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    1. clxx. A quest for soup

      by , 09-29-2020 at 05:21 PM
      I thought I was missing a dream... It seems I skipped an older DJ entry by accident...

      12th August 2020



      (points) Something about furry art. A kitchen, on-board a boat. Fancied two girls who were aboard. They were flirty? But they didn't know about one another.

      I was in some open restaurant area. I wanted soup from some famous female cook? I remember running in my home town. It was busy. I saw a motorised unicycle of some kind with a white paint job; I thought it looked kind of cool and I thought about how someday it would look out of place, outdated and silly. It was night time and I had to sprint my best (didn't feel dream slowness too much) to get to a harbour that was where the exit ramp out of town should be. From there, this cruise ship was leaving and I knew this because of its horn which I heard while running. I didn't want to miss it.

      I got to the loading ramp just as it was leaving and made a jump for it. It was a bare miss from my mark, plunging into water and grabbing onto a rear steering fin.

      From there I thought of calling someone (JC?, but the character or my old friend?) on the ship to bring me a rope. Then thought of just using a teleport command instead. No, instead I decided I could do this by myself and balanced on top of the steering fin and despite the water and speed, jumped forward and got on the deck.

      I got in through some doorway, watching my head. Passing thought of "so what if I fancy both of them?". I go down some steep metal or wood steps and I see her, one of these girls whom I apparently fancied. She was taking off some clothes in order to get changed. She had red briefs, a blood red colour.

      I remember we both smiled at each other but didn't speak. I had the awareness of having a glazed clay bowl in my hand and wanting some soup. There was a kitchen ahead through another bulkhead doorway. When I got inside the kitchen, there were two aggressive dream characters sort of accosting me. I forget who they were or looked like, but they were like pirates?

      Insistently I told them I would pay them to be left alone while I was in here. They thought I had nothing of value (mocked me?) and I remember scrounging through my pocket. Dozens of coins, I shove them at the two "pirates", the coins aren't nearly as valuable as I'd first expected however. I keep looking through my pockets. A stone? No, an ore nugget of sorts. It feels rough and I give it to them. It was a nugget of gold, but in reality the feel of it was more like a piece of pyrite ore like one I have in waking life.

      But I still decided this wasn't enough and somehow gave them something else but I don't remember what it was. They are now dumbfounded and agree to my terms now. Their aggression goes away, pretty much, and now I walk around the kitchen and see a very orange-y styled chest freezer, with pictures of garfield on it. I assume this is some BL ice cream thing A started.

      I remember going near a counter at the end of a queue bit, effectively bypassing said queue. But I felt as though I'd earned it with my payments to the "pirates". I still want that soup, but I can't or don't manage to find any?

      The next thing I remember, a black chef is getting fired and complaining that he was in a good mood and the head chef ruined it all and so on. I remember very shortly after, reading a review online that this chef left about the restaurant, saying very poor things about the crew or something. I feel that it's in bad taste (but feel some sympathy). Then I'm in an upper deck. Mix of a train and airplane aisle? Windows to the outside. It's day-time and some people are sitting in this cabin-like bit by the windows. A white girl says "I was pinning (some artist)", referring to how she was subscribing to this artist on some platform called "pin.it"?

      We're talking about furry artists, apparently. She mentions she feels embarrassed for talking about it out loud. A big black man sitting next to her, gives her some reassurance and tells her he actually had some interest in that same artist too.

      I forget what else happened, a lot of detail is absent from this DJ entry overall but I had a lot more recall of the dream initially.

      Some other bit about a base, partially in space? With technical-looking game block tiles and an ancient Egyptian ruin? Some overlap with the pirates somehow...

      Original note:

      - On waking I could smell the curry I'd left on a timer to start cooking at 7AM. The cookery related part of the dream may well have stemmed from that and from all the preparation I'd done for it last night. I also made a dessert, leaving the curry, the main course, to effectively cook overnight. In the dream, I was looking for a soup, which to me is traditionally a starting course.

      Added notes:

      - Quite likely the search for the soup was both a metaphor and a more literal desire at the same time. In the literal sense, a true full meal, to me, should include a starter such as a small soup, a main course, with meat or fish, and a dessert course, such as a sweet pudding of some kind and the meal we would be having the day of the dream would be missing this starter course. In the less literal sense, this food-related dream-plot goes back to old roots and to what I was used to having at meal times for a large part of my early life, so it seems somewhat nostalgic in a sense. I could extrapolate more meaning from this but these are the two most immediately relevant meanings to me.

      - The more carnal aspects about relationships on this dream maybe just came about as a coincidence with the food plot, since food and sex are supposedly pretty close in the brain, that's what makes sense in my mind anyway. But the two girls were also distinct in some way that I can't remember anymore (one may have been more open and the other more reserved and other such dualities?), so in the more metaphorical sense they are probably just relating directly to some aspects of myself, not to mention that at the time I was working on developing two characters that had a similar nature of duality between them.
    2. li.

      by , 10-13-2018 at 11:01 AM
      Non-dream stuff - woke up a bit before 9 but didn't recall any dreams. Woke up again around 10 recalling some non-lucid stuff.

      Fragment 1:
      I was playing the game Freelancer, it felt as though I was "in" it; I was in a system that doesn't exist in the game, though I've dreamed similar systems before. It was like the Omicron Alpha system and some of the Sigma systems.

      It was a high level area but for some reason I was in the starter ship, and all the NPC ships were showing up red (hostile); despite this, they weren't actually attacking, more like they disliked me rather than hated me (which wouldn't show up as red in the real game).

      I don't think there were any planets in this system and there was one star and I could see some asteroid belts in the distance. The "sky" had some blue nebulas and bright stars but was mostly dark.

      Dream 2:
      I remember being in a small and cramped kitchen, the ceiling was kind of low, especially for a kitchen. There was a fluorescent light that lit up the entire room. In the kitchen were myself, my partner (H) and our friend (M).

      Can't remember what we were initially talking about, but while we all talked I crouched next to the fridge and opened it to have a look inside; the fridge didn't seem to have a light inside, and as I opened the door I hit M with it by accident. I said sorry and he said it was ok. I hadn't realised he was standing just there, somehow. I couldn't find anything I wanted really but I can't actually remember what was inside the fridge.

      I got up and closed the door and saw the time on some red 7-segment display: 17:09. M mentioned he was going to go to bed in a few seconds, I showed some surprise and asked "shouldn't we be having dinner then?" and we apparently hadn't had lunch yet, as H said "well, make it be our lunch too then".

      I think M was considering whether to eat before bed or not, and I think I asked what time he was getting up at, which he said would be 7AM or something. I walked in the opposite direction from M, past H, who was sat on a chair, and on a counter there was a pile of stuff under a tea towel. I took it off and underneath were some ready-made food packs, like chicken with noodles and vegetables. I grabbed one that was open, implied to be leftovers, and grabbed a nearby fork and ate some of the chicken. It tasted a bit... bland. I was disappointed and the rest didn't look that appetising; in fact, the rest of the chicken in this pack looked a bit pink and like it had a few white spots. But I knew it was cooked properly because these packs come pre-cooked and when I tasted some, it didn't taste raw. I nearly questioned all of this but the dream ended.

      Some notes:
      • When I used to play Freelancer, going to higher end systems in a low-level ship wasn't too uncommon for me; the dream hostility implication being that most of the factions I'd want to ally with are ones that you start off as being hostile towards, and the other thing is that if I was starting a new game, because I was good at avoiding shots, there were good wreckage and freight piracy spots in some of these areas, giving a quick boost to being able to get to a higher-end ship sooner.
      • I mostly remember seeing Outcast and Lane Hacker factions in the dream. The appearance of Lane Hackers in the dream is strange because they are allies of the Outcasts but I almost never interacted with them.
      • In the second dream, M seemed a bit sad or upset and not really up to talking. This is probably residual from his current real-life situation.
      • The pink bits on the chicken looked odd because they were on the outside, where the chicken did look cooked; because of the small white spots, I think I probably would have concluded it to be some sort of bacterial or fungal growth, had the dream carried on. I should remember to do a RC when food tastes funny or bland in general.
      • Although I remember arriving at the kitchen from outside, I don't remember an outside or a previous dream.

      Scoring thus far:
      + Previous score: 34.0

      + This DJ entry score (breakdown below): 8.5
      ++ Recall a non-lucid fragment: 0.5
      ++ Recall a non-lucid dream: 1.0
      ++ Recall any non-lucid dream over 7 consecutive nights: 7.0
      Though I could probably consider that "fly" happened in the first dream, I don't remember enough sensations to consider it valid.

      = Total score thus far: 42.5
    3. A Pirateís Treasure

      by , 07-06-2017 at 01:06 PM
      Morning of July 6, 2017. Thursday.

      Dream #: 18,462-05. Reading time: 1 min 52 sec.

      I am on a pirate ship. There is a cheerful mood. As time passes, there is evidence of a treasure chest at the bottom of the ocean. One man finds a note with instructions from a pirate who had died years ago. On it, with the latitude and longitude of the markerís location, it specifies what time to retrieve the chest, implying any other time might result in the treasure being lost or resulting in a threat.

      The ship sails to the location the lost treasure supposedly is. There is a marker floating on the oceanís surface. Someone pulls the rope that has its other end tied to the treasure chest below. Briefly, I consider, if the timing is wrong, there might be a sea monster or gigantic fish on the other end of the rope, but this does not occur. For a time, I see an underwater view as one of the pirates pulls up what first seems to be a small but weighty chest.

      I watch the chest coming up out of the mud on the oceanís bottom. Close to where the rope connects to the chest, I see the remains of a human arm entangled in it. This arm is tossed aside without concern when bringing the chest aboard.

      After the chest is on the ship in the center of a large cabin, about five or six pirates remain nearby. At this time, there is a bilocation of being in the kitchen of our present house.

      The captain opens the treasure chest, and at first, there appear to be piles of gold and silver coins as well as jewelry. He takes out some of the coins, which seem stuck together. He gives a few pieces to a few different pirates, though I get the impression it is not an equal division. They may work out how much each man receives later.

      One of the pirates snaps his horizontal cluster of fused supposed gold coins in half. It turns out to be fake and made of plaster. Another pirate does the same with the silver coins. The mood changes to disappointment, but the outcome does not seem that important.

      I approach the chest and find a hidden compartment under a false bottom. There is anticipation amidst the group of perhaps there being a treasure underneath. I lift it to see several brochures for a modern casino. There are also three notes of foreign currency (possibly Indonesian) as a gift to use in the casino. The situation results in amusement.

      I carry the bills in what is now the kitchen of our present home (without my dream self recognizing it as such) as I walk towards our back door. The pirates are still with me.

      ďItís three dollars,Ē I say. There is a sense of amusement rather than disappointment.

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    4. Stealing Buds of Pot

      by , 09-13-2016 at 04:24 PM
      Non-lucid: I was in a hotel w/ some other DC's but none of them looked familiar. We were stealing these huge buds of pot out of this other room & were on edge the whole time. The people we were stealing from never came in while we were there. You have to imagine buds like a foot or two long, lol. Then the dream shifted & we were on a ship but it looked like a harbor but not a real one, more like a movie set one. It reminded me of the set in the movie Popeye. A woman that was w/ us was in the water holding this crazy big bunch of buds. A giant crab like sea creature was scooping her up in his mouth. We were yelling at her & telling her it wasn't worth her life but she wasn't scared & she made it just disappear. Now we were surrounded by the bad guys who looked like some sort of band of pirates. The dream then became so weird that I woke up instantly & abruptly. My spine in real life was hurting so bad that I finally had to just get up. I took my pain meds & maybe I'll get a nap today since I woke up early. The book I just read was so funny, sad & informational & I highly recommend it. It's called "The Medium Next Door" by Maureen Hancock.
    5. Zombie Mod

      by , 08-01-2016 at 07:18 PM (AndresLD's (somewhat) Crazy Dream Adventures)


      I was playing on a zombie mod in virtual reality. There were 4 other players. We were going through a wasteland and it was really dark. We were moving through an alleyway and a group of about 5 zombies (who used to be cops) attacked us. We were able to fend them off and grabbed ammo from them. We kept moving through the map and reached a laboratory. Inside the lab we had to go through a maze. We got separated and I was scared to turn each corner as I didn't know what to expect. I heard something above me and when I looked up there was a Licker from resident evil. I tried to pull out my shotgun but it was too late. It jumped on me and ate me.

      The next round was on a ship. There was a Zombie Megalodon and Zombie Pirate Ship trying to board us. There were probably about 20 humans left. We were fighting the Zombies trying to board. They had swords but we had guns. The Pirates of the Caribbean main theme was playing. eventually we were able to fend off the zombie pirates but we had no idea how to fight the Megalodon. It kept bumping out ship and people were falling overboard. I tried to take cover inside the cabin but the ship started sinking. I held on to a floating board but was suddenly devoured by the megalodon.

    6. Aboard Hook's Ship

      by , 07-31-2016 at 07:13 PM (AndresLD's (somewhat) Crazy Dream Adventures)


      I was a kid and lost. I found a group of other lost kids and we were making our way across a jungle. We were staying the night in a cave when suddenly pirates surrounded us. We were captured and taken to Hook's pirate ship. Everyone was scared but I decided I would make the best of this situation, as I've always been obsessed with pirates. I befriended Hook and he showed me around the ship. There was a lot of work to do but I was happy to help. We were sailing in the blue ocean when something hit the ship. It was a huge crocodile that had been following us. I instructed everyone to load the cannons. As the crocodile was creeping up the port side of the ship (Pirates of the Caribbean Kraken-style) I shouted "FIREEEEEEE" and cannons starting going off. The crocodile's limbs flew off and there was a lot of blood in the water. Sharks arrived and devoured the dying crocodile as we kept sailing.

    7. Just some paranoia here and there

      by , 07-23-2016 at 03:44 PM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I appear to be associated with a group that is being hunted down by this large ship. We're out at sea with no land near at sight, so as are little boat is being attack. I tell them one of them that I will be back with in 10 minutes. I use a rope and did some good atheltic moves to clib to the bigger ship. As I get it I realize I have a gun and tell the enemies that I am rich now. I give off the impression that I could take them all out. The leader assumes I have a gun and shows me his. I quickly surrender with my hands in the air saying ok you got me. The leader appears to be chubby with a hat that doesn't look so pirate like.

      He then orders his two henchmen to drag be down right to a spot where I notice a camera. They were filming me for who knows why. Suddenly I see he leaves and his two henchmen were not focusing on me. I make a simple run for it which actually works. I soon found other prisoners who wanted to break free as well. I make run for the stairs as they followed me. There was a woman in a blue dress who had notice me trying to escape. I assume she is working for the weird not so pirate like leader. I kept running and soon found myself inside a office building. I could hear her screaming wait as I had to make a U turn to continue running,

      I begin stumble on my feet and fall for a brief moment. I could feel her beginning to hold me down as people in the corwd tell her to back off. I am guessing they help me as I was able to move again and continue running in till I notice a window. I didn't care how high it was from the ground. I just wanted to leave. I open the smaller window but realize I am too big to fit through it. I see a larger one right next to it and decide this is the one for me. I go through it and keep my balance, I thought to myself maybe playing Uncharted 4 wasn't such a bad idea. As I continue going down I notice the outside world wasn't so far from me.

      I land on the ground and see a house that I recognize as mine atleast in this it is. I go to it and feel this sense of relief as I made it through this ordeal. I close my eyes and find myself waking up. I assume it was all a dream as I get up with this person staring at me. I realize I am outside on the streets, I assume I am dreaming and go inside the near by house beside me. I see a woman sleeping in her bed. I sit there and notice two men who have notice the window of her house is open. I'm sure the yare planninf on breaking in. I go out to the living room as I hear television playing the sound of tekken. Stating that a fight is about to begin. I try my hardest to open the door but the lock seem broken. I then wake up.
    8. [22-03-2016]

      by , 03-22-2016 at 09:29 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)

      I was in school, inside a classroom. It was late afternoon. I was arguing with someone.

      I was a captain at a pirate ship, fighting with other captains. I just thrown an enemy overboard and taken over the ship.

      I went out of my house, I had to do something outside. On the way I though about modifying a game.

      It was a side scrolling platformer. I was a mouse that had to collect gold and reach end of stage. It was really hard, as there were many traps and ghosts flying around. I thrown knives at these ghosts and this dispersed them for a while. I tried to reach a platform, but there were really strong winds pushing me back. I've fallen down.
    9. #215. Odin's Day

      by , 09-09-2015 at 10:03 PM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      There are a series of beautiful houses and construction sites. My dad is doing work on his own house.

      I'm a child walking with Wednesday and Pugsley Addams. I forgot my sunglasses, so hold up my hands and say "Accio, glasses."

      "That should only work if you say 'sunglasses,'" points out Wednesday.

      "I knew what I meant," I shrug.

      The cast of the Addams Family now fused with the whole crew of lovingly dysfunctional people who raised me. It's weird.

      Now it's the finale of this version of the series, and there's a wooden automaton that accepts that it's "his time." He sits in the mud bath and waits to fall apart.

      (Except that this was all part of his plan, and the reason that he has bad eyesight is because his real eyes are hanging from the earrings of the trickster god who has been working "with" the bad guys. He has one last chance to take the band of bloodthirsty pirates out before he moves on to the next world...)

      Wednesday and I are adults now, and we're talking about getting married.

      I'm in my teenage home. I realize that I'm dreaming, and spend some time looking at how weird some of the angles and perspective are in this dream.
    10. Dream of June 5th, 2015 - Pirate Ships and a Train

      by , 06-06-2015 at 04:23 AM
      I donít know how the dream began, but this is the furthest back I can remember. I was with my mother and some other people. Iím not sure what we were doing. Suddenly, some of my teeth began to become loose so I pulled them out. I looked in the mirror though and it didnít seem like I had lost so many, I only noticed one spot, and Iím not sure if the gap was right.

      The dream later changed to be more like a video game. I was playing with a guy and my sisters. We were trying to steal a pirate ship that was docked. We died the first time we tried though. We later tried again and then retreated but the owners of the pirate ship chased after us. The owners were two caucasian teenage or young adult guys. The boss had light brown or dirty blond hair and I think his friend had brown hair. For weapons they had two daggers and a saber.

      The order of events becomes a bit fuzzy after this point, mostly in relation to the pirate ship stuff.

      The game became slightly less game-like and a bit more real, as in I didnít view everything from 3rd person. Again, I attempted to steal from the pirate ship, but the boys chased after me. They chased me up many series of steps to the top of a platform. The leader held a dagger to my throat and threatened to slit my throat. I knew that I would not die in real life, but I still did not want to die. I donít remember exactly what I said, but somehow I stalled them enough to slip out of the boys grasp and jump off the platform and soar away. I remember saying something along the lines of ďSorry, I donít feel like dyingĒ before soaring off. I soared to a white stone-brick tower a little ways away and landed at its entrance. I then ran up the stairs. The boys were fast though and after not long I could hear their feet stomping up the wooden stairs. I ended up getting to a balcony before they could reach me though and jumped off and soared away.

      I soared to the ship while they were away and stole it. The ship somehow shrunk to kid size and it could no longer carry all of its items effectively. Many of its items floated in the water nearby, most of them food. My guy friend and I ended up gathering the floating items together and bringing them further out to sea, which was not far at all as our feet were still touching the ground. We later found a wooden shack though that we hid the stuff in. The pirates ended up coming looking for it but I donít think they found it, or maybe they found us. I remember leaving for one reason or another anyways.

      For some reason I ended up getting on a flying train with my sisters and a guy friend, but Iím not sure if it was the same guy (btw, not any guy I know in real life). The train was white with brownish floors had a sort of bubbly shape to, it sort of looked like a blow-up vehicle (like a bouncy house sort of feel). The train ride was very cool. We flew over beautiful nature landscapes, an ocean, and brilliantly lit city at night. Some of the buildings were all glass so that the whole building glowed. The city felt a bit familiar, like I might have dreamt about it before. During the ride though, a few strange things happened.

      On the train, I somehow became pregnant, and the guy that had come on the train with me was apparently the father. The supposed father was pale and fairly tall with short black hair. He was busy during most of the train ride though and we didnít really talk much. On the train was also my mother. I know we spoke to each other, but I canít remember the details. All I know was that it had something to do with my pregnancy.

      After some time, I had my baby. It was very weird though. Well, the whole pregnancy had been weird really. It had lasted only a short time and Iím not sure if I had any signs of being pregnant (no large belly). When I did ďgive birthĒ the baby actually just appeared outside of me and began walking around. The baby did not look like a newborn. They were very clearly toddler age. They had light skin and red hair like Disneyís Ariel. After only a few minutes they grew again and their hair grew halfway down their back. I tried to get their ďfatherĒ to interact with them but they were always busy working. Not long after I woke up.
    11. Disco, chase

      by , 04-01-2015 at 09:30 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream - fragment

      I was at a school disco. There was a blonde girl that wanted to dance with me, but being a horrible dancer I refused, and slightly pushed her back when she was still insisting on. I went to the other room, and stood there for a while. I went back after a while, and met a friend. There were classmates in there too. I saw a second frined, he was dancing like he had an attack. Classmates laughed from him.

      Second dream

      I was a pirate. With crew we stopped the boat close to the shore, and went on to steal something. I went off alone and met a girl and two other pirates, standing upon digged out holes. The treasure was stolen. Pirates run for a van, as the stolen treasure were transported out with trucks.

      With the girl, we ran to closest vechicle - a wagon pulled by two horses. We drove, while a disco music played in the background. First I tried to learn how to steer it, and managed to steer them in the right way. We drove through the outskirts of city, and to the city centre.

      When steering, I somehow managed to tangle the reins. We crashed in with a car, and escaped. In need of a quick vechicle, we tried to steal a motorbike, to no success. Angered, I ran to police vechicle and stolen it. We drove to some kind of canals.

      We waited for the right moment, and when truck appeared, we drove with a high speed. I shouted Carmageddon! when close to crashing with the truck, but I missed. We waited again, and when we were close to the truck, I jumped inside it's cabin. I fought with the driver.

      Suddenly he flewn out of the truck with jetpack. I was trying to hold on, but he punched me in my face. Instead of falling down, the driver tied me to the jetpack, and jumped out. I somehow found out how to control it, but I crashed. Nothing happened to me. I went back to the girl in police vechicle, but couldn't find her.

      After a while I saw a "Mission unsuccessfull" text that appeared, and my view changed to third perso. I was a CJ from GTA SA, running around the canal.
    12. Cloudy with a chance of Pillows!!! Stealing the Arkenstone from the pirates booty!!

      by , 02-05-2015 at 11:32 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Cloudy with a chance of Pillows!!! Stealing the Arkenstone from the pirates booty!! (DILD)


      One of my best lucids in my life, super long crystal clear quality dream.

      Full Dream (1 pts)
      DILD (10 pts)
      Stabilize (1 pts)
      DC Interaction (2 pts)
      Advance Flight (10 pts)
      Teleport (7 pts)
      Unespecified dream control (Invisible) (3 pts)
      Steal booty from pirates (20 pts)
      Unespecified dream control (magic-atlas spell) (3 pts)
      Advance summoning with fictional char (15 pts)
      Meet teammate (7 pts)
      Meet second teammate (3 pts)
      Meet enemy (5 pts)
      Meet extra enemy (3 pts)
      Show your teammate a previous dream (10 pts)
      Pillow fight/Fight with teammates with all enemies (30 pts)
      Advance telekinesis (10 pts)
      Convert an Enemy. (10 pts)

      I was going to arthur findlay college for a physical mediumship development class. I went to a class I believe related to psychokinesis and upon finishing it, I wanted to go to my next class. I realized I had no idea about which one of my classes was next, but I had no idea how to check them neither. I was wearing a robe from the spa I was in so I went to a class that was I believe a Karate class. The Sensei welcomed me to the class, but I told him I was medium and not a fighter, and that I had no idea how to find my own class. A very tall (6'2'') female DC had a crush on me and said she would tell me, while she hugged and kissed me.

      She said that I needed to open the secret door behind the piano. She escorted me downstairs and there was some sort of theather. At the end of it, there was a big piano and next to it, I could see like a secret door, as I saw a crack around the wall.

      I figured i had to ask Spirit to tell me what to play on the piano to open the door, but nothing really happened. I was wondering why I could not connect with Spiri and I realized that this college was for Physical mediumship, so I figured that Spirit needed to overlay me instead. I went quickly into trance and I felt how Spirit was moving my fingers, playing a weird song. Shortly after, the door opened.

      I saw a class schedule for mediums and I could see my name there, but I could not read the list, it was all blurry.

      From here, I was in front of Lisa William's home. I went inside and there were toys all around. She said, "Hi Fernando and Ana." And I told her, "She's ain't Ana, she is a friend." She was a little shocked. I shared with Lisa all about the piano thing and she said that there was no way I could have done that, that I am a local medium while she is word renowed and she was unable. This tall female DC, who was still with me, said angry, "Well, he did, I was there and saw the wall opening." Lisa insulted her and I told Lisa I would not tolerate her being so rude and egocentric and that I was going to leave.

      As I was walking out,
      I realized that it was impossible Lisa was that rude and I checked my hand. I saw some fingers distorted and realized I was dreaming. I was happy because the dream quality was crystal clear, but I still wanted to go out for a flight to make sure everything was in good order. I gave a kiss to the female DC and told her, "Thanks, but this is a dream." She took her clothes off and she had a super sexy body, the tempation was hard but I wanted to score big, this competition is removing all dream sex from me... lol.

      I started to fly at super hight speed, I flew up to space a couple times and I felt tempted in starting to visit some alien planets, something I highly enjoy as well, but I decided it was time to do some dream work. First of all, I decided to teleport to a real pirate ship, in order to complete the challenge of the week. I used my usual technique of closing my eyes and concentrating my energy and then, opening my eyes very hard. I appeared right in front of a pirate ship. I was not sure if I had to steal booty without being seen or not, so I decided to first, try to do it without being seen. I demanded the dream to make me invisible. I felt weird, like air went pass by me. I believe I still had a body, but was semi transparent.

      As I entered the Pirate ship, it looked more like a ghost ship. There was a pirate flag, but it was all broken and torn apart. I also saw some swords on the floor. I went to the cellar of the ship and I saw a small chest and some coins laying around. I felt that there was no specification in how much booty I had to steal, so I took a treasure chest (that looked like one of the legend of zelda treasure chests)

      I took it away from the ship and opened it. I hoped to find a pandora's box for my task, but I found the Arkenstone instead. I found it funny that my subconscious found that in the chest, but wished it was a pandora's box, seems I always struggle to find it.

      From here, the dream was still a massive quality, so I decided to do more and to fight the pirates. I wondered if castic magic on me would help, and I remembered using the Atlas spell on me to make me super strong, as being a psychic medium I am a bit whimpy in terms of physical strenght.

      I did not feel my body growing, but I heard like a noise of beefing myself up and I felt my arms heavier. I remembered that it could be cool to call some team mates, so I went to the read of the boat and once I was there, I demanded the dream to bring me Sensei. He appeared right in front of me, and talking about randomness, he appeared again with a Robe from the spa I am staying at. I also visualized Nfri coming to join the party. Nfri did not appear in front of me, but on one side of the boat. Nfri was dressed in shorts lol, not a hot chick this time neither.

      We went inside the boat again hopping to find some pirates, but none came out. I started screaming, "Anotherdreamer, Dolphin, blobularwindmil, show your face, come on!!!!!!!!!!" I believe I was doing that for a while, but especially calling for anotherdreamer (I forgot to call fogelbise... too bad) A door opened very abruptly and all three of them came out. One of them had a sword, but the other two had guns (my subconscious loves pirates holding guns haha) and I told them we were going to kick their asses.

      I told Sensei, "Look what I did in other dream." And I started calling out for Vegeta to come and join the fight again. I told him that in other dream with him Vegeta helped us. I needed to call him a couple more times, but he ended up showing up. He was wearing his pink t-shirt instead of his usual saiyan armor:

      I think here we started to fight, not sure, the dream quality was a bit lower, not as crystal clear. I remembered that a pillow fight would give a massive amount of points, so I imagined that pillows started to rain above us (I was not able to see any pillow around) Suddenly, I saw pillows falling down, as well as stuffed dolls and I think mashmallows too. I grabbed a pillow and tossed it at Anotherdreamer. A few pillows hit me back also.

      I imagined a Hyrule Warriors attack that made a huge mess around all the mobs, and I wanted to use telekinesis and move all the pillows at once. I started moving all the pillows around me, like they were orbiting. I think there were still marshmallows (or tiny pillows) because all the stuff looked while. I started hitting everybody with the pillows (I think friendly fire inclused.)

      After a while, I told Anotherdreamer, "Come on dude, fight dolphin." He was not agreeing with me and just grabbed a pillow and hitted me hard with it. I asked vegeta, how I believe was motionless to force him to become an ally. Vegete pointed at him with his palm open, "Probably about to do a blast" and I told him, "Join me, hit dolphin with a pillow." He laughed and tossed a pillow at Dolphin. Good enough. I told him he could keep a part of the booty if he joined us and anotherdreamer did say yes.

      We exited the boat and I think we wanted to go to eat at a restaurant. I decided it was a super long dream and feared I would forget the dild part, so I woke myself up.
      lucid , non-lucid
    13. Ninja ambush over Pirates!! New ninja: Vegeta. New Ninja Skill: Fire Energy blasts!!

      by , 01-27-2015 at 08:39 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Ninja ambush over Pirates!! New ninja: Vegeta. New Ninja Skill: Fire Energy blasts!! (WILD)


      I was feeling heavy vibrations in my body, and despite I was meditating, I decided to WILD since last night was not very amusing in terms of lucid dreaming. Soon, a dream formed as I found myself in San Diego, near the beach and it was a very sunny day. I felt bliss not only because I got an extra WILD out of a nap, but because the weather was so fabulous (I moved from San Diego to Galicia, Spain, and the weather here sucks) I was glad that the WILD worked easily (+5) and I took a flight (+4) to make my dream stable. The dream quality increased dramatically (+1), to a crystal clear point.

      I decided it could be a good idea to fly to space, and I also thought about the Pandora's box task that I failed twice. I was still flying when I saw a familiar area (Moreno Valley) so I wondered if my friend Fabian would be there. As soon as I landed, I was able to see him and I was happy that the dream incubation task worked
      (+15) He looked a little different from waking life, maybe older and with a little more weight. He had a bag of magic mushrooms and I asked him (+2) how was his experience with magic mushrooms. He said to me:

      "You will see beyond source and know this is a matrix and everything is a lie." For some reason, this shoked me and for a second, I thought I was awake, almost losing lucidity, I felt nervious for some reason and did a reality check to find a missing thumb in my right hand. I wanted to try one, as I once tried mushrooms in a dream and it felt very weird. So I ate one
      (+4) and suddenly the dream went super blurry and my heart raced (as soon as I placed it in my mouth) I felt like dizzy, but not in a bad way, it is a little strange to explain. I decided to fly again because I did not want to risk the dream and wake up. I flew towards the clouds and I lost vision. I felt I was a gonner, but I could still hear the sound of the sea (which is not that close to Moreno Valley) and felt the wind on my face. I tried to slowly open my eyes until I started seeing a lot of light. I knew it could not be my room so I kept opening them until I was back in the dream, with a massive clarity.

      I decided to fly at hight speed, I felt super blissful for some reason, so I took a big while to fly around and I believe (don't recall very well) I said something, "Yeaah... more points because this is advance flying"
      (+6) I was also laughing.

      After a while doing this, I considered into beating my own record of personal dares before Dreamer catched me up. I felt like doing something different, I rarely do naps and I had no idea really how long or short was my dream going to last.

      I decided to land next to a port and I saw some ships. I recalled that I could attack pirates in my dreams and score a huge amount of points. I focused in summoning Sensei in order to fight along side with him, since we were on the same team. He appeared right in front of me, but, it was like he was there already but before I could not see him, a little hard to put in words
      (+10) but he appeared when I wanted him to appear. I told him to fight the pirates (+7) and he said yes. He did not appear to be very talk active, but he was smiling and somehow like pumped. I also called the Nfri and he came (+3), and funny enough, he was dressed like a ninja, but with military camouflage clothing. I could not see his face but he said, "hey teammates"

      We flew to a boat. It looked more like a yatch, nothing close to a pirate ship, but I pretended that dolphin and anotherdreamer were in there. Lucky me! I could see both of them through one of the windows. I knew anotherdreamer because he was holding a photo or something that looked like Dreamer
      (+5) and then, dolphin was dressed like in a vacation suit with a green dolphin on his shirt (+3) and he was making dolphin noises instead of talking. I could not see more pirates, so I said to Sensei and Nfri, "Let' throw energy blasts at them."

      Suddenly, Vegeta came out of the blue, he had the Majin symbol but for some reason, during the dream I interpreted it like it was a ninja symbol.

      Vegeta thew a big energy blast and suddenly, a submarine alarm starte to sound (what the heck...) and then I tried to throw an energy blast myself, without success. I then intended to manipulate the element of fire, because my hands are always very warm in waking life. At first nothing happen, but then a thick blast of fire came out of my hand
      (+8)and i hit a big own that was hanging around there. The owl got pissed and morphed into blobularwindmil (I recall she had an owl in her avatar when I read her first DJ entry) and she started to throw some black stuff at me, even though they hit me, I did not feel pain, just like a small push.

      I then saw Sensei pulling out a very large sword, very long, something like this:

      And he killed dolphin, but it was not gore or anything, Dolphin just fell to the ground and after a few moments, I wasn't able to see him, so he either left or just vanished. Anotherdreamer seemed to be there, but he did not care for the battle. It was an awesome fight
      (+20) Vegeta seemed to have banished also, he was no where around, and same for Nfri. I could assume that they got killed (good job at killing majin vegeta haha) I remember that a pillow fight would give more points. So I grabbed a pillow and just tossed onto Anotherdreamer's face. I think Sensei (or someone else) tossed another pillow, because other pillow moved and I wasn't intending it. Anotherdreamer hitted me with one pillow also (+10) but soon the interest on the pillows were lost, as a blast came out from somewhere almost hitting me.

      From here, it was a little confusing, I cannot recall well what happened (I started writing this out right after my WILD) but I think the yatch exploded or something happened and somehow I got teleported to downtown somewhere, I was alone now and I wanted to got to space, but I woke up instead.
    14. Pirates and Tsunamis

      by , 07-03-2014 at 11:09 AM
      Pirates and Tsunamis


      After PE in join the military. Our first action is to battle tsunamis. One wave gets me and I get washed on onto a pirate ship. I fight all the guys, another wave gets me and washes me into the city. I find myself on a roof of a church. The next thing I know is that I am in an electronic shop.
    15. The Cruise

      by , 06-23-2014 at 08:10 PM
      The Cruise


      Iīm on a cruise in the caribbean sea. All my friends are there, german and american. Weīre docking and go shopping in a big mall. I meet a guy I really dislike and beat him up. We return to the cruise ship, which now looks like a pirate ship, wooden and really big. I find out it has 3 floors. The machine room, the living quarters and a restaurant under the blue sky. I ask a guy how deep the water is and he answers: 44m/144ft. I look down and see a book laying on the ground but I forget about it quickly. I find out one of my friends cooperated with the FBI and Iīm getting thrown off the ship.
      I wake up on the beach, stand up and decide to go find the ship. I meet two of my american friends, they tell me the hole story and I start swearing in english
      (from that moment on the hole dream is in english). I find my way back to the ship, and go straight to the captainīs room. Itīs Chow from "The Hangover" and he does his weird laugh...I wake up.

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