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    1. Hilltop Eagle View

      by , 01-27-2018 at 07:44 PM
      Morning of December 20, 2010. Monday.

      This is a short summary of one segment only.

      On a clear mid-afternoon, I am at the top of a high hill upon which there are no manmade buildings or vehicles. I am in a peaceful field with green knee-high grass. There is a verdant forest on two sides, the one to my left being denser. A young girl (who is likely a young version of Zsuzsanna) of about ten, dressed in informal clothes including blue jeans, approaches from the sparser forest and cheerfully starts talking to me. She has binoculars and wants me to look through them. Looking through the binoculars after she passes them to me from my right, I see a large American eagle. It flies in various directions at about three different distances. After time passes, the eagle lands on a branch and looks in my direction, but not continuously. The binoculars seem to dissolve in my hands after it has landed on the branch. Eventually, time seems to pass, though only about fifteen minutes, and yet the girl seems a few years older when I see her again. She stands, holding a tall narrow wooden staff, in the middle of a white sandy pathway with trees on each side.

      This is RAS mediation via the personified preconscious as remaining passive (due to my willingness to watch the eagle through the girl’s prompting) for the rectification of vestibular system ambiguity (preparatorily symbolized by the eagle) in semi-lucidity. The field is autosymbolism for liminal space and the pathway is the emergent consciousness conduit. Being on the hill is autosymbolism for being closer to full consciousness. Zsuzsanna typically appears in my dreams more to my left if she is still asleep and to my right when she is awake, especially if up and walking around. This may be due to sleeping on my left side with my right side openly exposed to my real environment, where RAS mediation is dominantly directed. This is virtually the same waking symbolism, though with different details, as early childhood dreams, including the “Patches” series. It is in direct contrast to “Two Intruders Give Me a Talon” from 2015, where the dominant preconscious comes into liminal space, autosymbolized as the porch of our current home, to force me to grow a condor-like talon on my right hand for the non-lucid metaphorical rectification of vestibular system ambiguity, which is the biological factor of falling and flying dreams. Resupplemented Saturday, 27 January 2018.

      2010DEC20(L3.1) Foundational affirmation: “I am the continuity of my greatest strength and most beneficial viewpoint.”

    2. Water Induction Abacus and Dream Self’s Waking Initiation

      by , 06-03-2017 at 12:03 PM
      Morning of June 3, 2017. Saturday.

      I am in an unknown and unfamiliar setting, lying on my left side on a bed that is unrealistically large. It seems to be late morning.

      There are several other unfamiliar people in the room, though I do not perceive them as imposers or annoying in any way. There is also at least one young girl to the left standing on the floor, though near a young Hispanic female who seems to be a teacher and is also on the large bed. The implied teacher has some sort of curious device that seems related to computer technology yet is more like an abacus with spherical drops of water as the counters. Over time, I watch the beautiful silvery imagery of the pure water droplets moving smoothly across the horizontal abacus rod by themselves, almost as if inferring a clock or timer of some sort, yet also somehow seemingly linked to the back of a desktop computer. Still, I also get the impression that the Hispanic female is involved in using them at times for actual mathematics. She reminds me of a young Sonia Manzano (perhaps about twenty); (Maria from “Sesame Street”).

      After a time, my dream self seems oddly unlinked to my intent (even though I am otherwise fully within my dream self’s imaginary “physical body”). I want to communicate with, and become closer to, the Inducer (personified higher unconscious). Instead, my dream self becomes my personified preconscious (which is extremely rare in non-lucid dreams of this type). I spontaneously start singing, “Like a moth to a flame…” in a higher pitch (sounding somewhat like a young teenager), my dream suddenly shifting, becoming more vivid, yet with the Inducer seeming annoyed and deliberately taking the child and the water induction abacus away from the area. Knowing this, I am already entering peaceful dark and undefined liminal space, but quickly shifting into my full conscious awareness.

      This dream is very atypical regardless of having the usual water induction and “return flight” waking symbolism. I rarely shift into becoming the personified preconscious in this way. (Usually, the personified preconscious is a different dream character, completely unrelated to the conscious self. In fact, even my emergent consciousness is sometimes projected as another dream character until waking coalescence occurs.)

      However, I am already in bed (in my dream) to prepare to wake for real. I had already enjoyed the (biological) healing continuity of the spherical water droplets imagery. Singing “like a moth to a flame” is a metaphor for the temporary dream self (moth in flight related to the hypnopompic jerk of the waking mechanism) merging into the whole conscious self identity (the flame) and “dying”. The song itself is apparently fictional even though I was sure it was a classic country song by Leroy Van Dyke. The lyric is in “Four Walls” (Jim Reeves) but is a different tempo and melody. (It may be related to the first line of “Four Walls”; “Out where the bright lights are glowing”, as my family and I had just spent the day and evening at a carnival on the outskirts of town.)

    3. Mister Sandman and the Freakies

      by , 08-21-2016 at 02:06 PM
      Night of August 20, 2016. Saturday.

      I am in an unknown area, but which strongly seems to be the area near the fictional New Moon Drive In from a Huckleberry Hound story. I am not sure how this wonderful childhood impression so clearly comes to me after all these years, but it has happened a number of times previously. There is a very strong happiness permeating my dream for a time.

      Eventually, I am aware of the Freakies from Freakies Cereal, although there are additional creatures which appear quite different than the original characters. Each one is a different color (including purple, pink, and cyan) and about half my height. One is an octopus-like creature but his limbs are truncated to where they seem more like suction cups or extended “craters” all around his spherical body. Another creature is like an octopus as well but his thin tentacles have numerous additional thin tentacles coming out of them evenly all down the side, the effect somewhat like minimal plant roots. At one point we stand on the roof of an unknown building (possibly meant to be the Rose Street building) watching the sky for Mister Sandman.

      All this time, “Mister Sandman” (by the Chordettes) seems to be playing. However, the other words are not distinct and the song seems to actually be about the “real” Mister Sandman arriving, possibly by rocket.

      I wander about in what resembles a fairground setting and there is a nice sense of timelessness and “being in the right place”.

      Eventually, Huckleberry Hound is seen on the roof of the New Moon Drive In in his crashed rocket (though there had been no focus on any actual crash). He looks about as if puzzled. A number of people approach the building with low-level crowd noises and a positive sense of wonder. I cross a street to see what is going on.

      I thought this was a wonderful and nostalgic experience. I was semi-lucid throughout most of it though remained passive regardless of the presence of the weird ugly Freakies. I thought it included a very nice “failed flight waking transition” event, a very common waking metaphor (a far more detailed extension of the primary biological waking function). Although I have not included a “water induction” tag, there is an association as the song “Moon River” has the lyric with “my huckleberry friend“ (though obviously not connected to Huckleberry Hound).

    4. Thor’s Missing Clothes

      by , 12-10-2015 at 06:10 PM
      Morning of December 10, 2015. Thursday.

      The first segment of my dream is a vague grocery shopping event of a type I have had since the late 1970s, though in this case, my wife Zsuzsanna and children are known as they are now in reality. Still, the store does not seem familiar, though it is only rendered in my immediate surroundings and “foggy” beyond about eight feet in all directions. Based on the real directional orientation of our bed, it seems I am going easterly through the checkout. I do not notice any other people except for the (unfamiliar) cashier.

      From here, there is some sort of abstract distortion about having action figures all over a bed (dream sign) along with random (human) clothes and accessories for the action figures as well as a few unrelated miscellaneous items. One of the action figures is Thor. Thor is slightly smaller in scale than the other action figures, just enough to notice. Other action figures are Jean Grey, Wolverine, Magneto, Iron Man, and a few others. Jean Grey is actually the largest in scale compared to the others.

      There is some sort of confusion about playing a game with the action figures, which possibly relates to a board game. Thor’s clothes are missing and as such, he might as well be a Ken doll, it seems. I am also annoyed at the disorder of the various toys and game pieces and the apparent difficulty in quickly finding something. However, I eventually find Thor’s outfit (next to the other miscellaneous items and clothes, under my shirt) and am able to interact with my family in the informal game (which seems more like random playing around). I notice that Jean Grey has a large monochrome plastic basket (not that realistic in detail as it seems to resemble a My Little Pet Shop accessory) which seems to have a smaller basket extending from the side (this being oddly like a previous dream where a pot of gold icon had a smaller one right next to it - in the same orientation - on the left from my view). It is empty and may be unrelated to the game. Not much else happens. The setting is not rendered that clearly.