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    1. 20 Dec: Alien disguise, gangs, family and letter from my guru

      by , 12-20-2018 at 07:17 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      I am pretending to be an alien, for some reason. I am wearing prosthetics in my body, which I feel that won't fool anyone, but as long I keep serious about it, people are believing me.

      Living at my mom's with other people. It is a dystopian world, no rule of law, people self-organize, but we have managed to cope. Until someone passing by shows us we should be leaving now and join a bigger community as the gangs who pillage are coming our way and will burn everything. I agree and start choosing what's essential to take, but end up caught up by attachment to all secondary stuff, because I can't stand imagining it all going up in flames. But there is no way I can take 90% of the stuff with me.

      At my paternal grandma's house with my mom. We wake up early morning hearing voices, it's some cousins who arrived and joined us. But although their faces are familiar, I have no idea who they are. At breakfast the group has grown with some 4 more family members, uncles and aunts I have no idea who they are. They all behave very at ease around the breakfast table, leaving a lot of dirty dishes and eating my food without any care, but they supposedly are family and I try to keep it cool.

      At some hotel or hostel during some Buddhist teachings I am attending. A couple of Asian guys knocks on my door. One is a big guy and looks Chinese. He hands me an envelope, but it is already open. It contains some money and a letter from my teacher, but clearly all pages are out of order and I wonder if the money is all there. I get rally mad that the guys opened the letter. I start reading it and despite the calligraphy I can actually understand but with the effort to concentrate on what it says, I wake up.
    2. TOTM entry morning of 12/24/2016

      by , 12-26-2016 at 07:54 AM
      24th December 2016


      quick recap:

      I see a taller blonde lady and I feel boldness and realize I'm dreaming.
      Spoiler for sexual content:
      I then think of my goals and remember the room 100 year bonus task. I see a door and open it and as I step in and close the door there is not much space but no matter. I say time stands still for me while time advances 100 years outside of this room. When I open the door = windy dusty barren land with "bones" of an old structure are all that remains. The bones come together in a wigwam shape.
      I wake. I tried not to expect anything but a few times when thinking about the task I imagined seeing a technologically futuristic scene but I got a dystopian wasteland instead.
    3. 14 Sep: Escaping dystopian cityscape

      by , 09-14-2015 at 11:17 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      I live in a world confined to one large city, from which no one ever exits, at least that I know of. But I feel oppressed by this society and it's forms of control, so I come up with a plan to escape. I meet someone who works for the government and is also not so happy with life and glad to help me out. She knows of archives on the 66th floor of a governmental building, where every persons records are kept and some sort of tracking system. She gets me inside and I find my file and tracker and destroy it. But we are caught and soon an army of securities is heading towards us. I tell her to go away and blend in with the other workers, no one will know she was involved. I escape to the top of the building. Encounter some security, fight, steal a gun, use it against other securities. The gun is a mix of taser and laser. It shoots a kind of red ray that only activates when I press a red button on my gun, immobilizing the person shot previously. Not very practical, but it helps. I manage to reach the roof of the building. I see the city spreading in all directions. The truth is I have no idea if there's anything else beyond this city, never even seen its frontiers. But I dive in the void and fly away, from building to building. I will find out.
    4. 11-5-14 Dystopian gladiator chase scene

      by , 12-04-2014 at 07:23 PM
      I lived in a country where all people were killed once they reached the age of thirty. However, once a year three convicted criminals were released from prison into an abandoned city, where they would fight to the death. The last man standing was allowed to live a normal lifespan. I was apparently one of the three, and I was being chased relentlessly by the other two men through a dark, overgrown alleyway. Ivy climbed up the walls of the brick and steel buildings.
    5. 15 Mar: dystopian world

      by , 03-15-2014 at 09:41 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      (...) I share the house with my whole family. Parents, grandparents, I even have to share my room with my best friend. Life is ok, just a bit crowded and back to the basics.
      One day, my friend and I meet a handsome stranger, who coincidentally looks just like Matt Damon. He seems a bit lost and he needs a place to crash, so we offer him to stay in our room for the night. He is so cute, I realize both my friend and I are doing shifts in trying to seduce him, but he is just not that interested.
      The next day he takes us to his hood. It's in a part of town where people are even poorer than us. He shows us a community centre, where people help each other out and meals are cooked and served to the masses. A lady is stirring corn porridge in a giant cooker and people line up to get some. But still, they seem happy, some are dancing after eating, there's nice music, a festive environment. That's when a strange looking group appears. They almost seem like buddhist monks and lamas, with long red and orange vests, trumpet sounds and banners in the wind. Everybody bows down and folds their hands when their "spiritual leader" comes up in front. I am still stunned by the whole thing and I feel genuine devotion, but the guy doesn't seem too friendly. He gives orders for a random selection of the people and I'm caught in the group. We are guided through this festive troupe of musicians and dancers to a sort ot transportation tunnel system and as I walk into it, I feel honoured for having been chosen. But the transport drops us directly into what looks like the posh downtown area, with buildings, terraces, roads, squares, but no people walking around. I find strange, until a white car comes in racing and hitting as many of us as it possibly can. I realize this is a cross between hungry games and mad max. Someone must be watching and having fun as we are killed. But I don't go down that easily. I run, I jump, I do whatever is necessary to escape and at some point I manage to create a trap for the car and he hits and gets stuck at some concrete structure I lured it into.
      The driver gets out of the car, pissed, but he just leaves. In his place appear two large guys who plan to beat me up, the old fashioned way. I avoid all their hits and I hit back. But they are both bigger and stronger than me. My hist don't seem to hurt them much. The bigger one is laughing at me, and asks me what martial art am I practicing. I reply that I'm not following any, I'm just using my intuition. He says my intuition will not help me for so long.
      That's when we hear a loud noise and we look up. What seem to be two police helicopters, with no helices and joined together by some sort of bridge, draws a circle in the air, passes over our heads and flies in the direction of a huge building in the horizon, which I see now for the first time. It is a big block of concrete and glass windows, with a semi-circular and horizontal highpass on the top pf the building. I know that is the headquarters of the central power. And the helis are going straight into it. But I think "if history taught us a lesson is that a plane crashing into a building will not make it collapse". But the helis were clearly modified and probably contained a lot of explosive stuff, because soon after they crashed into the building, there were a series of explosions that made the building collapse. As the debris are flying in all directions, the few people around start running away in fear.
      We run and run, until we leave this dowtown area behind, and cross the hoods, and more people joining the run, and crossing barriers that used to divide the zones. Until some of us reach the most outer area, a place with a really bad vibe, empty concrete buildings with no glass on the windows. I hide in a building for a while, to avoid breathing all the dust that is outside and to have some rest from all the events. but I feel a presence. There's someone patrolling the building and it seems to be very dangerous. I go from room to room trying to keep ahead of it, but I encounter signs of something horrific. Heads and other body parts scattered around. A bloody smell. And then I am at the door of a room where lots of people sleep on the floor, but they don't look quite human. They are indeed a cannibal zombie like pack. I got to be careful not to wake them up. That's when an army of clone androids bursts in and starts shooting all over the place. I use the opportunity to run.
      I keep running, I meet again some other people who are also running. We're looking for the outer rim. We're hoping it might be collapsed or defenseless, so we can go out and see what's outside this world. We encounter this giant wall. It seems to have a top, but as we climb, it just continues to go and go and never end. But some clever guy notices something about a technical compartment halfway in the wall. He manages to open it and manipulate it to crash the intelligent system that continuously creates the wall. And it starts opening gaps and we see people down on the ground level being able to pass it through. So we go over it as well.
      The other side is countryside and there are still a few remote villages where people live simply and we join them.
      I go back for my family and after we settle in this brave new world, in a new house in the country, I watch my mom knitting and making crochet, more peaceful than ever.
    6. Lightsaber Chainsaws and God's chosen one

      by , 07-22-2011 at 05:00 PM
      Well I had quite a weird dream last night. It started off with me and John inside this building that we instinctively knew was in the US. For some reason, right across the street was Japan. It was like a dividing line, that even had different weather. In Japan at that time, the weather was rainy/gray and gloomy outside. I recall seeing this and running back to John saying "Dude, it sure is Protomen's dystopian world over there."

      So he and I are walking through the streets when we want to find a place to eat, we pass by this fish & chips looking restaurant, and see Jon and someone else eating on some benches outside. I talk to him for a bit, and he recommends the food in the place, so we head in there. At this point for some reason my gf joins me, and we're looking inside the restaurant.

      We instinctively knew it as a branch of Luke's Lobster, because it had the same logo on the outside, and also because when we walked in, I waved hi to one of the servers that was at another one. We spent a while trying to decide what to eat and looking at the menu. We decided, and when I went to the back, for some reason my parents were in a booth, and all of the sudden I was waiting for my meal with them. I'm not exactly sure when, but at some point I ended up running away because people were attacking the restaurant, I think it was the actual people working there, like it was some sort of trap.

      The dream jumps at this point, and the next thing I can remember is running away, but then needing to go back because my sister/gf was going with the villains for some reason. I sneak into their building which appears to be owned by models, since I can recall chasing after at least someone that LOOKED like Tyra into an elevator. At some point, I found Kate just before the bottom floor, and asked her why she was here. She pointed to her face a few times and she said it was for her cheeks, she wanted to get plastic surgery on them. Of course to me this sounded ridiculous and I was trying to say that it's not worth it for that and wtf is wrong with your cheeks anyway.

      She ignores me and goes in. There is this regal looking old man sitting on a throne in a golden room who seemed like the leader. It is he that tells me my sister/gf is God's chosen one/a new prophet or something. At this point it turns into my gf, and I find her and ask her to let me see her front. This is because the King/Godly looking man said there were markings all over her that proved this claim. I looked and for a while I could not see anything, but then sure enough there were words and lettering that said they had some meaning.

      (There were sequences of numbers, but sadly I cannot remember any of them so I can't play them in the lottery)

      Well, I convinced my gf to get out of there with me and run, and she wholeheartedly agreed because she was scared and didn't want this burden. It now turns into me being hunted down by the people that attacked the restaurant earlier. It seems like instead I was in the middle of a war between two sides, possibly the villains and some rebellion. Both carried different colored lightsaber's from the game No More Heroes, so I got the impression that they were assassin's. Some guy with insane skills was fighting off this female assassin chasing me with one of those lightsabers, and I remember him getting in a tricky position, and me gathering up courage and grabbing one of these lightsabers near me to put on the pressure.

      This is when the dream starts to not get so nice. One who is not trained in any type of weapon combat should not pick up a lightsaber and attempt to help in a battle. The guy and girl were stuck in like a deadlock, and I attacked as well to try and break him out of it in the advantage, but all this got me was a cut across my waist, impaled through my leg, and basically killed me. Though I respawned somewhere else in the city. I was now running for my life being chased by the woman, but I would attempt to fight back everynow and then, but it would always end up with her winning out and killing me. After like two times I genuinely began to run to try and avoid any conflict, because even in a dream getting cut hurts.

      At some point I was fighting her again, and the skilled guy from before came up. They talked for a bit, and I instinctively knew that he wanted to test me, and to convince me to never return here. He started to fight me, and I fought back with everything I had, but it ended up with me getting severed through the waist in a finishing move like it was nothing.

      The last part of the dream ended with me and my gf running away from the city, and making it back to her dad's car where he was driving us back home, for some reason I had no underwear on and just a long shirt, and my gf chided me for trying to put it on while in the car.