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    1. Friday, July 26

      by , 08-03-2019 at 06:08 PM
      I am walking around downtown, and there seems to be an event going on. I walk into a smaller coffee shop, right behind a group of three girls about my age. They sort of spilt up in the line, so that I am in front of one of them. She is talking sort of excitedly about how she is going to get something with eight shots, as if her caffeine tolerance is just really high. I think one of the others orders and then they try to get me to go. I politely decline, asking if they’re sure, since I thought they got here first. They coax me into going, so I step up to the wooden counter. The barista is kind and friendly, with dirty blond/brown hair and tan skin; she seems familiar from somewhere. I ask for an iced Americano with five shots instead of the four I think it usually comes with. She says she’s already got one started, holding out a larger sized cup that’s full, too full for my preference, of ice. When the finished drink comes out, I take it over to a wooden bench along the wall opposite the building’s front wall and window. The evening light shines golden, drenching the place in a peaceful, languid haze. There are a few others sitting around, quietly keeping to themselves. There is a very laid back vibe, either caused by or enhanced by the lighting. I notice the girl who wanted eight shots is seated to my left, sitting lengthwise with the bench, her knees bent and feet up. She is wearing shorter black athletic shorts and is on her phone. She has two smaller bags on the bench, one placed on top of the other. They start to tilt and then the top one completely falls off, taking the other partially with it. I try but fail to get her attention. Now, I consider trying to talk to her or the other two also, but I don’t really want to bother them, as they don’t need anyone to talk to. I’m not sure what I’m going to do now, except maybe sit here for a while.
    2. Thursday, May 16

      by , 06-21-2019 at 08:27 PM
      I am going to Starbucks with Brittney and I think one other. It is dark out. I’m not sure if we’re walking or driving, but either my leg or arm is pressed up slightly against Brittney. Her back feels hard and slightly warm through the soft shirt. Earlier, I had gone to a different Starbucks to pick up a mobile ordered Americano. I saw a tall cup about ¾ full that looked like the right color and with a little froth on top. I was impressed with how good it looked, but discovered that it was a hot chocolate after taking a few sips. I felt a little ashamed for assuming. We now enter the Starbucks and see Blake working. He casually greets us and points us to the right to mobile order pickup. The building seems low, long, and somewhat industrial and dim. We go to the pickup, and Blake comes over and begins making the drinks. He is now more friendly with us, striking up conversation. He is wearing shorter shorts and either no shirt or a see-through shirt/tank top? I notice his chest hair, brunette on his whole chest and torso, contouring his body.
      Tags: coffee, starbucks
    3. Sunday, August 19

      by , 12-20-2018 at 03:46 AM
      I am at some house with some others (in the dream they are familiar, but I’m not really sure who they are. I think they are younger and family friends/people we’ve known a while but don’t see all the time). One of them is trying to see a picture of my hair when it was longer. I am looking through my pictures, but can’t find one. I then go onto Snapchat’s ‘my eyes only’. I scroll slowly, thinking I have inappropriate pictures on here. The boy is practically looking right over my shoulder, and I wish he would back up a bit. I don’t find any pictures except for what looks like a lot of pictures from Yosemite. I think I must’ve lost some pictures or something. We’ve been outside, but I now go up a slight hill and into the house to use the bathroom. Most lights are out and it seems later, leading me to believe that anyone in here is asleep. I go into the slightly large bathroom, and the door doesn’t shut quite right. I then get it to stay as closed as it’ll get and stand right by it while I use the toilet, since it’s right by the door.

      I am with Melissa and Mom in a small coffee shop. Both Mom and I have cups that we’ve just drank coffee from. I think they both still have ice in them. Mom sets hers on the counter and orders a chai with espresso in it. I ask for an in iced Americano, also setting my cup on the counter. We all sit at the counter and Mom tells us how her and the barista, a black lady a bit younger than Mom, have known each other for a while.
    4. Space Rock Treasure

      by , 10-22-2018 at 03:04 AM (The Fourth Factor)
      I’m at the counter of a coffee shop that looks like one in a town not far from where I work. They seem to be selling small squares of chocolate cake, and I decide I’ll get one with my espresso. I’m hoping that it will be less expensive than their big slices of cake. But the total comes out to a little more than $10—meaning it was actually quite a bit more expensive. The woman behind the counter tells me that, if the total comes up to just a little more, which it would if I ordered a different kind of coffee—but actually, I can’t seem to get her to explain what’s supposed to happen and why it would be a good thing.

      After a couple attempts, though, it occurs to me that I’m probably dreaming—possibly just because it was one of those rare scenarios - rare for me, anyway - that’s enough like waking life to where the differences are obvious. I look around the room. I have just enough time to observe that this is actually quite a good rendition of the waking life location before my vision starts fading.

      I head for the door, and stepping outside seems to fix the problem. I can see just fine here. I’m now on a street that’s a little reminiscent of the waking life one that I’d expect to be here, but more vibrant and interesting. But I don’t stick around: I start running down the street, then flapping the wings I know will be there when I want them to be, then flying.

      I rise higher, above the treetops, then make a strange kind of turn—I ought to be flying straight up, but somehow I’m parallel to the ground in a different location. I seem to be above a forest now, and above me is the evening sky. There’s sort of a natural path here, a groove where the foliage is lower, and I fly along it. I pass a lamppost on my right. It’s an interesting thing, very modern-looking—just a smooth, cylindrical pole with a vertical slit near the top that has purple light shining through it. I note that it would be completely useless from the ground—almost as if this is a real trail I’m flying along, and it's lighting it.

      Was there anything I was planning to do next time I had a lucid dream? The only thing I can think of is actually looking at my wings. I never seem to think of it until—like now—I’m already in the air. Oh, well.

      In the sky, above and ahead of me, I can see a red light—really, more like a small circle of lights. I figure I’ll go see what it is. That might be interesting.

      I fly towards it. Pretty soon, there’s nothing in my field of vision but sky and the red light. It will be harder to maintain lucidity with nothing more solid to focus on, I know, and so I increase my concentration.

      Once I’m closer to it, I can see what it is: a meteor, headed down towards the earth. I wonder if I should try to keep it from hitting. I aim myself towards it, but miss and end up behind it. I fly back down towards it, manage to catch up, but miss it that time, too. But, as I happen to glance at the fields below, I spot chunks of broken-up rocks in a few places. They look like the same type of rock the meteor is made of. And it isn’t a very big one—only about half my height. Maybe this isn’t something to worry about, then—this is something that happens all the time here.

      I watch as it hits and breaks apart and then land to get a closer look. Among the fragments is a pile of colorful rocks. Some look like red and white crystals, some like turquoises, others like amethyst geodes. I gather them up.

      I notice that someone’s nearby—an Asian man, maybe in his 20s. It occurs to me that he might want some of the rocks—and really, I don’t have any claim to them. I was just the first person to get here. I offer him some. He says he’s only interested in the turquoises right now and picks one out—a particularly smooth one—and sets it among a large number of others he has in a bag. I insist that he take another one, too, but then wake up soon after that.

    5. The Gifts You've Been Given

      by , 04-13-2018 at 12:55 AM (The Fourth Factor)
      I’m an observer watching a scene unfold on a boat—but really, it’s more that I’m looking at it and the people on deck while being aware of the situation playing out there in a more abstract way. There are some documents I need for traveling on this boat, and I’m not sure if I have them or if I need to go through some process to get them.

      The scene shifts—I’m now exiting a bus. But instead of winding up outside as I had expected, I’ve simply stepped onto another bus. I quickly take a seat behind the two women who entered ahead of me and wonder where this one is going to take me.

      The scene shifts again—this time, I’m waking up in the back of a car my parents are driving. It feels as if I’m younger in this one. We’ve just stopped by a building I recognize as the one where my father’s workshop is. That means we’re not far from home now. I fall back asleep.

      The scene shifts yet again—this time, I’m in a grocery store. And this time, I know it’s a dream, although I still seem to think the last bit with the car was waking reality. I think it would be best if I sleep for the remainder of the trip, and so that means making sure this dream lasts.

      I look around. There don’t seem to be anyone here but me. It's reminiscent of the specialty grocer’s down the street from my old flat on Svornosti. That means there should be a counter over in the corner where I can get some coffee.

      I go over and find the counter is there, and that there’s somebody behind it. There’s nothing displaying prices, so I just put down three bills, possibly dollars, which seems like a more than fair price. But the woman tells me I have to make the coffee myself using the machine there. It’s an odd contraption, like no coffee maker I’ve ever used, but after messing around for it a bit, I get it to pour some coffee out - Turkish style, with the grounds at the bottom. I drink it. This isn’t a conscious attempt at stabilization, I don’t think—just something that struck me as a pretty good idea—but it may have had that effect, as it’s normally hard for me to stay asleep so late in the morning.

      I consider where to go from here. Perhaps home, where the car was headed—only I have no idea where I am right now. But if I fly, perhaps I’ll see some familiar landmark from the air and be able to find my way from there. And to fly, I’ll need a high place to launch from—so it looks like I’m headed to the roof.

      In the meantime, I’ve noticed six or seven wolves between two shelves on the upper story, which is a sort of balcony over one half of the store. They all trot off in a single direction as I watch. Are they coming after me? But I wasn’t planning on sticking around here in any case. I climb a shelf and phase through the ceiling.

      I now find myself in a room lit by a warm light. A long mahogany table laid with bright red dishes is some distance off—set for an elaborate meal, it looks like. It's quite pretty. I continue on my way, climbing another shelf and jumping through the ceiling.

      This time I’m in an attic-like room near a big calico cat that, in typical feline fashion, seems entirely unimpressed by my unusual method of transportation. But it’s about then that I wake up.

      I also wake up remembering something else—not something I heard, but words that seemed to be impressed on my mind. It went something like: “Use the gifts you’ve been given, human.” I don’t know who said it—perhaps it was the cat?—but it seemed somehow independent from the rest of the dream, like it was taking place on a different level. Good advice, in any case.

      12.4.18 - (Happy Lucid Dreaming Day, everyone!)
    6. It Couldn't Happen to Me

      by , 01-22-2018 at 08:02 PM (The Fourth Factor)
      My old friend Saimi and I are sitting at a table by the city’s inner wall, having coffee. They are thick walls, built with greyish stone, and through a window in the wall—a rough hole with a metal grid across it—we can see something a little troubling taking place: a small group of oni is building a campfire there, in the courtyard area between this wall and the outer one. They’re larger than humans, with colorful skin and wearing rough clothing, some of it made from animal skins. It’s odd, I think to myself. It’s been ages since I’ve read, watched or played anything with oni in it. The ones I can recall looked different. And yet, these guys strike me as familiar—familiar as individuals, even. I can’t account for it.

      Anyway, Saimi and I have business to take care of. I have been investigating a series of mysterious events that Saimi has been involved with in some way—something from a dream from earlier in the night that I can no longer remember— and since our last meeting, my research has turned up something quite interesting. We have two small pages of text with us that appeared when the events took place and that we suspect may be connected to them somehow—both the same text, but one copy in English and one in Korean. They seem to concern some kind of game.

      The oni—whom we’ve been keeping a watchful eye on this whole time—are now entering through the gate, which isn't far from where we're sitting, and roaming the city square. Presumably, they're looking for someone to eat. Should we move? We decide not to. They'll probably be satisfied with only one person, and there’s only a small chance it’ll be one of us. We continue talking. But suddenly, I feel myself grabbed from behind and carried backwards. My espresso cup falls to the ground and rolls away. I call out something to Saimi as I struggle to get free—but then the dream shifts around us. I’m not sure now whether it was something I did intentionally or something that just happened, but at any rate, I seem to be better prepared for it than the oni are. While they’re trying to figure out what just happened, I break loose and run for it.

      Or rather, my character on the screen does, since I’m now experiencing this as a video game. I get a few screens away, at which point I know I’m safe. From there, I explore the town where I now am for a little while, going into houses and talking to the people there—and then I seem to be on my computer, checking my email. As I watch, new emails are arriving in my inbox every few seconds, which is unusual. Something big must be happening.

      And then I wake up.

    7. The Red Tree Mystery

      by , 08-21-2016 at 05:05 PM (Exploring My Mind)
      Since starting back in my lucid dreaming practices a couple of weeks back, I've recalled quite a few dreams, almost one every night, barring a few days, but I've yet to put any of those in here. With that being said, here's this morning's, in which I recalled two pretty sparse fragments and one non lucid dream.
      My dad was insistently questioning me about shower curtains. Literally all I've got on this one. What could it mean? Are the shower curtains symbolic of the walls we put up around ourselves? 6deep8me.
      I was in a very ritzy looking cafe, enjoying a cup of coffee and browsing my phone, looking at various pictures of a girl I thought was cute. Again, just a fragment. Unlike the strange nature of that first fragment, however, this dream had a nice, fluffy, happy feeling to it. Now, for the actual full non-lucid:
      I was in some sort of ruins, and could see a sort of heads up display that looked like No Man's Sky's HUD. Lately, it seems like NMS has worked its way into my dreams in subtle ways. I was exploring these ruins on some sort of vague quest, gathering up materials and items. Eventually I found my way into a big building, which looked like something straight out of the game The Witness. It even had a similar puzzle inside of it that I was required to solve. Floating above the ground was a chrome-colored monolith with a red tree insignia on it. Touching the monolith made it dive into the ground, and several huge, red trees sprouted up around me. A river of orange-ish colored water began flowing between the crevices in the floor. How would I solve this puzzle? Unfortunately you get the cliffhanger that never ends on this one, as that's all I can remember.
    8. Stepfather driving in Beach, Not Me With a Gun, Coffee & Donuts

      by , 07-25-2016 at 07:09 PM
      I was in the backseat of an SUV with my stepfather driving and my mother in the passenger seat and maybe my little brother next to me. We were on a sandy and rocky beach, the ocean immediately to our right. I told my stepdad that I felt afraid we were too close to the ocean and that I have dreams about him driving like this.

      I had a gun. I was not me. I was going to go next door to a house and [kill???!! idk] 2 young girls. I felt hesitant and afraid and I didn't do it. But I kept thinking I had to go over there.

      Then I was on a train, maybe the same person, not me. I needed to go several cars ahead of me, but the train was moving and the sideboards that you were supposed to use were outside of the car, and I was afraid I would fall so I didn't go.

      I was with an old friend whom Ive recently been wondering about in waking life. Some other people were there too. We might have been in a foreign country. We sat at a table at a convenience store/cafe. A man asked us if we wanted anything. At first we all declined, but I saw that I had a box with 3 donuts in it and I decided to order some coffee to go with them. My friend also ordered coffee. Soon after I saw my coffee on the counter near the register with a receipt under it and I walked over and picked it up.
    9. 191015: Soldiers Defend with Snowballs and Cheap Lard Coffee.

      by , 10-19-2015 at 03:30 PM (The Dream Journal)
      Dream: A Continuous Trip in the City
      I get on a tram in the center, right as I get in and the doors close, I see that there are ticket inspectors standing in their blue uniforms. I don't have a ticket! I panic and try to open the door of the tram but it starts moving. Defeated, I wait for them to come and give me a fine. They stand there, doing nothing, not checking anyone's tickets. Outside, I see the streets are chocking with blue uniformed ticket inspectors between the tall buildings. Is this some kind of campaign?

      I get off the next stop, it's right by the large cathedral. It's a grey day, snow is on the ground. I see that a paramilitary nationalist group is attacking a ministry building. It's a stand still, the nationalists wait outside as the soldiers in fatigues defend the ministry in a snow fort kind of thing. The nationalists have a snow complex across the road as well. I go toward the nationalists line, as if I was a bystander just looking around. I keep in mind that I shouldn't say anything, my accent will aggravate these people, they're usually racists after all. The soldiers defending the ministry pelt me with snowballs from across the street, they all miss. As one comes in I'm able to catch it in the air. This impresses the nationalists.

      I walk down into the snow complex, as if I'm an embedded reporter, I think to myself, reporting from the front lines. My friends will be jealous. I see people inside, there is a ceiling and everything, this place looks like a room from the inside. I hear a woman in fatigues, surely a part of the group, speaking with a Russian accent. How are they OK with that? Is it that she gave up her Russian identity to join them?

      A middle-eastern man is there, which surprises me. He is there with an elder from his village, he wants a divorce from his wife and they are in negotiations. What a weird group to negotiate something like that. The place has lots of shelves, it looks like there are manga and comic volumes in here.

      I meet my sister in the city center where she worked in a courtyard. I see how one of the women who works at a store locks up for the night, a long process. Turning off the lights, the shop is going to reopen in two hours. What's the point of closing for only two hours?!

      Inside a shop my sister shows me the inside of a discount coffee machine. I look into it and it is covered in a white grease, lard, that has brown discoloration. It must be a cleaning agent. I see the lard coming out of a nozzle like soft-serve ice cream. It's actually making coffee out of lard. My sister says this coffee is free that comes out of this machine. Seeing the process, I understand why.

      A stink begins to creep in the store. I go into the hall where the other store entrances are, it's like rotten eggs. Where is it coming from? My sister tells me to go find out. I walk down the hall and to the end I see some middle-aged guys in glasses looking at a ventilation vent. They work at the photoshop at the end of the hall, they are going to fix it. Walking back I see Rick from Rick & Morty has a shop here too, it's is a dark blue shack with a tiled hexagon design to it.

      I go to the store in the hall, it has sandwich coolers full of lunch items. There is a lot of fruit there. I see Jennifer Aniston by the checkout lines she's eating a bowl of corn flakes and says that they are a new kind of cereal she eats. What is she going on about? Corn flakes have been around for over a hundred years!

      I look at the fruit in the coolers, lots of exotic fruit as well. I'm glad they have this option these days. I talk to my sister, I mention wanting to eat only fruit for lunch. She is skeptical of the idea.

      We go downstairs with an escalator, there is a bookstore there that also sells art supplies, it looks very modern. I look at some of the stuff. I flip through a comic book volume with a distinctive style. The lines are bold and the shading is delicate. The main character is a anthropomorphic illuminati sign, like Bill Cipher from Gravity Falls. How isn't this copy right infringement? I see A3 paper and coloring pencils going for less than a euro a piece. I fish through my pockets and find two euro coins, I can get them! I pick them up but the paper is hard to get out of the sales bin, I then give up, I want to save the money for coffee with a friend later. Walking away, I tell my sister I already have a lot of art supplies, in a way I just wanted to buy the idea of making art, instead of the hard and sometimes frustrating process of actually making it.
    10. Ignored by a barista, and getting trolled by Akiko

      by , 06-12-2015 at 04:33 PM (Mouka's Mind Palace)
      (I'm back, bitches! Not that I ever stopped lucid dreaming, I just went back to my paper journal again... I've found I do better when I'm doing the digital journal, for some reason it's harder for me to remember things when I'm laying there writing in a notebook. I have to move around a bit and then the images start coming back to me... which is like the exact opposite of what's supposed to happen, but whatevs.)

      I was hanging out with Cory and some of his friends and we were walking around a plaza. It was one of those old-timey plazas with the brick ground and the fancy white buildings that you see as state capitols and whatnot. After a while of walking, we all went into this coffee shop, and I was annoyed because I hate coffee. The barista took everyone's order but he totally just ignored me, or forgot about me, who knows which. But then I got self-conscious and didn't want to bother him, so I just kinda grabbed Cory's sleeve and whispered "Hey, he forgot to ask me what I wanted..." So I told Cory I wanted a hot chocolate and he relayed my message to the barista. We took our drinks and sat down in a room, maybe the living room of one of the friends? But we were showing each other our Perler bead art, and I pointed to the one on the wall of my Creation of Adam, which I was super proud of, but this one guy had this HUGE friggin piece of Vegeta's portrait and I was blown out of the water by it. So jelly.

      I woke up in bed in the dark and looked around, thinking I'd just randomly fell awake for some reason, but then I thought "Waaaait, maybe this is a dream." so I pulled my hands out from under the covers, and sure enough, the number of fingers I had was fluctuating all over the place. I got out of bed and rubbed my hands on some things, trying to make stuff more vivid, which worked, and then attempted the spinning technique to change the scenery to something nicer. A nice snow-covered forest. But... it didn't work. I saw it for a moment as I was spinning, but when I stopped I was still in the bedroom. Then I thought "Well, fine. Maybe I should just go look for Seru, that could be fun." and I set my intention on him and opened the door, but he wasn't there. As I walked out the door and into the living room, I saw Akiko from one of my fanfictions sitting on the couch, so I decided to ask her where Seru was. But before I could ask, she started talking about random things and I didn't want to interrupt her (even in dreams, I'm not going to be rude...) so I sat down and listened. After she was done, I asked her where Seru was and she seemed a little put out by it, and got off the couch and laid down under the table, pouting. I walked over to see if she was okay and she looked at me and said "He's in ward B, the med unit. The cadets are there, too." So I turned around and suddenly I was in some kind of hospital or laboratory. I looked up and there was a sign that said Ward B. There were people in lab jackets wandering around past me, so I stopped one of them - a red-haired woman in glasses who kinda reminded me of Sarah Palin - and asked her where the med unit was. She gave me confusing directions, and when I started off in the wrong direction she pointed me the right way. The med unit was full of people, there were stainless steel tables everywhere and lots of instruments, and I walked around looking at things. At the back of the room were some double doors, and when I went through them, there was dear ol' Seru. But he was... in his imperfect form. Figures, I guess I wasn't specific enough for Akiko. He gave me this weird look like I grew a second head, and I realized there was a huge gash on top of my head. How did that get there? I set my intention and waved my hands over it and it disappeared, good as new. Of course intention would work for my head, but not earlier when I needed it to. But yeah, there was Seru. I didn't really care what form he was in, I had fun anyway. I guess I'm just a pervert like that, but I like orgasms. Ha.
    11. Cafe Conspirators (NLD)

      by , 04-02-2015 at 10:04 PM
      Recall: 2/10 upon waking, 5/10 after finding the thread. It was hard to remember anything at all when I first woke up, but I persisted until a few details came back, and that let me pin down a few detailed scenes at least. The overall plot remained vague. There were a lot of additional fragments from earlier sequences or prior dreams that I've left out.

      I'm hanging out a woman who is at least a generation younger and we're getting dressed to go out. I have a vest in grey and black hues that swirl into one another in a cloud-like pattern, resembling the soft color variations of tie-dye, but subtle and not at all gaudy because of the dark colors. I'm wearing it over a thin long-sleeved, collarless knit shirt. I don't remember the color, maybe sort of mustard or yellow ochre. Then I try on a few pairs of pants to figure out which will match best. I decide on the dark grey corduroys but now I can't find them... where did I put them? I was just trying them on! I go through all the drawers of the dresser and they aren't here. Now I'm stuck wearing dark blue denim pants that don't match at all. I go into the next room and am relieved to find the cords on the bed... not sure how they got there since I didn't remember coming into this room, but I assume I was just spacing out and don't think to RC.

      Some unclear sequences. The young woman and I go into town, and meet up with a third woman, who involves us in some kind of conspiracy. There is a fourth woman visiting town that she wants to engage in conversation under the pretext of just being friendly, but she has some more complex, sinister plan (that I don't remember in the slightest). We follow the visitor and after she ducks into a cafe, we follow suit. It has gotten cold and rainy out, so we pretend we've just stopped in for a hot drink. We hadn't intended to engage the visitor yet; the conspirator wants to do so but the young woman and I are afraid it will come across as too abrupt and awkward, so we are frantically trying to communicate across the table with our eyes and subtle shakes of the head that she should not go approach her. (The interior is small and no one else is here, so we can't speak aloud about our plans.)

      The waitress comes over to see what we want to order. I see a drink named "Raksiteli" on the menu that I'm sure I remember having here before: I recall it is served hot in a tiny glass, tastes like honey mead but is strongly alcoholic. (I think the dream was merging "rkatsiteli," the name of a grape used for Eastern European amber wines, with "raki," a strong spirit that I did once try in a delicious honey-flavored version.) However, each glass was priced at $22, which seemed way too high! I remembered having four or five in a row last time... did I really pay that much? I thought maybe this time I should just get some coffee. I spent so long browsing the menu indecisively that I started to think I must be annoying everyone, so I told the waitress to get the orders of the other people at the table while I made up my mind.

      Meanwhile, the cafe was filling up quickly with other people. The whole time I was inspecting the menu, I was also glancing up occasionally at the woman, the one we were targetting, sitting across the room at the bar. I thought it might help if I caught her eye a couple times, making it seem accidental, so that it wouldn't seem so random if we did decide to approach her. I was startled when she began walking over to us, but it turned out she was joining some people who had recently sat down at the table to our right. This worked out well, because overhearing their discussion (the tables were very close together) we made some comments and soon joined their conversation.

      They were talking about apples for some reason—probably also deciding what to order—and I commented that I really don't like apples, especially cold from the refrigerator. "You should warm them up, then," said the woman sitting on the bench just to my right. I admitted sheepishly that the one way I do like apples was to hollow out the cores and fill them with butter and brown sugar, then bake them in the oven until wrinkled and brown on top. After I confessed my sweet tooth, the visiting woman, our target, now sitting across from me but at the next table, took a plate of whipped cream from their table and offered it to me. I couldn't tell if she was just being kind or if she suspected our plot and was getting ahead of it... might the cream be drugged? Was it intended to knock me out? But I thought it would look suspicious if I didn't accept some. I exchanged some silent glances with the people at my own table while we tried to assess her motives and decide what I should do. Without saying a word, we decided that I would try some of the cream, but that my companions would not, just in case the friendly gesture was something other than it seemed.

      I used an online program to try to create the floorplan of the cafe. I didn't get the proportions quite right, so there should be four seats at the bar in the upper left corner, and two seats across from the wall benches at each of the small tables (allowing them to seat four people each), but this gives a general sense of the layout. I was sitting with the two other woman at the table on the bottom left side of the room, the younger woman to my left and the conspiratorial woman sitting in the chair across from us. The visiting woman was sitting at the bar at first, then moved to one of the chairs facing the table just to the right of ours, where two or three other people were initially sitting.

      Gay marriage ban-04-02-15_cafe-floor-plan.jpg

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    12. My world of fragments

      by , 01-26-2015 at 06:41 PM
      Date: 1/26/2015
      Method: MILD, Mantra
      Total Sleep time: 8 hours
      WBTB Time: 15-20 minutes

      I remember three fragments:

      1. I was writing a letter to GOD and asking him when I will see him and/or what will it take to see him
      2. I was riding in the car with with Beyonce and Solange (this should have been a dream sign for me...never ever will happen in my lifetime)
      3. False Awakening: I was writing in my dream journal about riding in the car with Beyonce and Solange
      4. I was making coffee in my walk in closet and someone was trying to turn on the stereo (also in my closet) and we couldn't figure out how to turn it on.

    13. "Thus I prove!"

      by , 01-24-2015 at 10:15 PM (Threecat's Dreamtime)
      Not much this week due to illness. Haven't tried inducing since last week, but had a near miss last night and an LD this morning:

      I am on a college campus, inside a coffee shop. I am eating something in line and not paying attention. Suddenly it is my turn to get coffee. I apologize to the barista for not being ready and he walks away from me. I try locate the decaf. I see the dispenser for decaf coffee and ask if it is dark roast. He says that it is. I order a coffee and then hand him a plastic coffee cup/thermos I have picked up from inside. It is full of Cookie Crisp cereal (apparently what I was eating). He looks inside the mug, and then dumps all of the cereal into a trash. I am a bit shocked, as I did not expect this. I go back to the displays in the story, looking for another bag of cookie crisp. I find one, but realize that I had emptied a bag into the mug without paying for it. I decide to steal this bag since the barista ruined my opportunity to eat the other one. I shove them in a plastic grocery bag I am carrying.

      I return to the counter. The barista says I look familiar and asks where he's seen me before. I agree and say he also looks familiar but that I don't know. He asks if I went to a lecture the previous day. I say I didn't. I ask him if he's a lucid dreamer.

      "Yes," he says.

      "Oh, cool," I say. "How long have you been lucid dreaming?"

      "Since he walked in the door."

      I stare at him for a moment before nose pinching. Seems I am awake, but I check my watch anyway. It is spazzing out and being weird. Could be a dream. He comments on me looking at my watch, saying, "Oh, that's one of the ways you check to see if you're in a dream." I look suspiciously at him and say, "This is a dream, isn't it?" He makes some kind of noncommittal gesture.

      I look around at my surroundings. Everything seems very normal and very real. This seems like reality. I then realize that if I wake up in a few minutes I will be sort of pissed. I think back. When was the last time I went to sleep?
      And then I remember. I fell asleep at home. This is definitely a dream. Elated, I fly easily into the sky. The dream is providing me with good flying energy, and I am soaring higher and higher. I look down, and survey the ground below me, before diving headfirst at the ground. The street scene has become an ocean, and I dive beneath the waves. It unfortunately does not feel very real, and the dream begins breaking up. However, I continue flying along, hoping the visuals and tactile sensations will return. I wake up.
    14. Library in the Cemetery

      by , 09-01-2014 at 10:51 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      around 11 a.m.

      I was walking. I was looking for something but I forgot what.

      I passed by a cemetery. I was with someone. The cemetery was awesome. It has a library in the middle.

      I met up with Rob. He pointed out the coffee that was ready. He said something about a trip to Australia in the past that we took (IRL, I never had to chance to visit other countries).


      - I slept around 5 a.m.
      - I played Subliminal 2.0 in the background the whole time.
    15. 7.21.14

      by , 07-22-2014 at 09:13 PM
      Dream 1

      I am outside somewhere with some device that looks like a black waffle iron. It has a flat section that heats up and a flat top that presses down over it. I am picking up cool rocks and flattening them with it. I tell my friend about how cool it is.

      Dream 2

      I am at an outdoor pool with Sage and my dad. Sage and I are swimming when a man comes on to the little 'stage' at the edge of the pool. It is the singer from America. He is going to sing but first he is doing some trivia. It is something about a horse with no name and 2 horses with no names. Sage and I get it right and she gets excited because we are like the '2 horses with no names'. We find out that we have won a date. I think this is already the date, but it for somewhere else.

      Dream 3

      I am in a big room where lots of people (from school?) are lining up to get free coffee. There's a man at the front of the line spraying coffee into the crowd. I get up towards the front and see two men with what looks like bottles of coffee creamer - caramel and blueberry? flavor. Now, I'm in the hallway with someone. We get to a table that has a huge cake on it. I take a huge piece and tell the guy at the table that I will eat it all. A girl is here and says the windows are dirty. I know I must be at the Green Lantern Inn, so the concert must be tonight and I have to call my dad.
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