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    1. li.

      by , 10-13-2018 at 11:01 AM
      Non-dream stuff - woke up a bit before 9 but didn't recall any dreams. Woke up again around 10 recalling some non-lucid stuff.

      Fragment 1:
      I was playing the game Freelancer, it felt as though I was "in" it; I was in a system that doesn't exist in the game, though I've dreamed similar systems before. It was like the Omicron Alpha system and some of the Sigma systems.

      It was a high level area but for some reason I was in the starter ship, and all the NPC ships were showing up red (hostile); despite this, they weren't actually attacking, more like they disliked me rather than hated me (which wouldn't show up as red in the real game).

      I don't think there were any planets in this system and there was one star and I could see some asteroid belts in the distance. The "sky" had some blue nebulas and bright stars but was mostly dark.

      Dream 2:
      I remember being in a small and cramped kitchen, the ceiling was kind of low, especially for a kitchen. There was a fluorescent light that lit up the entire room. In the kitchen were myself, my partner (H) and our friend (M).

      Can't remember what we were initially talking about, but while we all talked I crouched next to the fridge and opened it to have a look inside; the fridge didn't seem to have a light inside, and as I opened the door I hit M with it by accident. I said sorry and he said it was ok. I hadn't realised he was standing just there, somehow. I couldn't find anything I wanted really but I can't actually remember what was inside the fridge.

      I got up and closed the door and saw the time on some red 7-segment display: 17:09. M mentioned he was going to go to bed in a few seconds, I showed some surprise and asked "shouldn't we be having dinner then?" and we apparently hadn't had lunch yet, as H said "well, make it be our lunch too then".

      I think M was considering whether to eat before bed or not, and I think I asked what time he was getting up at, which he said would be 7AM or something. I walked in the opposite direction from M, past H, who was sat on a chair, and on a counter there was a pile of stuff under a tea towel. I took it off and underneath were some ready-made food packs, like chicken with noodles and vegetables. I grabbed one that was open, implied to be leftovers, and grabbed a nearby fork and ate some of the chicken. It tasted a bit... bland. I was disappointed and the rest didn't look that appetising; in fact, the rest of the chicken in this pack looked a bit pink and like it had a few white spots. But I knew it was cooked properly because these packs come pre-cooked and when I tasted some, it didn't taste raw. I nearly questioned all of this but the dream ended.

      Some notes:
      • When I used to play Freelancer, going to higher end systems in a low-level ship wasn't too uncommon for me; the dream hostility implication being that most of the factions I'd want to ally with are ones that you start off as being hostile towards, and the other thing is that if I was starting a new game, because I was good at avoiding shots, there were good wreckage and freight piracy spots in some of these areas, giving a quick boost to being able to get to a higher-end ship sooner.
      • I mostly remember seeing Outcast and Lane Hacker factions in the dream. The appearance of Lane Hackers in the dream is strange because they are allies of the Outcasts but I almost never interacted with them.
      • In the second dream, M seemed a bit sad or upset and not really up to talking. This is probably residual from his current real-life situation.
      • The pink bits on the chicken looked odd because they were on the outside, where the chicken did look cooked; because of the small white spots, I think I probably would have concluded it to be some sort of bacterial or fungal growth, had the dream carried on. I should remember to do a RC when food tastes funny or bland in general.
      • Although I remember arriving at the kitchen from outside, I don't remember an outside or a previous dream.

      Scoring thus far:
      + Previous score: 34.0

      + This DJ entry score (breakdown below): 8.5
      ++ Recall a non-lucid fragment: 0.5
      ++ Recall a non-lucid dream: 1.0
      ++ Recall any non-lucid dream over 7 consecutive nights: 7.0
      Though I could probably consider that "fly" happened in the first dream, I don't remember enough sensations to consider it valid.

      = Total score thus far: 42.5
    2. New home :?

      by , 03-31-2017 at 08:17 PM
      D1 - Visiting a place where there is not enough room to swing a cat. They're is a fridge which you can open the door of and some kind of straw in the ceiling, a concrete white room where a black cat lives.
      We are visiting just to feed the cat. There is some left over cauliflower and tomato from the day before. Is this cat vegetarian.

      D2 - Next i'm visiting another place with my deceased mother in-law. This time to visit a small girl who needs looking after two. I am distracted by the neighbours for a moment then look around the plain but elegant apartment. It has fancy fittings and a tasteful sofa. Evidently we are in a posh area. I toy with the idea of us moving in so we can look after her more easily.
      Tags: cramped, home, white
    3. Thurs. Sep. 6

      by , 09-07-2012 at 05:33 PM (Glieuaeiel's DJ)
      Chess and Orchestra

      Five or six of us are outside, playing a chess game together. One of my friends from high school moves a knight into the middle of the board. As I look around to see what that move did, I realize that he's successfully blocking almost everyone else's pieces. That was a really good move. It's basically a foregone conclusion that he's going to win.

      After the game, I walk back to my room. On the way, I notice a lot of people I know are wearing orchestra jackets and walking in the opposite direction. Shoot, I forgot about the orchestra concert tonight! I dash back to my room and try to dress for the concert as quickly as possible. I have trouble finding my dress pants. My roommate is there working, and he asks me what I'm doing. I tell him that the back-to-school concert is tonight, since it's the end of the first week back. He says no, the concert's at the end of the second week. After a moment, I decide he's right. What a relief.

      Garden Path

      The Dragon walks along a garden path. There's a wall covered in ivy, and a foot-wide dirt track leading up to it. His wife is dead: apparently she committed suicide by slitting her own throat. But she positioned her body in such a way that he wouldn't realize she was dead until he was close enough to the wound that when he did see it, it would be traumatic. She was evil, you see.


      I and a bunch of my housemates from school are living together in a big house. Right now, we're playing a game. But I want to take a shower, so I go upstairs and get in. But the stall is really, really cramped: it's just a little triangle in the corner of a room, and the ceiling is low. I have trouble finding enough space to bring my arm from below my waist to above it.

      Later, one of my housemates' friends is in the house talking with me. He mentions sigmoid curves, so I show him my laptop's wallpaper, which I think is a cool example of the artistic use of those curves. "Oh yeah?" he replies. He shows me a graphic he's been working on with 3D rendering software. There's a sigmoid curve floating in the middle of a big rectangular room. There are spotlights all over the walls, directing beams of light at the curve. Clearly this project is an exercise in realistic lighting, because the reflections on the curve look really good.

      Math Aerobics

      On the third floor, there's a math aerobics class. On each count, you switch between an aerobic move and a math-related move. There's also a class being taught by Professor S, and I'm not sure which class I should be attending. Then I get stuck on the other side of the door. In order to get back to class, I'll have to walk all the way down to the ground floor and find another way back up. I don't remember how I got to the third floor in the first place, so this could be difficult. I just walk around for a while, letting my thoughts wander. Eventually I realize that I'm sitting in a chair, sipping a drink. That must mean I've arrived, since otherwise I'd still be looking. I stand up and look for the classroom door.