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    1. Tales of Prast

      by , 02-28-2018 at 09:58 PM (The world of Lyseno)
      February 28th 2018

      I remember been in a weird maze, all so dark and noisy at the same time. With a lot of creatures inside, much like the inside of my seal.

      I was aware about it been a dream, but more important than that is the fact that I could tell that something was wrong with me. I was walking around the maze with my hand on the walls to get out quickly, not thinking about using Scan or teleportation.

      Eventually, found one of the noises came from a big dog eating some humans, walked over to the dog and just let myself fall on it. The room was lit by a torch the human brought with himself and the dog got mad and started to try and bite me, he was tossing my body around the place but couldn’t hurt me at all.

      I was so tired, felt myself been thrown over to the walls and the ceiling and there was dust everywhere and could see the mouth of the dog all around my body, it was pretty crazy and I felt like shit but didn’t fight it at all.

      Finally after some time, the dog got bored of throwing me around. He started to try and eat me, he placed his giant paw on my back as I was lying down and tried to use his mouth to tear my arm apart but he couldn’t do it, he kept his paw on my back and tried with other body parts.

      I finally got up after a while and then let myself fall on the back of the dog. He started to growl at me and bark, I just got confy and then forced him down to the ground so I could rest on him.

      Was looking at the ceiling, wondering what could be done when a giant snake came by the maze. The snake stares at the dog and me and decides the dog is a better prey since its bigger than me. I am looking at the snake and tell it not to bother the dog who is now in an offensive position, growling at the snake.

      The snake is slightly bigger than normal ones, 20 or so meters long I believe. I am still on the floor when the snake lunges at the dog and I get mad, because he is my pillow. Get up and walk over to the snake and dog fighting, grab the snake by the head and take it off the dog. The snake then grabs me and tries to kill me through suffocation which I easily get rid off and then put the snake down, let it slither away onto the maze.

      The dog is about to growl and bark at me bust I just grab him and place him on the floor again to rest more. “I’m not feeling well” tell the guy inside of me, he seems to notice but can’t do anything. I want to talk to him but feeling so out of it…

      We start to hear really heavy steps and we see a demon with blade arms, it lounges at us and I stop the blades, place it on the ground and kick it a few times. It growls at us and I take off a bit of his mouth then kick him out of the way, order the dog back down and sit on his lap then glare at the demon to go away.

      Back to sleep.

      I see the world around still dark… I become lucid while floating in space and then realize that I still have a goal to finish. Place myself in a sitting position and take out the seal from the bearer I have inside of me, then summon Chivis and create the other guardians for the new site.

      I spread all of my powers to them, been feeling shitty and actually have trouble seeing at all. I feel like dying even before making this. Look at all of them as they are born “Who are you” they ask “This is your new world, protect it” is my answer to them.

      I start to arch down… I feel weaker and the seal starts to dissipate as I pass my power on to them. This is the last seal, what will happen with me? What is going to happen with my dreams? So many questions. The dragon and Chivis lift up my head so I can look at all five of them, right now they are all small like a little dog, but they keep growing as the seal dissipates form the center outwards.

      I smile at them and let them know I shall come back in another form, I keep on arching so the dragon lifts me up and keeps me straight. Chivis is somewhat uninterested but she seems to be looking at her new power. I am so confused and weak, start to feel like my consciousness is fading and that the dream is about to end. They start talking and start to ask me questions, tell them to be as strong as they possibly can for the future and then the seal on me dissipates completely and at the same time my consciousness fades to black completely, the next thing I know is that I’m wide awake on bed.

      Back to sleep.

      I wake up in the middle of a weird location, stand up and feel myself heavier than normal. Is this a dream? Yes it does feel like one, I don’t remember anything…

      Something ticks in my head and I see a flash of green, the seed from Yggdrasill finally shows up and I get restoration of some memories. Not only that, but I feel like I connected in some way to her then the connection is lost. Yggdrasill disappears and I believe she became a new sprout waiting for her own comeback somewhere else, maybe within my world.

      I start to walk and realize that I’m inside of a cage. WHAT. A metal cage at that. Try to break out using powers, but they fail. Try to break through sheer force but I can’t do it either. An officer comes by and says I will stay here forever. I ask him to come over but get ignored and he leaves.

      I sit down on the ground again and wait a bit more. Someone is coming with food. They just lift up some small thing in the door and pass the plate, they will come back in 5 mins to take it back. I slightly hurt myself to bleed onto the blood and when they come back they see the blood and quickly look through the vent at the top of the door.

      Since I’m small, have to jump but grab their nose and eyes with my fingers and pull hard, I take out the eyeball from his socket and tell him to open the door. He refuses to but then I fake puking more blood and falling to the ground.

      He goes back and opens the door, checking the blood and seeing that I’m convulsing. He tries to grab me down and takes out his handcuffs. I hear someone else from behind saying that it is not blood but rather the food just half-eaten, so vomit.

      The guy looks back and I take his gun then shot through him at the other guard that’s behind. They both fall down and I go up with their guns, others hear the gunshots and come so I keep shooting at random while going the other way.

      Jump to the ventilation chamber and let it down wile shooting at one of the cells. The prisoner there is about to scream when I shot him and place him on the ground. The guards come and think I left through ventilation so they follow lead.

      The next thing I’m doing, is making use of this ruckus to let others out using the keys from the dead guards and then go out myself.

      There is even more security outside, how in the world did I even get here? I manage to use the guns to make a ruckus outside too and force everyone to think they are under attack. Which leads to me getting dressed as one of the guards and going outside then aiming for the mountains and waking up in there.

      Back to sleep.

      I am lying down in the grass, get up and feel a bit confused and out of it. Walk a bit higher as I get lucid and remember about the last dream when I sense and see something up in the sky. There is something showing itself.

      Just like in evangelion, a giant made of white flesh like Eve shows up, this one however is Adam. I look at him falling down and causing havoc among the citizens of this world and destroying things. He then stays up and does nothing, he stops moving and a lot of people start dying because they think he is an angel. I too feel overwhelmed by this mental message and start to feel like he should be given all freedom to take human life inside of him.

      After a few seconds there are other angels coming down from him and flying towards all other sites for humanity. I dispel that and get as negative as I can be, which freezes all the angels in place and makes them stay away from me.

      My negativity also infects adam but he seems unable to move himself. What I do is run back to the military base and since everyone is too busy just pick up one of their airships.

      I don’t remember much on how to pilot this thing, but manage to get in the air. The issue now is shooting down adam… try a few things and end up sending a missile before the bullets.

      Once I learn how to use it better fly towards its head and shot him with a missile, then shot some bullets on his gigantic arm and see it fall down. Since what worked was me being super negative like always try to find a way to enter into his flesh but it seems impossible considering he regens and I ran out of bullets with the arm and the missile didn’t quite work on the head either.

      Some people seems to have been casted off of the spell too so they come and shot him more. I manage to eject myself into his chest and fill in enough negativity that he starts to decay quickly.

      After a few minutes find myself in the ground with a smaller version of adam, he is taller than I am and he looks strong. He seems to still have his giant strength but in human form. He grabs me and destroys some planes then says thank you.

      I lose consciousness here and when I wake up I am in a weird neighbor with a lot of kids. Adam is with me and says he will show me a lot of things now. I follow him and we go through a place with rabid dogs which I’m afraid of, especially since I have no powers right now.

      Adam showcases his strength and makes the dogs submit easily, then tells me to follow him since he will protect me. I disagree with him and just stay there in the park with the kids, he seems annoyed but keeps himself there. I wake up before he can actually take me any other place.
    2. a train ride

      by , 02-28-2018 at 06:55 PM
      sitting alone in a train and talking to someone fun and good person
      we talked about fighting games and how hes (conty loeds preagnet in the llowol
      a map in africa .)
      was playing a game alone and lost at the first round
    3. When Worlds Collide

      by , 02-28-2018 at 05:00 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2018, 02-27

      When Worlds Collide

      I am in a dungeon. As I am trying to get my bearings I see one of the doors open. A fat man comes out and tells someone inside the cell to seriously consider their options. The fat man leaves in the other direction. I then go to that cell door and I find it locked. I use the Harry Potter spell Alohamora to open it. The cell beyond is pitch dark so I use another Harry Potter spell Lumos to light the darkness. Eddard Stark is there, he looks in bad shape. He is staring at me and asks who I am. I say I am here to get him out, but first I have to take care of his leg. I use my hidden blade to cut a disgusting cast off of his right leg. The leg underneath is a mess. I focus healing energy through Eddard and the wounds rapidly heal. I tell him to come with me if he wants to escape. He is still speechless from what I did to his leg. He tests his weight on it and says it doesn’t hurt at all. I say of course it doesn’t, but now we have to go. He follows me into the hallway outside, I am wondering which way to go to get out of here. I have no memory of how I got in. We go around a corner and run into some guards. I toss Eddard a Witchblade and tell him it will form armor and a weapon. But as I am thinking we’ll have to fight, the world starts falling apart like it does in Assassin’s Creed between memories… then it reforms.

      Now Eddard, two guards, and I are on a beach. It is night time out and one of the guards is too close to the water and he has appeared surrounded by the lobstrosities from the Dark Tower books. He starts fighting them with his sword. The other guard stares in stunned silence before turning his sword on Eddard and demanding he take us back. Eddard’s Witchblade forms into a sword and armor and they start fighting. Eddard is trying to say he has no clue how we got to this place and maybe they should work together to figure it out. The guard won’t listen, and Eddard ends up killing him. There is a loud bang as a gun fires not far up the beach. The guard fighting off the lobstrosities gets distracted and they swarm over him, literally tearing him apart. Eddard asks what that noise was. I say I think the source is friendly and I look in the direction of the bang. We go in that direction a short way and soon I can see Eddie and Roland by a campfire cooking one of the lobstrosities. I call out to Roland so he won’t think we’re sneaking up on them. I tell Eddard that I know these two men so there’s nothing to worry about here. We both walk over to the campfire with Eddie and Roland. Roland is asking who my friend is but I don’t get a chance to answer before things get weird again.

      The first thing I notice is MoSh has appeared from nowhere. He comes over to the fire and greets us, also wanting to know who Eddard is. Before I can answer I see a spot up the beach that looks like an Assassin’s Creed memory switch, something is taking shape. A boy emerges and is running towards us, he has a sword in his hand. Roland is unsure and points his gun, asking who the boy is and saying he means no harm, but lower the sword. I recognize the boy… it’s Harry Potter! What is he doing here? Right behind Harry I see a huge snake take form. The basilisk! I yell to everyone to avoid looking the serpent in the eyes, its gaze is lethal! There is a deafening playing from behind me, and I glanced up in time to see one of its eyes explode. There is another bank from off to the side and I can tell that the other eye has also explored. That’s one weapon the basilisk will not be able to use. But the giant serpent still has it sense of smell, and it is single-mindedly going after hairy. Harry has stopped look around and ask what is happening here? The serpent lunges at Harry, and Harry puts the sword through the roof of the snake’s mouth. At the same time, the serpent sunk its fang into Harry’s shoulder. I am thinking that someone had better do something about healing that poison but I do not get the chance to. Here he disappears from site along with the giant snake.

      I figured that now there will be questions about what’s going on, but there isn’t time for them. Enemies start spawning out of nowhere. These are zombies, they all have glowing blue eyes. We start fighting off the zombies. Roland is shooting with his gun, although he looks like he rather not be. I remember that he’s low on ammo at this point time. MoSh has a pair of guns look like Roland’s. I am thinking they probably take the same bullets, so maybe they could share. Eddard Stark is hacking away at zombies with a sword formed from his Witchblade. I form my right arm into an Alex Mercer blade and start hacking away in zombies. Fortunately they seem to be the usual stupid type of zombie. I hear Roland say that he is out of ammo, and sure enough, MoSh throws him a box. This takes Roland by surprise, but he still catches it. He reloads his guns faster than one would think possible. It appears that the only way to really take out the zombies is fight beheading it or blowing its head open. Other wounds don’t seem to hinder them much.

      A few of the zombies are now looking different. They are a bit bigger, and they look more like Nazgul from the Lord of the Rings than regular zombies. I am facing off against one of these when I hear something behind me. I turned and looked and I see a huge wolf tackle zombie that was trying to attack me from behind. I then cut down a zombie who is about to attack a young man I don’t recognize. This young man is looking around as if very confused. I’m figuring he probably does not belong in this world. The wolf has no such problems with adapting to the new surroundings, and is ripping zombies apart one after another. I don’t have much time to consider these new arrivals, there are still too many zombies left. I turn my attention to one of the wraiths that are attacking, and I charge my Alex Mercer blade with light energy before slicing it into. It appears that only light energy can take out the wraiths, but that is OK because MoSh’s ammunition appears to be charged with light energy. Both he and Roland are able to take out the wraiths. After a bit longer, we are finally able to take out all of the enemies. The beach is now screwing with body parts.

      Roland wants to know what those things were? The young man is now standing next to the giant wolf. He wants know where we are? This could get a bit complicated. The young man identifies themselves as Robb Stark. He asks if anyone has seen the Kingslayer? No one has a clue who he’s talking about. He thinks he is clarifying when he says the name Jaime Lannister. I know he means, but no one else does. I tell him Jamie Lannister is nowhere around here, or at least not as far as I know. Robb asked where we are again, because just a couple minutes ago he was in a forest near Riverrun. He has never seen this place. I start to try to tell him something, but right as I am trying he fades from existence. So does the giant wolf. I grab hold of Eddard Stark. I don’t want him to be sent right back to the dungeon. For a short time he had started to fade, but now he seems solidify again. I wonder how badly I’m fucking things up.

      Eddie is asking what the fuck is going on? Roland acts like he knows what’s going on. He says it can’t be happening yet though, can it? Eddie asks what is happening? Roland says the tower must be breaking down faster than expected. He says that’s the only explanation that makes sense. As the tower breaks down, the barriers between the different worlds are getting thinner and starting to break down. As this happens, the normally separate worlds get closer to each other and start to bleed into each other. He says these weird crossings won’t stop until he reaches the tower and does what has to be done. He says it will just keep getting worse. Eddie asked what is it that needs to be done? Roland says he does not know. I am thinking that maybe MoSh could help me explain what might be happening. I look around but I don’t see him. Apparently he has awakened. I turn back but then everything around me fades to black and I wake up. This was one messed up dream.
    4. Feb 26 to 27, Cool L D chain with an interesting plot,

      by , 02-28-2018 at 12:07 AM
      Here is the visual dream journal drawing entry for the day

      Here are my dreams from February 25 to 27, 2018.

      Round 1

      In my first round of dreams, I just had some vague memories. One was of a woman I know moving to a house near me, and seeing her move in. Another was of being in a restaurant and handing someone a big pack of linens. Something at the local food store. Something with my sister at a restaurant. My old neighbors were sitting near us. We ordered beverages. I left a 2 dollar tip. We decided not to stay because the rest of our family wasn't there.

      Round 2

      Round 2 of dreams my memory was starting to improve again. It started with something about not doing too many house chores so the person can take care of themself. Then a part with T P, a friend from school, in my room, looking at a paper. We had to put the room lights on and they were yellowish. Maybe a carry over from yellowish lighting at the library that day.

      Then I was in a bathroom stall. Listening to a lucid dreaming podcast about how people can recreate sensory experiences with their mind. And recreating sensory experiences with my own mind. Then I went out of the stall and there was a pile of dirt on the ground. I didn't want my dad to think it was food so I started to sweep it. Then I was afraid to harm the plants on the ground where I was sweeping so I stopped. I was making music in my mind.

      Woke up and thought those through.

      Fell asleep again and dreamed about strawberries. Then a truck pulled up and dumped out a bunch of dessert food. A cartoon character said, "put some cookies on it", and cookies covered the big strawberry. Then dessert toppings got poured all over the whole "dream screen". I woke up from this laughing.

      Round 3

      I was in a room full of people at a meeting type thing. I was having a 3 minute share. My timer was running but other people kept talking. I just relaxed and said they could have my share time. E S tried to take my phone and look up an article for me to read. I didn't want him to take my phone because I have personal journals on it. I had to fight him as he tried to pull my phone out of my hands. I walked out of the room. There was more stuff I wound up forgetting.

      Then I was walking through a hall. A mahogany red wall appeared in front of me and I tapped it with a silver ladel to open it. i walked by a room of some people saying something like, "Ganondorfdalf" and was upset they broke my concentration. To my right I saw a screen playing something that could have been the Hobbit. I was thinking that I would be able to watch The Hobbit on cable T V now since it had been so long since it was out.

      Then I had a false awakening where I woke up in my room but in a dream. The lights were on. I was standing up using my voice recorder. An Indian woman was in my bed, asking me to come lay down. I told her I have to finish dream journaling. Then I decided I could go lay down with her because there is plenty of time to dream journal. But then I was afraid I would forget my dream.

      Then I was at the foot of my bed and saw a cigarette on the floor. I realized this might be a dream because there is no way there would be a cigarette in my room. I put my finger through my palm. I realized that I don't need to record my dreams into this voice recorder because it won't be there physically when I wake up. (then again, if it is all just electrons, maybe there is a way it could!) . I went to lay down with the indian woman and pushed the voice recorder off the pillow. I tried to tell her about my dreams so I would remember them upon awakening.

      Then we were in a big grassy field in broad daylight. There was a scary porcupine creature we were trying to get away from. The woman hid in the bushes and called her cat to her. Then I saw a bull heading straight for her from off in the distance. The bull became a black Escalade with all shattered windows. It continued to barrel right at her. I tried to pull her to me with telekinesis. I stared at the shattered windows on the Escalade as it flew through the air in slow motion. I woke up.

      I laid in bed a little bit and thought it through. I thought I would like to go back into the dream and see what happened, or if I could save her. I waited a little bit and then felt some vibrations.

      I did a W I L D or D E I L D. I was conscious as I transitioned into dream state. What I first saw was like a fuzzy T V screen with black and white fuzz. I heard it going "Shhhh". Then I saw red text on a black background like a news channel. It said something like "untimely death". The woman was shown in a picture as having died. I felt horrible about this but tried to stay detached and just see what the dream would show me. The dream asked, "Do you want to know why she died? What is the reason?" Something like that. Then it showed a video game rendering of what must have been me, sweeping a walk way with water on each side. The dream said, "Inadequate Sweeping!" As the reason she died. It showed me smiling and waving at the camera twice. The video game version of me. And both times I had differently cut hair. I looked like an animal crossing or lego video game character. The dream showed puddles forming on the walk way after I left. That must have been why my sweeping was inadequate. It left puddles. I figured the dream was saying she slipped and fell in due to my not being careful.

      I woke up from that in my physical bed, feeling somewhat upset. But also excited about how vivid a dream it all was. I stayed still, recalling it, hoping to be able to D E I L D once more and try to rescue her. However, that was all I got. I recorded the dream.

      Round 4

      I was in a class room. There was a girl on the side of the class room everyone was making a big deal about. We were getting exams back. I looked at someone else's scores and felt guilty for peeking. I got a 97. The teacher was saying how I did so well because I pay attention well. I was thinking this was because I am so dedicated to dream recall. I noticed the amount of minus ones on my paper in red ink added up to more than 3. So how was that a 97? I was thinking of what an awesome dreamer I am.

      Then I was in a video game. Or playing a video game. Within the dream. I spontaneously realized it was a dream. Spontaneous Dialed. I felt fear as I made my character run from a big spider. I could shoot red fire balls. I crossed a bridge and shot some other enemies. The screen switched panels like old zelda games. I was amazed at how cool it was to be playing a unique video game in my dream.

      Then I had a false awakening. I dreamed that I had woken up from playing this on the T V. My sister was there and I told her how cool I am because I dreamed of a fully functional video game. I was nervous though because I hadn't recorded the dream yet and I was afraid I would forget it. My sister was asking if she could watch the Honey mooners. I asked her if she could watch it on her phone so the sound wouldn't distract me from dream recall. I was going to go up to the living room to record my dream. I was at my Nana's house in the Den. I started to panic because I was way too active and probably forgot the dreams by now.

      I woke up in my physical bed, relieved. I thought the dreams through and had a sense I had still forgotten a good amount of scenes before the exam part. Well, nothing I could do at that point, they were not coming to my mind.

      Round 5

      From this round of dreams all I remembered was scrolling through a bunch of texts and picture messages. One had this picture of a blue guy with a red guy over one shoulder and a whitish guy over the other. There was another graphic text about not having gluten or wheat products. There were a few more dreams from that time but I wasn't able to remember them.


      Good night of dreams. I have been stepping up my waking life recall so that will hopefully help with dream recall even more. I listen to my dreams on an M P 3 during the following day to reflect on them at a deeper level. I have been doing some home remedies for restless legs which seem to have been helping.

      If anyone has problems with restless legs and wants to know the different home remedies that are helping me then please comment saying so and I will explain.
    5. Note to self.

      by , 02-27-2018 at 11:42 PM
      Mindfulness. Presence. Here & Now. Important things to keep in mind. Don't get distracted and discouraged with other techniques.
    6. Short but On Time Lucid

      by , 02-27-2018 at 08:21 PM
      I was in the bathroom with my past dog that died in 2015. Max was in the tub and i was going to bathe him but i couldn't find the soap. I shouted to my brother to bring the soap than hugged Max.

      The dream than shifted and i appeared in the living room with my younger brother. There was a video on the t.v. of a giraffe. I than asked him if he thought the girrafes reminded him of the herbivore dinosaurs with the long necks. He said yeah.

      Next thing I recall i'm on my bed unable to move with fuzzy vision but now I'm lucid. I hear a voice say how weak minded humans are as i lay there. It told me it was going to disect me with scissors.
      I call for assistance and after a bit the thing hears a person coming and runs away. I wait than move freely and can see better.

      I'm in a big room covered with wooden flooring and white walls. It appears to be a living room. I see no one around but a blonde little girl with a small curly ponytail. She looks four and is wearing her uniform. I than feel something behind a door and open it. It almost looks like my mom deceased grandma walking up the steps. I give her my hand for assistance but than i let go and go back into the room i was in before.

      I felt like the dream was going in a weird direction. Afterwards I see a door with light showing around it. The little girl is still around and watches to see what i do. I walk up to the door than lay on the floor to look under it What seemed interesting became a classroom where anime students were waiting for their teacher to arrive. I let the momemt sink in as I thought of the feeling of laying down on the floor within the dream. Felt close to real.

      Notes: I only had 30 minutes to have this lucid dream before I had to get up and before the alarm rang on my phone. I ended up getting lucid and woke up 1 minute before my alarm rang. Tonight i might have a chance for a long one but idk if I'll get lucid again. I also dislike alarms. I put them just in case but i always like to wake up before it rings.

      I'm labeling it memorable because Max was in it, i was able to get lucid and cause i woke up 1 minute before the alarm.
      lucid , non-lucid , memorable
    7. Dream - Find The Terminal & Trusted Stationary Supplier

      by , 02-27-2018 at 11:10 AM
      Date of Dream: TUE 27 FEB - 2018

      Dream No. 287 - Separated Sections

      Dream 287 A - Find The Terminal
      I don't remember how the dream started. From where I do remember, I was in some unknown public area. WB was in the distance when some random woman approached her and led her to me. The woman said that WB was looking for the computer terminal and that the lady knew I'd be the one for the job. She specified that we had to work as a team; WB didn't look happy but I was beaming from ear to ear.

      The events of the next scene are slightly blurry. I discovered that it was a massive train station that we were in. Although WB wasn't happy, she did finally learn to put up with the fact that I was there to help her and she gave me small tasks. Eventually, she went to a doughnut shop in the station and she ordered this massive doughnut with caramel coloured icing on it. I was tempted to get a big doughnut as well but I said that my mum would kill me if she found out, so I went for not one, but two little ones with purple icing on them, which made up to be just a bit less than WB's big doughnut.

      While WB was still in the area of the doughnut shop, I wandered off by myself to continue to find the terminal. As I was wandering around, I was talking to myself and asking myself where it could be. Eventually, I got to an area that looked like it should've had the terminal there... But it wasn't there. I was so convinced that it should be there and so I kept examining the little corner non-stop and questioning myself about it. The dream ended there.

      Dream 287 B - Trusted Stationary Supplier
      The dream started with me by myself on the grounds of Camelot Rise Primary School. I was walking around and thinking to myself whether I should return to school or not. Soon, this stranger lady was talking to me as I looked out onto the asphalt area. I started to call for Dreamy WB and as I was doing so, the lady commented something like “wow, you're calling her really loud and clear”. I don't know why the lady was so impressed with my ability to call Dreamy WB.

      Eventually, I seemed to have gotten Dreamy WB's attention as she walked over from the direction of the prep playground in human form... By then, no one else was around anymore. So it just ended up being me and Dreamy WB on the asphalt area. I have forgotten her appearance but what I do know is that it was slightly different from the real life entity. When I got close enough to her, she gave me a really big hug and I was locked in her arms, I asked her “Dreamy WB, do you think I'm ready to go back to school?”. She then released me and gave me some sound practical advice but I forgot what she said specifically. Her overall response was in agreement that I was ready.

      The next dream scene took place in the 5/6 classrooms and the teacher was Mrs Wo. who had a slightly distorted appearance in the dream from when I remember her in 2009 in real life. She was asking me questions about how my schooling had gone before. So this is weird, I have already completed VCE and yet I am going back to year 5. Back to the dream, this boy came up to us and Mrs Wo. compares him to me, to someone who was in my year 5 class in real life; this boy surprisingly also had a physical resemblance to him.

      She then tells me what the class are doing. I look around the room and I see them doing different things. Some are on the computers, some are playing with music instruments, some are reading story books, some are writing in exercise books. Mrs Wo. then told me that from 9:00 AM – 11:00, the class was scheduled to have “free time”. I did realise though that I would need school supplies for later in the day as I currently had none. Since it was free time, I thought I could go out and try to get some school supplies from somewhere.

      My first idea was to try from Dreamy WB. There was a scene where I rehearsed how I was going to get her and what I was going to ask her for. It was playing as a second projection at the back of my mind, while my physical dream state was still in the classroom. I was at another asphalt area and I said something like, “Dreamy WB, I need you to appear so you can give me some stationary; in holographic form! You are to supply pencils, an eraser, a sharpener, a ruler, and an exercise book!”.

      Then the real scene began as the secondary projection faded and I actually exited the classroom. I walked around a large area of the school yard, looking for Dreamy WB. Eventually, I came across this portable truck-like thing where heaps of students were lined up. I lined up along with them and very soon found out that Dreamy WB hired the truck and she was actually running stationary distributions to all these needy students.

      Everyone was getting a beautiful looking bag with a silver design on it but when she came to me, I got the same bag but with a glittery red design on it. She said to me that she was originally going to give the red bag to someone else so it wouldn't look like she was watching over me all the time but I guess she gave the special red bag to me anyway. After speaking to her for a while, I walked away from the truck while examining the contents of the bag. There was evidence that it was stationary as I saw a black, one-holed sharpener at the top of the pile. Before I reached the classroom again, I woke up.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:

      - None
    8. Buying a Mad Magazine

      by , 02-27-2018 at 08:27 AM
      Morning of February 27, 2018. Tuesday.

      I am in an unfamiliar store and looking at a large wooden display unit for magazines. It has four shelf sections and is as long as the aisle.

      I notice an American Mad Magazine on the third shelf up, the front cover of which resembles that of issue 145 from September 1971 (with the original’s cover price being 40 cents), though the art is somewhat sketchy, seemingly by Don Martin, and drawn smaller and lower than the real version. It also seems to be implied to be a hot air balloon with a male character hanging from the basket’s gunwale on the left side and a female character facing left in profile and looking down at him with a question mark over her head.

      I pick it up with my left hand but I never open it. Still, I perceive that some of the pages are stiffer than usual, perhaps due to several different thin cardboard pages throughout. I consider that it may be a special issue. I assume it is two dollars and prepare to buy it, discovering that I have an Australian two-dollar coin in my right hand.

      Zsuzsanna is also soon present and she finds a magazine that she plans to buy. It seems to be a different issue of Mad Magazine, but I do not see the cover.

      I go to the singular checkout counter, which looks somewhat like the type in a convenience store, although there is no display unit at the front. I prepare to pay for the magazine when I notice that I am also carrying, in my left hand (and below the magazine), what looks like three VHS cases, though smaller than real ones and ambiguously associated with DVD cases. Looking at them, they all seem to be folk music albums.

      Their covers are all in brown and beige hues and feature mostly print (apparently lists of song titles). I put them in a display bin in which others are strewn, at the end of the aisle near the checkout. Going back, I notice that I still have one case in my hand, and wonder how I had missed putting it back. I feel somewhat annoyed by my absentmindedness.

      When I am at the checkout (Zsuzsanna standing on my left), the unfamiliar male cashier tells me it will be twelve dollars. Looking at the cover, even seeing that the price in the upper right corner reads as $3.12 (three dollars and twelve cents), I still exclaim, “How can a two dollar magazine be twelve dollars?” I consider that I might pay the amount, as I start to remember that American magazines in Australia are much more expensive than their printed cover price, but I wake at this point.

      Zsuzsanna is usually on my left in the last segment of a dream. This is subliminal awareness that she is on my left as we are sleeping, and as such, is a common DSI (Dream State Indicator).

      The Mad Magazine cover depicts static “failed flight waking symbolism”, suggesting that the character is about to fall, potentially precursory symbolism of my dream self in waking transition (the typical biological jolt of waking). However, these common dynamics had been quashed in this case, both in being featured on a liminal space divider (magazine cover) and oriented incorrectly. This is otherwise based on the biological vestibular system ambiguity of being unconscious, unrelated to waking life. There has been at least one VSA factor in at least one of my dreams of each sleeping period for over fifty years, so pretending that VSA autosymbolism is relevant to waking life is asinine (other than when literally prescient, though I doubt I will be in a hot air balloon or buying a Mad Magazine in the future).

      This dream is the typical checkout scenario, which is autosymbolism of consciousness reascension (leaving the dream state), one of my most common factors of waking autosymbolism since childhood. The confusion about prices (as well as having to do the same thing more than once) is a common dream state dynamic (as the non-lucid dream self does not usually possess or maintain viable thinking skills or temporality) of which is unrelated to waking life and the conscious self.

      The preconscious personification (the cashier) is an unfamliar male to prevent my dream from having waking life associations. (However, in direct contrast, this factor is sometimes inexplicably prescient.)

      RAS mediation renders the store as unfamiliar to prevent my conscious mind from mistaking it as being related to waking life (for prevention of false or ambiguous memories). (There is always the possibility that it may be visually prescient, but it is probably only the usual unique fictitious composite.)

      In summary, this dream features the usual components and autosymbolism. The Mad Magazine cover is similar to the first issue that my mother bought me when I began to collect them in 1971, thus this represents the induction marker of my dream, while the checkout is the exit marker.

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    9. fragments

      by , 02-27-2018 at 08:20 AM
      I met someone I know at a tube station they asked me where I was going to. I said whatever station is yours (lol). When they got off I came up behind them and gave them a hug, it was nice

      Next I remember having a hang nail (ugh) I pulled it and the whole thing almost came off Oo aaaaaaaaaaa.

      Last dream I remember my dad turned up unannounced with some friends and our cat. Susan was wanting to leave them outside, but it started to rain xD so I couldn't.
    10. Fourteen Days: A Tally Through Time

      by , 02-27-2018 at 05:07 AM (An Insomniac's Dream Journal)
      So far, there have been 10+ recorded dreams throughout this 14 day trial. So where does the newest one fit in? Let's just go over that real quick.

      And yes I know this is a little late. Accidentally forgot to turn on "Publish On" when I was working on this post.

      Day 14:

      Fell asleep at: 11:00

      Woke up at: 6:35

      Dream 10: Double Digits, Finally!

      The dream plays out much akin to a cutscene from Sonic Mania. Sprite-based animation is at the forefront, and animations are smooth and crisp. There's a gardener tending to 5 differently looking flowers, all of them red in color. The gardener is planting the last flower, a star-shaped one called the "Flower of Paranoia". I don't understand why it was given that name, but it did look pretty cool.

      Anyways, so far there have been:

      6 school related dreams

      4 home related dreams

      4 video game related dreams

      And 7 abstract locale dreams

      A lot of these dreams kinda weave together into the same dream, and as such are counted in more than one category.

      Both my school and my home are prominent locations in my dreams, as well as video games. Now, I don't know how I can identify those more abstract dreams in locations I haven't really been to before, but I can safely say that doing a RC and staying more aware during both school and when playing video games are prime times to have them.

      I read on Howtolucid.com that, when utterly immersed in a video game or movie, to occasionally pull yourself out of that state of mind and observe your surroundings. Dreams are often quite like watching a movie, and taking this approach helps a ton. This is the link to that specific article I'm talking about:http://howtolucid.com/cinema-techniq...ing-awareness/

      So far, there have been no false awakenings, lucid dreams, or sleep paralysis episodes. Kind of disappointing honestly, since I'm about a month overdue for my lucid. Usually I can muster at least once a month, but umm... not this month.
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    11. This week's dreams.

      by , 02-27-2018 at 04:14 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)

      Just remember getting off work but I was in a strange city. I noticed a huge storm was brewing and it was getting really windy. I saw V from work walking by herself as she was literally disappearing in a cloud. I ran after her. I became lucid somehow and wanted to look for Jamie. but my vision went all purple and then black. I have no memory after.

      Leaving work again

      Almost a repeat of the last dream. But I was walking down a longer hallway before I got outside and with a different girl this time.

      Homeless shelter

      Brief dream of following my friend into an abandoned homeless shelter. Can't remember much after something about getting lost going home....


      Various dreams about youtubers. Mainly remember being in a cave with exploring with josh.


      I was walking around downstairs and saw someone who lived with us watching TV. I had a closet with hangers that started swinging by themselves. I pointed it out to the lady but she didn't seem to care. I started freaking out and ran upstairs and saw lots of other items moving by themselves.
    12. Feb 25 to 26

      by , 02-27-2018 at 12:15 AM
      Here is my dream journal drawing entry that I am trying to keep up with:

      Here are my dream notes from Feb 25 to 26.

      The earliest I can remember is I was going to get gas at the gas station for my Dad's car. I was lining up my gas tank with the gas pump. I had to turn my car around so it would be on the correct side.

      my dad was about to go out somewhere. I was leaning against my door waiting to answer but then he left. Then I was trying to run to the front window to say bye.

      As I ran through the hall way, I ran into younger versions of S L and J J, two executives at a company I worked for many years ago. S L reached out to give me a hand shake. He said happy anniversary.

      Next I was sliding down a hill or slide thing that was just a wire. Something about vitamins and vitamin E. I flew over some people and farted. I don't remember that part too clearly.

      Then there was this part which had more detail but I only remembered it vaguely. It was a church service that was taking a really long time. Someone was saying how this was such a treat but I did not agree. There was also something to do with sprinkles that no one wanted.

      Then there was this video thing with M R and his girlfriend. Everyone got a box with a gift inside and I didn't want to open the box I was given. Something about pressuring me to open the box.

      Then I was at a gym, and talking about someone from a message board but changed their user name as I talked. I was hearing about a bodybuilder who needed 4 days off before a leg workout because he did a rest pause set of squats going up to 28 reps after a heavier straight set.

      A lot of these dream memories were a bit blurrier or less detailed.

      Second round of dreams.

      Something with Dad, maybe going somewhere with Dad? Couldn't get memory back.

      Then V S and some other people from my college were sitting with me. I was complaining about their smoking and they didn't like it. They were getting tired of it and wanted to beat me up. V S was being really quiet but I had the sense he was plotting in his mind how to take me down. I think they started ganging up on me more.

      Then my friend C S was sitting at a grey table in a cafeteria room and I joined him. He was being really nice and asked me an interesting, friendly question. However I was not in a good mood from the previous scene, so I didn't answer. I felt like he was my enemy too even though he was being friendly. Because I felt like everyone was against me.
      Then I was fighting with this old man about something. I forgot what, but I know I was right. Anyway the dream showed an over head view of a map of where I live, with shifting colors.

      That man was on a team with another person, and I had one other person on my team. We fought and they took out my team mate. So it was two of them against me. They almost had me cornered in this corridor type of room but I managed to get myself safe and subdue them. It was close.
      Then I was with another friend. There was a sense those bad guys were still coming after us. I looked through these open lockers or cabinets in this next corridor we were in. They were navy blue with orange protein jugs and vitamin bottles inside. We left a lot of them partially open. I was afraid to leave them exposed because the bad guys might steal all my protein and vitamins. But my friend said it didn't matter. I guess we were in a hurry to get away.

      We got to this kitchen room still feeling some of the energy from the chase. There was a Nintendo 2 D S X L (it said that on the box) on the counter. It only had one small screen though and I wondered how anyone would play Pokemon on it. The screen would be like 2 inches for each panel. But, it was actually for doing a "spin move" when connected to a Wii.

      There was this thing about the "spin move" being stackable meaning if I kept doing the spin move, it got more powerful each time. So it took some finesse but then the person could have a really effective move. Then I was in the local mall, looking at a store front that was all pink, beneat the escalator to the food courts. In waking life, it isn't pink. I was headed to the right, which in waking life would be Ikea.
      Then I went into this room and I was sitting around with a group of people. I was looking at some womens faces which appeared very vivid. The next thing I knew was that these women were pulling out cigarettes to smoke. They were just lighting the tip for a quick puff and then putting it away because we were indoors. This made me very mad. Then they were lighting rolled up dollar bills in their mouths. One woman had a one dollar bill and another had a hundred dollar bill. I took them out of their mouths and threw them on the ground. This made them upset. The owner of the place came in and she told me I was being violent. I told her those women were violent for lighting cigarettes indoors. It became a fight. Then they were all crowd surfing me but in an unfriendly manner.

      I felt like I couldn't get away. I was watching the ceiling go by above me and saw that it was padded. Then I realized it was a dream. I still couldn't get down though. Eventually I got down and found this walnut shell with a hole in it. I could use it to shoot blue lazers at people. I shot blue lazers at some people and flew away. So much for conflict resolution within lucid dreams! .

      Then I was flying in a really nice neighborhood. I was amazed at how huge and nice these houses were. I think I had forgotten it was a dream by now. I flew around this grey house and into a bedroom that was mine in the dream context. My room mate was sleeping and he turned over in his bed when I came in. I thought I had woken him but was relieved to see he was still asleep. The walls turned from orange to blue. I went to look down the hallway for a window to fly out. One had spider webs. I flew out another.

      When I landed, there was a thin worm in my hand. I felt bad for taking it away from its home and put it on the ground. It got really big and burrowed into the ground. Then I saw a red centipede thing as I walked barefoot along the ground.

      Then I was in a kitchen. There was a giant 5 foot long by 3 foot wide rectangular metal cooking pan by the dish washer. I guessed that they must not wash it too often due to how big it is. There was other food in this part.

      Then my mom was in a van with her friend and my sister. Her friend was smoking a cigarette so I was staying away. My Mom wanted milk for her ice coffee. So I was pouring milk in both of our ice coffees. But her friend couldn't have any.

      Round 3 of dreams.

      Something about thinking of the right Pokemon music, having to do with elements.

      Then there was a big row of people all doing calf raises. I was falling behind on one leg but it was time to move on. Then I was rubbing blue stuff on my legs. Maybe an R L S treatment.

      Telling someone I don't do something any more IE eat a lollipop idk what it was.

      Something about being sued or being sued by people who really know how to squeeze every last drop out of ya.

      There was a big blanket hanging outside.

      Something about bringing our clothes outside or leaving them in an indoor wardrobe. I didn't see the need to bring them outside into the cold. 2 women wanted to leave their clothes in the indoor wardrobe too.
      In another part my Mom had visited. She was driving a brown car. She was going to drive the car to the bus stop and then take the bus home. But I worried she would need the car when she got home and not have it, or my sister would need it. I was trying to figure out something to do about this before my Mom left.

      I was driving my silver car to catch up with my mom. I saw her to the side and then slipped into a grassy ditch. I kind of panicked but then revved the engine and I was out. I heard this guy my Mom was walking by tell her that I am clumsy or something like that. He was trying to hit on my mom by saying that, not knowing I was her son.

      I went and confronted the guy, but he had gotten up. His friends said he would be right back. Sure enough, there he was. He sat down accross from me. I told him I didn't like what he said. What are you gonna do, fight me? He replied. No, I said, that would be violent. Oh, then, what, and they presented another extreme. No, but I am going to tell you that I didn't like what you said. and I went on to lecture the guy about casting judgment on others very heatedly.

      I was asking him how he would feel if he were in the dairy section of the grocery store and over heard people talking about him saying he was fat or ugly. Then I pointed to his rice cooker and told him it had 7 hairs in it because he judged me 7 times. So he should stop being so judgmental. I started to lose my voice within the dream and woke up.

      It was funny because I woke up whispering this lecture in my physical bed for a few moments before I realized what was going on. Too bad I muted my voice recorder. It would have been interesting to hear.

      In another part of the dream there was a PC that won't run "broken programs". It had a black back ground with grey text.

      There was also another vague or blurry detail of talking to someone.

      Round 4 of dreams.

      There were some cool parts I forgot. One might have been of standing over a volcano to drop something in.

      There were some pictures of people on a circular table that I was covering with a white towel.

      Then there was a really vivid book of nature photos in really high quality photography. I was looking for the date it was published and couldn't find it. Then I found it said June 17, 2017. The two dates I saw before that didn't seem right.

      Then I was on an internet forum. A guy posted about how he was going to go on a binge one night but chose to eat oatmeal instead. He didn't feel so bad about himself then. What a nice story.

      I showed it to my sister and she got upset. She told me how her friend used to drive off into traffic. Something about that forum brought that up for her. She was crying and said she didn't want to talk about it. I went to a drop down menu on the forum on my sister's account. I clicked it and selected the word "Forever". The drop down menu was how much support you want to give the person.

      Then I was with my friend W. We were looking through the message board and then the computer screen became a cabinet. There were some chips or noodles in there. I took them out but felt like they didn't belong to me. But they were stale so no one must have wanted them. W said they were made from protein, not gluten. So I could eat them. I think they had some sauce.

      Dream recall on this night seemed a little weaker than last night. I worked more waking life recall the next day to try to keep my dream recal stronger.
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    13. Swept By The Wind

      by , 02-26-2018 at 10:28 PM
      I was at a supermarket where I was with these familiar girls. We were shaking money so that it would replicate. If we were lucky it would do it a lot. I got like 9 in total of the coins which seemed like a lot, than looked around to buy something. I saw fresh fruit with yogurt and grains or something. I was gonna get it but than my Grandma from my father side came and told me it wasn't good for me. I sighed than left it. After i walked to my family near the counter the dream shifted.

      I was now at my dad's house and it was night. It felt like i was living there again though. I went to the bathroom and flushed the toilet there but than the toilet water began to rise. I quickly called out to my dad who shouted to turn the knob near the toilet. There was a knob near the toilet seat top so i turned it but than the toilet began to spew out muddy water. "Daaadd! Its overflooding!" I shouted.

      I ran to the stairs and he seemed like he was walking down. "La,la,la la" he said. I thought he was trying to say left so i went to the knob and began to turn it left a lot. The toilet shook harder as muddy water began to flood the floor worst than ever before. I ran up the stairs telling my dad it was too late and the toilet was flooding the bathroom with water. That's when the exit door near the stairs burst and a terrible gust of wind blew in, along with muddy water. I flew back to the wall trying to maintain my balance when I looked where the door was supposed to be and saw what looked like the grand canyon.

      I than transformed into a native anime girl with a high black pony tail. My hair was long, I had bangs and was wearing a white short sleeveless garment, kind of like a short dress but made out of wool or something. I saw a rope in front of me and grabbed it. Suddenly I was warped into the air and flying like the wind in the place that looked like the grand canyon. A narrator than popped up saying that the girl (I) was swept by the wind. When I stopped flying like the wind I began to swing on the long rope in a rotating manner. It felt like I was going around the earth and I thought my native brother made it. The girl I became than formed into her own person and warped on a flying animal where her brother was. It reminded me of the flying bison from avatar. The girl said she wanted to check on her brother without him knowing so she became a boy. Than when she warped back she became a girl again.I than swung back near the top of the stairs as the scene came to a close. I don't recall what happen next.

      After I googled it I found that people use to rope swing in grand canyon but its banned after a guy died?After reading some more I think its just banned at the spot where he died. Idk. But I guess it wouldn't stop dare devils from doing it.

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    14. The Orb in the Mist

      by , 02-26-2018 at 05:04 PM
      Morning of October 7, 2008. Tuesday.

      I am standing near a river in late morning. A mist begins to grow and rise from the river. Later, it seems more like early evening.

      Eventually, the mist is elsewhere with an undetermined orange light within it, implied to be like a miniature sun. Zsuzsanna is present at one point and some of the light within the mist shines through and augments her beauty. (I am unsure if the setting is implied to be indoors or outdoors, a common ambiguous factor of the dream state.)

      My dream begins with the common water induction (water being autosymbolism for entering the dream state, occurring as such at least once in every normal sleeping period for over fifty years). The mist symbolizes the essence of the dream state itself, which obscures the orb of light (conscious self identity). This is very similar to many previous dreams of which utilize the same autosymbolism, typical RAS mediation of which is similar to many dreams I have had about something being wrong with the sun, which is biological autosymbolism for my conscious self identity being incomplete while in the dream state.

      (The first two episodes of the fourth season of “Supernatural” aired the night before, included here for personal date-tracking purposes only.)

    15. prisoner

      by , 02-26-2018 at 08:36 AM
      Can't remember start of dream but I was trying to swim in the sea but I was having to swim down to get something. I was getting dragged down and potentially drowning. I decided instead to give up on whatever I was trying to get. I remember the water was quite clear and I could see shafts of sunlight and sprays of bubbles.
      Instead I made for land and washed up panting on a sand bank. I then tried to escape but found I was not the only one there. I was in a war zone. Others were huddled there in-front of a wall. Going over the wall would mean being shot, as the place was crawling with soldiers in old style uniforms with rifles. it would be suicide to make a break for it in any direction and suicide to stay as we would be shot on sight.
      As I waited there men came into the compound, clearly criminals thought the soldiers let them through. A skinny lad allowed them to drain something from his leg this clearly was sapping what was left of his life but it was a trade off for allowing to stay a live. They offered us the same deal :/
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