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    1. 5 Jan: LDs, flying through majestic surreal landscapes and making out with my teacher

      by , 01-05-2019 at 10:38 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      At some house, looking through clothes my mom found in trash, then also some toys which are to be donated to a kindergarten, checking if they are complete and playing a bit with some of the games.
      Then for no reason I see my teacher sitting at the end of this room, with it's back turned to me and I get lucid.
      I go towards him and surprise him by touching him softly in his back. He is wearing a light brown shirt and he looks to the side to see me. I move my hand down his arm and gently caress him. He shuts his eyes in total surrender. So I kiss him. I notice his lips a bit dry, but soon our salivas mix and our tongues intertwine, while I caress his shaved head. I enjoy every bit of it.
      Then I realize there is someone else in the room. We stop and I turn to this person. It looks like my dad, he doesn't seem to recognize me. He turns away quickly and heads to a door. As he opens the door, he looks back one more time and his physiognomy changed. He is taller, slimmer, more tanned and dresses like an Indian man. I follow him but lose him in the movement of people outside. My attention also gets drawn by the majestic landscape and I don't follow the man anymore. In front of me are some amazing mountains covered in luscious green vegetation. And there are people going up and down the mountains, apparently carrying things, picking up fruits, going about many different activities. Strangely, the mountains seem extremely tall ,but people have the same apparent dimension whether they are at the top of it or down at its base. I see a huge strange black bird flying over my head. It is the size of a big eagle, it has a beak like a toucan and strange wings that make a half-moon shape with the first two feathers on each side slightly round and color red. I follow its flight and to my left I see what seem like clouds made of liquid water, which give the impression that everything beneath it, is underwater. There is a type of tree whose top touches the liquid cloud and behaves like kelp in the ocean. Then I turn my attention again to the mountains. I realize the contours of the mountains, the hills and valleys, the rocky surfaces, are all fractal shaped. I decide to take off and fly to see it up close. I am mesmerized by these patterns, and the psychedelic colors they have and then I almost wake up,
      but instead I have a FA in a totally white empty house. I remember I left my teacher back in the other house and I go around this house calling out his name, hoping to summon him back. Going through some corridor I spot someone that looks like him and other people going after, but when I get closer, it isn't him. But he is also a teacher to these people, who admire him and are respectfully walking him out as he leaves. I am starting to feel the LD fading away, so I decide to get out of here and do my own hing. I find a window and jump to outside. It's again a beautiful landscape with green hills, but this house is right on the slope. I have to climb some moss covered rocks to reach the top of the hill. Some lady who had made some comment to me inside, followed me out the window and insists on asking me something about mind training. Something like, if I feel that realization is a consequence of how much time you practice. If it is an inevitable consequence of your time dedication to practice, because she is feeling frustrated for not seeing results. I don't remember exact words I said, it was very short answer, but it was something in the line of "no, it's not just time related, more about quality and merit."
      Then on the top of the hill I see a valley below, but really far below, like we are many kms of altitude up. I decide to jump and fly some more. I enjoy it for some time, once again absorbing the details of the majestic landscape. Until I start descending and land in some city below. I land in a town square between some classical buildings and there is a giant painting on the floor with a reproduction of some classical work of art. I dig my hands in the floor and have fun picking up elements from the painting and throwing them in the air to watch them slowly fall like confetti. Then I want the painting to become a giant trampoline and I have fun jumping and doing flips in the air.

      When I am done with it, I walk down a street. The LD is weaker and I don't remember exactly what happened but I end up in a TV studio, where a famous morning show is being recorded and I am sitting with the live audience. The show hostess is demonstrating some modern appliances and its uses and we are offered some bread cooked by a bread machine. I taste it and it is completely bland and tasteless. I feel this is boring and once again I aim for a window to change scenario At some corridor outside the recording area, I see a window. I look through it and down below I see a moat or a lake. I am about to jump to it, when I notice it is full of big animals swimming. First they look like crocs, but on a closer look, I see they are mainly big fish, turtles and some mutant creatures, like fish but with tiny arms and hands. I decide to go get the tasteless bread and feed it to the animals. The bread wasn't a lot but seems to multiply as I split it into bits, so I keep feeding the animals for quite a while. Then I wake up. .
    2. Freaky Storm Tempest

      by , 08-20-2018 at 11:15 AM (Break the code, break the node)
      This morning I dreamt that there were freaky storms and tornados going over my house.
      It all started when I looked out the window in the living room due to the loud noises outside. I saw that pretty much the whole street except the buildings were flying in a linear matter right , there was a rainstorm and the wind was so strong that we panicked that this is the end for us. It was surreal, things went flying in a linear manner , not like in a real storm where things fall apart and fly everywhere, it was weird, and scary.
      Then we went out at a point , now there was no wind no storm, things were a bit damaged around me but it didnt seem to be a full on annihilation of the street. Then I started to hear the noises again, it was tornados. one touched down nearby so fast and then passed by us so fast it gave out a machinery sound. Then another came and another came, I almost got caught up in one.
    3. Haven't Had This One Since I Was 12... & Don't Burn Your Bridges Behind You

      by , 12-27-2017 at 06:16 PM (An Insomniac's Dream Journal)
      Fell asleep at: 2:00 AM

      Woke up at: 10:00 AM

      Dream 01:
      I remember being in a white and sterile environment, much like an empty doctor's office or some high-tech research facility. I think in the dream I was fighting some monster, a theme that hadn't been present since I was, well, 12 years old. I seemed to have god powers in the dream as well, and the fight is heavily one-sided. I feel a sense of deep empowerment and relief as I slice up the enemy Kingdom Hearts II style, and finishing it off by slicing it with light powers.

      And that is the end of it.

      Dream 02:
      I'm in high school again as I spot my old friend, Ace. It's an awkward introduction at first, since I kind of, let's say, burned a few bridges with her that I'm not proud of. A wave of embarrassment runs down my face, stress sweat, blushing, heating up, you get the idea.

      In the dream she has completely black hair for some reason, and she is wearing a faded dark-grey jacket. She always seems to dye her hair (Even when I knew her way back when) so I didn't really catch on and do a reality check. Anyway, I start talking to her. She's still her usual chipper and weird self, and she kind of doesn't really care that I had burned bridges with her. Though her proportions have changed (AKA her butt was bigger for some reason).

      I begin to wonder "Why am I still so worked up about it after all these years?" but brush that aside to continue having a conversation with her. We were at the cafeteria, but for some odd reason the lunch ladies and food aren't there. They always seemed to have a habit of setting up after the students got there anyhow.


      1. The whole theme of fighting god monsters and reuniting with old friends is quite weird all things considered. These are all things that have never happened to me in recent years, due in part to me having wanted to forget about them. Maybe my subconsciousness is trying to tell me something here.

      2. This is the 5th dream in a row where I was in some kind of foreign or fantastical environment. Being in my room used to be one of my biggest reality checks and now I'm barely even inside my house in dreams anymore. Perhaps I'm getting slightly more detached from reality? Could be.
    4. 29/10/2016 - why are they always so meta?

      by , 10-30-2016 at 05:28 AM
      here's something odd. in a small part of my dream last night, i was browsing /r/luciddreaming and found that somebody had made a post about never being bothered to climb past a ring of mountains that constantly surrounded their dreamworld. this is an incredibly vague description, but the person who made the post showed me what he was talking about by making his mountains surround my own dream. he was a shambly, lost looking guy with scruffy dark clothes and intense bags underneath his eyes. very heroin-chic.

      according to him, the mountains were supposed to be present in every lucid dream regardless of who the dream belongs to. so we went to the top, while i simultaneously read his post. i wrote down what i remembered as soon as i woke up

      "what's the big deal with the mountains? i'm never bothered to go over them but i finally did, after months. I expected something new but instead all i saw was an endless black lake and the sky where stars grew until they were ripe for picking."

      the view was absolutely breathtaking. below the mountains were the sunlit-but-gross winding roads of my little semi-suburb in hong kong. the air was always dry and grassy but as soon as we reached the top, everything was completely dark black and indigo. the sky was filled with stars that moved with our hands like dust. they really did grow larger if you waited long enough, actually.

      as for the lake, it was flickering and neither of us had the guts to look down for fear of what we might see.
      but now we had discovered what lay beyond the perimeter of his dreams- nothing but the sky that grew above us and the water that plunged beneath us, neither of them ever ending.
    5. Disturbing Differences

      by , 05-08-2016 at 08:43 AM
      I cannot remember the context of this dream, but I remember its general theme, as well as the feelings I had about the occurrences. In the dream, I was listening to an album I'm quite familiar with; it was probably a Genesis album. Anyway, one great thing about Genesis (At least '70s era Genesis), is that they often had themes within songs that would resurface in slightly different forms on later songs on the same album, either as like a reprise or just something to help give a sense of circular closure to the album. This is one of my favourite things about them; it can make for some really powerful stuff (Just listen to Duke or Trick of the Tail and you'll see what I mean). So, in the dream, my sense of familiarity with whatever songs I was listening to was clear to me. The song began, and of course I'd immediately recognize it and know exactly where it was going. However, what happened in this dream was something surreal, and I can only imagine what it would be like in real life. Basically, a song that I knew well would start, but at some point during the song, a theme from a song from a different album would come about and somehow work with the music. It was ridiculously strange to me, but the weirdest thing about it was that it worked, within the context of the song. Somehow my brain was able to come up with a way of combining two completely unrelated Genesis songs into one, and it made musical sense. However, it was still pretty disturbing to me in the dream. I think it would have made more sense if my dream self just accepted the weird scenario, as often happens in dreams. But I couldn't really accept it. It was surreal to me in the dream, as it would have been in real life. I only wish I could remember the song and how it worked; I now cannot even imagine what it would have been. I've had similar types of dreams before, but usually with film. A film I'd be familiar with would begin, but changes to the plot and characters would occur, which would be unsettling for me. What could these dreams be indicative of? Do they have some sort of meaning? I feel like recurring dreams usually do...
    6. Not a lucid dream, but by far one of the most surreal dreams I have had.

      by , 02-26-2014 at 11:51 PM
      So, I should probably start this off by explaining that literally all of this is a dream. There was at no point of this where I actually woke up and no point where I was lucid. Anyway, here it goes, one of the freakiest and bizarre dreams where I was aware I was dreaming but not lucid.

      The dream started off with me in an apartment which I hardly recognized. I went to the stairs and suddenly knew I was dreaming, but I also couldn't control it and tried to see what I could do. I then had a false awakening where I was in front of my friend Sonam's house and he just arrived and found me on the front steps. He took me inside and into what looked like a therapist's office and shone a light in my eyes, saying that my pupil's were pinpoints and that I had been sleepwalking and was not fully awake. Then, I found myself in a movie theater watching a play apparently. My friend Kevin was sitting next to me talking to me about how I was probably slowly going insane from too much lucid dreaming, and how you really shouldn't be walking around in your own mind since it's a very erratic place.

      I then had another false awakening where I was in my room but there was like a metal shelf full of chips a soda next to me. I realized that this was another dream and had yet another false awakening. Now I was outside my house and all the houses next to me looked extremely real minus a few strange details such as them changing if I looked at them for too long, but I remember looking closely at my handrail and the pattern of the corroded metal looking very real. I worried that I might be sleep walking and in danger so I tried to find someone who could wake me up. I started walking in a direction to see if it would take me to some surreal place but it was just my regular neighborhood and I began to get worried that I might really be half awake and sleep walking.

      Suddenly, I find myself walking down a dark street and thinking about a meme I saw where a girl is being grabbed by a zombie and the caption reads "Try lucid dreaming they said, it will be fun they said." I look down into a sewer and somehow know that if I go down into that sewer there be that same scene.

      I then found myself walking towards what looked like a school and it's daylight and I somehow know it's graduation day at the school, and a bunch of people I know are there heading towards the school. Inside the school it's like a maze, and a little person shows up and tells me that I am still dreaming and that I should try to force myself away. I have yet another false awakening but this time my vision is horribly impaired and I am having difficulty navigating my room. Everything goes black and finally I wake up for real.
    7. DC Affection

      by , 11-14-2013 at 01:24 PM (iBranko's Dream Journey)

      Fui dormir as 00:30 repetindo o mantra "Eu sempre tenho sonhos lúcidos" até não conseguir mais me concentrar na frase e peguei no sono. Acordei as 4:00 ou 4:30 com o meu despertador para tentar executar a técnica FILD, mas não consegui fazer pois peguei no sono. Despertei as 4:50 com o despertador e o coloquei pra despertar as 5:50. Voltei a dormir e sonhei:

      Eu estava em um elevador, retangular, largo porém estreito, sem portas na frente. Parecia um elevador de serviço com apenas uma "barreira" que se fechava por baixo até a altura da canela. Quando o elevador estava subindo, uma mulher acompanhada de uma garota dizia que a garota precisava subir e a colocava no elevador em movimento. A garota parecia ter algum tipo de dificuldade de locomoção. A garota tropeçou e se apoiou no meu ombro direito, me pedindo desculpas. Eu reparava que era uma garota muito bonita, magra, pequena, de cabelos ruivos e pele branca. Ela me agradecia por eu tê-la "apoiado" e dizia que se casaria comigo. Eu brincava: "Conversa com a minha esposa sobre isso", mas eu realmente me sentia atraído por essa garota e triste por não poder me relacionar com ela. Sentia uma afeição por ela. No momento parece que a Juliana estava do meu lado esquerdo, mas não a vi.
      Daqui eu me via num tipo de parque, me via de frente, mas não era realmente eu. Era alguém mais encorpado, e o rosto não parecia o meu, nem o cabelo. Não lembro o que houve aqui, mas em seguida eu via um prédio, parecia estar de noite, e eu tentava ajudar essa garota, subindo o carro dela pelo lado de fora do prédio(?). Não me lembro como fazia isso, mas era algo como levitar o carro por cima com um raio de tração. Algo aconteceu e o carro desabou sobre o prédio, destruindo completamente ambos. Eu me propunha a reconstruir o prédio, e me via em 3ª pessoa juntando vigas e reerguendo o prédio.
      Depois disso eu via um rapaz gordo, alto, sardento e com cara de chato/folgado (o perfeito esteriótipo do garoto grande da escola que faz bullying). O garoto assistia uma gravação de uma festa onde via um garoto sentado com um capacete em formato de tigela, com alguns detalhes que não consigo lembrar. O garoto sentado parecia familiar, algo parecido com o Tom Hiddleston. O garoto gordo via algo que ligava o garoto sentado a mim. Ao que parece, o gordo estava tentando me encontrar. Nessa hora eu me lembrava dessa festa como se eu realmente estivesse estado lá em sonho antes mesmo da cena do elevador, mas não sei de onde veio essa lembrança. O gordo pegava o garoto de capacete e o levava a algum lugar, como quem fosse prestar um depoimento e entregar o ligamento do garoto comigo, como se mais alguém estivesse atrás de mim. Nessa hora o garoto de capacete não era mais um garoto, mas sim um garota. Ela sentava e o gordo dizia algo como "Ela ainda me ama". Alguém perguntava algo a ela mas a garota não respondia ou não conseguia responder. O gordo dizia "Ela é lésbica...".

      Acordei com o despertador.
      [Ontem a Juliana me contou de um ex amigo que tentava ficar com ela. Disse que o cara era imaturo e dizia pras ex dele "Ela ainda me ama". Recentemente houve uma festa de aniversário de uma amiga dela, Mayara, para a qual fomos convidados. Ela sentiu que não deveria ir. Ontem ela descobriu que esse cara foi, mas como ele já não mora mais perto e nem mantém contato, ela acredita que o motivo foi para encontrá-la e nos irritar. Isso talvez explique o garoto chato procurando alguém na festa e, depois de encontrar dizer para alguém que essa pessoa ainda o ama].
    8. Canhões, pessoas e aviões

      by , 11-12-2013 at 06:25 PM (iBranko's Dream Journey)

      Cochilo no trem. Pessoas sendo disparadas de canhões em direção de aviões no ar. Não me lembro o motivo.
    9. 17th July 2013 - Surreal Dream with Past Self & False Awakening

      by , 07-19-2013 at 01:27 AM (Adventures of a Shy Panda (^_^)v)
      Non-dream | Dream | Lucid

      Bedtime: 05:00

      Title: Untitled
      Description: Surreal dream in which I bump into a lot of people from my past with brief lucidity and a false awakening.

      There was more before this, but I can only remember anything after this point.

      It's dark and quite late and although I don't remember any of them, I'm with a couple of people walking into some kind of bar in town. Once inside, it's absolutely packed with people and I notice something really weird. Amongst the crowd I start seeing people I used to know, but much younger. I even saw my younger self in there.

      I come around the corner to find a round table against the wall where I can see Chloe and some other people sitting while talking and drinking. There's a lot of noise so I lean over in between two people who are sitting on top of the table to shout something across to Chloe. She leans in to listen and I Tell her "Something really weird is happening, everyone I used to know from childhood is here" but she doesn't really understand why that would be weird so I try to explain by saying I just saw my younger self.

      Suddenly I become distracted by the idea that I'm probably dreaming, and look around to see what I could do or where I could go.
      However, the entire dream had been a bit "foggy" and I'm not really aware enough to stabilize the dream so I quickly lose lucidity.

      I notice someone who I think was a young Kusano in the crowd in front of me and it prompts me to think of NEWS, which leads to another brief moment of lucidity where Massu appears behind me, also a younger version, but for some reason he's taller than me.

      He casually throws his right arm around me and leans towards my face to say something, but before he does I cut him off and ask him where Shige is. Usually my DC's don't reply to me so I was really surprised when he answered me, and in English too!

      His reply was very strange, he told me something along the lines of how Shige isn't available or can't be visible or present in my dreams. It kind of made sense to me as he is very rarely in my dreams even when all the other's are, and I often find it impossible to successfully bring him into a lucid dream. But why? Why Shige?

      I tried asking why, but the scene changed and I was thrown into my parents bedroom with one of the other's. Whoever it was still kind of looked like Massu but also both of the others. The entire dream wasn't very "clear" so it's kind of hard to tell.

      Anyway, whoever it was leaned in over me as if they were going to make a move on me so I shoved them away because they weren't Shige!

      After that, I had a false awakening but failed to acknowledge it and tried to get back to "sleep" but I couldn't. I could hear my parents outside my door making noise, and I really REALLY had to pee so I gave up and climbed out of bed.

      Then I actually wake up.

      This was a really "weird feeling" dream, I woke up feeling a bit well, weird. And I did really REALLY have to pee. I consider myself lucky LOL.

      Anyway... It's been a long time since I last focused on lucid dreaming, and I'm so ready to get back into it! Although I'm surprised I (kind of) had one on the first night, especially since I didn't even try. I think I remember waking up naturally about 4 hours after I fell asleep, and had the dream after that.

      Characters: Chloe | Kusano | Massu | Koyama | Tegoshi | Mentions of Shige

      Updated 07-19-2013 at 01:30 AM by 56973

      Tags: lucid, news, surreal
      lucid , false awakening
    10. The Five Point Chase Dream

      by , 01-17-2013 at 05:03 PM
      01-17-2013 -- [This dream happened very early in the night when I should not have been having dreams with the 5-HTP I have been taking. I went to bed around 11:30, and woke around 2:00, earlier than I would expect. On the other hand, it was weird and disjointed, which I would expect from such an early dream.]

      Big, long chase-style dream, with tons of scene changes, and very hard to remember details. Starts with an odd combination of a kids' play area and perhaps a ship (much like the ship I got pulled under in the David Tennant Bat'leth dream), where I seem to be kind of climbing into a kids play area. But soon things shift, and I find myself half-flying, half skiing through a snowy mountain area that seems familiar.

      It is very much something we are doing in real life, but there is still a kind of a hint of Runescape, and it seems like some sort of route (like doing herbs at the five herb patches). Dale is doing this with me, but it has been a long time since he has done it, so he doesn't remember where things are, and I am half trying to help him, and half trying to beat him and gain more experience.

      Anyway, we're sliding down the slopes of this snowy mountain, and eventually slide off on what almost seems to be a sort of freeway exit. It feels like halfway a small town exit off I-95 in the Tampa area (San Antonio or perhaps Bushnell), partway something off I-4 near Disney, and partly something in the Rancho Palos Verdes area in California. Anyway, we're on the off ramp waiting to make a left turn, and Dale just makes it in a gap in the traffic while I have to wait a bit for more traffic to go by.

      It seems like I head west a few hundred yards, and then make a u-turn and head a bit further East, which begs the question why we didn't make a right turn instead of a left turn off the freeway off ramp. Weird. Anyway, Dale is ahead of me, and I soon find myself driving into a sort of combination apartment complex and retirement home, where it seems I have to deliver some newspapers.

      It has a very Register feeling to it, because the paper comes in two sections, and I have to put them together. I know I have to deliver 8 or 9 papers to this complex, but I can't remember which units are my customers. Luckily there are only about 15 apartments, and I have a few extra papers, so I might be able to just deliver papers to all of them, and avoid any problems. At some point it also turns from the Register, to an issue of Grit.

      Somehow somebody is ranting about how dogs aren't allowed, though they just might barely allow a small puppy, but somebody else has brought both a puppy and a dog, and that's just not allowed. Meanwhile, all the people are coming out to meet me instead of allowing me to drop the papers off at their porches, and taking papers directly from me, while a sprinkler is soaking all of us and the papers. It is very confusing and surreal.

      Anyway, Dale is still ahead of me, and I have to try and catch up with him, and so I have to get out of here, but all the old people want to walk with me and talk with me. Meanwhile, I am trying to fly out to gain some speed, but the area I am leaving seems to be lined with the kind of netting / fencing that they use on a golf driving range to keep you from being able to hit golf balls out of the area, and the stuff is tight and limiting my flying.

      I make it out of that area, and move on to the next area, which seems to be a combination of the Animal Kingdom, Knott's Jungle Island, and a Polynesian area I've dreamed about a few times recently. I have to get in here, but I am still being chased by somebody who started chasing me at the gold course as I tried to fly. I am at this second area to make a pick-up of Idexx samples, which is why the flavor of the Animal Kingdom, but the security entrance is actually kind of the covered bridge entrance to Knott's Jungle Island.

      I am supposed to stop to see security to get in, but with the idiot chasing me, I just decide to fly over the bridge (and security gate) to escape the guy. Unfortunately, that has security starting to chase me, so I just trade one for the other. I try to explain I'm here to pick up the Idexx samples, but they say somebody else just came and picked them up (Dale, of course). So I ask if he picked up both sets of samples, and they didn't know there were two sets of samples. (The reason they didn't know is that there aren't two sets, but I did find samples to pick up, so whatever Dale grabbed, they weren't the right stuff.)

      Anyway, I grab the samples and try to fly right back out the way I came in, but I seem to be being chased by more and more people. There are large vines everywhere in the air, and I am trying to dodge them and fly around them, but there are more and more of them, and I am having more and more trouble. Right when I escape one guy, somebody else always starts chasing me.

      At one point, some of the vines I am having to fly around and avoid even seem to be shooting out of my mouth, and at others they are shooting through the pane of glass in the front door of the Hickory House, as things just get odder and odder, in a full-out chase dream that makes less and less actual sense.
    11. The Dark Side of subconcious- My Craziest Lucid Dream!

      by , 01-17-2013 at 04:28 PM
      Hi all,

      For my first dream journal post I thought I would post one of my craziest lucid dreams. This dream was wrapped up in so many metaphors and symbolism for different parts of my life and mind that I literally feel like I took a walk through my mind the night I had it. Most of the other lucid dreams I've had have been far shorter and much more subtle and impressionistic but this lucid dream was definitely the longest, and darkest of all I've had.

      I'm not sure if it would be considered lucid or 'semi-lucid' as while I was fully aware of the fact I was dreaming I was still afraid of certain things in the dream that, had I of been fully conscious I would have known couldn't hurt me. I also had many moments of doubting myself and thinking that maybe I wasn't dreaming and maybe I'm awake. Anyway, you decide for yourself.

      On to the dream...

      It started out as a nightmare, I can't remember much about what happened before I went lucid only that in the moment my mind decided to let me know I was dreaming and 'woke me up' so to speak, I found myself in a giant black room filled with darkness and death and basically everything horrible my mind could conjure up. The room wasn't so much a 'room' as such, but more like a space that seemed to go on forever.

      The space was filled with all sorts of bad things everything from demons and dead bodies hanging to negative people in my life that I've encountered. I didn't particularly feel threatened by anything, like what you would in a non lucid dream, I wasn't thinking 'oh god that demon is going to eat my eyeballs as his entrée' but more like 'make it go away, I don't want to look at it any more' This is what I mean when I say I don't think I was fully lucid as while I knew nothing was physically going to hurt me, I still didn't have the control to change what was occurring.

      Anyway, I was trying really hard to make all this bad stuff go away and make things happy but I just couldn't do it. I began to have a full blown freak out, soon after this is where I began to doubt myself and for some reason I started to think that maybe I wasn't dreaming and maybe I was just going insane. Going insane has always really scared me so I started to freak out even more wondering why I couldn't control what was happening or even wake myself up.

      I became so desperate to wake myself up that I started screaming out to my boyfriend at the time (who was lying beside me) to wake me up, hoping I would say it in real life and he'd hear me. Obviously this didn't happen.

      After a while, I gave up trying to get out of the dream and instead tried to focus all of my energy on trying to make something appear that would help me or tell me what to do. I closed my eyes and focused and when I opened them a man sitting in a therapist chair appeared.

      The man was sitting, waiting for me in classic therapist manner (one leg crossed, clipboard in hand ready to make notes) and he looked a little like Steven Spielberg. Since apparently everyone we see in dreams we've seen before there is a chance maybe the therapist actually was Steven Speilberg (haha!)

      I sat in the chair in front of the therapist and told him frantically that I wasn't sure what was going on, I thought I was going insane, that I didn't know why I couldn't control anything and that I couldn't make it go away. The therapist told me that I couldn't control everything, that I just had to stop fighting it and embrace it and that I would find out more later.

      This conversation went on for a little while before I ventured off into the vast darkness, still quite terrified although wanting to take the therapists advice, I tried to embrace it, I tried to let go of my fear. I kept walking and the darkness began to transform into a beautiful dream landscape. Bright colours, patterns, like something from an acid trip. I was literally bouncing off the walls and floating.

      Soon after this moment of psychedelia the colours began to change back into more natural colours and everything started to look more real again. I looked ahead and the landscape transformed into my old primary school assembly hall. It was like walking back through a memory and I could see the childhood version of myself at assembly. I examined myself for a second before I went up to child me and hugged myself. I felt at peace and happy, like I had reunited with a piece of myself.

      Then my childhood self turned into some kind of tiny demon and started attacking me, I couldn't get it off me so I bit it's throat out and ended up waking up panicked and scared.
    12. Beautiful Friend

      by , 01-05-2013 at 01:05 AM
      I'm walking through the desert near my house with kids(I'm babysitting about 4 of them) and we finally get to this wedding party we are supposed to be at. It's for this really overweight woman who looks very familiar, which is sad because she used to take care of herself. The party is very formal, nice tall building, lots of people, but out in the desert.
      Anyways I am just fed up with the party so I grab the kids I'm watching and we head out. But just as we head down the road( seemingly never ending), a friend who I know in real life walks out and she say's
      "Hey!" with a cute-like friend tone
      I nudge an eyebrow and reply "Hey there" casually, but not too cool
      She looked so perfect there in the sunlight as she approached. She has long dirty blonde hair that's cut at a straight bang, which the sunlight blends so warmly into. Blue green eyes that looked so friendly and inviting, and with a face that could melt a heart of stone. She's beautiful and so cute(not such a manly term, I know).
      With the evening sun in her eyes she winces up at me and asks
      "Do you mind if I walk home with you?"
      What's strange was I was overwhelmed with a peace and comfort that can't be described. It was so surreal. Yet I calmly said
      "That'd be nice"
      As we walked we talked and laughed and joked and simply enjoyed each other.
      It wasn't awkward.
      It wasn't strange.
      It was right.
    13. You are now female, and a stripper!

      by , 08-07-2012 at 08:46 AM (Strange dreams and experiences)
      So, I was standing in a very small field... I would say maybe... about half the size of a (American) Football field. It was perfectly rectangle with a forest surrounding around the perimeter. In the field, were six open walled rooms. Each room, only consisted of two walls, a floor, and some furnishings... you could imagine them in a doll house kind of style. In these rooms, there were people going about there normal lives as if they were living in a normal, full-sized house. One building was particularly interesting. It was a narrow building (kind of like a small tower) with two floors. It kind of looked like a nightclub in a tower. Like the other buildings, it was open and you could see inside of it. The lighting was red, the music was... very bass heavy. On the top floor was a stripper pole surronded by men, on the bottom floor was a fat pudgey guy with a cigar in his mouth. For some reason, I felt compelled to check it out, so I did. I walked over, and into the building. As soon as I entered, some walls just appeared behind me, so it looked like I was inside of a normal building (however, the inside was still the same size, which was just a very very small tower (about the size of a townhouse) with two floors, a stripper pole on the second floor with a spiral staircase connecting it to the bottom floor, and on the bottom floor was a small bar. The man walked up to me, and threw some powder on me and said, "You wanted to work for me, so I made you a female. You may now go up and strip for then men." Apparantly, I thought nothing of it, and walked up the spiral stair case to the waiting men. I went up to the poll, and well... I stripped and danced and stuff. A few moments later, I woke up in my bed. I lay still for a few moments, trying to register what just happened in my dream, before I started to laugh my *ss off!
    14. Schools and euros and pasta-flavoured-baguettes, oh my

      by , 04-17-2012 at 03:39 PM
      I'm in some sort of school. Not my own school, it's a primary I think, and I'm my little brother and a bunch of his friends in one of the classrooms. We're waiting for something. I look out of a little window in the wall and we're surrounded by nature of some sort.

      Then I'm in a small tuck shop of some sort. There's a man behind the counter who kind of looks like the guy on Cake Boss, that Italian American dude who speaks really loudly and makes cakes.
      I look around a bit and I see rows of sandwiches and baguettes. The guy implies I should hurry because he's closing soon. I pick out a baguette which has a picture of penne/farfalle with red sauce on the packet thing. This is strange, but I go along with it.

      I pay the guy, and he starts telling me I should tell people about his shop, which is called Mirabella or something which sounds close to that. Then I know that the valley in which the school is located, in the last years of the 18th Century (I live in Malta, which Napoleon occupied for two years from 1798-1800) some workers were building something which he didn't like, and Napoleon starting pleading desperately with them to stop (I see a vision of a list, with pleading words Napoleon used and gentlemanly words he didn't use while pleading, a woman's voice narrates). I'm still in the shop and as he narrates, I lean on the counter and the Cake Boss' little daughter is next to him. I pull away and everything melts.

      I wake up.

      (For the record, this dream was so deeply strange and random I am disappointed I didn't become lucid)
    15. Running around a field

      by , 04-07-2012 at 05:23 PM (redisreddish's mess of dreams is still messy)
      I've gotten back into the habit of writing my dreams down as soon as I wake up, and my recall has improved... Yay.

      Okay. I was standing at the edge of a field surrounded by a forest. There was a girl I've never seen before several feet to my right using a shovel to dig small holes all around the perimeter of the field. She had long, wavy, dark brown hair, and... Maybe freckles? Maybe. Regardless, I walked over to her and asked if I could help. She said sure, and handed me a shovel. (Never found out why she was digging those holes.) As we worked, she told my she was from DV.

      "Oh, really? That's cool," I said. Never even crossed my mind to RC. After a minute or so, I accidentally flung some dirt in her direction. She seemed irritated, but didn't say anything. Then I did it again.

      "Watch what you're doing, stupid! Jeez!" She threw her shovel down and brushed off her clothes. I just ran away, figuring that I would only get in the way even more if I stuck around. "Hey... Hey, wait!" the girl called.

      I was running along the edge of the field. To my right, along the trees, big photographs floated every few feet. They were black and white, with splashes of color. I passed right next to one on my way into the forest. For some reason, I ran my hand along its surface. It rippled like water, and the color came off on my hand. I wiped it on my hair and ducked under some branches to hide behind a cluster of trees. The girl stopped by the photograph I had touched and looked around.

      The color suddenly started draining from everything around me I knew the color in my hair was standing out. The girl spotted me and started walking in my direction, but I took off again. Then, just as quickly as the color had faded, it rushed back. The sky turned a ridiculously bright shade of blue, the little plants growing in the field became a very deep green, even the black soil intensified in color. Photos were floating all around in full color, and I started to run in slow motion. Fluffy white clouds drifted down to my level. Random objects appeared in the air--teacups and picture frames and letters (letters like ABC), all sorts of things. I jumped, and went up at least ten feet. For a few seconds I hovered there, surrouned by all the stuff, and then I began to fall back down. I landed in a sitting position, a little dazed. Everything was really surreal, and, well, dreamlike.

      "Hey," the girl panted, catching up to me. "I'm sorry I yelled at you."

      I just looked at her. Then I looked at myself and saw that I was wearing a flowery dress. I said something about wanting to hug the sky.

      Then we were in a room. I don't know how to describe it any better than that--we were in the field, then we were in a room. There was also a guy with us. He was tall, with short brown hair. He and the girl (she told my her name at some point, but I forget what is was. Seems like it started with an A, or had an A in it) told my to sit down and watch, and they would show me some stuff. Suddenly they were wearing beautiful costumes--white, with swirling green vines and leaves. They danced, ballet-style. After that was over, their clothes changed again. This time, the girl was wearing a flowy red and black dress, and the guy was wearing a loose red shirt and black pants. The dance they did then was more charged than the previous one--it almost had a dangerous kind of edge. They finished that dance and then a random boy came in and tried to play a piano, but he was pretty bad.

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