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    1. Girlfriend fragment | [22.08.2020]

      by , 08-22-2020 at 08:17 PM (Draeger's Dream Journal and Documentation)
      Girlfriend fragment
      I am great friends with some girl, she seems to be my girlfriend. We keep doing things together, running around some old city or something. It seems to be early morning and we're alone. We seem to be having fun together, but something is chasing us, but we take it with humor and take it as if it was an adventure.
    2. Almost Lucid? Repeated RC fail

      by , 01-05-2016 at 02:49 PM
      I woke up to my first alarm at 5am and was really tired after sleeping late so fell back asleep between my alarms, knowing that I had to get up soon. I think because I knew this I fell in a really light sleep which on the one hand, perhaps, made it far more likely for me to be able to do a RC, but on the other hand resulted in me not taking my RC seriously (as my brain thought I was actually awake since such a short time before I had awoken and part of me was listening out for the next alarm). Anyway this is what happened:

      I wake up in the dream and it is early morning, light but still a bit dark (corresponding with real time). I go to the bathroom to get ready - I flick the light switch and enter the room...the room is still dark. I go back and flick the light switch again and re-enter...still dark. I do it again. Still dark. I do this like 5-6x. Then D comes into the room and I say "i'm having trouble getting the light on" we look at each other and then have the same thought I should be checking my hands I bring my hands up to my face and the same time he grabs them and brings them up to my face for me. I examine my fingers but they look normal (usually I see more fingers straight away) I count them anyway but I come up with a funny number 6 or something. I concentrate and count again and keep coming up with numbers like 7 or 9 on one hand. I am really confused trying to figure how how my hand looks normal but when I count them I keep coming up with more. It's like my eyes are playing tricks on me. I either give up and keep getting ready or I actually wake up then realising it's now 5:20 am (and I know/can sense what the time is before even looking at the clock)
    3. Jogging

      by , 12-19-2014 at 02:05 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      In the city

      I recall jogging in a big city. It was early morning, and it was still dark. There wre lots of DC's. Whenever I get close to one of them I shouted I'm going to hav a lucid dream tonight!

      Run for fun

      It was early evening. I got out of home, and started to run. I was running through my backyard, to the city and ending in the forest valley. Everything had that bright, warm feeling caused by glow of the sundown. In the valley, I met my old pals. They seemed to don't care about my presence here.
    4. My life in one walk

      by , 04-05-2014 at 03:13 PM
      The dream begins inside my house, by the front door. I am scared to go outside, slightly apprehensive, but i long to feel the fresh cool air on my skin.

      My blonde hair frames the scene, and i notice my sleeves and arms more than any other part of me, i appear to be wearing my turquoise H&M top. Eventually i slowly open the door and take a step outside into the cool early morning air. The door opens up to a sideroad very close by*, and i slowly begin to walk out into the twilight morning, slightly covered in mist, with a pale blue hue everywhere.


      I move away from the house, never looking back, but i can feel water in my eyes welling up for some reason, so i search myself for some tissue, noticing that now i am wearing a completely different top but thinking to myself It's warmer than my other top. I am now wearing a black pvc blouse which i bought a while back for a photoshoot.

      I forget the tissue and my eyes seem normal now, and i continue walking down that side road, looking to my right all the time, and noticing a nearby compost heap, which for some reason has smoke billowing from it, but the smoke never reaching very far up in the sky, it appears to fade mere feet above the compost heap, which now has flames and a few bits of wood as expected.

      Suddenly i am behind some garages nearby, and i head to my garage where i keep my car and I find several garage doors open, as well as my own, but my car is in there, my old Nova**. Its doors are open and my clothing has been ransacked***!

      I then notice a door which i had never seen before, at the back of the garage, through it i can see the inside of someones house.

      Suddenly i am inside this house, looking out of the window at a scene unfamiliar to me, and it is night time, and there is someone standing under a street lamp with a bag in their hand. My perspective shifts and i am now viewing this from the other direction, and outside, and the house i was once in now appears to be a hospital, with a multi story carpark next to it. I know this place, it was the hospital i spent much time in as a child.

      Now i am that person standing outside, and with me is a small tan coloured dog, not the dog from my childhood, but one very familiar, and sympathetic, as the dog looks up at me and wags his tail as his face forms that of a smile, reassuring and honest.

      Nothing much after this aside from hazy memories of shopping, seeing my friend Stephen briefly, and being back home.

      * In the dream the front of my house seemingly flipped 45 degrees facing west, and 100 feet down the road.

      ** The Nova was my first car and i locked it in these secure garages at night time, never once got broken into.

      *** Before i came out, i kept female clothing in my car to change into and i was eternally worried that someone might break in and find them.

      This dream occured about two weeks ago, worth mentioning if only for the personal insight it offers me of myself. Everything ties up here, though the compost heap thing is weird, its my second dream in as many weeks to feature a compost heap.

      I thought i would create an image of the dream, crafted in photoshop of 3 seperate images, one i borrowed from the internets, and 2 of my own, the scene itself and me. I cannot possibly say if i wore high heels when outside, or inside, but i usually do in reality so i assume i do in dreamland.