-2013 at 09:46 AM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      Been dreaming about sex a lot lately. Maybe the past five days. I also had a third person dream where I was some woman with a bow.

      Last night I had a dream where I was walking with a rope on my leg. Each step, would tangle the rope more, and more. I was walking through school, and I was leaving early to get a surgery. One of the teachers started talking to me about how they've changed the layout of the rooms, and hallways are harder to navigate because back doors are locked.

      "White rabbit" Keeps popping in my head as well. This morning I popped out of bed because I thought it was playing during HI.
    6. A

      by , 05-30-2010 at 11:14 PM (Naiya's Gallery)

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