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    1. It Couldn't Happen to Me

      by , 01-22-2018 at 08:02 PM (The Fourth Factor)
      My old friend Saimi and I are sitting at a table by the city’s inner wall, having coffee. They are thick walls, built with greyish stone, and through a window in the wall—a rough hole with a metal grid across it—we can see something a little troubling taking place: a small group of oni is building a campfire there, in the courtyard area between this wall and the outer one. They’re larger than humans, with colorful skin and wearing rough clothing, some of it made from animal skins. It’s odd, I think to myself. It’s been ages since I’ve read, watched or played anything with oni in it. The ones I can recall looked different. And yet, these guys strike me as familiar—familiar as individuals, even. I can’t account for it.

      Anyway, Saimi and I have business to take care of. I have been investigating a series of mysterious events that Saimi has been involved with in some way—something from a dream from earlier in the night that I can no longer remember— and since our last meeting, my research has turned up something quite interesting. We have two small pages of text with us that appeared when the events took place and that we suspect may be connected to them somehow—both the same text, but one copy in English and one in Korean. They seem to concern some kind of game.

      The oni—whom we’ve been keeping a watchful eye on this whole time—are now entering through the gate, which isn't far from where we're sitting, and roaming the city square. Presumably, they're looking for someone to eat. Should we move? We decide not to. They'll probably be satisfied with only one person, and there’s only a small chance it’ll be one of us. We continue talking. But suddenly, I feel myself grabbed from behind and carried backwards. My espresso cup falls to the ground and rolls away. I call out something to Saimi as I struggle to get free—but then the dream shifts around us. I’m not sure now whether it was something I did intentionally or something that just happened, but at any rate, I seem to be better prepared for it than the oni are. While they’re trying to figure out what just happened, I break loose and run for it.

      Or rather, my character on the screen does, since I’m now experiencing this as a video game. I get a few screens away, at which point I know I’m safe. From there, I explore the town where I now am for a little while, going into houses and talking to the people there—and then I seem to be on my computer, checking my email. As I watch, new emails are arriving in my inbox every few seconds, which is unusual. Something big must be happening.

      And then I wake up.

    2. Dream - I'm A Fountain Of Knowledge & The Real Deal

      by , 01-22-2018 at 11:02 AM
      Date of Dream: MON 22 JAN - 2018

      Dream No. 268 - Separated Sections

      Dream 268 A - I'm A Fountain Of Knowledge
      I don't remember how the dream started. From where I do remember, I was at my current house in the kitchen. It's complicated to describe the occurrence of the scene. Although I was standing in front of the breadbox, the dream scene was playing like a projection of my thoughts I was having while in the kitchen.

      First of all, I was with Penelope, Carmelita and two other random females in a prison cell. I ended up pulling Penelope and Carmelita aside to talk to them and see if there was some way I could help them escape. I said something to them like “you would only be able to get out of here if we got two males to take your place. Two males must always occupy the prison”. I thought about Sly being a possibility but I wasn't sure about who the second male would be.

      The dream then changed to another job requirement on Arpeggio’s airship; there were three sub-scenes in this scene. In the first scene, Sly was successfully shown double jumping across the large gap. Then the second sub-scene played where Bentley had successfully jumped across with his wheelchair boosters. When it came to the third sub-scene with Murray, I spoke to myself in the kitchen. I said something along the lines of “he's not gonna make it...”.

      I still had the scene projection going off in the kitchen but at the same time, now appeared in Murray's scene as well. I started speaking and he actually turned to me. I said to him, “your jumping style is not enough to get you across to that ledge.” as I pointed to the other side, “You will not be able to reach the other side, so therefore I've come to this place to help you enhance your jump”. Both he and I held hands and jumped in unison, with his legs spreading out wider than usual. When we got to the other side, the scene vanished and I don't remember anymore of the dream.

      Dream 268 B - The Real Deal
      I don't remember much of this dream. What I can remember is that I was messaging someone on Facebook but I forgot who it was. I then received another inbox notification and when I clicked on it, someone had typed “hello”. A detailed analysis of their name and profile picture actually determined that it was the real Sly Cooper talking to me. We exchanged a few threads but I forgot what we said in them.

      The dream then took me to a black screen where I had with just a frozen animation of Bentley and Murray, where I had set a couple of “jobs” for myself. The first job stated on that screen was to message Murray and the second one was to message Bentley. I decided it was more useful to message Bentley first as I wasn't sure whether Murray would understand my quirky typing methods and language or not. Bentley replied and we had a very short conversation; he did mention something about Sly in it.

      Third of all, it was time to message Murray. First, I thought about what I could write to him. I thought that maybe I could butter him up by saying something like “Hey, you're my favourite pink hippo!”. I never got to typing or sending the message; I woke up.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:

      - None

      This might sound like a crazy theory but I've saved the same DC twice as well as given advice to them... Am I becoming a dream guide to someone in my own dreams? That would be so amazing if a dream guide chain was to exist; I have a dream guide who supports me as a dreamer who guides another dreamer. Better test that theory with another dream.

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