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    1. When Worlds Collide

      by , 02-28-2018 at 05:00 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2018, 02-27

      When Worlds Collide

      I am in a dungeon. As I am trying to get my bearings I see one of the doors open. A fat man comes out and tells someone inside the cell to seriously consider their options. The fat man leaves in the other direction. I then go to that cell door and I find it locked. I use the Harry Potter spell Alohamora to open it. The cell beyond is pitch dark so I use another Harry Potter spell Lumos to light the darkness. Eddard Stark is there, he looks in bad shape. He is staring at me and asks who I am. I say I am here to get him out, but first I have to take care of his leg. I use my hidden blade to cut a disgusting cast off of his right leg. The leg underneath is a mess. I focus healing energy through Eddard and the wounds rapidly heal. I tell him to come with me if he wants to escape. He is still speechless from what I did to his leg. He tests his weight on it and says it doesn’t hurt at all. I say of course it doesn’t, but now we have to go. He follows me into the hallway outside, I am wondering which way to go to get out of here. I have no memory of how I got in. We go around a corner and run into some guards. I toss Eddard a Witchblade and tell him it will form armor and a weapon. But as I am thinking we’ll have to fight, the world starts falling apart like it does in Assassin’s Creed between memories… then it reforms.

      Now Eddard, two guards, and I are on a beach. It is night time out and one of the guards is too close to the water and he has appeared surrounded by the lobstrosities from the Dark Tower books. He starts fighting them with his sword. The other guard stares in stunned silence before turning his sword on Eddard and demanding he take us back. Eddard’s Witchblade forms into a sword and armor and they start fighting. Eddard is trying to say he has no clue how we got to this place and maybe they should work together to figure it out. The guard won’t listen, and Eddard ends up killing him. There is a loud bang as a gun fires not far up the beach. The guard fighting off the lobstrosities gets distracted and they swarm over him, literally tearing him apart. Eddard asks what that noise was. I say I think the source is friendly and I look in the direction of the bang. We go in that direction a short way and soon I can see Eddie and Roland by a campfire cooking one of the lobstrosities. I call out to Roland so he won’t think we’re sneaking up on them. I tell Eddard that I know these two men so there’s nothing to worry about here. We both walk over to the campfire with Eddie and Roland. Roland is asking who my friend is but I don’t get a chance to answer before things get weird again.

      The first thing I notice is MoSh has appeared from nowhere. He comes over to the fire and greets us, also wanting to know who Eddard is. Before I can answer I see a spot up the beach that looks like an Assassin’s Creed memory switch, something is taking shape. A boy emerges and is running towards us, he has a sword in his hand. Roland is unsure and points his gun, asking who the boy is and saying he means no harm, but lower the sword. I recognize the boy… it’s Harry Potter! What is he doing here? Right behind Harry I see a huge snake take form. The basilisk! I yell to everyone to avoid looking the serpent in the eyes, its gaze is lethal! There is a deafening playing from behind me, and I glanced up in time to see one of its eyes explode. There is another bank from off to the side and I can tell that the other eye has also explored. That’s one weapon the basilisk will not be able to use. But the giant serpent still has it sense of smell, and it is single-mindedly going after hairy. Harry has stopped look around and ask what is happening here? The serpent lunges at Harry, and Harry puts the sword through the roof of the snake’s mouth. At the same time, the serpent sunk its fang into Harry’s shoulder. I am thinking that someone had better do something about healing that poison but I do not get the chance to. Here he disappears from site along with the giant snake.

      I figured that now there will be questions about what’s going on, but there isn’t time for them. Enemies start spawning out of nowhere. These are zombies, they all have glowing blue eyes. We start fighting off the zombies. Roland is shooting with his gun, although he looks like he rather not be. I remember that he’s low on ammo at this point time. MoSh has a pair of guns look like Roland’s. I am thinking they probably take the same bullets, so maybe they could share. Eddard Stark is hacking away at zombies with a sword formed from his Witchblade. I form my right arm into an Alex Mercer blade and start hacking away in zombies. Fortunately they seem to be the usual stupid type of zombie. I hear Roland say that he is out of ammo, and sure enough, MoSh throws him a box. This takes Roland by surprise, but he still catches it. He reloads his guns faster than one would think possible. It appears that the only way to really take out the zombies is fight beheading it or blowing its head open. Other wounds don’t seem to hinder them much.

      A few of the zombies are now looking different. They are a bit bigger, and they look more like Nazgul from the Lord of the Rings than regular zombies. I am facing off against one of these when I hear something behind me. I turned and looked and I see a huge wolf tackle zombie that was trying to attack me from behind. I then cut down a zombie who is about to attack a young man I don’t recognize. This young man is looking around as if very confused. I’m figuring he probably does not belong in this world. The wolf has no such problems with adapting to the new surroundings, and is ripping zombies apart one after another. I don’t have much time to consider these new arrivals, there are still too many zombies left. I turn my attention to one of the wraiths that are attacking, and I charge my Alex Mercer blade with light energy before slicing it into. It appears that only light energy can take out the wraiths, but that is OK because MoSh’s ammunition appears to be charged with light energy. Both he and Roland are able to take out the wraiths. After a bit longer, we are finally able to take out all of the enemies. The beach is now screwing with body parts.

      Roland wants to know what those things were? The young man is now standing next to the giant wolf. He wants know where we are? This could get a bit complicated. The young man identifies themselves as Robb Stark. He asks if anyone has seen the Kingslayer? No one has a clue who he’s talking about. He thinks he is clarifying when he says the name Jaime Lannister. I know he means, but no one else does. I tell him Jamie Lannister is nowhere around here, or at least not as far as I know. Robb asked where we are again, because just a couple minutes ago he was in a forest near Riverrun. He has never seen this place. I start to try to tell him something, but right as I am trying he fades from existence. So does the giant wolf. I grab hold of Eddard Stark. I don’t want him to be sent right back to the dungeon. For a short time he had started to fade, but now he seems solidify again. I wonder how badly I’m fucking things up.

      Eddie is asking what the fuck is going on? Roland acts like he knows what’s going on. He says it can’t be happening yet though, can it? Eddie asks what is happening? Roland says the tower must be breaking down faster than expected. He says that’s the only explanation that makes sense. As the tower breaks down, the barriers between the different worlds are getting thinner and starting to break down. As this happens, the normally separate worlds get closer to each other and start to bleed into each other. He says these weird crossings won’t stop until he reaches the tower and does what has to be done. He says it will just keep getting worse. Eddie asked what is it that needs to be done? Roland says he does not know. I am thinking that maybe MoSh could help me explain what might be happening. I look around but I don’t see him. Apparently he has awakened. I turn back but then everything around me fades to black and I wake up. This was one messed up dream.
    2. 2 Lucids

      by , 11-22-2017 at 03:43 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Abandoned house.

      I'm wandering around some creepy abandoned place with some younger guy. I become lucid because it reminds me of dream memories of a house that had endless hidden rooms. I say to the boy with me that if we search the basement it will lead to an endless house. We go down to the basement, instead of endless rooms, there is immutable barriers that are hard to get through.

      The boy says we have to go back upstairs. We go upstairs and I start looking at my hands, flipping them over to see if they change. The only thing I notice is that they look pixelated like I'm watching it on an old TV. The next part of the dream seems blurry, but we go through a door like in the dark tower movie. On the other side is a path with a green hill by it. I see eleven from stranger things standing there and smiling at me. I get pretty confused and I can't recall more.


      I'm outside in the daytime by a large building with some guy. I become lucid for no reason. I tell the guy that it's a dream. He says, "Thanks." I just take off flying a bit. I circle the building a bit and then land. I try the time dilation method for a while. I only count past 30 a bit and then jump. I know i can only try it once per dream.

      I decide to look for Jamie again. I run around calling her name. I go through doors but none of them lead to where she is. I take to a suburban street. It doesn't change, so I decide to fly into a bedroom window in a random house. A boy is in the room and he runs downstairs. I follow him and walk past a living room where hear a woman talking to the boy.

      I go back out through the front door and run down the street to see if I can find jamie's dream. The house isn't showing up like last time. I get a bit flustered and then the dream ends.

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    3. Demon possesion.

      by , 10-02-2017 at 11:06 PM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)

      I'm on a beach where a sick man is crawling around. He hands me a pair of guns and says he can't use them in his condition. They look like ancient guns, dusty as if they had been just dug up from a thousand years ago. They seem light in my hands however. My memory fades here.


      This dream jumped around a lot. In some scenes I'm with a sick woman with black hair I forget what we are talking about.

      one scene shifts and I'm outside of Hogwarts with Harry, Ron, and Hermoine We are reading The marauder's map. We are tracking someone with a strange name, whenever we go to his apparent location he isn't there physically even though the map says he is. We wind up in a graveyard and I see a transparent undead man dig himself out from the grave. I check the map and it confirms that this is the man we were looking for.

      Shifts again. I'm visiting a house I use to live in. I'm outside and there is a steep ladder. I contemplate jumping down, but struggle to climb down instead. I follow a woman and a boy into the house and tell them not to be alarmed... I used to live here and am Just checking it out. I wind up in a dark basement room and lay down. I feel the presence of a demon and it is terrifying. It tried to negotiate with me saying that if it inhabits me, it can do things for me that I can't will myself to do. Like i'd take a backseat in my mind and let the demon drive. It somehow takes over me.
    4. Dark Tower – Beach Party

      by , 09-28-2017 at 05:31 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 09-27

      Dark Tower – Beach Party

      I am on a beach at night. I look around to see where I am. It’s a nice beach, except for the strange creatures crawling out of the sea onto the beach. These things look like some kind of cross between a crab and a lobster with extra-large pincers, but I notice they aren’t coming very far away from the water. They’re almost talking, but they talk nonsense like, “Did a chick? Dud a chum?” I start walking along the beach with the ocean at my left. I soon see something up ahead in the light of the moon. I approach it more quickly and soon I see that it is a door standing by itself, standing open. All of these clues put together have convinced me I am in a Dark Tower world and where there is a door on the beach Roland probably won’t be far away.

      As I approach the door I see something lying on the ground in front of it. I soon see that it is a body lying there, and I correctly assume it is Roland. I get closer and check to see if he is ok. He is breathing steady, although I can feel a heat coming off of him as if he has a fever. I wonder how he could have a fever when I healed all his wounds… unless maybe my energy only healed the damage and didn’t get all of the poison… I look around and see that I am no longer alone. There are other people standing around, most of them have smirks on their faces. They are all wearing the symbol of the Templars. One of them comes over to me and puts on a fake friendly face, he says we have something to discuss. He says he wants to know exactly how the doors along this beach work so he and his associates can build one of their own. I tell him I really have no clue how the doors work (I don’t) and these Dark Tower worlds are the only place I’ve ever seen them. He doesn’t seem to believe me. He says he has medicine that can help my friend (Roland) or he can make sure Roland has no body to come back to.

      I am about to respond when I see another person on the beach with us. This guy looks like a holy warrior or knight, he is dressed in bright armor and carrying a cool looking sword. The Templar who had been talking to me turns and asks who the fuck that guy is. The knight holds his sword out in front of him and it glows with a golden light almost too bright to look upon. The knight says the Templars may bare the holy mark of God, but he has seen through their disguise. He says he can see they have abandoned the teachings of our Saviour, Jesus Christ, and now they must stand and face their holy judgment and be cast down back into the pits from which they came. Now I hear some of the other Templars muttering amongst themselves, they seem to think the knight is crazy. The knight doesn’t wait to see their reactions, he attacks with his brightly glowing sword which is almost blinding now. I shield my eyes and see a Templar open a portal and a large something comes through, looks like a giant or a golem of some kind, and it attacks the knight.

      I am distracted when I see a Templar over by the door. I’m not sure what he is doing, but I know it can’t be good. I am about to do something, but it seems he is about to go through the door. He doesn’t make it, however… there is the sound of a gunshot and he falls right through the door, dead. I look where the shot came from and I see MoSh has joined the party. The next period of time is a bit unclear because there is some chaos. A couple Templars attack me and I demonstrate my Alex Mercer blade arm for them. A Templar is disoriented, looks like he has been blinded by the knight’s bright sword, and he wanders too close to the lobstrocities coming from the water and gets torn apart. I hear numerous gunshots from MoSh’s guns and soon there are even more because Roland has come back through the door and in spite of the fact he seems sick he is shooting like the guns are a part of his hands. I figure that even though I didn’t stop the venom from making Roland sick I was able to make sure he has both his hands whole.

      Soon there are no more Templars, just MoSh, the knight who I am thinking might be a friend I have been trying to dream with named Austin, Roland, and me. This seems like a good chance for everyone to get to know each other. I’m not completely sure the knight is Austin, but I figure that is my best guess so I go with it and introduce everyone to everyone else since I’m the only one who knows everyone here. I am even more convinced the knight is Austin when he says I’m his sister and hugs me. I hug him back, though I’m not sure if he can even feel it through his armor. I have barely finished introducing everyone when I wake up.
    5. Game of Dreams – The Mystery Gunslinger

      by , 09-27-2017 at 03:51 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 09-26

      Game of Dreams – The Mystery Gunslinger

      I am outside at night in a place I don’t recognize. The moon is covering the area in a silvery light. I look around and I see wide spaced trees and grass and a few rocks, but nothing particularly interesting. There is a town not far away that looks like something out of an RPG. I wonder where I am and what I am here to do. Then I see movement, someone is approaching the town. A lot of people are trying to stealthily approach the town, though not trying too hard because the moonlight gives them away. The people approaching are a bunch of armed warriors and I know they are there to cause death and destruction. They are all riding horses, but not moving very quickly. I morph my right arm into an Alex Mercer blade and move towards the approaching warriors.

      When I get close enough for the warriors to see me one of them comes forward, probably their leader. He asks what a lone little girl is doing out here by herself? I say I am here to make sure he and his friends don’t cause any trouble. He asks what if they do? There’s nothing a little girl like me can do to stop them. Since they haven’t seen my Alex Mercer blade yet I hold it out to make sure they do. The man who has been talking to me does a double take and then says I’m not a little girl after all, I’m a little freak… a little abomination… and I will be the first one to die tonight. I ready my blade and tell the man that anyone among them who dares should go ahead and bring it, they’ll soon regret it.

      The man who has been speaking to me says he can take care of this alone. He gets off his horse and walks over towards me with his sword ready. He makes a couple attempts to strike me and I block both. He attacks more seriously, but I block those attacks as well. Some of the other thugs are starting to mock him now. He pauses and glares at me, so I say it’s my turn now. I attack him with my blade arm and he blocks with his sword, but this time my blade arm cuts right through it. The man is stunned long enough for my blade to remove his head. The others stare as the man’s body collapses. One of them says I am a monster and must die! They close in around me, one of them says no one does that to a Lannister and gets away with it. So they are Lannisters… that means I am in a Game of Thrones dream.

      I really don’t want to hurt any horses here, so I start by sending a telepathic message to each of the horses to buck off their riders. The horses respond and many of the riders fall of because they were unprepared, the rest end up getting off because their horses are impossible to handle or direct. The horses all take off. I say now that the innocents are out of the way I can take care of all those pathetic cowards who were trying to attack a civilian town. Even after what they saw happen to the first man the others are figuring I haven’t got a chance against all of them. I start proving them wrong. I cut down the first couple that come carelessly at me and the others stay back a bit longer, maybe trying to formulate a plan. I don’t think they’re capable of too much of a plan and I attack, cutting another one down.

      As this is going on I hear a voice calling, “Save some for me!” That makes me and all of the thugs look over to see a man approaching. One of them asks who the fuck he is, but I know. It’s MoSh! I wonder what he is doing in a Game of Thrones dream, but he doesn’t pause. He pulls out a pair of guns and starts shooting. His shots are perfectly aimed, taking down one of the thugs with each shot targeted directly between their eyes. It seems my arm blade is no longer the most impressive thing here to them, now they are talking about the man who wields thunder in his hands and passes out death with it. One of the enemies near me mutters, “What is he? A wizard?” I say no, he’s a gunslinger, before relieving him of his head. Some of the thugs are running into the town and MoSh follows them. A man is trying to use a crying woman as a shield and I hear MoSh tell him he has forgotten the face of his father before blasting the confused look off of his face, leaving the woman untouched.

      I get back to work, as there are far more enemies still around. I cut more of them down as they seem more disorganized than ever, not sure where to go or what to attack. As I am fighting I hear numerous more gunshots sound out and I know MoSh is taking out more enemies since there are no guns here. After a while MoSh and I are standing alone amidst the bodies of fallen enemies, all that remained alive have fled. MoSh comes over to me and holsters his guns, which are clearly genuine gunslinger weapons from Roland Deschain’s world, very fine and powerful weapons. MoSh looks around and then at me. He asks where Roland is. I can’t help but chuckle as I tell him Roland is in a different dream… this is the Game of Thrones world! Everything fades and I wake up.
    6. The Dark Tower – Healing on the Beach

      by , 09-22-2017 at 03:59 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 09-21

      The Dark Tower – Healing on the Beach

      I am on a beach that somehow looks familiar. It reminds me of the beach that I used to focus on in my bedtime meditations to trigger lucid dreams. I walk down the beach just enjoying the feel of the ocean breeze, the sound of the birds, and the sound of the water. I haven’t gone far before I notice there is a man walking down the beach in my direction as if he was drunk. He also looks like he might be a bum, he is filthy and his clothes are all ripped up. I am about to continue on my way when I see him collapse. I figure even if he is a drunk, he might be in trouble and need help. I head in his direction. I see him reaching clumsily for a gun at his side but his arm doesn’t seem to be able to grasp it. The effort seems to be the last energy he had left and he passes out.

      When I get closer to the man I see the reason he had been unable to draw his weapon. His right hand is wrapped in a dirty, blood drenched scrap of cloth. That doesn’t look good. I also see that there is the redness of infection making its way up his arm. I will help with that. While he is unconscious I carefully remove the filthy cloth and see that the hand is missing two fingers. No wonder it is bloody and infected. I focus healing energy through the man’s hand. Light energy surrounds the wounded hand and glows brightly for a bit and then is absorbed into the man’s body. The hand is now whole again. The red of infection is also gone from that spot. The man seems to recover some and he wakes up. He turns suddenly towards me and has his gun out in an instant but he doesn’t pull the trigger.

      The man knows me, and I recognize him. He calls me Raven and I recognize him as Roland Deschain from the Dark Tower books. He realizes with some shock that he’s holding his gun in his right hand. I tell him he was injured somehow but I healed his hand. He asks how I did that, am I a sorceress? I tell him I’m a healer, using the light energy to do good. I ask if he is injured anywhere else. He said a lobstrocity bit off a toe from his right foot and took a chunk of meat from his right calf… I carefully remove the ratty boot from his right foot and heal the missing toe and then the injury in his leg. Now Roland is feeling much better and he stands up.

      Roland wants to know how I found him here. I tell him my dream state takes me wherever I need to be. I look at one of his water skins and see it is empty, so I use the Harry Potter spell aguamente to fill it with fresh water. The other skin is nearly empty so I fill it as well. Roland says this is no dream. I say that for him it is real, but dreams are how I travel to the other worlds and for me this is a dream. Roland thanks me for filling his water skins and asks me if I happen to have any bullets on me, most of his took a wetting in the ocean. I don’t think I have any ammunition. Roland says he hopes I’m not hungry because he doesn’t have any food left. I am thinking to create some food for him but I don’t get a chance to do that before I wake.
    7. The Dark Tower – Slow Mutants

      by , 09-21-2017 at 03:48 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 09-20

      The Dark Tower – Slow Mutants

      I am in a dark place walking down a long passage. There are other people there with me, but I can’t see them because it’s dark. I only know they are here because I hear them speak sometimes and I hear their footsteps on either side of me. I wonder where I am and who they are. We continue at a slow pace, feeling our way along with our feet on what seems to be an old train track rail. After we go for a while I hear the man on my right bump into something. Before I can react, I also run into something and get a bonk on my head, bringing an involuntary “Ow!” My voice sounds weird, not like my own. The other man, on my left, apparently stops in time and says we need to watch where we’re going. The man on my right says not everyone is gifted with an uncanny ability to see in darkness. He strikes a light so we can all see. We have blundered into a hand car!

      We all get on the hand car, but it seems so big! And either I have shrunk or these men are awfully tall… I recognize the men. One of them is Roland from the Dark Tower series, and the other is MoSh. I tell MoSh that he is dreaming. He asks if I have seen Raven. Roland asks if that is the woman who was with MoSh back in Tull, and MoSh says yes. I don’t say anything because apparently I am playing a different role again. The light goes out, but MoSh and Roland operate the hand car by touch. The hand car rolls along at a good pace, faster than we had been able to move in the dark. As we move on the passage seems to open up on both sides. I can’t really see this, but I can feel it in the air and tell the difference in how our voices sound. Before long Roland strikes another light and I get an idea of what the area around us looks like. There are several other sets of tracks that run parallel to ours and more that merge with ours or split off to the side. The light doesn’t last long and then we continue. We pass by what looks like an abandoned subway station where all there is to find is a few mummified bodies and a cheap looking bow with some arrows. Roland picks up the bow and arrows before we move back to the hand car to continue.

      We haven’t gone much farther when I see something out in the darkness. Something is moving, and it seems to be glowing in the dark. As they get closer I see they look like zombies… glowing zombies? Maybe they’re radioactive… whatever they are, they’re attacking us! Zombies are closing in around the hand car as it comes to a stop. Roland shoots the first one with his gun, but the sound is deafening in the enclosed cave and dust falls from the ceiling from the vibrations. This place could collapse at any minute! Roland exchanges the weapon for the bow and arrows he picked up earlier. After two missed shots where he was probably getting the feel of the weapon, Roland starts knocking zombies down with arrows targeted right at their heads. Zombies hate fire, so I focus on the song Damage, Inc. by Metallica to throw a fireball… but all I get is a small candle sized flame that quickly goes out. MoSh says some of the zombies aren’t glowing, but he can still see them. He tells Roland where to find them and Roland brings them down. I am thinking if I can’t kill zombies I can get us out of here while the others are fighting. I grab the handle of the hand car and start pumping. It’s hard work to do that in such a small body. Slowly the hand car picks up speed and we leave what’s left of the zombies behind.

      Roland is peering ahead into the darkness when I see MoSh disappear. I know he has just awakened, but when Roland sees MoSh is missing he stops the hand car. He asks where MoSh has gone? I say he woke up, this was just a dream to him. And in fact, I will wake up, too. I say I know Roland is thinking he will leave these tunnels to find the Man in Black alone, but that’s ok. I won’t be with him just because I have other places to be. He is clearly puzzled by what I have said, but we have no choice but to continue. I see the exit far ahead, a spot of light in the endless darkness. When we get closer there is a rotted trestle bridge spanning a wide crevice. I can hear water flowing down below. We get about half way across when I tell Roland this is where I get off. I say I’ll stay long enough to make sure he makes it across, but then I have to go. He is confused and asks where I will go? There is nowhere to go! I tell him of course there is. There are other worlds than this, and I have to go to one of them to wait until we meet again. And we will meet again, of that I am certain. He seems reluctant to walk away, so I figure I just have to go. I know Jake has to fall here and “die” so he will be in the right place for Roland to “draw” him later. So I step off of the bridge out into nothingness, calling back to remind Roland that there are other worlds than this and I wake up as I hit the rocks below.
    8. The Dark Tower – Escape From Tull

      by , 09-15-2017 at 03:48 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 09-14

      The Dark Tower – Escape From Tull

      I am in a rather rundown looking town. I don’t recognize anything about it. I walk down the main street, the only street, looking to see why I am here. I see many of the buildings along the road are boarded up and abandoned. I finally find a place that looks like a tavern or an inn and I go inside there. The first thing I see is a man near the door that looks like death itself. He looks up at me with a pained expression as he asks why ‘he’ didn’t make him not want it anymore. I ask who ‘he’ is and the man says the angel could make him alive again, why couldn’t he make him not want the weed? A woman at the bar tells him to leave me alone, calling him Nort. She says I should pay him no mind, he’s just a weed eater. She looks like she wants to say something more but thinks better of it.

      I go outside and I see someone who looks familiar, so I head in his direction. It’s Roland Deschain from the Dark Tower books by Stephen King. He stops briefly and says I’m not from Tull, am I just passing through? He doesn’t wait for an answer, he has somewhere he has to be. I follow after him, not sure what is happening yet. I tell him all I know for sure is I am here to help someone. I follow him to a strange house. No one answers the door and he kicks it down. When I get inside I see a really fat naked woman sitting on a chair and facing the door as if she’d been expecting someone. I am wishing she had some clothes on. Roland doesn’t seem to care. She claims to have been touched by an angel, and the angel left his child inside her. Roland says the man in black is no angel. She seems to think he was an angel because he claimed to be and he raised Nort from the dead. I remember the sickly man in the pub. I ask if she means that weed eater back in town? Roland looks surprised that I followed him here. I say that was no angel that brought Nort back… a true angel would have healed him of his addiction, not just brought him back to continue suffering. She doesn’t seem to have an answer to that, but at the same time she won’t entertain the idea the man in black was anything less than an angel. Roland says there’s no reasoning with this one, the man in black already owns her.

      Time seems to pass, or the scene changes. I am now with another man and we are near the pub. I look at the man and identify him as MoSh, a fellow dreamer from DreamViews. I look around to see why we might be here. MoSh looks at me and then around at the town. He says this is a really nice set… are they filming the Dark Tower movie here? I tell him no, this is a dream, though I’m not really listening to my own words. The townspeople are surrounding us. A man tells MoSh and me to get out of the way, they aren’t after us. Everyone there has some kind of weapon in their hands. Knives, shovels, pitchforks, sticks with nails… they are all around us. And right there with them is the fat woman from earlier, fortunately not naked any longer, holding a cross up and pointing at Roland and telling everyone to kill the interloper. Everyone starts closing in around us, cutting off escape. They apparently don’t care too much if innocent bystanders get caught in their attack. But I am remembering that they aren’t exactly themselves… the man in black set this all up, so maybe they can be set free.

      I tell Roland and MoSh that if they can try to avoid killing the people I think I can heal them and set them free of the man in black’s influence, at least some of them. Roland says that would be great, but it won’t help if we’re dead first. I tell him I understand that, I’ll try to be quick. MoSh says he can knock out anyone trying to approach without killing them. I walk towards the crowd, and they part to let me pass. I guess they were telling the truth when they said MoSh and I aren’t their targets. I get out among them and then I focus on the song Full Moonlight from the Devil Hunter Yohko soundtrack. I see MoSh using martial arts that looks like Ranma Saotome, knocking out any of the townspeople who approach him and Roland. Roland hasn’t yet fired a round. My song plays and an orb that looks like a moon is hovering over the town, bathing the entire area in light energy. When it ends I see a lot of the people look disoriented and confused. The fat woman is still pointing and telling them to kill the interloper. Roland answers her with a bullet between the eyes. A few others try to attack, but they don’t get very close before they’re shot.

      After the few remaining attackers have been dealt with everyone else is still wandering aimlessly. Roland asks if they will be ok. I tell him a little confusion is to be expected, I’m sure they will be fine in a little while. But I’m not sure how they will react to what happened here… it might be a good idea for Roland to not be here when they recover. He says he was already planning on leaving. We go into the pub and Roland stops, looking at a dead woman. I recognize the bartender from earlier. She has been shot in the head and is holding a gun. Roland says she must have gone and said it… if only she had been able to hold out a little longer. He takes some supplies from the kitchen and leaves payment in the form of several gold coins and then turns to leave. He says he doesn’t know who MoSh or I am, but it looks like we have the power to change even the man in black’s infernal plans. I tell him we may meet again before this is all done. Before he can say more everything fades and I wake up.
    9. Whole lotta WTF.

      by , 06-03-2017 at 03:54 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Getting my sleeping schedule back to normal... Which will be adjusted again when I start nights next week.


      Kind of a divergent dream. I'm standing in a kitchen or on top of a wooden landing. In both versions a woman is pointing to a ladder which I go to climb down. In the kitchen version it's Asuka who is making herself look like bjork because she knows I like her looks, and there is also a trap door in the floor where the ladder is. In the wooden landing version it's bjork, but her smile is a little less sincere, a smile that is only trying to conceal something else. It's almost as if she's telling me to leave almost the way you tell a drunken customer that he's not only overstayed his welcome and is on the verge of causing an embarrassing scene - that he has already almost crossed the line. But what that line is: I'm not sure... I don't have much to go on as usual, no context, just half remembered dreams and tail ends of conversations that don't say as much and are as ambiguous as ever. She is also smiling in a way that says," come back tomorrow or another day when you are more yourself and we can conduct our business as usual." But what that business is exactly is a mystery wrapped inside and enigma and buried in so deep in Pandora's box that I could spend a lifetime, no... an ETERNITY trying to solve without more information or proper information...

      I think what asuka is doing is kind of replaying the scene and trying it make it a more happy moment. I guess that's a better thing for Asuka to do, instead of giving bjork a series of nightmares.

      Creepy Hospital

      Well, I've worn myself out typing that last dream so I will type the rest with less detail. In this dream I am outside a hospital that is a top secret military science gone wrong hospital. No outsider is allowed in and I'm with a bunch of protestors outside the fence clamoring to be let in. Me and another passerby have a small conversation about it at some point. we both agree that we saw a large skin sample being carried by a window that was made up of pig and human. At one point a giant black baby with acidic skin crawls out of the window and burns the grass. People in hazmat suits with flamethrowers burn it to a crisp. Disturbing.

      I get bored of this somehow and check my phone. I'm on a bjork app where she is about to have a live chat with her fans on the app. I immediately want to ask her about my dreams. Does she think I'm mad for having them? Does she still pay attention to dreams? Does she remember me in her dreams? etc etc. But I decide not to, because I remember she already has a history of stalkers. The last thing I wanna do is scare her with strange questions so I put my phone away.

      FA, I get out of a sleeping bag by the hospital. K from work walks by and says we better head to work soon. but instead I find a trapdoor that leads me to a basement where Alex Jones is living and is doing a live broadcast on the hospital. He says I can watch TV on one of his monitors. I begin watching one but he changes the channel and I give his shit for changing it because the show was getting good dammit. He just shrugs and continues his broadcast.

      Dark Tower Craft

      Third person perspective dream of me watching. Roland from The Dark Tower and his Ka tet consisting of Jake, Eddie and Susannah are in a land rover driving by a mountain. Oy is running behind the vehicle. At the base of the mountain right below a sand cliff. They run into a Zergling Hatchery and get pulled under ground by a tentacle. I'm supposed to save them so I send a bunch of dragoons to destroy the Hatchery. they start getting killed from Sunken colony tendrils. I look and can't see any sunken colonies, but I spot that the earth is different in a line directly behing the Hatchery. so I shoot a gun at the line and kill all of the sunken colonies. I am about to spawn more dragoons when the dream ends.
    10. Short lucids.

      by , 05-27-2017 at 04:04 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      I hate working hard to have lucids only to be lucid for 2 seconds long!


      Me and Raven remove a Dark energy Symbiont from Bjork. We heal her with music. She apologizes to me and promises to keep the dreams with me a little less. There is forgiveness on both sides. Yay!

      Dog walking

      I was walking my dog in a weird landscape. Some guy emerges from a cave/underpass and warns me not to walk ahead because it's too difficult to travel through. I walk down into where he said, It's a weird pit that looks scary but I find a neat set of stairs up. I go up them and find a bunch of underground walkways to explore. Me and my dog walk through it until the dream ends.

      After work

      I'm in the office at work but it's like 3 times as big. I'm leafing through files then R an J walk in. they don't seem to care that I'm in their office. I go outside and find a seat to sit down on. Xereniak is there and we talk, but I forget about what. R walks out she smiles at me and says, "Okay crew get to work on blah blah blah" Sounded like difficult work. Xereniak leaves and I wonder why I am sitting there and not working. I realize my shift must have ended.


      Asuka brings me upstairs and gives me martial arts gloves for some reason. They look very sporty. I put them on and she leaves. I begin practicing the opening moves to a kung fu form. It feels weird in the gloves. I practice for a while until the dream ends.

      She's Stalking me

      Data convinces me to hover outside my one window. He says He's going to tell Asuka I just had a false awakening in that room. When she comes in I'm supposed to jump in through the window and surprise/scare her. sounds like fun.

      I wait... someone is flying nearby. I look and see Bjork hovering a distance away. My dream awareness isn't that great and just thinks, "pretty lady I know and like... CHASE!" So I fly after her. she looks guilty and zips through a portal like she wasn't supposed to be spotted. I fly after her but she is gone. I'm by a house A man is outside who I recognize as her boyfriend. I ask where she went. He said she just left and he looked sad. While I ponder if he meant she just left his house, or she left him? I wake up.

      After WBTB.

      Forgotten lucid

      Became lucid somewhere but forgot what happened after.

      Black Jesus

      I'm in a house with a bunch of people. Jesus is there but he's black and has short black hair, he's also wearing a suit. I find it odd he would look like that. I become lucid and go over to touch him. I do and he looks surprised. I can feel insurmountable energy inside him that feels foreign. It intensifies and knocks me out of the dream.

      Fa, I'm in bed with that spider thing again minus Bjork and the dark energy. It doesn't seem to be doing much harm. I'm wondering why it's still around.

      Dark Tower

      Me and Asuka are watching an early version of The Dark Tower starring Idris elba. She says, "Look there he is," and The Gunslinger is crouching in the desert sneaking up on someone.

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    11. 09/25/13 Dark Tower Vampire

      by , 09-26-2013 at 02:13 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      Dark Tower: Vampire
      I am in a dark place, on a long road. I look around to see where I am. I am not alone there. Roland, Susanna, and Eddie are standing in front of me several paces. Where's Jake? I have the idea I have missed some of the story… Jake should be here. Did I somehow lose Jake? It is sort of cold. Not really a physical cold. More of a cold that extends into the heart and freezes it there. Roland is pulling a cart of some kind with all their stuff on it. Oy trots over beside Roland and snuggles up a bit as if to try to keep Roland warm. Roland picks up the bumbler and pets his soft fur. Eddie and Susanna are snuggled together for warmth, Eddie is carrying Susanna on his hip. I pull my white Assassin robes closer around me for warmth, but it does little good. I wish I had someone there for warmth… no one is there. I catch up with Roland and the others. Roland finally notices I have arrived. He says he had started to think I wasn't coming back. I say I have been having problems with dreaming lately, I haven't been able to do much. He looks at me strangely but says nothing more. Eddie and Susanna seem oblivious to my presence. I ask where Jake has gone. Roland looks sad and says Jake didn't make it. Now I want to kill someone. I find I am quite angry. How did I miss the time when I needed to be there to save Jake? This is absurd. There is snow on the ground, but I don't think that is the source of the cold. The cold is deep inside. It seems Roland has noticed my anger. He says he felt the same thing, too, wanted to kill the very writer he had gone to save… but it would have done no good. There are houses up ahead. One of them has lights on. We approach and see there is a man standing outside. He seems friendly. He greets us all in a cheerful manner. Something seems off about him. I feel like I want to punch him in the face. The man invites us all inside. I think it is a bad idea. I want to keep going. I don't want to stop here… unless it's to punch the jerk in the face. Not sure what is wrong with me. Is he being TOO nice somehow? He has a hideous skeletal horse type animal with him. I'm not sure if the animal is neglected and abused or if it might be somehow demonic. Everyone wants to go inside with the man. No one else seems to dislike him like I do. His house is a wreck but everyone acts as if it was delightful. Wtf? He tries to feed us crap. I turn it down, which surprises everyone some and seems to piss him off somehow. Everyone else eats it like it was fine dining.

      Then the guy starts telling jokes. Dumb jokes. Jokes that even Eddie doesn't seem to find very funny. Though I think Roland is about to bust a gut. Susanna does bust something… a large pimple on her lip. It goes SPLAT and is apparently quite painful as she laughs so hard and for some reason smacks herself in the face like most people would smack themselves on the knee. Yuck. It bleeds all over the place as Eddie tries to stop the bleeding with a napkin… a dirty napkin. Double yuck! But everything in the house is dirty, so there's really nothing to be done for it. Roland finally stops laughing enough to notice. I go over to her and tell her I can heal that sore. She says I can't and heads off to the bathroom. Now I find I'm mad at her. I am just so pissed. I glare over at the man who is still trying to crack jokes but is being ignored for the time being. He looks different than a couple minutes ago. Younger? More healthy? It hits me… he's sucking energy like a fucking vampire. He is a fucking energy vampire. I go over to him and ask him if he is hungry. He says no, he had enough to eat at dinner. I say he looks like he needs dessert. He wants energy? Here… have some. I start pumping energy into the guy on purpose. He tries to block it out, tries to act confused… but he is transforming without seeming to be able to control it. Transforming into a strange demonic form.

      Roland apparently is the fastest to react. He probably thinks I am being attacked, he pulls his revolver and blasts several shots right into the vampire's head, killing it instantly. I find I am pissed at Roland. I look over at him, glaring at him, but he just backs off a couple steps, asking if I am still me. I force myself to relax a bit and say I am fine. I hear a sound from what might be the basement. Susanna comes back out of the bathroom after hearing the gunfire. She looks at the dead vampire, who is now decaying into a zombie. We all go outside so we can find the entrance to the basement. Down underground we find a cage with a boy locked inside it. The boy cowers in the far corner, afraid. Has that vampire been feeding on this kid repeatedly? Probably. I think maybe I should heal him. But I don't get a chance to before I wake.
    12. 07/25/13 Dark Tower: Save the Beam

      by , 07-26-2013 at 06:28 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      Dark Tower: Save the Beam
      I am in a strange place. I look around and see that I am not alone there. I recognize the people there with me. I see Roland of Gilead, Susanna Dean, Jake Chambers, and his little pet Oy all there. It seems to me someone is missing. Oh, yeah! I usually share the Dark Tower dreams with MoSh. So that would make this a dream? Maybe… I do a reality check by pinching my nose and I find I can still breathe. So I focus on opening a portal to find MoSh wherever he may be. The portal opens and I look through to see MoSh is in some kind of a strange mall with seemingly endless numbers of shops on three levels. MoSh is looking intently at one of the shops though I can't tell what the shop is selling. He is about 50 feet away. I call to him, but he doesn't respond. I call to him again and I go to reach through the portal, my thought is to wave to him, to motion him to come closer. Instead my arm turns into a strange tendril that reaches out and wraps around MoSh, pulling him over through the portal and to me.

      MoSh looks at the tendril wrapped around him and then at me. The tendril disappears and becomes my arm again as the portal closes. Now everyone is here. I look over at the group, but someone still seems to be missing. Eddie! I go over and ask Roland where Eddie is. He says he's glad MoSh and I have come. He says Eddie got taken by some can-toi into the Devar-Toi. Someone let slip to them that he and the others were planning an ambush. Now they say that Eddie will be killed unless we all surrender. I ask where Eddie is being held. Roland says he doesn't know, they have him hidden to prevent the possibility of a rescue. I tell Roland that I can take Eddie's gun down with me and find him, then signal that he is ok and then they can carry on with their plan. Roland asks how I expect to find Eddie. I tell him I have my ways. I hear a voice from down below. There is a single man out in the middle of an open area speaking with a bullhorn of some kind. He says time is running out. Come out now or our friend will meet a very unpleasant end. MoSh has come over and is looking down at the man talking below. I sneak out of our little hiding place and head down towards one of the few gates that lead into the Devar-Toi. There are two guards outside the gate; both of them are can-toi, who are people who appear to be part rat.

      I manage to sneak up behind one of them, as they don't seem to be paying a whole lot of attention. A foul odor wafts from the two people who have the heads of rats. So I try to do a telepathic scan of him, but there doesn't seem to be anything to read. Either there is a telepathic block in place or this guy is the stupidest individual I have ever seen. So I need another way to get this guy's information. I have been playing the game Prototype lately, so my next thought is to do a stealth consume on the can-toi directly in front of me. I am a bit disoriented as I get some new memories, selecting through them to find what I need and not be bothered by the rest of it, some of which I glimpse and find rather disturbing. The other can-toi… Harold is his name… asks me if I'm doing ok. I tell him I'm not feeling well and I have to go inside for a bit. He tells me he wouldn't risk leaving my post if he was me. I ignore him and go through the gate. A couple more can-toi see me as I pass but they don't say anything. Pimli Prentiss is the one in the open area threatening to have Eddie killed. I head straight for him. I hear him talking on the bullhorn before I reach him. He asks them if their friend means nothing to them, because time is… he then sees me approaching me and gets a look on his face like he just spotted something foul under his shoe. Putting the bullhorn aside, he asks me what I mean by coming out here and abandoning my post. He says I will be punished for… but that is all he gets out. He clearly doesn't see me as a threat of any kind, so he doesn't pose any resistance to me walking right up to him and consuming him. I get more memories and now I look like Pimli Prentiss… yuck! I drop the bullhorn on the ground… now I know right where Eddie is. I look up to where I know Roland and the others are hiding and I wave to them, momentarily forgetting that I look like Pimli Prentiss and waving to them makes no sense. I head down the street to a small building and open the door. Inside it looks like nothing more than a store room, and I see Eddie tied up in the back of the room being watched over by a couple more can-toi. Markus, one of the can-toi, asks if it's time to kill the smart mouthed asshole. I tell him the one he should kill is himself. He doesn't seem pleased by that, but he also isn't too surprised since Pimli Prentiss tends to look down on the can-toi. Markus says he just wants to bit Eddie's nose off. Eddie is gagged now, but he looks pissed. I tell the two can-toi to come here, I got something to show them. They look at each other for a bit and then they come closer. I tell them, look what I can do… and transform my right arm into a sharp blade like Alex Mercer does on Prototype.

      They stare at that, but they don't seem particularly alarmed since I still look like their ally. One of them asks how I did that… the other one is about to say something when I use the blade to cut them both in half at the waist. They fall down in a spray of blood. I turn the blade back to my arm and change back to my normal form so Eddie will recognize me. Eddie is staring at me in what looks like a state of shock. I go over and untie him and give him his gun with some extra bullets. Eddie asks what the fuck I just did. I tell him there's no time to explain now, Roland is waiting for my signal that he is ok and that it is clear to attack the Devar-toi. Eddie follows me out of the store room and out to the street. Eddie takes cover, I go back to the center of the clear area and grab the bullhorn. I use it to say tell Roland all is clear. I have, of course, been spotted by the guards of the Devar-Toi. I recognize many of them as people Pimli Prentiss or that can-toi I consumed had worked with. But that doesn't matter. There is shooting going on all around, explosions, and soon the place is in total chaos. I have formed my arm back into a blade and am killing enemies with it. I notice I get shot a couple times and it doesn't seem to do anything, which clearly surprises the enemies. I see MoSh shooting several enemies that are approaching behind Eddie. I wonder who would have killed Eddie now that Pimli Prentiss is dead… MoSh is over near me now, shooting enemies. I tell him I'm losing the dream but I think they can handle the rest of these assholes. Everything fades to black as I wake.
    13. 05/11/13 The Search for Nomad

      by , 05-13-2013 at 03:24 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      Search for Nomad
      I am on a long driveway in front of a nice house. I am thinking it's mine even though I've never seen it before. There is a huge yard around the house. I see rolling fields of grass and wild flowers with a forested area in the distance. I look around a bit more, the grass is tall and blowing in the wind. There is a tree with a wooden swing hanging from it. I can hear the birds singing all around though I can't see any of them. I entered this place through a hypnosis program so I am already lucid. I think I have plans to continue healing Winter since I don't yet know if she is feeling better or not. I focus on opening a portal to the healing glen. I go through the portal into the healing glen. I see the crystal golem in the glen seeming to be tending to something. I don't see Winter or Nomad. I ask him if Nomad and Winter are around. He says no, but if I need healing... I say I'll be back after I find Nomad and Winter. I focus on a portal to the healing springs on the moon. The portal opens and I go through. I am alone again. No one is there. The pools look very inviting. But where are Nomad and Winter? I wonder where they might be. Has something happened to them? I focus on a portal and on finding them. I will open a portal to wherever they are. I focus, but nothing happens. I wonder what could be wrong... I decide to try to bring them to me. I focus on my altered lyrics of Dream On by Aerosmith. The song plays through, but still nothing happens. I try again, focused on Nomad. Still nothing. I wonder what could be wrong. I wonder if they are sure ok. I am trying to think of another way to find them when the dream slips away and I wake up.

      Dark Tower: Defenders
      I am near a small camp just near a rundown looking town. It is night time and the stars shine brightly above. I am not alone there, I am there with Roland, Eddie, and Susanna. One of the first things I notice is wrong is Susanna has her legs. I think that is really odd, as in the Dark Tower books she is missing the lower part of her legs. In spite of that difference I still recognize these people from the Dark Tower series. They apparently realize I am there because Roland motions me over. He says the people of the town are too scared, and they believe there is nothing that can be done about the attacks that come. He says they are also too afraid of being infected, which is actually a valid fear. He asks if I, an assassin, will stand beside them until the end if needed. I hesitate, wondering how he knows I am an assassin, but then I tell them I will stay with them. He asks if I would happen to know any other assassins I could call on, we will be seriously outnumbered. I think of several. My first thought is MoSh. I use Dream On by Aerosmith and focus on MoSh. MoSh appears out of nowhere, much to Roland's surprise. Eddie and Susanna are talking to each other off to the side. I focus on the song and this time I try to summon Nomad. Nothing happens. I focus harder but nothing happens. I focus on summoning Spike. He appears, then asks where the bloody hell is he. He asks if I just teleported him. He says he's always glad to see me, but next time give him some warning before pulling him in. I think about that and decide he is right, it is kind of rude to just grab someone… Now I am hesitant to summon anyone else, and Roland takes my pause to mean I am done. He says the only direction the enemy can approach from is west, so we need to guard the narrow approach from the west and not let any of them pass. Everyone spreads out, the area is mostly desert so vegetation is sparse and I can see the others take up positions. There is some light coming from the east and I can now see that we are in a narrow canyon, and there is indeed no way around us. Things are approaching. They look like big trolls. And there are a lot of them. The silence of the morning is broken by gunfire. I check and realize I have a gun. That's a first… so I start shooting at the trolls as they charge through the desert. They seem heedless of the fact they are dropping as fast as they can come. I shoot one as it is about to reach me and it practically falls at my feet. In the brightening day I can see worms wiggling around in the head wound… YUCK! Its whole body is covered with those worms. I can see why the people in the town were worried about infection. The trolls just keep coming, it almost seems unfair to be using guns on them when they don't even seem to have the intelligence to realize they're dying. Finally they seem to get the picture and the ones farther away are retreating. I wonder what will keep them from coming back, or if they will actually remember this canyon as a bad place to be. I am thinking about asking Roland when I wake.
    14. 05/09/13 - Dream With Me

      by , 05-10-2013 at 07:49 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      I am lying on a blanket in the middle of a field of green grass. I lie there for a few minutes, looking up at the blue sky as clouds drift by. It is very relaxing. I am lying there relaxing when I feel something wrapping around my right wrist, it feels like a snake. I hesitate just a little too much before sitting up. A snake thing wraps around my other wrist. I look around and see I am not alone there, I am surrounded by Templars. The places where the snakes… more like tendrils… are holding my wrists are burning. There's some kind of dark energy pulsing through the tendrils. The tendrils are extending from two of the Templars, right out of their right hands. One Templar says there's nothing I can do to stop it now, they own me. I form hidden blades on each arm and twist around to cut the tendrils. There are many more tendrils heading my direction from all the other Templars. I form Witchblade into a sword instead of hidden blades and cut through the tendrils as they try to grab hold of me. There are just too many of them, they're all coming too fast. I won't be able to hold them off for long. I get another idea. I put the sword away and let the tendrils wrap around my body. I focus on the song spell Whiplash by Metallica, sending the energy back along the tendrils to their source. The backlash of energy knocks each of the Templars back on their asses. They are recovering quickly and sending the tendrils out again. I start to set off an Immortal Fire spell, but I don't get all the way through setting it up before I am grabbed by the tendrils again. I use Phantom Lord by Metallica to create a wall of fire around myself, the tendrils burn off.

      During the time the wall of fire is protecting me I am able to complete the Immortal Fire spell. A blast of energy extends out from me, destroying my own wall of fire and all the Templars standing around the outside of it. When the energy clears I am alone in the field. My first goal is the usual healing. Since I wasn't able to find Nomad and Winter on the moon earlier I decide to try the healing glen first. I open a portal and go through to find out my choice was correct. Nomad and the crystal golem are standing near a levitating Winter. I go over to them and focus on the healing spell Voices, directing healing energy through Winter. Golden energy is permeating the entire area, flowing through everyone there. It feels very relaxing. I hadn't realized it but I had been quite angry at the Templars for intruding on my earlier peaceful dream. I realize how angry I had been as I am calming down now. I am so relaxed I feel I might fall asleep. As the spells are coming to a close I really do fall asleep and wake up in bed.  

      Dark Tower: Ambush!
      I am in a comfortable looking house with three other people. I don't remember the name of the one, but the other two are Roland and Eddie. The third man is staring at me with his jaw open. He says he never actually saw a walk-in walk in before, now he's seen everything. I tell him there's one more to join us. I think about getting MoSh into the dream. I have had an idea for improving the chances of shared dreaming so I decide to test it out with someone I know I can make a connection with. I focus on the song Dream On by Aerosmith, but I change the lyrics from "Sing with me, sing for the years. Sing for the laughter, sing for the tears. Sing with me, just for today. Maybe tomorrow, the good lord will take you away," to "Dream with me, dream of the years. Dream of the laughter, dream of the tears. Dream with me, just for today. Maybe tomorrow, the good lord will take you away." I focus on the alternate lyrics while keeping in mind who I want to make contact with. After a brief pause MoSh appears in front of me, looking a bit disoriented. Roland says we really need to get moving now, before Balazaar's goons come after us. Eddie seems to want to talk to the other man some more. Roland tells him to talk as we go. He asks who can drive. Eddie, then me, then the other man, and finally MoSh all say we can drive. It appears Roland is the odd one out there. So we go outside to where there is a car and a truck parked. I am hoping I didn't lie, I am not familiar with driving a stick shift… I need not have worried, it is an automatic. MoSh, Eddie, and the other guy all get in the truck, which I find a bit odd… there is more room in the car… I decide not to worry about seating arrangements. I drive the car, following after the truck, Roland is in the seat beside me. Roland is silent for a while, then he finally asks where exactly it is that MoSh and I come from… is it from Eddie's world? I don't have to figure out an answer for that, however, as the truck in front of us blows a tire and skids off into the ditch. I slam on the brakes just in time to keep from hitting the row of spikes on the road. We are under attack! I wonder how they had time to set up an ambush. Roland is out of the car in an instant with his gun drawn, he takes out two of the goons before they can react and take cover behind a couple vehicles hidden alongside the road. I get out of the vehicle quickly, but not fast enough. We are in a shootout. But do I have a gun? I don't see a gun anywhere, I am dressed in my Assassin robes, I have two hidden blades… didn't anyone tell me not to bring a hidden blade to a gun fight? Shooting is going on around me while I look for my gun. I want to help out somehow… so I sneak off to the side and into the trees. Maybe if I can just get behind them… Someone shoots at me, but he misses and leaves himself open to be shot, I think he gets shot by MoSh. So MoSh got a gun and all I got was hidden blades? I focus on summoning a gun but nothing happens. Shit. The shooting continues. I circle through the trees, and I spot a pair of goons approaching with the same idea I had. I climb up into a tree before they see me. Then as they are passing below me I jump out of the tree and do a double assassinate on the two goons before they can circle around behind Roland and the others.

      I think that might be why I couldn't summon a gun… if I had, I wouldn't have been sneaking around and found these two! I go to continue circling around behind the other goons when there is an explosion. Someone must have ignited a gas tank. I see smoke rising from the trees ahead, but then the dream fades out and I wake partially… I doze back into the dream, not lucid now, and time has passed. I am with Eddie, Roland, and MoSh and we are in a nice looking house talking to Stephen King, which I think is pretty awesome. I wish I had one of his books to get signed. MoSh is looking around the room. Roland is saying something about Stephen King creating us. I tell Roland that I don't think Stephen King created anyone, but he can see into other worlds that most people deny the existence of. Influence events? That seems likely, let it be written, let it be done. But create real living people? Only a god can do that. But I really want to know how he can see the other worlds, because I want so badly to see the other worlds while I am awake, to have final proof that they exist… Then I ask Stephen King if he could write me a door… a door from my own house into my inner world, or a door to any world where magic works, really. Because if I just had my powers I could go anywhere. A short story would surely do. Make the door appear in June 2013, please. In the home of Raven Knight. And not locked, or write in a key with it. Stephen King looks at me strangely, and then I wake up.

      Dream With Me
      I am in my own room lying in bed. I sit up and stroke a furry animal by my side. The animal pikas at me. Pikas? I feel another animal beside me, and this one vees when I pet it. "Pika!" "Vee!" A pikachu and an eevee. I get out of bed and do a reality check, which is something I am trying to get in the habit of doing every time I wake up in bed. I pinch my nose and find I can still breathe. I'm dreaming! My first thought is to just go outside and fly somewhere, I always like flying dreams. I think for a few minutes, then I remember I had a goal of trying to share a dream with a couple people. I decide to try my new song spell to reach someone I haven't dreamed with before, or at least not much. My first goal will be to share a dream with FH. I remember he wanted to get to the moon so I will do it from there. I open a portal. Nothing happens. I wonder why it's not working. I look at my closet door for a bit and then open it. My closet door leads to the moon. I go through the door to a place at the base of the tower. The door vanishes behind me. I focus on the song Dream On by Aerosmith, but I change the lyrics from "Sing with me, sing for the years. Sing for the laughter, sing for the tears. Sing with me, just for today. Maybe tomorrow, the good lord will take you away," to "Dream with me, dream of the years. Dream of the laughter, dream of the tears. Dream with me, just for today. Maybe tomorrow, the good lord will take you away." Now I just have to focus on who I want to make contact with. I realize I have absolutely no idea what image to focus on. I focus on the idea of bringing FH to the moon as I focus on the altered lyrics. At first nothing seems to be happening. Then someone starts to take shape. It's like a malfunctioning transporter on Star Trek.

      The image forms a bit, then disappears a bit, then forms again. I try to get a good look at the image but I am failing. A man, I'm bad with ages but my guess is in his 30's, dark hair, his hair is short, might be slightly receding… he is average build and height… the image is so non-descript, this could describe countless men out there. I wonder if that's what FH really looks like or if that's just how I picture him… I think the image is going to come into focus but instead it disappears. I drop an Italian curse word… Cazzo. I was also going to try to share an Assassin's Creed dream with SJ. Key note being Assassin's Creed. I focus on the alternate lyrics again, and this time I have a clear image to focus on. Pretty, long dark hair… Maybe I can pull SJ into a dream and shift this dream to an Assassin's Creed setting at the same time. So now I focus on the song, and on both of us being in an Assassin's Creed world. The scene around me does shift. I do teleport. I find myself in a place that looks like one of the cities from Assassin's Creed, the original game. I think it is Jerusalem. I am standing between two buildings, out of sight of the main walkways and streets. Perfect, I think SJ would like to meet Altaïr. As I am focused on the image of SJ someone starts to form in front of me. Then I start questioning myself… what if we get attacked by a hoard of Templars? If we get surrounded and attacked, would that make it a nightmare for her? No… I don't think so. Give her a sword and she could play virtual reality Assassin's Creed like I have done in previous dreams where I wasn't lucid. So I keep focusing on SJ. She is materializing, it is working! Someone rudely shoves me out of the way, I lose focus, and SJ disappears. I look and see Altaïr has pushed me out of the way. I step back out in front of some guards that are chasing Altaïr, and they run right into me, we all fall down in a pile. The guards quickly get up, several of them are cursing at me, and they continue in the direction Altaïr went… but I figure he is probably long gone. I am thinking about trying Dream On one more time when I wake.
    15. 04/18/13 Ambushed!

      by , 04-19-2013 at 01:03 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      Ambush I
      I am in a green field, I am completely surrounded by Templars. I don't really want to take a lot of time on these Templars. I tell the nearest Templar that I am about to drop an Immortal Fire in case they would prefer to leave before that happens. No one responds by leaving, instead it looks like they are about to attack me. A strange energy seems to be radiating off of them. I use the Immortal Fire spell and create an explosion of fire that expands out from me… Before the fire has even faded I open a portal to the moon, heading for the balancing pools. I go through the portal and into the pool. Nomad is already there with Winter, and he seems to be trying to heal her. I focus healing energy through Winter and also through Nomad, I figure to get rid of the remaining sores on his foot. I am still focused on the healing when a dark shadow passes over the healing springs. I look up and see there are huge winged creatures in the sky over us. They look like giant bats or wraith horses, and each one has a Templar riding it.

      They are in the biodome? They dive down and are attacking everything in sight. They are dropping energy bombs. The bombs are exploding and spreading dark energy all over the place. I use another Immortal Fire that creates only light energy, I don't want to cause any more destruction than the Templars are already causing. A blast of light energy extends out from me and incinerates the Templars, along with the dark energy bombs they are dropping. I get on Stardust, a winged unicorn with flaming mane and tail.

      I ride into the sky and survey the area around the biodome. There are Templars attacking everywhere. There are Templars attacking over a city down below. The city is around a large temple. Nomad has followed me into the air and immediately attacks the Templars. I use the song Battery and strike a number of Templars with lightning. I fly down over the city and see there are all different races living in the city, all of them being attacked by Templars. I wonder what it is the Templars are after… I activate another Immortal Fire, and create another explosion of light energy. The light energy is destroying all of the wraith Templars it hits. I land in the city down below, feeling a little drained now, maybe too many Immortal Fires at once? I see Nomad blowing on what looks like the Horn of Eld from the Dark Tower series. Shortly after that I notice there are many others in the fight now, many of whom I don't even recognize, but they seem to be fighting against the Templars. The fight is still going on when I am unable to avoid waking up.

      I am with some other people just outside a town. I see some people sneaking into the town. The people disappearing into the town are Templars. The Templars are disguised as civilians. I am there with Nomad and Altaïr, I notice they are disguised as the Templars are. I am in the same disguise. We enter into the town. Q appears and says the Templars are aiming to plant dark energy bombs in various parts of the city, he isn't sure if the goal is to gain control or just to destroy everything, but it has to be stopped. So we split up and head into the city, looking for the Templars or the bombs they have left. Nomad and I are near the castle in the center of the town when we spot a couple of Templars leaving a bomb. We each take out a Templar with our hidden blades. Another Templar says something about a traitor, but doesn't get a chance to sound the alarm before Altaïr silences him. I hear someone calling for help from inside the castle. We all go in and follow some stairways down into a dungeon where there are several Templar wraiths torturing an orc.

      We still look like Templars, so they take no notice of us. We easily get close enough to covertly cut the bonds holding the orc back. The orc grabs an axe from a surprised Templar and cuts him down with it. I take out a Templar right beside me using my hidden blade. At first they seem to think there are traitors among them, but it doesn't take them long to realize they have been infiltrated by Assassins. Nomad is throwing Templars through portals, he says something about them respawning if they are killed. I use Through the Never to open a vortex portal to somewhere around Pluto, and it pulls a pair of Templars through it. It will take them a bit of time to get back from Pluto, I figure. I then wonder if they won't just open a portal and come right back… The orc we freed has no ideas of sending Templars anywhere except the grave. He is about to attack me when I transform back to my Assassin form and he stops quickly, realizing I am not an enemy. I return to the surface and scan the area using Eagle Vision to see if I can find the remaining Templar infiltrators. I see the trails they have left, though it is not that easy to follow. I am not sure which way they went in! I follow a path to a bomb, which I send through a portal to a void between worlds where it won't hurt anyone. I get attacked by what looks like a random civilian, but is actually a Templar. I see him coming since he is glowing red, I see him in time to dodge his attack and counter with one of my own, forming Witchblade into a sword which he practically impales himself on. I see other people who look like Assassins searching the area for any more bombs. I wonder how many Templars got into the town. I never have a chance to find out before I wake. 

      Ambush II
      I am in a hotel room, it looks weird there, sort of like a dream. Maybe it is a dream. I pinch my nose and find I can still breathe, so I know I am dreaming. I hear a lot of cursing from nowhere at all. I recognize the voice of the person cursing as Susanna Dean from the Dark Tower books. I am not sure how I recognize her voice, but there is no doubt in my mind that is who it is. She is getting angry at her alter, Mia, for setting Eddie and Roland up to be killed. I remember the scene in the book that this is referring to. I talk to Susanna telepathically. I tell her that no matter how many hired goons have been set on Eddie and Roland, it won't be enough. Mia asks who the fuck I am, she says she didn't know before and wants to know now. I tell her to be glad I don't want to alter the story enough to kick her sorry ass right out of there, and send her chap along with her. She says I couldn't do it, but she doesn't sound too certain of that. I have to get to Eddie and Roland. I focus on opening a portal to find them, and it opens, so I go through. I am near what looks like a truck stop called the Dixie Pig. As soon as I appear there someone starts shooting at me, so I hit the dirt. As I am there on the ground I see I am not alone. Eddie and Roland are both there, Roland is looking at me strangely and Eddie looks a bit disoriented.

      We are being shot at. It is the small army sent by Enrico Balazar to intercept Roland and Eddie. Roland asks where my friend is. I focus on a portal to find MoSh. The portal opens and MoSh comes through, hitting the dirt as he is also being shot at. Eddie seems to be coming around, and we all start returning fire. I shoot a couple hired goons that are closing in on us from beyond several parked cars, behind which the remaining people take cover. Not all of them make it, however, Roland shoots three, Eddie shoots two, and MoSh shoots two. There are at least five more hidden behind the vehicles. I see someone else coming onto the scene. Nomad is riding what looks like a saber tooth tiger and shooting with a couple revolvers. He flushes the five goons behind the car into the open and shoots a couple of them, the others are left open to being shot by Roland, Eddie, MoSh. We make our way to the gas station area of the truck stop as more hired goons close in on us. An 18 wheeler comes barreling out of control and crashes between us and what looks like a couple dozen more hired goons. Roland wants to go out the back, there are three customers in the place that are staring wide eyed at us. Roland tells them all to get down, but only one of them does it. A couple older women get shot and collapse to the ground. Eddie recognizes one of the enemies and refers to him as old double ugly. Double ugly seems to recognize Eddie, and hesitates much long and gets blown away by Eddie. I notice for the first time Eddie has been shot in the leg. Some hired goons are coming around each side of the truck stop, and some are coming through as we get out the back. None of them get very far before we cut them down. John, the customer that is still alive, says he has a way to make an exit but we need a distraction. Roland shoots one of the fuel tanks and starts a leak. John throws a lighter to it and it bursts into flames. We all head down a path behind the truck stop as the gas pumps burst into flames. We haven't gotten far out of the way before there is a huge explosion behind us.

      It looks like it must have taken out quite a few of the goons with it, I wonder if any of them managed to get away. We all pile on a boat and head out across a lake to put distance between us and any remaining goons. Roland, Eddie, and John talk a bit but I don't pay a lot of attention. We get to the other side of the lake and enter a boat house. I tell them I can do some healing. Eddie looks a bit confused, Roland looks at his right hand, flexing all five of the fingers there. He tells Eddie I can do it, but hurry. I find the bullet wound in Eddie's leg and focus healing energy through it. The wound begins healing and quickly closes up. I also heal a bullet wound in Eddie's arm and a bump on his head. I look over at Roland, but he says he is fine. I grab his arm anyway and focus healing energy through him, I remember he was having some trouble with arthritis… which I am sure I can't cure, but I think it should help some anyway. And I have even less time than they do, I feel I am about to wake up. As I focus healing energy through Roland everything around me fades and I wake up.
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