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    1. Reflections

      by , 01-28-2018 at 10:12 PM
      Jan 23

      I find myself in my childhood school yard with high awareness. The scene is quite dark, but I nevertheless take the time to inspect in detail all of the dream characters that surround me. While some of them look quite ugly or even menacing, I live out the realization that all these people are just a reflection of my mind, they are all me. I spend some time happily shouting this and engaging the DCs.

      A bit later, I recall I was planning to do the task of the month (basic ii). A wave of urgency hits me as I remember the month is drawing to end, and also the dream may be over quite soon too. As I walk down the street, I follow the plan in case I found myself outdoors, to look for a mirror on a nearby car.

      The dream scene is quite dark, but I am still able to locate a car and move closer to examine my reflection. The image looks a bit smaller than it would in real life, so I lean even closer. I don't look quite like myself initially. The effect seems more like a dream quality issue - the image is quite distorted, although, as the mirror is slightly curved, one would actually expect it to be.

      After gazing into the reflection for a while, it starts to resemble me more. My hair is a bit wavy though. Overall, the dream reflection is quite happy. I finally get to the task of making my hair longer, although this proves more challenging than expected. I try to will my hair to become longer, but dream control's not quite working. I then decide to take things into my own hands, literally, and gently pull my hair down to stretch it. This seems to do the trick and it increases in length. I enjoy the completion of the task for a brief moment, waking up shortly afterwards.
    2. Howling Iguana/Lizard

      by , 01-28-2018 at 05:47 PM
      There was a iguana/Lizard that was green and orange in the yard. I didn't know if it was poison but I called my bro to come and see it. He didnt come though so I went to the living room to find him. I ended up seeing the animal on the floor near the door entrance now. It began to make a sweet howling sound almost like a orca whale(I think) sounds when calling its friends. I thought it wanted to go out so I told it not to worry and picked it up slowly so I wouldn't drop it. Woke up after that.

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    3. 18-01-28 Lots of Short Dreams, Nightmare

      by , 01-28-2018 at 04:48 PM
      I had over a dozen short dreams, all of which I forgot. Luckily. Don't feel like typing that much today.

      One dream stood out. I woke up at 5AM from a dreadful nightmare, presumable about monsters like in 'The Thing'. Yeah, most of my nightmare creatures are from 80's movies. I felt intensely paranoid and fearful, and I jumped at every noise I heard coming from the hallway. I tried to ignore it, but couldn't. I proceeded to 'clear' my entire apartment room by room to make sure there was nothing there, and checked the doors were still locked. Only then, I calmed down a little and managed to continue sleeping.

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      non-lucid , nightmare
    4. Painting and Haunting

      by , 01-28-2018 at 06:45 AM
      Morning of April 14, 2016. Thursday.

      My dream starts like a typical painting and maintenance dream. The setting is mainly an altered version of our present home, though has an extra open room between the lounge room and dining room where there is a large wardrobe.

      I am mostly enjoying my task as I maintain a clear focus. There are a few times when I am concerned about having dripped paint on clothes that are folded on wardrobe shelves as well as on the floor. I am using a light blue paint but at times it changes to a cream color. This seems to be because I am painting a different part of another room at times and it apparently happens automatically. My painting is somewhat random. At one point, I am concerned a bit by the thicker ridges and such caused by having slapped on too much paint at times.

      Above our bed and down a bit from the ceiling is an unusual artistic feature that had apparently been put there by the former tenant. There are red ribbons in a trailing frame pattern that partially enclose a large and rectangular piece of tinfoil that blocks about eighty percent of the view of the ceiling. I try to paint around everything. Mostly, I think I am improving our residence.

      I eventually see what is like a large and very old tapestry, although it seems painted. The paint does not seem quite right, as if it had expanded and “blurred” over time (which is obviously autosymbolism for lesser dream self awareness). I soon “remember” that all I have to do is touch something to refurbish or perfect it. I touch the upper right corner of the tapestry and it becomes beautiful and more clearly defined, very vividly, little by little, as I watch closely, the much finer detail clarifying the image like a slowly moving sweeping wave from right to left. I then decide to finish painting the walls in this way. The walls then “paint themselves” in a light cream and blue pattern as even the previous lumps and minor cracks smooth out.

      I shift into a haunting pretense (common since early childhood); that is, I pretend that the room I am in is haunted, knowing that if I concentrate, I can possibly bring about a “real” haunting. I read various random letters and word clusters on the wall. One unknown female, a professional investigator of some sort, who reminds me of actress Helen Kleeb from the 1970s, writes down what I say as I am saying it, though most of which is gibberish that I still spell out for her.

      Finally, I say, “oh…it’s a name,” and I clearly see the name in large hand-printed letters on the wall and say the name, which is Rosemary Berry (which is not familiar to me, though reminds me of other dream names with rhyming patterns, such as “Tony Karoni”). I report that “Ms” appears prior to the name. (This is possibly an association with “MS. Found in a Bottle” by Edgar Allan Poe, and possibly also Matisyahu’s “Message in a Bottle” that I have listened to lately and of which I made my own version of. However, the “MS.” of the Edgar Allan Poe story is claimed to mean “message” in only some sources and “manuscript” in more credible sources). I am very glad that signs of a “real" ghost are present even though I am still aware it is the instigation of my own pretense.

      Suddenly, I am a little boy of about eight years old and I see an unfamiliar friendly boy (a ghost of a former resident) walking up to a somewhat jagged hole in the wall. (The “doorway” is also of a ghostly source as the others cannot see it.) I am aware that his name is Hamlet. The investigator is now implied to be my mother (yet Helen happens to be the name of my wife Zsuzsanna’s mother, not mine). I tell her about Hamlet and she says “oh” and remarks with seeming frustration and disappointment, “you’re just dreaming!” I am immediately aware that she probably now thinks the Rosemary Berry incident was a dream (or just my imagination) as well, which causes me to feel patronized, but as I am only eight years old, there is not much I can say. She towers over me to my right, and I feel just like a child again in perspective.

      Soon, we are walking through a parking lot (autosymbolism for the liminal space waking transition, typically the last setting in a dream). After looking through some documents she is carrying in her bag, she cautiously says, “oh…Hamlet was one of the former residents…” (with attestation emphasis on “was”). She looks at me curiously as I start to wake.

    5. Random WILD, random DILD

      , 01-28-2018 at 01:54 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Week days ago. I'm drifting in and out of sleep, as cats are jumping up and down from my bed. It's around 5am or later, my normal waking time.

      I'm starting to feel dreamy, s I push my head into the pillow (just by thinking it) and immediately I get a major head rush. Swushing in my head, as if water was running near by. At that moment, my cat decides to throw up and that gets me out of it. : (

      Random DILD next day or day after.
      I'm sitting in a fast city train. Like an above ground metro. On the left side, by the window. There is a large body of water on the left, when I notice some passengers standing up, looking outside on the left side, raising their hands with their phones. I stand up and crane my neck to see.

      A large, rectangular shaped space craft is crashing down. It's brownish, color of rusted metal. It's made out of all kinds of twisted metal. Almost like a Borg ship from the outside. I can't believe what I'm seeing. It's so real and I sense some danger coming on. We can't stop the crash. I'm looking for my phone to take pictures, but I don't have it on me. Craft hits the water with a huge splash.

      Now we go by a huge crane that's topped over in the water. It's like a super tall dockyard crane. It's starting to lift itself up. When it does, the cabin starts to resemble metallic mouth and it starts to open and roar. Almost slow motion, looks like those three-legged walking Martian machines from the modern War of the Worlds.

      At this moment I think wait a minute, this can't be real. I look at my hands and count my fingers. I realize I'm dreaming. Get out of the window on the right side of the train and start flying. It's not easy but I'm getting higher and higher with help of some buildings which I semi-climb, fly up to.

      The train and the crash was so incredibly realistic. Thank you, subC!!!
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