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    1. January 17th 2017 Awesomely Sexual LD - Felt Like 15 Minutes

      by , 01-18-2017 at 12:40 AM
      Awesomely fun lucid dream. Felt like about 15 minutes long, no supplements. There would be so many sexual content spoilers so I will just leave the pictures here for now for my own quick reference and if anyone wants all of the sordid details, you can PM me.

      Outdoor 2 level shopping scene but way busier:

      This is apparently a thing in Southern California. I have seen a picture like this before but have never been to one and in the dream the place was a lot like I imagine they would be (meme not by me)… :
    2. 5th January 2017 Long Vivid Dream Turns Into a Memorable Lucid (with pics)

      by , 01-06-2017 at 04:13 AM

      I woke very exhilarated from this dream and had motivation to do an online DJ entry with pictures once again.

      Thu, 05 Jan 2017:

      Start in packed restaurant or similar, commotion outside, peek out blinds, 2 cars stopped yelling at each other, one with several Latinos and one several African Americans. They speed off down the street dangerously.

      I pull out my phone and have the description of one car: a turquoise Subaru hatch/wagon. Friend tells me I should text the info to (telephone #) instead of 911. I start to punch in the telephone number but then I realize I may be forgetting part of the description for the vehicles. Seems to be a campus security text #. Makes sense since 911 will be not go to local police directly. Shortly after we walk to a campus eating place with windows and all eating outside, safe? One of the guys says it is safe and that he actually works here sometimes , a campus job I guess. Girl Friday arrives.

      Transition to us walking in a dream neighborhood that definitely feels familiar from dreams, with neighbor house to the right. Also becomes (Current neighborhood)-like then dorm-like. Inside big house at some point.

      Girl Friday flirting, sweet, takes me in another room to show me some lime green clothing-something. She removes her outer shirt, should I turn around. I feel a little boldness to keep looking on and do so. Did she want to show me those socks that seem to be lime green? "A" arrives and shows me his T-shirt with a print on it and I notice my
      Spoiler for sexual content:
      Mr CL comes in and seems to greet us with a hug as we're in kind of a lounging position perhaps in bed or on a couch. Up and moving around the house, I can see clearly through neighbor's windows, a sexy neighbor lady. Maybe I can see something sexy as I see her across the way, walking around several different times during the dream, through their windows. We also have many windows looking out.

      3 neighbor ladies wearing outfits that are a cross between lingerie and maid costumes.

      I have an FA: I think to myself, I'll go back to sleep and be bold and lucid. Yep! Several different Asian college couples are having sex in different rooms. I warn my son who is walking in the direction of the couples having sex and say something like "they're doing what I guess you college kids do" and he laughed it off and keeps walking. Those 3 ladies from earlier are having some kind of sexy costume time interacting in flirty poses. I see a door between the two houses and
      I feel strong boldness and realize I'm dreaming and go through the door and when I get to the room the three ladies are lounging in bed, two of them sitting up near the front of the bed

      and before I go any further I do look at my hand for a little bit to make sure I am actually dreaming and not breaking into my neighbor's house. My hand looks normal at first so I look again and sure enough 6 fingers. I have the first lady on the left
      Spoiler for sexual content:
      (schema edit; nice mental control achieved) and then
      Spoiler for sexual content:
      Part way through I realize her
      Spoiler for sexual content:
      after considering just magically swiping them away and then continue
      Spoiler for sexual content:
      transitioned to this rectangular device. Many people and family are around and I think that this is a good chance to show how lucid I am but then I have second thoughts and want to be sure and do my hand RC again before doing anything cray in front of everyone. I don't recall much more after the RC before waking.
    3. TOTM Early Success & Failure for January Tasks - Morning of 31st December 2016

      by , 01-01-2017 at 12:58 AM

      715am wake from first LD; 925am wake from 2nd for late morning LD. I recalled that heavy visualizations were important for late morning LDs and it worked.

      * I am on a road driving and people are changing lanes strategically to get around people turning left and to keep moving somewhere in a hurry and at some point I am riding a bike instead and I realize I'm dreaming and I start to fly from the bike but then I noticed the dream visuals lessening a bit so I decided to land. I remember the 3 task of the month goals I had planned on doing first but this didn't seem like the right time to try the alien spaceship one. Even before bed while awake and doing some brief planning I somehow forgot about the translucent forest of Pandora, even though that sounds terrific if somewhat difficult. Anyway, I think of the pencil talk and I reach into my front right pocket with my left hand and my back right pocket with my right hand and they are big and loose and empty and I notice the visuals starting to fade again. I look down to the ground and I say but I think I see a forgotten Christmas present and it forms on the ground in front of my feet. It is wrapped in a wrapping paper more like cellophane and it's a blue color between blue and turquoise on the lighter end of the color scale. I start to open it where the paper comes together and I see that there is another layer underneath and I remove that also to see another layer. I start to realize this could continue forever and I confidently summon a pair of scissors in my hand instantly and surprisingly easily and I start to cut through the wrapping material to reveal a nice hard covered sturdy cardboard box with a lid. When I open the lid the first thing on top or a couple of gel inserts clear and the size of the heel of your foot maybe a bit smaller. Under that is a receipt and I'm thinking during the dream that it would be interesting to report to everyone on DV what the receipt said so I looked at it closely but all I recall is that the price was 89 dollars and with tax it was 95 something. Under some packaging paper in the box eventually uncovering the rest of the item which is a very fancy pair of leather slippers perhaps house slippers. They are a shiny brown leather in a thick leather that reminds me of thick rubber and squishy and they have clean stylish black soles. They seem like a very nice pair of slippers even though slippers are not something I would typically look forward to opening for a Christmas present. I wake and try to DEILD. I get only dreamlets, aware I'm dreaming but not full dreams and they kept dissipating so not counting a 2nd LD here, included: picking up string of lit Christmas lights, chips on big plastic storage container lid eating them, me with a santa bag carrying it, big goblet full of perfectly frozen ice cream sharing with nephew, sled and sled tracks in the snow, thick green shiny and partially translucent rectangular plate. Again each of the above dissipating before the next dreamlet appears.

      *Over two hours later I have my second full LD. My earliest recall from this dream was a feeling of boldness to take off flying, realizing I'm dreaming! I am in a beautiful mountainous landscape not very different from where I was IWL this very day before going to bed. It was some of the most fun flying in a long time staying low to the ground flying over green grass and hills and punching the air in Superman flying posture to speed up. After a while, I approach two gigantic trees probably Oak trees or at least shaped like huge majestic Oak trees and the branches and foliage are so thick that it seems to be blocking my path to the mountains I saw on the other side and was heading to before getting caught up trying to get around these tree branches. Perhaps I should have spent some time under the trees, perhaps something to learn, as I do love trees. Instead I turn around and fly behind me planning on looping around but I am now in a neighborhood block scene, still a nice sunny day. I see a woman sitting in a car as I pass the end of the block and when I swing back around the car is gone so I start looking into windows of some 2 story houses and I'm not seeing much so I decide to land and go inside one of the houses which is actually a single-story house. I find the door unlocked and I open the door and peek in. It looks like an old person's house with an old couch multi-colored but mostly tan woven fabric where the colors are woven tightly together and blend in, until you look up close. It is along the wall on the far side of the living room and I see a bed physical through a bedroom door and a recliner chair to my left. This reminds me of my Grandmother's home. There's that distinct smell I've smelled somewhere before that reminds me of old peoples houses, but not my Grandmother's. I decide to go elsewhere and look back as I leave and I seem to see a big colorful face through the curtains, perhaps inspired by the mardi gras figure in the movie "Self/less" seen the day before. I wonder if someone might indeed be home and sure enough an older lady somewhat stocky and shorter comes to the front and I say I'm sorry I came in your home, but this is just a dream. She seems like she wants to talk and this reminds me I have some things I wanted to ask in a dream. I ask her about f she knows how to have very long lucid dreams. In a very thick Eastern European accent she says "you have to remember that in about 4 hours you will be ready to go back to sleep again and when you feel that sadness coming on..." The visuals and her voice starts to fade. Sadness? Seems like a gibberish answer. Also, I won't be ready to sleep again in 4 hours.
    4. TOTM entry morning of 12/24/2016

      by , 12-26-2016 at 07:54 AM
      24th December 2016


      quick recap:

      I see a taller blonde lady and I feel boldness and realize I'm dreaming.
      Spoiler for sexual content:
      I then think of my goals and remember the room 100 year bonus task. I see a door and open it and as I step in and close the door there is not much space but no matter. I say time stands still for me while time advances 100 years outside of this room. When I open the door = windy dusty barren land with "bones" of an old structure are all that remains. The bones come together in a wigwam shape.
      I wake. I tried not to expect anything but a few times when thinking about the task I imagined seeing a technologically futuristic scene but I got a dystopian wasteland instead.
    5. September 5th to 15th 2015 - Starry Night!!

      by , 09-18-2015 at 12:12 AM
      Once again the pictures are mainly for me to quickly relive the adventures and I will add text for anyone else reading.

      Tue, 15 Sep 2015:
      Awesome!!! Not sure I remember anything else the rest of the night. 1054pm to bed. No waking noticed during night until LD is over ~525am 6.5hrs so no induction done.
      *Standing outside at night I look at the stars and I am astonished at how many are visible! I think this must be a dream but it feels so much like waking life!

      I look at my hand and at first glance appears normal but I start counting and get up to at least 7 fingers on left hand before stopping, fully lucid.

      I look back up at the beautiful sky and fly up into it joyfully. It is beautiful and I am feel myself getting more and more ecstatic and remind myself not to get over excited like a newbie...

      its just so beautiful, so many stars with some typically gray clouds as noticed at night. Having flown up quite a bit I decide to level out in altitude and scan the surface below. The light starts coming up though I see no sun per se.

      I noticed on the landscape below there is writing, map style, with text reading Louisiana Purchase and The River Authority.

      I look closer and land on ground. Open saloon style with Fraggle Rock like characters up to my upper stomach, soft spiking separated thick strands of fur!
      <but smaller nose, thicker hair that came out more like spikes narrowing to a point

      Cool! I interact, touch even consider alien sex but move on. Store aisles exploring.

      Rub hands furiously...better not too much or might activate sleeping waking body hands i think to myself. Cool, exploring once again but see Selena Gomez, irresistible, swoop off her clothes and we go at it.

      See younger sexy female and switch, Selena is upset. Younger hispanic,

      Spoiler for sexual content:
      feels like early night LD but is actually 6.5 hours in. #382

      Fri, 11 Sep 2015:
      Some dream where I produce something involving higher technology (virtual reality related?). I produce something to keep the person in front of me interested to continue.
      Something with real estate?
      *SSILD after longish period of browsing VR articles. Performing the cycles seemed a little bit hard to get the visual part at first because of all the screen viewing during WBTB. Finally was able to focus on the black backs of my eyelids and not all the color popping. The dream entry was wild style but I don't think I maintain consciousness all the way through. I am air swimming to enter the dream world fully from this Netherland I'm in. I begin to fly and I can hear sounds in the distance and I get inspired to find the stadium like I've been wanting to do and I tell myself after I turn it will be down and below me. it works on the second turn but everything is not clear yet . A stadium is down below in a slight fog when I head down there.

      I am flying around the stadium imagining awesome reactions from the crowd and seem to get some faint oohs and aahs. I also experiment with flipping through the space inside the stadium

      and it feels very realistic doing big aerial upside down circles later going down for cheerleaders but find an average looking female in short shorts, still awesome!

      Later false awakening and go back in DEILD style from inside dream realm I feel I never returned to my physical bed...and find girl Friday awesome again! So in this second entry I am confused at first that I may be waking up and writhing around in bed with my wife wondering what I'm doing or dreaming about, but I do my motion trick convinced enough with that to say I'm still dreaming and feel another dream forming. I feel around in the darkness of this still forming dream and know that I will reach out and find girl Friday and I do!
      <a representation of my Girl Friday
      I am so excited to see her and kiss her passionately and I remember how I plan to waste no time by removing clothes manually and instead just swooped them off her in a single wave of my hand.
      Spoiler for sexual content:
      it feels very realistic! When I eventually wake up for real I can feel the difference and that's where I came up with the conclusion that those previous re-entries to dreaming were from a dream state and not from a partially awakening state. it makes me want to poll other people that are very experienced with DEILD. Almost forgot! One scene fade I could see myself up close just one side of my face and one eye due to proximity to myself it seems. Pretty accurate representation of me. Could I have been out of body, I ponder briefly. #380-381


      Wed, 9 Sep 2015 - SSILD, 2 aha moments: boldness and sex with multiple partners and then later with a caught FA caught of wife in bed when I knew she already left for the day. #378-379

      Mon, 7 Sep 2015 - *430-5am phone browsing. Very unfocused at first with intention to do SSILD. "As soon as I am inside a new scene I know that I'm dreaming." 2 aha moments. One was taking off flying over pews inside big empty 1.5 story church to catch up to something and the other was boldness..seeing some cute girls in the busy hallways outside of the empty auditorium of the church, I think it was at a church also. Hallways somewhere. I had sexual experiences with so many girls. There was a cute somewhat overweight white girl with smallish breasts but still sexy/exciting undressing her. A girl with sexy shorts on. Some I call out to them and they engage with me. Some I have to catch up to. All tons of fun. Towards the end I am carrying one lighter skinny sexy thing and alternate between cradling and holding her front and center
      Spoiler for sexual content:
      as I walk around.
      I wake affected. Felt like a longer, maybe 8 to 10 minutes LD, possibly more. I remember waking and being very satisfied when I had a longish LD without G. #376-377

      Sun, 6 Sep 2015 - I decide to go back inside the sports arena after leaving and it is quite far away and I get the idea to fly and do fly and fully realize I am dreaming. I speed up flying and when I get there it is a completely different place. Fun messing around with a DC sitting on picnic style table in a restaurant. #375

      Sat, 05 Sep 2015 - A Girl Named Snow!
      WBTB with SSILD. I come across three siblings that I have met before either as a false memory or in a previous dream. Two brothers and a sister. they can see I'm struggling to remember their names and one of the brother says her name is Snow. Oh yes I know, good to see you all again. Snow is very pretty and pure, innocent.

      We go off on our own. We like each other. I give her a kiss it feels so wonderful. I ask her if she wants to have sex and I realize I am dreaming. Start to remove her clothes unbuttoning her jeans and unzipping them and pulling them off and I think about just mentally removing them but I continue since I'm already half way done and remove my clothes too. visuals get a little weak but I continue and begin intercourse and visuals come in and out. I eventually wake smiling big despite turmoil IWL. #374
    6. March 12th 2015 Sporadic LD as Practice Derailing

      by , 03-26-2015 at 12:49 AM

      This seems to be a good example of what my lucidity looks like when my LD practices derail. After this sporadic and seemingly short LD (unless I forgot parts of it and dwindling recall is to blame), I had an 11 day dry spell which is unusual for me this far into my practice. Such dry spells only seem to pop up every so many months…maybe 4-6 months?

      Thu, 12 Mar 2015:

      Chance to get lucid as I slept in the before my dental appointment to 8:25am
      1030pm? 1230=quick btw 4am wbtb(5.5h) At my #uncleT 's house I go into his room several times to use the #bathroom and the last two times I notice I can hear their phone calls via the speaker phone #answeringMachine in his in-room office suite through some double doors. Some thought about what area codes may be included in a metro calling plan but they all seem to be my local area IWL not his.
      Had recall at 12:30 but didn't want to record and only spent very minor brain energy to try to mentally store before realizing I may wake too much. Can't remember at moment.

      Something with a #black lady that doesn't trust the Chicago? #police. I forget to tell her the train option for getting between two cities and I see a #map with train system between those two cities in a big wide u shape. A scene then plays out that we seem to be watching at my uncles house TV in crowded family room couch where a black man is being tracked by the police and he grabs a #hostage at a busy train station or airport before a #crowd surrounds him and several have #guns. One guy carefully points his #gun at him at close range and #shoots him. Gasps all around.#hostage #vigilante

      Holding #baby #singing hush little baby. also watching #kids they run outside to the neighbors to get into mischief and I go inside the house to let the mother know that they ran off
      *Leaving #work with some #coworkers and we're talking about some #controversy about a cell #phone or two that was issued to some people for my work including D(the hilarious guy) "you know they may still be using it to do something with the phone calls" something about cutting into phone calls. we are going to my house for some reason and the guy that does <snip> is there and I'm guessing he's inspecting what I have set up here and we all go into the same house. "might be messy" and at some point I realize I'm dreaming perhaps through the "if I were dreaming I would" mental process and I pick up one of the female coworkers and float her to the top of the two story vaulted ceiling and back down to the floor. There are a lot of #kids here and a sexy lady and I <2nd base sexual interaction> at some point I lose lucidity probably doubting whether or not I should be so sexual and more kids are arriving and I think there's too many kids maybe someone can take them to the park while we're here but one of them ladies that brings the kids says she's been to the neighbors next door and they have a lot of board games so start to go with her to knock on the neighbors door but it seems like she turns too early into my #garage and wouldn't you know coming out of my garage is my #Mom saying that she has to go somewhere and I'm happy to see her she has short blonde hair and then I realize she's not supposed to be here oh yes I'm dreaming I forgot I give her a big hug to enjoy the moment since I don't see her very often then shortly after I wake up. No.295
    7. Feb 25th - Mar 10th Quick Descriptions

      by , 03-11-2015 at 12:14 AM
      For some "meat" see my previous DJ entry, these will be very brief, sorry.

      2/25/15 Thinking about someone, who just passed away, while I fall asleep and I have a related dream and realize that what is happening is impossible and become lucid (inconsistent with waking life). I have a sexual dream that as it progresses becomes weird and I use dream control to reverse the trend. #286

      After Wife leaves I have an exhilarating dream in which I should have become lucid earlier involving sex with the girlfriend of someone I care about (this is the one I told you about ~10 days ago FM if you are reading this). After an near-epic non lucid sex dream I am putting on my shirt in the dream and suddenly see a huge sky full of an usually large number of stars and realize that I dreaming. I play with the stars and they start sweeping past me before becoming fixed again. Eventually hang out in the void reflecting on the crazy sex dream before. #287

      2/28 dream girl initiated. This time two black ladies. #288

      3/7 had been getting too lazy with day work. continue reverse eye blink and mixing up SSILD with visualizing at WBTB. An asian guy becomes an asian woman when I go to catch up to him (or I tap on the wrong shoulder) and I instantly realize I am dreaming. Sexual interaction with her. #289

      3/8 Three different dream girl initiated DILDs. Basically my interaction with them is recognized as dream like and helps me to realize that I am dreaming. Sexual interactions. #290-292

      3/10 Only trying to sleep tonight but stayed up longer than planned recording my dreams during an awakening, so not a true WBTB but this probably helped. Enjoying the visuals from an airplane flight I hear a song mentioning "stockyard cowboy" in the lyrics and then see a cowboy riding a bucking bronco in an impossible place down below and tell myself "this has to be a dream!" I float up from the airplane confirming and float down to the ground losing visuals for a while before recovering and running into a co-worker. #293
    8. 1/24/15 Sex in a Packed Auditorium

      by , 01-25-2015 at 09:54 PM
      1/24/15 *Late LD wake from about 10am.In a big auditorium inside a casino apparently and they moved the lockers I always use to make room for new games. I am getting up from my seat and feeling bold and slap several people who were awnry earlier aha I am doing this because I'm dreaming...pass two little blonde girls...they didn't do anything I remember so no slap and find a sexy woman in short jean skirt I remember from earlier sitting in her seat in a row full of people and our eyes lock in passion and I go straight for
      Spoiler for sexual content:
      in front of this huge crowd (which is no longer in focus but I can still "feel" their presence.)
      I lose lucidity
    9. Dec 17th - Jan 10th 2015 Super Brief Notes LD's #254 to 263 With Dry Spell

      by , 01-19-2015 at 05:10 AM
      Dec 17th - Jan 19th 2015 Super Brief Notes LD's #254 to 270 With Dry Spell

      Super quick notes to catch up.

      12/17/14 FA "back to sleep" vibrations, stay patient then visuals with eyes closed. Flight to Girl Friday's house and lose patience. Decide to fly up to moon but can't find it and decide I will drop down a bit and land on the moon but end up in a living room with my son about 12 years younger! Hold his hand and talk. #254


      12/18 cute DC gets me thinking about dream options turns into LD. woman in black is creepy and other weird DC's. Talk to them all searching for SC insight but dumb answers. I mostly ignore woman in black until she re-asserts herself. 255

      12/19 with Wife on bench, a sexy woman approaches. Semi to full LD. Boldness initiated. Telepathically tell them to kiss and remove clothes. Sexy! 256

      <vacation starts and I change everything I'm doing and pay the price with a dry streak after which I am slow to get back in the groove. Up to this point I was rolling strong 16 LD's in the first 19 days of December.>

      12/30 I feel bold early in dream probably assisted by bold visualizations after WBTB. I tell all of the female DC's to follow and gather around me and I float up to a mezzanine overlooking a wide open library-like indoor space to get a good look around at the women. Sex and watching another woman undress sexily. 257

      12/31 lucid at seeing deceased father-in-law. Happy to see this dream sign back! 258

      Trying to DEILD. Clump of simple images in mostly empty void becomes more complete and I start air swimming towards the scene. Explore a video game-like green landscape by air. 259

      1/5/15 become lucid in doctors office probably from seeing cute woman. 260

      FA caught: semi to full LD. Crawl over bed. What if someone in bed? Sure enough. Must be a dream! End up in void. Another FA in bed caught due to unlikely scenario. Nudge vibrations. Void. Closed eye teleport. Eventually scene forms in bedroom. Cool courtyard between buildings do backwards TOTM while attempting to find crystal ball for other advanced task. Western shoot'em up! See TOTM thread 1/5 for more complete description. Only counting one LD in this FA series. 261

      1/10 on couch with Wife I get dreamy ideas bring another woman in. Sexual then end up outdoors confusion then regain lucidity. Dance with beautiful woman and she becomes this glowing gorgeous bright eyed blonde. 262

      Riding down street trucks passing I recognize the street from earlier dream and realize I'm dreaming. Billboard. 263

      Praying for someone who seemed to get news of terminal illness my eyes are closed and I see the words "me too" and right below "smile." I take this as a sign that I am being given the opportunity to be lucid but wake. Not counting.

      1/11 epic night...to be continued...
    10. December 8, 9, 11, 12, 13, 15 of 2014 Quick Recaps-Lucid Nights-Awesome Flights

      by , 12-15-2014 at 08:49 PM
      Quick recaps...I will try not to be too wordy but keeping some notes I feel are important to know how I am getting lucid/tools I am using.

      12/15/14 1115pm 1145 330

      Office. Sign up for contribution. I gotta go...got a game. Flirt..woman: can you help me? Just call me..4 wrong business cards before dog eared correct one. Game tonight? Confusion...wasn't it Sunday night last I remember...oh but woke from that=FA: oh no, 2 nights in a row no LD(wrong due to FA). I am walking outside still thinking darn no LD...as I approach an unfamiliar(?) doorway...wait this could be...it is a dream. Awesome flying LD. Fly over guy on 2nd try. Meadow and large trees. I land and eat grass to stabilize. Fly. To a set of peaks...see what lies below. Jump off and fly. This LD is so silent...Sound added! (Wind blowing by, bird chirping) Meadow with woman laying in grass. start then stop sexual actions to keep going. Fly more. Beautiful green valleys flying low to ground to keep stable. This was a good length LD despite the short notes. FA phone record. 555 wake. #251

      I stay sleepyish after my wife leaves and we interact a little bit and I try to stay with the dreaming mindset and not go off into waking life thoughts and focus on the LD I just had. I wake up from several short dreams thinking go back to sleep while repeating I'm dreaming I'm dreaming. Eventually I have one where I realize I'm dreaming again. I and being followed by a guy driving...we are both driving and I pull over to see if he will go around me and he does probably so he doesn't look too suspicious I think. As we continue again we are both walking now and I hear him say something on his radio that he hopes that the event will be over or something like that and I see that he goes up the stairs but doesn't go up the second flight of stairs and is lying in wait for me so instead of continuing I go back the other way and I'm heading towards exit quickly jumping through...flying through!..an opening that is like a bar between 2 rooms and I realize I'm dreaming again I don't need to run from this guy so I turn around and I start to go after him. I shoot up through the floors busting through the floors and it gets a bit blurry and I think this doesn't have to make it harder to find him...this is my dream after all! With that in mind I decided that the next ceiling or wall and bust through he will be there and he is but still nothing is very clear and I start wailing on him before I wake up smiling that I nabbed another LD before getting up...about 5 minutes before I normally get up which is unusual and the when my dreams are usually too short to realize I'm dreaming. This makes me wonder if the last REM periods are supposed to be longer, why do I have all these short dreams with little mini awakenings in the late morning. Perhaps something to do with getting close to the beginning of the day and my wife leaving earlier than me and everything. I don't know. 745am wake #252

      12/13/14 #250 early dream: An Olafian error (an error befitting Olaf).

      Waiting for an elevator in a busy courtyard. I see two versions of my #MotherInLaw and realize I am dreaming and I float up. One mother in law is with my wife across the courtyard and I tell the one closest to me that "there are two of you!" When I look over at the over at the other version across the courtyard she now looks noticeably older. I float over to a woman and (sex).

      12/12/14 #249 early dream: Making a statement wrong by altering the way something is heading.

      Rioters and astray looks. I am driving with my wife and son during the day and up ahead we hear someone talking agitated over a loud speaker and assume protests are up ahead and turn around to go a different way. Next thing I remember I am walking out of a store and heading to vehicle where wife and son are waiting. As I exit 6-8 hoodlum looking people are nearby as I am trying to clean off my sunglasses. I think they may notice that they are nice Ray-Ban sunglasses and see me as one of the enemies that they think about when protesting and rioting. I keep walking and turn my head just enough to see if anyone is following me. I plan to pick up the pace when I hit that corner but they can still see me through a chain link fence so I try to make it look like I am walking normal but speed up markedly and eventually run in a walking pose. The walk run feels so odd that I realize that I'm dreaming. The scene goes dark and I seem to be in the void. I walk forward and imagine that my vehicle, wife and son are still ahead of me and eventually get to a point where it feels like I am opening the door to the vehicle and getting in but instead I get a night time scene in a city with a good size two story brick building in front of me. I decide to float up above it for a better view but maybe too soon as the dream starts to fade again but not completely...only more foggy-like. I decide to land and stabilize and the first thing that looks good is the brick wall of the building. As I get up close to the brick wall there is some "electro magnetic-like interference" in the image of the details of the brick which I thought was interesting. It went away as I got a good feel on the bricks and they felt very realistic to the touch. Behind me to my right is a short natural stone and mortar wall like a retaining wall and I feel on that and get excited...just kidding...but maybe that is why my sexual dreams with lots of contact are often stable. But again the stone wall feels very natural. I see plenty of loose dirt on the ground and scoop it up like a handful of sand and pop it into my mouth for further stabilization. It tastes like what I would expect it to taste like...bland earthy but not terrible. I decide to see if I can make it taste like skittles candy and grab another scoop and pop it in swirling it around in my mouth but it tastes the same as the first time. Dream starts fading and a do my squirming animal swim that got me through a void or NREM in a recent LD but this time I eventually found myself uncomfortable in bed. I remembered that I decided to not try to DEILD too long in an uncomfortable position lest it wakes me up too much making it harder to reenter dreamland this time of the morning. I opt to reposition after maybe 20 seconds.

      12/11/14 1130 535am early dream: You might not want to confront them directly about it.

      lucid in the dark...doors visible. After being in a #dangerous area at night and realizing no worries I'm dreaming. I go into a door that is supposed to be work related nothing much to see and back out of it all dark outside but stay patient. FA alarm 8am! Late for work not caught. #248

      12/9/14 A young woman gets out of the car wearing only a men's cardigan exposing a lot as a treat for her boyfriend or is making something up to him but he is embarrassed.

      Office meeting x2
      <snip...other NLDs>

      Coming "home" through a back door I find my front door ajar (it is daylight outside) and unlocked and become suspicious this is a dream and when heading down the hall to check for intruders I feel somewhat emboldened and I recognize the layout of the home as childhood home but with craftsman interior features instead and fully realize that I'm dreaming. I pause and consider hunting down bad guys and I enter my brother's old bedroom (per the layout) which is the first door you come to from the front door and it is completely empty with white walls, no furniture and no wallpaper and I decide to move on. I think the fastest way out to explore the dream is to phase up through the ceiling. It is kind of fun but I don't make it through in two different tries. While considering maybe going through front door or other options I eventually wake up. Need to make decisions quicker I think or just end of REM. I wasn't planning on trying wbtb and did no pre-bed intentions last night due to league game the next day. I did however become more awake than planning during nighttime bathroom visit. #247

      12/8/14 ~1150 ~445 ...one of the $100 bills and I noticed it looked a little odd...ah just an older bill. (Near miss)

      Wake from LD#1 ~615?
      The showroom boldness DILD. I am in some kind of showroom near a beach and there is a sexy woman behind the counter and I think about what I would do in a dream...how bold I would be...ah yes I'm dreaming...I'm walking around this showroom only in underwear after all. I have a very exciting interaction with her starting by floating up to offer her a healthy appetizer. Some more craziness and eventually seemed to lose lucidity and was looking for someone who was..."oh he's sleeping in that car over there." I look in and see my #youngestBrotherInLaw in the front seat asleep awkwardly before waking up with my wife turning off her alarm clock. #245

      Wake from LD#2 ~645?
      The hotel meeting room. Didn't spend time trying to recall the NLD portion before seeing the following clue headline as I was focusing on reentering sleep for another LD. Large font title on paper read "Lucidity Chronicle Institute Daily" (my first thought: LCID almost an acronym...before looking it up IWL and being reminded that you can use the first few letters of each word to form a different word LUCID). Anyway, when I saw the headline I instantly realize I'm dreaming. I walk to my right and #GirlFriday is there with a small boy. I tell he to remove that sexy skin tight dress and she looks at me incredulously but I Jedi mind her saying "this is something you want to do." She removes her dress and is extremely sexy standing there in nice lace underwear. We start to go at it with me removing a bra revealing probably larger than normal breasts and I think some of the recent fantasizing about her got me a little more excited than normal and may have resulted in the subsequent wake up. I tried to immediately go back to sleep but struggled and when I woke up for the day it seemed like there was one additional faint memory of lucidity but I'm not able to recall. #246

      Some of these were kind of short and not just shorter due to quick recaps. Finally catching up on my LD DJ entries since my basic TOTM entry.
    11. 7/30/14 Sensei's Competition Night 3; 2 DILDs, Beautiful Office Girl, Few Points

      by , 07-30-2014 at 07:23 PM
      7/30 11-130 dream related to dream tracking and DJ / discussing how I will use alarm app with developer and when starting / beach town & hills / 4-430 wbtb LD! Office rolling stool - I am pushing this short rectangular stool on its rollers around some office halls. A lady is rolling her chair as well ahead of me but is a little bit slow and I make a move to go around her. The direction I went was a little bit of a long way so I have to speed up to make it worth it haha. At some point I realize that I'm making it hard on myself pushing this short stool around and I just pick it up and it is quite light. There's this beautiful brunette lady that tells me to grab one of these other kinds of chairs as well. I ask her if she is here to help me get set up in my office. I look closely at her face and feeling bold I tell her that her eyes are beautiful and I have one of my boldness initiated lucids that I was having commonly a few months back and I was reading about in my dream journal last night when I was looking to see thedifferent things I did when I would hit a little dry streak. Anyway, I told her this is a dream and you and I can have sex right here in the middle of the office all right now. I realize that I should be doing my first step for the competition and I'm trying to remember what it is and I finally think of mass telekinesis even though that was actually step 2. I feel the dream going dark not unlike the void but I don't think it was a DEILD and I just remain patient to stabilize and the sounds start coming back up and it sounds like I'm in the same place with lots of people around talking but when I look up expecting to see the beautiful brunette I get sidetracked and I get ready to pull my junk out and I look up and see my nephew and leave my junk covered. I think about doing one of my challenges to lucidity but decided to move on and went around the corner. I saw a black haired guy and thought maybe I can change him into the beautiful brunette in the hall (inspired by CanisLucidus' technique to summon Dreamer). I did my circular hand movement in front of his face that I planned to do for another task - not unlike a wizard or witch might do - and I get changes with each try. The first two times he just looks like a different guy but the third time he looks like a cute if somewhat tomboyish brunette girl with short hair. I hope this counts for some points because I didn't get many points going here. I start to refocus on my competition goals but perhaps I should have kept doing something at the same time because I fade gently back to bed and thought maybe I could re-enter the dream but I found myself fully waking up and ended up having to get up after running through the dream in my head to lock it into memory just in case. / record player playing a recording of something that I didn't want played related to a mistake at work. I was trying to carefully move the record needle to a different place on the record but the lever that you would normally put your finger on was very small and it was difficult to pick it up for fear of scratching the record. / ~645 sex with AB - I'm in an upstairs bedroom talking to AB from work and as I walk out of the room and start heading down the stairs I realize that she was looking at me in a flirty way...I'm dreaming...I decided to go back up the stairs into the room and she had already removed all her clothes. I asked her if she was touching with herself and she bashfully said yes. I reach down there and she is moist. We fool around quite a bit and I am getting ready to stick it in her mouth when I wake up. Possibly a false awakening as I don't remember doing an RC before going into my next dream. / dream discussing an idea for dehydrating then reconstitute for easier delivery (nothing related to my field of work).

      Clearly I am letting sex get in the way of my plan for getting some points in the competition. Recall is improved with some lucids in between.
    12. 5/19 & 5/24 Time Stopping DILD & Romantic Girl Friday Session WILD

      by , 05-25-2014 at 05:21 AM

      WILD! Very nice love making session with Girl Friday. I wake up after about 6 hours and I'm very tired but try to wake myself up more first with a little weirdness induction and then just thinking about lucid dreams & my recent boldness initiated lucid dreams. It takes me a little while 2 get back to sleep partly because I tried without my earplugs thinking I was still plenty drowsy and then put them in after a while. Yesterday I start to re-read the open beta exercises but didn't quite get to exercise 2 and I also did the self hypnosis script from Steph's posting about 30 minutes before bed. This is supposed to be quick notes. Anyway the WILD. I am doing my version of SSILD and periodically break off from it to attempt to drift toward sleep but returned to the cycles several times. Eventually I get the feeling of my wife moving in to cuddle from the back and not sure if it is HHs but I feel like I'm close and try not to engage with her physically IWL and I start to get vibrations, I was wondering where the vibrations have gone. I guess I haven't been focusing on WILDs. Anyway I start to nudge on the vibrations but then remembered my plan to remain patient through them and I can tell that they are the stronger kind, the pre-dream kind. At first I get the sensation of being in an ocean again and there is a light blue glowing all around me kind of like the ocean but more floating in the air than anything else with slight ocean sensations. It is quite nice! Like last time I decided I did not want to be in the deep part of the ocean away from shore but instead the scene fades back to my bedroom but I can still tell I am in dreamland. A female outline starts to appear and patiently watch as she materializes but she takes a couple of different forms of different women before finalizing on Girl Friday. At one point she looks like my wife and I went to caress her and start to remove her clothes with foreplay etc and I could see that she
      started changing again at first she look like generic version of Girl Friday and I think that's when Girl Friday started to materialize as I realized it looked kind of like her. We start to kiss passionately and slowly remove one item of clothing after another. When we get to removing our bottom underwear the excitement intensifies but I continue to take it slow and enjoy this realistic interaction...nothing else exists for the moment! I reach down and caress her moist flower. After enjoying that for a few moments, I insert while looking deep into her beautiful brown eyes and kiss her some more. She has a look on her face like she thinks I am too large and I ask if she is okay as I want to keep this realistic and romantic. She looks half worried, half excited. I say that it is okay if she is sore the next day as long as nothing and I stop myself from saying anything more or visualizing it lest it happens. We continue on and I think about my
      conversations about kissing and looking at the face at the same time during a dream and it is working just fine and enhances the experience as usual but this time I really think about it as I am doing it. As we are going at on the floor I can hear my wife back up on the bed moving around and I think about a dutchraptor style lucidity test and consider calling out to my wife to tell her what I'm up to and maybe have her join us...who knows, she might be excited by the idea...at least in the dreamworld...probably not advisable anywhere else. I then think, what if I end up talking in my sleep so I tell GF to tell my wife what we are up to and she does...she says "We are making love" in a shy voice with a look of love on her face. I feel a rush of romantic love-like feelings. Not long after I
      find myself back in bed and smiling big and my wife notices and I turn my affection towards her. 148

      5/19/14* Short version: walking in a hallway I have a boldness initiated lucid dream (DILD where I get the urge to be bold with a passing woman and realize that it is a dream). I immediately think of my time stopping pocket watch idea from a Twilight Zone episode and I commence to use it to do various depravities to various women. It only freezes the DC's in the immediate vicinity of me and sometimes I have to press down on the pocket watch twice for it to work. I also comically expose myself while flying by some of the ladies. Two ladies turn into like Barbie dolls with no features down there. I run into a family and the mother is only one that won't freeze with my special pocket watch and she chastises me and asks are you really going to do this and I do, pulling up her shirt and feeling on her breasts but I did feel kind of bad afterwards even though this is all a dream, it felt like she had a point. Perhaps I should just enjoy exploring like the two wonderful recent dreams I had but I feel like I should experiment with this time stopping technique again...maybe in preparing for a fight or deciding what action to take...hmmm... This one lasted maybe 5 minutes. 147