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    1. Snakes in a Drainpipe

      by , 01-26-2018 at 11:02 PM (The Fourth Factor)
      I’m in the house where my friend Saimi and her family live, near the kitchen, where Saimi and a couple others are. It’s an old-fashioned sort of kitchen with a fireplace and a pipe through which water is supposed to come—but right now, water isn’t coming in, even though it’s raining right now. It seems that something has clogged it. Nearby, in a living room area, my uncle is lying on a couch.

      As I stand there watching, a small bird is fluttering around my face, very close. It’s annoying, and I want to wave it away, but that doesn’t seem right somehow. There must be a reason for this. I stand still and let my mind go blank. I can feel vague memories begin to stir—very old memories, stories concerning this kind of bird. And suddenly, it occurs to me that this is how birds behave when there’s a predator nearby. Am I being warned? And where could the danger be?

      My attention is drawn to the clogged pipe. Slowly, two green heads are emerging from it—snakes. I tell the others what’s going on and run to the foyer, where I see what I’m looking for—an umbrella rack.

      It is a sort of rectangular cage made of a brassy metal, very much like the one my family used to have. If it had been my family’s umbrella rack, it would have contained an assortment of swords, bamboo rods and a pair of snake sticks, the best possible tool for the task at hand. Disappointingly, this one is mostly full of umbrellas. But my sword cane is here, at least, and I can work with that. I grab it by the cobra head-shaped knob, which seems oddly apropos. I grab another long rod which seems like it could be useful and hurry back to the kitchen. Once there, I hand the sword cane to my uncle and we wait for the snakes to emerge.

      Two of them do at once, and we go for them—the goal being to transport them outside again. My uncle doesn’t seem to have much trouble with his, but the one I’m wrangling—it’s green with white bands—is proving more difficult because it’s so small and fast. Before I can do anything, it’s crawled up the rod and onto my arm. I tell my uncle, and he pulls it off with the cane—but not before it bites me. It just feels like little pinpricks. Nothing serious—it probably didn’t even inject any venom. I say as much to the others as we wait for the next one.

      This one is all green, and much larger than the others. I try to pick it up with the rod, but the thing seems much flimsier than before, and is constantly telescoping into itself. My uncle and the sword cane, which I could really use right now, seem to have disappeared. Under the circumstances, my chances of getting the snake safely outside aren’t good. I’ll have to kill it. Through a combination of the rod and my feet, I manage without getting hurt myself—and then wake up.

    2. 18-01-23 Plane Crash, More Sex

      by , 01-26-2018 at 04:40 PM
      I was in a commercial airliner. Right after takeoff, I could immediately feel something was wrong. It all happened so fast, I had no real time to fear for my life. The plane crashed, and by the time I realized what happened, I was in a burning wreck. The only survivor.

      Not sure how it happened, but I was having sex with some girl. No details required. I'll save those for my private dream log offline.

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    3. 18-01-26 Guy Bites Me, GTA Escape, Train Hallucination

      by , 01-26-2018 at 04:31 PM
      I'm in some outdoors location near a barn. Some guy is there, and he bites my fist for some reason. I assume he's kidding but he's biting quite hard. Doesn't hurt too much, though. We crack some jokes, but suddenly the mood turns darker and the things he says turn quite nasty, and almost threatening. At some point he crosses a small wooden bridge, and I think we end up pointing shotguns at each other. I decide to back off, unwilling to die over such a petty matter. Suddenly, a zombie rushes in from the left and knocks him to the ground. As it starts tearing him apart, I calmly walk away. Prick deserved it.

      A bunch of stuff happening in a GTA V setting. I drive a bunch of criminals around, swap cars to a parked police car, then hide under a bridge until the heat dies down.

      I was awake but still in bed. My alarm was about to go off, but not quite yet. I closed my eyes and promptly started hallucinating. I manifested on a train. The railway car I was in was completely white (and very well-lit), with some bits in bright red. It was completely empty. No seats, no nothing. I had no body and could only look around. There was one person standing to my left. To my right, another. Every time I looked from left to right and back, the part of the train I'd looked away from had changed. Like, it changed shape. The people around me freaked me out. They didn't move at all, and showed zero emotion of any kind. Worse yet, they changed too, just like the train. You look at someone in the distance, look away, and when you look back it's another person standing much closer to you. Freaky stuff. At some point one of them got so close, I tried to give him a telekinetic push to make him back off from me. Instead of sending him flying, he just 'teleported' back a few meters, completely unfazed. Suddenly, that weird person looked like my grandmother (oma). That's when my alarm went off and I had to get out of bed.

      Interesting side note. That alarm was for a job interview. When I got to the office where I was to have my interview, the interior immediately caught my attention. Minimalistic, with the two dominant colors being white and bright red. Not saying this 'means anything', just saying it's... curious.

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    4. 18-01-20 Waking Hallucination

      by , 01-26-2018 at 04:17 PM
      As I woke up and was physically sitting up to get out of bed, I tried grabbing a non-existent object that only existed in my dream. The process of waking up and getting up probably happened so fast, my mind had no time to distinguish real from dream.
    5. 18-01-13 Terrorist Attack on Empire State Building

      by , 01-26-2018 at 04:14 PM
      I saw the Guild Wars inventory of a female elementalist, and noticed three sets of leggings for every build (water, earth and air magic).

      The dream started off with one of those giant robots from Wolfenstein attacking me. I tried to shoot it. Another vehicle, a mobile missile launcher, fired a slow-moving guided missile at me. I hid behind a beam. The missile missed and just fell onto the ground. After a while it exploded. Then it turns out we're actually on some kind of terrace high up the Empire State Building. It was way bigger than it is in real life. Like, big enough for mobile missiles launchers to drive around. I somehow knew that terrace was commonly used by couples to get married. Odd, but alright. Anyway, the explosion caused the entire top of the State Building to fall off. It was horrifying, like 9-11 all over again. I was pretty sure I was fucked, but then Peter Petrelli flew in out of nowhere and carried me and/or his brother to safety. Back on the ground, I was still reeling from watching presumably thousands of people die, and almost kicking the bucket myself. We were in an alley, and Gabriel Gray (also known as Sylar) was there too. I was immensely grateful to Peter, but for some reason he blamed the whole incident on Gabriel. I tried to convince Pete that Gabriel was still the good guy, but he called me naive and left. I decided to stick with Gabriel, as I believed he had a way of fixing this mess.

      Suddenly, I 'gain consciousness' standing in a kind of garden behind my old school. I'm wearing a kind of white robe? There were tons of people there, old students and teachers. Barra approaches, visibly shocked at my presence. He asked what I was doing there. I told him I had no idea how I got there. He said I was sitting at a bench scribbling Koran stuff (or gibberish, anyway) in a trance. I asked if there'd been another terrorist attack on NYC (the State Building), which he confirmed. The dream's soundtrack was a non-existent track called "Silence in the Sky".
    6. 18-01-14 Nazi Jets & X-wings, Independence Day, Duke Nukem

      by , 01-26-2018 at 03:50 PM
      Last night's dream was the ultimate 90's mashup. I was flying an X-wing, in a massive battle of X-wings against Nazi F-18 fighter jets (they had swastikas on their wings). The battle took place underneath the city-ship from Independence Day. At some point the giant green cannon of the ship opened and prepared to fire, and I climbed up to it, pretending to crash into it like the guy in his crop duster did at the end of he movie. I aborted right at the end, though. I flew towards downtown LA in the distance, but a stray Nazi bullet shot me down. I crashed my jet somewhere in downtown, starting the plot of Duke Nukem 3D (which starts with Duke crashing his spaceship in Hollywood). I played a few levels, but it all looked heavily modded and different.

      Good times.
    7. 18-01-16 Making Advances

      by , 01-26-2018 at 03:41 PM
      I finally managed to tell Claire I liked her. It didn't go great (not outright rejection, but not enthusiasm either), but it felt like there was at least a chance.
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    8. 18-01-15 Navigating Dark Rooms

      by , 01-26-2018 at 03:38 PM
      Somewhat nightmarish dream in which I navigate a series of large, dark rooms connected by doors. It was very dark, and silent. I suspect there were monsters around, or at least I thought there were. There was a group of people, but I was pretty far ahead of them, scouting ahead or something. Or collecting objects to progress, like a game of Resident Evil. After a while, I had enough and I told Claire (who was with me) this was crazy and clearly a job for the military. Predictably, she would have none of that and wanted to go on. Not wanting to disappoint (and knowing that with her, it's her way or the highway), I begrudgingly agreed and lead the party further into the maze of dark rooms.
    9. Random LD's from 2 nights ago 5 - 8 Lucid Dreams

      by , 01-26-2018 at 11:06 AM
      All of the Lucid dreams started off in the same manor, I was laying in bed and got my usual vibration feelings after I was woke up from my phone or some noise. Once I realized this I was able to keep still like usual and then used the roll over method to enter the dream world. Each time I would randomly wake up my Lucid dream for whatever reason I would continue to lay still and do the same thing and guess on the timing of when my body thought I was asleep and would do the same thing ending up in the dream world. Occasionally I would be lucky enough to start to see imagery which made it much easier to realize I was ready to move into the dream world and start controlling things.

      Each instance I ended up in my bedroom for some reason and it was slightly different each time.

      Sometimes the lights were on and others they were off, a few times I was able to use TK "telekinesis" to turn them on to brighten things but other times it wouldn't work for some reason.

      One of the Lucid Dreams I decided to fly this was probably the 4th or 5th LD that night because I recall wanting to try different things other then my favorite thing of flying around. I flew up and around and felt the usual rush that I love of flying and was able to do the one arm out to go much faster and felt the speed increase with better control than before. At one point while flying up I saw what seemed to be another level of a city or existence like something was up there and I was barely able to get up to it when it almost seemed like it vanished and like it was a large astroturf area that was empty and I sorta floated back down to the ground as I was sort of confused. I don't recall anything after that.

      Another LD I recall doing a full body RC I saw my arms, legs, hands and everything, as usual I had 6 fingers or odly shaped hands on the different RC hand checks I did. I tried to drink some liquid to taste things and I recall drinking what looked like sprite essentially from a salt shaker looking object and remember it actually tasting like sprite or 7-up, sweet but tasty.

      In another instance I looked up into the sky and it was very cloudy with a small opening of blue bright sky, I again used my TK to try and open the sky up and was able to part the clouds and open the hole much bigger to make things look brighter and more beautiful looking which was really fun and amazing.

      One of the LD's I remember it looked very cartoonish like bright and fun but I don't recall much more from those as my memory is fuzzy from the different LD's I kept having. None of them seemed to last very long, no more than a few minutes I would guess, maybe 5 minutes at most, I would keep waking up randomly for no particular reason other than sometimes I kept thinking too much about not waking myself up. I do also remember it sometimes not being very clear and seemed a big hazy so I would say something like increase clarity or lucidity and it did seem to help.

      In one of the times that went into the Dream world I remember not being sure I was in a dream world and was about to bust through the doors or walls and I recall going for it and feeling the pressure of things, no pain but almost as if I could feel it like it would be in the waking world just without the obvious pain I would feel if I tried running through walls and doors.

      Did some random clap on to make lights turn on, worked sometimes other times it didn't, saw some girls at one point and was thinking about sex and was walking to go ask them if the were interested but before I got to them I woke up for some reason.

      Much more happened that I just cannot recall. I need to stop thinking so much about worrying about waking up and I need to do more focusing on my surroundings to get more into the state of mind of being controlled and focused in the dream world. Get stability, get things perfectly clear and then come up with some goals / ideas of what i'd like to do in the dream world. I need to start thinking about some more new things to try before the usual things I do in the dream world.
      lucid , memorable
    10. TOTM Basic i January 2018

      by , 01-26-2018 at 06:30 AM (Journeys through Spacetime)
      Rather late but...

      Relevant Part:

      I gazed out the window aimlessly in an endeavour to ignore the massive crowd enveloping me...
      Suddenly it clicked. I became lucid. I attempted to fly through the window, but failed, instead bumping my head.
      I strived once more after reaffirming my lucid state. I had 10 fingers on one hand!
      This time I succeeded and after a brief float through the air, I landed myself on a vibrant green lawn.
      After an unsuccessful attempt at remembering TOTY, an elderly man suddenly appeared beside me.
      I remember the TOTM and ask "Whose dream is this?"
      He thought for a while, and then responded "Yours, mine and his in truth"

      See personal DJ.

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    11. While Controlling Curtains, a Tidal Wave Comes

      by , 01-26-2018 at 06:20 AM
      Morning of January 26, 2018. Friday.

      I become aware of being in the living room of the Cubitis house. (No threads of my present conscious self identity are extant at this time.)

      My father is alive and as he was in the 1960s. I have no recall of his death in 1979. He is standing near the north end of the living room. I am sitting closer to the kitchenette.

      A television is on for a short time. It shows a group of teenagers yelling and going into a school building. “I never really liked school,” I tell my father, “I would have rather gone to a labor camp, chopping wood or laying bricks.” My father seems passive but expresses mild interest in what I am saying. Eventually, I decide that this is not entirely true, as I did not mind elementary school so much. (This is mainly a result of the typical failure of viable memories in the dream state. I did not really dislike school as much as my fictional dream self implies here. It seems to be a reference to when I actually did chop wood, use a fence pole digger, and help build a fence instead of going to middle school for a short time, when the “outdoor classroom” was first being designed and built in Florida.)

      Eventually, I get the impression that I can influence the movement of the curtain on the east window, closest to the kitchenette. Although I am not lucid, I start to notice that the curtain responds directly to what I say aloud (similar to how a real-time scripted dream works, and yet, again, there is no lucidity at any point). My father goes to the southwest bedroom as I remain in the living room. After I am sure I am controlling the curtain, I call to him to show him what I can do, but I do not see him. The situation is interesting but somewhat eerie. “Up to the ceiling,” I say, and the curtain obeys, swaying and moving to become flat against the ceiling. “Twist around,” I say, and the curtain twists itself around. “To the right,” I say, and the curtain slowly moves toward the kitchenette. I do this about twenty times, with at least five different instructions, and they always work.

      I become distracted by a noise in the backyard. Looking out, I notice a tidal wave, all along the eastern horizon, approaching from a distance. It seems to be nighttime, but I can see the whiteness of the high foamy wave.

      “Tidal wave, there is a tidal wave coming,” I yell. I do not see my father come out, but I am trying to warn him. Soon, the tidal wave hits the house. I can feel the house shake. I see and feel water coming in through the east windows. It flows quickly throughout the living room and my bedroom, and yet there is no direct impact of water on my body, only some cool refreshing splashes. Still, I yell, seeing that several high stacks of paper with documented dreams, under my bed, are apparently soaked, and I slowly recall Zsuzsanna’s dream journals as well. There is wetness, but no indication of flooding over the floor at this point.

      I yell in annoyance just as I hear Zsuzsanna and our children on the carport. I get the impression that they had just returned from shopping or the library. Zsuzsanna calls out to me, wondering what is going on. There is no indication that the tidal wave had affected their approach to the house, or that they had even seen it (which of course is ludicrous if one wants to force logic on dreams where none exists).

      She and our children walk through the front door. “Everything is wet,” I say loudly. “Not everything?” Zsuzsanna asks hopefully. “Everything,” I confirm. I wake at this point, with Zsuzsanna standing near our bed in reality and our youngest daughter nearby. I am somewhat confused as to whether our oldest daughter is in the area since she had been in my dream, though I do not see her.

      This dream is partly a beautiful connection to a fully lucid childhood dream, “The Staged Bull” from 1971 (as well as several other dreams). Both dreams use curtains as the division between the dream self and the conscious self and the perceived danger of RAS (as the waking alert factor), familiar autosymbolism for the waking transition. In this dream, my subliminal focus on reinduction brings a tidal wave (also a circadian rhythms factor) rather than the usual passive connection to water rising at the beginning of most sleeps. (This is also an association with the indoor rain we had in real life after our roof was torn off, though in reality, our dream journals did not get wet.) The typical doorway waking symbolism is utilized by RAS here, with no recall that Zsuzsanna had never been to America, let alone Cubitis (and as I have written before, I believe this is to prevent dream memories from being mistaken as having real-life meaning other than when prescient). My father wanders off to a bedroom (dream state indicator) and my control of the curtains seems like an amazing breakthrough in adding one more thread of dream knowledge in validating the autosymbolic meaning they entail. (Both autosymbolism for liminal space division and an association with control of the dream state as an implied stage, which also has curtains, yet also has the association with stage of sleep.) In previous dreams, I had chosen to “freeze” tidal waves and nuclear explosions in order to sustain the dream state and make it last for ten to fifteen additional minutes.

    12. Krgyz Krazkovicz

      by , 01-26-2018 at 03:34 AM (Random Awesomeness with Drop Therapy)
      The Dream started out in bed. I saw my uncle doing something strange and for some reason I was barely able to make sound. I remember screaming as loud as I could and all that came out was a pathetic whimpering sound. He asked me to "come over here". I hesitated, but eventually I decided to do so. I struggled to get out of bed, but I ended up doing it and walking towards him. he was holding a katana or similar sword of some kind, and as soon as I came close to him, he attempted to behead me with his sword. He then vanished. I remember that the hallway didn't exist and instead there was a dead end that had the door to a closet of some kind and the TV room right next to it. After that happened, I went into the bathroom to do something, but I then noticed my cat, smudge. "i'm just gonna circle you now" she said as she ran circles around me impossibly fast. I forgot what I was doing in the bathroom, but then I noticed my other similar looking blind cat doing the same thing as smudge. I eventually left and saw a couple, both appearing to be in their late teens and both appearing to be albino. I then left and on my way to the kitchen encountered someone I had never seen before. I asked if he was czech and he said yes. His accent was unlike anything I had heard though. I saw my aunt down in the kitchen and we started to talk about said Slav before I left to do something else. When I came across the man in the living room, I asked him his name. He said his name was Krgyz Krazkovicz. I then went upstairs and saw the same couple in the TV room. It was becoming morning, so I went to this VERY site and wrote the dream down. It was as if I flawlessly transitioned out of the dream. A bunch of other crazy stuff happened involving random cartoony things, but I forgot what it was about. I also remember a third person view of me scaling the edge of a cliff in the fashion of a 3D platformer.
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    13. LD 104 - City in the Sky and a Fight

      by , 01-26-2018 at 01:51 AM (Letaali's Dream Journal)
      I'm on a train with my family. We approach a city with massive buildings that pierce through the clouds. We are above the clouds and see the tops of some buildings. The train is on rails that go through these buildings like some sick rollercoaster. I feel the G-forces as the train makes hard turns inside the dark tunnels going through the buildings. I tell my dad "Can't help but think how many little parts of the system could fail and kill us all. This is why I hate cities." He doesn't answer. The hard turns and tunnels continue. I fear death, but another voice in the back of my mind whispers "Thousands of engineers spent countless hours to make everything safe. Trust them." This logical side can't silence my fears.

      We arrive at the station, which is on top of a building. We are amazingly high up. The place looks like an airport. My dad has too much to carry, while I have nothing. I take some of his burden to help; I carry his laptop briefcase. We don't follow the path we are supposed to take and the asian staff panics a bit about it.

      Out of nowhere, my dad pulls out a silenced pistol, grins and shoots a man. My dad would not do that, is my first thought. My second thought is "Take cover!" since he aims at me next, still grinning. I run behind some metal pillars, like something you would use on a bridge. My dad stands still and shoots at the pillars. I'm confused and afraid.

      "No." I tell myself. "This is enough." Lucidity brings some confidence, and I decide to face my father. I come out from my cover and meet my father, who has transformed into a monster like the ones in Gears of War games. He's about twice as big as before. One of his arms is a rocket launcher. He takes aim. I keep walking towards him and hold my hand out block the rocket. "I'm indestructible." I tell the dream, and it is so. The rocket hits me and explodes, but I am truly immortal in my current form. I touch the monster that was my dad and force him to transform back. The being fights my will for a while, but eventually turns back into my dad. He doesn't say anything and looks confused. I hold him and help him off the airport.