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    1. Rescuing the wolf (almost lucid but not quite)

      by , 09-01-2019 at 10:19 PM (Awake to take in the view...)
      This was an interesting dream because while I wasn't completely lucid, I was cognizant of the fact that I had control over what was going on. However, said realization wasn't because I knew I was dreaming. I just knew I had control, somehow; maybe because it took place in my fantasy world where I am somewhat of a demigod. ;D

      It was a weird combination of a story about a wolf, and the novel I'm currently working on. The wolf was getting hunted, imprisoned, and about to be killed. But he escaped. His plan was to flee in the middle of the night, but he slept until 7:42 AM and didn't flee until exactly then. Nonetheless it was still dark outside leading me to believe that it was winter. He fled to the woods. I managed to use my powers to teleport him deeper within the woods, and myself along with him. He found his lover, another wolf, there. Two characters from my novel were there, too, who were in love and promised to protect the two wolves. And other magical creatures formed a sort of barricade to protect them all.

      It was a heartwarming dream with potential to become an actual story with some tweaking/organization. The night was purple and black and orange, cartoony much like the lyric videos from Anna Blue and The Birthday Massacre. Very cool, stylized aesthetic! It's fun that my brain can do that lol.
    2. Dreams dreamed

      by , 06-20-2017 at 02:38 PM

      I was on a balance beam in front splits. I saw the beam and felt the splits, though I didn't feel like I was stretching. The beam was a tannish color, like most balance beams are. Then the dream slipped away, and I was surrounded by black and thought I was in Greenland. I thought it was near Russia. I was talking to some woman about New Zealand. I thought, 'I have to fly to NY to practice getting on an airplane.' I forgot that Peter wasn't in New York yet, I called him, which I normally wouldn't do because part of me is afraid of him. I realized where he is really living. I thought about getting my passport out of my safe, even though I lost the key to it.


      I was walking with a random guy outside. I think he was a symbol for my twin Stephen. We found a bright blue pool, still waters. The guy suggested going in and I said it's illegal we'll get caught. There was a black, grayish gate/fence. The fence was straight, not in a circle. There was no barbed wire on the fence. Suddenly, we were in the hotel that the pool belonged to . We asked the people if we could buy the pool. They said yes it/s 10,000 dollars. We said okay we put the money in your crack account. I don't remember what the hotel looked like.


      I was at a peaceful, light blue beach. I didn't see the sand, just the water There were no waves. I swam and walked around. Lots of people were in the water. I think it was a Florida beach, I've had Florida beach dreams in the past. Michael, Simon Peter, Jenn, and Andrew were there. Before being in the water we were in a random house or hotel. Then suddenly we were in peaceful water not thinking about the sharks that might be near us. Then suddenly someone announced that there was a crocodile in the water. It was huge, bigger than most crocodiles, and was red with bright yellow eyes. It wasn't moving, it was just there. I knew I was faster than it. I tan out of the water. All I was thinking about was getting to safety and getting my family to safety. And all the other people in the water. Part of me was afraid and I should have become lucid, but I didn't. I was/a,m faster than the crocodile. Is the crocodile my shadow side? A symbol for my fears, a symbol of whatever is blocking my family from being who we really are, my dark side, weak, unable to move compared to the bright blue waveless water representing my peace and tranquility? I found the shore and suddenly we were in a hotel room. A window was open and I was falling out of the hotel, head first. My waist up was in the air and my feet were in the hotel. Michael grabbed my legs and helped me get back in the hotel room. There was a bed and a couch visible. I knew the couch could roll out as a bed. I knew there must have been another bed somewhere. Jenn and I were arguing about who would sleep in the bed and who would sleep on the roll out couch. The fight subsided and I told her that I'd take the couch. I assumed we weren't in Florida anymore and were in New York helping Peter move in to his shared house in NY for graduate school. Maybe the beach was a NY beach, but I'm pretty sure it was FL because I've had FL beach dreams before, though those dreams happened a long time ago, The dream was both nightmarish and peaceful. I'm praying I have the dream again and become lucid and explore the sea and the monster crocodile and fly down from the window doing a flip and not getting hurt. Alas, that didn't happen.

      A different night I dreamed I was at a martial arts cult like group. They were teaching me martial arts and weird things happened. The dream slipped away all I know is they tricked me into thinking there was one true martial art. There's one true God, but as for martial arts, all of them work. I just happen to choose Kung fu and Okinawan Karate.
    3. Burning building

      by , 06-06-2017 at 02:26 AM
      I am in a house I've never been in. I just assume it's my real house.
      There is a fire and we all run out. Fire men don't come, it's just us. I run back in to get my journals. I come out and "Susan" is there. I run back in to get all of
      my leotards and I run out. I want to go back in to get my computer
      because it has my novels on it but I see the flames coming towards the front
      of the house (I live in an apartment/town house so I know it's not my real house now) and that the flames would stop me from exiting this time. Going into a burning building isn't making me gasp for breath so I should have become lucid, but I didn't. I stood outside with my journals and my leotards next to Michael or Gabriel looking like Susan and my siblings. We wait for the fire to stop, we don't call anyone. Then the house is back how it was, as if it was untouched, and we all go back in. I forgot this dream and remembered it when I was watching supergirl seeing a burning building.

      Sometime in the past two weeks I dreamt I was going out onto my deck. All of the decks were connected; there were no railings. Our neighbors were outside grilling burgers on the left side of the deck outside of their house. We're about to start to talk and then the dream changed. I remembered this one when I went out on the deck and saw that the decks weren't conjoined like in the dream.
    4. Old dreams and last night's dreams

      by , 05-31-2017 at 08:53 PM
      Time travel dream

      I was on a deck, it was brown, and I saw Columbus's wife. She was tall and had red wavy hair and she was an elf. She asked me to get on the ship. I said no but later I was on the ship with them. Then I walked from the deck to a mall. I was way in the past but I walked into a place that was around 2005-2012. I walked around the mall feeling peaceful. It was a sign I'm an elf. (archangel-faerie-elf). I found my enemy and hugged him...I was so happy to be hugging him platonically. He was his younger self, maybe his inner child. I warned him that in the future he would stab his parents and I told him to try not to do it. I walked around and saw an ancient kind of phone. I went up to a desk and asked to use the phone. The people let me. I tried to call Stephen but it was at least year 3000 so he had a different number. I was in the future. I was excited. Then I went back to around 2005-2012 and saw the murderer's little sister and was happy to see her I wanted to protect her. She was around 12 I think, and she had dark brown hair. A lot like me actually. I hugged her and she warned me that her brother wanted to stab me. I knew that already but she meant that he was in the mall with a knife since I knew his secret before it even happened. Then I woke up.


      I was in a faerie town. I felt peaceful it was like I was at the Maryland faerie festival. There were golden brown things. I forget. Then I was at a train station, and again, the bench was golden brown. I called my twin's foster parents telepathically. The train was going to Israel and I live in Maryland. I was a little bit terrified. Then I woke up, thinking I got on the train and teleported home with some wise man.

      Leotard in the adult section (last night)

      Michael picked me up to go to a psychiatric appointment and some of my siblings were with us. They let me go into Target and I teleported to Khols and was in the adult woman's section and there were a lot of leotards. I remember one was purple and it had a choker neck. I wanted to find the kid's section, but I was happy they had leotards for adults too. I found the kids section and saw a black mesh leotard with a colorful pattern underneath, maybe flowers. It was originally 250 dollars but was on sale for 48 dollars. I hurried to buy it and realized that now I only have two dollars (I get 50 diollars every two weeks). Then I was lost, my family left me there. I tried to find Target but I couldn't, and this was where I could have become lucid (for me nightmarish things make me realize I am dreaming. Like I will be on a highway lost and confused and scared and then I think "Maybe I'm dreaming." and five minutes later I am sure of it, with no reality checks, and I decide I am not afraid anymore and I just explore and find grass and ask symbols what they mean. But I didn't become lucid this time, I was just happy I had a leotard to add to my collection. Then I woke up, it was 4 a.m. and I rushed to turn the lights on and wrote it down. Usually I wouldn't do that, but I am trying to make it a habit to do that. Some dream patterns I have is stores/malls and school (high school or college).

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    5. Old dreams and last night's dreams

      by , 05-31-2017 at 08:53 PM
      accidentally posted this twice

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    6. Almost lucid wonderland

      by , 05-20-2016 at 10:12 PM
      I was in this beautiful place with rivers, colorful plants, bridges, houses & people. I was just starting to become lucid when my damn iPhone started screaming. I tried to get back in the dream but my phone went off again. My doctors office billing department called & then left a msg about how they are sorry that a lab keeps trying to charge us for stuff that was supposed to go to them. So now I'm awake but still sick & my dreams details were lost. I've been over extending myself so much while I'm sick so it's carrying over into my every day life. I need some real genuine rest but now it's Friday & I have to be awake & give some of my time to my husband because he works a ridiculous amount of hours to take care of me. I'm just so tired & I can't breathe. Still blowing my nose & my throat hurts. Maybe I'll get to bed before midnight & get a good lucid anyway.
    7. The non-dream Dream

      by , 01-05-2016 at 07:13 PM
      In a class feeling closed off like in highschool. My friend Molly (brunette and to my right) tells me Iím dreaming and I need to trust her. I donít believe her. I canít be dreaming. She keeps insisting. I tell her I canít be dreaming because IímÖhereÖdoing somethingÖI canít really remember. But Iím not dreaming. Then I wake up and realize I was dreaming. -_-

      My friend has a pet tiger/lion. It sleeps in her bed and everything. She saved it from being injured in the wild. I want to get a picture of myself with it because weíre living together. Iím kinda scared of it. I have a little dog that is jealous.

      D and I are moving to another town 20 minutes away. I have to tell my family Iím not coming back. It feel like a big deal. Iím trying to get rid of some of my food. I have a costco bag of romaine that nobody wants. I open up a jar of herbs and flies and gnats come out at me. Gross. I set the jar aside to return to the store for my money back.

      Ohio family playing bocce ball on apartment roofs. Jeremyís new gf is prettier than his last ones but she still looks like a druggie. She is protective of her neighborís clunker car that theyíre borrowing.

      Mom is looking for a new house bc sheís pregnant. We look at one and itís a standard 4 bedroom. We look at another and itís an 8 bedroom. I want it. Itís a little outdated but itís big, probably expensive. Thereís a sink and countertop in the living room. And a cool room for my stepdad to sleep in when mom is up with the baby. In that area there are three rooms within one room. I plan to use the other rooms as my office and gym, but I'm not sure how my sister and I will share.

      Graduated but still in nursing school. I have to take care of a guy on enhanced isolation. Heís a little annoyed but I plead with him and tell him Iím learning so much. A lot of people crowd into my room, even Mo. I tell him I tested his lat strength earlier by myself on a lat machine. Mo tells me they have to do that at home. I knew but forgot. People start talking story with each other and I canít remember what I was supposed to do with him. I'm looking through a notebook full of dates and then remember I had a list in my pocket. I pull it out and it's incomplete anyways. Someone shouts ďquiet!Ē and we get scolded for not doing our job and wasting our patientís time. A baby says something moving about just wanting to love her mom so much it will make her cry (I think her mom is Jen P.) and it makes everyone ďawĒ and some people cry. Everyone leaves.
    8. Almost Lucid? Repeated RC fail

      by , 01-05-2016 at 02:49 PM
      I woke up to my first alarm at 5am and was really tired after sleeping late so fell back asleep between my alarms, knowing that I had to get up soon. I think because I knew this I fell in a really light sleep which on the one hand, perhaps, made it far more likely for me to be able to do a RC, but on the other hand resulted in me not taking my RC seriously (as my brain thought I was actually awake since such a short time before I had awoken and part of me was listening out for the next alarm). Anyway this is what happened:

      I wake up in the dream and it is early morning, light but still a bit dark (corresponding with real time). I go to the bathroom to get ready - I flick the light switch and enter the room...the room is still dark. I go back and flick the light switch again and re-enter...still dark. I do it again. Still dark. I do this like 5-6x. Then D comes into the room and I say "i'm having trouble getting the light on" we look at each other and then have the same thought I should be checking my hands I bring my hands up to my face and the same time he grabs them and brings them up to my face for me. I examine my fingers but they look normal (usually I see more fingers straight away) I count them anyway but I come up with a funny number 6 or something. I concentrate and count again and keep coming up with numbers like 7 or 9 on one hand. I am really confused trying to figure how how my hand looks normal but when I count them I keep coming up with more. It's like my eyes are playing tricks on me. I either give up and keep getting ready or I actually wake up then realising it's now 5:20 am (and I know/can sense what the time is before even looking at the clock)
    9. Almost LDed, almost married!

      by , 03-17-2015 at 09:51 PM
      Yes, you read the title right! Let me elaborate.

      (Throughout this one dream, I woke up maybe 3 times, and managed to pick up where I left off when falling asleep.)

      I'm in my mother's car; we're driving down the motorway at full speed. I'm not too sure where we're headed, but I don't mind. I've always liked surprises. Watching the trees bordering the road whizz past, I wonder how it had come to be just mom and me, alone again. I hear her say something, which cuts me out of my daze. I can't recall her exact words, but I do know that what she said angered me a great deal. She carries on, her voice getting increasingly loud, and I retort as best I can, letting her know my disagreement. Over the next few minutes, this escalates, and suddenly, I know that I can no longer remain with her. I have to leave. I have to get away, right now, right this minute. The sense of urgency which grips me pushes me to the extreme, and I grasp the door handle, ready to launch myself out. She sees this, and speeds up. I look out my window at the ground, knowing that jumping out now would be too dangerous. A thought occurs to me. Red lights. She's going to have to stop at some point. Although still tense, I wait for the inevitable, hoping that it would come sooner rather than later. Anticipation floods through me as a familiar luminous red dot advances towards us. Readying myself, I grip the handle tighter. The car doesn't slow down, however, but maintains its speed. Just like that, it drives past the light. Closing my eyes in desperation, I resolve to jump out as soon as she slows down even a little. Not even a minute later, knowing that the window of opportunity to escape is about to close, I open the door and launch myself onto the tarmac.

      Collecting painful bruises and burns from the tumble, I gasp. I am thankful for one thing though; not having been ran over. Running for my life in the opposite direction to the one we had been driving in, I go as fast as my legs can carry me. Occasionally, I crouch behind well placed trees or bushes, somehow hoping that this will help. I have no idea as to where I am, or where I should be going; the only thing on my mind right now is to keep going. Far away, as far as I could go. By this point, I realise that I am being pursued, and that my mother had in fact not been my real mother, but rather an agent posing as her. Distraught, but still driven by fear, I come to a shell petrol station. Figuring that it should be safe, I hide out there for an hour or two and rest a little, before pushing forward once more. Eventually, around the end of the afternoon, I come across a gigantic shopping centre, very modern and luxurious looking. After walking around aimlessly, I spot two women, also looking fairly lost. I make a beeline for them, recognising the look of fear in their eyes. They were being pursued too. After a brief chat, we come up with a plan, albeit a fairly strange one. Aware of the fact that a fashion show for bridal wear is due to occur in the very near future, we figure that we could hide out by posing as models for it. After all agreeing to this, we search for wedding dresses which we can use as disguise. A particular shop draws my attention. Calling the other two, I enter it.

      The odd thing was the complete lack of staff. No cashier, customers, or anyone for that matter. This was beyond abnormal, particularly for a shop of this calibre. Every which way I look, I can see glass chandeliers, ornate mirrors and glittering ornaments. The entire space bathes in a dim glow, making it seem all the more magical. On one side, near an alcove, was a clothes rail, on which hung at least 20 beautiful wedding dresses. Looking at them, it was clear that each wedding dress had been designed with a particular country or culture in mind. One caught my eye in particular. I couldn't tell you why it did however. I delicately remove it from the rest and set about finding a changing room. A few minutes and some faffing about later, I emerge, and walk carefully to a nearby mirror (somehow the changing rooms didn't have any). My reflection feels not like my own; even my hair and make-up had magically improved. The dress itself resembles a kaftan (traditional Moroccan type of dress), predominantly white with some gold embroidery depicting intricate patterns. I smooth my hands over the material, in an attempt to reassure myself that the gown is real (ironic huh?).

      Following this, I walk out through a side door, only to be greeted by darkness. I keep walking forward, unsure as to what I would find. Gradually, the wide corridor which I have been walking down lightens a little, meaning that I can finally see my surroundings. On my right and left lie various set pieces, dismantled painted backdrops, broken spotlights and props. My pace slows as I notice a figure. A man, sitting down, haunched slightly, his arms resting on his thighs. Next to him was a small and simple table. As I got closer, he looked up and gasped, his mouth hanging open. His reaction makes me laugh, as I recognise who he is, and remember who I am. Peeta (The hunger games) smiles, stands up, and says; 'You're beautiful Katniss' I can't help but smiling, looking down at myself. A part of me wondered why he had called me by that name, but it was so small that I didn't question it further. He takes my hand, and I remember what today is. Our wedding day. He looks at me, without saying a word. After a minute, he whispers, 'I was thinking...I can disguise Gale to look like me...I know I can pull it off. Everyone will think you're marrying me but...Both you and Gale will know. At least that way, I won't ruin any more of your life.' Behind his words lay a lot of sadness which he had failed to hide. A lump lodged in my throat, I hug him. I already know that I'm going to refuse his offer. I pull back and...


      I wake up with a start, only to immediately fall back to sleep. I see myself back with Peeta, this time knowing that I am in a dream. Excited at the prospect of LDing, I can feel myself smile, and start looking around me, touching what I can see, so as to ground myself within the dream.


      Stupid alarm was on snooze. I was not pleased, and felt annoyed for the rest of the day. I was so close!

      PS: If you've made it this far down, seriously, congrats!

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    10. 09/29/2014 - Fragments: Untitled, "Decisions, Decisions..."

      by , 09-30-2014 at 02:18 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      Fragment One

      A bunch of friends and I were hanging out in my old garage. Eventually, we got into doing acrobatics, and I came to find out that I was able to do some pretty insane moves. It seemed as if I were defying gravity as I easily landed aerials, b-twists and all kinds of other flips and spins. I began to wonder about how I suddenly had these skills but was not able to become lucid.

      Fragment Two
      "Decisions, Decisions..."

      I was in a classroom or workshop (or something), and my roommate was there. There was a lot of commotion going on, and I remember my roommate vaulting over a desk. It turns out that we were about to be invaded and attacked by some sort of evil horde, though I can't remember who (or what) they were. My anxiety turned to excitement, as I realized I was dreaming. My mind raced to try and remember what it was I wanted to do, but I was being distracted by the impending chaos around me. I remembered the experiment, and what I needed to do...but I also wanted to fight. The idea of a coming invasion made me absolutely giddy in my lucidity. Deciding that (just maybe) there was a chance that I could get back to my primary objective, after having a little fun, first, I decided to hold off on my experiment and focus on the inevitable battle.

      Unfortunately, that's all I can remember. What a waste!

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    11. 01.08.14

      by , 08-01-2014 at 11:28 AM (Chessica's Dream Journal)

      I'm driving on a dirt road in the mountains. I've got a car trailer connected, and there is another car driving behind me. We make a left turn onto a road that's in really bad shape, more like an old tractor path than a road. It's partly closed off with two large rocks, but we manage to squeeze the cars through. I get the feeling the road is on private property. After driving a while the road stops. There's a big solid rock/snow wall blocking it and we have to climb. I think my cousin A. is with me. We start running towards the wall, try to run up it as far as possible without sliding down. We get quite far up, but I can't hold on and start sliding down again. I try another time, and when I can't run any higher I dig my boots into the snow wall and start climbing. We eventually reach the top. I've got a feeling this is sort of a boot camp.


      I'm at a cabin. Two guys are there, I don't know them. One guy is down on his knees washing the floor with a black and white checkered wash rag. There's a reason he's washing the floor, but I don't remember why. He's explaining something as he is washing, and I can see the floor getting wet when he mops the floor with the wash rag. The other guy is Morten Harket in AHA, apparently he has brought along some soap and shampoo, but he got the "wrong" type. He bought soap and shampoo for women. The first guy decides he will go get some other shampoo for M.H, because if he finds out he bought the wrong kind he will feel stupid and too feminin. I take a look in one of the drawers in the cabin. There's a lot of old stuff in there. Small bits and pieces of stuff and old packages of mints etc. There's an old bottle of nasal spray there, it has to be squeezed on the sides to make the bottle spray. I smile at how old it is. The packaging looks at least 20 years old.


      I'm outside a shop, there are big wooden boxes with lids on them. I lift the lid on one of them thinking "being a dream I could find anything inside one of these!" (Not sure if I was lucid or not, so I don't count this as a LD) Inside I found wooden planks.


      Something about a dirt road running along some green fields. I'm standing a bit higher up in the terrain looking down at it. My mother says something about geocaches?

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    12. 7/29/14: Trying Again (And a crazy dream)

      by , 07-31-2014 at 10:37 AM (Dreams and Stuff, y'know...)
      I've been inactive for quite a while now. But, I am planing on making an effort to get back into the routine of things. Honestly, it's the off the wall (and extremely memorable) dreams I've been having lately, I think, that's pushed me to try LD'ing again. I had made some vague kind of progress prior, but not much. So, hopefully shooting for farther this time. Also, I kind of rebooted everything (deleted the old DJ posts, for various reasons) and am likely going to limit my posts on here to only the particularly interesting dreams.
      Now, without further ado, the dream:

      I was taking a nap. When I later woke up, I felt slightly confused for some reason. Something seemed off, but I couldn't quite figure out what exactly it was. I looked at my hands, thinking that I was in a dream. My room was very dark so I could only faintly see it, but it was definitely there. On my hands I noticed some slightly glowing writings (the kind of glow you see if you stare into a light-bulb for a while and then look away and it's kind of burned into your vision) I couldn't tell what they were but didn't care. I tried to change something in the dream and it didn't work, so although I was extremely confused as to what was going on, I went back to sleep. When I woke up again, (still in the dream, of course) I was somewhat scared now. I couldn't tell what time it was, and apparently I didn't notice that my room was slightly rearranged and I had a somewhat different desk. As usual, my computer was still on but asleep. I checked the digital clock next to my bed, it was 9 something AM. What the? I don't usually wake up this early! Hey, school is coming around the corner soon and I need to get back into schedule anyways. I'll stay up for the rest of the day and try to go to bed a little earlier than usual. Also, I was confused as it seemed to be the middle of the night. After seeing that time on the clock, it seemed to be early morning-ish from what I could tell. I could slightly recall some sort of flashing in the dream I was having during my sleep. (Dream inside a dream? INCEPTION MUCH?) As I got up, my phone notification light was blinking on the little plastic table by my bed. It was a message from a friend. (not a waking life friend, just some random part of the dream, I guess) I got the vague feeling this friend was a bit of a cocky jerk. You know, the kind who gets all the girls? Anywho, the message said something along the lines of "There's some kind of temple near you. Don't leave where you are right now." Again, no temple near where I am. What is he talking about? And besides, I wasn't going to leave the house anyways. I went onto my computer and recall looking something up about aliens. Something I can't recall must've happened because I got even more scared than I was before. The tension in the dream was on high as I got up to go turn on the light. I assumed that flash I saw in my dream must've been some kind of lightning strike finding its way into my dream, and that the power was out. I suppose it kind of made sense. I went to check with someone else in the house and see if they knew what was going on, as I was still pretty dazed. (and again, slightly frightened) However, as I walked through the dark hall, something happened (I can't recall exactly what) and I ran back into my room terrified. As I came in, I saw a black CMD box on my computer. Was I programming? I have bene learning Python lately and I got a little into C++, but I don't recall doing any of that. It was blurry from where I was though so I ran over and read it. It said "RUN RUN RUN" Each of the "RUN"s were separated by about a paragraph, and when I tried to collect my thoughts and look at the bottom line again, it said "Um" or something like that. At this point, I was just plain horrified, I screamed as loudly as I could for help and ran out of my room for the nearest person I could find. But as I got to the door, I suddenly felt the kind of crippled, dazed sensation of a violent head rush and fell partially to my knees. I scrambled to my feet, pretty much on the edge in terms of consciousness and still screaming, and ran for the other person's room. This person was naked from the bottom down, which I noticed and quickly assumed was because they slept naked or something. I (pathetic, I know) jumped up next to them in the bed and curled up in fear, crying and squeaking like some kind of scared little child. A few seconds later, I woke up. (Oh, and said person did NOT seem to care about how terrified I was acting. Which is strange because in my waking life they would likely be at full attention and asking me what's going on. Not to mention, I think most people would act at least slightly more caring if their loved one came screaming and scrambling into their room and then curled up next to them and shriveled up in fear.)

      Also, I'd like to note that upon waking, I felt a bit of pain in my sides that I felt was relevant to the dream.

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    13. Almost lucid

      by , 08-15-2013 at 07:38 PM
      Sooo this is my first Dream Journal (new to the site..). I had a really weird dream and wanted to share it:

      SO i was playing on my keyboard for some friends in my house, and went to turn up the volume. When i did, the volume of the keyboard stayed the same. Something in my head clicked that this might be a dream because an electronic device was not working. I turned and looked at my friends and sort of "felt around" to see if it felt like i was in a dream. It didnt, it felt like real life. So i turned back to my keyboard and tried turning up the volume again, and this time it worked. The volume went up and i continued playing. After that i chatted with my friends and some more happened but not of it is really relevant. The thing is when i woke up i was confused because i had been so utterly convinced that my dream had been reality. The dream sign (electronic device not working properly) caused me to check if i was dreaming or not, but when i checked everything told me that i wasnt dreaming, that it was real. This has happened before (asking myself if i was dreaming then convincing myself i wasnt). But even my lucid dreams dont feel this real. What do you guys think? Am i doing something wrong? Comment please, and thank you
    14. So close!

      by , 08-03-2013 at 06:05 PM
      I was in some sort of computer room, when there was some reference to my email.

      This seemed kind of strange to me, because we were looking at something different (can't remember it).

      So thanks to OpheliaBlue for helping me with my DILDing, I did reality check. But the thing is, I woke up during that. My eyes were still closed but I was lying in bed. It felt like I was dreaming though, because It was still playing out in my mind. Sort of like a hallucination.

      Long story short, I was so close!
    15. More pleasant dreams. Weird awakening

      by , 07-17-2013 at 07:34 PM
      Yet another pleasant nightmare from the deep depths of my clear soul.

      It started off with me in my house. Some guys broke in. (Did I mention that its long but I have bad recall?). A couple days later, they broke in again. We were trying to recover from the first time, so there wasn't much to steal.

      I was up in my room. Strangely enough, the only things that looked like my house, were the outside (with the exception of a few sheds), and my room, the rest looked like a beach house I go to every summer. Since I was up in my room, I was safe. For some reason they only messed up the kitchen.

      A couple days later, I was talking to my neighbors (not Jerry this time), and then I heard some alarm. I could hear windows crashing. Everyone ran away to behind a wood pile to hide, there were some sheds there (that do NOT exist in waking life). I tried to run but I couldn't move fast at all (a tell-tale sign of one of my nightmares). So I slid down, I though one of them was coming after me, but they were apparently too involved in their kitchen-robbery. I came down into a shed with a smaller boy than me, about 10 or 12, and he had a baby-ish face. He talked to me about something, can't remember what, and then I closed my eyes, out of scared-ness.

      This... is where it gets weird. I can't describe it all in this, its already long enough, but I'm starting a thread about what the heck happened. Anyways...
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