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    1. 05/09/13 - Dream With Me

      by , 05-10-2013 at 07:49 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      I am lying on a blanket in the middle of a field of green grass. I lie there for a few minutes, looking up at the blue sky as clouds drift by. It is very relaxing. I am lying there relaxing when I feel something wrapping around my right wrist, it feels like a snake. I hesitate just a little too much before sitting up. A snake thing wraps around my other wrist. I look around and see I am not alone there, I am surrounded by Templars. The places where the snakes… more like tendrils… are holding my wrists are burning. There's some kind of dark energy pulsing through the tendrils. The tendrils are extending from two of the Templars, right out of their right hands. One Templar says there's nothing I can do to stop it now, they own me. I form hidden blades on each arm and twist around to cut the tendrils. There are many more tendrils heading my direction from all the other Templars. I form Witchblade into a sword instead of hidden blades and cut through the tendrils as they try to grab hold of me. There are just too many of them, they're all coming too fast. I won't be able to hold them off for long. I get another idea. I put the sword away and let the tendrils wrap around my body. I focus on the song spell Whiplash by Metallica, sending the energy back along the tendrils to their source. The backlash of energy knocks each of the Templars back on their asses. They are recovering quickly and sending the tendrils out again. I start to set off an Immortal Fire spell, but I don't get all the way through setting it up before I am grabbed by the tendrils again. I use Phantom Lord by Metallica to create a wall of fire around myself, the tendrils burn off.

      During the time the wall of fire is protecting me I am able to complete the Immortal Fire spell. A blast of energy extends out from me, destroying my own wall of fire and all the Templars standing around the outside of it. When the energy clears I am alone in the field. My first goal is the usual healing. Since I wasn't able to find Nomad and Winter on the moon earlier I decide to try the healing glen first. I open a portal and go through to find out my choice was correct. Nomad and the crystal golem are standing near a levitating Winter. I go over to them and focus on the healing spell Voices, directing healing energy through Winter. Golden energy is permeating the entire area, flowing through everyone there. It feels very relaxing. I hadn't realized it but I had been quite angry at the Templars for intruding on my earlier peaceful dream. I realize how angry I had been as I am calming down now. I am so relaxed I feel I might fall asleep. As the spells are coming to a close I really do fall asleep and wake up in bed.  

      Dark Tower: Ambush!
      I am in a comfortable looking house with three other people. I don't remember the name of the one, but the other two are Roland and Eddie. The third man is staring at me with his jaw open. He says he never actually saw a walk-in walk in before, now he's seen everything. I tell him there's one more to join us. I think about getting MoSh into the dream. I have had an idea for improving the chances of shared dreaming so I decide to test it out with someone I know I can make a connection with. I focus on the song Dream On by Aerosmith, but I change the lyrics from "Sing with me, sing for the years. Sing for the laughter, sing for the tears. Sing with me, just for today. Maybe tomorrow, the good lord will take you away," to "Dream with me, dream of the years. Dream of the laughter, dream of the tears. Dream with me, just for today. Maybe tomorrow, the good lord will take you away." I focus on the alternate lyrics while keeping in mind who I want to make contact with. After a brief pause MoSh appears in front of me, looking a bit disoriented. Roland says we really need to get moving now, before Balazaar's goons come after us. Eddie seems to want to talk to the other man some more. Roland tells him to talk as we go. He asks who can drive. Eddie, then me, then the other man, and finally MoSh all say we can drive. It appears Roland is the odd one out there. So we go outside to where there is a car and a truck parked. I am hoping I didn't lie, I am not familiar with driving a stick shift… I need not have worried, it is an automatic. MoSh, Eddie, and the other guy all get in the truck, which I find a bit odd… there is more room in the car… I decide not to worry about seating arrangements. I drive the car, following after the truck, Roland is in the seat beside me. Roland is silent for a while, then he finally asks where exactly it is that MoSh and I come from… is it from Eddie's world? I don't have to figure out an answer for that, however, as the truck in front of us blows a tire and skids off into the ditch. I slam on the brakes just in time to keep from hitting the row of spikes on the road. We are under attack! I wonder how they had time to set up an ambush. Roland is out of the car in an instant with his gun drawn, he takes out two of the goons before they can react and take cover behind a couple vehicles hidden alongside the road. I get out of the vehicle quickly, but not fast enough. We are in a shootout. But do I have a gun? I don't see a gun anywhere, I am dressed in my Assassin robes, I have two hidden blades… didn't anyone tell me not to bring a hidden blade to a gun fight? Shooting is going on around me while I look for my gun. I want to help out somehow… so I sneak off to the side and into the trees. Maybe if I can just get behind them… Someone shoots at me, but he misses and leaves himself open to be shot, I think he gets shot by MoSh. So MoSh got a gun and all I got was hidden blades? I focus on summoning a gun but nothing happens. Shit. The shooting continues. I circle through the trees, and I spot a pair of goons approaching with the same idea I had. I climb up into a tree before they see me. Then as they are passing below me I jump out of the tree and do a double assassinate on the two goons before they can circle around behind Roland and the others.

      I think that might be why I couldn't summon a gun… if I had, I wouldn't have been sneaking around and found these two! I go to continue circling around behind the other goons when there is an explosion. Someone must have ignited a gas tank. I see smoke rising from the trees ahead, but then the dream fades out and I wake partially… I doze back into the dream, not lucid now, and time has passed. I am with Eddie, Roland, and MoSh and we are in a nice looking house talking to Stephen King, which I think is pretty awesome. I wish I had one of his books to get signed. MoSh is looking around the room. Roland is saying something about Stephen King creating us. I tell Roland that I don't think Stephen King created anyone, but he can see into other worlds that most people deny the existence of. Influence events? That seems likely, let it be written, let it be done. But create real living people? Only a god can do that. But I really want to know how he can see the other worlds, because I want so badly to see the other worlds while I am awake, to have final proof that they exist… Then I ask Stephen King if he could write me a door… a door from my own house into my inner world, or a door to any world where magic works, really. Because if I just had my powers I could go anywhere. A short story would surely do. Make the door appear in June 2013, please. In the home of Raven Knight. And not locked, or write in a key with it. Stephen King looks at me strangely, and then I wake up.

      Dream With Me
      I am in my own room lying in bed. I sit up and stroke a furry animal by my side. The animal pikas at me. Pikas? I feel another animal beside me, and this one vees when I pet it. "Pika!" "Vee!" A pikachu and an eevee. I get out of bed and do a reality check, which is something I am trying to get in the habit of doing every time I wake up in bed. I pinch my nose and find I can still breathe. I'm dreaming! My first thought is to just go outside and fly somewhere, I always like flying dreams. I think for a few minutes, then I remember I had a goal of trying to share a dream with a couple people. I decide to try my new song spell to reach someone I haven't dreamed with before, or at least not much. My first goal will be to share a dream with FH. I remember he wanted to get to the moon so I will do it from there. I open a portal. Nothing happens. I wonder why it's not working. I look at my closet door for a bit and then open it. My closet door leads to the moon. I go through the door to a place at the base of the tower. The door vanishes behind me. I focus on the song Dream On by Aerosmith, but I change the lyrics from "Sing with me, sing for the years. Sing for the laughter, sing for the tears. Sing with me, just for today. Maybe tomorrow, the good lord will take you away," to "Dream with me, dream of the years. Dream of the laughter, dream of the tears. Dream with me, just for today. Maybe tomorrow, the good lord will take you away." Now I just have to focus on who I want to make contact with. I realize I have absolutely no idea what image to focus on. I focus on the idea of bringing FH to the moon as I focus on the altered lyrics. At first nothing seems to be happening. Then someone starts to take shape. It's like a malfunctioning transporter on Star Trek.

      The image forms a bit, then disappears a bit, then forms again. I try to get a good look at the image but I am failing. A man, I'm bad with ages but my guess is in his 30's, dark hair, his hair is short, might be slightly receding… he is average build and height… the image is so non-descript, this could describe countless men out there. I wonder if that's what FH really looks like or if that's just how I picture him… I think the image is going to come into focus but instead it disappears. I drop an Italian curse word… Cazzo. I was also going to try to share an Assassin's Creed dream with SJ. Key note being Assassin's Creed. I focus on the alternate lyrics again, and this time I have a clear image to focus on. Pretty, long dark hair… Maybe I can pull SJ into a dream and shift this dream to an Assassin's Creed setting at the same time. So now I focus on the song, and on both of us being in an Assassin's Creed world. The scene around me does shift. I do teleport. I find myself in a place that looks like one of the cities from Assassin's Creed, the original game. I think it is Jerusalem. I am standing between two buildings, out of sight of the main walkways and streets. Perfect, I think SJ would like to meet Altaïr. As I am focused on the image of SJ someone starts to form in front of me. Then I start questioning myself… what if we get attacked by a hoard of Templars? If we get surrounded and attacked, would that make it a nightmare for her? No… I don't think so. Give her a sword and she could play virtual reality Assassin's Creed like I have done in previous dreams where I wasn't lucid. So I keep focusing on SJ. She is materializing, it is working! Someone rudely shoves me out of the way, I lose focus, and SJ disappears. I look and see Altaïr has pushed me out of the way. I step back out in front of some guards that are chasing Altaïr, and they run right into me, we all fall down in a pile. The guards quickly get up, several of them are cursing at me, and they continue in the direction Altaïr went… but I figure he is probably long gone. I am thinking about trying Dream On one more time when I wake.
    2. 04/18/13 Ambushed!

      by , 04-19-2013 at 01:03 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      Ambush I
      I am in a green field, I am completely surrounded by Templars. I don't really want to take a lot of time on these Templars. I tell the nearest Templar that I am about to drop an Immortal Fire in case they would prefer to leave before that happens. No one responds by leaving, instead it looks like they are about to attack me. A strange energy seems to be radiating off of them. I use the Immortal Fire spell and create an explosion of fire that expands out from me… Before the fire has even faded I open a portal to the moon, heading for the balancing pools. I go through the portal and into the pool. Nomad is already there with Winter, and he seems to be trying to heal her. I focus healing energy through Winter and also through Nomad, I figure to get rid of the remaining sores on his foot. I am still focused on the healing when a dark shadow passes over the healing springs. I look up and see there are huge winged creatures in the sky over us. They look like giant bats or wraith horses, and each one has a Templar riding it.

      They are in the biodome? They dive down and are attacking everything in sight. They are dropping energy bombs. The bombs are exploding and spreading dark energy all over the place. I use another Immortal Fire that creates only light energy, I don't want to cause any more destruction than the Templars are already causing. A blast of light energy extends out from me and incinerates the Templars, along with the dark energy bombs they are dropping. I get on Stardust, a winged unicorn with flaming mane and tail.

      I ride into the sky and survey the area around the biodome. There are Templars attacking everywhere. There are Templars attacking over a city down below. The city is around a large temple. Nomad has followed me into the air and immediately attacks the Templars. I use the song Battery and strike a number of Templars with lightning. I fly down over the city and see there are all different races living in the city, all of them being attacked by Templars. I wonder what it is the Templars are after… I activate another Immortal Fire, and create another explosion of light energy. The light energy is destroying all of the wraith Templars it hits. I land in the city down below, feeling a little drained now, maybe too many Immortal Fires at once? I see Nomad blowing on what looks like the Horn of Eld from the Dark Tower series. Shortly after that I notice there are many others in the fight now, many of whom I don't even recognize, but they seem to be fighting against the Templars. The fight is still going on when I am unable to avoid waking up.

      I am with some other people just outside a town. I see some people sneaking into the town. The people disappearing into the town are Templars. The Templars are disguised as civilians. I am there with Nomad and Altaïr, I notice they are disguised as the Templars are. I am in the same disguise. We enter into the town. Q appears and says the Templars are aiming to plant dark energy bombs in various parts of the city, he isn't sure if the goal is to gain control or just to destroy everything, but it has to be stopped. So we split up and head into the city, looking for the Templars or the bombs they have left. Nomad and I are near the castle in the center of the town when we spot a couple of Templars leaving a bomb. We each take out a Templar with our hidden blades. Another Templar says something about a traitor, but doesn't get a chance to sound the alarm before Altaïr silences him. I hear someone calling for help from inside the castle. We all go in and follow some stairways down into a dungeon where there are several Templar wraiths torturing an orc.

      We still look like Templars, so they take no notice of us. We easily get close enough to covertly cut the bonds holding the orc back. The orc grabs an axe from a surprised Templar and cuts him down with it. I take out a Templar right beside me using my hidden blade. At first they seem to think there are traitors among them, but it doesn't take them long to realize they have been infiltrated by Assassins. Nomad is throwing Templars through portals, he says something about them respawning if they are killed. I use Through the Never to open a vortex portal to somewhere around Pluto, and it pulls a pair of Templars through it. It will take them a bit of time to get back from Pluto, I figure. I then wonder if they won't just open a portal and come right back… The orc we freed has no ideas of sending Templars anywhere except the grave. He is about to attack me when I transform back to my Assassin form and he stops quickly, realizing I am not an enemy. I return to the surface and scan the area using Eagle Vision to see if I can find the remaining Templar infiltrators. I see the trails they have left, though it is not that easy to follow. I am not sure which way they went in! I follow a path to a bomb, which I send through a portal to a void between worlds where it won't hurt anyone. I get attacked by what looks like a random civilian, but is actually a Templar. I see him coming since he is glowing red, I see him in time to dodge his attack and counter with one of my own, forming Witchblade into a sword which he practically impales himself on. I see other people who look like Assassins searching the area for any more bombs. I wonder how many Templars got into the town. I never have a chance to find out before I wake. 

      Ambush II
      I am in a hotel room, it looks weird there, sort of like a dream. Maybe it is a dream. I pinch my nose and find I can still breathe, so I know I am dreaming. I hear a lot of cursing from nowhere at all. I recognize the voice of the person cursing as Susanna Dean from the Dark Tower books. I am not sure how I recognize her voice, but there is no doubt in my mind that is who it is. She is getting angry at her alter, Mia, for setting Eddie and Roland up to be killed. I remember the scene in the book that this is referring to. I talk to Susanna telepathically. I tell her that no matter how many hired goons have been set on Eddie and Roland, it won't be enough. Mia asks who the fuck I am, she says she didn't know before and wants to know now. I tell her to be glad I don't want to alter the story enough to kick her sorry ass right out of there, and send her chap along with her. She says I couldn't do it, but she doesn't sound too certain of that. I have to get to Eddie and Roland. I focus on opening a portal to find them, and it opens, so I go through. I am near what looks like a truck stop called the Dixie Pig. As soon as I appear there someone starts shooting at me, so I hit the dirt. As I am there on the ground I see I am not alone. Eddie and Roland are both there, Roland is looking at me strangely and Eddie looks a bit disoriented.

      We are being shot at. It is the small army sent by Enrico Balazar to intercept Roland and Eddie. Roland asks where my friend is. I focus on a portal to find MoSh. The portal opens and MoSh comes through, hitting the dirt as he is also being shot at. Eddie seems to be coming around, and we all start returning fire. I shoot a couple hired goons that are closing in on us from beyond several parked cars, behind which the remaining people take cover. Not all of them make it, however, Roland shoots three, Eddie shoots two, and MoSh shoots two. There are at least five more hidden behind the vehicles. I see someone else coming onto the scene. Nomad is riding what looks like a saber tooth tiger and shooting with a couple revolvers. He flushes the five goons behind the car into the open and shoots a couple of them, the others are left open to being shot by Roland, Eddie, MoSh. We make our way to the gas station area of the truck stop as more hired goons close in on us. An 18 wheeler comes barreling out of control and crashes between us and what looks like a couple dozen more hired goons. Roland wants to go out the back, there are three customers in the place that are staring wide eyed at us. Roland tells them all to get down, but only one of them does it. A couple older women get shot and collapse to the ground. Eddie recognizes one of the enemies and refers to him as old double ugly. Double ugly seems to recognize Eddie, and hesitates much long and gets blown away by Eddie. I notice for the first time Eddie has been shot in the leg. Some hired goons are coming around each side of the truck stop, and some are coming through as we get out the back. None of them get very far before we cut them down. John, the customer that is still alive, says he has a way to make an exit but we need a distraction. Roland shoots one of the fuel tanks and starts a leak. John throws a lighter to it and it bursts into flames. We all head down a path behind the truck stop as the gas pumps burst into flames. We haven't gotten far out of the way before there is a huge explosion behind us.

      It looks like it must have taken out quite a few of the goons with it, I wonder if any of them managed to get away. We all pile on a boat and head out across a lake to put distance between us and any remaining goons. Roland, Eddie, and John talk a bit but I don't pay a lot of attention. We get to the other side of the lake and enter a boat house. I tell them I can do some healing. Eddie looks a bit confused, Roland looks at his right hand, flexing all five of the fingers there. He tells Eddie I can do it, but hurry. I find the bullet wound in Eddie's leg and focus healing energy through it. The wound begins healing and quickly closes up. I also heal a bullet wound in Eddie's arm and a bump on his head. I look over at Roland, but he says he is fine. I grab his arm anyway and focus healing energy through him, I remember he was having some trouble with arthritis… which I am sure I can't cure, but I think it should help some anyway. And I have even less time than they do, I feel I am about to wake up. As I focus healing energy through Roland everything around me fades and I wake up.
    3. Dark Tower Dream: Roland's story

      by , 04-13-2013 at 12:41 AM (The Nomad Chronicles)
      I awake near a campfire on the ground. Raven is here, so is WinterFae, Roland, and some other people. Roland tells us what the zombie wolves are. As he tells us the story, we see the pictures in the smoke and in our minds.

      The zombie wolves are actually men. Men, Templars from other dimensions that became wraiths in their world, forever bound to the astral plane by killing themselves in order to induce a trauma to their soul and bind themselves to the twilight plane of the astral.
      They have animated the bodies of mutant wolves, half-dead in order to kidnap children and steal their dreams. The Wraith-Templars want everyone to stay on the astral plane and go no further when they sleep, for on the astral, the Templars can torture people and feed of their pain energy.

      I lean forward and reach for a firebrand. I stare at the flame on the end of the stick. I slowly put the flame close to my right hand. Raven shouts, "Nomad, you'll hurt yourself!"
      "I have to see!" I burn myself right where my RC tattoo is in Wakeworld. I cry out in pain, and toss the firebrand into the fire. "Nomad-Nyne, what are you doing?" cries WinterFae.
      "I have to see." I look at my hands. They look normal except for the burn, which is now blistering. I pinch my nose...can't breathe through it. I try to fly. I can't. I try to shoot fireballs. I can't. I pick up an empty can, toss it into the air, and throw a knife right into it with a loud clang. "...and we are all good shots..." echoes in my head.
      "This is real," I whisper, and faint. Raven catches me.
      I wake up some time later. Raven and WinterFae are looking over me. "This is real, isn't it?"
      "Yes, brother, this is real, this land, this ka-tet, this world. And the quicker you accept that, the quicker we can-" Roland raises his gun and points it at me- no- behind me. A bullet whizzed past my ear, and into the head of a strange templar-wraith.
      We look around. No one else, a scout.
      "Okay, friends, let's move!" Roland shouts. We quickly pack up camp, and move out from the woods to a cool desert plain.
    4. 04/06/13 The Towers and the Templars

      by , 04-07-2013 at 12:55 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      Tower in the Sky
      I use my hypnotic program to enter into a WILD… I am in a green field of grass lying on a blanket relaxing. I open my eyes and look up at the blue sky. There are weird energy pulses obscuring my view of the sky. I sit up and look around only to see I am surrounded by Templars. I give out a tired groan, getting really sick of entering my dreams only to find Templars lately. I tell one of the Templars closest to me that I am going to count to 10 and then drop an immortal fire just in case he and his friends want to bug out. 1… 2… 3… 4… 5… I get interrupted by the Templar saying they will stop bothering me if I return the orb I took. I ignore that. 6… 7… 8… 9… I notice a couple of the Templars disappear, but most of them do not. The energy waves coming off of them actually seem to get stronger. 10. I use the immortal fire spell, sending a wall of fire out from my position, incinerating the Templars in its path. It wasn't one of my stronger ones, but it has done the job. I open a portal to the moon to meet up with Nomad. On the other side of the portal we are near the healing springs. I notice that Winter is relaxing in the water. She looks like she is asleep. Nomad is there with her, holding her. I feel briefly lonely until I feel someone put his arms around me. That makes me feel a lot better. I look and see I am being hugged by Altaïr. I tell Nomad that there is something I have to get out of the Silver Tower before anything happens, as I am not sure what will happen if it gets damaged. Or at least I think there is… He is looking at me strangely. We go into the tower on the moon, to the main control center. There is a display on the screen of a space station. That is where I need to go. I think I really have no idea where to look… but then I see it. On a part of the station that looks like a radar dish there is a glowing orb. I think the orb looks a lot like one I took from the Templars in an earlier dream… except this orb is green where the other one was blue.

      I need to get that. I focus on teleporting outside and near the glowing orb. The teleportation works, and I find I am floating in space with no difficulty breathing. The orb is sealed in there pretty tight. I change my hidden blade to a plasma form and use it to cut through a couple pieces of the casing that holds the orb in place. I wonder if their systems will warn them of the intrusion. No matter. I have the orb. I take the orb from its place and teleport back to the tower on the moon. I show the others what I felt I had to go get. What is it? I don't really know. A piece of Eden like in the Assassin's Creed games? A piece of the wizard's rainbow from the Dark Tower books? Neither? Both? It just seemed important that I get it. Everything fades around me as I wake.

      Star Wars
      I am in bed and I am on fire! I wake suddenly to see I am surrounded by blue flames, but I quickly realize they do not burn me. Something is burning off of me. Parasites? Are there more Templars around? I see Nomad is in the room with me. I ask if he has seen any Templars around. He says they were hiding but he took them out. I find myself feeling pissed off at the Templars. Nomad opens a portal to the moon. On the other side complete chaos has broken out. There is a space station in the sky over the moon tower, and there is fighting going on all around it. Nomad looks around and says the Templars seem really pissed off about something… He summons a huge animal that he gets on… it looks primarily feline, like a saber tooth tiger, but it has huge golden wings. Nomad flies on the animal into the sky and joins the fight. The fight is everywhere. People are fighting on the ground, people are fighting in the air on winged mounts… He is dual wielding swords, big ones, and cutting through enemies as he goes into the sky. Chaos reigns. I see waves of Templars, goblins, orcs, and Assassins. Some of them are fighting on the ground, others in the sky. I form wings, the wings of a giant raven, and fly into the sky to join the fight. I am an Assassin with raven wings.

      I am instantly attacked by Templars. Some of them just attack, others of them say I will pay for my interference, he says we will all pay. He attacks me, I shoot him with my crossbow and continue fighting by calling down a bolt of lightning on several Templars coming in behind the one who had been threatening me. The Templars seem determined to destroy everything in their path. I use the song Battery to strike down more Templars. Chaos continues, then the area is filled with a blinding flash of flames. The flames incinerate everything in their path, or at least that's how it seems at first. When the flames clear out I see it really only burned Templars, everyone else has been left untouched. I wonder where the flames came from, I look down at the moon surface and see it has also been mostly untouched. The flames could have burned all the trees and plants in their path but the ground is still lush and green. I fly back to the surface of the moon, looking for Nomad or anyone else I know. Before I can find anyone I wake.

      The Wolves of the Calla
      I am in a dark place, though it looks like dawn is approaching quickly. There are other people there with me, lots of them. Most of the people there are children. And most of the children are twins. I look around and see some familiar faces. Roland is the first I spot. From the Dark Tower books. So I do a quick RC by pinching my nose and I find I am dreaming. I see MoSh in the area, as well as Jake, Susanna, Eddie, and a few other women I don't recognize. All the kids head up a path leading into the desert. I look off to the east. That is where they will be coming from. I know instinctively that the wolves will be coming soon. It is now light enough to see the cloud of dust created by their strange gray horses. Roland says they have come too early… we won't have time to hide the children. He whistles to call the children back, and they immediately double back even though they haven't gone very far. Roland says he hopes the trail left by the four is enough to draw the wolves in. MoSh is with the others down in the trench, but there isn't any room for all of us, so Nomad and I are in the corn across the way, watching for the wolves to come. The first of them arrive just barely after the last child has lied flat in the corn field, it looks like they barely missed seeing them. But some of them must have seen, as a group of them are turning towards the corn fields where the children are hidden. I shoot one in the back with a crossbow using electrically charged bolts. The thing sparks and smokes and falls over. It wasn't as quiet as I had hoped… the others turn and see Nomad and I am hidden in the corn. Nomad transforms into a large feline form with huge claws that rip through the wolves' metallic bodies as easily as he tears through their robes. I form Witchblade into a sword and cut the metallic legs from a robot horse, knocking its rider to the ground. Gunfire is roaring now, and more of the enemies are falling. They seem a bit confused as to where the attacks are coming from. One of them throws a glowing ball at me but I cut it in half before it reaches me.

      A sneetch… those things explode when they impact. I see MoSh shoot the head off of one of the enemies as it is about to cut off a woman's head. The woman is safe and ducks back down into the trench only to come back shortly later and throw a couple of the razor sharp plates they are using for weapons. If that was the woman I think it was, then saving her also kept Jake's friend Benny from panicking and coming out of the trench to make himself a target for sneetches. I jump into the air, partially flying, and knock two of the enemies off of their mechanical horses, cutting them in half at the same time. The fight really doesn't take that long. It is loud and quick, I see Roland take out one of the last enemies and the horse that enemy rode in on. Everything has mostly quieted down before I wake.
    5. 04/04/13 Futures

      by , 04-05-2013 at 01:16 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      The Future Told
      I am in a strange place, a place I don't recognize. I look around to see where I am and I see I am not alone there. MoSh is there with me. He is looking out over a river, gazing into the distance. I see some spotlights come on in the distance, and I head in that direction. MoSh follows me. I have no idea where I am going or why I might be there. It turns out that there are spotlights shining off of a small building, and the lights are shining right on Jake and Oy. The lights don't seem to indicate anything, however, as nothing happens. Maybe they were set off by motion sensors. Jake finally moves and approaches the building. I faintly hear it asking for a password, which Jake first gets wrong, but then he supplies it. The door opens and he disappears inside. I have no idea what I am here for, but I get the idea I should stick around for a while. It isn't too long before a man and Andy approach the location. The motion sensor lights come on again, highlighting the two newcomers. I wonder if Jake and Oy have gotten somewhere safe. I pull MoSh closer to me and tell him we should check on Jake, just to be sure we aren't there to get him out of trouble. He doesn't seem lucid. I think it would be a good idea to have a cloak of invisibility like the one on Harry Potter.

      I pull the cloak out of one of the pockets of my Assassin's robes, though the pocket looks too small to hold the cloak… and then I put the cloak over MoSh and myself before leading MoSh towards the building. I get there just in time to see the man and Andy disappear into the door. Before it closes I slip in behind them, pulling Andy with me. I briefly wonder if Andy's sensors will still be able to see MoSh and me even though we're under the cloak… the door clicks closed behind us. I can only hope not. I see no sign of Jake or Oy. Apparently they have gotten to safety, so all MoSh and I have to do is stay out of the way. The man makes a report on some kind of computer, Andy makes noises that sound like an old fashioned modem that is on its last legs… It seems the man is being coerced into doing something he doesn't really want to be doing, though it's not enough to get him to tell what he knows to someone and try to put a stop to it. Andy and the man leave, MoSh and I sneak out with them. We wait outside for Jake to emerge and then follow him as he sneaks back towards the house where he has been staying with his friend. Jake seems a bit distracted, and does not notice that Andy has doubled back. Just as Andy is about to round a corner and spot Jake crossing the river I decide it would be better if he found me.

      I drop the cloak of invisibility and call out to him. When he questions my being out in the middle of the night I tell him I sometimes have trouble sleeping, and the sound of the river helps. He eyes me strangely. I think maybe to distract him with a horoscope since he seems to like those. I ask if he'll give my horoscope. MoSh is now standing beside me and says he also wants his horoscope. Andy cheerfully agrees, or at least he sounds cheerful. I see Jake round the bend and look over at MoSh and me, Andy is facing away from him. He freezes briefly and then continues quickly as Andy is giving horoscopes. I am not really that impressed with his horoscopes, though a couple of the things he says are relevant… he recognizes that both MoSh and I are from a very long ways away, though I am not sure if he means farther than the others or if I am just assuming because I know it to be true. He says MoSh will meet a tall and beautiful stranger… which sounds like what he has told the others. He says nothing about a stranger in my future, though says I already know a figure in the shadows that I am destined to be with. He starts to go but MoSh distracts him this time, asking about the tall and beautiful stranger. Andy says it may take some time but it will be worth the wait. And things are not always what they appear to be. MoSh wants a better answer than that, Andy seems to want to go. Andy now says he has a horoscope that says we will be victorious against the wolves. I already knew that. MoSh doesn't care about the wolves right now, he wants to know more about the beautiful stranger. Andy says MoSh's destiny is there waiting for him to claim it if he will just reach. In the distance I see Jake disappear into the house where he has been staying. I am now sure he will be safe. MoSh is still talking to Andy but I don't hear any more because I wake.
    6. 03/24/13 Healing, Wolves, and Templars

      by , 03-25-2013 at 12:05 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      Healing Springs
      I am in the biodome on the moon. I am near the koi pond, though I don't immediately realize this since it has been quite a while since I have remembered being here. I see Nomad not far away. I don't have any recall of seeing him in a dream for quite a while, either. I go over and give him a big hug, telling him it's good to see him again. He says he has been seeing me in his dreams, have I not remembered? I tell him no, I haven't. I have had my goals to meet up with him, but my recall has been lacking. We walk over to the healing springs, the hot springs. The balancing pools. A place to go to stabilize all that unstable energy that is created by constant Templar attacks.

      I dive into a pool, transforming into a mermaid as I hit the water. Nomad slips into the water. I go under and look for that spot on his left foot that has infected sores on it in the waking world. There are sores there, though they don't look as bad as the pictures of jungle rot I found on Google. I focus healing energy into the sores, gently rubbing the foot, willing the injuries to go away quickly. I swim around for a bit and then back to the surface. Nomad looks quite relaxed. I tell him I am really glad we have been talking online lately… it really helps me not feel so alone. He says I have never been alone. I tell him it is easy to feel alone when there is no one in the waking world I can talk to, at least not about the issues I have been having with the Templars… some people don't seem to want to hear about it, others would want to help and I don't want them to become targets… then there are times I have doubts that any of it is even real. He says that's what they want, is for me to doubt, to stop using my dream skills… don't let them win. I tell him having someone to talk to makes any doubt much less. I tell him I want to find a way to make them stop their attacks, or overcome the attacks… it is really fucking up my life. But I don't feel fucked up right now, I just feel relaxed. I sink back below the water and fall asleep in the dream.

      I am in my own room, lying in bed. I wake up and see I am not alone in my room. There are people there, several of them. What are those people doing in my room?! I sit up and look at them, they are Templars. There is strange energy radiating off of them, makes them hard to look at, hard to see. I tell them to get the fuck out of my room and leave me alone. One of them looks at me strangely as if he is surprised I can see him at all. The truth is it is hard to see him, hard to focus on him, but I don't let that on. I tell him yeah, I mean him, calling him double stupid since double ugly doesn't really apply… he's actually kind of hot. The energy coming off of the Templars gets briefly stronger, making them almost completely disappear from sight. I focus on the song spell Whiplash by Metallica, sending the energy waves right back at their sources. A pulse of energy radiates out from me like an explosion, knocking all of the Templars into perfect visibility as it knocks them into the walls of my room.

      They all look a bit surprised, maybe even a bit dazed. There are more of them than I had thought. I had previously seen four, but there are six of them there, the room is quite crowded. For a bit I can see them all clearly, but the strange energy starts pulsing out from them again as if they were never interrupted. The force of the energy seems to be holding me down in my bed. I can barely breathe. Too much pressure. The Templars are disappearing again, so I use the song spell Whiplash again, sending out another pulse of energy. This time, before they could resume their attacks, I formed Witchblade into a sword and cut five of them down before they had a chance to recover. The sixth one didn't try to get away, he just said killing them would do me no good… return what I stole and the attacks would stop. Things could be a lot easier. I was pissed off, however, not in the mood to listen, and I cut the last Templar down before collapsing back into bed. I felt drained. Like they had been stealing all my energy. I fall asleep in the dream.

      Wolf Wraiths
      I am with some other people in a vast dead area, there is nothing but dead trees and barren ground for as far as the eye can see. The sky looks a dead gray color. I look at the other people there with me. It is Nomad, MoSh, Roland, Eddie, Susanna, and Jake. Nomad is riding on a large animal that I am not sure if it is canine or feline. I look in the direction they are looking and I see a bunch of cloaked figures on gray horses. My first thought is an army of ring wraiths from Lord of the Rings.

      That can't be good. It is clear that the plan is to go down and attack them, I wonder how many of them there are. It looks like way too many. Nomad is aiming what looks like a sniper rifle at the group. He takes out a few on the edge of the group without making a sound. That luck doesn't continue, however, after the fifth one they take notice. Nomad shoots a few more before they realize where the attack is coming from. Now everyone in the group is attacking. I use the spell song Divide by Disturbed to multiply myself into many, I figure that will even up the odds a bit… though we are still seriously outnumbered. A fight ensues. I form Witchblade into a sword as I head into the fray, though guns are being fired and I wonder how I am not getting hit. I am probably moving too fast. I am on a white horse with fiery mane and tail, and the horse is as swift as the wind. I charge into the group, each instance of me on an identical horse, and cut down an enemy who is taking aim to shoot me. I see the enemy has a face… it is the face of a wolf. When he hits the ground, the wolf mask comes off. I don't see anything beneath it. I remember the Dark Tower series… these are the wolves of the Calla. I hear the others around me as I move through the group… each of me has a Witchblade sword and each of me takes down enemies as I go. I get a little disoriented during the fight, but finally I look around and see there are very few of the enemies left, I wonder if they retreated or if they are all dead. Nomad takes out a remaining enemy with what looks like a shotgun. MoSh quickly shoots two of them who are going for Eddie from behind. I see no more enemies approaching. I am about to go join the others but I wake.

      I am in a restaurant of some kind, I am looking around for something to eat. I am thinking I should get something healthy so I don't gain a bunch of weight. I notice there are some people that seem to be following me around. I watch them for a while. Templars. I have no doubt in my mind that they are Templars. There is a strange energy radiating off of them, an energy that seems to drain me when it hits me. It also makes them hard to focus on. I wonder if anyone else in the room is noticing the effect. No one seems to be. Either they don't know what is causing the effect or maybe they aren't being affected by it at all. I turn to leave, and it is clear the Templars are going to follow me. I think I shouldn't even be seeing Templars… and I do a reality check. I pinch my nose and I can still breathe. One of the Templars is standing right beside me now. He says he told me killing them would do no good. My mind has wandered away from Templars, however. I am hungry. I look in the display case and I see the best looking chocolate cake I have ever seen.

      Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and frosting flowers all over it. I tell the person behind the counter that I want that cake, the whole thing. He hands me the cake and I throw some money at him, not sure how much, but it must have been enough. I proceed to make a pig of myself, grabbing a knife and fork and digging in. The Templar doesn't seem to know what to say or do… he is staring at me like I'm crazy. So is everyone else in the room. Finally, my face full of chocolate, I think maybe I have gone a bit too far even for a dream. I hand what is left of the cake to the Templar beside me, telling him it is the best cake ever. I want to get away from the Templars… to get away from that strange energy they have been radiating. I notice I am feeling a bit ill. Is it the energy, or too much cake? I head for the door and go outside. The energy hitting me seems to be getting stronger. The Templar is behind me telling me to return what I stole. I tell him to go fuck himself before I wake.
    7. 03/18/13 Line of Eld

      by , 03-19-2013 at 03:24 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      Line of Eld
      I am in front of a lot of people, but at least I am not alone there. There are other people there with me, and I recognize them right away, or I recognize most of them. MoSh, Roland, Jake, Eddie, Susanna… all the people from the Dark Tower group. I am not fully lucid, so I don't realize what is going on right away. Roland steps forward and introduces himself. Eddie goes next, stating he is from the line of Eld and the ka-tet of 19. I am not sure what it means, but it seems that is what everyone wants to hear. They want to hear that we are all from the line of Eld so they know we are all gunslingers. I wonder if I should say it, too, even though I don't believe I have any connection to the line of Eld… Susan introduces herself with a curtsy instead of a bow, but also states she is from the line of Eld. Roland indicates MoSh should go next, so MoSh follows suit with the others and follows the pattern by saying he is from the line of Eld. I wonder if he has reason to think he really is or if he is lying just as I am about to lie… Roland is talking to Jake, but he indicates I should go next, I am not sure entirely what to say… so keep it simple. I give my name and say I am from the line of Eld, I say that with a straight face and no one calls me out on it so I guess it doesn't sound as fake to them as it does to me… and with the ka-tet of 19, I drop a curtsy using my Assassin robes since I am not actually wearing a skirt. People are still responding positively, and my introduction goes off unquestioned. Jake introduces himself, then he puts Oy down… and the billy bumbler steps forward, gives a bow, introduces himself… "Oy… Eld… Thankee…" which everyone finds to be absolutely amazing. I think it is one of the cutest things I have seen Oy do, he returns to Jake seeming quite pleased with his performance of the trick. Now Roland says he isn't very good with speaking and says Eddie will take care of that. If looks could kill Roland would drop dead from the look Eddie gives him. Everyone is cheering and calling for Eddie to speak. Eddie finally starts talking, and he isn't doing too bad. Everyone in the crowd seems satisfied with it. I don't remember a lot of what Eddie says, though I think he says something about not facing the wolves on our own, they will have to fight for what they want to protect. That doesn't seem to deter anyone. After that there is a lot of interacting. People are wandering around, I see Eddie get annoyed at one particular man. Roland is talking to some guy with a long white beard. I'm not sure where Susan is, but MoSh seems to be talking to someone about music as he has a guitar out. I think I might be giving off signals that say I don't want to be talked to, as no one seems particularly interested in talking to me. Finally someone does speak to me, and he wants to know if I really think we can stop the wolves from taking their children. I have no doubt that we can send the wolves home yelping, but I know that is not meant to be conveyed yet… so I tell him I cannot answer that with certainty until we have seen more of the town and what we have to work with. He seems unsatisfied with the answer. He says he has two sets of twins and stands to lose four children, please save them… I hesitate, then I tell him not to quote me, but if I have to speculate, he will still have all of his children after this is over. He says he doesn't want to see them ruint. I wonder what it is the wolves do to the kids, and if there might be some way to heal the ruint ones… even partially heal them. I think I will determine that after I know more about what the wolves do. I move off to the side, I get offered food, and then I manage to step around a corner before I wake.
    8. 03/12/13 A Job and Horn of Eld

      by , 03-13-2013 at 12:31 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      I Got a Job
      I am in a computer data center. I have a job here. It is time to run the nightly backups. There is one of the backups that I don't know how to run yet. One of my coworkers leads me back to the data center to the appropriate server. There is a tape drive there and my coworker has the appropriate tape for the backup. She shows me where a series of the tapes needs to be inserted. She inserts the first sequence and I insert the second sequence. I look around the place to see where the rest of the servers are. I ask my coworker about them. She says we keep servers secure for many other companies. I see servers with names on them I don't recognize. I see a server marked Abstergo. I do a double take at that. I ask my coworker if that is for real. She says they all are real. I decide that is too weird. I do a reality check by pinching my nose and I can still breathe. This is a dream. I find this annoying since I'd thought I had a job finally. I think about what I want to do. I think about the task if the month to break stuff. I could trash the Abstergo server. I pull the tower of CPUs over with a crash. My coworker asks what I am doing. I tell her I'm giving Abstergo a headache... damn Templars... She asks if I'm crazy and picks up one of the fallen CPUs. She seems relieved that it is still plugged in and working. I pick up one of the other CPUs and slam it to the ground. My coworker says she is going home. When pissed off Abstergo people arrive she will be somewhere else. Oh, and I am sooooo fired. And I'll have a bunch of pissed off Abstergo people after me... what am I working for, the Assassins? Pissed off Templars after me... I tell her that's nothing new. Great, she says... a fucking Assassin in the data center. She says smash away, she quits. I smash a second Abstergo server before I wake.

      The Horn of Eld
      I am with a small group of people, we are all gathered together and talking. I recognize some of the people. I recognize MoSh, Roland, Eddie, Susanna, Jake, and Oy… but there are other people I don't recognize. Everyone is talking. After listening to the talk for a bit I realize the other people are from the calla in Wolves of the Calla from the Dark Tower series. They are talking about the so-called wolves that come to take their children, then they tell how the children are sent back ruint. These ruint children are severely mentally disabled, and they only live until they are about 30 years old when they die a rather nasty death. It is clear that some of the calla people would like us to help them, though one of them seems reluctant to accept help. He seems to think that resisting the wolves will just result in more people being killed. He insists they just take one of each set of twins, so they should be thankful for the children who are left whole. There is more talk going on, but my mind ends up wandering, I have a tendency to lose interest in long periods of talk. I look around at the people and I do notice that Roland has the Horn of Eld hanging from his belt. Apparently when I told him to hang onto it in a previous dream he did so. I have a feeling the Horn of Eld will play a key role in setting right whatever is wrong with the Dark Tower. The talk goes on for a while longer, and I find myself wanting to get up and leave, but I just stay there until I wake.
    9. 03/11/13 The Battle of Jericho Hill

      by , 03-12-2013 at 12:53 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      The Battle of Jericho Hill
      I am in a place of chaos. I look around to gather up what is going on. There is a fight going on. It is night time, it is rather hard to see much of what is going on. I see a horse riding up from one direction. My night vision is good, and I am able to identify the rider. It is Alain from the Dark Tower. In the other direction I see Cuthbert and Roland. Cuthbert and Roland are aiming their guns at Alain, apparently they haven't recognized him! As a reaction I form my Witchblade armor and jump between Roland and Cuthbert and Alain, getting hit by the bullets and knocked down. Cuthbert is doing a double take at me doing that when Alain says there has been a betrayal, they have to get back, there's going to be an attack. Roland recognizes Alain's voice and lowers his gun. I am going to get up, the bullets haven't really hurt me, but things seem to fade in and out for a bit… and then the scene shifts.

      I am now on the top of a hill with some other people, I recognize three of them as Roland, Cuthbert, and Alain. There are some other people I don't recognize, I notice there is at least one other woman there. I notice MoSh is there with us, I wonder if I actually went to get him and then forgot… We are all on a cliff overlooking the ocean. Down the steep hill there are statues in the valley and an approaching army. Definitely an army. I wonder how many of them there are. It looks to be thousands… and I can tell that our group numbers not more than 15. Impossible odds? Cuthbert doesn't seem to think so, or he is doing a pretty good job of faking it is more likely. He looks like he has been injured quite seriously, but as Roland has always said, he will die laughing… he announces the situation, we have our backs to a cliff, a couple thousand attackers, not many of us left, then says we will show them no mercy, refuse their surrender even if all of them throw down their weapons. Roland wants the Horn of Eld, Cuthbert says he blows it better and he does blow it. Roland calls to gather the gunslingers, Cuthbert and Alain say they believe they are the last… then everyone charges to attack. I remember it is important that Roland keep the Horn of Eld this time, he will need it at the Dark Tower… but what about fighting this army? I wonder where MoSh has gone, but then I see him down among the enemy soldiers. He has transformed into a giant cobra and is spraying green fire at the enemies which must be poison, because even those not quite touched by the flames fall.

      I am thinking I can help even the odds here… and I use Divide by Disturbed to create many more of me. 2, 4, 8, 32, 64, 128, 256… I'm one impressive motherfucker, wouldn't you say? We are still way outnumbered. The chaos of the fight helps cover the fact there are so many of me in the fight. As often happens, the fight becomes a blur when I am in so many places at once. Some of me are shooting enemies with guns, others have crossbows, a couple of me throw around a few bolts of lightning. But when the fight seems to be over all I see standing are me and MoSh… where are Roland and the others? Where is the Horn of Eld? I remember the horn lying on the ground somewhere… did Cuthbert still die? I know we were still outnumbered, but I'd hoped that Cuthbert and/or Alain might survive. I search the area and I find Cuthbert, he is dead. The horn is lying in the dust beside him.

      I grab the horn and look around for Roland. Roland has been injured, but I remember that he will be ok, so I just take the horn over to him. He is semi-conscious when I give him the horn. He wants to know if Alain is ok, he seems to know Cuthbert is gone. I tell him it is very important to hang on to the Horn of Eld, there's no time to explain it now, but it will be very important in the future. He takes the horn and says Cuthbert's name, holding the horn tightly. I tell Roland I'm sorry, I tried to save them… he doesn't seem to be listening. I hope he has heard me well enough and that the horn will manifest somehow in the present version of Dark Tower. Roland is still holding the horn when I wake up.
    10. 03/04/13 On the Road

      by , 03-05-2013 at 12:53 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      On the Road: Campfire
      I am sitting on the side of a road with some other people. I recognize them all. I see MoSh, Roland, Jake, Eddie, Susanna, and Oy all gathered around a campfire. Everyone is watching Roland very closely. Roland is finishing his story about what happened in Hambre with Susan Delgado. He says he didn't meet her where he had said they would meet. He said he knew if he was to meet her he wouldn't have the strength to do what needed to be done. He said he would have liked nothing more than to make a life with Susan, but the tower… He talks for a bit more about why he has to find the tower and fix what is wrong within it. He finally stops and looks around. He looks like something just occurred to him. He says there were parts of the story he himself hadn't remembered until he told it… like the fact MoSh and I were both there. But while he has aged, we were both the same then as we are now. We were part of his ka-tet back then and we are again… ka is a wheel… but how is it that we aren't changed? I tell him MoSh and I travel through both time and space to arrive where and when we need to be, those events in Majis are like yesterday to MoSh and me… I literally rescued Susan yesterday. So what happened to Susan anyway? Roland said he saw in the glass when she was almost burned alive… had been sure she would be… he had already accepted that they would not be together, but wasn't ready to accept that. He says part of him would swear he saw here actually burn…

      On the Road: The Emerald City
      I am on the road traveling with MoSh, Roland, Jake, Eddie, Susanna, and Oy. There is a palace ahead spanning across the road. The palace is a green crystalline color. There are shoes in the street. It looks like someone left out a pair of bright red shoes for each person in the group. We all pick up the pair of shoes that is intended for us, mine looks like the ruby slippers Dorothy wore in the Wizard of Oz.

      We continue to the entrance to what I can only think of as the Emerald City. There is a large gate in the front of the palace, it looks more like a palace than a city. The road leads through the gate and I can see the road extending into the palace. After figuring things out for a short while it is determined that we all have to tape the red shoes together at the same time, three times, to open the door. So everyone puts on the shoes and taps them together. There is a reverberating sound that makes everything vibrate, but nothing happens. Oops… everyone forgot about Oy. The billy-bumbler hadn't clicked his shoes together. So we do the test again, this time with Jake and Roland taking care of clicking Oy's shoes together… and the sound is even louder. The entire structure of the emerald palace seems to vibrate.

      The gate doesn't open… it shatters into a billion tiny shards. Fortunately none of them seem to be sharp enough to cut anyone. We go into the palace, following a long hallway to a door at the end. The whole thing looks like the Wizard of Oz. The door at the end has a sign that states the bell is out of order… please knock. The door is unlocked, however, so we go through. There is a loud voice coming from everywhere, asking how dare we enter the presence of the great and powerful Oz. Eddie says not to worry… it's just a bumhug… I think he means a humbug. I think the voice considers itself to sound threatening and scary, but it really just sounds a bit ridiculous to me. Oy is also unaffected by this, he is over near a curtain pulling at it. He pulls it aside to reveal a man there. The man doesn't look good, it looks like a piece of his skull is missing… ouch! He is throwing threats around until Eddie puts bullets in his head. There is another man there, however. He is standing in the middle of the main room where there had been a blazing fire special effect, he is holding the wizard's glass orb. He says he will give us one final chance to cry off and forget about the tower. Everyone says no, they will not do that, including MoSh and me… I tell him, "You wish… not gonna happen." Roland tries to shoot him with his gun, but it doesn't fire. The man laughs at that and says Roland will get only misfires with him. Maybe the bullets are all bad. Roland responds by drawing a gun from Eddie, Susan, and Jake's home world… He draws it lightning fast and fires at the man, who disappears in an explosion of smoke. He does not get away unscathed, however, I hear a cry of surprise and pain before he manages to dematerialize. Now we are alone in the huge room, Roland says he thinks he will have to tell the rest of his tale before we can continue… no… he will have to show us. He points to where the man dropped the wizard's glass as he disappeared. We go over to the orb and Roland indicates we should look into the orb. I don't see anything in it, I wonder why that is. Roland and the others seem to see something in there… and I notice Roland has a shocked look on his face. He says that's not how it happened… but now he remembers differently… which one is true? The first thing I think to say is nothing is true… and everything is permitted, even changing events that have already happened… I look back into the orb and this time I can see an image. Roland is walking down a hallway and into a room. There are shoes underneath the curtains but he doesn't see them. He is looking for his mother. The others are all gathered around as well, all except for Roland. The younger version of Roland turns around when someone is behind him. At first it looks like the witch Rhea, come back for revenge, holding out a dead snake towards Roland. She looks like a corpse. But then that image looks transparent, and it is really Roland's mother.

      She is holding out a belt that looks handmade. Roland is drawing his guns, apparently he still sees Rhea. Everyone is yelling at Roland not to do it, it is a trick. I say nothing out loud, but I focus on sending a telepathic signal through time and space… I send a message to MoSh to do the same… maybe it can get through, even just enough to make him hesitate… a second is all it would take… and he does hesitate. Due to my telepathic message? He hesitates just long enough to see the illusion waver… and then he sees her for who she really is. I hear Rhea's voice of rage, yelling curses, saying she will still have her revenge… I am thinking I should have killed the witch in Hambre. Roland's mother interprets Roland having his guns out to mean he knows she had planned on betraying his father. She quickly tries to explain that she didn't know what she was doing, Marten had gotten into her head somehow... he'd been using her the whole time. Roland has no interest in just shooting his mother, he looks around to see if the witch is still present in the room. He looks straight at me for what seems like a long time before turning back to his mother, who says she wants a chance to make up for what she has done. The images around us fade to pink. I feel a bit disoriented and then find I am sitting on the road, it looks like we are far past the Emerald Palace. The others are all there, too, they also look disoriented. From the look of our shoes we have been walking the whole time. I notice the road isn't what it used to be… not really a road at all. And the path of the beam can be easily seen in the clouds in the sky. We are back on track. Roland is looking at me strangely. He says he doesn't know how it can be. He still remembers shooting his mother, but it is like it was a dream… and what we just saw is much clearer. It is here that I wake up.
    11. 03/03/13 Thinny and Charyou Tree

      by , 03-04-2013 at 03:38 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      Into the Thinny
      I am in a place I don't recognize. I look around and I see I'm not alone there. Roland, Cuthbert, and Alain are there with me. I'm having a Dark Tower dream. Roland is not exactly with us. He is staring into a glowing pink ball and looks completely zoned out. I recognize what is happening just as Alain punches Roland in the face. Roland drops the glowing orb and falls over backwards. Alain catches the orb. For a minute I think he's going to zone out, but he puts it in a bag and the light goes out. The others say we have to get moving if we're going to blow up those tankers. I am thinking MoSh would want to be here... so I focus on a portal to find him. A portal opens but then I realize he is right beside me. Why didn't I see him before? There are some guards on the tankers who are quite surprised when we go charging through their line, apparently no one has any interest in stealth this time. Alain is shooting with a machine gun, perforating all the tankers and spilling oil all over the place. Cuthbert fires burning fireworks into the oil puddles. Roland, MoSh, and I are covering them so they don't get shot while doing that. For some reason I have a crossbow instead of a gun, but it serves the purpose just fine as I take down an enemy as he is aiming at Cuthbert. Then the explosions come. One tanker after another. The enemies have made the mistake of keeping them too close. They probably figured it would be easier to defend, but they are so close that one explosion sets off the next one. Only one tanker fails to ignite. I use a fire spell to set it ablaze. There is chaos, but the enemies are regrouping. Roland is leading everyone away, I grab a horse and follow. All of the enemies are following us towards what I remember is a box canyon and a thinny. A thin spot between worlds. To enter a thinny is to die. I look at the enemies following us on horseback and think the horses don't deserve to die like that. Maybe I can save some horses. Roland dismounts, and the rest of us do, too. We enter the canyon on foot. Roland is staying behind to light the brush on fire to trap the enemies with the thinny. I want to save some horses.

      I ask MoSh to help me save horses. He agrees. I tell him I'll open an exit portal and only riderless horses are to pass through. We all head towards the place where we can climb out of the canyon. MoSh and I break off, however. We head towards the thinny. I hear the sound of the thinny but it doesn't seem as bad as the books described it. Apparently that's not true for Cuthbert and Alain. They are staring at the thinny. I see smoke from the mouth of the canyon and I hear horses coming. Roland arrives and sees Cuthbert and Alain approaching the thinny. He fires two shots over their heads to wake them from their trances. He calls everyone over to where we climb out. I tell him to go ahead, MoSh and I will catch up. He seems hesitant. I tell him we're from the other side if a thinny... we'll be fine. They head up the steep rock wall. Horses are panicking and throwing their riders. I open a portal in front of a panicking horse. The horse goes through. Most of the horses are going the wrong way. I wonder how I can redirect the horses to the portal without having everyone get out. A couple of riderless horses find their way to the portal. I mount a riderless horse and head around, getting other horses to follow. I see MoSh doing the same. We manage to gather a small herd. I see people running around in blind panic. Others seem to be in a trance, gazing into the thinny. MoSh and I get the horses through the portal. The thinny is growing. I think there is no way we have gotten all of the horses. Roland is calling to us to come quickly. MoSh and I climb up the rock after the others. We reach the top of the cliff. Roland is yelling like crazy. Telling everyone to move for their father's sake. He tears the wizard glass away from Alain and opens the bag, and pulls out the glowing pink orb.

      He looks into the orb, screaming "NO!" over and over again. He then finally stops. He looks at the orb and then at me, then back at the orb again. He has a look of disbelief on his face. He asks how that can be... then tells me I have to get going for my father's sake, he doesn't know how I do it, but I am in two places at once. Or maybe the orb is lying... but it can't lie... but it can mislead. That means maybe it hasn't happened yet. Maybe there's still time... But it looks like I have to do it... so go before it's too late. I remember he is probably talking about saving Susan. I thought I had already done that... maybe not good enough. I tell Roland I will get her to safety. Roland says he will have to be gone, he tells me to please make sure Susan is safe. He says he would wait for her forever, but his destiny lies elsewhere. I am not sure what he is talking about, but I figure I had better get to Susan if the wizard glass has already shown me rescuing her.

      Charyou Tree
      I am in what looks like a town out of a western movie. It is dark out, and the moon is full and shining brightly. There are people standing around and yelling. There is a cart being pulled down the street. Everyone is throwing stuff at the cart and yelling charyou tree. There is a corpse driving the cart, or a woman who looks like a corpse. That is Rhea, the witch who had the wizard's glass for too long. There is a woman standing in the back of the cart, her hands are tied in front of her. That's Susan Delgado.

      They're taking her to the bonfire to burn her. That was what Roland had been looking at in my previous dream. I wonder how I can manage to stop it. I wonder what Roland has already seen in the wizard glass. The cart passes by me and the crowd falls in behind it, yelling and throwing things at it. I follow after the cart and the crowds, everyone is still chanting charyou tree. The cart pulls ahead of the crowd, pulling ahead to where the bonfire is set up with stuffy guy dummies all over it. They're carrying Susan to the pile, throwing her on it. A woman is yelling at her, calling her a whore. They have torches. They're about to light the fire. I wonder how everyone got filled with so much hate. I know for a fact that isn't their natural state. Maybe it's something Rhea did to them... and maybe I can fix it. I use a song spell to try to drain it away... and distract everyone from the burning at the same time. I use the song Touch My Heart from the Devil Hunter soundtrack, focusing it on spreading positive energy through everyone. The song plays out loudly in the night, and it does get everyone's attention. I go over and get between the people with the torches and Susan. Susan's aunt Cordelia seems more resistant to the positive energy than the others. While most everyone is looking rather disoriented she is still trying to urge them on. So I focus the energy of the song on her specifically. Soon everyone has stopped chanting, the only one who still wants to burn Susan is Rhea. I direct the final part of the song at Rhea, I wonder if it could be the energy from the wizard's glass that is making her behave as she is. When the positive energy surrounds Rhea, however, she just gets more angry. When the song is over everyone is looking disoriented. Someone finally speaks up. It is a man who says the witch has been using them. Now people are getting mad at Rhea. I untie Susan, who seems more concerned about Roland than herself. I wonder what effect this will have on the story... Rhea is calling curses at everyone, but has become more concerned with getting out of there. She steers the horse and cart around and rides through the crowd.

      The people scatter to clear the path before they get run down. Rhea disappears down the street, still yelling curses. People are starting to talk to each other now, they are talking about a witch that is more powerful than Rhea, some are worried about Rhea's curses. I tell one of those people that the positive energy from my song will keep the curses away. I'm not sure how I know this, but it sounds true. Susan is thanking me for saving her, she wants to go meet up with Roland. I'm not sure what to tell her about that, since it seemed to me Roland had already chosen his quest for the tower over a life with Susan. I walk with Susan through the crowd. None of them can look her in the eye, some of them are murmuring apologies, Cordelia is beside herself trying to apologize… she says the witch Rhea had used them all, and she can't believe what they had been about to do… Susan isn't paying much attention to her aunt, she wants to go to Roland. She says she knows where Roland will be, she will go meet him there. Him and Sheemie, they'll all get away together. Susan and I are now clear of the crowd. I wonder what to do now, but it isn't up to me, I wake up.
    12. 03/02/13 Fall of the Big Coffin Hunters

      by , 03-03-2013 at 05:05 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      I am standing near a cabin of some kind, it looks like a rather old cabin, and I see there are other people around. I recognize the people from the Dark Tower books I have been reading. I see two of the big coffin hunters there, I identify them as Eldred Jonas and Clay Reynolds.

      The third one I am not immediately able to place. Susan Delgado is also there, her hands are tied in front of her, she is talking to the others. I can't hear what they are saying, but she motions to Jonas to come a bit closer. When he gets close enough she spits right in his face. He smacks her for that, knocking her to the ground. I come out of the brush and tell him he shouldn't have done that. He looks at me strangely, then says I don't want to get mixed up in this. I have one chance to just walk away, which is more than I deserve. I tell him he had better be the one walking away if he wants to live to see tomorrow. Last time we met it wasn't his time yet, but now I figure it's close enough to his time to die. He laughs at me, pointing out that I am unarmed and he and his men have guns. He points his gun at me, but that doesn't worry me. I walk directly towards him. He fires his gun at me, but my Witchblade armor blocks the bullet, so I just keep walking towards him. He has a baffled look on his face as he fires twice more, neither of those shots having any more effect than the first one. I am standing right in front of a stunned Jonas who doesn't seem to know what to say or do. I say he has one more chance to cry off and leave Susan alone. There is now a gun to the back of my head, Clay Reynolds is immediately behind me.

      Jonas says I have made the last mistake I'll ever make… which is the last thing Jonas ever says before he finds himself with a hidden blade buried in him. Clay clearly hasn't seen what happened, though he does notice the shocked look of pain on Jonas' face. He asks Jonas what is wrong, but Jonas is unable to answer. While he is paying more attention to Jonas than to shooting me I spin around and stab Clay before he can shoot at me. The third guy is pretty freaked out by now and he takes off, no doubt to tell the others what just happened. I go over and cut Susan free. She seems worried about where Sheemie might be now. I look around for a bit and I see Sheemie come running out of the brush, he hugs Susan and says he is so glad she is ok, he got so scared when he saw the bad coffin hunters but he didn't know what to do. He then gives me a big hug and says he will thank his friend whose name he doesn't even know. I tell him my name is Raven. Susan says this place obviously isn't safe… they need to find another place to hide. I am trying to think if I can remember a good spot when I wake up.

      I am hidden in tall grasses, and I see I am not alone there. There are four men there with me, though three of them look like they're still boys. I recognize all of them. The three boys are from the Dark Tower series. Roland, Cuthbert, and Alain.

      The fourth isn't from the Dark Tower series at all, I recognize MoSh. I look around and it seems we are following some people. I look and see a man I don't recognize come running from somewhere behind. He is out of breath and finally manages to say that Jonas and Reynolds are both dead, the crazy bitch killed them. When he mentions the crazy bitch everyone looks over at a black wagon with what looks like a corpse driving it. I realize that must be Rhea, the local witch / bitch / crazy old woman. As if realizing what crazy person everyone thought he meant, the man says no, not her, some crazy bitch with a knife for an arm. Now people just stare at him as if he was the crazy one. There is a brief period of chaos, then finally Roy Depape takes charge of things and says they need to keep going.

      If Jonas and Reynolds are really dead, there's nothing to wait for. And even if they're not, they dare not be late or all of them will wish they were the ones who were dead. So the group of people moves on. I can't tell exactly how many of them there are, the group is traveling in a long drawn out line. There are only three horses there. I figure the first thing to do is jack one of the horses being used by the parade of assholes passing by. But not all of them are on horses, so maybe a horse isn't even needed. Cuthbert nails a couple of horse riders from behind with his slingshot, the two fall off of their horses without being noticed. Roland says to take out as many as possible silently before alerting the whole group. He says he thinks there are about 50… now 48… but maybe we can get that number down before the real fight even begins. Cuthbert isn't waiting to be told, he has nailed two more of them with his slingshot. 46. Take out some of them silently… time to play a little Assassin's Creed with these guys. I make my way around to the other side of the path and then I make just enough noise to get the curiosity of one of them. He comes over to investigate and gets rewarded with a hidden blade to the neck. I haven't had a chance to do anything else before I hear a gunshot. Now the fighting is really getting started. There is a lot of shooting going on. Someone on a horse is taking aim at one of the boys I was with so I grab him, pull him off his horse, and stab him before he can fire. There's a gunshot and someone falls over right behind me, I look in time to see the gun was aimed at me. Apparently someone has my back as well. I see MoSh pull someone off a horse and kick them hard in the head before climbing up on the horse. He rides off in the other direction after a couple of the enemies. I climb onto the horse right beside me. For some reason I find I have a crossbow instead of a gun… but I figure it will do the trick. I fire several quick shots and take out two more enemies, though I miss the third as he turns to fire at someone off to the right. I see Roland riding after Depape, just as he rode after Jonas in the book. Depape has the bag with the wizard's glass in it, I wonder where Rhea has gone after having it taken from her. Crawled into a hole, no doubt. Roland shoots Depape through the hand to make him drop the bag, and catches it on the way down before firing two rounds directly into Depape's face. There are a few shots fired after that, but it seems most of the enemies have lost their desire to fight and they are retreating. Roland is holding the bag with the wizard glass in it, gazing into the bag with a strange look on his face as the others try to get his attention. I think I could try to snap him out of it but before I can do anything I wake up.
    13. 02/26/13 Bullies

      by , 03-01-2013 at 12:48 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      I am in what looks like a western town, I am walking down a dusty road. I have no idea where I am or how I got to be here, but this doesn't seem odd to me. I just keep walking down the road until I hear a commotion around a corner. I follow the sound of the commotion and I find three men picking on one boy who looks like he is mentally disabled. I recognize the people from the Dark Tower series. The three men are Eldred Jonas, Clay Reynolds, and Roy Depape. The boy is Stanley Ruiz, aka Sheemie. Roy Depape and the others are all making fun of Sheemie, I think Roy might be considering shooting him.

      Branch A: I am thinking I should do something about the situation when I see there is another man there, and I recognize him as MoSh. MoSh says he doesn't like to see someone picking on someone who has limited mental capacity… then walks up to Sheemie and says he should go ahead and leave these three unfortunate men alone. Sheemie looks a bit confused but glad to leave, and he hurries off. Eldred Jonas picks up on the insult right away and gets pissed. His face turns red. He tells MoSh he had better take that back. MoSh says he would get into a battle of wits with Jonas, but he makes a point not to get into a fight with someone who is unarmed. Jonas has his gun out instantly and fires a bullet right at MoSh's feet, and he seems surprised when MoSh doesn't even flinch. MoSh takes the gunslinger challenge and pulls out a gun even faster than Jonas, shooting the gun right out of Eldred's hand. All three of them are stunned now. They are still staring at MoSh when the sheriff shows up with Sheemie. It looks like Sheemie thought there might be trouble and brought a cop. They arrive just in time to see Eldred Jonas picking his gun up off the ground, I notice he has a gun of his own out but seems uncertain. MoSh has concealed his own gun. The sheriff wants to know what is going on, and Eldred is the first person to respond. He says he was showing off his piece to their new friend (MoSh), nothing here that requires the law to intervene. The sheriff seems glad at the idea that nothing is really going on here. He tells Sheemie he knew there wasn't really anything serious going on. I notice Eldred Jonas wants to keep his ruined gun from being seen, he holsters it as if it was still useful. Apparently he doesn't want to admit he was outdrawn so easily.

      Branch B: I am thinking I should do something about the situation. I tell the three of them they had best be leaving Sheemie alone. Eldred Jonas says it's none of my business and I'd best be moving along. Roy Depape seems to have a bit of a different opinion… he eyes me over a time or two and says maybe there is something I could do to distract him if I want the retard to live for one more day… the way he is eyeing me I know what he is thinking and the thought makes me a bit nauseous. But I don't want him to just shoot Sheemie before I can get to him so I pretend to be considering his proposition… until I get close enough. From the look on his face I think he is expecting to get lucky… instead he gets my knee in his groin, as hard as I can do it. Eldred Jonas has his gun in his hand almost instantly, but he isn't fast enough before I kick the gun right out of his hand using a martial arts move. I follow that with a kick to the gut, knocking the asshole flat on his ass. I tell Sheemie he might want to take this opportunity to leave… which he does. Clay Reynolds seems too stunned to do anything but stare, I think he is shocked at the idea of a woman fighting back like that. That doesn't keep me from knocking him on his ass. With the three of them all nursing injuries I tell them to leave Sheemie alone, or next time I might not be in such a good mood. I manage to make it around the corner before I wake up.
    14. 02/19/13 Riddles on the Track

      by , 02-20-2013 at 04:40 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      Blaine is a Pain
      I am in the back yard of my house. It is nighttime. I am holding a burning match. There is a small pile of kindling in front of me, and on top of that pile of kindling is a toy that looks like Altaïr. For some reason I want to watch it burn. I pour a bit of alcohol on the toy to make sure it burns good, I'm not sure if the plastic will burn or melt. I toss the match into the pile and watch the fire blaze up, brighter than I had thought it would be. The toy melts and distorts as it burns, stretching the face into an expression that looks like pain. But no… it's a toy… toys don't feel pain. I don't want to watch it burn after all. I want to put the fire out and restore the toy to its previous condition. But it's too late for that. The face has now melted beyond recognition. The toy is a smoldering pile of plastic. I can't believe I just burned my toy Altaïr. Why did I do that? I pinch my nose to block the smell of burning plastic. I can still breathe. This is a dream! My concern with a toy Altaïr has faded, and now I focus on opening a portal to a Dark Tower dream. I want to pick up MoSh first. The portal seems to shift. I reach through and grab MoSh's hand without really looking at the surrounding area. I pull him through a second portal. On the other side of the portal we are in what looks like the interior of a very fancy train.

      The walls have no windows, and I see we are not alone. Roland, Susanna, Eddie, Jake, and Oy are all in the train staring at us. The portal closes behind us. Blaine is the first to speak, giving a formal greeting to (MoSh's real name) of (MoSh's place of birth) and Raven Knight of (my place of birth). I say hello to Blaine. Blaine says they were just getting started on some riddles. He says our interruption is quite rude, but also interesting… so he would refrain from killing us, and we could join in the riddling. Susanna asks a riddle, an easy one. What has four wheels and flies? Blain pauses, then irritatedly says it's the town garbage wagon. He says dumb riddles like that won't keep us alive. MoSh blurts out a riddle… why don't zombies eat clowns? Blaine is annoyed again, but pauses before he says they taste funny… now tell a real one. A little voice says not to make Blaine angry… please… what can run but never walks, has a mouth but never talks, has a bed but never sleeps, has a face but never weeps. Blaine answers quickly this time… a river. Roland asks what has four legs in the morning, two at noon, three at night. Blaine answers a human. Eddie told the next riddle. No sooner spoken than broken. Blaine answers silence. He asks me for a riddle. I think for a bit… then tell a riddle from The Hobbit. It cannot be seen, cannot be felt, cannot be heard, cannot be smelt. It lies behind stars and under hills, and empty holes it fills. It comes first and follows after, ends life, kills laughter. Blaine answers immediately. Darkness. The riddles continue, Roland telling them all, Blaine answering instantly. Susanna asks me quietly if I can't open one of those doors to get us all off of Blaine. I know I can, but that would disrupt the story… so I tell her I can't always control where they go, so that would be a last resort. Blaine says skipping out on our agreement would be very rude. Eddie looks like he is zoned off into some other world. I am trying to think of some riddles, just to pass more time until we get closer to our destination. Then is the time for the riddles that will drive Blaine insane. But I wake up.

      Riddles in the Train
      I am inside Blaine the Mono as if no time has passed. It seems even Blaine hasn't noticed I disappeared, or at least hasn't said anything about it. Roland is still telling riddles. Eddie still seems zoned into another world. I sit down on one of the seats, not even sure why I am here. Blaine sounds amused, but doesn't seem close to being stumped. I figure since he's a computer, if he hears a riddle, either the answer will be in his memory or it won't… so he'll either answer instantly or not at all. So far he is answering instantly. Blaine comes to a point where he charges his batteries near some large waterfalls. The outside of the train has become transparent to show a massive waterfall pouring past two large dog statues.

      Then there is sound… the sound of the waterfall, which is so loud I am sure it will wake me up. Soon the sound passes, however, without waking me up. I look over to be sure MoSh is still there. Blaine charges his battery through blinding lightning from the eyes of the dog statues. After a brief pause the train becomes opaque again and then we start moving. And the riddling continues. Roland says he is running out of riddles. Everyone seems surprised and a bit dismayed at that. Roland asks if Jake will be ready with his riddles, Jake says yes. He asks MoSh and me if we have any riddles from our world. MoSh says he knows a few. Eddie looks zoned completely. Roland says to leave Eddie alone. More riddles from Roland. More instant answers from Blaine. Blaine says there is just 25 minutes left, Roland tells Jake to tell his riddles. Jake tells some riddles from the back of his book. Blaine answers instantly to all of them. Blaine asks if anyone else has a riddle, he even asks Oy. Eddie finally says he has a few, just to kill the time.

      He asks what has four wheels and flies. Blaine is clearly annoyed, says this one has already been asked and was dumb the first time. He is calling Eddie a fool and an idiot when MoSh asks what you get when you breed a shitzu and a pitt bull. Blaine pauses, says the riddle is dumb… then finally says the answer is a bullshit. Eddie asks when a door is not a door. Blaine pauses, makes a clicking noise, and says when it is ajar then starts insulting Eddie again. MoSh asks a riddle. A big moron and a little moron are on a bridge, the big moron falls off, why doesn't the little moron fall off? Blaine gets pissed again, says the riddle isn't worthy of the contest and he will not answer. Roland says that means Blaine loses. Answer or Blaine loses. Blaine is whining now. Would you like a little cheese with your whine? After another pause and a louder click, finally Blaine says because the little moron was a little more on. He says he feels soiled. Eddie makes a hand gesture which he says is the world's smallest violin playing "My Heart Pumps Purple Piss For You." Next riddle. Why do cops wear belts? The lights are flickering, the walls look semi-transparent. With each riddle this effect seems to get worse. The smaller voice says to stop, it's killing Blaine… Eddie says we'll all stop if Blain stops the mono, to which he refuses. What does an evil chicken lay? Deviled eggs. The answer was very slow to come. Strange noises are coming from the walls. Why did the dead baby cross the road? Blaine is not answering, he says there is no time limit. Roland says he has to answer before we crash. Blaine starts spouting nonsense. Because it was stapled to the chicken. Things are exploding, and it feels like the train is no longer being propelled forward. Roland says everyone needs to gather in the back of the compartment, we are still going to crash. Everyone is gathering at the far end of the compartment. I notice I don't see MoSh… but I really don't have a chance to think much about it before I wake.
    15. 02/16/13 Who Let the Dogs Out

      by , 02-16-2013 at 10:36 PM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      Going Hunting
      I am in my room looking through Facebook articles on my computer. I see photos of cute cats and I click 'like' for all of them, adding a brief comment on a couple. I come across a photo that has already pissed me off in my waking life. A photo that shows a dog shot by an arrow with a caption saying that happens to all Pitt Bulls that come around the home of someone I don't know but immediately hate.
      Note: I found the image disturbing, so I put it in a spoiler in case anyone would rather not see it...
      Spoiler for Disturbing Image:

      I think I would like to have a dream where I go hunt people like that. Just on the off chance I do a RC by pinching my nose and I find out that I am dreaming. It's time to go hunting. I remember that MoSh has recently gotten a Pitt Bull mix puppy and I wonder if he wants to go hunting with me. So I focus on opening a portal to find MoSh. A portal opens and I go through. On the other side I find MoSh in what looks like the biggest Walmart I have ever seen. It would be sooooo easy to get lost somewhere in that Walmart. But I see MoSh right away. I go over to him and tell him I don't have a Dark Tower dream planned for tonight… there are other things to be done. I tell him about the photo I saw on Facebook. He doesn't seem to like it any more than I do. I focus on a portal to get somewhere that dogs need us. On the other side we are in a forest area. I see two people down below, and realize I am in a tree. MoSh is down below on the ground. There are two men making their way through the trees, they have bows and arrows. One of them is taking aim at a Pitt Bull dog. MoSh steps between the two of them as the man is firing and grabs the arrow right out of the air. He quickly flips the arrow over and throws it back at the man, the arrow sticks in the man's left shoulder. The man curses loudly. MoSh begins kicking the shit out of the guy using martial arts. The other guy is aiming an arrow at the dog, he doesn't seem too concerned about his friend getting beat up. Before he can fire the arrow at the dog I jump out of the tree and land on top of him… hidden blade first, stabbing him as I land. MoSh has beaten the shit out of the other guy. I am not sure if the guy is dead, but he's not moving. MoSh is petting the dog now. A very friendly Pitt Bull dog, a cute one, too.

      This is a dog I wouldn't mind taking home. I am really pissed off that these two assholes were going to kill the dog. I realize I am still stabbing the dead guy I landed on and make myself stop. MoSh is staring at me now, still petting the dog. He makes a comment that he has to remember not to piss me off. I tell him the only way to get that reaction is to abuse animals. As if to prove MoSh is no animal abuser, the dog licks him on the face. I go over and pet the dog with MoSh. We are both petting the dog when a woman comes along and seems relieved to find the dog. Damn… the dog already has a loving home. She looks at the two dead people on the ground and seems a bit nervous. I tell her they were going to shoot her dog… but they won't be bothering her or her dog again. She takes the dog and disappears down a path quickly. MoSh seems sorry to see the dog go. I tell him if he wants a dog to keep I'm sure we can find one that needs a home. But we won't be finding it in this dream because it is here that I wake up.

      The Dogs of Ludd
      I am in a city that looks like it is far past its prime. The buildings are collapsing and everything is in a state of disrepair. The first thing I think of is the city of Ludd from the Dark Tower series. Realizing that I am in a Dark Tower dream I think I should try to get MoSh involved in this one. I focus on a portal to find MoSh. A portal opens and I see MoSh is on the other side in what looks like a dog kennel. He is petting a dog that looks like a Pitt Bull mix.

      I want to go pet the dog, too, but someone comes into the room and takes the dog away. I tell MoSh that there's a Dark Tower dream waiting. MoSh comes through the portal. We explore Ludd for a short time. There are dead bodies hanging from the light posts. Definitely a grizzly scene. We finally spot someone who is alive. It's Eddie pushing Susanna in her wheelchair.

      We go over to them, I figure that they are probably looking for the train station where Blaine is parked and waiting. I hear something going on around a corner, sounds like a lot of excitement. I am planning on ignoring it until I hear dogs snarling and yelping. I head over towards the sound. I find there are a number of mobile kennels standing around a group of people. The people are gathered around a makeshift ring with two dogs fighting viciously. A dog fighting ring! People are cheering, dogs are snarling and yelping. I sneak over to the kennels to release the trapped dogs. I wonder if they just want to get away or if they will want a little payback against the people. I am trying to open a kennel when a large guy asks me what I am doing. I tell the truth… I am letting these dogs go. He points a knife at my neck and says no I am not. I bury a hidden blade in his chest and tell him yes I am. I hear a gunshot. Everyone is looking at Susanna, who has fired her gun to get everyone's attention. It doesn't have the intended effect, however. Instead of being afraid, everyone charges at Susanna and Eddie who start shooting at the attackers. MoSh separates the two fighting dogs as soon as the people are distracted. I get the kennel open and move to the next one. I let dogs out of numerous kennels. The dogs are mostly just glad to get away. The dogs run away from the sound of the gunshots. Finally the gunshots stop, there are numerous dead people on the ground and the others have dropped their weapons. Eddie is saying they need someone to show the way to Blaine's Cradle. They think the idea of going to Blaine's Cradle is insane. Two of them finally agree to take them. MoSh is trying to coax a scared dog out of the shadows. The dog is a Rottweiler.

      Eddie and Susanna tell the people to disperse except for the two who will take them to the Cradle. They quickly do so. I hear the sound of snarling dogs just out of sight. The sound of hunting dogs. Now to find Blaine's Cradle. I head to follow Eddie, Susanna, and the two people who are showing them the way. But before I can get anywhere I wake up.
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