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    1. 17-11-11 Back in Time (School), Fighting Lizard Demons

      by , 11-15-2017 at 05:43 AM
      In the first dream, I was (for the umpteenth time) in my old school, but a good ten years back in time. Oddly students were seated in the hallways instead of classrooms. I left the building and flew off to look for girls (subconscious awareness this wasn't real and I could do with my DC's whatever I want). But suddenly I remembered doing a certain thing to a certain person would accidentally prevent another thing (that's supposed to happen) from happening. I was in the past, after all.

      Long, and complicated dream, can't be bothered to write it all down. I'm half human cop, half lizard/demon. I'm in the police station, and walk over to the coffee machine to get some coffee. I get weird looks from the other officers who are seeing me for the first time (the first half-demon cop on the squad). I notice they made the buttons of the coffee machine bigger so I could still use it (I had very big mutant hands).

      In a later scene, I'm still the demon-lizard-guy from before. I'm in Hell, fighting off big demons attacking the "base camp" of the good guys. I'm having to solo several big demons, wrestling them by their horns. The humans were reluctant to join in the fight because I looked rather demonic myself. I couldn't get hurt but was still getting thrashed pretty hard by the demons, who were a lot bigger than I was. Luckily, Thor (from the MCU) suddenly appeared and joined in the fight. He knocked out a few demons with his hammer.
    2. Thor’s Missing Clothes

      by , 12-10-2015 at 06:10 PM
      Morning of December 10, 2015. Thursday.

      The first segment of my dream is a vague grocery shopping event of a type I have had since the late 1970s, though in this case, my wife Zsuzsanna and children are known as they are now in reality. Still, the store does not seem familiar, though it is only rendered in my immediate surroundings and “foggy” beyond about eight feet in all directions. Based on the real directional orientation of our bed, it seems I am going easterly through the checkout. I do not notice any other people except for the (unfamiliar) cashier.

      From here, there is some sort of abstract distortion about having action figures all over a bed (dream sign) along with random (human) clothes and accessories for the action figures as well as a few unrelated miscellaneous items. One of the action figures is Thor. Thor is slightly smaller in scale than the other action figures, just enough to notice. Other action figures are Jean Grey, Wolverine, Magneto, Iron Man, and a few others. Jean Grey is actually the largest in scale compared to the others.

      There is some sort of confusion about playing a game with the action figures, which possibly relates to a board game. Thor’s clothes are missing and as such, he might as well be a Ken doll, it seems. I am also annoyed at the disorder of the various toys and game pieces and the apparent difficulty in quickly finding something. However, I eventually find Thor’s outfit (next to the other miscellaneous items and clothes, under my shirt) and am able to interact with my family in the informal game (which seems more like random playing around). I notice that Jean Grey has a large monochrome plastic basket (not that realistic in detail as it seems to resemble a My Little Pet Shop accessory) which seems to have a smaller basket extending from the side (this being oddly like a previous dream where a pot of gold icon had a smaller one right next to it - in the same orientation - on the left from my view). It is empty and may be unrelated to the game. Not much else happens. The setting is not rendered that clearly.
    3. #203. Worthy

      by , 08-23-2015 at 06:36 PM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      We finish our coffee and the blonde conference-goer shakes my hand with a smile. I hand her my card and grin back.

      The waiter walks up as the woman leaves. He leans over the table to pick up empty plates, his long hair swinging a bit as he moves, and I lean back, holding my coffee.

      "These new age yoga nitwits are easy pickings," I tell him conversationally. "They'll buy anything if they think it will help them along a spiritual path."

      The two of us chat for a bit, and I give the waiter my card and head out.

      Perspective switch

      I'm the blonde "yoga nitwit" from before. I'm looking into a mirror, changing my hair and appearance to match my character. My husband comes into the hotel room and smiles at me.

      "You got him?"

      "He's hooked."

      Someone comes and knocks at the window of the fire escape, and my husband dives for cover so that we're not seen together.

      The manager of the hotel is explaining to us that they ran out of space, so there's going to be a whole bunch of kids sharing our suite.

      "That's unacceptable," I tell him or her. Their gender presentation keeps shifting.

      They shrug. "You still have the bedroom. It's just the living area and the bathroom that you have to share."

      I look at the line that's formed in front of the bathroom and narrow my eyes, but I can practically see the timer for our op ticking down before my eyes.

      "Get out," I tell them. "I'll deal with this later."

      We probably have to scrub the op.

      I'm on another part of the same floor when all hell breaks loose. I'm pinned by a couple of girls from high school and a man is dumping cages full of dangerous things on me, which I'm deflecting. I break loose, wearing the guise of a brown-haired Samael.

      "Get back, fiend!" says a booming voice, and Thor is swinging Mjolnir past my head. I dodge across the room, and the hammer comes flying at my stomach.

      Oof. Confirming that sacred objects can still knock the wind out of you. Good thing I'm invulnerable, or this probably would have torn straight through my chest cavity. I still go flying, knocking down a wall behind me. Splinters of wood go flying everywhere, and I pick up the hammer.

      Just as an enemy agent pops out with an AK-47. I'm swinging Mjolnir by its strap to ricochet the bullets back at my enemies, and then I'm letting the hammer fly—

      And I throw myself through the door into the hotel room.

      "Elhaz," I command, waving a hand at the wall and weaving protection into the doors and windows. Overwhelming force, meet immutable object. That should buy me a moment's peace.

      I wave my hand in a pattern, more jerky than it needs to be, and glance up from the floor at Sandman's Lucifer, who's standing on this side of the door and looking at me with a nonchalant expression.

      "You were supposed to be covering my back," I accuse.

      I bicker with my counterpart. The two of us are the same person in different universes, or maybe opposite sides of the same coin.


      I'm walking on the side of a highway in the mountains. A girl has stopped me to ask about backpacking, and I say that I'm just walking from inside the town to the campsite on the mountain.

      "Really? I've never been there," she says.

      "You should; it's the best climbing spot in the area."

      My name is Honor Harrington, and I'm biking down a path in a valley. In the centre of the valley is a school, and I hop off my bike to go investigate.

      I sneak in through an unalarmed pair of double doors, and look around the main floor.

      The intercom is blaring something. My communications device is picking up another frequency.

      Honor Harrington is there? says an alarmed voice. We can't let her get to the balcony!

      The balcony. Interesting. I'd better get up there, then.

      I still haven't been spotted; they just know I'm in the area. I pick the doors that I walk through and the shadows that I creep through carefully, and make it to the room by the balcony. There's a bench there, and I poke at it to find a secret compartment filled with papers; glossy, like a magazine. I feel a stab of betrayal; J at the church put them there.

      I need to unravel what's going on here. But first, I need to make my escape.


      I drive my car into the parking lot at the school and step out. It's a work night for a local club, where we all sit and chat and work on projects. I used to volunteer with them, but it's been a while since I've gone.

      I'm inside, working on my project, but my hackles rise as a woman walks behind me. Apparently while I've been gone, one of the only really bad bosses that I've had has risen through the ranks of the organization. I try to ignore her, but leave soon after.

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    4. Bassinets in a warehouse, and a DUI

      by , 06-19-2015 at 05:59 AM (Mouka's Mind Palace)
      I was in a big warehouse store shopping for random things, and found these two barstools I really liked. They looked a bit like the one I have now, with the weird beige seats. I wanted to get them both, but I couldn't fit them in the cart, and when I tried stacking them on top of each other I just failed miserably and dropped them... so instead I kept going, looking for something else. The next thing I wanted was a baby stroller... not stroller, but those things that are sort of like beds but have a canopy and wheels? Bassinet, I think. It was so cute, all green and white, and had these little buttons that made noises when you pushed them. So I wheeled that up to the registers, but then my phone rang and someone told me not to buy it because we didn't have the money, nor did I have a baby. I was really upset and put-out by that and left it sitting by the register.

      Cory was arrested for DUI, and I was really pissed off and depressed about it. I didn't even bail him out, I just left him in there, and he was being a massive dick and when I told him that I couldn't believe he'd drive my poor car while he was drunk, he admitted that he did it all the time. He wasn't sorry about it at all, he was just annoyed at me. It kind of blew my mind and broke my heart a little, and I wanted to cry. But I didn't want anyone to know I was crying because of that, so I walked over to the library and went inside. In the back, in between some rows of bookshelves, there was a little memorial for someone who died on that spot. A few people sat around it looking sad, so I joined them, that way I could look sad about something else. I don't remember all the people there, but I remember there was a gay couple that were just bawling their eyes out, and Thor from the Marvel movies was there talking about 'glorious deaths' and whatnot. I think at one point he was bragging about his girlfriend and spinning Mjolnir around. They eventually realized I was there for a different reason and instead of mourning, they all tried to comfort me and told me that he was totally in the wrong for acting like it wasn't a big deal.

      There was a dream I don't remember much of, but I was in a department store and going through the toy section. I remember walking by the bicycle aisle, and through an aisle with all kinds of cool action figures. I think those cool gashapon figurines I was eyeing on eBay were there.
    5. Harnesses and Thor

      by , 09-04-2014 at 02:46 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      September 03, 2014

      (I just realized how kinky that could be... Harnesses and Thor... tehehehehe)

      Harnesses at Hot Topic

      I was in the weird-ass mall on my dream map, and I went into a Hot-Topic-esque store. It had four floors, and the bottom floor was underground, and had super high ceilings. And rock walls. I took an elevator down to the bottom floor, and turned left to the desk where I would get a harness. I was waiting for my harness, but the guy who was going to give it to me, who I think may have been a friend from middle school, was distracted or wanting to try something out and so I didn't get the harness for a while. Once I did have it, they hooked me to a line hanging from the ceiling and showed me how to control my movements in the room using some levers and ropes.

      So basically, people would come in, and hang from the ceilings as they shopped for studded, belted, black striped, and graphic-T clothing 8D

      Then there was an earthquake, or something. Maybe an alien invasion. Something epic and destructive.

      Thor in the Parking Lot

      I was walking in a parking lot. There were very few cars, and they were mostly clustered near the door to a large building that stretched for a long ways. Michael Fassbender had just parked his car and gotten out, and walked toward the building. I had to put my backpack down somewhere, so I decided that in front of his car would be the perfect hiding spot. I think Zukin was with me, but I'm not too sure. She may have been there before I put my backpack down, but then had to leave, or something.

      I left my bag there, and started walking toward the building, which I now somehow knew was a grocery store. I was nearing the group of cars, and now could see that Loki (Tom Hiddleston ermagerd <33), some other super villain, and an old friend from highschool, were chatting around one of the cars. I heard someone approaching, and looked up;

      Thor was walking toward the car as I was passing it, and said, "What villains do I see surrounding this car?!"

      I stopped, turned and held up my hand. "Hey now. They're not all villains. That's my FRIEND, Thor."

      He stopped in his path, turned to me, blinked a few times, and then raised his hands. "Mah bad." He said.

      I went into the store, got some Nestle chocolate chip cookie dough, and was on my way out when I saw another of my old friends, who had made a cookie cake with the same cookie dough I'd just gotten. I wanted to try some to make sure I would actually like it, and so I broke off a piece of the cookie cake. I put it in my mouth, and I swear it was the tastiest cookie I've ever had and it was so good. IT was like all butter and sugar. I woke up wishing real cookies were that phenomenal.
    6. A row of spears and three peaches

      by , 05-02-2014 at 08:30 PM
      Fragment involving Odin and Thor. And later a fragment involving Persephone, which referenced an older dream where the McKittrick had been a journey to the Underworld.

      I'm hanging from a tree, holding onto a branch with both hands, dangling above rows of spears planted in the ground. I believe I've been slipping in and out of a dreamworld, and I need to get back, there's something there I need to accomplish. I consider that this place might also be a dream - but whether it is or not, I still believe I need to get back to that other dreamworld.

      Below me, just beyond the rows of spears, there's a woman who reminds me in some fashion of a lizard. If she'll do me a favor that will help me get back to that dreamworld, I promise her a jar of three peaches. Someone else has promised her two peaches to do something different - that someone else is a good friend of mine, but we haven't been able to consult with each other recently, so we've accidentally wound up getting in each other's way. Now the lizard-woman's torn, deciding between the two offers, but I'm thinking it'll work out well for her whichever way she goes.
    7. Thor 2 trailer

      by , 11-13-2013 at 02:05 PM (iBranko's Dream Journey)
      11.11.2013 3/3

      Eu via o trailer do Thor 2. O trailer era épico, com cenas de luta e ação. Duas cenas me marcaram. Em uma, o Thor andava ao lado de alguém, ele o empurrava, esse alguém caía em uma área com arbustos(?) e a pessoa desaparecia. A segunda, Thor lutava usando o Mjolnir e encontrava outras duas armas, um martelo parecido com Mjolnir e um tipo de cetro/maça. Ele pegava o outro martelo e comparava os dois em sua mão, jogava o martelo fora e pegava a maça. Outra parte do sonho foi ver o Homem de ferro em uma armadura que parecia desenhada. Tinha um tom de azul/verde. Ele estava em um local com uma grande quantidade de água (oceano?) e fazendo algo em uma estrutura muito grande (navio?). Ele voava pra longe e disparavam contra ele. Uma cena marcante foi o close no rosto dele com as balas passando em slow motion, primeiro algumas, depois uma quantidade absurda, chegando a ser engraçado. Depois desse trailer eu estava em um banheiro com 2 cabines. Alguém me dizia pra espiar pelos furos. Eu olhava mas não via nada. Entrei em uma das cabines e notei que os furos faziam um trajeto pra cima, apontando pro busto de quem estivesse ali. Depois disso eu estava em uma sala escura, como uma sala de vídeo de uma escola, com cadeiras de universidade. 2 garotos me faziam várias perguntas em tom de deboche, e uma das perguntas eu respondia com tom de afronta ("E pra sua informação, tal coisa é tal coisa"). Ouvia alguém do meu lado dizer "Uuuuhhhhh" como se minha resposta tivesse sido certeira. [Meu cunhado e minha esposa estavam conversando sobre Thor 2 nesse dia, e alguns dias atrás eu vi o trailer].
    8. My Subconscious Wants Me to Exercise

      by , 07-03-2012 at 03:47 PM
      -I walked around my school looking at people and talking to them. One girl complimented me on my looks. She said if I worked out I would look great.

      - I was waiting in line to try to pull Thor's hammer from the stone when some people started to mock me. I was trying to ignore them when suddenly one of them hit me in the back. I proceeded to beat him to the ground.

      I know this was dream control without lucidity because the guy was twice my size and the fight was similar to the ones in my day dreams.
    9. Six In A Row – [5/6]

      by , 05-17-2012 at 09:34 PM (Do you mind...?)
      After having (or remembering) four dreams that night, I thought I could take advantage of the following, longer REM periods and try out the WILD technique. But eventually I got scared by the thought of sleep paralysis and directed my thoughts to something else – the film “The Avengers” – to calm down. And this affected my next dream.

      #005 | Meeting Thor | In the city | Day | Long

      “MOVE! Everyone, get out of my way!”
      A loud voice brought me back from my daydream. I was sitting alone in a lively street café and just finishing my sundae, as Thor (or rather: Chris Hemsworth dressed as Thor and acting like him, too), passed by – looking rather displeased. A bunch of noisy people followed him, and they got more as the people from the café noticed this special guest, got excited or curious and approached him, too. Thor, being visibly annoyed by that and feeling very uncomfortable with the situation, pushed them out of his way harshly. For a second there, I smirked because I’ve had to admit I was slightly amused by that - but also very angry at this man for threatening these people so roughly. I stood up from my seat as Thor was coming near and at the moment he glared at me I gathered my courade to confront him.
      He stopped (as well as the crowd) and looked kind of puzzled for the source of this call. “I’m here.” I remarked. Thor gave me a confused look, followed by a displeased one. “What?! I don’t have time for your-“ - “You’re threatening these folks pretty gruffly.” You could hear some whispers in the crowd. I didn’t really know what to say and felt incredibly stupid, but I just had to do something. “What?” – “See… I get it, you’re some sort of celebrity, but that doesn’t give you the right of being rude.” He came near, and seeing his huge guise I tried to back away from him, but my curiosity held me fixed at the point I was standing. He lowered his voice. “Look, all I want is some peace and quiet. But now I can’t go anywhere… since even more people seem to recognize me every day.” He sounded frustrated. So he didn’t want any harm, he was just feeling uncomfortable, I thought. My precious little thing. I internally shook my head. Did I just call this enormous creature “my precious little thing”? Geez, being a fangirl and a normal person at the same time is hard. “Okay… I’ll count to three.” He didn’t seem to understand me. “One…” But I couldn’t explain it in front of the crowd. “Two…” He and the people looked tense, because no one knew what was going on with this weird girl starting to count loudly. “Three!”
      I grabbed his hand and began to dash towards a sideway, which was located right next to the main street. The people must’ve thought we’re heading towards the latter and went that way as we escaped from them. After a short chase scene I stopped and waited quietly to see if anyone was still following us. No one did and I finally was able to relax, leaning on the wall and gasping for air. Thor seemed to be completely fine and asked me if I was okay. “Me? Yeah, I’m fine. I’m fine…” He smiled and thanked me. After catching my breath I asked him what he was doing here (on earth). He replied that he wanted to look after the humans and the earth, but eventually got caught up in a whirlwind of activity, since a lot of people started to recognize and pursue him. I chuckled and told him that it’s because of a new piece of art called movie which tells the people a bit of the story surrounding him and Loki, his brother. “People enjoy this piece of art and talk about it, so they recognize you right away and want to talk to you out of admiration, I think.” – “Ah, I see…” He looked somewhat gloomy. “You were right. I was really inconsiderate.” I snickered and told him that it’s alright, and that they’ve probably already forgiven him. Then I invited him to go for a stroll down a more tranquil road.

      Aaand~ I forgot what happened after that, again. In my DJ notes I speak of “classmates who are standing on the pavement and making fun of Thor”, an “adventure”, “Thor cleaning his hands with my sleeves”, the number “105” and “me and [one of my best IRL friends] gaining a lot of EXP”. If I can eventually make out what happened, I will edit this DJ entry.

      Oh! I just remembered another scene. My classmates thanked me, my clothes were quite dirty and one of my friends (whom I look up to) dragged me to the side and praised me. She told me I proved to be a really great person and that everyone should be proud of me for doing what I did.
      That was, or still is, such a nice dream memory! (Especially since I don’t have a lot of self-confidence and this boosted it. Kind of.) Plus, it gave me an example for how dreams can affect the attitude and thoughts of a person positively.
      (But now I really want to know what I've done...)

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    10. 01/04/12: Jaws of Oblivion

      by , 01-05-2012 at 01:19 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      Note: Three days running… and this time I have more than one dream to post… yay! Of course part of the reason there are multiple dreams is because I have a cold right now, and that caused me to wake up more than I normally do.

      Woman's Best Friend
      I am in my own house, and I know there is something I want to do before I do anything else in dreams tonight. My dog, Thor, has been diagnosed with a melanoma in his mouth, which my mom says she thinks is getting bigger. He has an appointment with the vet tomorrow, so I want to take the chance to do a little healing on him. I leave my bedroom and find the dog in my mother's room, he is lying on the bed sleeping. I take his head in my hands, one hand on each side, looking into his big brown eyes. I sing the song "Voices" from the Macross Plus soundtrack while focusing healing energy into Thor.

      Fly Me to the Moon
      I am on the moon, on the green moon, everything looks more like it would on Earth. The moon has been terraformed. I see the Earth shining brightly in the sky, it is beautiful. Nomad is there with me, I go over to him, is it really him? It seems like it has been forever since I've had a confirmed shared dream... I go over to Nomad and say hello to him, I happen to think of him saying he has been having problems with carpel tunnel syndrome lately. I take both of his hands in mine and sing the song "Voices" from the Macross Plus soundtrack, focusing healing energy into Nomad. Maybe it can also help with the cold he has been fighting. I notice there is someone off to the side, they seem to be staying just out of sight. I wonder who it is. I ask Nomad if he was aware he is being followed. He looks over and says that is nothing new, he is always being followed. Now how about that Oblivion gate? Ok, let's go. I focus on opening a portal, using Avalon to find an Oblivion gate that needs closing. A portal opens and Nomad and I go through. I briefly see the landscape of Tamriel before I wake up.

      Templars in Oblivion
      I am in Tamriel, in the world of the game of Oblivion. Nomad is there with me, and I see movement off to the side. I wonder if there are bandits or enemies out there, but I don't really have time to check it out before I notice there is an Oblivion gate not far off. Nomad and I head in that direction, taking a brief flight to get to the gate. Nomad lands slightly before I do and kills two Clannfears before I even land. We go through the gate into Oblivion…

      The Oblivion plane looks like I expect it to look, there are a couple of scamps there attacking us, we eliminate those quickly. I remove the head of a scamp with a sword that forms from Witchblade. I am starting to get into the Oblivion theme, and I remove a piece of skin from the dead scamp, that will be useful in potions later. Nomad and I are exploring the world of Oblivion, though I am taking quite a bit of time heading to each cluster of bloodgrass and harvesting some to make potions from. Nomad seems amused by my gathering of the bloodgrass. A couple more scamps attack us, and then a daedra appears with a sword. I hit the daedra with a bolt of lightning, Nomad removes its head. There is movement behind us. I turn to look and there are Templars here! Where did they come from? I tell them they are in the wrong game, get out of Oblivion and into Assassin's Creed. One of them, there are three of them, says there isn't anywhere we can go that they can't follow. A daedra emerges from behind the Templars and draws its sword. I tell them to look behind them, they're being attacked. One of the Templars says they're not dumb enough to fall for that. That Templar finds the sword of the daedra running through his middle. The daedra kills the three Templars and then attacks Nomad and me, I attack the daedra with my sword and run it through. I see Nomad is fighting something else, but I wake up at this point.

      Close Shut the Jaws of Oblivion
      I am on the planes of Oblivion with Nomad, there are quite a few dead scamps around us as well as a couple of dead daedra. He says it's good of me to come back. I say my cold woke me up. We enter into the tallest tower I can see and I see the familiar base of the tower of Oblivion. We enter the area called the "Blood Feast." It is the base of the tower, there is a beam of fire shooting up the tower to where the sigil stone sits at the top. I start playing through as I normally do, I kill two scamps and a daedra at the bottom of the tower. Nomad is looking up the beam and he says this should be easy… then he starts flying up the beam. I look after him and say of course it's easy if you use cheat codes… He looks a bit puzzled. I comment he must have used a cheat code in order to fly. But if he wants to cheat… I fly up with Nomad. Even though he is flying directly to the sigil stone, he is not doing it to avoid fights. He stops off on a couple of the paths along the way just so he can fight a daedra or a scamp that is shooting at us. We reach the top of the tower quickly, I go over and kill a couple of daedra that are waiting there for us to come from the opposite direction.

      Nomad is looking at the sigil stone floating in the air, floating right in the middle of the beam of fire. I say all we have to do is take it to shut down this Oblivion gate. I reach out and take the stone from its place, which causes a big explosion and then we are standing back in Tamriel beside a ruined gate. The sigil stone is vibrating in my hand with energy. I ask if Nomad wants to keep the stone, then I hand it to him. I can get many more. He is looking at the stone when I wake up.
    11. Cool Lucid, Greek Gods, Thor, Terranova, Task of the Month October 31,2011 I GOT IT ON THE LAST DAY

      by , 11-02-2011 at 05:12 AM (High Quality Head Movies)
      Lucid Thor Harry Potter goblins terra Nova city played zombies (video game)
      Fortress I fly around and zombies can't get me.

      So this dream was on October 31,2011 I GOT IT BEFORE NOVEMBER!!!! but no wings...
      Oh well I'll post it anyway but it won't be posted in the October task thread.

      I don't remember the 2nd half of the dream that well but I remember the beginning really well and that was the task so it has the most detail.

      It started in the woods and I remember looking for friends and family liking I was camping again. As I searched I was enjoying the scenery. As I was taking a look at these rolling hills and occasional forest patches, things started looking more colorful like there was more saturation. I thought man either my eyes are messing up or this is a dream! As I looked at my hands they were normal but since nobody was nearby and I had no clue how I'd gotten there I figured yep this must be a dream.

      I knew it was a dream and thought what could I do next... Then as I came over the next hill I saw a small city in a Jarrasic period landscape. It looked like Terranova!!! There was also a pool of water with an alter-like appearance to it with people around it that looked like elf priests. I thought wait, I have a dream task to do don't I? It took a while to remember what it was but then I remembered that I had to be a God or something. I raised my arms, floated up above the city and announced to Terranova, "people of Terranova, I am your ruler now, your master, and your God.

      Some looked around amazed, some excited and some frightened. They asked whom shall I be addressed as? I thought of the Greek Gods and immediately picked Hades. I felt flames around me for a second and then saw the pool of water and thought oh yeah Posieden! I reached for the water as if using the force and it formed a wave and engulfed a guy standing nearby and pulled him in. I laughed but he swam to the edge and got out all mad and muttering under his breath. I then looked around for more water but there wasn't anything just hills so I came to the final choice of Zeus. Then, I started glowing bright and I felt static in my hands and started striking the city with lightning and it felt awesome. I thought well that's done, now what? Wait I can be Thor!!! Just need a hammer... I looked up and raised my hand and a shining hammer floats down to me in a glowing beam of light. I grasped it and it was 8 inches long total and the head of the hammer was 2x2x4 inches in thickness... It still could be thrown and lightning came out of it but it was puny looking. I then decided to explore.

      I came to an old middle ages style bar and walked through with my hammer in hand and got tired of holding it so I put my hand on my hip and a holster appeared. I put the hammer away and that's as far as I can remember from this morning because this morning I woke up late and jotted down some notes and jumped out of bed in a rush.

      The rest of the notes I wrote were: Harry Potter Goblins, Nazi Zombies in a fortress I fly around the fort and the zombies can't get me, and that's it. There were big pieces of this dream missing but I can't remember them, but I got the fun part done.