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    1. 01/28/13 River Crossing Invasion

      by , 01-29-2013 at 03:06 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      River Crossing
      I am flying over the Nile river when I decide to go for a Dark Tower dream shared with MoSh. I land on a beach and let the dream stabilize before opening a portal. I realize I am not alone on the beach. There are people there, and it looks like they are attacking me. They are all armed with swords, axes, and other melee weapons. I go through the portal and shut it in their faces without giving them much attention. On the other side I am in a field with MoSh. I get his attention and tell him we can go to the Dark Tower now… when I left them they were almost to Ludd. I open another portal and go through. I take MoSh with me. Now we are in the small town just outside of Ludd that is called River Crossing. There is a gun aimed at my head.

      Roland, who had aimed at me, lowers his gun and says popping in like that is a good way to get myself shot. He adds to MoSh and me to keep our eyes open, there are others in this town and we are being watched. A couple of really old people come out of the buildings to greet us. A man leading a blind woman. He seems to be in awe of Roland, exclaiming about finding a gunslinger after he thought all of them had passed from this world. The woman seems worried that we might be harriers. Everyone is in agreement to get off of the main road, so we go into the buildings. The interiors of the buildings are much better cared for than the outside, no doubt to camouflage the presence of these people. I look out of a window and see a good view of the road below. They were surely watching Roland and the others from shortly after they entered town. I see there are people out there, and I think they are the same people that tried to attack me on the banks of the Nile. The man is watching them, he says he doesn't like the look of them. Harriers, most likely. Not to worry, the harriers never hang around here for long, they are heading for Ludd no doubt. The blind woman shudders, the man reassures her that it is certainly safe here in the presence of a gunslinger. He says it was harriers that blinded her about 25 years ago, they used a fire poker, and they did it because they said she looked at them too defiantly. The woman shudders again. We go farther into the buildings, the man says they have lookouts that will tell them if the harriers get closer. I think maybe I should go out there and get their attention… after all, they were after me back at the Nile. They couldn't be ordinary harriers. I don't want to lead my enemies to the people of River Crossing. I tell MoSh he can stay with the others and enjoy the dream, hopefully remember something of it… but I'm going to lead my uninvited guests away. He does not object. The old people say there is no need to do that, the harriers will leave on their own. There's nothing left in River Crossing to keep them. MoSh is talking to an elderly woman about dreams. I turn and leave the group of people, sneaking out through a small hole to avoid revealing the main entrance. I call to the intruders and tell them if they want me come and get me. They yell that there she is, and they all come after me at once. I run down the street for a ways before turning a corner away from the place where the people are hiding. The harriers follow me. I open a portal and go through it, not really caring where it goes. I never find out where it leads… I wake up.

      Home Invaders
      I wake up in bed, not realizing I am dreaming. I roll over to go back to sleep but I hear noise in the other room. I grab a pole that I have near my bed, I keep it there since for a short while I had been trying to learn to use it as a staff, and I sneak to the door of my room.

      There are people in the other room. I think I need to call the cops. They are tearing the place apart, throwing stuff all over, emptying drawers and cabinets. They seem desperate to find something. They are breaking stuff. I go to get my phone to call the cops, just then one of the men pushes past me into my room as if I am not even relevant. They don't seem to care at all that I have seen their faces. The man starts tearing my room apart, which pisses me off. I jab him with my staff and tell him to cut it out. He seems to notice me for the first time. He says if I would return what I stole then they wouldn't have to look for it. I can't think what I stole. I can't remember stealing anything from anyone. The man resumes his search. I jab him harder with my staff. He pulls out a sword and cuts right through my cheap staff. He points the sword at me and tells me to return the artifacts. I tell him I have no idea what he is talking about, which I don't since I am not lucid. He laughs and says something about me not being dangerous, they must have just sent a bunch of incompetent morons before. I see a Templar symbol on his sword. Templars… reality check time… I pinch my nose and find I am dreaming… and my home is being invaded by Templars! I drop the remaining piece of my cheap staff. I form Witchblade into a sword.

      I tell the Templar to get out of my house, and he is the moron if he thinks I'd really keep anything of value hidden here. He glares at me. He tells someone to get me out of the way. I see motion behind me and I turn just in time to dodge an attacking sword and do a counter attack of my own with my Witchblade sword, running him through. I hear the Templar behind me say that there is nothing here. He tells me I won't have a moment of peace until I return what I have stolen. They start leaving through the front door, I am thinking I will have to clean up this mess before my mother wakes up. Instead I wake up.
    2. 01/27/13 Ruins and Spiders

      by , 01-28-2013 at 02:15 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      Dark Tower Fail
      I am in the sky flying over the Nile river in Egypt. I land on a beach near the river and wait for the dream to stabilize. I think I would like to go for a Dark Tower dream. So I focus on opening a portal and I go through it. On the other side I don't recognize where I am as a scene from the Dark Tower. I am in some kind of underground temple ruins that look like something out of a Tomb Raider game.

      I wonder if this is some variation of the Dark Tower world or if I have ended up somewhere else entirely. I go with the Tomb Raider game, and I do a couple jumps from one pillar to another in order to keep off of the ground. I see there are people on the ground, they seem to be looking for something. I get the idea I'd rather not be seen by those people. I see an exit passage over a door at the far end of the room. A couple jumps get me to the passage, though I succeed in knocking some debris down as I go. Some of the people down below notice that, though they don't actually see me. One of them says they are not alone in here… another says there is an Assassin here… my thought is there is no one here but Lara Croft. I do a final jump to reach the passage over the door, though I almost miss the jump. I scramble up the edge feeling a bit less graceful than Lara Croft right now. I hear the people behind me talking about finding something before the Assassin. Assassin? Maybe I'm not playing Tomb Raider… I follow the passage over the door and drop down on the other side. There is a long hall that looks like a place that would be perfect for a trap. I think maybe I can avoid setting off any traps by not touching anything. I fly down the hall, being careful to touch nothing. The hall ends at a dead end. I think that is a bit strange. I hear an explosion behind me. Whoever is trying to get here first is behaving like a bull in a china shop. I look closer at the dead end and see there is a keyhole of some kind. It looks about the right size for a hidden blade… which I use to open it. A slab of concrete slides to the side. In the next room there is a treasure chest in the middle of the room. I open the chest and find there is a glowing orb inside it.

      I wonder what that is. I hear voices behind me, the people from the other room are almost here. I grab the orb and slide it into a pocket on my robes, which are my usually Assassin's Creed style robes. Now to split. I focus on opening a portal to my intended Dark Tower dream. A door forms, standing on its own in the room. I open it just as the people reach the far door and see me. I hear one of them calling to me to stop right there, but I go through the door and slam it in their faces…

      Note: I woke up at this point, but actually succeeded in a WBTB lucid dream that continued the same dream…

      House of Spiders
      I am in a strange house, I have just come through a door. The door closes behind me and then disappears. I wonder where I am, I pause to clear my mind. I know I am dreaming, and I know I had been looking for a Dark Tower dream. I feel the weight of something in one of the pockets of my robes. I look at it and find it is a glowing orb about the size of a baseball. I put it back. I look around the house. It looks like some kind of haunted house, and I soon remember that Jake had to pass through such a house in order to join Roland and the others.

      I wonder if in this case he will need help or if I'm just here to make sure it's ok. I remember MoSh. I open one of the doors off of the hall I am in with the intent of finding MoSh. The door opens on a library, and I see MoSh in the other room. He is standing near a book case full of old books, he is paging through one of them. I try to get his attention, but he seems quite distracted by the book he is reading. There is someone behind me. I turn around, certain I will see someone there, but there is no one. I go down the hall and reach a landing that overlooks what must be a living room. There are people down there, they are looking around as if confused. One of them says it doesn't matter where they are, find the fucking Assassin and get the artifact back. I recognize the people as Templars. I think they want the orb in my pocket. I am watching them when a big fat spider drops down on the railing right in front of me. Spiders don't normally bother me, but this is a fat reddish one that is the size of a softball… and I am immediately grossed out.

      I take an involuntary step back, issue an involuntary "Gah!" as I trip over my own feet and fall on my ass. The Templars down below hear me and one of them points and announces to the others that the Assassin is upstairs. They head for the stairs, I don't want to bother with Templars right now. I go back to the door where I saw MoSh. I get lost. I wonder how I managed to get lost when the hall had seemed so simple before. It's like the whole place has changed itself. I am in a long hall with doors on both sides. There is a Templar right in front of me, he is demanding that I hand the artifact over. Something drops on my shoulder. I practically freak out, it is one of those spiders! The Templar demands again that I hand it over… so I grab the spider and hand it to him, desperate to have it off of me. The spider feels hairy, wiggly, and gross. The surprised Templar takes the spider, then instantly drops it and steps back with a cry of shock and disgust. I don't have time to view his reaction, there are more spiders. I want out of there. I run down the hall, dodging a couple more spiders as they drop from the ceiling. I see Jake at the end of the next hall, groping at a hole in the ground. There is a door at the end of the hall that seems to be glowing. The walls of the house are moving all around me. I see figures emerging from the walls, and a large face at the end of the hall. The face has sharp teeth and it looks hungry. As if to prove that it devours the Templar in one bite. Jake is freaking out, but he has apparently gotten the key. The door at the far end of the hall opens. I head down the hall as hands reach out of the wall, groping for Jake. I use my Witchblade sword to cut the hands off of the walls as Jake finds a wall of solid dirt behind the door. More hands grope for Jake and me. I cut them off as they reach for us. A door has opened in the end of the hall. A large plaster figure is coming from the end of the hall, reaching with huge hands. Something flies in from the door… something invisible… passes by me in a rush of air and collides with the figure with a loud crash. I give Jake a boost forward (up?) through the door. Roland grasps his hands and pulls him through. He reaches back for me, but I don't make it before I wake up.
    3. 01/25/13 Gunslingers and Templars

      by , 01-26-2013 at 01:50 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      Note: I have shifted my nighttime hypnosis program from one to help with my depression to one that is supposed to develop ESP abilities in the hope that it will allow for some passive defense against constant psychic / astral attacks I have been getting lately. This has a different opening image, but it should still lead to easy WILD's as I fall asleep.

      Suicide by Gunslinger
      I am in the sky and flying over the Nile River. I look around to see the area, the area right around the river is lush and green, though the area a bit farther away is desert. This isn't where I want to be, I know I want to have a Dark Tower dream. So I open a portal and fly right through it into a different forest… where I promptly crash into a tree. Ow… I now find I am up a tree that is standing over a clearing. Down below I can see some small robotic machines wandering aimlessly around. I remember that scene from the Dark Tower books. I know Eddie is about to show up and start shooting them. An arrow flies by my left ear. Someone is shooting at me! I wonder what that could be, and I turn around to see a couple of Templar archers on the ground taking aim at me with more arrows. I see Eddie emerge from the bushes down below and take aim at the first of the machines. The Templars apparently see him as well, one of them aims at Eddie. I don't want to let them interfere with the Dark Tower progression, so I form Witchblade into a hidden blade on each arm and do an air double assassinate before they can shoot at Eddie. As I land on the pair of Templars I hear Eddie's gun roaring as he shoots the radar dishes off of each of the robots. I see movement in the trees as I am crouched over two dead Templars. Is there more chance of Eddie being attacked? I wonder why Templars would want to attack Eddie. There is a pause, then there is another explosive gunshot. Now I hear Eddie yelling at Roland, telling him he would shoot him if he had one more shot left in the gun. This is followed by Roland yelling for Eddie to get down, and another gunshot. Then there is silence. I see there has been more movement in the trees. I am surrounded by Templars. I tell them to butt out of my Dark Tower dream. One of them asks if I really think they would mind turning this place into one big paradox. Three archers are aiming arrows at Roland. That was a mistake. It seems some light has reflected off of their arrows, or maybe it was just Roland's keen instinct… but in a blur Roland has his gun out and shoots all three of them right out of the trees. I tell them that committing suicide by gunslinger won't create any paradoxes. Someone else is trying to shoot Roland in the back. I manage to jump on top of that Templar, hidden blade first, just in time to cause his arrow to go wild. And now Roland is under cover, as are Eddie and Susanna. Four more archers have arrows pointed at me now. But now they have Roland, Eddie, and Susanna hunting them. The four of them are taken out in several quick shots. One of the last Templars standing says they will have their treasure back, and there's nothing I can do to stop them. The last two disappear. Roland emerges into the area, holstering his gun. He asks who my friends were. I say they weren't friends… they were Templars… and then I wake up.

      New Confidence
      I wake up in bed. The first thing I notice is that I am not wearing my dream mask… which triggers me to do a reality check. Before I can do the reality check, however, I see something standing over me. Two somethings, actually. One on each side of my bed. Both of them are cloaked figures, so I can't see any details of them. One of them is draining positive energy out, the other is putting negative energy in. I can feel the energy drain as they are doing it, my mind being filled with negative thoughts. I also have the clear thought that if I return the treasure I stole from the Templars that they will leave me alone. I don't believe that one. The thought adjusts itself to if I return the treasure and stop interfering with their business then they will leave me alone. I try to get myself out of bed, but I can't find the strength to move much. Then a big black cat enters the room. A black cat the size of a panther. The cat pounces on one of the two creatures. It is Shadow! She pounces on the one draining my positive energy and tears into it with teeth and claws. With one of them off of me I am able to form Witchblade into a hidden blade and drive it into the face of the remaining figure. The thing lets out a scream of rage and then both of them have disappeared. I feel a bit drained, but ok. I know I need to do something to create protection around here. I lie down in bed to rest for a bit. Shadow has transformed back to a kitty cat, and she is now curled up beside me. I don't feel like sleeping, though I have completely forgotten the idea I might be dreaming. I get out of bed and load up my computer. I feel particularly motivated to work on making a game right now. I think I will make a game from scratch instead of using an existing engine. I feel amazingly confidence regarding making the game, and I can't wait to get started. When I wake up I still have this feeling lingering.
    4. 01/21/13 Guardians

      by , 01-22-2013 at 01:46 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      The Three Guardians
      I am in my Fire Valkyrie heading for the moon. I land and get out, looking around to see if there's anything unusual going on. I see nothing out of the ordinary. I open a portal with the intent to have a Dark Tower dream. I go through the portal. I see movement as I go through it, but the portal closes before I get to see what the movement was. On the other side I am in a forest clearing. I look around and see Eddie not too far off. He is carving at a piece of wood. When he sees me he puts the carving behind his back. I ask what he was doing, he says just carving something… then adds that he's not very good. I comment that carving stuff sounds cool, and with practice I'm sure he'll get better. I want to get MoSh in on the dream. I open a portal with the goal of finding MoSh. A portal opens and I see MoSh in a house on the other side. It looks like he is playing video games. I tell him he is dreaming and come on for a Dark Tower dream. MoSh comes through. Eddie has gone back to carving, apparently deciding he doesn't care if I see him. I hear something approaching. Something big. I hear a tree fall not far off. I realize where in the Dark Tower series we are. The guardian is on its way! I am about to try to warn MoSh and Eddie when the thing enters the clearing, a bear that looks like it is about 50 feet tall, a bear that looks insane and pissed.

      Eddie scrambles up a tree, which seems like a good plan. The bear goes after Eddie, who is the one who moved quickest. It doesn't seem to have noticed MoSh and me. As the bear is trying to shake Eddie out of the tree I see Roland appear with Susanna on his shoulders. I hear her saying Roland should take the shot… she'll miss… but she finally takes the shot. Her shot takes out a radar dish that was sticking out of the bear's head. I see movement in the trees, but no one shows themselves. I wonder if whoever it is might be scared of the bear. I see weird parasites oozing out of the bear's mouth. I think it is over, but something else is coming. So now MoSh and I head up a tree, and Eddie, who had started climbing down, returns to the top of his tree. I see trees falling down in an approaching line. I see there are two locations where this is happening. Two more of the things are coming! They both enter the clearing at the same time, I see Roland and Susanna take cover behind a fallen tree. Not a very safe place, but all they had time to get to. I can clearly see the radar dishes on the heads of the second and third bears. One of them is heading straight for Roland and Susanna. I don't know where MoSh gets the gun, but he suddenly has a gun in his hand. At first his hand seems to be shaking and the first shot goes wild, I have no clue where it went. But then he seems to calm down and takes careful aim, blasting the dish right off of the top of the bear's head. The other one is heading for the tree MoSh and I are in. I wonder if we are high enough to be out of reach. I decide it is now or never, so I form Witchblade into a sword and jump out of the tree right onto the bear's head, slicing the radar dish off as I land.

      As the bear is going insane I jump off of it and land hard on the ground, rolling to absorb most of the impact so I am unharmed. I take cover behind the same tree Roland and Susanna are behind. Now the guardian bears are going mad. They are all spitting parasites and they are attacking each other, tearing each other apart. The violent engagement doesn't last very long before all three of them collapse and appear to be dead. Eddie is a bit slower to get out of the tree this time. I see he is covered with bear snot and dead parasites… yuck. Susanna comments that MoSh and I sure seem to know the right time to show up. I tell her I show up when I am needed. We go over to take a closer look at the dead bears, which Roland calls guardians. They smell awful. They smell like they have been dead much longer than they actually have been. They smell like sickness. It looks like Roland has a headache. I ask if he is ok, he says something about a boy that never existed. I remember that there is a paradox that will have to be worked through before he'll really be ok. He says he doesn't know which one is true. I say the first thing that comes to mind… nothing is true. Roland looks at me strangely. He says neither is true and yet both are true at the same time. Everything is permitted. I didn't mean to say that out loud… but apparently I did because Roland says in the search for the tower everything is permitted... even… but then he trails off and is silent for a bit. He then repeats the two lines as if considering them, I do notice his headache seems to have passed for now at least. Eddie is looking at one of the bears and says it's a robot. But they are bleeding where they have injured each other, bleeding blood infested with parasites. It looks like they're part robotic and part biological. Cyborgs? I look at one of them closer and see a silver tag inside one of the ears that reads something to do with positronics. I have no idea what it means. I look closer to try to read it but I wake before I get a closer look.

      Another Dreamer?
      I am in my own room, I look around to see where Midna is lying. I am not lucid. I don't see the cat so I get up and leave the room. In the living room I have an art area set up, I have been painting a seascape, though not a very good one. I wish I could learn to paint better. As if I made the wish aloud Q appears and answers.

      Q says I have played Assassin's Creed II and Brotherhood… so I know exactly where to find a version of Leonardo Da Vince… so why don't I… I interrupt and tell him I am not going to waste the time of someone like Leonardo Da Vinci considering I have absolutely no talent. Q pulls a Leroy Jethro Gibbs on me, he smacks me lightly on the back of the head. I tell him not to do that. He says to stop being dense. I tell him I have to get to class. For some reason seeing Q has not triggered a reality check. He says I am dreaming. But I am not listening to him any more since he has been talking about Leonardo Da Vinci. I look at my painting and think if there is any way I can salvage it. I am thinking no, but maybe… I go to get paint out. Q gets in my way and tells me if I won't listen, then how about this? He snaps his fingers and the scene around me changes. I am in a bedroom that is foreign to me. There is a woman huddled in the corner in a fetal position with several men standing over her and yelling things at her. They are telling her she is useless and will never amount to anything, that she has no value, no talent, if she killed herself no one would even notice let alone care. I notice they are also producing a field of negative energy around her. I ask them what the fuck they are doing. I tell them to quit that. One of them looks over at me. I realize they are Templars. I wonder why they are psychologically attacking this woman. The Templar that looked at me tells me this is none of my concern, I should just leave. I say I'll leave after they do. Quit attacking that woman. The Templar says I don't even know her… just go. I say I don't care if I know her, I want them to quit it. The others have continued their attacking. I decide they have done enough. I focus on a healing song, Touch My Heart, to surround the woman with positive energy. The positive energy forces the Templars back, and now they are all glaring at me. I tell them they have until the count of 5 if they all want to leave in one piece. I count by seconds… 1… 2… 3… 4… one of them says I can't hurt them and I know it. I say I can still make things pretty nasty… 5. I form Witchblade into a sword and run one Templar through, the others apparently decide here isn't where they want to be. One Templar dies, the others all disappear. I go over to the woman and ask if she is ok. She says it doesn't matter. I tell her this is a dream, as I am getting the feeling she is a dreamer. She says it's a nightmare… just like her life. And those people will be back soon enough… so I have not done her any good. I ask if she is a dreamer, and tell her if she is to join up with DV or MM and post dreams so I can find her in waking life. She scoffs at that and crawls into bed, ignoring me now. I am wondering what to do. I can't think of anything to help. Q appears. He says I didn't go where he had intended, but maybe I was needed here. I tell him I don't know how to help the woman, she seems to be depressed and the Templars are making it worse. He says first I need to help myself. He snaps his fingers and the scene changes again. I am now standing right in front of Leonardo Da Vinci as he appeared in Assassin's Creed II. He looks at me strangely, I mutter that Q is in big trouble for this as I focus to wake myself up.
    5. 01/20/13 The Drawing

      by , 01-21-2013 at 03:46 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      Drawing of the Four
      I am in my Fire Valkyrie heading for the moon. I land and wait for the dream to stabilize before deciding what I'm going to do. I remember a goal of having a Dark Tower dream with MoSh. So I open a portal with that intent. I go through the portal to the beach. On the other side the beach is really rocky. There is a door standing alone in the middle of the beach. It is attached to nothing.

      There is a man tied up near the high tide mark, that must be Eddie. Detta Walker is closer to the door watching it from the side. She must be waiting for Roland. I look at the sun, which looks a little too close to setting. The so called lobstrosities will be out soon. Will Roland get back in time here? I wonder if I should intervene. I decide I will if it gets too late. I wait for a bit. Detta hasn't noticed me. She is very intent on waiting for Roland. She occasionally shouts expletives at Eddie about how he's been abandoned by that other honky mo-fo bastard. The sun is setting. It is time for Roland to come back. But I'm wondering if he is going to make it. The lobstrosities are already coming out. I decide I've waited long enough. Maybe this is why I was sent here. Something held Roland up just a few precious minutes. I head down to the beach, surprisingly Detta, who pulls a gun and tells me to stop right there. She calls me a honky hoe bitch and tells me to keep my head out of her business before she blows it off of me. I am not worried about being shot at. I continue to Eddie and use my hidden blade to cut his ropes. Detta is asking how many honky mo-fo bastards does it take to rape one little black woman with no legs. I turn after freeing Eddie and I see there are 5 Templars standing on the beach glaring at me. I ask no one in particular why every time I turn around there are Templar assholes following me around. Detta answers, saying it's because I suck on their little white candles. I tell her I wasn't asking her. One of the Templars says if I return what I have stolen and stop interfering with their plans then they'll leave me alone. A lobstrosity is approaching me. Eddie and I move away quickly. We are near another one, I stab it with my hidden blade before it can bite a piece off of me. A lobstrosity is approaching one of the Templars.

      I tell them they'll want to be staying away from those things. They bite hard. One of them, the one closest to the lobstrosity, asks what the fuck it is. I tell him it's a man-eating giant lobster. It questions that, did-a-chick? He moves away, but not fast enough. The lobstrosity tears a chunk of flesh from his leg as he goes. He cries out in pain and surprise, but the injury is minor. We all move up the beach, away from the things. Detta has been yelling expletives the whole time. Now she suddenly stops and looks into the door, pauses briefly, then freaks out. Suddenly there are two of her, and Roland is back. The two... Detta and O'Detta are fighting. Roland looks to the beach where Eddie had been, noting he is gone. I want to get MoSh into this dream. The Templars are demanding their treasure back. I ignore them. I focus on a portal to find MoSh. A portal opens and I look through it. I don't see MoSh. Where is he? Roland is relieved to see Eddie is ok. A Templar is trying to push me around. I ignore him as best as I can. O'Detta is hugging Detta as Detta tries to strangle her. That positioning makes strangling a difficult task. A Templar pushes so hard I fall down. I tell him to cut it out. I get up and look through the portal. Still no MoSh. I see someone else, though. Asuka is over there. She comes to the portal. I ask her where MoSh is. She says she doesn't know. Shit. Why didn't my portal lead to MoSh? Detta and O'Detta are embracing. They blend to one woman. The Templars are getting annoyed at being ignored. I am annoyed at not finding MoSh. Roland is talking to O'Detta / Detta, who is now going by Susanna. Susanna says Roland has saved her and kisses him. Eddie is saying at least Roland bothered saving one of them. But as long as Eddie is safe. I feel I am waking up. I decide to have another Dark Tower dream this night. I decide to do a basic task of the month before I wake. I grab a Templar and ask him to pick a number between 1 and 100, thinking of the number 22. He looks confused then finally says 72. I tell him he is wrong, no prizes awarded today. The Templar just stares at me. One of the other Templars says I will take him to the item I stole. He throws his arms around me. I turn around at the last minute so I am facing him. I say I didn't realize how much he cares… and hug him back. The look on his face tells me he was expecting to get stabbed, and he is clearly relieved that it didn’t happen. I am waking up. Roland calls to me not to go, but I can't help it. I feel the Templar get violently ripped from my arms as I wake up.

      Drawing of the Five
      I am in my own house, though it doesn't look quite like normal. I am not lucid. I look out the window and see that there are many workers out there. I have the idea they are going to destroy all the desert around our house. I don't like that. I tell my mother to stop the work because it will destroy the desert. She doesn't seem to care. I go outside to see if they will listen to me. When I get out there I see the workers are gone, but there are Templars there. Templars? I never see Templars in my waking life… I pinch my nose and find I can still breathe. I become lucid. One of the Templars is about to say something, but I interrupt him. I tell them they are great dream signs, thanks! This could've been a wasted dream. I remember that I wanted to run another Dark Tower dream and see if I can find MoSh this time. So I open a portal with focus of finding MoSh. A portal opens and I see MoSh standing outside the house in his inner world. A Templar asks if the treasure is over there. I say no, it's not. If he must know, it's in the hands of the greatest genius in the reality. I go through the portal and shut it in the Templars' faces. I go over to MoSh. I tell him it's time for a Dark Tower dream. I open another portal to get to the Dark Tower world. On the other side I see Susanna, Eddie, and Roland.

      Eddie sees me and says I hadn't given him time to thank me for saving him. Roland looks sick, I don't remember noticing that earlier. I think there couldn't be anything wrong with healing his infection… so I go over to Roland and focus some healing energy into Roland. The infection is quickly brought under control. Roland now has a bag of useless antibiotics. He says he knows who I am. He said I am the Raven that he had been told about, a mysterious woman in white robes (I am in my Assassin outfit) with golden hair that is called the Raven. I tell him yeah, that's my name. Raven Knight. And this is… I turn to find MoSh, but he has wandered off. He is walking down the beach towards the tide mark. I also see some Templars. I roll my eyes and go over to MoSh. I tell him he can just ignore the Templars if he wants. Roland looks at MoSh and says he was told about him, too. Told he was a gunslinger… Roland hands him a gun, though not one of his big revolvers, and says he wants to see how MoSh can shoot. MoSh shoots a lobstrosity on the beach, hitting it right in the head and cutting its question short. Dud-a-BLAM! He then shoots three of the Templars right in the head, perfect shots right between the eyes. The other two Templars disappear quickly. Roland says MoSh is definitely the one he had been told about. MoSh looks over at Roland, who says he believes we will all play a role in finding the tower. I find myself hoping the Templars don't screw things up. I ask Roland where we go now, which way to the tower. I say I want to see that place, too. Roland says he knows what direction to head in. I figure on following him for a while in this dream but instead I wake up.
    6. 01/16/13 Detta Walker's Rage

      by , 01-17-2013 at 12:53 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      Detta Walker's Rage
      I am in my Fire Valkyrie heading for the moon. I land on the moon and get out, waiting for the dream to stabilize before deciding to aim for a Dark Tower dream this time. I focus on opening a portal. But a portal doesn't open. Instead a door appears. Well, that is consistent with the Dark Tower series… So I open the door and go through to the other side. I find I am on a beach. The beach seems to stretch out indefinitely in both directions with some hills on the one side and an endless ocean on the other. I walk along the beach with the ocean to my left. The first thing I hear other than the waves is a stream of expletives. Wtf? I follow the sound of a woman cursing a blue streak… I find Roland, Eddie, and a woman who could only be Detta Walker. She is cursing fluently at Roland and Eddie, calling them pathetic honkey mo-fos and saying she will bit off their dicks and feed them to each other… Roland and Eddie see me approaching and watch me warily. Eddie seems happy to see another person, Roland seems a bit more hesitant. When they look over at me so does Detta, and she immediately includes me in her abuse. She says for me to come join the party, those two honkey mo-fos are about to have their way with her but she's going to bite off their little white candles and then I can eat both of them, she calls me a fucking honkey hoe. She clearly would like to be accompanying her rant with rude gestures but she is tied to a wheelchair. She pauses and then continues her rant, now she is asking how many honkey mo-fos did they call in to handle one black woman… does it really take that many? Maybe some of them don't even have little white candles, but rather they just have a hole where their little white candles should be… gaping holes leading to the bowels of hell itself… She asks which of them (looking at me) have little white candles and which of them have the holes to stick 'em in. I wonder who she is talking to and I look behind me. There are five men back there, all of them white to Detta's disgust, all of them Templars to my own disgust. Detta asks if I do all five of them at once, I tell her I'd sooner kill myself than let a fucking Templar touch me… She now starts calling them honkey Templar mo-fo pieces of shit. I can't help but laugh. She calls me a hoe again and asks what is so funny, does it tickle to have their little white candles up inside of me? I tell her I don't let Templar bastards touch me. She asks if they're bastards, too? Of course! Their mammas must be so ugly a pig wouldn't do her… their daddies must have been flat drunk for them to even be conceived… then she calls them honkey bastard Templar mo-fos. I notice the Templars are actually being silent. I comment that Detta managed to stun Templars to silence… I like her. She asks if I'm going to lick her cunt… because it has teeth and will bite my face off when I try. One of the Templars finally says I stole something from them and they want it back. Detta asks if the honkey mo-fo Templar bastards lost their fer-special to some honkey hoe. She said I should break it. Then use it to cut off their little white candles. She cackles madly. I have had enough of her cursing. Roland and Eddie seem to be ignoring it and waiting for a chance to speak. Roland finally asks if I am the Raven… then who are those other people. I tell him they aren't with me. Detta identifies them as honkey mo-fo bastard fucking Templars with their main fuck, who is obviously me. I want to calm Detta. I use a song spell to calm her down, or I am about to when the Templars get violent. Roland cuts them down with his guns, though is clearly not happy about using the ammo. I tell him I can help with ammo supplies… and with Detta, who is cackling about how Roland blew the honkey mo-fos can all kill each other. I focus on the song Voices from the Macross Plus soundtrack and manage to soothe Detta. She falls asleep. Probably she will shift back to O'Detta Holmes. I look at one of the bullets from Roland's revolver and use my Pentacle to create more, enough to fill his ammo belts. He asks what manner of magic I used to create those… I am more focused on getting MoSh into the dream. I focus on opening a portal, hoping it isn't too late. Unfortunately it is… everything fades as I wake up.
    7. 01/10/13 Tower and the Templars

      by , 01-10-2013 at 03:30 PM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      The Tower and the Templars
      I am in my Fire Valkyrie heading for the moon. I land on the moon and spend some time looking around before I remember plans to meet up with MoSh in a Dark Tower dream. I decide to find a Dark Tower dream and then try to pull MoSh into it. I open a portal while focused on my intent. I go through the portal and find I have ended up in the right place. There is a field of red roses surrounding a tall tower.

      Though it has been a long while since I have read the Dark Tower series I know I have ended up in the right place. Now to get MoSh here. I am about to focus on a portal to find MoSh when I realize I am not alone there. I see there is a group of people there with me, quite a few men are standing around wearing the symbol of the Templars from Assassin's Creed. Wtf? I ask one that looks like he's in charge what they are doing there. He says they have had enough of my interference and I am to stop interfering in their affairs immediately. I point at the tower and ask what the fuck he thinks that is. I tell him he is in the wrong dream, this is a Dark Tower dream, not an Assassin's Creed dream, so go away. He says they're going to make sure I don't interfere with them any more. I point at the tower again. Dark Tower dream. You know the poem, Child Roland to the Dark Tower Came? The Stephen King Dark Tower series? So unless the Crimson King is really a fucking Templar they need to just go away. I turn away from the Templars to focus on the Dark Tower dream I want to have. I need to summon MoSh. The Templars are making themselves really hard to ignore. One of them is right next to me talking in my ear practically. He is making threats, saying nothing good can come of interfering with them. I finally said ok, if they are so determined to have my attention… I open a portal and I see Roland of Gilead shooting bad guys with his two big revolvers.

      I pull a surprised Roland through the portal, and it closes behind him. He stares at me, I just tell him I can help him, I just need his help first. I point at the Templars and says they are trying to keep him from the Tower. In case he didn't believe me, one of the Templars shoots at Roland with a wimpy gun. I summon up a revolver that is size appropriate to me, Roland and I start taking out Templars. Roland's guns sound like cannons. And it seems he can't miss the target. Templars fall one by one, I even manage to hit a few of them. Finally the Templars are gone. Roland looks like he is about to say something when he sees the tower and he is struck silent. I tell him I know what has been missing when he reaches the tower. I remember to summon MoSh. I open a portal with the intent to find MoSh. A portal opens and I see MoSh wandering around on the other side. I pull him through and point at the dark tower. Roland wants to know who I am and who MoSh is. I summon up a Horn of Eld.

      I tell Roland to blow the horn when he gets to the top of the tower. He says there's still the Crimson King. Well then we'd best get moving. So MoSh, Roland, and I start heading for the Dark Tower. There are more Templars in the way. I tell them Stephen King did not write Templars into the Dark Tower series, so GET LOST! Roland doesn't bother with talking… he starts shooting. I toss MoSh a gun and tell him to shoot a Templar. I don't think he is lucid. I shoot a Templar, then he starts shooting Templars. Roland is by far the best shot of the three of us. Roland and MoSh are ready to continue to the tower, but I wake up.

      Let It Snow
      I am in my best friend's house. I have just spent the night and I am waking up in the morning on my air mattress. Alicia is over by the window and when she sees I am awake she gets my attention immediately. She says it snowed last night. I get out of bed and look out the window. Sure enough the entire neighborhood is blanketed in white. I get dressed quickly and then Alicia and I go outside to check it out. I am surprised at how much snow there is. I decide I need to take some photos of this, after all it isn't that often that Tucson, Arizona gets a significant amount of snow. Alicia wants to make a snowman. I look around at the snow covered trees. The snow has melted some and then frozen again, creating glistening icicles hanging from all the branches. The sun is reflecting off of the icicles creating prism rainbows. It is really very beautiful. I tell Alicia I'm going to take some photos. I head down the road, using my digital camera to take some still shots. I then take some short video clips so I can see the light reflecting off of the icicles. I am with Alicia when we go to a spot underneath an overpass. I am not sure why we are there but I see there is a small pond of water gathered there that has frozen over. Alicia starts ice skating on the pond. I look around the edge of the pond until I find a small trickle of flowing water. There is a fish. There isn't enough water for the fish to survive. It is flopping around a lot. I want to save the fish. I see the water is flowing down a storm drain where there is a considerable flow of water, so I pick up the fish gently and put it down the storm drain into the water. Alicia is still ice skating so I decide to go take some more photos and videos. I keep doing that until I wake up.
    8. 12/18/12 Mall Gardens and Gunslingers

      by , 12-18-2012 at 11:46 PM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      Garden of Life
      I am with Alicia in a car heading downtown. We park in a large parking garage of a large mall of some kind. There are many levels of the mall, some of which have stores and others have offices. The lower levels are stores, the upper levels are offices. There is a huge open courtyard in the center of the mall. Alicia and I come to the top level of the mall. I look down in the courtyard where they have a magnificent garden.

      It is amazing. I pull out my camera and start taking photos. I want to go down lower and get some more photos. Alicia seems to want to go. We go into the hallway ramp that leads down to the next level. Alicia goes to the elevator, but I tell her we can walk and I can take photos on my way. She seems annoyed but follows me. There are fish tanks lining the walls here with many colorful fish. I take a few photos of the colorful fish. We make our way down to the bottom level where I walk among the colorful flowers and take more photos. Alicia is getting more impatient but I don't pay any attention to her. I take a photo of a small lake that's inside the mall. I am far more interested in the garden than in shopping. I am still taking photos when I wake up.

      The Fallen Gunslinger
      I am on the beach again, the beach that is described at the beginning of my lucid dream hypnosis program. I walk down the beach, going along with the program until I fall asleep and into a lucid dream.

      Though I am lucid, I am not really thinking about any of my dream goals, so I continue walking down the beach because it is a pleasant scene. For a while I don't see any people on the beach, but then I spot something in the distance. I approach to see what it is. At first I think it is just a pile of old cloths on the beach, but then it moves a bit. When I get a little closer I see it is a man. He doesn't look like he is in very good shape. I can see from the tracks in the sand that he has exerted a lot of effort to drag himself up the beach, away from the water. I'm not sure why he was so determined to get away from the water. I get closer and I see he has a pair of antique looking guns hanging by his sides, and there is a bloody cloth on his right hand. I am not sure who it is yet, but I can tell he needs healing. I approach him and carefully try to wake him. He is surprised by my presence and I think he tries to draw a gun, but I know he is probably delirious and he is unable to pull the gun. I am also not worried about getting shot in a dream. I tell him to relax, I am there to help… I am a healer. I carefully take the bloody cloth off of his right hand to find he has two fingers missing. The flesh around the missing digits is angry and inflamed, the infection has spread most of the way up his arm. That is when it occurs to me that I have found Roland from the Dark Tower series by Stephen King.

      He asks who I am, I tell him my name is Raven, and I am a healer. This looks nasty, but I'll heal it up. I focus on the song Voices from the Macross Plus soundtrack and focus the healing energy through Roland's body. I can see as the infection retreats and fades… the part that really takes Roland by surprise is when his two missing fingers begin regenerating. I finish the healing, and he clearly looks a lot better. I wonder if there is anything else I can do, but before I have a chance to do anything I wake up.
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